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misha - Friday Jul 19, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 136.0

Well work is awful - you se my last boss and I got along wonderfully. But this new guy and I can not seem to work together - my work is not up to his standard and this frustrates me because I try really hard. He is a perfectionist and every detail count which I agree. But there is just sooo much to do that the big picture is what is important. I guess I need to put my nose to the grindstone maybe even work over the weekend. I do not know maybe the best thing to do is just find a new job. Nothing is worth feeling inadequate. Take care


Iti2 on 07/19/2002:
Thanks for your comment today Michelle. You're right, strings are difficult to cut when you've been with someone for a while but it's worst to waste time. Time is something that we never get back so we should take care of it to the best of our ability and enjoy every minute of it. I'm starting to try a new set of mind: What is meant to be is meant to be and we shouldn't push or work extra hard at a relationship. It should come natural on by both parties.

As far as your job, tell your boss to chill. Ok, maybe you can't tell him that! LOL. Sometimes it's hard to get adjusted to working with a new boss. Give it your best and I suggest sitting down with him and having a heart to heart on how you feel of your efforts and that apparently he doesn't see them. Take care and wish you the best! Cheer up too ok? Big hug and smile your way =)!

kyrin on 07/19/2002:
I feel for you, gal! I have worked for many different bosses. The nit-picky ones are the worst! They don't realize that if they praised instead of criticized, things would run more smoothly. Some people are just not meant to be managers... I hope that things work out. Would "killing him with kindness" help in the situation?

Re: working this weekend. <b>Don't do it!</b> This type of boss will come to expect it...and soon you'll have a life that is no longer fun--consisting mainly of working and preparing to work.



Crittermama on 07/19/2002:
I'd be out finding another job. You're right. It isn't worth feeling inadequate. If your old boss liked your work you must do a good job.

traya on 07/20/2002:
Hang in there. It's hard when you're working hard and a boss doesn't seem satisfied. I had a perfectionist boss once too, he was easier than the "nothings fast enough" boss I have now! :-) She would have us all leave our families and live at work 24x7 if she could. (at 40 hr pay of course). I just tell her to "get real" and "get a life". They can fire me if they want but I know I'm doing all I can so it would be their loss. Don't beat yourself up for the "unattainable" at work - it's not worth it! Have a great week. Tammy :-)

misha - Thursday Jul 18, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 136.0

Well I guess the hour of high impact aerobics and weight training paid off. One more pound gone. WOOO HOOOO!! Thanks you all for the encouragement yesterday it enabled me to get up and get movin'. I have even encouraged my parents to join me at the gym tonight. They will focus on the pool but I am happy that they are just getting out and about. My father is under such stress as if late because he is preparing his end of year report presentation. I know that in a week or so he will be so relieved. But in the mean time a stress release is in order.

Take care of yourselves and make smart choices today


Iti2 on 07/18/2002:
Hi Michelle. Congrats on getting your parents to the gym! That's a great accomplishment. Most of all, congrats on that pound lost too! Gone forever now! As for my BF, I'm not happy but it's so hard to get out of a relationship. I love him but I just know that he is not the one. It's very difficult to let go of someone that you love but know that is not good for you. Don't know if you know what I mean. I know you said you've been in a 3 year relationship. I have the feeling we're about the same age. I'm 25 and I don't want to waste any time, but gosh, it's so hard to just walk away. Talk to you soon and thanks for the advice. You are truly great! Warm (((HUG)))!

herb on 07/18/2002:
Thank you for the input to my journal, this feedback is important to me. It's frustrating to develop a pen pal on line here, and when the other person gets bored or achieves their goal they leave Diet Diaries. Thats why I'm so hesitant in responding to comments.

sweetmomto3 on 07/18/2002:
you asked me how i got so little calorie intake.. al ot of it is guestimations but i take all the fat i can out of my food and rinse my meat after it is cooked... I also eaty small portions... most of my meals are now low fat and or fat free..:) good luck on your diet

biscottibody59 on 07/18/2002:
Congrats on one more pound--feels good when all that hard work pays off!

