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museumgirl - Friday Feb 13, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.6

Just a quick post today...very late at that. I have read your posts, but won't comment - I'm too far behind at this point.

All is ok here. - we have our Violet's ashes now on our mantel. I'm doing ok, probably indulging a bit too much today, but that is ok, all things considered. I will stay on track going forward.

Wishing you all well, and a Happy Valentines' day

Progress as of today: 48.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/14/2015:
So sorry to hear of the passing of your cat :( Maybe you will search for another cat this Valentine's day? Not to replace of course, but to open your arms to another animal in need of a home? Wishing you a great day!

museumgirl on 02/14/2015:
We still have 3 kitties at our house - and our foster Laney Louise doesn't like other cats, except ours. I think we will wait until she finds a home and then definitely get another. :)

SkinInTheGame on 02/14/2015:
My thought are with you on the sad passing of Violet - it's the hardest part of having pets. Take care of yourself!

museumgirl on 02/14/2015:
Thank you. We've been through it before, and will again.

thinnside40 on 02/14/2015:
Hope you had a good day despite the sadness.

museumgirl - Wednesday Feb 11, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.6

good evening all,

just a quick little update because all of you said such nice comments to me today.

I am doing ok with the depression, I think,

However, our lovely Violet crossed over the rainbow bridge tonight. I want to write it here now, so I don't include it in my post tomorrow. I am not fishing for sympathy, simply letting those of you who were so thoughtful, know what has happened.

She had liver failure, and there was not turning it around. Mr husband held her in his arms as she passed over.

I am not a sentimental person, much, but I know his loving energy was felt by her. I am happy she is not suffering. I am happy to have known her. I am sad we could not have found her a forever home, but perhaps, we were that forever home.

We will bury her ashes in the back yard, next to Miss Kitty, in the spring.

thanks for all the nice comments over the past week. I know a cat is not the most important thing in the world, on the scale of things, but my animals are important to me.

Progress as of today: 48.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 02/11/2015:
Sorry to hear about Violet but she is in a better place and has no pain.

thinnside40 on 02/11/2015:
Sorry... A friend of mine lost her dog today too...

Maria7 on 02/12/2015:
So sorry...good that she had y'all to love her and make her feel loved and safe.

Umpqua on 02/12/2015:
I'm so sorry to hear about Violet. I'm thinking of you and I hope today can be a positive one for you.

museumgirl - Wednesday Feb 11, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.6

Weighed at 156.3 this morning, but I'm sure its just a "bounce" so no panic yet. Weighing every day will do that!

Working through a lot of things mentally these days, trying to avoid too much anxiety and slipping down the slope into depression again. I seriously need to get time for a walk in the daylight, it would make all the difference. Schedule has just been too busy. These past 2 weeks have been like working a full time job, and for me, I can never work full time and keep it all together. Never could, never will. So I start stressing and obsessing and pretty soon I'm lying in bed staring at the ceiling.....

We're not there yet. I can get through it. Today is the longer day at work, then driving son to work, then home. It will be dark by then. tomorrow is an 8 am meeting, followed by another meeting, then dealing with some tax stuff on my son's house that didnt' get done... arggh. And that is my day off.. so yeah, not looking forward to that much. 

Mr husband visited with Violet last night, and she purred for him, so today he's going back and taking her treats. He's so great to do this. I mean, she isn't even our cat, just our foster, but we love them anyway. She was still yellow yesterday, but hopefully she'll start healing.

Food for today: oatmeal w/maple syrup for breakfast

lunch will be leftover miso soup I made last night, with lots of mushrooms and buckwheat noodles. and a side of greens

dinner....no clue yet, probably a sweet potato or something easy.

Hoping to do some laundry and vacuum before the weekend.

Have a great day everyone. I'm loving the photos a few of you post.

Progress as of today: 48.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/11/2015:
Have a great day although it sounds very tiring. :)

puddles on 02/11/2015:
I think you need Spring to come around and the sun to shine. You do have a busy schedule with all the driving and the extra stuff you are doing and the stuff you have been doing in the past month. Hope Violet gets better and she can come home soon. Wishing you a great day M.

