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museumgirl - Thursday Sep 25, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 182.1

Good morning all! Another beautiful day in the suburbs of the D!

Getting my "hairs" cut this afternoon, and maybe shopping to find a new blouse or two. The weather is too pretty to stay home and clean house!

Breakfast: 1 egg in olive oil (105) cantaloupe (50) coffee with cream (60) blueberries (41) total: 256

Lunch: leftover chili rellenos - these are stuffed with quinoa and mushrooms and were surpisingly delicious! I think the small one will be about 350 calories

Dinner:brown rice mac and cheese, the kind cooked in milk, without butter 1 cup is about 425 calories, salad with homemade vinagrette (150) 1/2 cup tomato soup, (50)total: 625

snack: apple (80)

daily total: 1311

I think I am going to set intermediate goals and have a "reward" for reaching them.

170 - I will probably need new bras. If so, i will treat myself to a fitting at Bra-Vo or Harp's Lingerie, and buy one really exquisite bra, like a Felina. (Then I'll come home and buy another one from Amazon, haha.)

150-A full-body massage!

130 (my goal weight) peach Glamour girdle from What Katie Did (yes, I looove girdles, weird, but true. I want this one, it is so beautiful!)

I don't really need the motivation of reward right now, but I like treats!

Have a great day, everyone!

Progress as of today: 21.9 lbs lost so far, only 52.1 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/25/2014:
Hope you get to the girdle goal. I'll be watching.

museumgirl on 09/25/2014:
The girdle goal - I like that! I think that's what I'll call it!

Destiny65 on 09/25/2014:
Treats/rewards are always a good thing. Some times we don't do that often enough for ourselves. I know it helps me with motivation.

puddles on 09/25/2014:
Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 09/26/2014:
Sounds like a great plan with good incentives.

museumgirl - Wednesday Sep 24, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 183.0

Up 3 oz - blaming it on salt from yesterday's restaurant lunch. I'm sure it will be gone tomorrow. Iike the digital scale, but it can make you a little crazy!

Breakfast: oatmeal (150) cup of blueberries ( 85) coffee w/cream (45) total:  280

lunch: acorn squash (83), 1/2 avocado (175) grapes (100) total: 358 It was a crazy morning - I got a new eyeliner, and makeup took about forever, so I just grabbed stuff out fo the fridge for lunch! 

snack: rice cakes (54)TJ chocolates (90)

dinner: I ended up making vegetarian chilis rellenos, and by my math, my portion was about 400 calories

That would be a daily total of: about 1182-1200

Beautiful day here today, so I'm sure we can go for a walk after dinner. Last night we walked our usual 25-30 minutes. Not a lot, but enough to feel good.

Have a great day everyone

Progress as of today: 21 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

Destiny65 on 09/24/2014:
Scale craziness is the worst lol!

puddles on 09/24/2014:
I stay away from the scale on a daily basis once a week is good enough. It is just to much of a mind game for me. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 09/24/2014:
I actually like weighing every day, I feel like it keeps me on track and dedicated. And I don't want to snack at night, because I know I will be on the scale in the morning!

museumgirl on 09/24/2014:
I actually have kind of a funny routine. My scale doesn't like to move unless the weight change is more than a pound, so every morning, I grab one of my cats, Laney Louise, and we weigh ourselves together, to get the scale to "re-set" then I weigh myself for the day alone. Lately I can tell if the scale moved by how much Laney Louise weighs - but she gained .4 pounds, and I only gained .2 lol. It's not a very accurate scale, but she is getting FAT!

museumgirl - Tuesday Sep 23, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 183.0

 Happy Tuesday!

Beautiful weather here in Michigan - I like Fall.

Breakfast oatmeal (150) walnuts (50) grapes (100) coffee w/cream (45) total: 345

lunch: Lunch with sister in law was great - we talked for 3 hours! Chicken with tomatoes (300), grilled asparagus (50), slice of cantaloupe (20) total: 370

dinner: red lentils (350) salad (150) total: 500

total: 1260

snacks: Trader Joe's dark chocolate piece (45)

Picked up a piece of clearance fabric at Haberman's to make a skirt to satisfy my sewing urges. That necessitated taking my measurements for fitting. Yikes! Did not like that at all. Maybe I will wait until I lose a few more pounds and my current 2 skirts are too large to make another one this size. The fabric is pretty though.

