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pastagal - Thursday Jun 27, 2002
Weight: 125.1

Good morning everyone,,well yesterday was a great day for me,i went to town,,had my nails done,,then looked around the mall a bit,,then i went to my daughters work and picked her and my grandson up and took them to lunch with me,,,then after i left her i went to Bel Air and bought some stuff i needed,,,oh wait before that i went to Toy's R Us and got the lil kitchen set for ashley for the playroom at my house,its so cute,has a lil stove that lights up when you turn it on and the kitchen sink when it turns on it sounds like running water coming from it,a microwave that turns and buzzer goes off when done,,,its just really cute,also bought a thing full of different kinds of foods and pots and pans and dishes,,she is so excited about it,,i love to spoil them;}}

Then i came home and put things away,,my mom stayed here for me while i went and she was concerned about my MIL,,we seriously think she has had another stroke cause she can not hold her head up at all anymore and i have to prop her head with pillows so she doesn't lean way down in the bed,,,it is getting harder and harder to care for her,,my mom says she just doens't know how i do it and i don't know some times either,but i just seem to do and not think about it to much.

well i have decided that after this week i am going to start cooking alot healthier for me and hubby,i still have this problem when i go buy food i am thinking of the kids and grandkids and seems everyone but ME and hubby,,strange as that sounds,,my kids don't eat here very often anymore,but it is like,ok i need to cook this just incase they come by and want to eat dinner with us,,but ya know,thats going to stop and i am going to concentrate on cooking for me and for hubbies health,,my BP and cholestrol is worrying me,i am back having chest pains now and then,,my eyes having the bad spells again and tired tired alot and its starting to scare me,,and hubby hasn't been himself lately,he seems more tired,stressed and his diet is off whack also,he is going without all day and coming home so hungry and eating way to much,,so if i fix nothing but healthy things,then if he over eats it won't be so bad,,right?

Also he keeps reminding me that i have not got back into useing my treadmill yet,which i need to and should for the cholestrol problem,,that really helps to lower it by walking daily,,so why don't i do it,i seem to find excuse after excuse lately,,,thats gotta stop to,,,Well going to work on a new plan today and try to get myself geared up to doing something different and get out of this rut i feel i am in lately,,,so hope everyone has a great day,,,time to get mine going ,,,got lots of stuff to do around here today,,

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,One day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster;}}

BREAKFAST:1 English muffin w/jelly(2pts)v8 juice(0pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:Tuna salad sandwich w/lettuce and tomatoe on the side(5pts)dill pickles(0pts)1 cup soup(1pt)Peach(1pt)Ice tea

DINNER:1 cup soup(1pt)cup fruit(1pt)crackers(2pts)Ice tea

Thought last night was the kitchen party,its tonight:} so will have a snack there,,,,have a great day!!

misha on 06/27/2002:
It sounds as if you have lot of stress in your life. Stress can impact us physically -- walking on the treadmill is a good way to monitor your cholestrol and stress levels. Why is it mothers always think about their kids at the eexpens eof themselves? My mom does the same thing -- I always tell her to put herself first. But some things will never change. I am glad that you are having such fun with the kiddies. Take care of yourself


kyrin on 06/27/2002:
Hi, Pasta!

Is there some financial reason that you can't turn MIL over to other caregivers? There is little left that you can do for her...and a lot that you need to be doing for yourself.

You said yourself that you need to be taking better care of <u>you</u>. How would you feel, if your daughter had to make the commitment to care for you if you had a stroke (or worse) because you aren't taking the time to keep yourself healthy? You've been a loving care provider for your MIL for more than 11 years. Turn the care over to professionals. Don't you think she would want you to do that, for your health and well being? If she could tell you herself, what would she say?

Concerned for you, Pasta...


inmorning on 06/27/2002:
Just a quick thought. I don't know if this would help you or not but sometimes I cook meals in advance and then freeze them. That way if someone stops by I just have to thaw and heat. This way, if you don't use it, you don't have to go and buy more groceries because you still have stuff left in the freezer. I realize this might not be feasible for you but maybe it will help.

herb on 06/27/2002:
It's nice that you bought Ashley that play kitchen. but in addition to that you've got to bring her into gtandmas kitchen, and let her watch, and maybe even give her some small jobs. I remember when I was a kid my grandmothers always found things for me to do in the kitchen. These are times I reflect back on: the warmth, the smell. and the love. You couldn't give that 3"?" year old better memories.

