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lisa_001 - Thursday Aug 15, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 295.0

Woke up at 5:30 this morning and went to the gym. Worked out on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and then a little on the exercise bike. I'm feeling really good today (could use a little more sleep, but who couldn't huh?)

After I get off work today...I will have the next three-days off!! I intend to use some of that time to rest and relax...but I'll also pay nightly visits to the gym or walk a couple miles each night (one or the other) during my days off.

I really enjoyed working out with all the different weight training machines last night. However, it's kind of frightening because my doctor advised me to do weight-training and then told me I'd probably gain about five-pounds (muscle)as a result.

Ok, muscle sounds really good but FIVE POUNDS?!! I've worked so hard to lose every little ounce...now she (my doctor) tells me that I'll most likely gain five-pounds (sighhhh).

Has anyone else gained weight due to muscle building after weight training? If so, please let me know how it affected you and how long it took to shed those extra lbs. I would really appreciate some direction from others who have been there.


God Bless!


biscottibody59 on 08/15/2002:
Don't know what to tell ya'! Keep up regular measurements--and just know that if you're burning more calories than you're taking in, you should lose weight in time. Weight training just enhances your calorie-burning capability.

I know it's hard to keep doing something that seems to affect the scale so much, but I'd wait a bit of time and see where you are. If you're not losing still and you haven't had your thyroid checked recently, you might get that checked.

Keep up the good work!

Soon2BThin on 08/15/2002:
I don't think you'll actually gain weight, you'll just be exchanging fat for muscle and as long as you stick to your program--exercising and eating well--you'll probably start even losing weight instead of just staying the same. Does that make any sense? And the more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn when you exercise. Sounds good, doesn't it? Keep up the good work, wish I were doing as well as you.

lisa_001 - Wednesday Aug 14, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 295.0

Hi everyone!

Things have been going really well...I FINALLY broke that plateau earlier this week and am losing weight again (thank God). That was discouraging but I expected it and tried to prepare myself for it. I went to the gym last night and worked out on the treadmill and bike for about 45 minutes.

I didn't sleep well last night and woke up early this morning. I thought to myself, "Today is your birthday (36th)...what do you want to give yourself?" I gathered my stuff and went to the gym, worked out for an hour, showered, changed clothes and then came to work. When I initially woke up, I was VERY tired. But now I'm bursting with energy.

When I walked into the office this morning there were greeting cards from my children and husband along with my favorite perfume; which was wrapped up all nice and pretty. They are so sweet!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I lost another 2.5 lbs...so I'm having a wonderful day already!!! I just love the days when those scales are my friend!! (lol)

God Bless!


UPDATE: 8:15 p.m.

Well I had a wonderful birthday today. My coworkers threw a birthday party for me with TWO BIG cakes. I didn't want to be rude so I had a tiny piece of each cake and about 5 chips. They insisted I take the remainder of the cake home with me so I brought it home, gave the kids some, then dropped rest of it off at the police station where my husband works. I wanted to get rid of it quickly so that I wouldn't be tempted to nibble.

My family took me out for my birthday dinner. I ate a salad (no dressing), a (6 oz) steak, some greenbeans, 1 small sugar-free cookie and a half of a banana. Immediately afterwards, we went to the gym; which was my SECOND visit today!!

I burned 200 calories on the treadmill, did 2 miles on the exercise bike and then worked out on various weight training machines for the remainder of the time. I felt SOOOOO very good when I left the gym tonight. (1) I made it through my birthday without using it as an excuse to over eat, (2) I learned that I lost another 2.5 lbs, (3) I used self-control and restraint at the restaurant tonight; eating very healthy, (4) I had two good workouts today!