Nice brisk walk last night with the husband, and spent the whole afternoon running errands, so I slept the sleep of the righteous last night. BP was just a tick high on the top, but not bad this morning. Progress.

Have a great day everyone, I'm glad to be along for this journey toward better health.


Progress as of today: 21 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/23/2014:
The sewing brings back a lot of good memories for me - my grandmother showed me how to sew we use to make clothes for my dolls. Hope you have a great day and good luck with the lunch outing.

Destiny65 on 09/23/2014:
Enjoy your lunch out today.

thinkpositive on 09/23/2014:
Love the Trader Joe's chocolate wedges! Sounds like a good day!

museumgirl on 09/23/2014:
I know, they're a great snack, and I like that you can just grab one and know the calories!

museumgirl - Monday Sep 22, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 183.6

 Happy Fall everyone, and Happy Monday. 

Had a good weekend, managed to get some things accomplished around the house. I am getting the "bug" to sew again, but don't want to make anything too complicated, since I don't anticipate staying this size, or ever re-visiting it in the future. maybe I will make a nightgown or a hat...

Breakfast: 1 egg cooked in coconut oil (tsp) & tsp hot sauce (111) 1/2 cup blueberries (41), coffee with cream (60): total: 212

lunch: a bit of a splurge - Taco Bell Cantina bowl, without rice or dressing or cheese, about 400 calories, but waaaay too much sodium. Although I have had no added salt for the rest of the day.

snack; brown rice cakes (54)

dinner: Spicy red lentils (Lots of disagreement on this, so I am going with 440 for a cup of them, not sure if I can eat that much at one sitting!) green grapes (110) total: 550

dessert: 1 piece TJs dark chocolate (45)

total: 1261

Blood pressure was great last night, a little elevated this am, but is always a bit high right when I get up. I think the culprit was some tea samples that I thought were de-caf, now I don't think they were. Stupid mistake. So I'm avoiding all tea except my herbals that are KNOW are decaf. 

Have a great week!

Progress as of today: 20.4 lbs lost so far, only 53.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/22/2014:
Your doing good. I enjoy sewing also but have not done it in years. It is definitely a lost art with the younger generation. Have a great day.

innerpeace on 09/22/2014:
I never did learn to sew, regretting that now! Congrats on your success so far.

Destiny65 on 09/22/2014:
I love tea as well. Tea of any form but herbals always seem to end up being my favorite. I found that cutting down on caffeine helped the blood pressure as well. Have a great day!

biscottibody59 on 09/22/2014:
Me too on the sewing--it's been years. I used to make all my own shirts. I haven't made anything in years!

You have a good week too!

museumgirl - Sunday Sep 21, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 184.5

 Happy Sunday! 

Scale moved a little more. Not yet solved the bp issue, but it was down a little this am

Breakfast: 1 egg w/ olive oil (140) tomato slices (40) coffee w/cream (65) total: 245

now off for a walk before work!

Lunch: chick peas (200) tomato (40)total: 240

dinner: salmon cakes (250) acorn squash, baked (100 ) TJ's low sodium tomato/pepper soup (100) total: 450

snack: brown rice cakes (54), TJ's dark chocolate, 2 pieces (90) total: 144

total: 1079 (really? That seems so low, but I feel like I ate a lot of food today. Oh well, suppose I will be extra hungry tomorrow :)


Progress as of today: 19.5 lbs lost so far, only 54.5 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/21/2014:
congrats on the move on the scale. Have a great day.

museumgirl - Saturday Sep 20, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 185.0

Good morning.

Breakfast: oatmeal, (150) 4 walnuts (110) coffee with cream (45) total:  305

lunch: salmon cakes (250) small tomato (30) rice cakes (54) total: 334

dinner: tomato salad w/cheese(210) pickled beets 106) 1/2 c garbanzo beans w/sprouts (100)total: 416

snack: apple (80) 1/2 avocado (175)

total for the day: 1310

got in a nice walk this afternoon too!

Blood pressure has been creeping up after steadily going down for 3 weeks. Not sure why. I haven't had salt or alcohol, except for my allowed 1 glass of wine or cocktail per week, and I haven't eaten anything I shouldn't eat. Has me concerned since I am so committed to getting off these meds. Don't know if I should increase to a higher dosage until I lose more weight. The only thing that has changed is my allergies have been bad, but I don't want to take anything for them, since THAT will raise my BP too. Feeling very aggravated, which probably only compounds the problem! Argh. 