Keep up the good work!

ClearBlueClara on 07/18/2002:
Congrats on the loss! Doesn't it feel great to be active? :) Keep up the good work. -Claire

momof4 on 07/18/2002:
Great Job!! Way to go!! You are right too - what would we complain about it we didn;t have men?!! LOL Have a super day!! Keep on moving!!And smile while you are doing it!

BBRae on 07/18/2002:
Hey!!! Congradulations on your one pound loss!!!! Way to go!!! I want to thank you for all of your encouragement!! It means a lot to me!!! I have a lot of cheerleaders here, and I can use all the more I can get!!! I have been overweight for a very long time and this is the first time that I have really lost weight and kept it off, and I think I owe a lot of my achievement to this site and all the people here.

You are right about me and hubby, we laugh a lot!!! We are good for each other. Lord knows we have paid our share of dues to get where we are in our lives!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, keep up the good work and have a great day!!!! ~Cindy

molli7 on 07/18/2002:
Thanks for the supportive words. I had a corn cake, a little rice and a chicken enchilada. A triumph considering there were 3 other huge platters of food. Congratulations on losing a lb. molli7

Crittermama on 07/18/2002:
Congratulations on losing a pound!! Great job. Also getting your parents to join you!!

I want you to know that I know the lady he wants to walk with and she isn't neccessarily a bad person. He just wants to help her and that isn't bad. She is over weight. She had a baby last fall. She lives with her boyfriend. He wants to help her lose weight and exercise. He told her how he walks and probably wouldn't stay with her either. But it's so frustrating when he won't exercise on his own, doesn't go more than a couple days with me and he isn't a very good walking partner. Doesn't care to encourage or help me much at all. But he will drive 10 miles with 2 kids to walk with her and support her. She would have her baby with her as well. With that many kids, one of whom has a good understanding of things and has excellent speech (he's 8 years old) nothing bad could happen. It's just the idea that he could be so willing to help her and I can't get him away from the tv to even look at me. I'm smaller than this girl was even before she had her baby. So I guess weight has nothing to do with it. All his female friends are bigger than I am and he knows them better than he knows me. How unfair is that? Well, anyway, this sounds like tomorrow's entry!! So enough of that. Maybe I will be able to discuss it further with him tonight. Good night and keep on with the success.

inmorning on 07/18/2002:
Way to go on the poundage. You are doing great. Thanks for all the nice things you put in my commentssss and take care.

misha - Wednesday Jul 17, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

Well I have been doing alright on the eating limitation on my diet but I can not motivate myself to hit the gym. I will ... I will... go to the gym. We will see if this actually works. Only a month and a half to go to reach my goal - but I think I can ....I think I can...I think I can. Enough of the little engine that could - OK. I hope everyone makes smart choices and gets movin'


momof4 on 07/17/2002:
Hi - thanks for your comments. It is so nice to see comments when I check back! I am trying to be better -- like you -- I need at least 2 of me!! oh and -- yes you can - yes you can - yes you can!! by the way - I read a few of your last posts, and I am wondering what has happened with the friend of your that made you weak in the knees? Tell more- tell more!! I hope you have a great day - and keep up the great work!!!

Cinnamon on 07/17/2002:
Hey :o) Have you noticed that the more we exercise the more we want to keep on exercising? And unfortunately, the contrary is also true! Argh! I'm on the same boat as you, my friend! Plus my eating is not great and I have the lack of time factor... But, girlfriend, let's just do it! I promise to go to the gym today if you do... LOL (Now the ball is in your court! I can use you as an excuse if you turn me down! LOL) Let me know! LOL Mwah! Bella

inmorning on 07/17/2002:
You can do this. But I think you need to continue to post on here after you have reached your goal. You know, just to make sure you don't gain it back ;~)

Iti2 on 07/17/2002:
Hey! Get to they gym! I guarantee that once you do it for a week, it will become a lot easier! Take care of yourself and you CAN do it! HUGS!

yorkmi3 on 07/17/2002:
You're not alone in the unmotivated excerciser dept. I'm right there with you and reading some diaries has been inspiring. It's going to take some major effort on my part to get moving though. I have been off the wagon for far too long so I can relate. Hope you find your will and get going! I will try too. Sarah

Crittermama on 07/17/2002:
I KNOW you can!!

kyrin on 07/17/2002:
You're doing really well. Don't sweat the break. I hate to give into myself and take them. However, they usually turn out to be quite productive. When I return, I am charged up and ready to tackle the project anew.

