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pastagal - Wednesday Feb 06, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Another good day and hopefully tomorrow will be good to,,,i am sore a bit from running on the treadmill the past couple nights,,,well not actually running,,kinda a med trot,,,run for a couple mins and then walk really fast,,it seems to get the heart rate up really quick,,,i keep telling myself if i continue to do it ,it has to get easier,,,,right??:}}Also,something i never thought about much,and that is that vegetables are carbs,,,and i love veggies and could eat them anytime.

Well no kids till brad gets out of school ,so going to get some things done around here and then take it easy,,,can't wait to be able to turn one of the bedrooms the kids have been useing while living here into a gym again,,,will do that around the middle of next month after they move out,,,

My daughter has got to go back to the doctor again to have something checked,,,,she had her surgery awhile back and that went well ,,now she has a lump the size of a pea on her breast,,its visible and you can feel it really easy,,,worrys me,,,we have breast cancer on my mother inlaw side of family and my husbands sister has had problems with that to,,,so another thing to worry all of us,,but she says it hasn't been visible long so hopefully its nothing serious,,,

well everyone have a great day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,,not sure whats on the menu for today so i will come back and update later,,,

Remember now,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help get you to your goal:}}

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl homemade soup(2pts)1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH: Large green salad w/dressing(2pts)1 bowl homemade soup(2pts)sugar free jello w/ff cool whip(0pts) Ice tea,,

4pm Snack:Peice of chicken(2pts)carrot sticks w/tbl sp dressing(1pt)Water,

DINNER:Large salad w/dressing (2pts)2spareribs(4pts)peas(0pts)brocolli w/butter(1pt)Ice tea

Snack:carrot sticks w/dressing (1pt)Water

I was watching the Today show this morning and a lady was saying that we should eat some sort of protein and carb around 4 each day to keep from getting sleepy and tired ,,,and i have noticed that everyday around that time i get so tired and could lay down and sleep,,so gonna try her advice for awhile and see if there is any difference,she gave lots of suggestions of things to eat,,makes sense:}}

biscottibody59 on 02/06/2002:
Thanks for the note, and I am planning to "ride like hell"--I like that, PG!--first thing tomorrow. Have a great day and keep up the good work!

nsbratt on 02/06/2002:
I'll say a prayer and keep my fingers crossed the lump is nothing more serious that fatty tissue,I had one removed a couple of years ago and everything was fine,the only prob.is that now I go for a squeeze test (mammogram) every year.

I can relate to having extras living with you and know you will be glad in some ways when they move out but you will miss the little ones a lot at times.I know I did.

Well you have a #1 great day.

Norma Jean

muggs on 02/06/2002:
Sorry about your friend Gladys. I know she will be missed. Also have my fingers crossed for your daughter! Take care,

Love, Muggs

bandmom on 02/06/2002:
Hi! I will pray for your daughter and Hope she gets feeling better soon. And take care of your self to. I'm a mom to and I know how hard it is to be strong for her and not be real worry. I know you are real concern her. I know you need a hug. And your daughter too! hugs hugs Bandmom

garlic on 02/06/2002:
Lots of positive thinking about your daughter. The hopeful thing is that it is sometimes more usual for hereditary breast cancer to be carried on the maternal side rather than paternal. So lets hope. Keep up that treadmill activity. You're doing great. You will build stamina over time and it won't be as hard but then that when you are suppose to push yourself even harder!!! Seems you never are suppose to get to a comfortable exercising zone because that just means you need to work harder. Can't win, huh?

shellybelly on 02/06/2002:
Hey! My mom had a lump removed a few years back and it turned out to be absolutely nothing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your daughter.

Jelly Belly on 02/06/2002:
Yeah, but they're low on carbs. Very low. Hope your daughter's ok and it turns out to be nothing.

SoccerMom on 02/06/2002:
Hope it's just a cyst...but let us know what the doctor says. I'll be praying for her.

You have a great day!

Smiling Sal on 02/06/2002:
Keep working at the exercise, they do say it gets easier the more we push it. If you ever reach that stage let me know & I'll know I have something to aim to.

I hope you daughter is OK. My boys are both young, but people are always telling me your never done worrying about them.

Soup for breakfast - now that is something I never thought of.


