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minea - Tuesday Sep 02, 2003
Weight: 266.5

I'm thinking about switching to Atkins for something new and to jumpstart my weight loss again. My parents have done well on it the past 5 weeks and have collectively lost 25 pounds. It might be fun to eat bacon again - but eggs with no toast??? Hmmm.

Those of you who are on Atkins - what do you think? How is it working for you?

I went to the gym twice on the long weekend - probably a new world record for me. I figure if I decide to start Atkins I will start next Monday (as I have a wedding this weekend and would blow it out of the water anyway and I also have a bunch of carb foods that i'm going to need to eat up!). And when I start the Atkins then I'm going to start scheduling the exercise again.

Also - good news - we're looking at moving the office to a building with a gym!! So i could go to work and workout all in one place - how sweet would that be? One of the reasons I don't get to the gym often enough is because by the time I walk home to get my car to drive to the gym, I'm too tired and lazy! So this might just do the trick. We'll know in the next few days.

Keep up the good work.

minea - Tuesday Aug 12, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 266.5

Well yesterday went better than the weekend at least. Had cheerios with strawberries for b-fast, veggie wrap for lunch, and Subway Turkey breast for dinner. Only snack was a cup of nonfat yogurt before I went to the gym. That's right folks, I actually made it to the gym! It wasn't the greatest effort ever known to man, but it was better than nothing. I walked on the treadmill (uphill, fast pace) for 45 minutes and burned 485 calories. The one thing I hate about losing weight though is that it takes longer and longer to burn the calories! When you're this weight you can burn 485 cals in 45 minutes but each pound that you drop you burn a little less in the same time frame, so to burn the same amount you have to continue to increase your time!

So far so good this morning but then again it's only 10:30. I have dinner out for the brother's girlfriend tonight so there won't be a workout but I'll plan for one tomorrow.

I have a date on Saturday and I want to look fabulous - think I can lose 10 pounds by Saturday? tee hee.

Nikitalee on 08/12/2003:
Good job on going to the gym! And don't discredit yourself.. 45 minutes on the treadmill is a good workout! I hate the fact that the more weight you lose, the harder it is to lose more but at least you're skinnier in the meantime! ;)

Can't wait to hear about that hot date!!

Kirby T on 08/14/2003:
Great job on your work out! It really makes a difference when you exercise. Keep it up, and you'll get your metabolism burning and you'll be losing more weight.


minea - Monday Aug 11, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 267.5

Well another terrible weekend gone by! Not much water, no control over what I ate because I was staying with my friend at her grandparent's house and they slather everything with butter and then serve it with quiche. And no exercise either.

I also have no food in my house so I didn't even bring a sensible lunch to work today. I did however buy a veggie wrap with salsa. So that's okay. I just feel like I keep losing and gaining the same 3 pounds! My parents are on Atkins and I'm thinking about switching - maybe a new plan would help me kickstart again?

My friend that lost the 30 pounds did it with a juice machine - basically he hated eating vegetables so he just juiced everything and ate that for breakfast and lunch and then had a sensible dinner and he lost the weight in no time. I'm thinking about maybe doing that.... anyone else tried it?

minea - Friday Aug 08, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 267.5

What a disaster I am - I just can't seem to control things lately. I had pizza for lunch, not just one but TWO huge slices. I'm pmsing though - i just know it.

I haven't been to the gym or swimming all week. I feel so unmotivated - I didn't even drink my water my water today. And I got on the scale this morning and I'm up 2 1/2 pounds - is that from my disastrous weekend? Or just water retention? Arg - I'm exactly where I was a month ago.

I have this wedding I'm going to on September 6th and I had it all planned out that I was going to be down to 250 for the wedding and looking fabulous. I even have a date for it! A guy I went to school with that calls me every once in a while to stay in touch. I've always had a little crush on him and when i mentioned that I was going to this wedding (mutual friends) he asked if he could come as my date! So I said yes. But I just know I'm going to look horrible - and the last time I saw him he looked FANTASTIC - he'd lost 30 pounds. Arg, I'm so frustrated.