Umpqua on 02/11/2015:
I hope you can get out for a walk today, the sunshine really does wonders. One good thing about all our snow is that when the sun is out (like today), it's blinding ;P Have a good one!

innerpeace on 02/11/2015:
I hate that overwhelming feeling! It's good you recognized your depression and figured out what it was exactly! I waited ten years before I did something about mine. I was in denial I guess. I hope you can find time to work in a walk, everyone enjoys the sunshine!

thinnside40 on 02/11/2015:
Hope your day has been good!

thinkpositive on 02/11/2015:
The winters can be brutal. I'mfortunate to be in the warmth but know the toll that winters have brought to me in the past. Maybe a light box?

museumgirl on 02/11/2015:
I've been wanting to get an old-fashioned sunlamp, or a "lizard" light, maybe that would be good?

museumgirl - Tuesday Feb 10, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.6

Hello Everyone,

Too busy to post this morning, but taking my lunch break now....Breakfast was oatmeal as usual, lunch was leftover barley and veggies from last night

Violet is in cat hospital, she has a liver disease but they don't know what. She still won't eat, but she's feeling ok. She's very yellow under her white fur :( We are still hoping for the best....

My brain is like a hungry child...it has to always be fed with something, and I can't seem to stay on one track at all! I bounce around between interests (obsessions?) with fashion, decorating, food, medicine, knitting, sewing, history.......

So now I am reading about Chinese traditional medicine. Nothing too deep yet, but intrested to see how they diagnose illnesses. When I was in China they "read" my pulses, looked at the tongue, etc., but that was years ago and I don't recall much of what the practitioner said. It was interesting how they needed to look at external presentations to diagnose, with the lack of doing bloodwork, etc., like our western docs do. 

Given the failure of my doctors to help with much of anything, even diagnosis, I suppose they have as good a chance as anyone to diagnose illness, not sure about treatments....

Anyway, I won't bore you with all that. Just finding that my "yang" is deficient, and I should eat warm and warming foods, and get more exercise. (Already knew that part!) So I walked over to city hall to heat my leftovers today. Two birds, one stone! Ok, it was only a short walk, but better than nothing. 

Anyone else know about this type of medicine? It has me curious....

Have a great day everyone,



Progress as of today: 48.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/10/2015:
I will be thinking of your kitty and hoping she recovers and starts eating again xx

museumgirl on 02/10/2015:
Thank you.

puddles on 02/10/2015:
Sorry Violet is not well. I have never read up on chinese medicine but sure sound interesting. I also do not trust our Western doc. it seems with them it is a hit and miss medicine. Have a great day M.

grannyannie on 02/10/2015:
Hope you kitty is okay! I know very little about Chinese medicine. I just knows herbal medicine must be good or people wouldn't have been using them for thousands of years.

innerpeace on 02/10/2015:
Sorry to hear about Violet, that is so sad. I love my animals like family. I went to a alternative medicine doctor once and he could tell something was off with me, just because he could pull my fingers apart when touching the ailing part of my body. It was very strange.

thinkpositive on 02/10/2015:
There are certainly many peoplewho practice Chinese Medicine so there must be something to it. You can always find the best of different approaches- doesn't have to be allor nothing.

As far as Viloet- I hope she is comfortable.

thinnside40 on 02/10/2015:
Sorry about the kitty cat. Bless you for caring for her. Never hurts to keep researching cures, processes, regimes for bettering health.....

museumgirl - Sunday Feb 08, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.6

Good morning and Happy Sunday everybody!

I think today the weather may finally cooperate and we'll open the museum today.

Violet cat is not doing great - we had to syringe feed her food and water. Poor girl! Not looking good for her if she won't eat on her own.

Food this morning was hash browns cooked in my ceramic wok, with some natural ketchup, and probably some of my greens a bit later

lunch: sweet potato

dinner: tbd

Warning...the rest of this post may be controversial and/or challenging to readers...Please understand that this is all written for ME...my thoughts and opinions, and should in no way be taken as an criticism or indictment of anyone else's choices, preferences, decisions, beliefs, etc. Read at your own risk!