Secondly, take care of yourself, and Rodger.

eighty-five on 06/28/2002:
I�m not taking BP meds, we are still in the gray zone, I hope that with the weight loss things will even out. Did they up your meds because of the palpitations or did you experience the palpitations because of the meds, I didn�t understand. The first time I had that problem was in the middle of the night, that was really scary. Thanks for writing.

I hope you can manage to rein the cooking in, kids can always benefit from the good example, with the right sales approach you might even help them discover something that�s good for them. I bet you can have Ashley whipping all kind of imaginary good stuff on that new kitchen set. Take care�

pastagal - Wednesday Jun 26, 2002
Weight: 125.1

Well thought i would do my entry tonight because in the morning i will be leaving early to go to town,,,my mother is coming over to sit at the house so i can get out,i am going to go have my nails done and have lunch and go to the mall for a bit i think,,won't be gone all day,just a few hours,,

Tonight my grandson brad came over and begged to stay the night,but he didn't really have to beg,i would keep him all the time if he wanted to stay with us;} i dearly love these three grandkids i have:}}}

Well me and hubby and brad went swimming tonight and had so much fun,i hate to get my hair wet or have my face splashed and well,two against one,,,i lost and ended up with my hair soaked and makeup running down my face,lol,,

I wasn't able to get on and make many comments today,i did read most everyone,i feel like i am so behind on here,,but i will get caught up,so hope all of you are doing good,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you to goal alot faster;}

BREAKFAST:v8 juice(0pts)bowl cereal(3pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:Eating out today:}}

DINNER:Hambuger w/mustard&ketchup&lettuce &tomatoe(6pts)dill pickles(0pts)2 cups watermelon(2pts)Ice tea

Snack: Going to a Kitchen party tonight,so i am sure i will have something there;}

kanga on 06/26/2002:
The at home kit, do you purchasr that on-line or do yougo to a weight watchers center and get it there? Forgive my knot on a log-ness. Have fun at the mall, its been so long since I malled alone! Have fun for both of us!

misha on 06/26/2002:
That sounds like so much fun I always have enjoyed a good water fight especially, with family memebers. It must have melted your heart when Brad begged to stay Moments like that I want to fold up and keep them in my pocket. Have fun today getting your nails done


MichelleP on 06/26/2002:

Enjoy your day! I bet your nails will look wonderful! A day out will lift the spirits! Hugs!!

garlic on 06/26/2002:
You are the best grandma I know!!!! I wish my in-laws felt that way about my kids. My parents are deceased. Those kids are so lucky to have such a big place in your heart. You are a wonderful lady!!!

pastagal - Tuesday Jun 25, 2002
Weight: 125.1

Took a few days off again,,combination of things going on with me,,but i am back now and hopefully i can get caught up,,i see we have alot of new ones ,,

I have a busy week this week with grandkids,,my lil granddaughter is out of preschool daycare this whole week,so i have her,,and i also have lil zach and brad,,and yesterday i didn't feel real great,been having alittle trouble with my BP being higher than normal and not sure why,,but i am working hard on getting it down.

So how is everyone? I see alot of you are looking into the Dr.Phil program he has been talking about,i think he is such a smart man and when he speaks people really listen.

My MIL we think has had another small stroke,its hard to tell tho,the nurse came by this morning and checked her out and said she has the symptoms of another stroke,,,there is nothing they can do for her at this point tho,just very stressful ,,,but i just deal with it the best i can,i guess i should be use to it by now after caring for her as long as i have,,11 yrs is a long time.

Well our weather here in calif is warm right now,tomorrow is going to hit the triple digits they predict,,i have been doing alot of swimming and so have the kids.Tomorrow i have just ashley so my mom is going to come over and sit here at the house and watch ashley for me and MIL while i run to town and have the oil changed in my Tahoe,she is bringing my lil neice with her to play with ashley,so they should have fun,,,,well guys,,glad to see everyone is doing ok and i will try to get caught up on entries and commenting,but if i don't get to everyone please don't think i am avoiding your or ignoring your entries,i am just very busy babysitting and can't take my eyes off the lil ones for very long periods ,,,,

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?Also,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you to your goal faster,,,,

BREAKFAST:1 scramble egg,,(2pts)2 diet toast(1pt)w/sf jelly,,v8 juice(0pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:Tuna sandwich 1/2(3pt)dill pickles(0pts)1 cup tomatoe soup(1pt)1 peach(1pt) Ice tea

DINNER:Spanish rice(6pts)green salad w/ff italian dressing(0pts)green beans(0pts)fruit cup(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:popcorn(1pt)tootsi pop(1pt)

kanga on 06/25/2002:
I think I remember that you do WW on-line. What are the plusus and minuses verses the traditional way there's no way with the two kids I could go to meetings. Just wondered if you would share your experience.

kanga on 06/25/2002:
I think I remember that you do WW on-line. What are the plusus and minuses verses the traditional way there's no way with the two kids I could go to meetings. Just wondered if you would share your experience.

kyrin on 06/25/2002:
Hey, Pasta!

