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misha - Thursday Aug 08, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

Hey well today is a pretty busy day between work and life. Funny how people can play such a large part in your life and then nothing more is known. I just found out that one of my closest friends from college got married 2 months ago and I had no idea. We used to do everything together- it almost seemed that we were attached at the hip. Then after school was over - we chat and grabbed lunch a few times and then nothing. It was both of our faults I know - but I am definately a person hat despises change. Sorry for crying on your guys shoulder but I just had to vent.

Take care


kyrin on 08/08/2002:
Some relationships don't make the transition from school to work life well. I have one just such relationship that may be in the dying process, I think. It's hard, but we have both been so busy with keeping our "other" lives going that the one we had in common doesn't have much going for it anymore.

I miss my "little sister"...but she has a husband and new responsibilities. ...A new baby on the way. Actually, we are trying to stay in touch. With her life taking on new roles as wife and mother we may have more in common again. Renewal of friendship?

Don't give up on your buddy. Relationships tend to move in circles. You may have similar roles and re-bond in those circumstances.



MichelleP on 08/08/2002:
Hi Michelle,

I am sorry! Seems like a lame comment but I know how you feel. I touched on kinda the same thing today in my entry. I have lost touch with friends, family and co-workers for the last 7 months. I miss life. LOL! It has been by my own doing so I have only myself to blame.

I know for me most of my school friends got married, moved, or whatever and we have lost touch over the years. Life seems to do that, and as you get older you will see it happen more and more sadly.

Hold those close to you as long as you can, make new friends, and remember you have us here... lol okay so we are not much but we still love U!

Take care and have a wonderful day! HUGS

cynthie on 08/08/2002:
You take care! Both of you guys are alive and well, COOL! Call her one day next week out of the blue and chat for a minute. Friends are forever, at any time of the day, month, or year!

Beth200 on 08/09/2002:
I know what you mean. I have lost touch with my best friend. She has a family and we never seem to have the time to get together anymore. It is hard, but these things do happen. I hate change very much myself. Hey that is what we are here for to cry on each other's shoulder. Thanks for your comment. I will always remember the good times. :) You do the same. HUGS! BETH :)

BingeOnThis on 08/09/2002:
There was this guy I knew in junior high that I had a huge crush on, but he was my best friend's boyfriend (grr). Well, after over 12 years I finally came across him online and we talked on here for a few weeks. He turned out to be a jerk..but at least I found out he has a good life and is doing well overall. Jerk, nonetheless though.

If you miss your friend, get in contact with her. Ya never know, you might get back what you had years ago. It's worth a shot.

misha - Wednesday Aug 07, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

Hi all

Well it has been crazy here at work. More than I think than I can handle - one thing at a time I know. AS you all know I have kind of off the horse the past few weeks. Well people are still telling me that I am losing weight even thought that is not the case. Funny - when I was consistent no one noticed and now that I stopped they do. Anyways yesterday was good on the excercise and food front. My mom was quite surprised to see me working out - actually I was too. Funny how it releases so much frustration - Have to try to continue. Well I have missed you guys but I was a little embarassed that i was not trying that hard.

Food log:

b- Diet coke

L- 6 inc roast beef sub from Subway and baked chips

D- rice beans and rice (small helping)

Need to work on water but it just does not entice me

Iti2 on 08/07/2002:
Hi! I am taking 4 classes which are Int'l Mgt, Economics, Professional Speech & Marketing Mgt. I have to admit I'm a little nervous but I think I'll do ok. You are did wonderful great with your food yesterday and exercise girl! You kickin' butt! Now you and I just got to keep it up right? We will do this. Hey, I can't think of too many words for criticize but I believe ya! Good luck on your studying. What are you going to Grad school for by the way?

kyrin on 08/07/2002:
Thank you for the photo idea. I took one of the roses...and put it up on my diary entry for today.

I'm glad that people are noticing your weight loss! Now, let's go make some more losses!



cynthie on 08/07/2002:
Hi Misha,

Congrats for getting back on the wagon! (Happy Trails to you, lol) Jeez, I must be drunk from the two miles I walked this morning. THAT WAS my boot camp!