I'm reading Mr. McDougall's book "The Starch Solution." It is very similar to the youtube talks he has given, but with more detail. The science behind it is enlightening. I've been following this way of eating for a while now (2 months?) and already see and feel the differences...and other people are commenting now, too.

I realize I've been making it a bit harder than it has to be....trying to make clever, creative meals instead of sticking with the tried and true - potatoes, brown rice, corn....I love this stuff....even bread (whole grain 95% of the time..)

It challenges so much we were raised to believe - low protein - oh no! High starch - oh no! low fat - egad, how will you survive! But when I read about what traditional cultures eat, and read about the medieval diet - the middling-sorts were much more likely to die of war and epidemics than our cultural diseases of heart disease, diabetes, etc.

I am going to change my approach and try to get mr husband to eat more of this. McDougall offers a challenge - simply ADD these starches to your diet first, and see waht happens. Add 4 cups of brown rice, or several potatoes (white or sweet) or 12 slices of whole grain bread (yes 12!!!) and see what happens for a month.....

Wow. I look around and see people suffering, like my aunt, who is only 56 and suffering terribly with MS. A friend who had a triple bypass and wll probably need more surgery....my own doctor who is 60 pounds overweight.....Could this dietary change help them?

Should they just dismiss it out of hand because it seems too hard, or too easy, or too simple or too crazy to believe?  

if I saw someone driving toward a bridge that was out, would I tell them? Why is it hard to share this information - because I will look like a self-righteous *%$?!!

But it just makes so much sense to me. Starch is low in calories, and if fills you up. I'm satisfied after I eat it, my body got what it wanted. I'm not crusing the kitchen for more of "something else." It's clean, its cheap and its easy to prepare. No one had to die to make it for me. (Wow, that sounds judgmental!) 

All my life - since I was a fat 12 year old who gorged on sliced cheese after school - I have been looking for that "magic bullet" - the magical combination on what to eat to make me healthy and slim. And there is was all along, the food I was taught to fear - the lowly potato! 

I am only 47 (almost 48) and six months ago, I was dying. I was 75 pounds overweight, had high blood pressure, severe joint pain, an enlarged heart, not-so-great cholesterol, pasty skin, peeling fingernails, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, hormonal issues, and ...I guess that is it, but that is enough. I'm not even 50, I felt 1/2 dead. Of all those problems, the only ones that remain are a little overweight, that decreases every month, and a little bit of high blood pressure, and even that is not clinical anymore. What did I change? What I put on the plate. 

if you read this far, again, please don't take it as criticism. If what you are doing works for you, I am pleased and more than supportive. We all have our own challenges and our own paths to follow on this journey. But this is a place to share, so I am sharing this.

Is this the answer? The solution as McDougall promises? I don't know, but all I can say is...watch me now!!

Have a great day, a wonderful Sunday, and be healthy!


Progress as of today: 48.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 02/08/2015:
Interesting read M. Hope your husband decides to join you in this. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 02/08/2015:
thank you!

grannyannie on 02/08/2015:
Interesting read. I eat whole grain bread, rice, sometimes potatoes. I eat healthy. Works for me except when I add in lots of sugar, chips/fries, beer, cocktails..... :D

museumgirl on 02/08/2015:
mmmm cocktails....I wont cut them out!!!

nenak on 02/08/2015:
Interesting x have a great day.

Jezebel on 02/08/2015:
Sorry to hear about Violet. Thrilled to hear your enthusiasm with the McDougall plan. I've gone private but wanted to say good luck and thank you for sharing this info with the forum. xox

museumgirl on 02/08/2015:
I hope you will still post - your posts have been inspiring to me, too, and I will continue to wish you well!