Glad to see that you are still perking right along. ...The rise in BP is kind of scarey...but you're exercising and taking care of yourself (and everyone else too). I know it's probably hard to find some "me" time with all that you do for everyone else, but you sure do deserve it.



MichelleP on 06/25/2002:

Yep you started a new trend with this Dr. Phil stuff! We will now call you trendsetterPastaGal!

Good luck with BP. I am sure you are doing everything right, I am betting its stress! Take care and get rest! Hugs

Soon2BThin on 06/25/2002:
Sorry I haven't been here lately to see how you're doing. I'm not real surprised about your BP since you must have quite a bit of stress over your MIL and grandkids. I hope you get some time for YOU, okay? That fire in AZ you mentioned is pretty far north of us. I'm in Tucson which is in the south-east corner and the fire is up in the north-east part of the state. We also had a big fire in the mountains near us awhile back. Thanks for asking though. It is really a bad year for fires, isn't it? I can't remember the last time we had a good rain. I think it may have been last summer. Our monsoon season is supposed to start in July usually. I hope we get some rain then. A lot of the fireworks for 4th of July are being cancelled here since it is so dry. Okay, Judy, I hope you have a good week. Guess I'll be back here full-time one of these days.

inmorning on 06/25/2002:
Wow, you are one busy woman. Remember to make sure you are taken care of while you are taking care of others. You can not help others if you are in poor health yourself. But God bless you for your giving spirit.

pastagal - Thursday Jun 20, 2002
Weight: 125.1

Took a couple days off ,have been busy with grandkids and today i had my free day to myself and just needed to rest up and collect my thoughts:} Its good to do that now and then,,hope everyone is doing good,,,

Thank you Soonie for asking about me and being concerned,,i have wondered about you also,hope you come back soon and start entering your entries for all to read,i always enjoyed reading what your day was like:}

I noticed we have alot of new ones again,thats always good to see.I watched Oprah yesterday and really enjoyed it again with Dr.Phil,he makes some good points and really makes one think :}

Well tomorrow i have ashley and brad all day,,they are really good for me and i enjoy having them:} Keeps me busy and thats a good thing,,well hope everyone has a wonderful day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster,,and remember,we all make choices everyday about every aspect of our lives,,make GOOD choices about a healthy lifestyle ok:}}

BREAKFAST:1 cup tomatoe soup(1pt)crackers(2pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)1 cup soup(1pt)dill pickles(0pts)SF jello w/ff coolwhip(0pts)Ice tea

DINNER:Homemade chicken noodle soup(2pts)small green salad w/dressing(2pt)1 cup watermelon(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:Tootsi pop(1pt)

inmorning on 06/20/2002:
Have a great day with those grandkids and thanks for all your inspiration.

misha on 06/20/2002:
It is nice to have a few days to ourselves just to contemplate. I hope you enjoyed your time. It must be wonderful to see your grandkids so often. That is a rarity today when families have become so spread out. Have a wonderful day

BellaK on 06/20/2002:
Hi Pasta! Enjoy your day-off cuz tomorrow you will be a busy lady with Ashley and Brad! LOL I wish I could watch Oprah, maybe I'll start taping her show. Have a great one! :o) Bella

inmorning on 06/20/2002:
I meant to ask you earlier, what is the point system at weight watchers, I have a good idea but what is the points you are allowed? Just wondering because I keep seeing all these points on people's journals.

Shaila on 06/20/2002:
Just wanted to let you know that I am sceptical of this diet as well. I usually take the more sensible approach. But, I figured it won't hurt me to try and see what happens. Tomorrow, I will go back to my regular diet which has been successful for me. After being Anorexic, I understand that doing this for too long could mess up my metabolism. That is a big reason why I have a weight issue to begin with.

