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legcramps - Thursday Dec 27, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Schedule for the new year is made, just need to get it approved by my workout buddies:

Sundays off

Mondays DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)

Tuesdays & Wednesdays walk/run at track

Thursdays 30 Day Shred

Fridays I will do Insanity on my own

Saturdays will be People's Choice where we'll take turns picking out a workout.

Resolution Time!

In 2012,

I managed to pay off all my credit cards AND travel to Hungary for three weeks. This was a huge financial accomplishment for me!

I completed Insanity!

I took up golfing!

But I did not master my eating later in the year, and the last couple of months were a lot lazier in comparison to the beginning of the year.

In 2013, 

I've taken steps to make more time for myself over the next few months. I'll have at least one extra day off work each month. Cripes, if i've been given the time to take, why not take it?

I've scheduled regular workouts and would like to stick to it for the whole year instead of just a few weeks or months.

I'd like to travel to New York with friends; the trip is being planned by a friend of mine.

I'd like to golf even more this year; my plan is to get a local membership and enter some tournaments in the area.

Hope you all had an enjoyable week, whether you celebrated or not! I had a great time at Grandma's, and Dad and I had a very nice visit as well. I was greatly satisfied to have a conversation with my brother and his family, and I even did a bit of travelling to see a good friend for a couple of hours. I've become used to sleeping in!

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 12/29/2012:
Congratulations on your 2012 accomplishments! What a wonderful list of goals you got done!!!

legcramps - Monday Dec 24, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Just can't shake this cold. I've been sneezing all morning! It's making me feel grumpy :(

This is exactly how I feel!

I had a very low-key weekend; working today and then I have Christmas and Boxing Day off. Tonight i'm heading to Grandma's for supper, then tomorrow Dad is coming to visit. I decided to make a ham in the slow cooker (with a honey glaze yum), and i'll also make mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, steamed green beans, and hopefully some leftover cabbage rolls from Grandma's because I know my Dad loves those :)

Boxing Day i'm hoping to head to the city to see a friend to exchange gifts and maybe do some shopping. I need to stock up on my wrapping paper - all out this year!

Then it's back to work Thursday and Friday and then i'm totally OFF until January 2nd. Sweet. Dude.




Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

legcramps - Friday Dec 21, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Yesterday I accomplished: work, deliver Survivor winnings, visit friend, deliver card.


I stayed at work all day, didn't head home after the meeting after all. I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch, and an advil, and I seemed well enough to stay after that.

Dinner was chicken and pasta, which i'm getting a little sick of might I add.

Tasks to accomplish:

- Work

Shovel deck and back pathway (expect this to still be on the list tomorrow)

- Have something other than chicken/pasta/potatoes for dinner

- Can I get a workout in? That would be nice.

Wallyball update: I will be playing with my team from last year; nights have been changed to Sundays, which is a little exciting because there's a Learn-To-Run Clinic starting on Monday evenings! I don't know yet if I am ready to tackle this, but I feel like I can't pass up the opportunity either.

If I do both of these things, i'll have a great routine/schedule for exercising for the next few months, adding insanity and 30DS workouts as well.

We'll see!

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

legcramps - Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Yesterday I accomplished: work, wash dishes, wrap last of the Christmas gifts, texts and e-mail quality time.

My toenail colour is Concrete. Love it.

Dinner was chicken and potatoes.

Tasks to accomplish today:

- Work

Shovel deck and back pathway (expect this to still be on the list tomorrow)

- Take card of condolence to friend

- Pick up friend's Survivor pool winnings and deliver

I am getting a cold... no, no, i've GOT a cold. A big, nasty, snotty one.

I am only at work because I have to attend a lunch meeting, but odds are good that i'll be heading home right afterwards and going to sleep.

You know that feeling when you're right about to sneeze? Your eyes water and your nose starts to tingle.

Yes. Every. Five. Seconds.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/20/2012:
Concrete? Interesting. :) Oh no, not a cold! Hope it doesn't get bad and you get better quickly.

Umpqua on 12/20/2012:
Concrete sounds interesting - I just picked up some shimmery gray eyeshadow to go with my newish gray jeans and sweater. Silvery grays are definitely in this season. I share your pain with the sickness, hopefully it will pass soon!

legcramps - Wednesday Dec 19, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Yesterday I accomplished: work, wash dishes, send last of the Christmas cards, & purchase last of the Christmas gifts, new toenail colour applied.

Dinner was chicken and pasta.

Tasks to accomplish today:

- Work

- Wrap last of gifts

Shovel deck and back pathway (snowing today)

- Send out some texts and e-mails regarding Christmas and wallyball.

I couldn't find enough people who wanted to play wallyball :( so i'm going to spare this year and see if I can't drum up some interest for a team next year instead.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/19/2012:
Sounds like got a lot done. :) What colour did you paint your toenails? I like to do mine when I'm going to be wearing sandals, which I will next month. I think I have still have some dark red somewhere in the house.

legcramps - Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Yesterday I accomplished: work, dishes, clean kitchen, living room, sweep floors, call Dad, send a Christmas card off.

Dinner was homemade ham pizza with red pepper, spinach, and mozza cheese.