Umpqua on 02/09/2015:
I'm so sorry to hear Violet isn't eating and I hope she'll get more interested in food. I've recommended Esselstyn's book to a bunch of people and my advice largely falls on deaf ears. Heck, my advice to eat clean foods without fillers and additives usually falls on deaf ears too :) The vegan diet is so extremely different from what we are used to in the U.S. that I don't think it even registers on some people's radar. I do think a moderate approach can work, particularly for folks who have never been seriously overweight or death with major heart issues. I try to do a Mediterranean diet for the most part, although I eat more meat than I should. I do think I will be able to scale that back as my kids grow and become more and more flexible with their own eating. Anyway, I don't think it hurts to share what you have learned with others, you never know who will listen and benefit from your experiences!

Umpqua on 02/09/2015:
EDIT: That should be *dealt* not *death*!

museumgirl - Saturday Feb 07, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.6

 Happy Saturday!

Good news on a few fronts - prognosis for Violet cat is pretty good if we can keep her eating. She did eat last night, but hasn't yet this morning, but I'm still hopeful. She already looks brighter and more alert and came to mr husband last night for her "snuggles" during TV time :)

My friend with cancer is getting ready for her treatments now, and she is very scared, but also the prognosis is relatively encouraging. And there is no metastisis. She very energetic and proactive and is going to go this week to pick out a wig, before her hair falls out and she feels too bad to do it. They have told her she will definitely lose her hair, and she has beautiful shiny thick silver hair, so that is a blow. She's amazing and I know if anyone can beat this, she can. 

I already have another big pot of greens in the crockpot, and the scale moved down another few points....and I even splurged on a homemade walnut brownie last night :)

Still wavering on the exercise classes. Maybe I would do better with my pilates DVDs and walking, or even dancing around the house when no one is home....I've always been an exercisers/fitness person, no idea why I am rebelling against it right now.

considering having a discussion with mr husband about his health - I have noticed that, since he is basically making his own food now, there is less of the veggie/fruit portions than when I was cooking for him. I'd like to encourage him to have a little care for his health, since I love him so much, and maybe he could just try a little of some of these veggies? I don't want him to think I am being critical, but he could stand to lose a few (60) pounds, too. I mean, we got to this place as a team, right? I don't want to lose him to health problems when they could be prevented. Anyone ever had that conversation with a loved one and had it go well? I know from experience you can't do this for anyone but yourself. but if you feel yourself valued, does that make a difference?

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. 


Progress as of today: 48.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/07/2015:
Hope your friend does well with her treatments. Yes, get hubby to eat his veggies! Have a good weekend.

museumgirl on 02/07/2015:
Thank you. I'll try...he likes them raw (yuck) :)

thinkpositive on 02/07/2015:
It is hard to convince our husbands to eat more fruits & vegetables.I have not been successful but a couple of ideas- I cut upsome fruit & ask if he wants to share an orange or apple- he usually will and I make a big salad & give him 1/2 . I think you have some good ideas on exercise. For me if I don't exercise in the morning I don't exercise for the day. Your friend is fortunate to have your support. Glad that your cat is feeling better.

museumgirl on 02/07/2015:
he likes salads and will share fruit, but if I don't make it he won't eat it, and he's not open to trying some of my "stranger" dishes yet! Thanks for the other kind thoughts on my friend and my cat. As for exercise...we'll see. Spring will inspire me if it ever gets here!

puddles on 02/07/2015:
Sorry to hear that Violet is not feeling well. Your friend as a good support in you around her M. Have a great weekend M.

museumgirl on 02/07/2015:
We all know how important support can be, and she has more people than just me..thankfully! I can get rather distracted. have a great weekend

SkinInTheGame on 02/07/2015:
I had cancer last year - not fun! Wish your friend all the best! Regarding your husband, just know there are going to be days were he is very into his health and days he is nor - just like the rest of us - be a good and understanding coach!! Great job on your weight!!! I hope by the end of thus month to be there with you!!

museumgirl on 02/08/2015:
Glad you got through the cancer - definitely not fun :( Have a good day, Yes, we'll get where we want to be, eventually!

thinnside40 on 02/07/2015:
Glad to hear the cat is doing better. Keeping positive vibes for your friend is a good thing. Best wishes for your concern and ability to be there for her.

museumgirl on 02/08/2015:
Thank you!

museumgirl - Friday Feb 06, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 155.9

Secnd upate for the day: Kitty cat Violet has liver problems. We have her on antibiotics and other stuff now. The good news is, they gave her an appetite stimulant and she actualy ate a few bites of food. So now we just hope for the best and wait.

