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museumgirl - Thursday Nov 13, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 169.8

 Progress!!! I met a goal!!!! Ok, I just baaaaaarely made it, but I`m counting it!

Also, making progress on the blood pressure at long last. I think I had been slacking on my walking the last couple of weeks .Then I was reminded that I need to treat my walking like a drug for my bp - I can either get my sorry butt up and walking 30 minutes a day, or I can take that hateful medication......well! A couple days of re-committing to the exercise, and I actually got a good reading in the MORNING, which never happens. 124/78. Not perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction. 

Today is my parents 49th weddiing anniversary. Unfortunately mom is still in the hospital :( Hopefully she comes home tomorrow.

Food for today:

Breakfast - the usual - oatmeal w/walnuts, mixed fruit, herbal tea: ~310

lunch: pinto beans (150) with salsa (50) and brown rice cakes (55) cup of decaf with cream (45) total: 300

dinner: tofu stirfry with mushrooms, zucchini, cabbage and eggplant, maybe peppers, too. Mine is usually a little bland since I can't have much soy sauce, but its still good with all those veggies. I don't eat much tofu, either, but ocassionally its a nice change.calories, about 375

snack: brown rice cakes (110)

total: ~1050-1100 so far

Today will be cleaning this dirty, dirty house, and picking up tickets for "A Christmas Carol." We're going to see the play next month with some friends, can't wait!

Looking at my house, I think I have conquered a good portion of my perfectionism, lol. This place is in serious need of cleaning and its really not stressing me out much at all. I'm not sure that is progress or not. ;)

Have a great day, everyone!!

Progress as of today: 34.2 lbs lost so far, only 39.8 lbs to go!

Jezebel on 11/13/2014:
Big congrats on the weight loss and making it into the 160s.

museumgirl on 11/13/2014:
thank you! It has been a loooong time since I was here :)

skinnygrlwithin on 11/13/2014:
That's so awesome!! Congrats on your weight goal as well as seeing a lower bp!!

puddles on 11/13/2014:
Congrats on getting to 160s plus your BP. Have a great day.

biscottibody59 on 11/13/2014:
What an all-around HEALTHY entry!

All credit to you for your efforts--congrats on those successes!

museumgirl - Wednesday Nov 12, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 170.6

Wednesday already! I didn't get a walk in yesterday, weather was nasty by the time I finished errands after work. I did go for a walk this morning, though, and I'll hopefully go after work or after dinner. (Today is my "longer" day at work). I know I can't make up today for missing yesterday, but I am walking for the bp health, so I just need to keep at it.

My weight has been rather stalled for the month of November, but I'm not surprised. It's just a plateau. Increasing my walking again, and sticking with my low calories, I know it will start moving again. I am still on target to reach my goal of being under 170 by thanksgiving, or at least darn close, so I am not worried. I did get a rather slinky dress for NYE, so I do hope I continue to lose toward my goal of 160 by then. The dress is fine now, but will look better in 10 pounds :)

We're doing Thanksgiving dinner at our house, but the "kids" are going to her mom's, so it will be just 5 of us - husband's brother's family. I may just do the traditional turkey thing, with lots of sides I can eat, pumpkin pie and maybe even crustless pumpkin custard "tarts" for me. I will have a dab of my homemade whipped cream, it's too good to pass up. I'll make sure I have a good "deficit" the day before so I can enjoy that!

Breakfast; oatmeal w/walnuts, berries, decaf w/cream:  320

lunch: piece of Ezekiel bread w/natural peanut butter, leftover zucchini and leftover salad : ~420

dinner: 3oz piece of baked orange roughy,(150, w/olive oil & a little parmesan cheese) brussels sprouts (125), acorn squash (65)   carrots (50): 325

snack: apple (80)

total before snack: 1145

My mom was doing better last night - thank you everyone for prayers and thoughts. We think she may go home on Friday :)

Have a healthy day, everyone, and enjoy the fall weather (or winter, depending on where you live!!)