CharlieAngel on 02/06/2002:
I am sending positive vibes and prayers for your daughter. I had a lump removed about 5 years ago and it came back as just fibrous tissue. You go girl with the exercise...and hey, if it felt like running to you then it was running!!! Keep it up. Sorry about Norma. Hope your days get better and easier. Love ya, Charlotte

SOU812? on 02/06/2002:
Thank you so much for your comment in my journal. I feel really blessed that so many care about what happened. You are doing great! Your daughter will be in my thoughts. I hope you have a great evening. Take care, Kelly

MichelleP on 02/07/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Your daughter is on my prayer list, keep the faith, and your chin up. Makes sense about the protein and carb around 4, thats the hardest time of day for me, Im tired and hungry which leads to a grumpy Michelle LOL. Take care and try to have a great day!

pastagal - Tuesday Feb 05, 2002
Weight: 134.0

I want to welcome all the NEW PEOPLE on here ,we are really starting to get alot of new ones again huh,,which is great ,,,i am having trouble getting to everyones entries on the days i have grandkids to watch,but will do my best:}

Our weather here now is starting to get alittle warmer during the daytime,,,still pretty cold out at night and early mornings,but the days have been sunny and warm enough not to have to wear a coat,,i wish it would stay this way,,but they say more rain is coming soon,,i still have a sore throat,,i hate this,seems when i get one it hangs on for weeks ,,,,

well i am going to keep this short ,doing good on the diet front and found out gladys funeral is sat morning,,so all of us will be going to it,she was a huge part of my family and her kids went to school with my kids,,and being from a small town,,eveyone knew her well. Ok,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME AND CONSISTENCY will help you get to goal:}}

BREAKFAST:1 scramble egg (2pts)1peice LF toast w/jelly(1pt)v8 juice 1/2 banana (1pt)1/2 diet pepsi,,,water.

LUNCH:Green salad w/dressing(2pts)1 cup soup(2pts)Ice tea

DINNER:Homemade veg beef soup(2pts)1 peice corn bread(3pts)Large salad w/dressing(2pts)Ice tea

Snack:v8 juice(0pts)SF jello w/ff coolwhip(0pts)Ice tea

suthngal1970 on 02/05/2002:
Thanks so much for your comment. That is going to help me. I love WW! It is very easy and I feel like this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. Thanks again, and God Bless. I love this site it is very motivational. Suthngal1970

shellybelly on 02/05/2002:
Just wanted to say hey and thanks for the welcome!

pastagal - Monday Feb 04, 2002
Weight: 134.0

I spoke of the lady who use to work for me for a few yrs and was like a mother to me(Gladys)anyway,,,for those that remember me speaking about her,,she died last night,they called me today and told me,i was shocked,,i just saw her two weeks ago and she was happy that they had given her a yr to live and maybe longer,,but i guess god had bigger plans for her,,,i will miss her very much,,she was so good to my MIL when she cared for her,,

Well i have zach all day and he isn't feeling good,so not sure how my day will go,i still have the sore throat,,but it isn't bad,,i am thinking it might be allergies causeing it ,cause i have alot of drainage lately,,,anyway,hope everyone had a great weekend and here we go starting a brand new week,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?? Maria,i hope you are doing ok,,i am worried about you sweet lady.

Also,,,Take things ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTENT and it will help you get to goal.

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl cereal (3pts)1peice LF wheat bread toasted w/jelly(1 1/2pts)v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,water

LUNCH:Large salad w/tuna & dressing(3pts)1 cup tomatoe soup(2pts)Ice tea

DINNER:Left overs,1/2cup spanish rice(2pts)1 sm peice tri tip(3pts)salad w/dressing (2pts)brocolli w/butter(1pt) Ice tea

Snack: popcorn(1pt)

kanga on 02/04/2002:
I'm sorry about your friend. Take good care of yourself for a while, it helps.

nsbratt on 02/04/2002:
I am so sorry for the loss of your friend,she sounded like such a special person.She will be a welcomed angel in Heaven. It is so hard to lose someone but her suffering is over now and that is a good thing.My prayers are with you and her family.Take care.

Norma Jean

kyrin on 02/04/2002:
Woo=Hoo, gal! You did really well last month...lost SIX pounds. All Right!

Sure, you'll miss Gladys; but she's probably off doing good in a better place. Bet she won't miss us.



shellybelly on 02/04/2002:
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

callysto on 02/04/2002:
I'm sorry to hear that. She really is in a better place. No more pain and all smiles. Take care of yourself. Feel better! Kim

Soon2BThin on 02/04/2002:
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Gladys, but can't help thinking that at least she didn't have to suffer as so many people do. She's in a better place, right? I hope you feel better soon, Judy.

pktwatch* on 02/04/2002:
Sorry for your loss....

I am back as: pktwatch* I tried to post a lot of HTML code to get the link to the Daily Motivator into my DD and it broke it! I have not been able to post any new messages or really do anything with my old DD so I just resigned up as pktwatch* I posted a really great Dailey Motivator in my last entry, if you have the time you should go read it. Stay strong and remember: "IF BUTCH CAN DO THIS, SO CAN I!"

pastagal - Sunday Feb 03, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Well i still have a sore throat,,it just really weird,,its not real bad,,,just feels like something is swollen in the bottom of my throat and when i swallow it feels like its cutting,,anyway,,,still taking over the counter meds,,i might end up calling the doctor this week and going in if it doesn't go away.

