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pastagal - Friday Apr 12, 2002
Weight: 132.0

Good morning everyone,,its going to be nice here in northern calif today,,they say almost 90,,,i have ashley today,,and when i finish here i am going to give her a bath and get her dressed,,she came in her jammies this morning;}

Mother inlaw is still doing the same,,nothing new with her,,she just seems to sleep pretty much all the time anymore,,she will be 80 in june, Well i hope everyone is having a good day so far and a nice weekend ahead of them,,,,sunday is my moms birthday and so me and hubby will take her out to lunch and i am going to get her a big outside plant in a stand for her deck,,she loves plants,,,also will give her money to shop for herself with,,

Well i better get my day started,,,i feel good and going to walk today and drink lots of water and i went to weigh last night just to see if i had lost any this past week,,,my scale is broke,so looks like i am going to have to look for a new one,,don't think i will get a digital one again tho,,,well rememeber to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster;}}}

BREAKFAST:1cup hm soup(4pts)diet pepsi& water

LUNCH:Tuna sandwich 1/2(3pts)1cup soup(4pts)dill pickles(0pts)jello w/ff cool whip(0pts)Ice tea

Snack:1 apple w/ff cool whip(1pt)

DINNER: Steak grilled(6pts)salad w/dressing(2pts)brocolli(0pts)corn on cob(1pt)Ice tea


MichelleP on 04/12/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Your gift idea for your mom souds great! Good luck with finding a scale, I love my digital one. I dont have to worry about anyone messing with the dials. I did weigh myself while in West Va, on the scale at the spa, it was medical one and it said that I was 7 pounds less ( gotta love that) LOL! But I will stick with what I have here. Have a wonderful lunch out with hubby and your mom! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

shellybelly on 04/12/2002:
Hey. Sounds like you're gonna have a good time with your mom this weekend. Have a great weekend! :)

superstarr on 04/12/2002:
where are you in No CA? we live in the bay area. so for your tuna, do you make it with mayo? I love tuna, but I hate those low fat mayos, they are so yucky to me. I wonder if maybe I just haven't tried enough of them. Have you ever made tuna with something else, like plain yogurt or anything? I bought some today and I think I am going to try it. Sorry your scale broke! Hope you had a good walk!

BandMom on 04/12/2002:
Hi and tell your mom happy brithday. Have a good weekend.:) Bandmom

pastagal - Thursday Apr 11, 2002
Weight: 132.0

Morning everyone,,,i missed getting on here yesterday to do an entry,my day was ok,just had lots to do and since i had no kids,i wanted to get it all done,,,hope everyone is doing fine:}

Today i have to finish some laundry and clean mother in laws room up good,,our weather can't decide if it wants to go back to warm and sunny or stay cloudy and chilly and only look like its going to rain,,,i prefer the warm and sunny my self:}}

well i made a huge pot of homemade veg beef soup yesterday,,and it turned out great,,going to have it all day today,,someone asked me for the recipe ,,,its in the recipe site on here,i have sevearl recipes i have put in there,,its very easy to make:}

well i am going to wrap this up and get the day moving here,,want to go read and comment to everyone,,see how ya all are doing;}} remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you to your goal faster:}}

BREAKFAST: 1/2 tuna sandwich (3pts)1 cup homemade soup(4pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:1/2 bologna sandwich(3pts)1cup soup(4pts)pickles(0pts)1apple(1pt)Ice tea

Water! Water!Water! Water!Water!,,,,,,,,,,,,,

DINNER:1 bowl soup(4pts)1/2 sandwich(3pts)chips(2pts)Ice tea,,strawberries w/ffcool whip(1pt)


MichelleP on 04/11/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Glad to see you today, missed you yesterday! Glad you got alot done! I have a ton of stuff to do this weekend! I want to get out into the yard and plant a few trees and bushes. I have not put much into my yard in the last few years, so it has been calling my name. LOL! I understand your not joining the weekend challenge. It was for those who felt they needed and wanted it. You are doing awesome! I am sure you look forward to the time with your hubby, I know I sure love spending quality time with mine! He is a goofball but I adore him!

Take care and have a wonderful day!

