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legcramps - Sunday Feb 04, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Oh my God, everything hurts.

I'm so sore today - all over; there isn't one muscle that I can't hear screaming at me to sit down. And my brain is mush, too. I just want to take a nap and by golly, I just might do that.

We started bowling at 6am yesterday. Our first 'round' consisted of three games. After we won that round around 8am, we stopped for breakfast then returned to the allies for another 'round' of three games at 12pm. After those two rounds I was already mighty tired and figured i'd had enough of bowling, but we were doing so well that we just couldn't lose. To be quite honest, some of those games I didn't even really try all that much because I just wanted it to be over! But no, when I didn't try, my teammates did, and we landed ourselves in yet another round of three games by 4pm. I started out strong, catching a turkey (three strikes in a row) at the very beginning of the first game and AGAIN took it easy for the rest of the game. And AGAIN my teammates proved their worth by leading us into the next round!! And we won that one too, to take us into the finals at 10pm!!

Unfortunately by then we were all much too tired to move, let alone bend down to throw bowling balls down an alley. I alternated between sleeping with my head on bf's shoulder and sluggishly shuffling my feet down the alley to huck a ball. I just didn't even care anymore. I'm serious, I cared about nothing but sleep. Nothing in life was important except sleep. I was so tired by then that I was shivering cold; covered in a film of cold sweat listening to my teeth chatter away. It was NOT fun! And we lost in the final by only 63 points! Argh. All that work. We did get our money back, and an extra $25.00 per person for getting second place, so that at least is rewarding for our efforts.

I think my highest game was 211. I got three turkeys in all those rounds; I was on fire! My average has never, ever gone over 150. I bet my average was close to 180. I think we played a total of 14 games, but my memory is hazy on that.

I finally crawled into bed at 1:30am, and this morning when I woke up I could hardly move. Yes, I need a warm bath and a short nap.

I've already walked the dog today and did 30 minutes on the stationary bike, because I want to get those steps in. I'm almost there.

I'm almost there.

WorkingIt2 on 02/04/2007:
WOW what an exhausting evening you had and how wonderfully you played! YAY!!!

mattscat3295 on 02/05/2007:
Congratulations on your second place. I believe we can all say you definately got your exercise in. Take care and I hope the soreness eases away soon.

legcramps - Saturday Feb 03, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I was a little peeved on Thursday night when the meditation class I wanted to go to was missed because of a mix-up in communication. I was e-mailed to be there at 6pm, then told to come at 6:15 instead. When I showed up at 6:15, the lights were off and I assumed the yoga class beforehand was just ending, so I waited. And I waited. By 6:30 when the lights were still out I decided they must have started without me. And so they did. Oh well. Next time.

Friday night I went to the gym and did a full cardio workout, then went out for supper with some friends and bf. Today i'm in a 24 hour bowling tournament. Unfortunately this isn't giving me a lot of steps, but i'm okay with that. Tomorrow i'll be able to up my steps and hopefully my average, which is at about 13,000 a day. If I can make that today, i'll be laughing my way to the bank. That is, if I can keep it up. I may still be behind in total count this week, but I know that i'll gain a little at least.

Eating is good - breakfast this morning consisted of eggs and toast, and just finished brown rice and chicken. Because of the bowling tournament, i'm eating at odd hours, so we'll see what will happen tonight. I have plenty of leftovers, so shouldn't make any bad, rash decisions about what to eat.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/03/2007:
try to get some vegetables in, too! you food looks good, protein and carbs! good luck bowling!

Soon2BThin on 02/03/2007:
A 24-hour bowling tournament!! That sounds right up my alley, lol! Where do I sign up?! How many games are you bowling? Let us know how it goes for you. Sorry about that meditation class, hope you make it next time. You're doing great with all the steps!

borntocry on 02/03/2007:
Oh poor you! That class must have started really early for them to have finished by the time you got there! I hope they give you the right time next week.

Good luck with the bowling!

Donkey on 02/03/2007:
Hey, bowling might not get you your "steps" but it's a whole lot better than sitting on your butt in front of the TV. I hope you had a great time!