MichelleP on 06/20/2002:

I agree Dr. Phil is right on the money. I would love to sit and talk with him someday. I know what he would say "girl you need to get real with yourself"! Good luck on your weigh-in tonight!

Take care and have a great night!

herb on 06/20/2002:
You gotta have a little patience with me, a lot's happened Wednesday & Thursday, and I've got to sort it out in my mind. You've gotta come back and reread Wedsdays page. Love 'ya

Esperanza on 06/21/2002:
I watched Dr. Phil yesterday too! He made some really good points! Take Care and have a wonderful day!!

:-) Esperanza

eighty-five on 06/21/2002:
Thanks for your encouragement- it means alot coming from you. You work hard to keep things simple and to keep you priorities straight, it's a great message for me to hear. Have a great day!

pastagal - Monday Jun 17, 2002
Weight: 125.1

Hope everyone is having a great day,i have lil zach today so gotta make this quick,,remember to drink your water,portion control,,,any exersise you can fit in your schedule,,,and remember,, being over weight is a Choice,,let take Control of that and make the Choice to be healthy ok:}}

Looking forward to Dr.Phil on oprah tomorrow,,don't forget to watch it:}}He may be blunt and to the point,but he is good at what he does.

Ok,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok??:}}

ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach goal faster;}}}

BREAKFAST:1 cup cereal w/lf milk(3pts)v8 juice(0pts)1/2 banana(1pt)Water

SNACK:1 peach(1pt)

LUNCH:1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)Sliced tomatoes&cucumbers w/ff italian dressing(0pts)1 cup watermelon(1pt)Ice tea

Snack;Tuna & crackers(3pts)

DINNER:Large Green salad w/chicken & dressing(5pts)2 cups watermelon(2pts)Corn on cob(1pt)1 cup brocolli w/butter(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:Popcorn(1pt)1 tootsi pop(1pt)

MichelleP on 06/17/2002:

I love Dr. Phil too! I am going to go to Oprahs site to see if I can find the show from last week. Have a wonderful day with grandson!!

eighty-five on 06/18/2002:
Thanks, Pastagal- made it though, working on having a good day here. One day at a time and consistency, right (who said that- that sounds familiar)?

misha on 06/18/2002:
thanks for your encouragement and I hope you had a wondeful day with zach. My friend swears by Dr. Phil and his advice. She relayed some of his advice to me this past month when I was a bit down on myself. She said that if life has just become a routine break out of it. To put myself first. It was harsh but it did motivate me. Again enjoy your day and good luck.

inmorning on 06/18/2002:
Hey, thanks for the nice message you left in my comments, it was much appreciated and you have a great day yourself. :~)

Soon2BThin on 06/20/2002:
Hey, Pasta! I noticed you haven't made an entry since Monday, so I wondered if you are okay. I haven't been here much myself, just too very busy lately. My mother is still in the rehab center so we are visiting her often and trying to keep her business (such as paying bills and other things) up to date and in order. She's been there for over 3 weeks now and had 2 surgeries on her back, the original one and one to get rid of the infection that had set in. Anyways, I check in to see how my "favorites" are all doing here and everyone is still doing great. I hope things are okay with you. See you later.

pastagal - Saturday Jun 15, 2002
Weight: 125.1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIESANGLE:}}}Hope your day a is everything you want it to be and more,,tho sounds like it might not be with company,,but who knows,,maybe it will turn out good;}}I know you deserve a nice day just for you,,so enjoy.

Well i am going to clean house today and just work around here,got lots i want and need to do,,,clean ceiling fans,,shampoo family room ,clean all the bathrooms and tile in them,,dust the whole house,,then,,,,give MIL a bed bath,wash her hair and dry it,,change her bedding and clean her room,

Sunday for fathers day i am taking hubby out to lunch,my daughter and her boyfriend came over tonight and gave him a gift,cause they won't be able to come over on sunday evening,,,so i hope all of you have a wonderful weekend what ever you end up doing,,

Our weather is surpose to hit 97 tomorrow,so i might have to go swimming late in the day also;}}haven't been this past week,just hasn't been warm enough.

well remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster;}}

BREAKFAST:1 scramble egg sandwich(3pts)1/2 banana (1pt)diet pepsi and water

Snack:1 peach(1pt)

LUNCH:HB w/lettuce & tomatoes & ketchup & mustard(6pts)dill pickles(0pts)1 peach(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:1 plum(1pt)

DINNER:Subway sandwich(6pts)chips(2pts)Ice tea,,,dill pickles

Snack:Tootsi pop(1pt)