SoccerMom on 04/11/2002:
That soup sounds wonderful! You have a great day, and remember to take a few minutes to just count your many blessings (and to SMILE!)

superstarr on 04/12/2002:
Thanks for your welcome note you left me! Your soup sounds really yummy, I will have to check out the recipes on here. I had strawberries with ff cool whip today too :) it is a yummy snack!!!

pastagal - Tuesday Apr 09, 2002
Weight: 132.0

Morning everyone,,,,its cold and starting to drizzle a bit outside this morning,,,so with the weather as it is today,i am going to throw together a great big pot of homemade veggie beef soup,,mmm already sounds so good to me,,

I have lil zach today,he is napping right now,i didn't have anything for breakfast except a glass of v8 juice this morning,i had planned on having a bowl of cereal but just not hungry for some reason,tho i should of ate something anyway:{ I will have a good lunch tho,,,

Well hope all of you are doing good and having a good day already,,,i am going to keep this short,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily,ok??:}}

Also,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal faster;}}

BREAKFAST:V8 Juice (0pts) water & diet pepsi

LUNCH:Ham sandwich w/lettuce&tomatoe& mustard(4pts)pickles(0ps)salsa(0pts)baked tortia chips(2pts)1 cup soup(2pts)Ice tea

Snack:1 apple w/ff coolwhip(1pt)

DINNER: Homemade soup(4pts)corn bread(3pts)green salad w/dressing (2pts)Ice tea

Snack:Tootsi pop(1pt)popcorn(1pt)

kyrin on 04/09/2002:
<font color=#cc33cc> Come on, Pasta. Eat something. You've gotta keep your stength up for running after that grandkid...as well as help your immune system to fight the usual stuff. Enjoy your soup.


Kyrin </font>

BandMom on 04/09/2002:
Hi can I have the recipe for that veg. soup That sopunds so good right now. Here a hug. Have a nice day. BandMom

shellybelly on 04/09/2002:
Mmmmmmmmm....That soup sounds good! Have a great day and take care! :)

Jelly Belly on 04/09/2002:
I saw your apple and coolwhip--try this--cut and core an apple, sprinkle with a sheet of cinnamon graham crackers, crunched--microwave for 1:30. Then top with FF Coolwhip--1.5pts. and yummy!

MichelleP on 04/09/2002:

Dinner sounds wonderful... I will be there at 6ish LOL! Take care and have a wonderful day!

BellaK on 04/09/2002:
Hmmmmmmmmmmm... :o) Soup sounds good to me too! LOL Hope your day's going great! Your food plan looks awesome! How can you stay so low in daily points? That's awesome! Take care, Bella

pastagal - Monday Apr 08, 2002
Weight: 132.0

Good morning everyone,,,i am doing good,had a great weekend,the weather here over the weekend was Great!! Saturday i cleaned most of the day,then when hubby got home in the afternoon i went to town and bought groceries,,today i am going to make a pot of homemade veggie beef soup to eat the next few days,,then sunday hubby stuck around here mowing the lawn and doing yard work and i got ready and went to town,had my new Tahoe washed,,,then stopped at my favorite place and had lunch,,salad & chicken,,,,ice tea,,,then went to the mall and bought some new things for myself,,then headed from there over to Target where i bought more things for me;}} so guess you could say i had a day out by myself shopping,and it felt great to:}

This morning the weather is changing a bit,they say possibly rain tomorrow,so its alittle over cast with some breeze and cool,and i have lil zach this morning,he is napping now so thought it would be good time to come and do my entry for today.

My plan today is to walk 3-10min walks throughout the day,,and do one of my Leslie Sansone tapes today also,,drink at least 8-12oz bottles of water today .

So hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a better day today,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}} Also,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal.

BREAKFAST: 1/2 tuna sandwich (3pts)1/2 banana(1pt)v8juice(0pts)Diet pepsi & water

Snack:1/2 banana &v8juice(1pt)

LUNCH:Toasted tuna sandwich w/lettuce &tomatoe 1/2(3pts)1 cup tomatoe soup(2pts)dill pickles(0pts)chips(2pts)Ice tea

Snack:1apple w/ffcool whip(1pt)

DINNER:Stir fry w/pork/asparagus/carrots/onions/bellpeppers/brocolli(4pts)green salad w/dressing(2pts)corn on cob(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:strawberries w/ff cool whip(1pt)

Lynn74 on 04/08/2002:

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I have followed this board for about a year and you have come a long way. I try to listen to any tips you have because I have seen your results, and you are proof that WW works!