Oh well, off to run errands this morning. Clothes are fitting better and many are getting too large, so I am off to try and sell a couple of barely-worn dresses to a resale shop.

Have a great weekend all,


PS so I did go ahead and add a 1/4 dose of my bp meds, so I am at 3/4 now. :( not happy about it, but don't want to die while I am trying to get healthy!

Update: changed the batteries in my bp monitor, and now my BP is just about normal - dropped 20 points in 4 minutes! Anyone else ever had that happen with an automatic bp monitor?


Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/20/2014:
Im sure your bp is allergy related. Have a good weekend.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/20/2014:
Wow 2 weeks of symptoms? I guess it make sense if you were using those substances a lot and for a long period of time. It's amazing how our bodies want what they are used to even if they aren't good for us!

museumgirl on 09/20/2014:
Well, I drank quite a lot for a lot of years! Probably 4 bottles of wine a week on average. Sounds worse than it was, but it was not good.

puddles on 09/20/2014:
Happy shopping. Have a great day.

biscottibody59 on 09/20/2014:
Something you might try is quitting all caffeine (though for some it doesn't seem to contribute at all to hypertension) and all alcohol for awhile to see if it makes a difference--minor or drastic. You might also consider taking a magnesium (chelated) supplement.

I'm 55, postmenopause (though it's terminal--doesn't end 'til death:-) and my sleep is somewhat disrupted by even first-thing-in-the-morning coffee. I tend toward decaf usually or none. (I used to be a several pots a day, then 3-4 cups/day, then 1-2/day coffee drinker. I miss it.)

The other thing is how is your sleep? I was diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea (treated extremely well with CPAP therapy for the last 4ish years). Sleep apnea is a definite cause of hypertension. Sleep apnea is highly underdiagnosed especially in women. Nothing you've mention indicates you have it, but it's easily screened for before going for a full-blown sleep study.

Also you might try to just get a 30 min walk in every day-or the equivalent with whatever activity you like.

Alcohol is one of those things that if taken close to bedtime will help you get to sleep, but then may disrupt your sleep so that you never get actual restorative sleep. That then can contribute to insulin resistance, full-blown diabetes and inability to lose weight among other things.

Good going with the weight loss/looser clothes--woo-hoo! I hope you find the key to your hypertension issues!

museumgirl on 09/20/2014:
Thanks for the tips. I gave up caffeine years ago, I don't tolerate it at all. I also do get a walk in most days, and I am down to 1 alcohol drink a week, sometimes none at all. I don't think the sleep is an issue, but if my allergies are acting up, it could contribute. I sleep pretty well now, after not sleeping much for 3 years - menopause, too! So I am going to attribute it to allergies for now, since nothing else has changed, and my salt intake is very low, too. I'll monitor it for now, :)

thinkpositive on 09/20/2014:
So it was just the batteries??

museumgirl on 09/20/2014:
It seemed so at first, but its still a little elevated. Very frustrating, because it had been quite low for the past couple weeks.

Destiny65 on 09/22/2014:
I have a blood pressure monitor at home ..... Don't use batteries for it as I plug it in. I paid about $150 Canadian dollars for it so im not sure where that fits in terms of the quality of machine. It's been fairly accurate since I bought it. My doctor said though that they don't last forever and should be repurchased every year if used daily to ensure accuracy. Not sure if that helps or not...perhaps time to replace it?

museumgirl - Friday Sep 19, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 185.0

Happy Friday!  This has been a great week and I attribute a lot of my attitude and success to all the support from everyone here. Thank you for being such great virtual-friends! Much more supportive than my former "real" friends lol.

Anyway, I am keeping calories pretty in check, and sticking to the anti-inflammatory diet plan, but if I find I really really really want something that isn't the best choice, I have some. For example, the bleu cheese dressing on my salad last night. I didn't eat it all, but I enjoyed every little dip, instead of drowning my salad like I formerly would have done. Now I'm set with bleu cheese for a while! I think this plan is probably sustainable even after I reach my goal. Otherwise, I will likely gain all the weight right back like I've done in the past.....scary thought!