God Bless!


pastagal on 08/14/2002:
<font color=red><B>HAPPY BIRTHDAY:}}} hope you have a wonderful birthday and congrats on your 2.5 lbs,,,that is super,your doing something right so keep it up and with lots of time and consistency you will get to your goal:}}}

Soon2BThin on 08/14/2002:
Happy Birthday, Lisa! I hope you're having a great day!

inmorning on 08/14/2002:
Good job with the 2.5 pounds. You are getting there.

lisa_001 - Tuesday Aug 13, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 297.5

Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday was a wonderful food and workout day. I watched my calories & carbs, drank plenty of water & Crystal Light and went to the gym immediately after dinner last night. I did one mile on the treadmill (3 mph at uphill incline), 20 minutes on the exercise bike and 15 minutes of weight training. When I left there I felt absolutely great! I plan on going back tonight!

As usual, I never look forward to going to the gym but once I'm there and my workout is over, I feel SO much better. I'm not losing weight as fast as before, but I knew things would slow down. However, I'm still losing weight and that is all that matters.

Hope everyone is doing well...

Take care,

God Bless!


MichelleP on 08/13/2002:
Way to go on the eating and exercise! Working out does feel good, lol esp when it is over. You will see slowdowns in the numbers gone on the scale but keep at it and they will keep coming off! Have a wonderful day!

pastagal on 08/13/2002:
Just keep doing what your doing and even tho things have slowed down with the numbers on the scales,i would be ya that your losing inches:}} keep it up and have a wonderful day:}

lisa_001 - Monday Aug 12, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 297.5

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone's been doing well. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to read and reply to all the entries. So, I'm going to try to do a few each day.

I've been doing well. Lost another 1 & 1/2 lbs. I visited my dietician who raised my calorie and carb intake. He also referred me to a fitness trainer who will plan an exercise routine for me.

I have been going to the gym whenever I can. When I couldn't, I've been walking between 1 & 1/2 to 2 miles per night. Still drinking plenty of water, counting calories and carbs. Things are going really well.

I plan on going to the gym tonight for an hour or so.

Take care,

God bless!


Butterf;y21373 on 08/12/2002:
You are doiung wonderfully! Congrats!! Keep up all that hard work! K

traya on 08/12/2002:
WoooHooo - another 1.5 bites the dust! Good job! traya :-)

MichelleP on 08/12/2002:

Way to go on your loss! Good luck with the trainer sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the wonderful work, you are doing a awesome job!

Beth200 on 08/12/2002:
Hi Lisa, Thanks for your comment. Everyone of us is a very special person. Good job on the weight loss. Way to go Girl!!! Yahooooooo. Keep up the good work. Beth :)

inmorning on 08/12/2002:
You are doing so great. I find you truly inspirational.

lisa_001 - Thursday Aug 08, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 299.0

Not sure what my current weight is...I haven't weighed in a while. However, I'm losing inches. Didn't feel good today, stayed home from work. Did not go to the gym but walked mile and a half. Will try to go to the gym tomorrow night. Still drinking lots of water. Hope I've lost at least one pound when I weigh in.

God Bless!


lisa_001 - Monday Aug 05, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 299.0

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, yesterday wasn't such a good day for me. My inlaws visited and took us out to eat. I was SO hungry and used NO restraint...then I was snacky all day. Last night I was pretty angry with myself because I had been doing so well and then blew it.

This morning however, I got up and decided I didn't blow everything...ONLY that ONE day. So I climbed back on the wagon. I'm eating a light breakfast, already have my water bottle filled and sitting beside me, and have scheduled a visit to the gym after work. I have to forgive myself, get back on track and stop beating myself up over these type of instances. It is not as if it happens ALL the time...

My blood sugar was really good this morning despite my derailing yesterday.

Breakfast: 1/2 c. yogurt, 1 rice cake with sugar-free strawberry preserves

Mid-Morning Snack: Nectarine

Lunch: Lean turkey sandwich, 1 cup Healthy Choice Chicken & Rice soup, sugar-free jello, & diet caffeine-free soda.

Mid-Afternoon Snack: crackers/cheese

Dinner: 4oz pork roast, 1/2 c. peas & carrots, small baked potato w/1 Tbsp butter, 1 dinner roll.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to catch up on reading diaries and making entries today.