CharlieAngel on 04/08/2002:
You really sound much better today! Love homemade soups. I should make a pot this week too! Thanks for the idea! Have a great day! Charlotte

MichelleP on 04/08/2002:

Sounds like you had a wonderful self-day! That is AWESOME! Take care and have a wonderful day!

shellybelly on 04/08/2002:
Glad to hear you had a great weekend, hope you have a wonderful week to match. Take care. :)

SOU812? on 04/08/2002:
Your weekend sounds ideal! You are doing so good! I hope you have a wonderful evening. Take care, Kelly

kyrin on 04/08/2002:
<font color=#0000ff> Hi, Pasta!

I cringe everytime Jim gets into my car; but I find I'm getting better about it as the car ages. It's still my baby, but the new is starting to wear off and I am not out there inspecting it (after one of his drives) for any miscellaneous dings and dents. LOL He even washed it for me yesterday, so maybe I should cut the guy some slack.

Hope your day was a good one! Your Leslie Sansone tapes sound like they must be fun. Are they for treadmill work?

Kyrin </font>

pktwatch on 04/09/2002:
You are doing great. I have posted another GREAT Daily Motivator, If you get the time go to my DD and take a look at it.


pastagal - Saturday Apr 06, 2002
Weight: 132.0

Good morning everyone,,well yesterday i had a good day with no headache all day long,so i thought they were gone for good,NOT,last night i woke up around 2am with a horrible headache that got me up and kept me awake for a few hours,,,tho this morning its gone and i don't feel to bad,just tired,but i have all day alone and can rest when i need to.

I did weigh today and i have over the past few weeks lost a few more lbs,,its coming off slow and i know if i worked harder i would see better results but at least i haven't gained and so that tells me i am doing something right and its working,,,

Did anyone happen to watch 20/20 last night,i found it to be interesting ,,,seeing that whole family lose the weight they lost,even if they did it with surgery,,for most of them that was there only option,and they really did look healthier and so happy with there life now,,the one thing i got out of that last night was that all stomach stapeling is ,,is making the stomach smaller so you can eat much at all,,,and have to eat more often,,so what does that say to all of us,,all anyone really needs to do if they could,and one can do anything if you want it bad enough and set your mind to it,at least thats what i keep reading and hearing;} anyway,,,smaller portions more often is really a key factor,,and notice what they were eating now,,,Salads,,fruit of all kinds,,very little meat and lots of water ,,,soups,,,,so it gave me hope that weight watchers that i am doing is the right program for me to be on,,

I am going shopping tonight for groceries and i am going to make several soups this week to eat on for breakfast and lunch,,,dinner is going to consist of veggies ,lil meat,,lots of salads and fruit ,and fruit for snacks at night with lots of water water water,,,and i was reading in alot of my fitness magizines last night and they all seem to say the same thing,if you can't get yourself to walk or exersise any great lenght of time at one time then 10 mins three or four times thoughout the day is great and as good,,,and i know all of us have 10 mins here and there to take a short walk,,right??:}}} so no more excuses,,and trust me i am the best for finding those daily,,,,but its time,really time to stick to a daily plan and do it even on the days i think i just can't do it,,i mean c'mon,,,,10 mins,,,,i know we can all do that much :}}

OK,its Saturday and here is my plan:

Walking 10 mins 4 times today on the treadmill,doing my Leslis Sansone tapes,at least one of them today.

Drinking 8 - 12 oz water bottles today,

Eating three meals plus two snacks,

Ok hope all of you have a wonderful day today and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok:}}??

Also,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal.

BREAKFAST:1 cup soup(2pts)diet pepsi& water

Snack:1 apple(1pt)

LUNCH: 1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts) 1 cup soup(2pts)dill pickles(0pts)1 orange(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:1 banana(2pts)Ice tea

DINNER:2 cups homemade soup(4pts)large green salad w/dressing(2pts)apple & strawberries cut up in ff cool whip(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:popcorn (1pt)Ice tea

kyrin on 04/06/2002:
<font color=#ff6600> Hi Pasta!