Kirby T on 08/09/2003:
It's not too late to get back on track and take off some weight before that wedding! Just losing a few pounds will make you feel so much better! PMS problems only last a few days. Jump right back on track today. YOU CAN DO IT!

How did your friend lose 30 pounds?

minea - Wednesday Aug 06, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 265.0

The gym didn't happen because I changed my mind and decided to go swimming later in the evening, but that didn't happen either because I literally forgot! ACK. I was watching bad reality television (a new addiction of mine) and didn't even realize that it was too late until 9:45 and the swim is only from 9-10pm. Crap.

Also was starving on the way home from work yesterday - worked late which was nothing new and decided that I better get Subway or i'm going to eat the entire apartment when I come in the door. So I got my ham without cheese or mayo and I was full.

However, later that evening when I had a little sugar binge (because I am pre-TOM!) I found a bag of Skittles and ate them. Oops.

Ah well. C'est la vie. I'm a little behind on the water today but I'll catch up this afternoon. Other than that, onward and upward my friends!


minea - Tuesday Aug 05, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 265.0

Well the weekend was a total bust - but I knew it was coming. My best friend, her husband and I got in the car and took a wee roadtrip south of the border to Seattle (Redmond really) to stay with a friend of ours. It was just something to do and Seattle is not far from Victoria. We had a lovely time but lots of booze, fatty foods etc. And of course friend's hubby insisted that we stop at a fast-food chain that we don't have in Canada. He finally settled on Jack-in-the-Box. It was interesting but I don't think we need to run a national campaign to have it open locations in Canada. I figure we already have too many fastfood joints on both sides of the border that are encouraging and convincing people that eating their food is fine. It's NOT. The fat and calorie content of fastfood is absolutely atrocious. Since I gave it up 2 years ago I haven't really missed it. On the very odd occasion (such as this weekend) I will get fastfood and after I eat it I feel gross and remember why I don't eat it! It's like a rock in your stomach. I pretty much stick to the plan that if it's got to be fast it's got to be Subway. And yes sometimes I get sick of Subway but at least I know it's not going to kill me.

Anywho, Seattle was interesting. Went to the Science Center and the Aquarium. We didn't spend too much time in downtown Seattle, opting to just hang out more with our friend that we went down to see rather than do touristy things. But it was a nice little trip. Except for maybe driving the I5 on a holiday weekend (CDN long weekend). It was a little nuts.

Okay so now that I've fully admitted that I ate terrible and drank too much, I'm goin back today to the good stuff. Planning to go to the gym tonight which should be tiring as I haven't been there since last Wednesday. Eek!

Anywho, take care all and stay strong.

evilflapjack on 08/06/2003:
Hey sweetie, thanks for posting on my diary; it's awesome to get comments. On the smoking thing, the top 3 reasons that really kicked my butt into seriously quitting:

#1-www.whyquit.com --check out the pics and stories and you will be in tears! The images on that site stayed w/ me throughout my quit (and my slips) and really "scared" me into giving up the smokes for good.

#2-www.quitnet.com -- This site is my saviour. I spend a lot of time in the Weighty Matters forum, and I stuck around even when I was sneaking smokes. The people are fab and extremely helpful, plus it's awesome to talk to and get support from peeps who are battling their weight probs along w/ quitting smoking.

#3- The Patch. Yep, it seriously helped me. Hands down, I don't think I could have done it without the patch.

But, I think that you really have to want to quit. Like, in your soul, you must desire more than anything to be a non-smoker. One big motivation was my weight loss--I saw that I was healthier and then wanted to get even more healthy. Before I quit, I did tons and tons of research and found loads of websites and support forums on quitting, and that really got me in the mindset, gave me some good info, and helped me find support that I needed.

One thing about my quit that has also helped me is that I stayed away from bars/smoky places (bowling alleys, etc) for a long while. it sucks, but my health was more important. I can go into a bar now and be OK. Yea!

