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legcramps - Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

Weight: 0.0

So I continue weighing myself each Monday morning, with little result. I have to ask myself what i'm doing wrong. And my self says back to me "Face it, you really aren't trying very hard. You think joining a kickboxing class will be enough? You think the odd run every week is going to be enough? You need to back off of those bread and butter binges girl! Ya need ta CONTROL yourself!"

After pile-driving through the muffins in about three days (and I made a lot of muffins), I made even more. And this time I dropped the low fat bran in favor of double double chocolate. Add to that the daily breakfasts of eggs and bagels and cheese, and mochas coming out my ying-yang, there you have it. And all said while munching on a chocolate bar!!! Seriously, I don't even know where my head's at anymore!

The first kickboxing class came and went, and I was sore for about three days afterwards. Just goes to show how many muscles I was NOT using. I think it must have been every single one of 'em, 'cause they ALL hurt. Another class tonight and i'm dreading it already. The instructor sure knows the boot camp basics...

What else...my boyfriend's mother insinuated that I was ugly (she was joking, but the insult still reverberates...i'm not good with criticism even if it's false), I am now officially part of the 'old' group at birthday party suppers (you know, two separate groups - the young people and the old people), and i'm really starting to not like my job (or the people I work with, one of the two).

Sometimes I wish I could just be happy with what I have and stop thinking it could be so much better. Sure, ignorance is bliss, but it would be best if I didn't have to be in the situation in the first place. Then I wouldn't know any better. Okay, quit blubbering.

Wallyball might be starting up again. There's another good fat-burner.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/11/2007:
Wallyball? what's that! kickboxing is something i tried and loved. I just don't have the money now to spend on taking classes. BUT, i do plan on getting back into that one day. that and yoga...and swimming. haha, i have so many desires!

i have a tendency to go on bad eating spurts too. you know, it's good to have a little of everything in your diet. Lately, i've been making sure that I have variety. I've been allowing myself pieces and drips and drabs of the things i like. and, it's working!

hollybelle on 09/15/2007:
Had to laugh at you talking about making the muffins and "pile-driving" through them. As for myself - after heartily congratulating myself all week for resisting candy that was all over the place at work I got the bright idea of making oatmeal cookies this afternoon. They were great - I should know I ate 6!!! I'm not sure why I did that. Didn't eat supper, though. That's just silly. I know better. Tomorrow is another day - thank goodness.

Don't be so hard on yourself, though. The kickboxing is great exercise and exercise helps even if you aren't eating so perfectly!

legcramps - Monday Sep 03, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! Even though I only ran the 5k race I feel like i've accomplished a lot and i'm ready for the next hurdle life throws at me.

It's busy around here and i'm guessing it will stay that way for a few weeks. Work starts again tomorrow and I don't feel like going back. Once you get a couple days off it's really hard to re-motivate yourself to go back to work. Or it is for me, anyways.

So i'm spending the day with some friends, doing some baking (low fat bran muffins and carrot muffins and some self-indulgent chocolate muffins), and putzing around the house with other things like laundry and cleaning. It's a good day - sunny outside and I feel somewhat relaxed so that's good.

I made a terrible mistake and weighed myself the other day. Oy! I didn't think i'd ever see that number again. I just can't even bring myself to admit what it was - but it was bad. Weighed myself again this morning and I was down a few pounds. I guess reality kicked in. I'm going to have to make it a habit to weigh myself, otherwise things just start getting out of hand.

I'm re-joining kickboxing this fall, but will enter the fitness workouts and not the competitions - i'm not ready to get beat on quite yet. I'm hoping this will knock me into shape (it did last time) and get me ready for a wedding in October and a hot holiday in Jan/Feb '08!

Here's to fresh starts!

Donkey on 09/03/2007:
You have a great attitude!! :-)

Workingit2 on 09/03/2007:
I agree, weighing in on a regular basis is the only way I can stay on track. It is so easy to put the weight back on! You are enjoying improved fitness, however..so that is something! Keep up the great work!

legcramps - Friday Aug 31, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Hi all. So, the race is now over and i'm back to regular routines.

I was feeling terrible on Saturday, the day before the race. I'd gotten my monthly and being that it's always terrible, I was incredibly close to calling off the race. In the end, I decided not to. I figured it wasn't the time or what place I came in that was important - it was doing something that i'd never imagined myself doing - running long distance. So I told my boyfriend to look for me around the 45 minute mark, and I set off.

The first 20 minutes went by quickly. I had a couple quick stops during this time. Then came the park road. Here is where I struggled the most. I don't know why or how it came about, but I felt like stopping after only a few minutes of jogging. I stopped a few times here and then, towards the end of the road I stopped running altogether and just walked back to the highway. Once I got to the highway though I started running again and it was fine. So who knows what happened there.