Thank you for the words of encouragement. It's easy to figure out <i>what</i> I have to do. You're right about consistency being the toughest part. Somedays, I feel kind of Blah! (as if I don't have the energy and couldn't possibly find it anywhere.) But, I know that if I start to get moving, the blahs go away and I feel good. Why then is it so hard to get out of the inertia phase? Huh? LOL I'm doing better though, these past couple of weeks have been good for me. The break was worth it.

Hope you are feeling a bit better. Does the walking help your headaches? Just wondering...

Love you.

Kyrin </font>

BandMom on 04/06/2002:
Hi! I hope you get feeling better. And thanks for your comment. You kown I really miss you guys while I was gone. It so much like a family here. I wished we all could get together. I feel like I have so much engery and my sister is so thin and she said I had a lot of. I have Loss a total now of 28 pounds.Here a hug. Bandmom

Jelly Belly on 04/06/2002:
We all know it, but still look the the magic pill, the easy way out. Eat less, move more. Me and hubby used to eat no meat through out the week, then on Sunday, we'd have whatever we were craving and we lost. The kids didn't notice as long as there were 3 things on their plate. My mom quit eating meat for two years, except for fish, her eyesight improved and her close call with diabetes dissappeared. She thinks they pump our meat full of hormones (which they probably do) Keep it up! I know when you eat less, your stomach shrinks, right? Thanks for your comments too:)

Soon2BThin on 04/06/2002:
I did see 20/20, I taped it and watched it this morning. I mentioned it in my first entry that I accidently deleted and forgot to mention it in the second one. I think if I weighed as much as some of those people, that's what I would do too. Just trying to lose 10 or 20 pounds seems so overwhelming, I can't imagine how hard it must be to try to lose hundreds! But I know some people do it even without the surgery and I say "Bravo" to them. Good job on the weight-loss this week, you're such a good example to us all. Enjoy your day alone, okay?

pastagal - Friday Apr 05, 2002
Weight: 135.5

Hi everyone,,well my day was ok,would be better if my sinuses would clear up so my head would not hurt all the time,hubby wants me to think about calling the doctor tomorrow,so i might if i still have a headache in the morning,i know i need some antibiotics.

Well another day of no walking for me,i should of but didn't,,hubby even noticed,but i told him,i just can't when i don't feel well ,and he said he understood,now let me say,there was a time he thought i should get on the treadmill no matter what i felt like,he is getting sweeter in his old age,lol

Well this weekend when i get groceries i am going to get stuff to make some soup,,beans one night,,stir frys couple nights,lots of veggies and fruit,,going to fill my outside fridge with water bottles,,and v8 juice,,,hubby wants me to get him the flavored water,he loves that stuff.

Hubby went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and they say his blood pressure is high,,so he has him scheduled to come back in two weeks and if its still high then,he will put him on meds,,it worries me,cause his mother and her side of the family have all had strokes of some degree,,,so i want him to really start being aware of his health and do what ever he needs to do to stay healthy.

I am healthy for the most part,just have alot of allergie problems,which bring on sinus problems and headaches,sore throats from drainage,,,i have had kidney stones bad couple times,the last time about three yrs ago they blasted them with Lazor and said it probley would not be the last time for me,i seem to produce way to much calsium in my system which causes kidney stones:{

Well is everyone ready for the weekend again,,doesn't it seem like the weeks are flying by lately,,no wonder we are getting older so fast,,lol,,,well guys,have a great day and drink your water,,portion control and what ever amount of exersise you can do,,and also,,hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:??:}}

Also,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to goal:}}}

BREAKFAST: 1bowl cereal(3pts)1 toast w/butter(2pts)v8juice(0pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:1 cup soup(2pts)crackers(2pts)1/2 tuna sandwich w/lettuce& tomoatoe(3pts)dill pickles(0pts)1 apple in ff cool whip(1pt)Ice tea

DINNER: steak(4pts)green salad w/ff italian dressing (0pts)brocolli(0pts)italian squash w/stew tomatoes(0pts)french bread(2pts)fries baked(5pts)Ice tea

Snack:v8juice(0pts)Tootsi pop(1pt)

J007 on 04/05/2002:
I wanted to thank you for your comments. I don't comment on other's diaries as much as I should, but..... BTW, how does WW calculate points? is it calories to a point or otherwise? I hope your sinus infection clears up. Those are the worst!!

