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museumgirl - Saturday Jan 31, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 156.3

Good morning everyone!

Well, unless a minor miracle occurs, i will not see 155 tomorrow - between the salty food and yesterday's pizza (no cheese, whole wheat crust, but still pizza....) i am retaining water. Not weight gain, but water due to salty food not cooked by me. i am ok with that, although mr husband pointed it its the first time i haven't made a goal. Setting a number goal by a date is really rather arbitrary, so I'm happy just to be in the neighborhood of the goal at this point ;)

Having an easy day today. i did a lot of cleaning and organizing yesterday, so today i plan to run the vacuum and maybe, just maybe, clean the bathroom. other than that, not much planned, maybe have some fun....tomorrow is back to work and back to my regular schedule.

have a great day everyone,

Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 26.3 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/31/2015:
You are right I am happy if I am close to the number I wanted to reach. It is in no way negative. It is just something to aim for. You are doing great we always have to look at where we started to give us that extra boost. Have a great weekend M.

biscottibody59 on 01/31/2015:
You're still doing great--keep up the good work!

thinnside40 on 01/31/2015:
Have fun letting the day unfold. No plan days are nice!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/01/2015:
have a nice day, M. if you don't reach the number tomorrow, it doesn't mean you will never reach it! :) you will!

i hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

museumgirl - Friday Jan 30, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 156.3

Good morning everyone!

Got a good night's rest last night, and feel great this morning.

Washed the museum stairs yesterday - silly me, it is only 6 flights, not 8, and only took my about 1/2 an hour, then I vacuumed the first floor, and it looks pretty good now.

Stopped by the Polish Market yesterday to pick up real periogies for mr husband, and was just craving all those wonderful pickled and fermented foods they do there....made a dinner from my leftover rice/spinach bake and tons of red cabbage, pickles and beets. All but the beets were high in sodium, and boy are my fingers swollen today! I must have needed the "alkalyzing" affect of all that food, because it is low in calories, but I could not stop eating it! Needless to say, the scale said 157.2 this morning, but I am not panicking, because there has to be at least a pound of water in my hands alone! I'll drink a lot of water today...

I am more determined than ever to get to my goal, and perhaps beyond.  It is still January, but longer days have me already thinking about spring weather, and getting out and walking more and working in the garden. Realistically, we are 2 months from gardening, even just the clean-up, but I still think about it. Haven't done much exercise so far, it has been a week of "catching up" after having our granddaughter here, but I need to get serious about something soon. Just not feeling motivated to take a class or anything, so I'll have to decide what will work...

Breakfast - oatmeal, flax seed and maple syrup, decaf coffee

lunch: probably the remainder of the rice/spinach bake, but I'll stick to the beets (low sodium) and not add the cabbage and pickles today!

Dinner: tbd

have a great day everyone


Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 26.3 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/30/2015:
You sure put in a good day of work yesterday. Yes Spring is just around the corner. Wishing you a great day M.

thinnside40 on 01/30/2015:
Spring sounds real good! Have a terrific day...

SkinInTheGame on 01/30/2015:
Yeah! Great job staying in the 150's! So happy for you!

Jezebel on 01/30/2015:
I had to google "alkalizing affect" but glad I did. I stumbled onto "ph in diet" a few weeks ago and made a note to look into it, but forgot. Apparently I've been "alkalizing" the last couple of days as well. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend.

Umpqua on 01/30/2015:
Thanks for the reminder that I have actual gardens outside under all the snow :P I love to garden too and it's good exercise, especially the spring cleanup. Something to look forward to for sure!

liza36 on 01/30/2015:
You do sound determined - keep it up!

museumgirl - Thursday Jan 29, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 156.3

 good morning!

The scale finally moved downward again and I updated stats. :)

Rough night with little granddaughter - she stayed with us so she can go to preschool tomorrow, but she just could not go to sleep! Not much sleep for anyone round here, and now a late start to the day....

Breakfast - we had our oatmeal w/maple syrup, fruit and I had coffee

lunch: leftovers of some sort. I have a rice/spinach bake from last night and a chickpea soup-ish stuff, I could chose from either - whatever is left will be the dinner

Well, little one is starting to throw oatmeal on the floor, so I gotta go!