Progress as of today: 33.4 lbs lost so far, only 40.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/12/2014:
Your so very close to your Thanksgiving goal. Keep up the good job. Glad to hear your Mom is doing good.

biscottibody59 on 11/12/2014:
Hope you get to walk!

We got slammed with HIGHLY unseasonably cold temps that will apparently stick around for a couple of weeks (give or take). I don't care for it--AT ALL:-)

Jezebel on 11/12/2014:
I like your calm acceptance and confidence in knowing that if you do the same thing you've been doing, you'll get your results. Glad to read your mom is going home soon.

thinkpositive on 11/12/2014:
You are doing great !

museumgirl - Tuesday Nov 11, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 170.6

I did get a walk in yesterday - yaay for first day progress. It was about 25-30 minutes. I will be able to go again after work today after I run a couple of errands, too. BP was good last night but not so good this morning. Patience.....

Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen in a robe and my husband said, "you have collar bones!" Of course I do, I'd collapse if I didn't! But he can see them now. I don't know why that was so remarkable, but at least I think it means progress! I haven't lost a lot of pounds lately, but my clothes seem to keep getting looser, so things are definitely "shifting around." I'll take measurements on the 15th and compare to last month, although I don't expect to see a lot of changes. I am still losing according to my goals I set :)

Not going to plan my food today, since that doesn't seem to work when I don't have in the fridge what I think I have. I do know breakfast and dinner:

Breakfast: oatmeal, walnuts, decaf with cream: ~300

lunch:remainder of the quinoa polenta (150) rutabaga slices (145) 295

dinner: fish (200), probably pan seared, zucchini, sauteed (125), and maybe a tossed salad 150. Total: .475

daily estimate: 1070 not including a snack, if desired :)

No updates on my mom, I will call her later today.

Have a great day everyone, hope we all make progress toward our goals today.



Progress as of today: 33.4 lbs lost so far, only 40.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/11/2014:
Congrats on your walk - hope you have a great day.

Jezebel on 11/11/2014:
Congrats on the collar bone reveal. :)

OhioRaven on 11/11/2014:
Good going on the weight loss, Boney.

thinkpositive on 11/11/2014:
Nice to have your husband notice the changes.

museumgirl - Monday Nov 10, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 170.6

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a good day. I am still totally committed to this eating plan, and read a few more articles to bolster my resolve. I know I am doing the right thing for the blood pressure, etc., and it will show improvement. Body weight really is a factor, so I need to stick with this. Also reconfirmed that, for me and many others, wheat is a problem, so I am wise staying away from that along with all other processed foods. I told my husband this morning that I plan to stick with the pescetarian diet long term. I still cook him meat, and it now seems shocking to me how much meat he eats at the exclusion of other foods. But I can't make those changes unless/until he wants to.  So we are basically cooking separate meals several days a week, except for days I do fish or something else he will enjoy. At least he is planning his own meat meals now. 

I know another couple that does this - he is vegan and she is not, and they cook their own meals except the days she does a vegan menu. I guess it can work. But I feel better on this plan, and it is way easier to keep low calorie, for me at least, when I eliminate bread, etc. I do need to make sure I stay away from regular pasta. I've had it a couple times, but I will go back to my brown rice when I feel the need for spaghetti, etc. I find I like quinoa quite well, and it is a good meat substitute, as well as a complete protein. 

Enough of that. I just needed to get it down in writing to reaffirm my commitment. Three months in, I guess I was getting a little sidetracked. I need to get more walking in, that will be my next goal. It really makes a difference in blood pressure. :)

Breakfast: oatmeal, walnuts, decaf coffee w/cream: (280)

lunch: beans (150) salsa (45) 1/2 avocado (150) Out of avocados! cherry tomatoes (60) total: 255

dinner: quinoa polenta (160); eggplant (40), sweet potato (112), tablespoon olive oil (120) total:  432

snack: yogurt with 1/8 cup sliced almonds (175) nope, out of that, too. Had more beans/tomatoes and salsa: 175

daily total: ~1142

Oh, and I talked with my mom yesterday again, she sounded much better. Thank you for your encouragement, everyone.