WorkingIt2 on 02/04/2007:
Ohhh, I would be bummed about missing the class as well! Great job on the cardio and have fun at your bowling tourney!!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 31, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Today I must admit that I was a tad bit too happy when my competitor called me to say she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be going to the gym. I offered my condolences of course, then proceeded out the door towards the treadmill. Heck, I say, too bad if she's sick. I was sick last week - now we're even!!! I'm yelling at myself for taking such advantage of a bad situation, but I just can't help it. By my very pure nature i'm a true competitor - I fall just short of breaking your leg for you...

I'm only kidding.

I DID hit the gym though, and am over my 17,000 step goal for today. I'm very excited about the rest of the week, too. Tomorrow, we have our weekly dance class, but beforehand i'm going to try a meditation class. I'm looking forward to this - added to my yoga class, I will hopefully soon be able to calm myself down each night just enough to feel good about my accomplishments and successes, and honor myself and my body in a positive way for a change.

I'm feeling more introspective as the weeks progress, much more at ease with myself - and my talents seem to shine through it all and push me forward into directions that will enhance my life and my values.

Don't anyone bring me down off this cloud!!!

borntocry on 02/01/2007:
Haha, you should be able to overtake your competitor soon enough! Sounds like you're doing great. And I agree - it is so important to allow ourselves to feel good about our accomplishments. I have definitely noticed when I go running that if I allow myself to obsess about how slow and crappy I am, I always feel much more tired and achy afterwards than if I try to focus on how much I have improved and how good I feel about what I am doing.

So, no, don't let anyone take you off that cloud!

Oh and thanks for the comment you left me. No, of course I don't mind that you compared my husband to your dog. Dogs and men have a lot in common, after all! So basically I just need to tell him "no" firmly and smack him on the nose with a newspaper if he doesn't listen!

legcramps - Monday Jan 29, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I was a little over-confident in my stepping abilities apparently, as after two weeks I am no longer 'in the lead'. Ah, crap, is all I can say! I'm about 10,000 steps below the leader and it's driving me absolutely bonkers! I was even a little peeved about it, but must take into account my unfortunate beginning to the second week of the challenge and reside myself to the fact that i'll just have to work a little harder this week. And i'm off to a grand start, might I add. 17,000 steps today! I told our leader that I was not going down without a fight - and i'm sticking to it. When last checking in with her (as the two of us are at the far front of the pack) and finding out she was not far behind me in today's count, I made sure to wiggle my butt a little bit more and danced with the dog for a bit!! There is no way i'll let her pass me this week. I'm taking over, gosh darn it.

Gym tonight - treadmill walking with sprints, some stretching, a baby shower, a coffee night with a friend, and now i'm off to bed. Good eating today, too - you know, it's really not that hard once you're in the habit of healthy eating. I must remember that.

Until tomorrow, i'll just keep moving on...

WorkingIt2 on 01/30/2007:
LOL great job! Keep up the steps! We're all pulling for you!

legcramps - Thursday Jan 25, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I did well at the gym yesterday, hitting a personal high of over 15,000 steps for the day. Yes, i'm trying to catch up to the competition, but i'm also trying not to go overboard and exhaust myself, physically and mentally.

Tonight is another dance class - still looking forward to these classes, they're so much fun!

Eating is good - today I had toast for breakfast, rice and chicken for lunch and rice, salmon and vegetables for dinner. A light snack after dance class and i'm hitting the sack.

I'm tired, but energized. A contradiction of sorts, but you know what I mean?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/25/2007:
i know what you mean, leg cramps! have a good, restful evening.

lafemme_loca on 01/25/2007:
WOW !! 15,000 steps... that is really awesome !!! I remember when I hit 12,000 and thought I had walked a ton that day... I doubt that I have ever hit 15,000... crazy !!! Keep up the great work !

WorkingIt2 on 01/25/2007:
VERY impressive how you have stayed on track! Hooray! Just getting caught up on your entries..I laughed about the dreaming of milkshakes! I know what you mean, I dream about chocolate cake during my PMS LOL Have a great night and keep up the wonderful work!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 24, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I made it to work today and am doing alright so far. I can feel waves of nausea and pain every so often, but i'm pretty sure I can persevere and make it through. I'm looking forward to getting to the gym tonight and finding my way back to where I was originally before my period. Feeling bloated and grumpy but that's to be expected, I guess.