Great day to all!


Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 26.3 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 01/29/2015:
Maybe you can catch a little nap somewhere.... Hope your day improves... Congrats on the 156.3 :)

puddles on 01/29/2015:
Congrats on the scale moving. I can remember those sleepless nights with the kids. Not exactly something that I miss. Try to get some rest today and hope you have a great one.

BellaK on 01/29/2015:
Woot! Great job - keep up the good work! PS: Sleep deprivation and diets don't go well together. Hope you can get a nap in...

museumgirl - Wednesday Jan 28, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

 Good morning everyone,

After all of yesterday's comments about the great exercise I was planning in washing the museum stairs, I am very sorry to tell you, it didn't happen. I spent the whole morning shopping for showcase lighting and locks and a humidifier, and by the time I removed the old lights, altered a lock and installed one new light, the day was about over. So the stair washing is on tap for Thursday instead, and I am still at 157.

Going to lunch with my good friend today. We see each other onWednesdays, usually during museum open hours, but since this is my last "free" Wednesday in a loooong time, we're going to lunch instead. She and her husband are in process of buying an old fixer-upper house, and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Its cold here, but so grateful we are not gettiing the awful snowstorm some of you are. I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/flax seed and maple syrup, decaf coffee, sliced peaches

lunch: the place we're going is a Mexican-style, so I am planning on their lo-cal black bean and corn salsa salad, without the dressing, just extra salsa, that should be a good pick.

dinner; tbd

Have a good day everyone,


Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 01/28/2015:
Have a wonderful day!

puddles on 01/28/2015:
Have a great time with the girlfriend's luncheon. I so enjoy those time with the girls. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 01/28/2015:
Your lunch choice sounds yummy, enjoy!

nenak on 01/28/2015:
Yum yum x

museumgirl - Tuesday Jan 27, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

Good morning everyone,

Last night was a "dessert" night - not planned, but not regretted either. Weight is still at 157, and with only a couple days of January left, I probably won't see 155 before then. Oh well. happier at 157 than anything higher, so no real complaints. I haven't been that good, not exercising or anything, so don't really expect more results than this.

Sunny and cold here today, but we didn't get the snow the NE US got, so grateful for that.

today will be washing the stairs at the museum; there are 3 floors and a basement, so 8 flights of stairs, and they get really cruddy. My volunteer dusted 4 rooms and hallways yesterday, so when i do the stairs and floors, we will be in nice shape to reopen on Sunday.

Sticking with the eating plan today, and no more desserts for a while. Finally have my car back from my son - his seems to be fixed, at last - so I may run a few errands after work today.

Nothing else very exciting to report.

Have a good Tuesday everyone

Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/27/2015:
Washing those stairs should be some good exercise for you. Have a good one!

thinkpositive on 01/27/2015:
Wow, that is dedication! Two of the guides at my museum dust and vacuum. I would be too nervous to touch all of the precious ceramics! Sometimes dessert is needed. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/27/2015:
I hope you got the stairs washed and everything is good to go! That's a LOT of work!!! Cleaning can be quite the exercise...!

thinnside40 on 01/27/2015:
You never know... Hope your surprised when you step on the scale. Maybe the dessert made your body work a little bit harder to burn the calories washing those steps :)

museumgirl - Monday Jan 26, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

Good morning everyone, and happy Monday.

Granddaughter is home with her parents now. We are going to take her Wednesday and Thursday so she can continue with her preschool. She likes it there, and DIL thought it was a good thing for everyone if we continue. So we'll have her one night a week, and she can go to "school" two days. I am happy with that, as I think it will help all the way around, especially for the little one. 

It sure is quiet in the house this morning.... 

Weight still at 157, but that is ok, it has not "bounced" up at all, so I know it will go down again. I am so happy with the progress I have made over the past 6 months. to think where I was six months ago....shudder. If I had continued I know I would be really sick now and instead, I feel like I have a new life

I really need to exercise, and now I have no excuses, so i'll come up with some sort of a plan to get the body moving again.