God Bless!


MichelleP on 08/05/2002:
Dear Lisa,

You my friend are a winner! Okay so you had one off day... move on.. no forgiveness needed. We all need a break or trust me we go NUTS, (going nuts is a short drive for me)! The part that makes you a winner is that you got up today, and got right back at it. Think in times past (if you are like me) when you had an off day and said " I can't do this" and give up for weeks, months heck even years... this time is different! You are so worth the effort!!

Take care and have a wonderful day!

kyrin on 08/05/2002:
Good Attitude! It's hard to stick to a new lifestyle when things happen outside of the routine. The next time the in-laws come over, you'll probably have devised a plan for coping with it.

You get attagirls for getting right back at it.



lisa_001 - Saturday Aug 03, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 299.0

Good Morning Everyone!

I went to the doctor yesterday. She reduced some of my medications and said it would take a couple months for my blood sugar to get to the point where it will quit dropping so rapidly. That's good to know because I was beginning to wonder if my body would ever adjust.

On other news...I've been going to the gym each night. Thursday night I did one mile on the treadmill at 3 mph and 3 miles on the exercise bike. Last night I worked out on a machine called Total Body Workout. It's an exercise bike but it has bars that you pull back and forth with your hands. Afterwards, I walked a mile on the indoor track.

My best friend and I went grocery shopping. I spent several hours in the store reading labels and selecting new foods to try. We (my husband and I) were growing bored with our current menus and I was afraid we wouldn't stick to our healthier lifestyle if I didn't add a larger variety.

We just entered the third-week of our lifestyle change. So far, I've lost 21 lbs and Hubby has lost 15. The weight isn't coming off as easily as before. However, I commented some time ago that I was aware this would happen (weight loss would slow down)and was, at that time, mentally preparing myself for it. Now that it's happening I don't feel as discouraged.

My goals for today are:

(1) Stay within 1500 calorie range (2) drink lots of water (3) exercise.

You all have a great day!

God Bless!


MichelleP on 08/03/2002:
Hi Lisa,

Way to go on the weight loss! 21 lbs AWESOME!! Good idea doing the menu change, it will help with the weight loss as well, giving your body different things seems to help me. Good job on the workouts! You are really doing a wonderful job!!

I love to go to the store and read all the labels, lol when I take the time, I spend less money, cause most of the time, I will not get something once I read it.

Take care and remember you will get there, if it starts to slow down that is your bodys way of saying "hey this is for real lets make it work"!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

kyrin on 08/03/2002:
Hi, Lisa!

You're doing really well with your dedication to exercising. I'm proud of you! ...And impressed with your attitude. With your preparation for the slow-down phase of this inital weight loss, you are paving the way for success. Good for you!



inmorning on 08/03/2002:
My weight loss has started slowing down as well. I keep telling myself that, "if I stop, I will gain it all back and then some." So just keep on doing what you are doing, it is paying off even if it is not as quick as you want it to. You are not alone in this feeling.

lisa_001 - Thursday Aug 01, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 299.0

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I kept up on my water (which continues to be a challenge)...

I was so tired last night after getting home from work that I did not want to go to the gym or for my two-mile walk. I almost talked myself out of exercising all together. However, I looked across the room and seen my gym clothes and began to talk to myself. Yes, some semi-sane people do that! (lol)

I ended up saying, "Lisa get off your butt and get out that door!" So, I forced myself to go to the gym. I did one mile on the treadmill (at 3 mph)and 3 miles on the exercise bike. Afterwards, I felt great!

I plan on going back there tonight and as crazy as it sounds, I'm kind of looking forward to it.

My daughter came home from camp last night...she was SO happy to be home. She had a good time but really missed us. I slept in her room with her because I knew she would have so much to tell me. I'm glad she's back home!

My best friend said last night that I don't seem very excited about losing this weight.