So I missed yoga class yesterday and I really didn't want to. I'm glad however that i've slowed down on activities, only sticking to one or two (or three), and hitting the gym on the other days. Having a scheduled activity every day of the week would make me feel extremely guilty upon missing one. Whereas if I miss going to the gym, I know that I can run a few sets of stairs and jump on my stationary bike and call it pretty well even.

It's a hard day for water today!

smiley2 on 01/25/2007:
Thinkin of ya~!

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 23, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was a small PMS day. Today was a large one. But i'm in a lot better shape now, although a little 'out of it'. I dreamt about milkshakes all day and am quite proud of the fact that I could substitute watermelon instead of giving in to a fleeting desire. I'm now making rice and chicken for dinner and am hoping that a small snack afterwards will see me through the night.

I'm around 88,000 steps and even though I haven't done much to add to that in the last couple of days i'm looking forward to doing so in the next couple. Imagine that - looking forward to exercise! Our first week in the stepping contest is over - and I WAS in first place! Yay! I am confident that I can pull through and gain a little more on the competition - but even if I do not, I am satisfied with where I am. Now I just need to work on strengthening my stomach muscles before my next PMS stage hits me.

A movie tonight, then sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream. Hopefully not about milkshakes.

borntocry on 01/24/2007:
Hey, good job winning the step contest! I like how things like that can get us to look forward to exercise. I have to set myself goals and challenges all the time because otherwise I just get bored and sick of exercise.

Hmm, now you've put me in the mood for milkshakes too! But I dream about food all the time!

legcramps - Saturday Jan 20, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Along with a wonderful diet, i'm now well on my way to becoming an athlete in counting my steps. In the morning, grabbing my pedometer to run to the bathroom has become quite the regular habit. In the evening, i'm taking it off only to bathe and crawl into bed. I think i've become overly obsessed with this thing, and it's only been a week! Perhaps my enthusiasm will dwindle a bit in the next few weeks, but i'm sure I can count on my friends giving me a run for my money! Upon questioning this morning, I admitted being at 59,000 steps. When discovering that a fellow competitor was 1,000 steps above that, i'm afraid I may have had a little tantrum. When not in first place, what use is it to continue?!! Instead of giving up so quickly I decided to take the dog for a strenuous walk in two feet of snow for an hour. I'm now at 69,000 steps, and thoroughly wiped out! Why I didn't just go on the treadmill for another hour and rack the same number of steps, I don't know and never will. But i'll have a pair of beautiful legs come summer!

Averaging around 11,750 steps per day now, but that might go down a bit after today because I very much doubt I have any energy left in my body to add to my count. Last night we played wallyball for two hours, which upped my steps to over 13,000 for the day. If I could play wallyball everyday, i'd be a shoe-in for first place. All this talk about first place is making me want to jump on the bike.

Tomorrow i'll be at a jam session with bf, so not sure about what else i'll be doing in regards to exercise - it's nice to take a day off here and there too!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/20/2007:
ohhh, legcramps, i know what you mean! I feel a change in my leg muscle right away when I step up the exercise. but, then i take a few days off and my legs are back to where I started! but, you are right, a day off can do a body good!

WorkingIt2 on 01/21/2007:
Great job! And you answered your own question: "When not in first place, what use is it to continue?!! But i'll have a pair of beautiful legs come summer!"

Keep up the great work!!

legcramps - Thursday Jan 18, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Today hasn't started out well but it is by no means a total bust. My back pain is running rampant, or at least this morning i'm really noticing it. I'm going to take some medication right away and hope it goes away. I won't get any walking done if i'm feeling this badly.

So i've been mixing crystal light singles into my water bottles everyday to help me pound back an extra litre or so. It's working out well for me, as long as I use only crystal light. Has anyone tried Nestea singles packages for Berry and Tangerine? Ugh. Don't. The day I tried the Berry flavor I struggled to drink any kind of water for the rest of the day. The taste stayed in my mouth for a long time! And i'm trying the Tangerine flavor today, which is not much better but is, so far, at least drinkable!