Have a good Monday, everybody.

Progress as of today: 33.4 lbs lost so far, only 40.6 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 11/10/2014:
I am so proud of you and this post! You've made some huge commitments and also took some really important steps... i.e. like having your husband cook his own meals. That's really something to be proud of!

I've been eating almost completely unprocessed now since May... I have had my cheat days and slip ups but for the most part I've done really good. If you need some extra inspiration for this path read the book "The Science of Skinny" ... it completely changed my whole view of food. Also, for some good food recipes I look a lot to mynewroots.org and 100daysofrealfood.com Both are great resources, and everything I've made has been quite delicious. Also, if you ever need a recipe, if you're craving bread perhaps... let me know. I don't eat any processed flour, but I do eat unprocessed whole wheat and other grains. I'm very passionate about this topic so if you ever want to talk further let me know! Also... I post recipes on occasion (when they come out good haha) on a facebook group page I created! https://www.facebook.com/myhealthytravels?ref=hl

museumgirl on 11/10/2014:
yes, I will check out the book and the FB page. I'm enjoying the wheat/processed/sugar free diet, its not that difficult I find. I don't eat flour, either, but I will eat sprouted grain bread very, very rarely. We'll have to talk more.

puddles on 11/10/2014:
Great for you. Have a good day.

liza36 on 11/10/2014:
Glad you are doing well. Keep it up.

biscottibody59 on 11/10/2014:
Sounds like you're on top of it all!

thinkpositive on 11/10/2014:
I do believe in your eating plan. I think it makes sense , its healthy and will bring results. I'm working toward it . Also am a fan of Dr. Weil.

museumgirl - Sunday Nov 09, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 170.6

Happy Sunday! Off to work in a couple of hours, then a quick stop by the grocery store for critical supplies - we've run out of olive oil entirely, and only have a little coconut and grapeseed left! Also no eggs for mr husband's breakfast this week! Tragedy! :)

Breakfast: Sunday is different - 2 eggs, scrambled, w/chives and feta and hot sauce; coffee (decaf) w/cream: ~275

I got a new coffee called Detroit Bold, from the craft market yesterday, enjoying that.

lunch: broccoli cheese soup (320)

dinner: roasted cauliflower (250), quinoa polenta (160), with beans and some salsa (180) total: 590

snack: apple (80)

total: ~1265 for the day

Still working at my bead knitting, it is a fun project. 

My mom was doing better last night, she was able to get up and walk around some. They will keep her over the weekend, and hopefully they won't have to do another surgery, if they can get everything stabilized.

Have a great Sunday, everyone, enjoy the day. 

Progress as of today: 33.4 lbs lost so far, only 40.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/09/2014:
Happy Sunday to you also. Glad to hear your Mom is up. Have a great day. Congrats on your loss in weight.

museumgirl on 11/09/2014:

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/09/2014:
roasted cauliflower sounds so good! and so healthy!!

thinkpositive on 11/09/2014:
You are doing great. Nice selection of food. Glad your mother is doing better.

museumgirl - Saturday Nov 08, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

 Rainy Saturday, but at least it is Saturday!

Some setbacks for my mom, she'll be in the hospital a few extra days. I did get to talk with her on the phone, and then ordered some flowers to cheer up her room. We hope this is very temporary and she can come home soon. 

Looking at a relaxing day today, perhaps a couple of small errands. Otherwise, just a much needed day off with laundry, etc.

Breakfast: oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries, decaff coffee with cream: 310

lunch: apple, cheese and walnuts: 350

snack: none

dinner: pan seared tuna with rice noodles, zucchini and ****ake mushrooms and peanut sauce: ~550

and perhaps tonight a cocktail, if I have the calories available :)

total: 1210, without the cocktail (150)

Have a good day everyone. Thank you for the encouragement on my blood pressure and good thoughts and prayers for my mom.

Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/08/2014:
Wishing you all the best.

biscottibody59 on 11/08/2014:
Enjoy your afternoon!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/09/2014:
lol I love how DD has banned you from writing sh*take mushrooms! haha.

I hope all goes well with your mom and that she is allowed to come home soon too...

great calories, and I LOVE your breakfast. it sounds so good. Today I have to go to a brunch and the menu is horrible. everything is high calorie and fat. not really that excited and I'm planning to go through the menu again and know what I'm ordering before going to the restaurant. too much eating out this weekend!

museumgirl on 11/09/2014:
I did'nt notice that! Reminds me of the time I tried to post a link to an article about the history of Sp*c and Span cleanser! Enjoy the brunch - I can usually find something I can eat, like oatmeal and fruit...maybe a scrambled egg :)

museumgirl - Friday Nov 07, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

So yesterday's dinner was just weird snacky-stuff. I had a bowl of fruit with yogurt for my snack, then I had natural peanut butter and more yogurt for dinner, and I splurged and put honey on it. I was just craving yogurt, I guess. Also ate the "butt" of the new loaf of Breadsmith bread  - a no-no, but it was tiny and sooo tasty.  Scale is still moving down, so I don't think it did any damage, and the day was still about 1200 calories.

Working on relaxing. It is a very difficult thing for me, but I am trying not to worry about things and keep my mind more calm. BP has actually been down a tiny bit the last 2 readings...in the low 130s over 70s/low 80s, which is inching toward where I was on the meds. (118/75 is where I want it, ultimately). So I am following pretty much everyone's advice on here....relaxation, mindfulness (which is really hard! :) garlic, supplements, water.....etc. I haven't got enough exercise the past week, either, since our weather has been crappy whenever I have had the time to walk. But I haven't been a couch tater, either :)

Taking Laney Louise (cat) for a vet re-check this morning, then this evening we go see my niece who is a playing with the DSO as part of a student orchestra program. She is 15, and a very talented and hard-working girl. Pretty exciting for her, and we're proud of her, too.

We have about 3 weeks until Thanksgiving, and I am pretty sure I set myself a goal for that day. I'll need to go back and check. I am only 1.5 pounds away from my first goal - to be under 170, and that actually makes me feel pretty great. I had a couple of down days, but my attitude is back in check and I am ready to continue. Only four weeks to the Christmas party and I want to look great that night. :)

Today's food: Breakfast: oatmeal w/walnuts; decaff coffee w/cream ahhhhhh : ~300

lunch: black beans with salsa, 1/2 avocado: 265

snack: yogurt with berries - 250

dinner: roasted cauliflower, rest of the black beans? : 300 NOPE  - went out with family instead and had japanese soup and salad. I guess about 450 calories.

daily total: ~1265

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/07/2014:
Congrats every part of a loss is good. Your goal is close. Have a great day.

skinnygrlwithin on 11/07/2014:
You're doing such a great job...and I'm glad that your bp is starting to come down on it's own without meds. Your body is slowly healing itself... keep up the great work!

biscottibody59 on 11/07/2014:
RYC: Thanks!

You've made great progress, so keep to your plan and tweak it when necessary!

museumgirl - Thursday Nov 06, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

Yesterdays dinner was baked cod and spaghetti squash, so the total for the day was about 1100

Today is a good day. I had a very early meeting this morning, so breakfast was late, and I have a hair appt at noon. Its a little gloomy outside today, but a good day for errands. I will stop by the grocery store after my hair appt, and get something for dinner, but not sure what yet. Husband is rebelling a bit on all the vegetarian and fish dinners, so I need to get something special for him. (Although he gets plenty of meat in his lunches. I think he's just being contrary.)

Update on my mom - the scan showed some kind of "shadow" so it may not be a mass. She's doing really well, and will follow up with that in a couple of weeks, so at this point she is not too concerned. It appears it is likely a separate "cancer" if at all. Not good, but not the worst it could be. We will see.