MichelleP on 06/15/2002:

That sounds like a lot of cleaning! I need to do the same. It is raining here so I will get some done. Enjoy your swim in that kind of heat I know it will feel good!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

prism on 06/15/2002:
Congrats on the 2.4 pounds! You're doing great! I love reading your food diaries . It gives me ideas..

pastagal - Friday Jun 14, 2002
Weight: 125.1

Hi everyone,,well i had a good day today and had lil ashley and brad,they were really good for me.Ashley fell off a chair today tho and hit her head really hard,,,i thought it knocked her out,she was standing on the edge and about the time i said OMG get down,she slipped and the chair flew out from under her and she fell on the ground and landed on her side and her lil head hit so hard,,,she just fell in my arms when i picked her up and cried so hard,,and it scared her so bad,,,she is ok tho,,,after about hour and half i let her lay down and take her nap,she loves her nap but i was alittle scared to let her lay down to soon.

Tonight i went to town and weighed in at weight watchers,,lost 2.4 lbs,,so not to shabby,,i am getting close to where i want to be,,i just need to really start exersising so i will firm up in a few places,,,,i thought my jeans this past week were feeling and looking alittle bigger ,but you know how jeans do,,they stretch after you wear them a few days,,so i wasn't sure.

Well its getting close to bedtime and tomorrow is friday and the weekend is almost here,,not sure what i am doing,,well ya,,sunday i know,,taking hubby out for Father's day lunch,,then the kids i think will come over in the late afternoon for a bbq maybe,,but i know they will come see their dad and bring him something,, Our weather has cooled off a bit,,so haven't been able to swim in the past few days,,hopefully this weekend i will tho,,,well i am going to scoot,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach goal alot faster;}}

BREAKFAST:1/2 sandwich(3pts)1 peach(1pt)diet pepsi & water,,,boy the peaches are good right now,mmm:}}


LUNCH:Tuna salad sandwich(4 pts)Sliced tomatoe w/italian dressing sprinkle on it(0pts)dill pickles(0pts)1 peach(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:sf jello w/ff coolwhip(0pts)

DINNER:Grilled pork chop(4pts)Lipton noodles(there new)(2pts)saurkraut(0pts)corn on cob(1pt)green salad w/lite salas ranch dressing(1pt)1 cup watermelon(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:Tootsi pop(1pt)Crystal light pink lemonade(0pts)

MichelleP on 06/14/2002:
Hi Pasta,

WOW! Way to go on your loss! That is really great! It is awesome to see you still able to loose, and not be stuck! Gives the rest of us hope, well at least me!

Poor Ashley, and poor grandma that had to be so scary. I remember when my oldest nephew was about 2 he had just been dropped of at MIL and he fell and hit his head on coffee table, she just about had a heartattack. To say the least she finally got rid of that stupid coffeetable!! We had been asking her for years to get rid of it.

Take care and enjoy your weekend! You have so much to celebrate. Please tell hubby Happy Fathers Day from me!

Hugs to you

Iti2 on 06/14/2002:
WOWSERS! 125! That's wonderful Pasta! Keep up the good work, you're doing wonderful. Poor lil Ashley...I know when my nephew hurts himself it tears me up. But, those are kids for you! Have a great day! Hugs, Iti.

CharlieAngel on 06/14/2002:
WOOOHOOO !! You go girl!!! I am so happy and proud of your accomplishment. You are my inspiration! With all that you do for your family and friends...you still have time to come here and support us! And watching your progress has really helped me to stay focused! Thanks! Love ya, Charlotte

TATERHOG on 06/14/2002:
WOW!! Fantastic job on the loss, keep up the good work and have a super weekend! Debbie

Reba on 06/14/2002:
Congratulations on your loss! That is fabulous. One step closer to reaching your goal. It feels good doesn't it? Have a great weekend, hopefully it will warm up for you and you'll be able to enjoy your pool. Cheers, Reba

pastagal - Thursday Jun 13, 2002
Weight: 127.5

Tonight is my weight watchers meeting,,,i have to go weigh in and then go get my nails filled,,,i had a good day yesterday,,enjoying the DSL line so far,amazing how fast the puter runs now .