Yesterday I ended with around 11,000 steps. I went to the gym but only walked on the treadmill for half an hour. I guess I need to work on that. But still not bad at all. I had a total of over 33.000 steps so i'm averaging about 11,000 steps per day. My trial period before the challenge started only had me at around 6,000 steps per day average, so i'm doing a lot better than before. See what I mean about the difficulty in reaching 12,500? Maybe you think it's easy, but not me!

Ballroom Dancing starts tonight!

Moody on 01/18/2007:
I love Crystal Light..it's the only way I can get my water in.

Great job getting in those steps, I know it's not as easy as it may seem!! Keep it up!!

Justine6Robert3 on 01/18/2007:
Sorry to hear your back is still bothering you. I'm sure its difficult to keep to your exercises with a sore back. You sound like your making a lot of progress with your exercise, good for you!! My husband has had back problems for at least the last 8 years and he's only 33 yrs old! I feel bad for him. He works a very physical job and he also plays hockey on at least 1 or 2 different teams at a time. His back has to be really hurting for him to miss a hockey game, he claims it doesn't hurt his back when he skates, hmmm I don't know!! He ended up having back surgery 2 yrs ago for a slipped disc. He was supposed to be off work for 6 weeks but when they opened him up they found that his disc on the other side had also been injured and he was in far worse shape then they initially thought. He ended up laid up for nearly 3 months!! He seems to have very high pain tolerance but he must have been really hurting, poor guy! Anyway, since surgery his back has been doing really well! I hope your back isn't anything to serious, has back pain always been a problem for you?

Ballroom Dancing, that sounds like fun!! I hope your feeling better! Have you ever done Ballroom Dancing before or is this new for you? Have fun and keep up the great job at the gym, I think improving by 5000 steps is something you should feel proud about!

hollybelle on 01/18/2007:
I think you are doing wonderfully to have increased you steps as much as you have in a short period. Don't worry if it isn't fast 12,500 steps yet! Keep doing the 11,000 - I call that success! Steady wins the race, after all. I am a big believer in a few SMALL changes over a lifetime rather than drastic changes that make us fail and give up. Sustainable changes are what I am focusing on. It makes sense, doesn't it?

WorkingIt2 on 01/18/2007:
Great job on the steps and getting the water in. You know what has helped me with my back..this will sound odd..but dry brushing the hurt spot on my back for a few minutes helps stimulate the blood flow and helps it feel better. I do that with sore muscles from working out and it does seem to help in addition to the stretching. Just a thought.

You ARE doing good with your exercise..I don't know too many people who can walk five miles a day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/18/2007:
it's hard to incoporate so many steps...you are right. I think I may rethink getting a pedometer again. they are so useful!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 17, 2007

Weight: 0.0

After my great desire for food on Friday and my extraordinary attempts to eat i've decided that Friday was an amazing day. A day, might I say, of discoveries. I discovered that I do have a large dose of willpower, I just didn't realize it existed inside me until I came face to face with it outside the fridge door. And when it told me that this wasn't the way, for some reason this time I believed it. It was a really good day.

I started a pedometer challenge with a few friends on Monday. It's fun so far - I get to write newsletters each week and I love doing creative things like that. And i'm doing well too - I have to because one of my friends who's in on the challenge is a walking extraordinaire. I got over 13,000 steps on Monday! And yesterday I think I finished with a little over 9,000 steps (mostly due to an hour long class of yoga where you don't do all that much stepping; and an hour long drive to get to said yoga class). Today i've already tried to step it up, and am planning on walking the treadmill later tonight. They say you should shoot for above 12,500 steps per day if your goal is to lose weight. I can't believe how many steps 12,500 actually is!

Anyways, still doing good - hope you are too!

maria777 on 01/17/2007:

Good for you on the walking! Keep up the good work and have a nice day!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2007:
i once bought a cheap pedometer. for some reason, i don't use it. probably bc i know i need to walk more...that is something I think i'll start doing in the spring! thanks for reminding me about it!

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