Thank you everyone for all the kind words of encouragement and prayers and good vibes sent our way. :)

I am very frustrated with my blood pressure, and working on ways to relax and practice "mindfulness" as much as I can. It will take a while. I'm going back to my decaff coffee tomorrow. The herbal tea didn't seem to make a bit of difference, so I am just sticking with the plan and hoping it will eventually go down. I don't know what else I can do. Maybe I am one of those people who will always need meds? Grr. I have been off them for a week and a half and don't relish going back on them. Especially since my health insurance is going to royally suck in the new year, and I won't be able to afford all the tests, meds, dr visits, etc., anymore that I was able to get in years past. 

Breakfast: oatmeal with walnuts: 235-250

lunch: baked cod and spaghetti squash, ounce of cheese: 255


Have a good day everybody! 

Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/06/2014:
Worrying accomplishes nothing except raising your BP. Every time you go into the worry mode you should find yourself a phrase to repeat like "let go let god". Take yourself out of the drivers seat. It is not as if you are not doing everything you can but worrying is working against you. Have a good day.

museumgirl on 11/06/2014:
You are so right. It is hard not to get into "worry mode" though. I will try! :)

museumgirl - Wednesday Nov 05, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

So yesterday I did well until I hit a stressul patch and ate too many chocolate triangles. Added about 200 calories, so I was still around 1400 - enough not to gain, but not lose like I want to. Scale was down a bit this morning, almost to the posted weight above, so I am getting back on track. I don't count a slight variation in the scale as a gain until it shows a trend of more than a couple days. Then I know I am gaining! So I am still on track.

Today being Wednesday, I'll take another picture in the full-length mirror, just for comparison. I really don't see a lot of difference week to week, or even over a month, except in my face. I am starting to look more like my parents, and a lot older too as I lose face "fluff." Oh well. Inevitable I guess.

Speaking of them, my mom is recovering from her cancer surgery, but now we learned she has a "mass" on her breast that might be cancer, too. This poor woman has been through so much, and she isn't even 68 yet. I just hope it is a separate cancer from the radiation treatments, and not a metastasis from the lung cancer. 

Anyway, I can't fix anything, so I am sticking to the plan and trying to enjoy the days. it is pretty here today, sunny and cold. Saw my granddaughter last night for a few minutes, and I'll see her Friday, too. She's walking all over the place now!

Breakfast: oatmeal, walnuts, black decaf coffee: 235

lunch: black beans w/salsa, avocado: 310

dinner: tbd - I have no idea yet!

Have a great day everyone!

Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/05/2014:
Sorry to hear about your Mom. Will keep her in my prayers. It is stressful time for you so being a little bit aware of this will help you keep yourself on the safe side of food. Hope you can enjoy your day.

museumgirl on 11/05/2014:
Thank you so much :) I will enjoy the day, there is nothing I can do to help now, she lives in another state. At least she has my dad :)

OhioRaven on 11/05/2014:
Praying for Mom and the family.

skinnygrlwithin on 11/05/2014:
I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I can only imagine how hard that is. I'll send my positive vibes your way.

As for the weight loss comparison... I only try to get on the scale and take measurements once a month... I think otherwise I'd drive myself nuts seeing the constant and normal fluctuation in my weight and measurements.

thinkpositive on 11/05/2014:
Don't get discouraged about a little variation. Sorry to read about your mother and hard when she doesn't live close.

biscottibody59 on 11/05/2014:
Hang in there!

museumgirl - Tuesday Nov 04, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

Breakast: oatmeal w/walnuts, cantaloupe: 300

lunch: sweet potato, small tomato, black beans, salsa, sauteed and with avocado on top:  ~485

dinner: brown rice spaghetti with tomato sauce & parmesan: 310; salad: 65

total: 1160

may possibly add a snack of TJs chocolate wedge, which would be another 45 calories.

My mom had cancer surgery yestereday, had part of her lung removed. She had a stroke almost 2 years ago, so I hope this doesn't set her back too far. She was a very healthy woman, never a smoker. We are hoping for the best now :) But it has made for a bit of a stressful couple of days. 

Otherwise, all is well in this corner of the world. Hope everyone had a good day 


Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

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