I am...I'm just not as estatic as I thought I would be. I think once I get beyond that 285 lbs point, I'll be fine. Each time that I've lost weight, 285 lbs is where I gave up and went back to my old habits; and of course, gained the weight back (plus more).

But thus far I've lost 21 lbs (equivilant to 7 cans of lard) and my next goal is 296 lbs. I've decided that I'm only going to weigh once a week (probably on a Wednesday) instead of every other day or so. And I certainly plan on drinking as much water as possible each day. The initial weight loss is over; that was easy. But now I'm having to work hard to get every pound off. This is where the true challenge begins.

You all have a wonderful day!

God Bless!


UPDATE: There was a birthday party at work today for a coworker. I didn't touch the cake but had a small scoop of ice cream (low in carbs & calories). Went to the gym and did 1 mile on treadmill & 3 miles on exercise bike (same as last night). Ate light all day because I was going out to dinner tonight. At the restuarant I had 2 bowls soup, 1/2 boneless skinless chicken breast, 1/3 baked potato, small salad, 1/4 c. rice, and a brownie. The brownie was exceedingly good (hadn't had anything like that in a while).

I'm really tired. I have my doctor's appt in the a.m...need 2 get some sleep.

Have a great night!

God Bless!


kyrin on 08/01/2002:
Hi Lisa!

I know what you mean about getting to a certain point and then reverting to old habits. That's <i>soooo</i> me!

I am a planner. I love to plan things...my follow through usually gets me when things start getting routine though. After about 2 weeks, I have gotten into a routine and don't have to work as hard at whatever it is. So, I go off in another direction and, consequently< "fall off the program."

I'm doing it differently this time. I finally got it that I need to have a reason to keep working at this weight loss thing. In short, I need challenges. So, that's why you see a new challenge every couple of days on my dairy. I'm combining my need to plan with my need to keep a focus on my plan during the fellas' off days.

We're all different. It took me a long time to "get it," but now that I have, I'm wondering why it took so darned long to figure it out. ...I hope that you can get over your weightloss speedbump and sail on past.



MichelleP on 08/01/2002:
Hi Lisa,

No worries you can't give up this time, it's hard to give up when you have the whole group here to pull you through!

WAY TO GO ON GETTING TO THE GYM!!! LOL I talk to myself all the time and I do not come close to saying I am sane! Sane is so overrated! hehe!

You are doing great!! If the water is still giving you problems, try adding fresh cut up oranges or lemons, or even crystal light. Makes it taste better and easier to get down!

Take care and have a wonderful day! Hugs

Butterf;y21373 on 08/01/2002:
I can totally relate...yesterday I was sooo tired and slept from 6pm-8pm, but then made myself get up and go on that treadmill at 8:30pm...it did feel great once I was actually doing it!! Have a great day! K

InnerPeace on 08/01/2002:
We'll help you stay committed. Have fun with your daughter while you still can. It's awful when they leave. Here's to your continued success. IP

lisa_001 - Wednesday Jul 31, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 299.0

Ok...someone had a NOT SO bright idea last night. I figured I've been doing so good that I would have my "reward" meal for the week. So I went out for Chinese food. This was one of the things I've been craving and it tasted delicious!

However, my body couldn't handle the grease and I was sick nearly all night (vomiting, etc). So, lesson one: do NOT eat anything greasy once you've cut all grease out of your diet! (Some of us learn the hard way). I really wanted to go to the gym but was too ill.

By 10 p.m., I was feeling better (after the gym closed of course)so I went for my usual two-mile walk. It's not the workout that I wanted but under the circumstances, it was the only one that I could work in.

This morning I went down to the women's locker room to weigh in before beginning work and discovered that I lost another 1 lb. That puts me under the 300 lb mark (crowd cheers)!

Only thing is now that I'm eating right, exercising, and drinking lots of water, my blood sugar stays between normal and low. My sugar is diving about 4 times a day and I get very sick. I called my doctor's office yesterday and asked if it was necessary to keep me on all these Diabetes meds since my sugar isn't outrageously high anymore. My sugar is within normal range and then I have to take my meds; next thing I know my glucose level is dropping and I'm getting sick.

