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museumgirl - Monday Nov 03, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

Scale bobbed up a pound, but I'm attributing it to water. Why do i retain so much? Calories were low and all healthy yesterday except for 2/3 of a pita bread at lunch.

Sticking with the herbal tea another week. Nothing I am doing seems to make one bit of difference in the blood pressure and I am actually pretty disgusted. Is it possible that nothing ever WILL work? Are there people that have to take that horrible medicine no matter what they do? That is what I am afraid of, and it makes me anxious, which of course do NOT help the bp...argh. 

Breakfast: oatmeal with walnuts, herbal tea, and some cantaloupe : ~260

lunch: ??? tbd

dinner: I will probably make the spinach/mushrooms poached egg dish again. It was super easy and really delicious/filling.  Husband made beef stock and wants French onion soup made with it, but for some reason meat just turns me off right now, so I'll make it for him, and he also made himself some steak dish thing. He's getting better at making his own meat dishes, but he's not getting enough veggies. It's like, the healthier I eat, the worse he wants to eat, like he is trying to keep the universe balanced or something. he's been in good health, but he's overweight and I worry about the way he is eating now. But I can't preach or lecture him, only try and cook things he will eat that are healthier. It is frustrating. 

Guess I'm just frustrated and grouchy today. its Monday after all. Oh well, I'll get over it. 

Sorry to be a downer. I hope everyone is having a good day. Looks ike it will be sunny here, I love pretty fall days. 


Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/03/2014:
just keep doing what you are doing and once you get closer to your goal weigh it might just all fall into place. Have a great day.

OhioRaven on 11/03/2014:
Try to have a Grouch-Free day today.

museumgirl on 11/03/2014:
Actually ended up having a great day. I am just not very patient with myself :)

skinnygrlwithin on 11/03/2014:
Everybody has these days... sometimes you just have to let your emotions run their course.

As for the bp issue... how long has it been since you've changed your lifestyle? I understand the frustration because I wouldn't want to go on or stay on meds either... but you just have to give your body time.

museumgirl on 11/03/2014:
I changed diet, etc beginning of august. typically they say to lose 10% of your body weight...I've lost more than that. I was able to quit one med, and I cut the other in half. Now I've stopped taking it all together because of the side effects and trying to do this with diet, exercise, weight loss and supplements. Yes, I am frustrated and also not very patient!I would be better if I knew that eventually it would work.

museumgirl - Sunday Nov 02, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

Didn't eat as planned originally, but all my splurges were planned during the day...we were both really craving pizza, so we got a small, thinnish crust one from the place that does more gourmet-type pizzas. I had mushrooms and spinach on mine, so that's healthy right? lol.

Anyway, holding a little "water" from the restaurant food, but I have learned that when I really want something like that, I should have it and then move on. So we did, and I regret nothing. :) It will be easier to stick to the plan today. Actually, having pizza isn't exactly off the plan, it is just to be infrequent, which it is. I have to remember this is a lifestyle change, a forever way of eating, so pizza, cake, treats, have to figure in as ocassional things, and not like daily things as before that got me so unhealthy.

I am happy with my progress. I know I won't continue to lose at this rate, but I figure every pound off is a step closer to healthy, so when it slows down eventually, I will be that much closer to my goal. 

I've started working on my crafts again, which I haven't had much interest in for a long time. maybe I am finally through the last few years of depression that I struggled with so much. I attribute it to my perseverence, and mostly to my counselor. Seriously, I never "believed" in counseling; now I think everyone could benefit from it, it has helped me to get back my life and my sense of who I am and what I want to do with my life. 

Anyway, I've started a cool bead knitting project, making a beaded purse, which is a new craft for me. We also unearthed my old Glimakra 4-shaft loom and set it up in the spare bedroom. I love weaving and haven't done it in probably five years. I am also "tarting up" a little wooden birdhouse my husband made from scraps of our new fence. I'm going to make it Christmas-y and use it on the front porch.  I also made myself a little board to hold & display my broaches, Just fun little projects, but it is nice to want to do these things again.