Meemaw on 04/05/2002:
Good Morning, Thanks for the input. Thursday was successful. Today is another new day. I love the weekends. They just pass too quickly. I am glad to see that someone else likes flavored water. I drink flavored water-and crystal light tea, especially the peach,,,yummy. Just wanted to say hello and wish you a well day. I am so GLAD that today is Friday. Thanks for the support. I so needed the feedback. I am a widow. My husband died in 94. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I have grown children...3 daughters...4 granchildren. I work full time managing a 256 unit apartment complex.Keeps me busy. Well have a gooood day. Will check in during the weekend with diaries. Be well-be happy-don't worry. Meemaw

CharlieAngel on 04/05/2002:
Sure hope you get to feeling better. Sinus headaches are the absolute worst! Take care of yourself and I hope that hubby's BP problem was just a fluke! But, if not, make him take his meds! They only help if you remember to take them! I have to remind Eddy every single day! Love you, Charlotte

shellybelly on 04/05/2002:
aw, I hope ya feel better soon. Have a good day and take care of yourself!

SweetChubs on 04/05/2002:
I'm soo sorry you are stubbed ub. My BF wad told his blood preddure wad ub yedderday too! Hid fadder died 10 yeard ago frob a heart attag (and he wad only in hid 40's) so ids a liddle scary! I'll pray dor hib!

SoccerMom on 04/05/2002:
Do you take anything for your allergies? I don't usually like to take any kind of pills, but when the allergies are the worst, I've found that Zyrtec works like a charm for me. If you haven't tried it, you might want to ask your Dr.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

herb on 04/05/2002:
I hope by now you know that I love words and language. So I just want to tell you about this acronym you used today LASER, it means Light Amplified by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Sort'a like SCUBA - Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. I am not lecturing, I'm sharing. Hope that headache ends soon.

pastagal - Thursday Apr 04, 2002
Weight: 135.5

Morning everyone,first i want to thank all that made a comment yesterday,its good to know that i am there is more than just a couple of people here concerned about certain peoples entries and how they effect all of us.But i have decided for now to take some advice given and ignor as often as i can,,,but when i hear things made public in entries that are being ugly to others who are only trying to help with advice,that is when it is hard for me to hold my breath,anyway,on to a other things,,,,

I woke up with my headache bad again this morning,,sat will be a week i have been having this headache,makes me want to do nothing but lay and sleep as much as possible,,i will take something tho and hope it helps soon,,,i am going to drink more water today tho and if no headache later today i am going to walk for 30 mins at least,,our weather here is making a drastic change,,going from hot back to cold again,,it is cloudy ,,alittle breezy out there and chilly today,,surpose to have rain tomorrow :{ not sure if that is good or not,,but not much one can do about it.

I didn't think i was going to have bradley today,but he decided at the last min to come to grandmas house,,so i won't be alone today:} well hope all of you have a great day and drink your water and exersise any amount you can,,summer is just around the corner and so we can't throw in the towel now,:}} remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}

Also,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster:}

BREAKFAST:1 cup soup(2pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:Sandwich w/lettuce & tomatoe &mustartd(3pts)pickles(0pts)1 cup soup(2pts)chips(2pts)Ice tea

DINNER:Stir fry(6pts)salad w/ff italian dressing (0pts)strawberries w/ff cool whip(1pt)Ice tea


BellaK on 04/04/2002:
I hope you feel better... And I agree 100% with your comment about self-destructive behavior. Unfortunately, the only person who can change it is the one doing it. Have a great day :o) Bella

Meemaw on 04/04/2002:
Dear pastgal, Thank you for your words of support. They are uch apprecieated. Just really made my day when I signed on at lunch to read diary entries. Would you give me an idea of water based soups are. Do you mean soup that one just adds water to? Thank you for sharing. I shall return.........:-) Stay tuned............ Meemaw

Meemaw on 04/04/2002:
I'm back.........I as looking at your menu..do you do weight watchers? Gotta go...time to go bck to work.