I wish you luck and drop me a line if you need support. Smooches!


minea - Thursday Jul 31, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 265.0

Got to the gym last night but kind of half-assed it I guess. I usually walk tall and swing my arms and go go go! But I kind of just held onto the handlebars most of the time. I did do 45 minutes and apparently burnt a total of 486 calories (though accuracy is always circumspect). Didn't do the weight workout I was planning either. Got too hungry. And that was where it went wrong! I went the grocery store because I was out of everything and I saw those yummy feta cheese buns they sell in the bakery and I bought three of them and ate them all on the way home. Then when I came in the door my roommate was making a grilled cheese sandwich and I REALLY wanted one - so I made one too. It's made with Fat free processed cheese - but still - the nutrient/health value was probably NIL and i could have made a lot better choice. Later that evening got a chocolate craving which I dampened with a handful of chocolate chips. So all in all, good day, bad evening!

Today's plan is on track - going swimming tonight (40 laps). It usually relaxes me, makes me sleep like a baby and I think it's strengthening my lower back too.

Drinking tons of water - never hard with a water bottle on my desk and a cold water dispenser in the office. Usually get in 2-3 litres a day (84oz+ or so).

Hope you all are strong and determined today, as every day. Keep up the good work. Dream Big Plan Well Work Hard Smile Always and Good Things WILL Happen!!!


Kirby T on 07/31/2003:
I hope you are having a great day (especially a great night) today! I can do great all day, but it's in the evenings when I struggle. Tonight I am spending time on-line in search for motivation and inspiration, and also to avoid being in the kitchen. So far, it's working!


FatLegs on 08/02/2003:
Hey, Thanks for the message in my diary - made me feel welcome :)

I'm REALLY impressed with the way you handle diet slip ups, I hope I can take a leaf out of your book when it next happens to me.

Kate xx

kanga on 08/03/2003:
Minea so glad to see you journaling again You have done so well, glad your back is getting better. Thanks for what you said the other day.--Kanga

minea - Wednesday Jul 30, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 266.0

This is yet another try at keeping my diary regular. I keep coming back and going away. After recovering from a back injury and a bout a depression, I've renewed my commitment to eating healthy and exercising regularly. I started at over 330, got down to 250.5, stayed in the mid 250's for a year and after hurting my back crept back up to the 260's. About 3 weeks ago I got on the scale and saw 270.5 and from that second on I took control again. I could NOT let all that work and weightloss creep up on me again. So I'm drinking the water, planning the meals, in the gym and swimming again. I'm down a few pounds though I'm finding it harder this time than last time. I eat out a lot which creates a major challenge, so one of the things I'm trying to do is more grocery shopping and cooking rather than eating out. I think it'll save me money too. I have to see those 250's soon. The first goal is 249 and the next is 230. I can do this, I've done it before, I just have to put my mind to it. I'm looking for some support which i used to find on here, not too many names look familiar anymore but maybe I'll make some new friends!

Stay strong everyone.

kirby t on 07/31/2003:
I just wanted to say hello and to wish you lots of luck and encouragement. I just joined yesterday, and I also renewed my commitment to eating healthy and exercising regularly.


minea - Tuesday Feb 04, 2003
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 258.0

I'm back.... again! Still maintaining in that five pound range, but no real movement up or down. I hurt my back in early November and was not allowed to go to the gym until the New Year. I didn't get back there until the 1st of February, it was fine, felt good to be back... then the next day I twisted the wrong way just once and hurt my back again. I HATE having a bad back. I can't do things I'm used to doing without thought, like move a piece of furniture or pick up a box. Some days I can't even bend down to brush my teeth at the sink it hurts so bad.