Taking the kitties to an adoption event again today. Surprising no one has wanted these girls, they are the nicest cats, and so pretty. :(

Breakfast: oatmeal with walnuts and herbal tea: 250

Lunch: 2/3 of a veggie pita sandwich (350?)

dinner: spinach with walnuts and poached eggs, (350) and ?????

Have a lovely Sunday everyone. I hope the sun is shining where you are 


Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/02/2014:
Everything sounds great and great attitude. Have a good day.

biscottibody59 on 11/02/2014:
It all sounds good--you've obviously put in the work to get to where you are!

Have a good week!

museumgirl - Saturday Nov 01, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

Happy Saturday everyone.

After raining all day yesterday, its sunny here and really cold. I need to take the screens down and wash and put away, but I think its too cold to wash them - the water would freeze!

Feeling a need for something different this morning, I am having a 2 egg omelet with a little feta cheese, and my herbal tea so about 225

lunch: leftover soup, tablespoon natural peanut butter (nothing added) 110) (275)

snack: yogurt (110)

dinner: the spinach and walnuts with poached eggs. That is a lot of eggs for one day, isn't it? Unless I think of something different, it will be fine (350)

Have a great day everyone! 

Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 11/01/2014:
It is cold here also. Winter is coming. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 11/01/2014:
You're doing great!

biscottibody59 on 11/01/2014:
Maybe you've heard of mindfulness training--for your racing mind? Might be worth looking into.

Good going on the weight loss BTW!

Enjoy your day!

museumgirl on 11/01/2014:
Have not heard of that, but I will look into it. Thank you.

OhioRaven on 11/01/2014:
Yup ! That's different.

museumgirl - Friday Oct 31, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 171.1

Considered just spending the day in bed...it was so cozy and I slept in sooo late! That is not like me at all, guess I was just tired. I've been up 3-4 times at night for the past week, so I must be losing a lot of water, which is weird, since I haven't really felt like I was retaining. Weight keeps coming off. I am drinking a lot of water, too, and don't seem to lose it during the day, just at night. Which is aggravating, disrupting my sleep, but I am not going to quibble with weight loss of any type.  

No affect on bp yet, but it hasn't been a week since I cut the meds and I know it takes a while to get things adjusted. I am feeling really good, too, and food has been good and satisfying. I just need to be patient. And I need to find some way to learn to relax. I am just not a relaxed person. Mind is always going so fast and no way to quiet it. 

Breakfast: do I even need to write it down? Oatmeal, walnuts, herbal tea: 235

lunch: leftover soup (200), 1/4 avocado (75) total: 275  

dinner: spinach with walnuts and poached egg (350), and maybe French onion soup (55), I haven't made that in ages, and it is raining and cold here. (405)

snack: yogurt (110)

Ok, this day did NOT go as planned :) we skipped lunch, and husband wanted to go out for dinner. So we went to one of our local spots, I had baked cod, veggies, and spaghetti. Didn't eat much but the fish - it was overcooked and the veggies were too raw. I estimate 400 calories, total, including the salad. 

then on to our favorite spot for drinks, and had my old fashioned (our dinner place had no bitters!) 151. Then I broke my rule and tried a new local gin, it was just toooo enticinig. so I figure 150 for that cocktail. 

And then we actually got beggars!!! Cute ones, too. I love the Halloween costumes. I have the calories left to eat the final remaining piece of candy. Perhaps I should, just to save husband from having yet another...... :)

UPDATE; husband at the piece of candy, since he knew I'd regret it. took one for the team, so to speak....I am redeemed. )

total: ~1176

Have a good day everyone!

Progress as of today: 32.9 lbs lost so far, only 41.1 lbs to go!

shams on 10/31/2014:
Your meal menu is nice, hope your sleep gets better.

puddles on 10/31/2014:
Good job keep doing what you doing it seems to be working.