Had a great sat,,,gave mother in law a bath,washed and dried her hair,changed her bedding and cleaned her room good,,then worked all day on the rest of the house,i love having a clean house,,,:}}

Well the kids were all hear for dinner tonight,,then after dinner was over and my son and daughter in law and lil zach went home,,me and hubby and daughter and grandkids watched a dvd movie and had some popcorn,,,

well i am going to town and get my nails done,,look for a new pair of jeans,,then stop and buy grocerys,,,this week i am going to eat more salads,,fruit and veggies and less meat,,,,going to make up some sugar free jellow and some sugar free pudding and have in lil bowls in the fridge for snacks this week,,can't wait till all the good fruit is out and ready to buy,i love strawberries,,,cantaloupe and watermelon,,

well going to wrap this up and hope everyone is having a good weekend,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

BREAKFAST:1 cup tomatoe soup(2pts)1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:Eating out in town for lunch.

DINNER:Homemade veg beef soup(4pts)Crackers(3pts)salad w/dressing (2pts)Ice tea

Snack:Tootsi pop(1pt)

Remember everyone,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal:}}

MichelleP on 02/03/2002:

Sorry to hear your still feeling bad.... here is an order... GET BETTER SOON!

Sounds like you got all your chores done ( want to come help me do mine LOL)! I got some sugar free jello and ff pudding yesterday at the store, to give myself some kind of treat. Enjoy your new nails and jeans >>YOU DESERVE THEM! and so much more. Take care and have a great rest of the weekend!

SOU812? on 02/03/2002:
Hi PastaGal!

I just got some more Jello pudding myself and I am going to try that layered dessert; pudding, crushed Nilla wafers and bananas-YUM! I hope you have a good day shopping and feel better!


pastagal - Saturday Feb 02, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Hi everyone,,its late but thought i would get my entry done tonight before heading to bed,,me and hubby went to dinner at Marcello's ,,our favorite place to eat anymore on friday nights,,,dinner was great to,,,,

Then we went to the show,,oh gosh,if you love a movie that really touches the heart and leaves you overwhelmed with emotions and is something that makes you think hard about life and how precious it is,,,go see "A Walk To Remember" ,,,it was a packed show,,not a seat left in there and it grabs you and doesn't let you go till the very end and your leaving with tears in your eyes and wanting to hold your mate close and not let go,,,so ladies,,,grab your hubbies or your boyfriends or anyone for that matter and go see it,,i highly recommend it:}}}

Well when you read this it will be saturday,,,i have to give mother inlaw her bath,,wash her hair and clean her room,,,do laundry,,and my normal saturday cleaning around the house,,,my daughter is not feeling well so her and the grandkids will probley be here most of the day,,,she has the sore throat now that i am fighting,which by the way i still have,,it isn't real bad,just enough to bother me .

ok gonna wrap this up and get to bed,,,have a great saturday and weekend for that matter,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

BREAKFAST:Mini waffles(2pts)scramble egg(2pts) v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:1cup soup(2pts)Roast beef sandwich(4pts)orange(1pt)Ice tea

DINNER:Stir fri w/chicken(3pts)salad w/dressing (2pts)1/2cup rice(2ps)Ice tea

Snack:popcorn (1pt)

Remember ,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to goal,start each day off like it is your first day of your new journey!!

MichelleP on 02/02/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. I have heard alot of great reviews on " A Walk to Remember". Maybe I will treat myself and go see it alone LOL ( hubby wouldnt go if I paid him ). Have a great weekend and hope you and family get to feeling better soon!

halley on 02/02/2002:
Lots of people have said they liked that movie. I may have to to see it.

Beth on 02/02/2002:
Yummy.... mini waffles sound good. I want to see that movie, but I heard "I Am Sam" is good, too. Maybe we'll get out to see a matinee tomorrow. Have a nice Sunday.

herb on 02/03/2002:
You know enough about me by now to know that I love words, and language. To that end I want to say that I hear and read words that sound like what they should be. So when I read that you cried after seeing the movie "a Walk to Remember" the word that sprung to mind was cathartic. But i wont use the word till I look it up, and now the word that came to me is perfect.

Here it is - 1.) a prification or purgation of the emotions (as pity & fear) primarily through art. 2.) a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension.