Take care and I'll talk to you guys later in the week, hopefully!

inmorning on 08/07/2002:
Please, even if you are not trying, let us know how you are doing. Besides, journaling will help you get motivated again.

MichelleP on 08/07/2002:

Welcome home! LOL and here I thought you were just on vacation. LOL you see I have an advantage over the others here.... lol if you keep going away, I will have to go across town and drag you back... hummm wonder how many calories that burns! LOL Just kidding! Look hon we all fall, what makes us winners is we know when to stand backup and even ask for help!


I agree the weather is awesome! The last few weeks have been to dang HOT! I do not handle the heat well.

Okay you back to work (just not to hard)! Keep up your efforts hon the rest of the world is just starting to see it, man are they slow or what!


traya on 08/07/2002:
Going on a trip is REALLY TOUGH on a diet! Getting back to a normal routine will get you back on track. traya :-)

misha - Friday Aug 02, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

Well Mass was great - water was a little chilly though. I must have gotten spoiled from my Cancun voyage. It was a 10 hour car trip to our final destination. For a 2 and a half day trip that was quite a haul. Although it is the furtherest North east I have ever been in the continental united states.

Can I tell you guys it is sooooo hard to eat healthy on a road trip. I ate not so great but the good news is that no weight has been added to my frame. So I am back and chained to my desk once again but at least it is Friday!!!!!! One of my favorite days of the week. Well I have a ton of work to get caught up on ---- Have a glorious weekend


kyrin on 08/02/2002:
Woo-Hoo for the returning vacationer! I missed you. Have a fantastic Friday! How about jumping into one of the Weekend Challenges with us?



misha - Tuesday Jul 30, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

Well I am off to Mass. I will miss you guys thanks for all the recent support. I will fill all you guys in later about the trip. I am so excited to leave the chain of my desk. Funny how little things can really make your day


kyrin on 07/30/2002:
Have a <i>great</i> trip! I'm going to miss you while you're out and about.

Can't wait to hear of the fun things you're going to do!


Kyrin<br> P.S. Re: the scale show...LOL I was thinking about getting it to dance. How in the world did you guess? We must be warped a like.

misha - Monday Jul 29, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

It is amazing how after working out how much better you feel. Even though the numbers are not going down spmehow you feel thinner. Well at least I do. I know that they say a lot of it is the ppreception that you have of yourself.

My grandmother is doing fabulously well. She is now able to walk around with the assistance of a walker. The TB seems to be subsiding and her motivation is improving by leaps and bounds. When I told her my saga of last week, she looked at me with such pride, She said that I should stand up for what I want otherwise how I am ever going to get it. That I come from a long line of strong women and that some of it was bound to rub off.

The diet front is OK = food wise. Excercise I am kicking butt. But there is always today. Now I have to keep it up

Take care


lisa_001 on 07/29/2002:
You're right...I always feel better after exercising; makes me wonder why in the world I dread it so badly then (lol). I'm glad your grandmother is better. Keep up the good work!

God bless!


MichelleP on 07/29/2002:

KICK BUTTS TAKE NAMES LATER!!! Way to go on your workouts!!! You are doing awesome. The numbers on the scale will catch up.

That is great news about your grandma!

Try to stay cool today, it is going to be 110-115 with the heat index.... ick!

Hugs and have a wonderful day!

kyrin on 07/29/2002:
You get attagirls for the exercising and for the attitude. Way to go, Misha!

I'm glad that your grandmother is doing better. She sounds kind of feisty. Excellent!



chubbyknees on 07/29/2002:
i know what you mean about feeling better after a workout - even if the scale isn't showing the difference. my weight hasn't changed that much in the past 5 months since i've been excericising more, but i definitely notice a difference in how i feel! and other people notice too! i bet you look amazing!!

great news about your nana! keep up the good work!

BBRae on 07/29/2002:
Isn't it amazing how even a short walk makes you feel so much better? I haven't exercised in a while because I haven't been feeling very well. But i'm feeling much better now and am getting some housework done. Hope to be back on the workout video by next week. Glad to hear your grandma is doing better!!!

