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monet0239 - Friday Jan 04, 2008
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

why is it so hard for me to get back in here..

I started back low carbing on the 2nd,, I have done well.. :)..first day I was kinda depressed and sluggish... 2nd day I had a head ache...today is great.. !!..but when you get that sugar out of your body, after the first few days.. you have lots of energy,, and you don't need that sugar for a pick me up.. yaya..

Christmas was great.. New years eve,, was good.. just stayed home with the kiddos and played games.. :).. rang in the new year.. watched the ball drop.. then went to bed..lol..

my first mini goal is going to be 50 pounds in 5 months.. or close to it.. I will be 40 in May..ugh.. so we have to do SOMETHING..lol..

ok I need to go.. I am at work.. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,,, 2008 is gonna be GREAT!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/04/2008:
i don't buy sugar free jellos often, bc they are expensive. but, if eaten slowly, they definitely fill you up...even one package of 6 is probably enough! lol.

CritterMom on 01/04/2008:
My favorite low carb snack (when I did Atkins years ago) was a diet rootbeer, with a tablespoon of cream in it, over ice. Tasted just like a rootbeer float.

(These days, I try to stay away from cream, though.)

hollybelle on 01/04/2008:
I'll bet I have a headache because of cutting out all the sugar.....makes sense. Glad you to see you back.

greengirl on 01/04/2008:
Come on Monet, your special birthday is a great incentive. Do your best !!! :o)

workingit2 on 01/04/2008:
Happy New Year! Time to celebrate by getting back to the self you enjoy! I am so glad to read that there are going to be a lot of us turning 40 this year! How very cool!

biscottibody59 on 01/05/2008:
Glad to see you getting back into it--I wish you all the best this year--Happy New Year!

You can do it--none of it is easy, but if you have a bad/stressful day, do your best to get back right away! Have a good one!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/05/2008:
monet...we miss you! It is ALWAYS hard to get back because you know what it takes but you still have to make a committment with yourself to act on it! Remember, a mini goal is mini!!!! Does 50 lbs make you nervous or edgy? You don't have to work towards huge goals right off the bat. If I did that, I would NEVER be able to succeed. However, for you, 50 might be a good number. I was just talking about my own opinions.

CharlieAngel on 01/05/2008:
I just came back myself and I do know how hard it is to get in the swing of things again. btw, I am turning 50 in June and want to drop 60 pounds by then. We can do this! Take care and have a blessed day!

workingit2 on 01/31/2008:
Just stopping by to say hello! Was thinking about you today! Hope all is well!

maria777 on 02/10/2008:
So where are you? You are missed!

maria777 on 04/04/2008:
Lisa, please come back! You are VERY MISSED! Hope you and your family are doing okay!

monet0239 - Monday Dec 17, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Hello all.. The office party was great.. :).. good food.. good conversation.. and a great bonus for me and dh.. :).. sure helps with Christmas.. :)..

we had a winter storm this past weekend.. all the mess is cleaned up now.. yay.. I feel for those who got all that ice :(.. my God watch over them ..

I hope everyone is having a great day.. :).. love and hugs to all..

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/17/2007:
Good Luck to your son at his concert!!! I hope it is fabulous! :)

I'm glad you are happy with your bonus! :)

workingit2 on 12/17/2007:
Glad you had a great party and that you were again afforded a nice bonus! We got caught with that storm as well, what a big one! Take care!

hollybelle on 12/18/2007:
YAY for bonus! Hope rest of week is great for you!

fritters on 12/18/2007:
Happy shopping (or saving) with that bonus!

maria777 on 12/20/2007:
Glad to hear all's going well with you and your family! Merry Christmas to you all!

monet0239 - Tuesday Dec 11, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Hello.. just wanted to check in..Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving..:) we did..:)

now we all getting ready for Christmas.. having our Office party tonight..fun fun..

keep up the great work people.. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/12/2007:
I hope you have a great time at your office party! My Thanksgiving was indeed very good! :)

monet0239 - Monday Nov 12, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Hello all :).. ok I just may have a few minutes before dh gets in here..lol

all is well.. family is great.. food in take.. well, not so great..

I think I am just bying time until the Holidays are over.. but I will check in every now and again.

work is good.. some slow days.. some busy day.. but good none the less.. :)..

I wish you all the very best and you will remain in my prayers.. :)..

be strong people.. :)..hugs

workingit2 on 11/14/2007:
Take care of yourself!

monet0239 - Tuesday Nov 06, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Thanks everyone.. your all so sweet...

well, I was going to make an entry.. but now my hubby has came to bed EARLY.. so I have to go.. so.. to be continued..lol..

have a great Wednesday, me~

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/08/2007:
ooooh...bedtime looks exciting! haha!

nice to see you!!! keep up the good work!!!

fritters on 11/08/2007:
I would put my combuter away too!!!!

monet0239 - Saturday Nov 03, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Hello all.. I am at work.. just wnated to check in.. Hall o ween was fun.. lots of good exercise.. hehe.. food.. still not wonderful.. pray please..