Last night we went out for Ethiopian food  - so delicous! Felt like we ate so much, but all vegetables. I know they use niter kibbe, a butter, but other than that, I believe it is healthy food.

Today breakfast is oatmeal w/flax seed and maple syrup, decaf coffee. Lunch is a ww pita with homemade hummus and bean sprouts, and a side of my taboule

dinner is still be be planned.

Good luck to everyone in the NE US waiting for the snowstorm, hope you are all safe and warm. And a good day to everyone else

Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 01/26/2015:
Happy Monday!

museumgirl on 01/26/2015:
Thank you!

Umpqua on 01/26/2015:
That's great that you have come up with an arrangement that will work for all the family members! Ethiopian food is so delicious and I also think it's pretty healthy, especially the veggie stuff. Injera bread is just SO yummy, I crave that stuff sometimes but my attempts to make it at home have never worked out so well. Have a good one!

museumgirl on 01/26/2015:
Yes, I'm pleased she liked the idea, it will be good for the baby and for her. Yes, I LOVE Ethiopian food, and its about the only way to get mr husband to eat healthy!

puddles on 01/26/2015:
I am glad that your DIL thought it was a great idea to keep your granddaughter in the day care for those two day. I am sure that it reassure you. Have a great day M.

museumgirl on 01/26/2015:
It does, really. Keeps me in the loop and keeps her in a good place that will help her in the long run. And gives DIL a little break, which we know she needs. I hope it all works out.

nenak on 01/26/2015:
Have a great day x

museumgirl on 01/26/2015:

thinkpositive on 01/26/2015:
Sounds like a good plan for your granddaughter.

thinkpositive on 01/26/2015:
Sounds like a good plan for your granddaughter.

museumgirl - Sunday Jan 25, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!

It is my last Sunday off until Easter, so yippee, I am enjoying it. We are taking granddaughter back to her mother after her nap this afternoon, then mr husband and I are going out to dinner/drinks and just relax as grown-ups again. We have loved having her with us so much, but it is an adjustment for two middle-aged independent people!

Weight is stll at 157, which is good considering yesterday i went completely off-plan in a weird situation. We were driving around, and ended up on an island (grosse ile) and suddenly were starving and had to use the restroom. Well, there are only 2 places to eat on the island, and granddaughter was getting fussy, so we stopped at a coney island 25 minutes before they closed! Ordered a grilled cheese for her, and it came with fries. I didn't order myself anything - there was really nothing I coudl eat on the menu except a salad, and I didn't want to put the girl out that close to closing time.....but I ended up eating 1/2 the grilled cheese and about 2/3 of the fries. Normally I'll just wait until we get somewhere else, but I was tired, she was crabby, and well, it happened....

Boy did I regret it. I haven't had fried food in months and months and my stomach was NOT happy. So, no weight damage done, but I won't have a problem avoiding fries ever in the future!

Made hummus and taboule for dinner, and felt my body was back on even-keel after the little derailment :)

So working now toward getting to 155. Can't believe I am typing that number. I keep checking myself to be sure, really, I'm in the 150s? it has been decades, literally. What a feeling. I'll probably faint when I see 149! Wondering if I should change my end-goal weight to a lower weight. Looking at charts, BMI, etc., it seems I may be best around 120-125, which is where I was in high school, and when I got married 30 years ago.....

Oh well, one pound at a time....

Took measurements today, and I've continued to lose, even in the bust, AT LAST! No offense, but I am rather chesty and I absolutely hate it. I'd actually like to have a pear-ish shape instead, but we all want something different, don't we? 

hope everyone is enjoying the day. Weather isn't very pretty here, but I have a lovely little girl to look at, so it is a good day :)



Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/25/2015:
Your doing real good. Adult time wow that will be a nice change. I have also been pondering changing my goal weight but will not do so until I reach my first goal and then I will make that decision. One thing at a time is how I see it. Have a great night out. M

museumgirl on 01/25/2015:
Yes, I was thinking that, too....let's see 130 then worry about getting any lower. charts give such conflicting information, it makes it confusing!