Well two of my grandkids should be here anytime,,i have ashley and brad today,,,its alot cooler here this morning also,,our calif weather has been crazy this yr,,we have a week of HOT weather and then Wind and now cooler weather,,oh well,,if it weren't this way what would we have to complain about;}}

Ok remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?? Oh did any of you catch Dr.Phil the other day,,its weird how after i watch him talking about weight loss every time i start to eat something i should not i think of things he said ,and it actually does help me to avoid bad stuff.lol

Also,ONE day at a time & Consistency will help you reach goal faster;}}

BREAKFAST:1 bowl cereal (3pts)1/2 banana (1pt)v8 juice(0pts)diet pepsi and water

SNACK:1 peach(1pt)

LUNCH:1/2 sandwich(3pts)1 cup noodles(3pts)1 cup watermelon(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:1 peach(1pt)

DINNER:1 pork chop(4pt)stir fri veggies(0pts)1/2 cup rice(2pts)green salad w/dressing (2pt)1 corn on cob(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:1 cup watermelon(1pt)1 tootsi pop(1pt)

CharlieAngel on 06/13/2002:
I am sure that you will have a loss to report tomorrow! I don't get to watch Oprah anymore since I don't get home until late. And I forget to tape it! What did Dr. Phil have to say? Have a great day with your grandbabies! I know that you enjoy your time with them! Love ya, Charlotte

herb on 06/13/2002:
You say that Doctor Phil is a real doctor, that means to me there are two letters after his name, and those letters are MD. A lot of people you see on television who have "doctor" after there name have sent some money to a diploma mill which will give you a degree based on something called life experience. Just go to a search engine and enter the words "diploma mills".<br> What does Dr, Phil talk about medical problems, or sociological problems? I personally like Doctor Dean Edell who is on the radio, and answers medical problems. He is on the West Coast, its either Los Angeles or San Francisco, and he is an ex eye surgeon, with a good sense of humor.

SacFatCity on 06/13/2002:
I like this cooler weather, it's nice to have a breeze (not the wind though). My ma just flew in, she's in fremont but I'll probably bring her to Sac. for a few days. I just hope it doesn't get real hot again, cause I don't think she could handle it :) I can hardly handle it and I've been here almost 4yrs now!! :) Have a great day!!

pastagal - Wednesday Jun 12, 2002
Weight: 127.5

Well its my bedtime here,,tho when you read this it will be morning ,,,i hope everyone had a lovely day,mine was ok,i had ashley and brad with me today,they were really good for me to,,ashley is going to a catholic preschool and she showed me how she prays before eating and it is sooooooo sweet,,,,,she is only 3 1/2 and its the most precious thing :}}

I love my grandkids so much,i can't even remember what life was like without them,,they have given us so much joy:}and i am sure i am not the only grandparent who feels this way about their grandkids;}

Well no kids today ,but i have the Cable guy coming sometime today to put a DSL line in for my computer,,they say it will make it work super fast,,,does anyone here have that? My only complaint was that i won't be useing aol anymore if i keep it and like it,,,but i guess that is ok,i can still get to the sites i enjoy going to,,i will have to move all of the ones i have stored in my favorites on disk i guess,,,

Well going to keep this short,,had a great day with food,,sure have been getting some good peaches and watermelon,,kinda got burnt out on strawberries cause i was eating so many for awhile there,,and my water intake has been good,,,Oh ya,,,did anyone watch Oprah today,,i dearly love to listen to Dr. Phil,,,he is so right to the point and makes sense even if he is brutal sometimes,,,

I think we need a Dr.Phil on here sometimes;} anyway,,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster;}}}

BREAKFAST:1 cup tomatoe soup(1pt)1/2 scramble egg sandwich(3pts)diet pepsi & water

Snack:1 peach(1pt)

LUNCH:1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)dill pickles(0pts)1 cup soup(1pt)ice tea

Snack:1 cup watermelon(1pt)

DINNER:1 cup spaghetti &sauce(6pts)green salad w/dressing(0pts)green beans(0pts)1 peach(1pt)

Snack: None,going to a candle party tonight:}might indulge in something there tho:}

inmorning on 06/12/2002:
You are going to get so spoiled on the DSL, you will never miss AOL. You know those 1 hour long downloads? They will take less than a minute now! Enjoy.