Update: mr husband just said something funny I have to write down.

I put on a vintage dress this morning, but decided its a bit too worn to wear any more...so I was commenting that, its good for a dress to be worn out, because then its not lanquishing unused in a closet or Salvation Army store, unloved, never realizing its potential. (Yes, I was waxing poetic about a dress.)

I then said, well, if the Velveteen Rabbit gets to be a real rabbit when it is loved enough and worn out, what does a dress become?

His answer: Shop rags.


Good morning everyone! Weighed again, and saw 155.9...well, its just barely under 156, but I'll take it, number freak that I am!

Busy day planned for today - dentist, hair appointment and taking Violet to the vet. We are worried about her, hoping it is not something serious like we fear. This afternoon was the earliest I could get her in to be seen, so crossing fingers today that she's ok.

Yesterday was a busy day of driving. I feel like a blob that needs to be stretched out. I'm not much for exercise classes, but I did see a "living social" deal where you can try 30 classes at different places around the city for something like $20. I may try that. There seems to be a lot of yoga options, which I like, even though I am about as flexible as a car spring. 

Food will be much the same - oatmeal, berries, leftover veggie/grain things I already cooked.

Our weather here has been brutally cold (for us) It was 4 yesterday with a high of 18, so getting out to do much walking, especially with a foot+ snow on the ground, isn't an option right now. Maybe I'll find a place to walk indoors tomorrow....

Have a great day everyone,

Progress as of today: 48.1 lbs lost so far, only 25.9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/06/2015:
Hope you find an exercise class you like. Have a good day.

liza36 on 02/06/2015:
Hope all is well with Violet. The living social deal sounds great. Hope you find a class that you like.

puddles on 02/06/2015:
Congrats on the weight loss. Have a great day M.

Umpqua on 02/06/2015:
Yay for a loss, well done! I hope your kitty is OK. We just went through this with our female cat and thankfully it wasn't anything serious as feared. I hope you have a nice weekend!

biscottibody59 on 02/06/2015:
More progress--good job there!

The living social deal sounds like a winner! Hope all goes well with the kitty cat.

Husband's response was pretty funny!

thinnside40 on 02/06/2015:
Creepin' on down... :)

thinkpositive on 02/06/2015:
Sorry about your cat. Hope the medication helps.

museumgirl - Thursday Feb 05, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 156.3

 Weight this morning was 156.4, so I am going the right direction again, woo hoo!

Mr husband has been giving many compliments on my appearance lately. I think he is surprised that I am sticking with this. I didn't tell him my weight, but he can do math, and he was very surprised when I said I planned to lose another 25-30 pounds. He said I was getting "pretty slim" already. Well, that's an exaggeration, he was just used to the very round me, so by comparison I suppose I look "slim", but 150s is not where I plan to stop - still considered "overweight" for my height (5'5").

Breakfast was oatmeal and flax seeds and a little maple syrup, and fresh blueberries (on sale, yaay!) Frozen are ok, but fresh are so much better.

lunch and dinner will be some combination of the things I have already made - the barley risotto and the potato&spinach curry, which came out tasty, even though I added tons more seasoning than the recipe called for, and served over brown rice. I think my whole body smells like spices now, and I hope it is not offensive to other people. 

Lots more taxi-driving today - loaned son the car so DIL can go to her counseling appt (cross fingers on that!!) and took mr husband to work so I could take granddaughter to preschool....so later I need to pick her up, then pick him up, and take her home, and then....go home and pass out I suppose! Spent over 2 hours in the car this morning and probably will be the same later. Thank goodness its only 2 days a week. Son seriously needs to get his car fixed again!!!!

Sorry, just venting. Watching a webcast from Burda style today on copying your ready-to-wear clothes. I have a designer dress I'd love to make another of - my first and only designer purchase (thrifted of course, you know me!) and I have worn it 4 times in 5 days, I love it that much! So maybe I can make it again in another fabric. May run errands later if i can stand being in the car, but may just stay home and do laundry. Its super cold here, but sunny and pretty.