My blood pressure has been great all week, except for first thing in the morning, so I don't think I can do away with my last scrip yet. It was 135/84 this morning, but in the afternoons and evening, its been running about 114/72 to 120/78. So I am making progress. Since I still have 55 pounds to lose, I am hoping that will take care of that!

I am rambling a bit. Had fun with the granddaughter yesterday. She took a couple steps while holding onto the couch, but she's not ready to walk just yet. We had our first visit to the library this week too. It was something I did with her father every week, and we'd load up on the maximum number of books they'd let him take (I think it was 10!) He still likes to read. 

So here's today's food again:

Breakfast: coffee with cream (60), slept too late to actually need breakfast!

lunch/brunch: 2 eggs, w/olive oil (180) pears (60) 1/2 avocado (175) oz goat cheese (76) total: 491, let's call it 500

snack: apple, (80) rice cakes (54) 134

dinner: baked, gluten-free salmon cakes (4 cakes =348) salad w/ spinach and homemade vinaigrette (180) total: 528

running total for the day: 1222

Have a great day everyone! 

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/19/2014:
Have a great day.

museumgirl on 09/19/2014:
You as well!

OhioRaven on 09/19/2014:
Have a Great Day, MG.

Destiny65 on 09/19/2014:
Great strategy with the salad dressing. I too am on meds for my blood pressure. One day I would like to do away with them as well. I enjoyed your story about the library. Brings back memories of myself and son from many years ago. Have an awesome weekend!

thinkpositive on 09/19/2014:
You are doing great!

museumgirl - Thursday Sep 18, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 185.5

 Tiny weight loss, but hey, we take what we can get! (I don't post those tiny fluctuations UP, only DOWN lol.

Breakfast: oatmeal (150), coffee with cream (60). canned pears (60) total: 270

lunch: leftover veggie/bean soup (250)

dinner: black bean/brown rice burger, (1/2) and it did have a bun, but I ate it anyway! (probably 400) side salad, with dressing (220) total: 620

snack: walnuts (200)

Total: 1340. A little higher than I aim for, but I had only 1055 yesterday, so it's pretty much a wash. 

exercise: walk with granddaughter and played at the park :)


Have a lovely day everyone!


Progress as of today: 18.5 lbs lost so far, only 55.5 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/18/2014:
Wishing you all the best for the day.

thinkpositive on 09/18/2014:
Any loss is good news!

museumgirl - Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 185.8

Sunny, cold morning, feels like Fall for sure.

Dinner out last night was decadent, but didn't do much damage, since it is so rare I eat sugar anymore. I was up .5 lbs this morning, which I attribute to water from all the salt in Japanese cuisine. Totally worth it, though, and I've enjoyed my splurge! Now bake to business. I think I am starting to detect the hint of a waistline.... :)

Breakfast: 1 egg fried in tsp olive oil w/tsp hot sauce (120) 1/2 avocado (175) coffee w/cream(45) total: 340

lunch: 1/2 cup northern beans w/tsp hot sauce (105), 1/2 avocado (175) sprouts mix (35) total: 315

snack: a couple walnut halves - 50

dinner: homemade veggie/bean soup (350)

 running total for the day: 1055

Progress as of today: 18.2 lbs lost so far, only 55.8 lbs to go!

Destiny65 on 09/17/2014:
I love Fall! My favourite season! Glad to hear you enjoyed dinner. Splurges are to be enjoyed every now and then!

puddles on 09/17/2014:
Glad you enjoyed your evening. Have a great day.

museumgirl - Tuesday Sep 16, 2014
(anti-inflammatory, per Dr. Weil)
Weight: 185.8

Hey, I managed to put together an entire outfit (except shoes) from thrifted items today, and felt it looked pretty good. Ok to share it here? Thrifting is a great option when you plan to lose several sizes and just can't afford new clothes every few months or weeks. We have great stores around here, I'm lucky, and I'm able to overcome the Ick-factor to shop there!

top: $3, skirt (to hide thunder thighs!), 1.99, sweater $3. necklace - vintage from my mom. The best part is, I won't cry when they no longer fit in the future!

Sorry it's a little grainy, I took this at work, and the antique mirror has a haze. 


Progress as of today: 18.2 lbs lost so far, only 55.8 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/16/2014:
Looking good girl. Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 09/16/2014:
Good for you. Fun to look around in thrift stores! It is a good look!

Destiny65 on 09/17/2014:
Looking great lady!

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