Tasks to accomplish today:

- Work

- Send off last of Christmas cards

- Purchase & wrap last of gifts

- Toenails! I need a new colour!!!

- Research turkey-cooking

- Shovel deck and back pathway

Dad is going to visit me on Christmas Day this year, so i'm planning to make a real Christmas meal for him. I'm not the best cook in the kitchen, but I want to do this and I think I can. So I have to research it tonight ;) and start taking notes haha! Turkey 101.

I wonder if mine will look this good...

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

thinkpositive on 12/18/2012:
Turkey is a good choice. I'm sure it will be great.

legcramps - Monday Dec 17, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Slightly relieved to be at work on this Monday morning; means the hectic weekend is over and I don't have to stare at all the chores that are at home waiting for me...

Which means I didn't get much accomplished over the weekend.

In fact, I haven't accomplished much at all lately.

But I made one awesome homemade pizza yesterday afternoon. I mean, this is serious business. It was delicious. A little pepperoni and ham to fatten it up, lots of sweet peppers, spinach, spicy sauce. Good stuff.

I have got to catch up on my to-do list this week; it's getting longer and longer each day and that's driving me bananas. I thought I would calm down on the weekend and get stuff done, but that didn't happen.

Sigh. I didn't bring lunch to work today, so i'll have to head to the cafeteria once again.

I think i'll be glad once this month is over. Unless January decides to be a b*tc$ as well.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 12/17/2012:
I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, thinking of you and sending get well soon vibes as well as some rest for you.

legcramps - Friday Dec 14, 2012

Weight: 166.0

My friend's father is now in a medicated coma; they are hoping the forced 'rest' will help him recover and heal whatever infections are coursing through him. Thanks SO MUCH for your thoughts and prayers!

As for me, TGIF! I have a few things on my plate for the weekend: planning christmas visits with family, cleaning house, shovelling, wrapping the rest of the gifts, and visiting - if it is appropriate - my #2 Dad. Also, a few cups of coffee ;)

First things first though; i'll be heading to bed early tonight if the fates allow. There is a bad virus going around and I want to make sure i'm in the best state possible before the weekend starts. So a little light reading and lots of tea before bed tonight, and hopefully that'll make it a good night's rest.

I had chicken and macaroni for supper yesterday. Vegetables are becoming rare in the fridge. But tonight, i'll be using up all the sweet peppers I have. So I guess i'll have to add grocery shopping to the list as part of my weekend duties. I've been relying far too much on cafeteria food. Even though it's as healthy as anything i'd make at home, i'm spending too many dollars on this. Cafeteria food is not in my budget! But, oh. em. gee. the soup here is delicious!

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 12/14/2012:
Praying he gets better!..

grannyannie on 12/14/2012:
Aye cupcakes are great especially covered in buttercream frosting with sprinkles on top! :)

grannyannie on 12/14/2012:
Hoping for your friend's father full recovery.

V on 12/14/2012:
TGIF for you my friend! I am so hoping that you don't catch that bug that is going around <3 Yeppers 1 more sleep til my last shift and then it's off for 2 whole weeks!! Yayyyyy :)

biscottibody59 on 12/15/2012:
Sounds like a rough time for your friend's dad--hope all goes well!

Have a good weekend!

legcramps - Thursday Dec 13, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Last night they called in the family for a friend of mine that's in hospital. He is actually the father of my very best friend, and a man i've called 'Dad' who's been in my life for over 25 years. They are very worried about him. I keep getting updates from the family, and it's not looking good. They think he is going through organ failure.

It's such a difficult time for the family, especially being so close to Christmas. Please send prayers and good vibes.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

liza36 on 12/13/2012:
I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for you and their family.

V on 12/13/2012:
I am so sorry, sending love, prayers and positive vibes your way <3

supercheese on 12/14/2012:
prayers are going your way!

legcramps - Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

Weight: 166.0

Yesterday didn't go as planned. A friend was in hospital, so I visited with him for a while after work. Then another friend called me, was upset on the phone, and so I cancelled my pizza-making plans to spend some time letting her vent. I had some supper at her place instead, a burger. I wasn't about to get picky.

This morning is going well so far, knock on wood. There's a lot going on at work this week, so i'm trying to take it one step at a time and not get discouraged.

Nothing much planned for today at the moment, so i'd like to get a workout in after work and do a few chores. I want to put a team together for wallyball which starts after the new year, so i'm going to try and confirm that today. Best. Workout. Ever.

Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

liza36 on 12/12/2012:
I frequently find things don't go as planned. At least you were there for the important stuff - like friends who need you.

Have a great day!

Umpqua on 12/12/2012:
Yay for a new season of Wallyball and good for you for being patient with everything you have going on right now!

grannyannie on 12/12/2012:
"The best laid plans of mice and men....." Hope you can get in a good workout.

IndependentEm93 on 12/12/2012:
Have a great day!

V on 12/12/2012:
What a good friend you are to put your plans on hold to visit with your friend at the hospital and lend an ear to your other friend..That is what makes you so awesome :) RYC yeah I had to get outta there, not used to the afternoon drinking but it gave me practice for vacay..LOL I would love to join your wallyball team, sounds like fun!! I am sure you will find some good recruits. Have a good evening :)

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