6 weeks to goal? I'm cheering for you!


misha - Tuesday Jul 16, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 137.0

One moe pound gone hopefully forever. Yesterday was an extemely busy day at the office I am only approx. a week behind. No that anything is extremely difficult but the tasks are extremely time consuming. Now if I could just get two of me so one could work and the other relax and spend all the money. Now that would be the life. If only......Well seriously I hope you guys survived the infoamous monday and have a fabulous tuesday.

Remember small changes can have dramatic results


inmorning on 07/16/2002:
Good luck getting your work caught up. Thanks for you entry. I agree about the fasting being the reason for the depletion of energy, I guess I was just whining. Sometimes I use my diet diary just for clearing my mind.

misha - Monday Jul 15, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 138.0

Hi all well as usual the weekend is not a good time for me to be good. I guess the lack of structure really tends to meake me fall apart. If I am consistently busy and do not have time then miraculously then somehow I end up at the gym and eating correctly. But if I sleep in then hey I do not have to move and nothing seems to get done except stuffing my face. Thanks for all of your guys support and comments. I think my current boyfriend is awesome and is worth staving off a passing fancy - tempting though it may be. I guess I just needed some time to get a clear head.

My grandmother is doing fabulously. She can leave her wheelchair with assistance of one arm instead of two people having to place her in bed. She actually seems to be in better spirits - no longer the helplessness I used to see in her eyes, Now she tries to complete tasks on her own and no longer whines about the soup. I could not be more proud of her - now it will be a day by day struggle. But at least now she will be wanting to fight. We had a great conversation yesterday because I told her I went to church. Which is true. Her response was....perhaps now you will make better choices too. I pray for you every day. I am sure she does - All I could do was give her a big hug. Just thought I wuld keep you guys updated

Attack the day and conquer it!!!


BandMom on 07/15/2002:
Hi AN elephant ear is A biscut rolled thin and then fried and then sugar and cinimman put on it.Thank you for the comment. Hug and smiles. Bandmom

SoccerMom on 07/15/2002:
RUN from that temptation. If you're married, then you've taken a sacred vow. Think hard about it.

I'm so happy to hear that your grandmother is doing better.

Even happier to hear that you're looking to God for some answers...He will guide you, if you let Him.

Have a wonderful day!!

Cinnamon on 07/15/2002:
Hi sweetie, I'm so glad to hear about your grandma! Thank God she's getting better! :o)

Weekends are hard for me too - the funny part is that I have this "need" to be rewarded - I'm like: I was such a good girl during the week, I worked so hard, bla, bla, bla, and I convince myself to eat a piece of that chocolate cake and/or not go for that 2nd walk, etc... Terrible! Argh!

Anyway, my nickname... I just think the name is kinda cute (and I'm kinda cute LOL), and also when I was little my dad used to call me cinnamon because of my skin color (so it brings back sweet memories...) :o) And of course because (unlike the old one) it has no reference to my real name... LOL :o) Hope your day is going great! Mwah! Bella oops, Cinnamon LOL

misha - Friday Jul 12, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 138.0

Well as usual there is drama in my life. May be I tend to look for it I do not know. Remember my friend that was to arrive recently. Well he did and something unexpected happened. He actually made my knees go weak - totally unexpected and unwanted. You see I am currently in a three year relationship and quite happy so I thought. Now a friend that I have known forever is causing confusing emotions. What does he feel of course is the next question. He has always had an interest but I always stopped from persueing it. Right now I am just laying low until the dust settles from his arrival maybe then things will become clear.