Ron on 06/12/2002:
<center><img src=http://www.bestanimations.com/Flags/Europe/Western/Luxembourg-02.gif><br>

<center><b><font color=red><b><br><center> PLEASE CHECK WITH HERB.<BR>HE ALSO JUST GOT DSL

*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+<br><center> <font color=blue><b> When I move up there shortly near Herb, I am also most likely getting cable or Verizon DSL. I have dumped my AOL service back in February, I was so disgusted with the service. The only neat thing ws the I M svc and U can get on that anytime and even send mail cause your subscription will still be active just type into your adds bar AOL dot com and it will then ask for ur password etc. This is what one of my buddies told me, and I used to sign on from Herbs' 'puter when I visited his pad...<br><font color=black></b>Sorry I have not been commenting for long time. I read almost every day and happy to see all is well but have no time to devote to the diary what with all the tons of packing that has to be done here in preparation for the move as soon as I get the word on the closing date.<br><font color=blue><b>....And so it goes

kyrin on 06/12/2002:
Hi Pasta!

We have a DSL line! It's FANTASTIC! We kept our earthlink connection too because I had gotten a deal from them that gave us 1000 minutes of anytime, National long-distance calling for $30 a month. It was a package deal--flat $50 fee for internet and long-distance service. We figured that the long distance bill would jump to over $100 a month when we dropped it, so we kept the EarthLink connection and added DSL. It took some doing, but we route the earthlink mail through our bellsouth DSL connection, so we have the best of both, I guess.

I hope that you LOVE the connection as much as we do. Fast, fast, fast!!!



CharlieAngel on 06/12/2002:
I am so looking forward to having grandchildren, unfortunately, the boys don't seem to be in any hurry to accomodate me. You are doing great with your eating! I always think of you and your success with WW whenever things get a bit difficult for me. I know that my goal is achievable! Thanks Pasta! You are truely and inspiration to us all! Love ya, Charlotte

amp27 on 06/12/2002:
Since I have changed jobs I don't get to watch Oprah anymore. I never missed any, and i love Dr. Phil. Some people really hate him, but I love the fact that he always tells the truth, and doesn't sugarcoat it. My mom taped last nights for me though. Hopefully I will pick up some good tips. Have a wonderful day!!

ToddlerMom on 06/12/2002:
You are a great grandma, can I borrow you for my kids? LOL. I think you're right about Dr. Phil! Sometimes people need a good swift kick in the a$$! ;) TM

SacFatCity on 06/12/2002:
I've been eating cantaloupes like crazy!! Yum! Main reason I love Cali is the wonderful variety of produce. I can't wait til the apricots are out! Have a great day!!

Esperanza on 06/12/2002:
My in laws love our kids. Grandparents really do have alot of fun with them! Hope you have a wonderful day Pasta! Take Care!

:-) Esperanza

MichelleP on 06/12/2002:

Your grandchildren sound so wonderful , you are truely blessed! In the end that is what it is all about really , love, family and living! You have it all!

Take care Hugs

herb on 06/12/2002:
Who's Dr. Phil? I got rid of my television set 7 years ago, so all of this pop culture does not come up on Herbie's radar screen. It just occured to me why it's called pop culture. It's an abbreviation for pop-corn, it's edible but no nutrition or substance.

Soon2BThin on 06/12/2002:
I had a DSL when I lived in Ohio and now I have cable internet. As far as I can see, they are both pretty much the same and are 100% better than AOL, I think. I had AOL when we first moved here, it's so slow and always had problems with it. I'm sure you'll like the DSL so much more. Good luck with it. Take care.

pastagal - Tuesday Jun 11, 2002
Weight: 127.5

Well again i allowed entries and comments to anger me to the point of commenting,,but now this day is almost over for me and i am truely going to try very hard to not offer any more of my opinion,,its really a waste of time,,but i will say this,,it has to my opinion pulled the moral down around here and thats not what this site is about,its about healthy lifestyles and losing weight with lots of support and motivation,,,,and you can not do that with people,,KIDS,,is a better word,,coming on here preaching about starving themselves,,so i truely hope the letters sent to Adam will in some way solve the problem this is causing for the majority of us,,

I am sure if they would look around,they could find their own private place to join with all the other young people out there who preach starvation,,,tho some on here aren't loseing weight,so i really don't think there starving themselves to badly,,,i kinda think its more an ATTENTION getter than anything.And i can't help but think about what must be going through their parents minds and how heavy this must weigh on their hearts. Anyway,enough said from me,that is inless i get yelled at from some on here and i WILL defend myself.