SweetChubs on 04/04/2002:
Hi dearie! I think that it's best to ignore those who want to drag others down to their level. You have enough on your plate right now! I myself have made a complaint to the powers that be about how this is turning into a eating disorder and illegal drug use encouragement site. Hopefully something will be done because friendly, motherly advice ain't workin'!

kyrin on 04/04/2002:
<font color=purple> Hi, Pasta! Thanks for the welcome back. It seems as if it's been months, but it hasn't really. {grins} I opened up my journal this morning and thought that it was probably time to start working (publicly) toward some of my goals again. I will have a few of the "oldies, but goodies" members entries that I will be visiting; but decided that I need to limit the amount of time that I spend in here commenting and reading the other diaries. I read a couple this morning, and was a bit disturbed by some of what I read...seems as if there could be a better use for some of the "energy" I witnessed. Hmmmmmm.

Sorry to read about your on-going headache problems. Seems as if that was where I left off with you the last time that I was in here for a "visit." What does the doctor say about those headaches, gal? Isn't there something that you can take/do that will alleviate the pain?

I've missed you, Pasta...and am wishing you a peaceful night.


Kyrin </font>

shellybelly on 04/04/2002:
aw, I'm sorry you're feeling ill again. Hope ya feel better soon. I think you are right about ignoring certain people. Until they are ready to hear our advice, it's not doing anyone any good going back and forth about it. Anyways, have a great day!

MichelleP on 04/04/2002:

Sorry to hear you still have a headache. It makes things so hard to deal with. Maybe you need to go see dr ... LOL sorry its the mom in me! Take care and have a great day!

CharlieAngel on 04/04/2002:
Gosh, I wish there was something we could do to take the pain away. I will pray for you and send much positive energy your way. You are still such an inspiration to me. I was talking to someone about Weight Watcher's last night and she said that she couldn't believe how excited I was! Well, it is exciting to find your way after struggling for so long! Thanks for all you do! Love you, Charlotte

breakaway on 04/04/2002:
Hi Pasta, I'm glad I got the comments I did. I was worried that everyone would hate me for saying what I did. I've just come to the conclusion that there bogus and will ignore them totally. Can't wait for the ignore feature. Anyhow, thanks for the comments as usual and I'm sorry to hear your still holding on the that headache. Man that must really be something to deal with for such a long period of time. Good luck with that water and walking tomorrow. I know you will get it done. Have a wonderful day with NO headaches ok.

herb on 04/05/2002:
Wow. Adam is building a Black Hole for you, a place where we can boot all the hateful nasty people.

pastagal - Wednesday Apr 03, 2002
Weight: 135.5

Good morning everyone,,well i have not posted an entry since last saturday,,i took the weekend off and then got this horrible sinus infection over the weekend:{ Tho we did easter here at the house on sunday,the kids helped out alot tho with the dinner,,and cleaning it up,then once they all left for the day,i kicked back on the couch and slept for a few hours,,had a headache for three days,,today is better,,,but still not completely gone,i probley should of gone to the doctor,,i get these every so often and usually can't get over them without antibiotics,but i am trying this time to ride it out.

No kids for me today,i had brad yesterday,,,my daughter inlaw is a teacher,so i don't have lil zach this week,she is off,,

I can't help but notice how many of the regular people have slowly left us:{{ tho i still hope it is just a vacation for them and that they will return soon,,and i also have a hard time with certain ones on here that use this site to on a daily basis talk about there destructive lifestyles and have the gaul to say when someone makes a comment to them,,which by the way isn't being Nasty,but done because they care,,its really really hard to hear someone so young being this way,,i guess that is the mother coming out in most of us huh,

Well we have had hot weather here in northern calif for the past 5 days,,,today is cloudy and back cool again,and allergies are bad right now around here,,

well i am going to wrap this up,hope all of you have a lovely day ,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them,,ok??:}}

Also ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal:}}

BREAKFAST:1 egg scrambled(2pts)1 peice bacon(1pt)v8 juice(0pts)1 peice toast w/butter(1pt)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:large green salad w/dressing(2pts)1 cup soup(1pt)sf jello w/ff cool whip(0pts)Ice tea

DINNER:Meat(4pts)salad w/lf italian dressing(0pts)brocolli(0pts)corn on cob(1pt)Ice tea


Have a wonderful day!!

pinkuspettuty on 04/03/2002:
Hi Judy, Thanks for your comment. I have the same feeling about the kids here whose diets are "eat a little as possible" Yikes, I tend to make one comment and then if they don't reapond or respond negativeley, I ignore them. It is real hard being a mom hearing this and truly knowing better. Oh well. Live and learn. Pink

shellybelly on 04/03/2002:
aw, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. I hope ya feel better soon!