Have a great day!!! ~Cindy

inmorning on 07/29/2002:
I am glad to hear your grandmother is doing better. You are doing great and I always appreciate your comments. annastasia

misha - Friday Jul 26, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

Well all it is a rainy day here in VA. I guess that is OK because we really do need the rain. I have actually backslided in the weightloss crusade with the occurance of recent events. But I resolve to do better in the efforts to better myself. I resolve to walk a minimum of 3 miles everyday, eatch what I eat and do an hour of high impact aerobics at least 4 times a week. If I do not hold up these terms anyone is more than welcome to hit me with a wet noodle. (my mom's favorite saying). Now I plan to conquer what I have set before me. Oh I decided to take their offer , they obviously see that I am able to do quality work and who am I to agrue with that. Have a great weekend guys


MichelleP on 07/26/2002:

Yep we do need the rain! You will get back on track and your plan sounds great!

Glad you see what they see and what we see... you are worth that and so much more!

I found this to cheer up It2 lol thought you would get a laugh out of it.

Thought for the day:

When you're feeling so low that you have to reach up to touch bottom, whose bottom you touch can make a big difference. s well!

Iti2 on 07/26/2002:
I'm very happy that you took the off. Congrats on your new resolutions and I will be the first to get my butt over to VA and hit you with that wet noodle! Hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

inmorning on 07/26/2002:
Way to go getting what you want. You deserve it.

misha - Thursday Jul 25, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 136.0

Surprise- Surprise....A counter offer. An additional 5 grand, a job in the financial sector (which is what I got my degree in) and they will pay for 80% of grad school and work around my schedule. What more could a girl as for. Every item mentioned in my resignation letter was answered. Kind of hard to refuse -- I must say but I have until tomorrow to decide. I asked for 48 hours to contemplate the offer. I know that I would jump on it if it were another company but .....I already resigned. How will it make me look to accept this counter offer??

I do not know --


inmorning on 07/25/2002:
I think it will make you look like someone that knows what you want and accepts it when you get it. Everytime I haggle with anyone, I always ask for more and plan on settling. You got what you want! I say take it. Besides, there is no guarantee that you would like the place you go to if you quit. You already know the people at this job.

biscottibody59 on 07/25/2002:
Don't worry about how it will make you look--if the pluses outweigh the minuses--the egg on your face (if you feel a little defeated by staying) will disappear when you're able to move on from the reasons you were going to leave in the first place.

I left a company over pay issues and some months later was asked back at about a 25% increase (I ended up doing some temp work at that pay), but couldn't bring myself to go back full-time. (Of course I was living at home--not paying rent--at the time.) This was many years ago.

You're young, you'll survive whatever choice you make; the power to choose is a double-edged sword sometimes!

Have a great day and keep up the good work!

TATERHOG on 07/25/2002:
Hi Michelle, My opinion is that you do what feels right for you. Do you like the company over all?? Do you enjoy the people you work with?? If they have met your resignation reasons, and you are not sure whether to stay, is there something else you don't like about working there?? Think things through and do what YOU feel is what you want. I believe that by staying, you are just showing the company that you are aware of the qualities and skills that you have to offer them, and that you are not going to let anyone take advantage of you. By countering your offer, they have already said you are a key part of their operation. I think staying says you are an educated and aggressive business person--a true sign of success!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Best of luck with your decision, follow your heart. Debbie

pastagal on 07/25/2002:
I personally think you should not worry how this will make you feel,,if they upped the anty to keep you around then that means they think your worth more money and realize it even tho it came at the same time you resigned or not,best of luck with your decision,,do what makes you feel best.

MichelleP on 07/25/2002:
Hi Michelle,

Wow now that is a offer! Things are so unsure in the markets right now, they must now see what you are really worth! Paying for 80% of grad school alone is awesome! I would say not to worry about how it will make you look, they are saying you look like you are worth a great deal to get you to stay! Go with your heart, and mind. Good luck and hugs!

shy_angel on 07/25/2002:

Just read ur entry from wednesday - and u mentioned ur lofe was a rollercoaster (hmm misspelled? lol) newaiz - isnt that what its should be? i mean sure it would be safer to stay on the ground and watch everyone else go on and have the time of their lives. But is safe always better? I dont believe that - i think u can only REALLY live life and get the most out of it - the best experiences - if u r willing to take some chances and not be afraid of the consequences.