I made it to the finish line in 36:28. I was proud of myself for finishing, especially when I thought it would take me 45 minutes to do it!

Next year, i'm doing it again. This time my boyfriend might join me. Next year, i'll have a better time. Promise.

Going to try a little run tonight and then going on a road trip with Dad tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

hollybelle on 08/31/2007:

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/01/2007:
YAY!!! a success! I look foward to maybe running races one day...when my ankle gets stronger! :)

GG on 09/01/2007:
How long was this race?! Congrats on surpassing your goal! You rock! I cant run for more that 2 mintues without wanting to kill myself! hahaha! Go you!

workingit2 on 09/02/2007:
Congratulations on your success!

legcramps - Thursday Aug 23, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I'm going to try the run again tomorrow night instead of tonight. My hip is still a little sore (mostly just stiff), so I might just jump on the bike instead and call it a night.

I missed lunch today because of meetings, so went a little hog wild at dinnertime and now i'm stuffed. As always happens with me, my diet needs yet a little more tweaking to ensure i'm getting enough nutrients throughout the day so that i'm not stuffing my face at night.

Going to read through your entries now. Have a good night!

workingit2 on 08/23/2007:
You are doing really well! Finding out what works for you and knowing and all that stuff. Great job! I hope your hip feels better, congrats on your time yesterday!

Donkey on 08/27/2007:
Question posted 8/27/07: So how did the race go?

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 22, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Okay, so I decided tonight that I was going to do a trial run to see where i'm at. And even though my hip gave out on me (about 3/4 of the way into my run) I did alright. My goal for this 5k run was initially going to be 30:00 minutes. I know there's no way I can get there now, so I changed it to 40:00 minutes. And I figured, if I could get 5k in under 40:00 minutes, I would be happy. So I ran tonight. And then I had to walk. And I got 4.5k in 36:16 minutes. So I figure, on Sunday, if my hip decides to give way again, I will have a decision to make. Either I walk the rest of the race, or I run it and take my chances. Whatever I do, I think I should make it in under 40:00 minutes! Yay me! (Sorry, but I take what I can get). And, if I decide to run it anyways (and suffer the consequences later, as usual), I might even get there in under 35:00 minutes. So, a good day, in my opinion.

I was close to continuing the run tonight, but in the end decided that tonight was not the night - Sunday would be the day I would have to make that kind of decision. No need to injure myself and then not be able to run the race at all.

I had some difficulties in the beginning of the run with getting enough oxygen in, but after a while I got my groove and didn't have much of a problem from then on. The biggest worry will be my body and whether the knees and hips will stand up to the plate or not.

I think i'm going to try again tomorrow, depending on how i'm feeling. I'll let you know how I do.

Dinner was pasta, pasta sauce with beef, and toast. Lots of water. Toast again after running (not that I deserved it, but this is MY life after all!!)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/23/2007:
I tell you...if your hip gives out in the race...WALK!!! don't risk further injury...it's not worth it! there are many more races! great food...yum!

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 21, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Oh, this is truly horrible - I am not ready for the race and there isn't enough time in the world to make me ready.

Now, is it horrible, or is it not? I can't seem to decide. On one hand, it IS quite terrible that I did not train as well as I thought I would. But then again, I have the habit of starting things without keeping the incentive to finish them. I am forced to finish this race because i've been pledged by friends, family, and co-workers alike. There is no excuse I could possibly come up with to get myself out of running this race. So, perhaps the lesson learned here is that it's not about the 'starting' or how well you train or work or study, it's about having the strength and courage to finish. And believe me, it will take a lot of both strength and courage for me to finish this race - probably crawling along the finish line and having everyone there to support me watching my slow advance towards hell and pitying me. Wholly and totally, pitying me.

I think I am okay with this. I think i've already made peace with myself and decided to overcome this obstacle and move forward to the next. And what does that mean for me? That means entering yet another race after this one. I don't know when and I don't know where. But sooner or later, I will have to be ready for a race and I will then be able to run it well and FINISH well and feel that I can add something more to my resume.

My boyfriend is home and that means confusion and chaos for me. But I am working hard to get through it all and it's working for me at the moment. I am much calmer and more noticeably organized than I was the last time he was home. I actually remember to wash the dishes each day. Now THAT, dear girl, is an accomplishment.

legcramps - Friday Aug 10, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Still running around like a chicken with its head cut off...

Next year I will surely not take for granted the time during which my coworkers are on holidays. I will relish the time i'm given.

The race is fast approaching. Will I be ready? There is no possible way that I will be able to run the entire race. I've already resigned myself to that fact. That does not mean that I won't try, though. So we'll see how it goes and i'll train while I can and you know...just accomplish what I can and move on.