Ok back to normal converstation now;} I had a good day,no kids today,so i took it easy and walked on the treadmill,only did 20 mins,but hey,that is a start huh:} I am going to really watch my fats and try really hard to eat less red meat so i can get the cholestrol under control,,i drank 6-24 oz bottles of water today,,,i feel so much better when i get that many down,,but i do have to start early in the morning to get them in tho,other wise i am up all night in the bathroom:}

Well going to end this,i hope everyone has a great day and smile,,really does a body good;}} Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them also ok??:}}

Also,,,,ONE day at a time & CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster:}}

Oh ya,,if you can,watch Oprah,,Dr.Phil is talking about weight loss again,,he is a bust ,i love to listen to him:}

1 bowl cereal(3 pts)1/2 banana(1pt)v8 juice(0pts)diet pepsi & water

Snack:1 peach(1pt)

LUNCH: 1 HB pattie grilled on GF grill(4pts)1 tomatoe sliced w/ff italian dressing over top(0pts)1/2 potatoe grilled on the grill(2pts)1 cup watermelon(1pt)Ice tea

SNACK: 1peach(1pt)

DINNER:1 cup spaghetti w/sauce(8pts)green salad w/ff italian dressing (0pts)green beans(0pts)1 cup watermelon(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:popcorn(1pt)1 tootsi pop(1pt)

Have a Wonderful day !!!

MichelleP on 06/11/2002:

I was wondering have you tried boca burgers? I love those things!

Hope the winds have gotten better. I would have a headache all the time if I was in that stuff!

Take care and have a great day!

Raven Starlight on 06/11/2002:
helo. i am sorry if my comments have angered you. it is easy to accidentally anger someone on the internet because no one can hear your tone of voice or see your facial expressions. hopefully we can discuss ther issue further but without fighting.

i would like to ask you one thing: what is it you hope adam does? if you hope he removes the pro-ana journals that will not remove our problems it will just make them easier for you to ignore. if all you want to do is ignore the pro-ana world cant you do that by simply not reading the journals with ana content in?

i would also liek to say that you do not have to be underweight to have an eating disorder. i binge like a bulimic but because i do not throw-up or take laxatives i do not lose quickly.

my parents know i suffer from derpession but they do not know about my disordered eating. obviously it would upset them and i dont want to do that.

good lcuk with getting your cholesterol down. also, with the water, i find that when you start to drink a lot of water you have to go to the bathroom a lot but when you get used to drinking a lot it settles down and you dont have to go as often.


Iti2 on 06/11/2002:
Hi! I couldn't agree with you more on the Sickos that we are getting here. Anyhow, you are doing great Pasta! Keep it up and I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs =)

Butterf;y21373 on 06/11/2002:
I saw that Oprah advertised last night...you will have to fill us in...I will still be at work..I never get to see Oprah!!! Have a great, healthy day! Karen

herb on 06/11/2002:
I want you to know, if there is ever any comments you want to make to me, as harsh as they may sound I can take it. Why, because I know you are speaking from your heart, and with love. Now go take a dip in the pool, and enjoy your crazy weather.

SacFatCity on 06/11/2002:
Good job on the treadmill! Walking and cutting down on your red meats will definitely help lower your cholesterol. Remember to get more whole grains and fiber also!! Have a great day!

yorkmi3 on 06/11/2002:
You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up! We are all very proud of the healthy way you are loving your body. I wonder why the pro ana girls would even be interested in reading our diaries. Don't we disgust them? I guess that is why I am a little perturbed with their presence. We're talking about a healthy lifestyle. How can they even relate to that? Unless of course they may be searching for a better way. I don't know. I agree with you one hundred per cent I just can't understand why they would want to be here so badly. The only other reason besides trying to get attention might be they are possibly looking for answers in a place full of hope and optimism. I haven't read any of their diaries though. Seen any good movies lately? Brian and I are going to see Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage this weekend. I love that guy! (my husband and Nicolas Cage..lol..)

MichelleP on 06/11/2002:
Hi Again Pasta,

I am leaving you a 2nd comment, lol which I dont usually do .... but its my choice to do so LOL!

I want to thank you for all the support and advice you have given to me since I joined. I want to also thank you for being a role model, a mentor, and a person I respect and look up to. Keep it up and I will ask you to adopt me LOL! I would ask Charlie but you have a pool LOL!

I understand about the boca burgers, they took me some getting used to. I still dont like ff sourcream... lol but thats about the only thing so far!

I am sending you a personal hug, lol just cause I can .... so for today you are one of my random acts of kindness!

Esperanza on 06/11/2002:
Have a great day Pasta!!

:-) Esperanza

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