Jezebel on 10/31/2014:
French Onion soup sounds good. If you have time to post the recipe along with that chicken crock pot recipe you mentioned last week, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

museumgirl on 10/31/2014:
I can do that. Neither is actually very low calorie, tho. I don't eat the chicken myself, but it is tasty. Its chicken covered with cream of mushroom soup, to which is added cumin. And cooked till it falls apart. Also works with beef and pork. the soup i will need to look up the recipe. It has lots of butter, and you carmelize the onions in it. Delicious!!

museumgirl on 10/31/2014:
How do I post to forum? I can post the soup recipe there, and I also have a veggie timbale recipe that is awesome.

biscottibody59 on 10/31/2014:
Weekends have their own special challenges--darnit!

If you click on the button with the quote bubble, it takes you to the public forum. Click on recipes and you have to go to the bottom to the "new message" button.

museumgirl on 10/31/2014:
husbands can be such a challenge! :) oh well, I've had a good week.

museumgirl on 10/31/2014:
Thanks, I was able to post the recipe, such as it is :)

museumgirl - Thursday Oct 30, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 172.4

 It's virtual Friday here again!

Almost through the challenge week. I was resisted the urge to check my blood pressure now for 3 of the days. I am not sure this is making a bit of difference, however, I am still losing weight and I'll take that as progress. Getting used to the herbal tea, but I am looking forward to one cup of decaf coffee on Sunday morning :) I may continue to limit myself to just one for a while and see how that goes, if it is even making a difference in the bp. I don't think decaf coffee has much caffeine, but herbal teas have none, so....

Working some today to make up for the semi-personal day on Monday when I watched my granddaughter. Just going in for a while to pay a bill and finish the newsletter and get that off my desk, at last. Sometimes those newsletters write themselves, other times, I am just not inspired.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/3 walnuts, herbal tea (235)

lunch: leftover kale/bean soup (250), 1/4 avocado (75)

snack: yogurt (110)

dinner: salmon, pan fried (the only way husband makes it, but he keeps an eye on the amount of olive oil!) (about 375, for large piece) salad (125)

est total: 1170

tomorrow being Halloween, I am rather proud of myself that I have not indulged in a single piece of Halloween candy. So tomorrow, as we get no trick-or-treaters, or "beggars" as my grandmother called them, we plan to turn out the porch light and walk up to the bar for our weekly cocktail. I figure I walk off some of the those calories, plus, no one is driving after indulging, esp since the husband has decided to try and drink his way through Amici's cocktail menu, at a rate of 2 drinks a week! 

Is anyone doing anything fun for Halloween? I am not the biggest fan of the day, but I do like that, for me at least, it means the holidays are getting closer, and I love Thanksgiving. (I know those of you in Canada already had yours) but ours is coming up and its one of my favorite days. )

Have a good day everybody.

Progress as of today: 31.6 lbs lost so far, only 42.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/30/2014:
Good for you - yes a loss is good. Enjoy your day.

Jezebel on 10/30/2014:
I am going to follow your lead, turn out the front lights, and ignore the little beggers. I don't get into it either.

museumgirl on 10/30/2014:
haha, we've had less than 20 beggars total for the 17 yrs we've lived here! Most years we don't get a single one, and husband eats all the candy himself. We just don't need that temptation! :)

skinnygrlwithin on 10/30/2014:
Good for you... keep up the good work. And like your counselor said, everything takes time!

I personally love Halloween, I used to love getting dressed up, and if I could pass for a teenager I would still try and go trick or treating! Nothing super exciting though... just handing out candy to the little ones and then heading over to a friend's house for dinner...we said we'd get semi dressed up.

museumgirl - Wednesday Oct 29, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 172.6

 Day 4 of the "challenge" week. the biggest challenge so far is not having that morning decaf. So far I don't know that its made any difference in my bp, but I guess I need to be more patient. As my counselor said yesterday, it took me years for my body to decline into this condition, I can't expect everything to turn around in 3 months, even if I have turned around all my actions. It will take time to heal. I guess I didn't really think of it that way. You think if you lose weight or quit doing something detrimental, it should have immediate affects...maybe it does, but still takes more time to get back to where you were. 

I am not patient.