getmebackto150 on 01/25/2015:
I totally would have caved on the grilled cheese too...We all have those moments... Yay for losing inches!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

thinnside40 on 01/25/2015:
Hope the adjustments bring everybody happiness and healing. :)

museumgirl - Saturday Jan 24, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

Happy Saturday everyone!

so I had to order my bras from Amazon, since I am now at a size that no one in the metro area carries - at least in the style I prefer. I went down a band size, but not a cup, so now I am in one of those weird "no-one-is-that-size categories, apparently lol. anyhow, they are here and boy does it feel better to wear properly fitting undergarments!

Yesterday was a busy day with the granddaughter. Her daddy came and saw her again (saw her Thursday, too.) He loves her so much, it is fun to see them together. They really want her to be with them again, so I see that as a good sign they are ready to start working on being a family again. I can only hope :)

Made some low-fat oatmeal cookies yesterday - they were really good. Basically bananas, applesauce, oatmeal, vanilla, baking soda, raisins, and then I went all-in and added cocoa powder and a dash of maple syrup. So they are basically all whole-foods (except the syrup) and granddaughter just loves them! 

Sticking at 157 (probably those extra cookies!) but its ok. I want to be at 155 by the end of the month, and I think I can do it. Then I hope to be under 150 by the end of February, which should also be attainable. 

Haven't had breakfast yet, just coffee, but I'll probably have oatmeal again, and fruit, and lunch will be mustard greens (Hello, my name is M and I am a slow-cooked greens addict....) and baked potatoes again. Dinner....not sure yet.

Kind of dreary here today, but I did some sewing yesterday, and may do some today. I need to make a high-chair pad for granddaughter. I know, she's been here almost 2 weeks, and I haven't had time to get the supplies until now, but at least she'll have it when she visits.

If it doesn't rain, I may try to get in some exercise outside today, but don't hold your breath! :)

Hope everyone is having a good day. 



Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 01/24/2015:
It's good to hear your positive outlook... Good weekend to you!

puddles on 01/24/2015:
Interesting project. Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend.

museumgirl - Friday Jan 23, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

Good morning everyone, it is Friday again!

Yesterday was a good day - a truly GOOD day. Had a long talk with son, and felt encouraged by where he is right now. Also with DIL. They want to have their daughter back with them sunday. I feel this is too soon, but they seem determined. They are both making some bit of progress and both taking steps to improve things. Would I like to wait another month and see if they follow through? Yes. Do I have the legal right to do so? No. My plan at this point is to see if I can keep granddaughter Wednesday and thursday so she can have 2 days at her "school" with the other children, and give DIL a break as she eases into this again. I hope she will be agreeable to this, but we'll talk this weekend.

Granddaugther no longer wakes in the night or cries in her sleep. We have made such progress in making her feel secure. Do I want my old life back? Yes and no. I will miss her so much and its been less than 2 weeks, so I know how her mother must feel. Anyway, I thank all of you who made supportive comments, wishes, prayers and positive energy for us over the past tumultuous days. It means so much to me.

Yesterday I made a cornmeal crust pizza with endive, tomatoes and mushrooms. It was really good, but I at the whole thing, which was about 900 calories, for dinner!!! So yesterday's calories were about 1-1600. Not terrible, but probably too much for me to lose any weight. (Yes, I know I'm not required to count now, but its an old habit)

I haven't weighed yet this morning, but I'll update the stats if there's an improvement. At least I am feeling really good, healthy and energetic. 

I know people wonder about a vegan diet and your energy, protein, etc., but I can honestly tell you I have not had this much energy or sense of well-being and calm  - even through this crisis - in decades. So apparently it is the right thing for me.

I was told by an old "hippie" in the health food store (I LOVE those guys, don't you?) that blood type A people do better as vegetarians, but without all that "soy crap" (his words) most veggies eat. I was heading that way already so I read about it. It seems a little weird, but I figured what the ___, I've tried everything else - low fat, low carb, Atkins, South Beach, Underburner's, liquid diets, pills (OTC - what garbage, just caffeine!) blah blah blah. So why not try this? 