Hope everyone is having a good week, take care and be healthy!


Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 26.3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/05/2015:
You're doing well. I love when my husband, or anyone, notices I'm getting smaller. Very motivating.

museumgirl on 02/05/2015:
Yes it is! I don't notice it much, so its nice to have affirmation.

liza36 on 02/05/2015:
Compliments are so nice - especially from my husband! Keep up the good job.

museumgirl on 02/05/2015:
Thanks! It is nice to have my efforts noticed.

puddles on 02/05/2015:
Congrats with the scale. Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 02/05/2015:

Jezebel on 02/05/2015:
Yay on the compliments. YAY on the loss. I'm a half inch shorter thank you and I've always thought 150 was thin enough for me but never could get below 153. My doc said 140? That's a big pill for me to swallow? He wants me in the middle of the BMI range. I can't imagine going any lower, but best wishes to you. Please post a selfie in the designer dress :)

museumgirl on 02/05/2015:
I think actual "weight" is pretty subjective up to a point....I typically weigh more than I look like, but I've seen women my height who look pretty great at 170...but not me! We all have a point that seems most comfortable and I think overall health is more important than hitting that specific number. that said..I am obsessed with numbers, so I'll probably never be happy with my weight completely... :) I will try and take a pic of the dress.

thinnside40 on 02/05/2015:
You ever try the steel cut oats? I didn't think I'd like them, but they remind me of my grandad's creamy oatmeal us grandkids never could figure out how to make. Our kids like them a lot too... Your doing terrific and kudos to your husband on noticing and letting you know he's proud of you.

museumgirl on 02/06/2015:
I do like them, but they aren't as quick and easy as the old fashioned rolled oats. I have them every now and then. Yes, it is nice that he notices and thinks to comment. He's not a big one for compliments, so its extra nice when he bothers.

museumgirl - Wednesday Feb 04, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 156.3

Whew! busy day for some reason. I'm playing taxi-cab and it takes a lot of time.

Scale is still at 157 but I'm not changing my stats again yet. I am hopeful.....

Made a barley risotto yesterday - it was pretty good, but needs more seasoning.

Tonight I'm making a potato lentil curry with spinach. The whole house smells good now (If you like curry!!) I'm not the biggest fan, but this was something new and looked good and warm and filling.

Breakfast was leftover greens, lunch was a couple pieces of braised endive. I just didn't have time to eat anything else.

Mr husband paid me a great compliment yesterday on my appearance and health, and how happy he is I'm off most of the heart/bp drugs. He just said he can see the diet is working for me, he just can't get into the food himself. I can see that - I see a lof of people say it is really difficult. For some reason its not for me. Maybe because i like the challenge, and I don't have to cook for kids!

A close friend has been diagnosed with cancer and is interested in trying an alkalyzing diet to see if it will slow the growth of the tumor. She's totally committed to trying it, so I'm going to see what I can find to help her with recipes, etc. She's a dear, wonderful person, as is her husband.

Well, time to go stir the food

Hope everyone had a good day

Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 26.3 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 02/04/2015:
You had a really good reason to adopt the diet and that's pretty much what it takes for most people--a health challenge.

Food is soo personal when it comes down to it!

museumgirl on 02/05/2015:
absolutely true. Food religion and politics now seem to be the taboo topics for cocktail parties! But food is sooo tied into our health and well-being, I think it bears a little investigation when things aren't going well, to see how diet may affect it.

thinkpositive on 02/04/2015:
You have a right to feel proud of your accomplishments.

grannyannie on 02/05/2015:
You've made a lot of progress! Well done!