<b>You've gotta dance like no one is watching, you've gotta sing like no one is listening, and best of all you've gotta love like you're never going to hurt</b>

And even tho i dont know u personally - i do believe in you! - so go after ure dreams, sweety!


Iti2 on 07/25/2002:
Hey Friend! I'm proud of you! That's wonderful and it won't make you look bad...on the contrary, it will make you look like you know what you want and you're not afraid of going after it. Annnnd, most importantly, that you won't take anyone's craparoo! Hugs and congrats! Jump on that!

kyrin on 07/25/2002:
Hey! If they met all of the reasons that you had listed for leaving, then they are definitely interested in retaining a valuable employee. If you really like the company, and can work in your career area, then jump on it. Can you see yourself being happily employed with this company in five years? In what postion?

Best wishes!


misha - Wednesday Jul 24, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 136.0

Funny how things work -- My life is a roller coaster I swear!! After I have turned in my resignation letter is when everyone is coming out if the woodworks. They are saying what an assest I was and other such great things. Who would of thought. That the shy girl in the corner would have made such an impression. Definately makes ya feel better.


pastagal on 07/24/2002:
I am sure it is something you already knew about yourself,but it is ironic how they didn't acknowledge that about you till you were leaving,,have a great day and your doing great on the diet front to:}}

Crittermama on 07/24/2002:
I know how that is. But most times they let me go so who knows.

inmorning on 07/24/2002:
It is nice when someone notices you. Sometimes it is nice to know before you are resigning though.

misha - Tuesday Jul 23, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 136.0

Hey all -- well today I begin my excerise routine once again. Life is so funny - there is definately no way to predict how it will end up. From one year to tomorrow everything is a variable. So everyone should live for today because who knows what tomorrow holds. Be bold in your actions and live with no regrets

Have a fabulous Tuesday


yorkmi3 on 07/23/2002:
Wow, you sound so confident through this tough time with your work. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to live for today. We are really in a rut right now and I really needed to hear that! Thanks . How wonderful that you have such supportive parents. What a blessing! I will try not to do anything today that would cause me to have regrets! Take care of yourself, Sarah

MichelleP on 07/23/2002:
Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your entry today, it really hit home for me. In this life we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to live for today! The thought of living with no regrets is a hard one, but a goal worth much efforts.

Glad you are back on the exercise routine. It really helps clear the mind, and great for the body!

You are doing awesome! My hats off to you! Hugs

chubbyknees on 07/23/2002:

wow, what you said was really great.. *AND* really true! it is so important to focus on each day - and there is no better time to have that attitude than now. thank you for your words!


inmorning on 07/23/2002:
The fast is going okay. I have had to put a meal in every day due to the fact that I didn't have ANY energy. I still stick with soup though. Thanks for your comments. We can do this together.

Crittermama on 07/23/2002:
Good luck with the exeercise. I know I have a hard time sticking to mine.

misha - Monday Jul 22, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 136.0

Well All ----the decision is to quit. My letter of resignation will be submitted today. My parents totaly stand behind me on this decision surprisingly - they want me to pursue a career in my field. If I am unable to find one in approximately 5 months then grad scholl here I come. Thanks for all of your great advice. Although I am happy that I did not gain any weight over the weekend.


kyrin on 07/22/2002:
You sound as if you're breathing easier since the decision has been made. I'm happy for you. It's kind of scary, but <i>very exciting</i> to be starting down a new path.

Wishing you successes!


BellaK on 07/22/2002:
You are a brave soul... It takes a lot of courage to take such a dramatic step and make such a big change... I'm proud of you! :o) Bella

Busymom on 07/22/2002:
It feels great to have your folks back ya. New starts are great adventures! May this new start be one of your best decisions.

BBRae on 07/22/2002:
Hi!! You have to do what makes you happy, not what makes sense. That is what I did, what makes sense. I wanted to finish school and become a high school algebra teacher. But I had to take the job with the good insurance. Just make yourself happy.

Have a great day!!! ~Cindy

MichelleP on 07/22/2002:

Good luck with your resignation. Big changes like that are hard! Way to go making a decision. HUGS

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