Breakfast: oatmeal (150) 3 walnuts (85) herbal tea: total: 235

lunch: chopped salad (carrot, tomato, lettuce, cucumber) topped w/homemade dressing and leftover guacamole, scant tablespoon sliced almonds (45) (320)

snacks: yogurt (110), plum (40)

dinner: two bean soup with kale (about 1 3/4 cups) (new recipe from Emeril) (375), braised endive (85), apple (80)540

total: 1240

I'll need to think of something else to round out dinner and get adequate calories, I'll add that later.

Have a great day everybody. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions.


Progress as of today: 31.4 lbs lost so far, only 42.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/29/2014:
Your Dr. makes a lot of sense. Easy does it. Have a great day.

skinnygrlwithin on 10/29/2014:
I definitely agree with your counselor, everything takes time. And your food looks really good!! Keep it up!!

biscottibody59 on 10/29/2014:
Down a bit more--good going!

museumgirl - Tuesday Oct 28, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 173.1

Day 3 of the one-week plan...some bumps in the road included my dinner scallops tasting yucky (husband ate them for me), and then eating an egg followed up with some yogurt. Scale was kind to me this morning, so I think I was still within the range of my target calories. It was plain yogurt and I was seriously starving. I may underestimate calories on a lot of vegetable stuff, but I tend to err on the side of caution with calories.

I had a friend who was always complaining she couldnt' lose those last 10 pounds, and saying she onlyl ate 1200 calories a day. We went to lunch often, and when I watched her tally what she thought her calories were for the meal, my estimates of what we ate were always 50-75% higher than hers, so I think she seriously underestimated the calories she consumed. I decided to overestimate mine. So if anything, I get fewer than I think, then if I really NEED something else to eat, it doesn't do me in for the day.

I don't have an eating disorder, I'm not a compulsive eater, I just really, really, like foods. Love cooking, eating, socializing (while eating), exploring new cuisines and food has always been a treat/reward. So I am trying to change the focus to doing "things" instead of just eating. Food is just such an important part of our culture and socialization, plus, we do need it to live. It is difficult to achieve a balance if you didn't learn it young. (which I didn't ...I was raised by a mom who was always dieting, always critical of herself and other people's bodies.) Thankfully I didn't do it to my son...I was relatively healthy when he was growing up, and he learned good eating habits. Incidentally, he is very thin!

Well, enough of that, just my thoughts this morning. Off to see my counselor in a bit before I go to work, so she can listen to me instead of you who read this blog!

Breakfast: oatmeal (150) ~3 walnuts (85), herbal tea: 235

lunch: leftover veggie stirfry: 120? egg (100)) total: 220

snack: plum (40) w/ yogurt (110) total: 150

dinner: black bean burritos (110) on whole spelt tortillas (220) w/tomato, lettuce, salsa (50); tossed salad (120)  1/4 avocado (88) total:  588

total: ~1200

the tortillas are totally NOT in the plan, but frankly I can use the calories for today, and they will be filling/satisfying.  Husband is having our "mexican meat" chicken I do in the crockpot, and it is going to smell amazing.....

Also decided to include yogurt, mostly for the protein. Not sure about that, as I've been avoiding most dairy. We'll see. 

Its actually not easy getting a lot of calories if you only eat veggies. 

Have a great day everybody.

Progress as of today: 30.9 lbs lost so far, only 43.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/28/2014:
I know I have a eating disorder when I cannot put the bag of chip or the pound of cheese away and I have polish it off. You are are doing good. Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

skinnygrlwithin on 10/28/2014:
If you're looking for some extra protein aside from meat and dairy focus on beans, hummus, quiona, bulgar... all good vegetarian options that are high in protein.