I have an appointment Friday...I hope the doc takes me off of some of the meds.

I have officially lost 21 lbs---which is equivilant to 7 cans of lard (dancing around the room). And in spite of the weight loss, I still fight with myself nightly to exercise; it's like a scene right out of Sybil where all my personalities are arguing over whether or not to do it. But, so far, I haven't missed a night.

I'll check back and read entries later. U all have a great food, water, & exercise day!

Keep on Keeping on!!!

God Bless!


InnerPeace on 07/31/2002:
Wow you are doing great! congrats on your weight loss. I need your motivation. I feel to fat to go to the gym, I feel like everyone's watching me. I'll just continue to walk for my exercise and maybe when I lose enough to feel comfortable I'll finally make it to the gym.

I hope you have continued success! Jo Ann

inmorning on 07/31/2002:
You bet the crowd cheers. I am amazed at your stamina. At 220, I was feeling hopeless and like I might as well get used to the fact that I was that heavy but knowing that I would only keep going up is what made me start on a diet. Anyway, I can only imagine some of the feelings you were having when you decided you needed to do something. And you are doing it. Keep it up girlfriend.

Crittermama on 07/31/2002:
Hope you can get off the meds. Great job on losing another pound!! 21 is a lot!!

Reba on 07/31/2002:

I just wanted to say "WAY TO GO" on your loss. There is nothing like reaching a milestone to make it all seem worth it. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Reba

MichelleP on 07/31/2002:
Hi Lisa,

LOL Okay friend, I have to tell you something... you are not alone. When I first started to workout, you would have thought I was a nut! I would yell at myself (outloud) to get my a** moving , to stop being lazy, I called myself worthless, you name it I said it. It did work at first then the people I would pass on my walks really got upset LOL!


I had chinese today too... hope to God I don't get sick I have not had it in months! I had veg rice, vegs musho , and 1 piece of seaseme chicken. I have a ton left for the rest of the week, but may get rid of it, depends on how I do on boot camp!

Take care and have a wonderful night!!

BandMom on 07/31/2002:
Hi and I'm so proud of you. You go girl! Hugs and smiles. Bandmom

lisa_001 - Tuesday Jul 30, 2002
(Counting Calories/Moderate Carbs)
Weight: 300.0

Well this morning I woke up and slipped on a pair of jeans and they FINALLY fit comfortably! I'd outgrown them some time ago and was so angry that I refused to go out and buy more. I swore I'd lose weight and fit back into them.

Last week they did fit but I could barely breathe in them. Today however, they feel great. It's time like this that make it all worthwhile =o)

I thought for sure I'd wake up sore this a.m.,because of the stuff I did at the gym last night. But, I took some Motrin before bedtime and woke up feeling good. I may go back to the gym tonight...if time permits.

My husband (bless his heart)made me breakfast this morning(egg white & ham omlet & toast) and it actually tasted good (lol)...

Hubby got on the scales last night and discovered he'd lost 14 lbs! He was SO thrilled. Last night he looked at me and told me that he'd learned so much from me; he was so full of gratitude. That made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside =o)

Well, I must get busy (I am at work after all). U all have a wonderful day. Will try to update later!

God Bless!


kyrin on 07/30/2002:
Way to go, Lisa! It sounds like you just had one of those ah-ha weight-loss moments. Doesn't it feel terrific when you get </i>proof</i> of your progress? Yes, it does! You and hubby are both doing splendidly together!

Have a terrific day!


traya on 07/30/2002:
YEAH FOR YOU!!!! Your hubby sounds like a real sweety! Have a great day! Tammy :-)

MichelleP on 07/30/2002:

WAY TO GO ON THE JEANS!!!!! You are doing awesome. I always love it when my jeans fit better!

Way to go on helping hubby! 14lbs awesome!! What a great team you two are!

Take care and have a wonderful night!

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