I hope everyone is well.. hugs

fritters on 11/03/2007:
Okay, I said a quick one for you. You really can do this - all of us can if we just make our minds up that we can. Think positive, pray, blog do what ever it takes!!

mylifechanges on 11/04/2007:
i agree with fritters. prayer has been such an important part of my weight loss journey. If I didn't pray each time before I opened my mouth, God knows how uncontrollable I'd be! You CAN do it!! Your body is capable of it, so what else can hold you back? Train your mind first- if you believe it, can visualize it, and set your mind on it- YOU CAN DO IT!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/05/2007:
yay! glad you had a good halloween.

maria777 on 11/05/2007:
Come on now...you can do it! You worked hard to get to where you were...remember? I've gained, too. Hope you and yours have a nice evening!

monet0239 - Tuesday Oct 30, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

hello all.. thanks for the comments..:) Maria.. she is a girl.. weiner dog.. daschund.. I think that's how you spell it..lol.. she is so sweet.. well I don't have time to say anything.. its now time to go.. someone came in to make a payment and took up my time.. grr..lol..

anyway.. I hope your all doing well.. hugs

fritters on 10/31/2007:

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/02/2007:
i hope you have more time this weekend!!! i know how you feel! :)

monet0239 - Friday Oct 19, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Just thought I would show you my cutie puppy.. oh and Kayden too hehe..

Thanks to thous of you who posted :).. My son is working tonight.. so yay I get the computer.. :).. Did I mention that my office got a new make over..?.. well , they redid the whole garage.. I work at a Used Car lot.. and we where working out of a small 3 room building.. well, they redid the garage and made it so pretty.. I just love it !!

I am going to start to watch my eating again on Monday.. I hope to be able to get in here more.. HOPE is the key word.. :)..

For now, I am going to run my virus scan on this thing and defrag.. just to check things out.. :).. I hope you all have a great weekend.. love and hugss

FRITTERS on 10/19/2007:
I don't know which is cuiter - the dog or the boy!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/20/2007:
Fritters wrote the perfect comment!!! I'm glad you like your new office! It's always good when you like where you work!

maria777 on 10/20/2007:
What an adorable puppy! Gotta love him..or her? What kind of dog is it? It sure is cute!

Tell Kayden hello! Where's a photo of his mom?

Happy for you about your office makeover! That sounds real nice! I had my own office at the last job I worked, too. I had it decorated with Bible verses on typing paper hanging on the wall that I made with colors on the computer.

Glad to hear you're going to be coming back more often (Ain't I one to say that? Hehehe!)

monet0239 - Sunday Oct 14, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Hello all.. just dropping in for a quick update.. Life can be so busy.. and now we have a new puppy.. she is 9 weeks old today.. a mini daschund .. her name is Angel.. she is a lot of work..lol.. just like a baby..lol..

anyway.. not doing good on the nutrition..:(.. but still working on it. I hope your all doing way better then I am..

my son has this gf now.. don't remember if I told you about her.. but its a long distance relationship.. and he is on the computer or phone all the time.. uug.. seems the only time I get to get on a computer is a work..when its not busy of course..lol.. He is at Church now.. so I thought I would check in.. we are going to my dads here in a bit.. so I need to get off here and get ready.. I think of some of you often.. and hope your all doing well.. :)..


Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/14/2007:
congrats on the new puppy. you know, Angel sounds like a really sweet name, and sorta atypical for a doggie. I like it very much.

in terms of nutrition, maybe joining a support group will help.

we're here for you now and always.

congrats to your son and his gf!

workingit2 on 10/14/2007:
Congrats on the puppy, seems a lot of folks are getting new pets lately. Have a great day!

maria777 on 10/16/2007:
Well hello there to you! Good to see an entry from ya! Glad y'all are doing real well!

monet0239 - Wednesday Aug 29, 2007
(Watching Carbs and IT'S WORKIN :))
Weight: 0.0

Thank you to those who came to visit :)..

just wanted to post my menu..

B.. 3 freid eggs..

L.. mini meat balls.. (pre made kind).. and broccoli.. kinda stir fried them.

D..meat load balls..( hamb..onions.. kethcup..green peppers.. parm cheese..).. and some brussels sprouts..

water .. not much and iced tea with splenda.. :)..

thats it.. energy is getting up there.. I love it.. when you cleans your body form sugar.. wow.. the energy soars.. !!!

take care all..hugs

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/30/2007:
LOVING all the vegetables...overall nicely done! nice to see you here!

oh...and i'm feeling the effects of my own body cleansing itself from sugar as well. yesterday was good...but i didn't felt the shakes a few times!

greengirl on 08/30/2007:
Keep up the good work :o)

Workingit2 on 08/30/2007:
YAY! Way to go!

sweetpea1977 on 09/18/2007:
Hey Monet,

I hope all is well. Give us an update whenever you get a chance!


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