But I think you're doing great... we're all here because we have our issues with food... and we're here to help you conquer it.

museumgirl on 10/28/2014:
yes, I do eat beans, but don't want to over doand have for too many meals in a row. Hence the black beans for dinner. Found a few new recipes, too, that use beans. I like quinoa, too, and do that some, but this week I'm trying to stay away from too many grains, even whole ones. For my challenge week, I want to have mostly veggies and fish and my oatmeal. Not sure if I should do the yogurt at all at this point....??

biscottibody59 on 10/28/2014:
Nice loss--keep up the good work!

skinnygrlwithin on 10/28/2014:
Despite what a lot of information I've read said I've decided to keep dairy in my diet... so I say add the yogurt. But I do understand why you'd be thinking about giving it up.

museumgirl on 10/28/2014:
I'll keep the yogurt, its a nice change :)

thinkpositive on 10/28/2014:
Nice food plan.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/29/2014:
Your meals look so tasty today. I love reading all the veggies. That's how I roll too - high in veggies. and I do eat all food groups. I eat some dairy - usually in the form of greek yogurt (mostly 2% or full fat since it's much more filling and satisfying). I used to overestimate, now I think I'm a decent estimator of my calories. I also would rather be overestimating than underestimating :)

museumgirl on 10/29/2014:
I like yogurt, but sometimes I can eat way too much of it! I'm adding it for the challenge and if I do well, I'll definitely keep it in the diet :) I love all the veggies, too! It's funny how good we can get at estimating calories, too.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/29/2014:
yea...the legs are an ongoing problem that I've had for around 20 months. it's very hard to get rid and very stressful/upsetting as I am only 32.

museumgirl on 10/29/2014:
That really s*cks. :( I am much older than that, and I find the BP issue frustrating, but it isn't painful or keep me from doing things. I really hope you get better!

museumgirl - Monday Oct 27, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 174.4

 Day 2 of tweaked eating plan. Groceries yesterday...bought plenty of fish and lots more fresh veggies. We typically eat all fresh, anyway, I just needed a good variety. 

I am going to try and NOT take the BP readings this week, and see how it is at the end of the week. I don't think there is much in my diet that could be causing it to rise, but we will see. Swtiching to herbal tea from decaf coffee, but that can only be temorary...I can't contemplate giving up coffee for good, it is my last and only holdout. I've sworn off sugar, salt, simple carbohydrates, almost all alcohol (1xweek), meat and dairy (except rarely)....what's left? I want my coffee :( 

Also trying to get in a second, if shorter, walk during the day. That will increase my exercise to 45-55 minutes a day. If this week shows progress, I'll continue. If not, I suppose I'll jump off a bridge. (just kidding.)

Breakfast: whole oatmeal (170) 1/4 peach(20) herbal tea: total : 190

snack: walnuts (190-200) 1/2 cup plain yogurt (110) 

lunch: cut fresh veggies (pepper, cucumber, tomato) on bed of spinach w/lemon& olive oil vinagrette (220), 1/2 avocado (175): total 395

dinner: 1 scallop (they didn't come out well) stir fried with green beans, bell pepper, and a tiny bit of low sodium tamari and sesame oil (185), egg w/ olive oil (100) total: 285

total: 1180-1200.

Have a good day everybody.

Progress as of today: 29.6 lbs lost so far, only 44.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/27/2014:
Congrats on your loss. Wishing you all the best with your eating and your BP this week. Trying different things will eventually give you the result you want. Have a great day.

skinnygrlwithin on 10/27/2014:
Your meals look amazing!! Keep up the great work. And remember... progress takes time and consistency. I have a calendar on my phone and I check off each day that I think ended up to my standards...and I won't let myself get on the scale until 30 days go by. It was a tough pill to swallow but sometimes it just takes awhile for your body to adjust to your positive changes.

museumgirl on 10/27/2014:
It is very frustrating. I am doing everything right according to everything I've read, and its not enough. I really don't want to stay on this medication! Thanks for your encouragement.

biscottibody59 on 10/27/2014:
I've always identified as a coffee drinker--it's a tough thing to give up or cut down or do decaf. Very tough!