I don't really have much else to say, plus I have to get back to work anyways. So I hope everyone out there is doing great and if not - learn from MY mistakes!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/10/2007:
good luck on your race. do your best...and know that it is NOT the last time you can enter a race!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I knew i'd be kicking myself in the butt if I even mentioned the fact that July would slow down a bit. Gosh! I don't think i've stopped since I wrote my last entry. Yesterday after work I finally just slumped down on the couch and napped. Right after work and for a good couple of hours. Then I ate and went to bed.

Today I have a headache that is progressively getting worse and i'm not in a great mood. And i'm tired again. I'm getting nothing done!!! I hate these phases - and it's always like this for me. A good three weeks of nothing because i'm too drained to even pick up a dirty sock from the floor.

And so much to do - I need to start practicing my runs. I only have until the 26th to ensure I will be able to run this race. Oh, God, when I most need the motivation it totally deserts me! From where do I pull the energy I need???

tourguidebarbie on 08/09/2007:
I have weeks like that. Where all you can do is go home and sleep, or if you're lucky, watch T.v... lol. Don't get too down. You'll pop out of it and i'm sure you'll be ready for the race in no time! :)

legcramps - Friday Jul 27, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I received a wonderful gift from above on Monday while playing ball. I *thought* I had just gotten another legcramp (yes, GG, I suffer from legcramps a lot!) but in fact it was closer to a charlie horse. Does everyone know what I mean? Cause I don't know how to explain it. Worse than a leg cramp though, but maybe that's only because i'm so used to leg cramps. Anyhow, so i'm still hurting from that and it's friday already! I can feel it in my lower calf though - it's really pissing me off!!

Oh well. Tonight I plan on doing some writing so will not be partaking in any form of exercise tonight. I also would like to look at getting another digital camera since the one I have now is broken beyond repair and is beyond warranty as well.

Now that it's the end of July, things are starting to slow down for me. It's not always go-go-go, and i'm hoping that will allow me to enjoy what is left of the summer and go into the fall with a calm mind and spirit. I've prioritized things that are most important to me, and i've come up with five altogether. That still might be too many, but we'll go with it for now and see how far I get before I burn out - again! Anyhow, I chose writing, learning and running. The running is obvious and i'm sure i've already mentioned to everyone here that it's important to me to determine what I can and cannot do in regards to running. I've also started to write in the last few years and am finding it to be a lot of fun and is making me open my eyes to certain areas of my life that I didn't realize were even there. The learning part has things to do with music and languages. I'm working on this part of my life, but it is definitely something that I want to embrace.

Breakfast: toast with strawberry jam Morning: yogurt Lunch: soup and a dinner roll Afternoon: mocha and a nutri-grain bar Dinner: possibly eating out due to the digital camera wanting thing.


Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/29/2007:
i'm sure you know this, but sometimes dehydration causes leg cramps...and also going up hills. try to drink more fluids....gosh, i've gotten a few charliehorses...ouch!

sweetpea1977 on 08/01/2007:
I know exactly what charlie horses are and yes, they are so much worse than leg cramps!! I hope you found some relief from it by now!

Hope the writing, running, and learning is going well for ya. Give us an update on it all whenever you get a chance!!

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 25, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Eeeeek, I need some jogging motivation fast!!! I haven't been out since Saturday, and I have to run the 5k on August 26th! Oh boy, I think i'm going to be letting some people down - namely those who have pledged me, like everyone at work plus my family and friends. Geez. I gotta get in the groove - send me some 'get moving' messages - please!!!

Breakfast: whole wheat toast with strawberry jam Morning: yogurt Lunch: salad with ranch dressing Afternoon: mocha, nutri-grain bar After work: another mocha Dinner: whole wheat toast with margarine, iced mocha

I'm so wired off of caffeine right now it's not even funny. I need to eat something too - had to watch a ball game tonight so I didn't make myself any supper. Now i'm pretty hungry. Bad move.

MyJuneWedding on 07/26/2007:
Get Moving Get Moving Get Moving!!! You can do it, we know you can!!! Go Go Go!!!! =0)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/26/2007:
it looks like you are on a mocha craze today. yum. oh, that must be why you are wired on caffeine. by the way, i have heard from many, many sources how important it is to hydrate with lots of cups of water if you drink coffee. the caffeine will dehydrate you and make the running more difficult. I've been promising myself not to drink any diet soda lately if it has caffeine...because i know its end effects are just terrible to my system...especially since i enjoy exercising.

GG on 07/26/2007:
Ha Ha! I was just looking at screen names and yours popped out at me because at the momen I have a horrible leg cramp in my right calf!! If you suffer from leg craps a lot...I feel bad for you!! Since you are so wired right now you should totally be motivated to get some running in!!

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