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misha - Tuesday Jun 18, 2002

Weight: 143.0

HI all. I am so excited my father is being supportive of my healthly lifestyle changes. He has always been so admittly against my dieting. But now he says he sees me eating and excercising and can fully support that. My father bought us two 3 month passes to the local rec center to workout. Yesterday when I could not motivate myself to run. He actually dragged me to the gym. I could not believe it. Before he would have shoved a cheeseburger down my throat. It will help immensely to have someone else motivate me to excercise. Have a great day and stay motivated because this is the most difficult part.


BellaK on 06/18/2002:
Hi! It sure helps when you have someone who's helping, motivating and supporting you! It's so awesome that your dad bought you guys passes to the rec center! You guys will be exercising (which is VERY GOOD!) plus you'll have "quality time" with each other! How perfect is that? Have a wonderful day! :o) Bella

MichelleP on 06/18/2002:

Having a parents support is wonderful! WAY TO GO FOR YOUR DAD! Take care and have a wonderful day!

Crittermama on 06/18/2002:
How wonderful that your dad is helping you!! It is so much easier when you know you can count on someone to get you up and help you.

inmorning on 06/19/2002:
In answer to your question, yes I do get a but tired of soup, but I only have a few months until school starts back up and I don't have the option to eat as I am now so I am just trying to hold out this summer. Also, I get a variety of soups (or I try to) so that it isn't the same meal all the time. Also, I don't know if you were around when I announced this, but I got my tongue pierced so that I couldn't eat anything that needed chewed. I hope this answers your question. Good going on getting the support of your father. It is always nice to have support anywhere you can get it.

misha - Monday Jun 17, 2002

Weight: 143.0

I really appreciate all of your support at e diets and I have already begun my progression down weightloss. Although the consumption of 64 ounces a day of water is still a goal. This weekend was a little difficult - all the cookouts for father's day. Those steaks and hamburgers are to hard to pass up. Especially my father's rice burgers. I know it sounds gross but they are actually wonderful. So as penance I swam for an hour in addition to my run. I know that I did not burn all the calories I consumed but it made me feel better. The miraculous thing was I lost 2 pounds even though I believed I behaved so badly. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

renea on 06/17/2002:
The vinegar pills had me dehydrated when I took two of them before each meal. So be careful if you do take them. I actually swelled from them. But now, after agravation, I learned that if you take just one before breakfast and lunch it does the job. What happens is, or so I'm told, the vinegar slows the rate sugar is absorbed into your blood, therefore causing you to not be hungry, because your brain is still getting food. That's what I'm told anyway. Thank you for responding to my entry. It means alot to know that I have others reading my entries. Gives me more reasons to stay focused! Thank you!


pastagal on 06/17/2002:
Congrats on you 2 lb loss,that is great,keep it up and have a wonderful day ok;}}

Crittermama on 06/17/2002:
Congratulations on your loss!! Great job! You wouldn't believe the amount of healthy food you can consume and still lose.

MichelleP on 06/17/2002:
Way to go on your loss! Have a great day!

misha - Friday Jun 14, 2002

Weight: 145.0

Well today is my first day at diet diaries...Although I have been reading some journals for a few days. I am on a mission to lose 15 pounds by the end of the summer. You see my best friend is getting married and I want to be presentable. I know this is a pretty vain reason but I am sure that see will pull these pictures out in the years to come and I will be forced to look at myself. I am currently trying to limit my intake to approx. 1000-1500 a day. This is not a problem. I have the hardest time eating 5 times a day and ocnsuming enough water. Diet coke seems to be running thriugh my veins. A year ago when I gave up reg cokes I believed that it was a big accomplishment and llost 10 pounds without even trying. But now I see how the caffiene is affecting my cardio workouts. To run three miles a day is killing me. So perhaps my first goal will be to cut the soda entirely and up my excerise capability. If I can run 4 miles in 1-2 more weeks without extreme difficulty I will be a happy camper.

CharlieAngel on 06/14/2002:
Welcome to the diaries. Probably a good idea to cut out the sodas....besides all the caffeine, the sodium makes you retain water! (I know this because my son is a diet Coke addict). Sounds like your plan is a sound one. I might suggest some strength training...building muscle burns fat! I know that you can do this...just remember that you need to do it for yourself and not for any other reason. Stay strong! Drink lots of water to flush your system and eat at least 5-6 servings of fruit and veggies a day...all that wonderful fiber is great for you and really helps with the 5 small meals...I snack on carrots all day....keep a fruit basket on my desk and a liter of water that I sip from every time I look that way...

Have a great weekend and once again...welcome! Charlotte

Crittermama on 06/14/2002:
Welcome. Only 15 pounds. I think if you were able to lose 10 just by giving up regular coke then you shouldn't have a problem losing weight by giving up soda entirely, not that the eating right and exercising will be bad or anything. It will certainly help you lose faster and make you healthier also. Water is the best thing to drink and very important. Good luck and know that we are here for you!

BellaK on 06/14/2002:
Welcome to DD! Hey my biggest motivation to lose weight is, I have to admit, the way I look (or that I want to look!) - my health and energy level are bonuses! Good luck! :o) Bella

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