Well on a less theatrical note..yesterday was good. I completed an hour of high impact aerobics and 15 minutes ab workout. Oh I can fit in a suit that did not fit me month ago. What a feeling of accomplishment I must say. Have a great day and keep moving


CharlieAngel on 07/12/2002:
Great Job!!! As for your personal dilemma, I think you are wise to just let things settle. This is just my personal feeling and you may not agree but I just don't believe in the excuse that people give for "cheating" on their signigicant others that "it just happened". Of course, you really need to search your heart to make sure that it just wasn't a momentary and fleeting feeling of attraction. Would you be willing to lose your friendship if you did become romantically involved and then it didn't work out. And biggest question, how would you feel if your significant other felt that same weak in the knees feeling for an old friend...and acted on it. Just a thought and totally not meant to be judgemental...it's just that I am so comitted to my marriage although have had moments of "attraction" to other men (and knew that it was a reciprical feeling) yet chose never to act on it! Instead, tried really hard to re-establish the sparks in my marriage. Good luck with whatever you decide. And btw, you are doing spectacularly on your new life style choices. Have a great weekend and hope things work out just perfectly for you! Love ya, Charlotte

Iti2 on 07/12/2002:
I totally understand about the friend thing. Stay calm though...those things can get dangerous. I would suggest letting the dust settle as you said and see how you feel later. If your feelings grow for your friend, then, well....ok, we'll cross that bridge when you get there! Hugs and congrats on your suit fitting you!

MichelleP on 07/12/2002:

Not to make light of your drama, but I understand, I am in love with Josey Scott. LOL He is the lead singer from a group called Salave (sp?). That is a safe one huh.. a famous rock star!

Sometime when you see old friends it can trigger feelings that make little or no sense at all. Your mind and body are going through major changes, be kind to yourself. I always tell my husband, I may be married but I am not dead! LOL It is okay to look, just make sure you know what you want before you order off the menu. LOL Now I am talking in circles, sure hope you understand what I am saying!

Hugs Have a great weekend!

chubbyknees on 07/13/2002:
hey! thanks so much for all the amazing comments you've made on my journal!!

about unexpected feelings - i can relate - and unfortunately, when it's a matter of battling against gut feelings - it's difficult to convince yourself otherwise.. but good luck with it!!

wooooo! *highfive* for the suit you can fit into!! you're doing really amazing!!

biscottibody59 on 07/13/2002:
Hey, thanks for all your fine comments! Hope things work out with your friend too!

Keep up the good work--it's always a shot in the arm when you can get into clothes that didn't fit awhile ago!

misha - Thursday Jul 11, 2002
(Reduced calorie intake and excercise)
Weight: 138.0

Well after a marathon 11 hour sleep last night. I finally feel half way normal. Today I am starting a new with the weightloss - after quite a few days of being off the wagon. Thank you all for your concern yesterday - it really means alot. Oh more good news my grandmother is able to get out of bed by herself and walk around with the assistance of a walker. Like her I need to take small porgressive steps to reach my goal. I hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday.


MichelleP on 07/11/2002:
Hi Michelle,

That is great news about your grandmother! Your body must have been trying to tell you to rest! Good luck with your small progressive steps, that is the best way to tackle this! Take care and have a great day!

Iti2 on 07/11/2002:
My marathon sleeps are 16 hours! I call them double shifts, LOL! I'm glad to see your grandmother is progressing and that so are you! Keep going, because we will reach our goals! By the way, how tall are you? Our goal seem to be the same but I'm only 5'0". Have a great day! (((HUGS)))

Iti2 on 07/11/2002:
My marathon sleeps are 16 hours! I call them double shifts, LOL! I'm glad to see your grandmother is progressing and that so are you! Keep going, because we will reach our goals! By the way, how tall are you? Our goal seem to be the same but I'm only 5'0". Have a great day! (((HUGS)))

inmorning on 07/11/2002:
I am glad to hear about your grandmom getting up. That will help so much with her healing process. Thanks for the lashes about the water. I knew I was supposed to be drinking and just didn't make myself. Thanks for all your input.