ToddlerMom on 04/03/2002:
I noticed your posting is on the same page as mine. I just can't believe this!! I am a young mom, but even before I WAS a mom, I knew better that to do something like that. Good Lord, they're still in school- do Phys Ed or get into sports or something. Partying isn't going to help! But that lets you into their minds a little more- I seriously hope that when my girls are teenagers, I am coherent enough to notice if they are stoned or drunk! There is obviously something wrong with the family dynamic there. Thanks for your comment!! I miss our old friends!

CharlieAngel on 04/03/2002:
Glad you are back! I always miss you when you don't post. And just to let you know that I seriously agree with you about some of the newer members. Although, I am by no means one of the old regulars I do remember when most everyone on here had a really supportive and collective dynamic. I have posted once on the site that you are referring to...and I was rebuked and told to mind my own business. So I have. It just really makes me so mad to hear about someone that is abusing their bodies when I have a husband that is needing a kidney transplant because of an illness that he had no control over. But, as they say, live and let live. So I just decided to not read those people anymore. I bet they would soon lose interest in this site if NO ONE ever left a comment for them. They would mean we don't care! Anyway, have a great day and I hope you are feeling much better! Love ya, Charlotte

biscottibody59 on 04/03/2002:
Yeah, it's a drag that alot of people have fallen by the wayside. I think of us as neighbors. If your neighbor told you, "Hey, I just started doing "fill-in-the-blank" and I know it's really bad for me, but I'm gonna keep doing it," you'd want to help them, but they wouldn't want your help. So, I'm not real sure what it is about this, except these DD "neighbors" have no one else to vent to who will listen. I'm just not sure--it's incredibly disturbing to me. We all play with fire, some of us get burned the first time and really hate the pain and never play with fire again. Some of us enjoy playing with fire, like the burn, and even crave it, weird.

I'll be around;-) Hope you'll be too!

Keep up the good work!

MichelleP on 04/03/2002:
Hi Pasta,

First thank you for your comments today! I have been worried you left. I hope you are feeling better soon! I totally agree with you and toddlermom on your posts today. I have been very upset the last few days and was worried I was alone. I wish there was a way to get through to some, but we cant save or heck even help someone who does not want help. I made myself a promise that I am not going to worry about those "people" and try to not have the terrible feelings I have been having. Geez ! Get well soon, hugs, take care and have a good day!

garlic on 04/03/2002:
I have stopped reading that particular diary you refer to. She doesn't want help and I have no purpose in reading them.

Soon2BThin on 04/03/2002:
Sorry you're not feeling well. It's good that you're trying to go without the anti-biotics though, I've heard if you take them too often, they won't do you any good any more when you really need them. Hope you feel better soon. I have a really bad sore throat today too. Usually when I get one, it gets better as the day goes on then worse at night, but this one has been bothering me all day long, real scratchy. But it hasn't kept me from eating, hahaha. I'm doing real good though. I still can't keep my points as low as you do. You must be feeling pretty bad to eat so little. Please don't take this the wrong way, I think it's great that you eat so little and it's all good-for-you food too. Have you tried the new diet V-8 Splash? I just bought some today, the tropical blend flavor, only 10 calories per 8 oz serving and tastes pretty good. Hope you're having a great day!

breakaway on 04/03/2002:
I know what you mean, I think alot of the young ones here have no clue what there doing to their bodies. It really hurts me to see some of them doing what their doing. And of course we will probablly get some people here who just want to bash us for whatever reason. Too bad there isn't an age limit here. I sure wish some of the old ones would come back too. Maybe your right when you say there on "vacation". Well, hope your feeling better and great diet picks today! Have a wonderful day today!