It feel like it was the magic key for me.  It's not "a diet" it is my diet - what I eat. Who would have thought? Where was this when I was struggling in my 20s? Why was this written off as "extreme" when all the other much more extreme methods were being put out there on the cover of every magazine each week? Hmmm. makes you wonder. 

Again, its not for everyone, I will never be one to tell others how to do anything. But I sure am happy I found it. I owe a HUGE thanks to Biscotti and the direction she encouraged me to look. THANKS!

Sorry for the long post, More later,


Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/23/2015:
I agree with you Biscotti is a gem when it comes to getting good information. Hope that all works out with our son and his wife for your granddaughter's sake. You have to trust it will be good. Have a great day M.

thinnside40 on 01/23/2015:
I have a friend who's not eaten meat since she was 7. Now 46. She is as I am overweight. I say this lovingly and nothing against her, but she is larger than I. She eats veggies, but is a HUGE carb & sugar eater. Her cholesterol, b.p. etc. are all "perfect" according to her last physical. Each person is different no doubt. I'm a Type "A" and just found that out a couple months back... It's a lifestyle and not a diet for me :)

biscottibody59 on 01/24/2015:
You've made this seem so easy--and I know it's not, but when something works, it works! And you've derived so much benefit in such a short time--Good Going and keep up the good work!

It's the way a large segment of the world eats on a regular basis (though that's changing quickly). China has a huge T2 diabetes problem now that didn't exist before KFC, McD's, etc came on strong in the cities.

You've mentioned me a couple of times and I appreciate it. I'm glad something I suggested has helped you so. It's a nice feeling! Thanks!

I hope you come to an agreement with your son/DIL that suits you all, and especially your granddaughter! Also good news that things are looking up with their situation.

museumgirl - Thursday Jan 22, 2015
(plant-based diet per Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall)
Weight: 157.0

Last night had a sushi craving - found our local place (best in the county) can do brown rice, so I had about 1.5 veggie rolls and some miso soup I made at home. nothing terrible, but too much salt, evenwith my low sodium tamari, so scale showed up a pound, and I am sure that is water retention. Also had a piece of ww pita bread with the dinner for some strange reason.

anyway, rest of the day's food was good. Granddaughter had such a good time at her daycare/school, she didn't want to come home yesterday afternoon. She ran up and gave one of the teachers a big hug when we got there. She's a "grandmotherly" person, too, so that probably makes her feel secure and happy. She has a runny nose now, though, after being around other kids. Ah the joys of childhood. 

Food today will be something typical. I have leftover miso soup for lunch and a couple pieces of sushi I may as well finish off. Oatmeal for breakfast of course, and 1/2 a banana.

Going to try and finish some things at work today, and if there is any time left, I may get that bra shopping in. I am just not sure if I am going down a size or not....sometimes is seems I have too much room, and the bands are on the tightest hooks, and I don't  think they are supporting as much as they could. But they aren't uncomfortable....we'll see. I am looking forward to it, just to have the time to myself lol.

I was really, really tired last night. I think the schedule is going to take some time to get used to. I typically have a very quiet morning before work, but now I have to swing into action and stay on task. This is the first morning that I've been ready before she's awake, and today I have the luxury of going into work a bit late if need be. So I thought I'd post this while I have the time.

Been reading everyone's posts even if I don't comment - I am thinking you all and wishing you well in your journey. Love that some people posted pictures, too.

Wishing everyone a very good day,


Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/22/2015:
Glad to hear your granddaughter is adapting so well and that she is happy. Take time to rest when you can - keep yourself balanced. Wishing you a great day.

thinnside40 on 01/22/2015:
Hope you can go shopping. Even if you don't wear the new bra right now, you'll have it when your sure you do need it... :)

Umpqua on 01/22/2015:
I LOVE sushi so your dinner sounds scrumptious and healthy to me. I've given up using any type of soy sauce or tamari with it - I just do the ginger and wasabi to reduce the salt. Good news on your granddaughter!

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