Umpqua on 02/05/2015:
Those foods all sound wonderful! I was wondering if your husband had gone vegan with you. Mine did, and we both pretty much gave it up at the same time. He has the added challenge of not liking most cooked vegetables, he prefers them raw, which doesn't allow for much variety. That's great that he's so encouraging and supportive of you, it makes all the difference!

museumgirl on 02/05/2015:
Mine is totally supportive of me, but hates cooked veggies (with a few exceptions) and beans. So kinda hard to eat the plant (starch) based diet and not eat a baked potato or some split peas! He has said though he notices the changes in me, so maybe he'll try a few things eventually. Even adding in the veggies and cutting back on meats a couple days a week would make a difference. Thanks for your kind words :)

museumgirl - Tuesday Feb 03, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 156.3

Good morning everyone,

I missed a day or so posting here, but everything is fine in this part of the world. We were snowed in yesterday - well, I was, mr husband managed to get out and go to work. I had a snow day, so I did something I haven't done in a while...I read. Most of the day! It was the first totally relaxing day I can remember. Actually, I also did some laundry, cleaned the bathroom and washed dishes, but other than that...

Foster cat Laney is being a grouch to Violet, which makes us sad. And Laney already peed on the spare bedroom bed. Its covered in plastic, but still, we know she does it to mark territorty. hence the laundry.....We're justing giving Violet extra love to help her through the stress. 

Food was not good Sunday  - the snow storm messed with my brain I guess, and I made cookies and we ate them all. Boo. Yesterday was good, though, and this morning I am at 157.4, so not too worried. I haven't seen that lovely 156.3 since that first day, so guess it was a llittle bounce. It will be back!

oatmeal for breakfast, as usual. lunch is some homemade split pea and vegetable soup I made Sunday. I didn't have fresh carrots, but I had a bag of frozen "soup vegetables" so I water-sauteed some onions and celery and garlic, threw in the veggies and a bunch of herbs/spices, and the dry peas. Made a pretty delicious soup, and filling, too.

I'm reading the book "A distant mirror" by Barbara Tuchman - she's a wonderful writerand I have enjoyed her essays but never got around to this book before. I started to read it when I finished college, but it felt too much like a text of what I had just been studying (a lot of my history classes were in Early Modern Europe). Now, 15 years later, it is fun to read again. My point is, the peasants then, (even army foot soldiers) subsisted on peas, beans, fruit, and the occassional poultry, olive oil, nuts, etc., They didn't have potatoes yet and rarely got meat. It made me think about whether there is any truth to be taken from the ideas of what your ancestors ate being genetically good, or bad, as they case may be.

Also reminds me of something my father told me about a study done on US civil war prisoners - the ones from cities, especially the poor boys, where they didn't have a diet with much meat, tended to do much better under the terrible circumstances than the "farm boys" who were used to getting more meat and fat in their diets. I haven't found that study to read it myself, but it did pique my interest to see if I can find what he was talking about. 

As far as eating for your "genetic" type, I guess we'd all have to have ourselves tested, right? I mean, to look at me, you would guess the middle-european Polish genes took precedence, but it could also be the scadinavian, or even the native american (give me my potatoes and corn...). Or it could all just be bunk and we can eat whatever makes us feel good....

Sorry for the ramble. Just my random thoughts this morning. Heading off the work soon, provided I can get out of the driveway....

Have a good day everyone,


Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 26.3 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/03/2015:
I remember reading something about Finland - I think it was part of the China Study or maybe related to it. It had to do with meat and dairy being scarce during the many years when they were fighting Russia, and heart disease and even cancer rates (I believe) went way down during that time. There's a notable dip, then when farming got reestablished the rates went right back up.

Fostering a cat is tough stuff when you have a cat at home. Our cats were not at all happy when MIL's cat spent a month with us and he ended up ruining a couch. You're providing a great service there!

museumgirl on 02/03/2015:
Yes, we have 2 cats, plus one foster, and now a second foster. My cats are cool with it all, its the fosters who have some adjusting to do! At least everything in my house is washable! I really have to read the whole China Study - I've watched some webcasts of T. Colin Campbell, but should really go the the full study.

thinnside40 on 02/03/2015:
I wish I could enjoy reading books. Magazines and short stories are about it for me. Have a good day!

BellaK on 02/03/2015:
I ate 'everything' in sight Sunday. Thank God for new beginnings....

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