SweetChubs on 04/03/2002:
You are sooooo right! Where have all these anas come from? A BMI of under 18? next thing you know we'll have a group of peeps on here chatting about how great it is to barf. I feel sorry for these people but self destruction is not what this site is about. I understand that this craziness brings out the mom in some but they don't need a mom, they need a shrink! Hope you feel better real soon!

herb on 04/04/2002:
Just dropped in to say "hello." As far as snotty people on the line. I remember that young high svhool girl who would occasionally drop in with a few sarcastic remarks, and almost dare you to answer her. My way was just not to bother with her, and I guess a lot of others ignored her, and she eventually went away.

pastagal - Saturday Mar 30, 2002
Weight: 135.5

HAPPY EASTER tomorrow everyone,,i have a really busy weekend ahead of me ,so i will not be back around till monday,,just wanted to wish you all a great weekend and enjoy it ok:}} IT is beautiful here in northern calif today,gonna hit the 90s:}}}

ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you to your goal!!!

Hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}} God Bless:}

Maria7 on 03/30/2002:
Happy Easter, Pastagal. I'm very sick why I haven't been on (bronchitis) and before this, Hubby and I took a weekend to the beach and before that, we were attending our sick Mothers, who took turns being in the hospitals, so this is why I haven't been on much here lately but glad to see you are still here and take good care of yourself and hopefully I'll be back on again not too long from now when I am feeling stronger and better. Love, Maria

MichelleP on 03/30/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Happy Easter to you and your family. 90's send it here please! LOL I bet when we get into the 90's I will not be saying that! Have a wonderful day with your family!

herb on 04/01/2002:
Thank you for taking the time out from your obvious busy Easter weekend to tell me about your brother Joe, and how he approached his eating problem. In order for me to do this I'll have to do 2 things. One is to syart eating my meals at home, and when I'm out have the brains to put down my knife and fork, and ask for the doggie bag. Thanks Judy, you're great.

pastagal - Friday Mar 29, 2002
Weight: 135.5

Day 17,,Good morning everyone,,it is an absolutely beautiful day here in northern calif,its warms,spring feeling,,,already have all my windows open ,ceiling fans going and the birds are chirping and just so nice out there:}

I have ashley today,,gave her a bath,washed her hair this morning,she has Red hair and its so long and pretty,,i cut her bangs and then curled them,,,she is in eating coco puffs and watching her cartoons now at her lil table;}

Bradley went to work with my daughter today,,they have a day care inside the gym and he loves to go and be there with her when not in school,,ashley just isn't quite old enough to go and stay that long in that type of daycare,,and her daycare she normally goes to is closed today for Good Friday:}

Well already got two of my waters down this morning,,going to walk in a bit to the Leslie Sansone 3 mile tape,,,i just love these,there so motivating ,,if anyone is having trouble walking even a short time,i highly recommend these to get you up and moving:}

Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Easter on sunday,we are bbqing at noon and my kids and grandkids will be here,also my mom might come by,,,surpose to be a warm day again,,well remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok:??:}}

Also,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to goal faster;}}}

BREAKFAST: 1/2 bologna sandwich(3pts)v8 juice(0pts)diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:1 cup soup(2pts)1/2 sandwich(3pts)dill pickles(0pts)plum (1pt)Ice tea

DINNER:Hubby and i are going out to eat tonight:}

Have a wonderful day!!

CharlieAngel on 03/29/2002:
Hey Pasta! It is always so nice to read your entries. You are so calm and focused and I can tell how much your family means to you. I love those Leslie Sansone Tapes too! I tell everyone about them. My sister was telling me that she hates taking the time to go to the gym so I told her she should get those tapes. It is cheaper in the long run and then you have no excuses!! Anyway, have an wonderful Easter with your family and enjoy all those grandbabies! Love ya, Charlotte

MichelleP on 03/29/2002:

I always love your food choices! Enjoy your night out with hubby!!! Take care and have a great day!

BELLAK on 03/29/2002:
You know I'm going to CA for my honeymoon in May, don't ya? And you keep teasing me... LOL I'm glad to know it's already this beautiful there! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter! God Bless! :o) Bella

SOU812? on 03/30/2002:
I hope you have a Happy Easter!!!! Sounds like the perfect day. :0) Take care, Kelly

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