Beth200 on 07/12/2002:
Glad to hear your grandmother is doing better. I have had my share of marathon sleeps. I have slept up to 13 hours. When your body need the rest it will let you know. Good luck with your weight loss. Enjoy life and your family!!!

misha - Wednesday Jul 10, 2002

Weight: 138.0

Well I am down 1 more pound ...mostly from stress so it is not a good thing. I grabbed MCDONALDS on the way to work because I had not eaten in 24 hours. Not good I know but I can not seem to find the time. Wish me luck


kyrin on 07/10/2002:
Michelle...What are we going to do with you, gal? You need to eat at least every couple of hours. And drink your water too. You'll feel better--not quite so tired or stressed. Walking the stairs in your building will give you an energy boost.

Hope that you have a better day today.



MichelleP on 07/10/2002:

Way to go on your loss!!!!

The McDonalds company called they would like you to return the building! LOL oh you ment you got something to eat... lol sorry in weird mood today! Hon you need to eat, gives you energy. This heat is making it so noone really wants to eat! It is suppost to be better the next few days! Take care and have a wonderful day!

inmorning on 07/10/2002:
Woohoo on the one pound. Every bit helps. Next time try to eat little sooner. ;~)

BellaK on 07/10/2002:
Should I congratulate you on ur loss then??? LOL Good luck sweetie! :o) Bella

misha - Monday Jul 08, 2002

Weight: 139.0

I found a lovely dress last week - but I was horrible this past weekend. Between the beers and BBQs I do not want to even weigh myself - I may build up the courage later on in the week. I hope you all had a fabulous 4th I know that I did. Take care


MichelleP on 07/08/2002:

Beers and BBQ's yep that just about covers a good 4th! It's in the rule books that we have to enjoy the holidays! You will get back on track this week! Take care and have a wonderful day!!!

inmorning on 07/08/2002:
I am a strawberry daiquiri drinker myself but I totally understand. Have a good day.

misha - Wednesday Jul 03, 2002

Weight: 139.0

I am so excited today is the day before a four day week end. FOur whole days without having to go to work. WOO HOOO!!! Man I miss having summer vacation. I guess that is what I miss most about school. Yesterday was OK for eating but the work out was a little light. My father was not up to swimming for more than an hour. I have to admit he has been a good sport about it. Today I plan to bu a summer/spring dress. This kind of frightens me......Will they fit/look right. I have always worn pants to camoflague the lack of a waist but I decided that it is time to own a dress. Wish me luck

Have a fabulous 4th of July guys. Make good choices and keep moving


CUBFAN on 07/03/2002:
Always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I am sure that you will look Great! Never forget what you have set you mind to do and you will always achive that goal. Cubfan

momof4 on 07/03/2002:
Hi - thanks for your comments -- good job getting to the 130's! That is my dream goal - but I'll settle for the 140's!! I had fun shopping for a summer skirt! I finally felt a little bit like I looked ok in one!! Have fun and treat yourself!! HAve a relaxing 4th!

kyrin on 07/03/2002:
...And you'll look fabulous in it. Have fun on your shopping trip!


Iti2 on 07/03/2002:
Hi Michelle! You are doing great! Keep it up and you too have a wonderful 4th of July! Oh! And buy that summer dress girl! You desearve it and we all need a summer/spring dress just for kicks! I'm sure you're just being over-critical with the waste thing! Take care and a big hug your way. =)

MichelleP on 07/03/2002:
Hi Michelle,

Your entry today really got me thinking! I have this great summer dress that would look great on me for the 4th! I need to hem it up and take in a few tucks but I am worth it! I am more of a jeans and tee-shirt kinda gal! So won't everyone be surprised to see me in a dress!

You go get that dress YOU WILL LOOK GREAT!!! I understand the frighten part, but go get it!

Take care and have a great day! Hugs

Beth200 on 07/03/2002:
Good Luck on your clothes shopping. Have a great 4th of July!!!

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