Anywho, I'm having a hard time with this diet thing. I mean, it's good to know that for over a year now I've maintained in the same range. So I know that I can keep it off without too much overt effort. I just still don't eat chips, fast food and high fat foods. Well occasionally I do of course, but just not as a regular thing like my old lifestyle. But I can't seem to find that motivation that made me stick to the straight and narrow and get excited when I had completed a day of good eating and exercise. I also work a LOT. I'm in the office usually between 9 and 7 and when I get home I figure, ah, it's just me, I don't need to cook. So I have toast. Or something else fast and easy. And I know it's not helping. I also know that if I ate better I would be handling the stress better. So if I KNOW all this, and i've experienced the wonderful benefits of eating right and exercising, how come I don't DO any of it? What is it in our psyche that prevents us from overcoming this? Are we really that lazy? Do we really not care that much? I question that about myself.

I don't seem to even have time to grocery shop. When I grocery shop I buy the same damn things every time. Bagels, nonfat cream cheese, coffee, nonfat creamer. That's pretty much all I eat at home. There must be a solution to this! Why aren't i rich enough to afford my own chef???? That would be SO handy.

I love my job. It's what gets me up every morning. But I'm wearing myself thin because I'm not eating right. My chiropractor says my back is not healing as fast as it could because I'm not eating right, getting regular exercise (cause she told me to go back after the New Year and I didn't) and I'm still smoking. That brings me to another point... how come I've never come to that point that I think... hmmm I don't want to smoke any more. It's gross. I keep waiting for that point. But I LOVE smoking. I just don't like what it does to my body.

I'm lost. I need some support. I need to figure out how to get back to that I CAN DO ANYTHING mindset, where each day was a triumph and an accomplishment over the last, not just at work, but with myself.

dolyda on 02/04/2003:
you will only be successful once you decide you're GOING to do it....for you...for your health...one thing that may help...list reasons you want to lose weight....or quit smoking...post them somewhere you see them every morning & every night...just a thought....good luck :D

minea - Thursday Oct 24, 2002
(Richard Simmons Lose Weight and Celebrate)
Weight: 256.5

So my Dad gave me cash for my graduation present (always a favourite) and I managed to blow in a matter of hours. However, not on a frivolous item my friends. I decided that it was really time that I bought a new mattress for my "big girl bed" (I call it that because it is 3 1/2 feet high.) Anyway, I go into Sleep Country, thinking "how hard could this be?" Good lord, have you ever tried to buy a mattress? The guy is asking me if I like a hard bed or a soft bed etc etc. I'm like, "I don't know, mine rolls everyone into the middle, do you have one like that?" Apparently though, that's NOT what a good bed should do. So I spent an hour hopping from bed to bed feeling rather odd, lying there on these beds with all of my clothes on and my shoes. And you know how it is, you want to try out your regular sleeping position but it just feels so weird to do it with a salesguy standing there asking "how does that feel". In any case, I bought myself a bed. I think it's my first real grown up purchase. What a practical use of so much money. Alas, I could have just gone shopping!! Or taken a vacation.

Anwhow, that's my thought for the day. What an odd thing bed shopping is. So I went to the gym yesterday and today. Woohoo! I feel better during the evening when I know I've gone to the gym. I ate well today with the exception of that cinnamon bun and those 3 baby twix bites. Hee hee hee oops! I've got such a sweet tooth lately! Agh!

I also got in 2 1/2 litres of water today.... from my calculations that's 84oz.

Today was legs, so tomorrow it's the upperbody workout.

Okay, night all!

pinkuspettuty on 10/24/2002:
Goo djob, girl My first big girl purchase was a big girl bed, too. It is hard to figure out. Ihope you enjoy it. Pam

starlight on 10/24/2002:
great workout! Awesome on the water too. You're right. It would be weird trying out mattresses with a salesguy watching you on a bed. lol. but hey, I guess they are used to it. thanks for your comment by the way. have a good day - Kim

shellybelly on 10/24/2002:
Hmmm...I've been thinking about asking my parents for a "big girl bed" for Christmas. I still have the same old futon I've been sleepin on since freshman year of high school in my room, and I'll be moving out to my own place next fall. It's so funny that you said it like that, one of my best friends moved out into a townhouse this year and she was on the search of her "big girl bed" all summer. Her exact words. Anyways, great job with the exercise! Take care! :-) Shelly

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