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legcramps - Monday May 10, 2004

Weight: 142.0

I did alright this weekend, sticking to chicken most of the time, and salad for the rest of the time - although I did sneak in a bag of nachos yesterday evening. Not too good with the water though. One bottle I had to mix with iced tea powder just to be able to drink it. That happens sometimes, i'll just have to live with it. Today is good so far, I decided on a bowl of soup for dinner instead of salad, and i'm glad I did because it was very good chicken soup. I'm hoping to stop off somewhere for a salad later, but I have to do some travelling right after work, so i'll probably be starving once I get home. Hopefully i'll pick something healthy to eat. Nevermind, I WILL pick something healthy to eat!!

My exercise was mostly walking, I don't have much to do with the stationary bike at the moment. I hope to change that - I have so much to look forward to this summer and I really want to be able to look the part too, you know? Ughhh, I just need motivation for RIGHT NOW instead of two or three weeks from now.

My grandma gave me heck yesterday for having such a messy car. I know, grandma, please forgive my lazy a$$.

legcramps - Friday May 07, 2004

Weight: 142.0

I checked the scale yesterday and it still reads 142, so I guess I won't be changing it any this week. At least it didn't go up.

As far as i'm concerned, yesterday was a bust. I started eating first thing in the morning, and kept going until bedtime. I had a bag of chips, a coffee, 2 6" ham and cheese subs, 2 cans of orange juice, one bottle of lemonade, a fruit cup, a chicken burger and a cup of french fries. I was sick though, so not a lot of that actually stayed down.

There was no exercise yesterday either. Today, for some unknown reason, I can barely walk. It sure feels like I did some kind of workout yesterday, but i'm pretty sure I didn't. Oh well, hopefully today I can work some of this stiffness out. Congrats to all those dders who have reached goals and are doing so well!!

biscottibody59 on 05/07/2004:
Wow--missed you while you were gone:-) Good to see you back--and doing well--will catch up on all your entries later! Have a good one--how's your weather this time of year?

legcramps - Thursday May 06, 2004

Weight: 142.0

Well I have to say I had kind of a bad night yesterday. I didn't do my exercising, besides playing slo-pitch. It was really cold out though, so I think I may have burned more calories. Does that count? I hope so...

Eating was really good, I had salad for dinner and supper, and a handfull of sour cream and onion chips. Today we're not starting out so well, i'm not in the best of spirits. We won our first ball game, so you can imagine what happened afterwards. We'll leave it at that.

So far i've had a small french vanilla capp., and a 50gram bag of chips. Just can't get away from those chips. Well, I have a good excuse today. I don't know any better.

Isn't that a good excuse??

legcramps - Wednesday May 05, 2004

Weight: 142.0

Wow, day three and still here. Still going, too, with the diet thing. Yesterday I had another caesar salad instead of a sub for supper, and then I indulged a bit in crackers and tacos at the candle party. I had 10 of each, and some sausage and cheese as well. I think I did okay, drank just over 5 Litres of water, worked out on the stationary bike for exercise.

Today I had a salad for dinner and close to 2 Litres of water so far. I plan on the bike again tonight, and slo-pitch - although the weather isn't looking so good. If the weather doesn't cooperate, I should have enough time to get on the elliptical and work out for a bit. Right now it's snowing outside. I know, it's amazing, but it is.......

I feel ill, but I shouldn't be. I'm not sure why, but my muscles hurt - all of them. But I feel better when I work out, and when my stomach is not empty, so i'll work on that for now. I hope everyone is doing well, and I promise to comment on your entries when I have more time. Ha, that may not be for awhile, but you have my promise.... take care and goodnight.

legcramps - Tuesday May 04, 2004

Weight: 142.0

Well, here I am again. I made it, two days in a row, it's a miracle! Does this mean i'm back? Well, not quite yet.....

I'm having a long day at work today. I want this day to be over, but yet it seems like this day cannot hear me gripe. I did so well yesterday, up until.....

I drank 6.5 Litres of water yesterday, had salad for dinner and a 6" subway ham and cheese sub no mayo for supper. I did my thing on the stationary bike. Everything was going great, until I decided with my guy to watch a movie. Okay, well, I didn't flub badly, all I screwed up on was chips and dip. And not even that much dip because it tasted disgusting. But.....a lot of chips. And that, my friends, is where the story ends.

So far today i've had 3.5 Litres of water, salad for dinner and a mug of green tea. I have planned another sub for supper (i'm much too busy right now to start cooking anything), and then it's workout time. After that I have to deliver cheese and crackers to a candle party - hopefully i'll stay away from the cheese at least. But I really should be staying away from it all. Easy to say it now, but just wait until then, i'll be salivating and growling at anyone who dares to go near MY food. Of course it's mine. I brought it.

Anyhow, talk to everyone tomorrow hopefully - GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!

legcramps - Monday May 03, 2004

Weight: 142.0

Hi guys. Yes, it's me again. And yes, I forgot my password - again. So, yes, I had to start a new account. And yes, it will probably happen again.......

Well I gained a few pounds in the last few months, up to 142 now. Hopefully I will be able to lose it and at the same time get ready for ball season. This is what i've been doing for the last few weeks:

For supper I switch off between fish and chicken, always grilled, no fat added to my cooking, with vegetables and either brown rice or whole wheat noodles. Dinner is usually a small salad, and I try to have an afternoon snack of some kind of fruit. I bought two exercise machines - a bike and an elliptical machine that can be turned into a stepper. I work out for an hour each day except Sundays, whenever I can, and I fit in at least three workouts with weights each week.

I had a funeral last week to go to, so I didn't get to workout as much, but I made up for it on the weekend, working out on Sunday as well. I'm really sore today and all I want to do is sleep, but i'll keep chuggin along, as always. I'm going to read through your entries now, and I do hope that you are all meeting your goals and doing the best you can!

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