Good Luck!

museumgirl on 10/27/2014:
I've been decaf for years, but going without completely is tough!

museumgirl - Sunday Oct 26, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 174.6

Breakfast: oatmeal (170) 1/4 peach (20) 1/2 avocado (175), coffee w/cream (45)  total:  410

lunch: small piece of fish (120) remaining veggie soup, w/o the beans (65) total: 185

snack: 1/2 peach (35)

dinner: broiled perch w/coconut oil & 1/8 cup almond meal for "breading" (258), baked acorn squash (100), green beans (25) total: 468

total: ~1200

Trying to really deal with the blood pressure now. I seriously need to get off this medication and it is frustrating the h**l out of me. Going to try oatmeal - the whole grain kind whenever possible, raw, roasted or steamed veggies and very small amount of low-fructose fruit, and fish, just those things, for the next week. Not a whole lot different from what I have been eating, except less fruit, more good fats (avocado, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil), and adhering very strictly to the plan. No more cheats, no more giant apples for snacks. And I'll stick to the calorie goal, as well, of about 1200 a day. 

Of course, it goes without saying, no salt added to anything.

I'll cut my coffee back, too - it's already decaf, but I do use cream, so I'll try decaf tea forf a while in the morning and see if that makes a difference.

So my diet diary may look very weird and very boring for a while, but I am going to try this and see what happens. I have lost almot 30 pounds and it has helped my bp some, but not nearly enough. I walk (almost) every day, for about 30 minutes, and increasing that is not going to be sustainable, so it will have to be enough, and theoretically, it should be. 

So lets see where this gets me.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Progress as of today: 29.4 lbs lost so far, only 44.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/26/2014:
Good luck with your new plan and you have a lovely Sunday also.

biscottibody59 on 10/26/2014:
I didn't want to get all down in the weeds with my opinions in your diary, re: the idea that there are "good fats."

So I'll just leave you with this fact (I did have to look it up:-): Coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat (if you're trying to avoid that). By contrast butter is around 63%.

Congrats on your weight loss thus far--keep up the good work!

museumgirl on 10/26/2014:
Thanks for your concern. I'm not worried about the cholesterol - a tsp of oil is not going to make or break me. Also, I need some fats to absorb vitamins, etc, and ocassionally need a change from olive oil, which is the only fat I use. I really meant "healthy" as in nuts, avocado, etc. Of the traditional food "groups" - protein, fat, carbohydrate - eliminating any one is not good, but if you don't have any fat, you die. :)

thinkpositive on 10/26/2014:
A good idea to try making some dietary changes to see how it might help your bp.

museumgirl - Saturday Oct 25, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 174.6

yesterday turned out to be a date night, and we had a great time. Surprisingly, husband didn't care for the 2nd half of the concert - Night on Bald Mountain and Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique. I thought it was great, even with the amatuer orchestra.

I had pizza for the first time in nearly 3 months! I chose only veggie toppings, thin cust, and it wasn't overloaded with cheese, but it was a decadent treat. I don't think eating it was a good idea, since I didn't feel so well afterwards, and now I am very very swollen from the saltiness (a whole pound of fluid retained this morning!!!)  I know its fluid, because I still didn't eat over 2000 calories yesterday, and I did exercise :)

Bought myself 2 new dresses (at a discount store, but not a thrift!) They are both 2 sizes smaller than I was before I started this, and should fit through the next 10-15 pound loss, so they'll get me through the end of the year. You cannot believe how thrilled I was when I tried on that size and it zipped right up!!! I even tried on one smaller and it fit, too, but I didn't get that one....it was a tiny bit tight across the top. So now I have a great hostess dress and an awesome cocktail dress! :)

So today I truly AM back on track...I don't want to outgrow the dresses! I want to lose more!

Breakfast: oatmeal (150) plum (30) yes, back to plums, lol. coffee w/cream (45) total: 225

lunch: vegetable soup (200?)

dinner: the trout we didn't have last night, (225) mushroom brown rice (220) baked apple (120) cabbage salad (65) total: 630

snack: apple (110)

total for day: 1165 

Laney Louise the cat may or may not have an infection; she got some meds anyway, and seems fine. They got to another adoption event next weekend.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Progress as of today: 29.4 lbs lost so far, only 44.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/25/2014:
Congrats on the new purchases. Have a great day.

OhioRaven on 10/25/2014:
I just watched a Walt Disney cartoon of Bald Mt. It was good. I get all my classic music from cartoons.

museumgirl on 10/25/2014:
I think most of us did, as well! My favorites were the Barber of Saville, and of course, Bugs Bunny's Wagner... :)

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