So now we got a new word in our vocabulary.

pastagal - Friday Feb 01, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Still have a slight sore throat,,this is weird,,i have never had a sore throat like this before,they usually get really really bad by now,,i am taking meds so maybe that is why,,i caught it early ,,,,anyway,,i didn't get on and read many entries,,but today i should be able to ,,,hope all of you are doing ok.

Going to try going to the movies again and see if we can get in to see "A Walk to Remember" looks like a good show,,,going to dinner,,if we don't make it to the show i think we will go to the mall,i still have some Gift certificates to spend that i got for christmas,,,

Well i am going to keep this short,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

BREAKFAST: Scramble egg (2pts)v8juice,,1 peice toast w/jelly(1pt)1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH:1 cup soup(2pts)1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)dill pickles,,Ice tea,chocolate sf pudding(2pts)

DINNER:Going to Marcello's for 1/2 order of spaghetti w/meat ball,,salad and Ice tea

Ok remember now,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help get you to goal:}}}

halley on 02/01/2002:
I've heard that it's a good movie. Have fun!

kyrin on 02/01/2002:
You know treating everyday like the first day of my journey might actually work. I'm great at re-starts! LOL!

I'm not really upset about Gran. She was not the Gran that I knew or that she wanted to be. I used to spend weeks at a time with her (granny-sitting) while my parnets went on trips (like to New Zealand). So, we had lots of opportunities to talk about "when." She definitley did not want to be here if she was not herself and expressed that to me many times. I'm kind of celebrating her release. ...I'm not looking forward to the trip and the being out of routine; though what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks can hardly qualify as a good routine anyway. I am going to take it one day at a time and see what happens.

Thanks for the concern and for the reminder.



SoccerMom on 02/01/2002:
Hope your throat feels better soon. Let us know what you think of the movie, OK?

Have a great weekend.

pastagal - Wednesday Jan 30, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Hi everyone,,late getting on here today,i did start to do my entry this morning and had to stop and help my daughter for a little while,then i never made it back on to finish,i have a bit of a sore throat today,,and have done much of nothing today,,didn't have any grandkids,so i just took it easy,,

Hope everyone is having a good day,i will be back this evening and read entries and comment to as many as i can,,,as for eating today,i ate this morning,skipped lunch,just didn't feel like eating and for dinner we are having hambugers and fries,,,

well have a good night everyone and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,,ONE day at a time and consistency will help you get to goal:}

MichelleP on 01/30/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Sorry to hear your under the weather, get better soon! Drink lots of fluids ( lol just what you need motherly advice ). =) Take Care I am send you a hug.

pastagal - Tuesday Jan 29, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Good morning everyone,,i slept great last night,first time in long time i have gone to bed,went right to sleep and sleep all night long,its so cold here in northern calif today,woke up this morning to frost so thick on everything and all the puddles were froze over solid,,the tempt said 23 degrees,,its been long time since it was that cold here,still see patches of snow here and there,,the last time it was like this and it snowed was in 96.

Well 1 month and my daughter will be moving out,,we sat and talked with her last night about her money she will be getting and just wanted to get an idea of her plans for it,,she is getting a check on her birthday ,March 5th for 68,000 dollars,,she was hurt bad in 86 and we sued the person and she was awarded a huge amount then and has gotten checks over the past 15 yrs now,this is her last one,,so hoping she will put some of it away in a savings for her kids and for security,,,she says she is going to.

Well i am doing good on weight watchers still,,that pudding recipe i got off the weight watcher site was delicious BTW:} well i have lil zach today,he is napping as i write this,he doesn't feel to good today,,cold and teething,,so might be a rough day for me:}well hope everyone is doing great and has a wonderful day ahead of them,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal:}

BREAKFAST: 1/2 diet pepsi,Hambuger patti grilled on George forman grill,(6pts)16 oz water

LUNCH:Salad w/dressing(2pts)1cup soup (2pts)Ice tea,,

DINNER:Spaghetti w/sauce(4pts)pork chop grilled(4pts)salad w/dressing(2pts) Ice tea

SNACK:WW banana pudding(2pts)

MichelleP on 01/29/2002:
Hi Pasta,

Im sorry to hear about your daughter being hurt, I hope is on the road to recovery now. That is alot of money to handle. When I was hit by a drunk driver in 93 I was awarded a large sum of money and was given some really poor advice ( I am greatful that I set a large part of it aside for when I retire). I hope your grandson feels better soon, it really seems to be going around! Keep up the great work on WW! Oh by the way I looked around this site for the pictures you spoke of ( Im not that bright ) but I cant find them , are they listed under anything special. Have a great day and thank you!

CharlieAngel on 01/29/2002:
I think you are doing so great on WW on-line. Am glad that you are enjoying it. Can you post the recipe for the rest of us? I know I could probably find it on the site, but I really have been trying not to spend too much time on the computer. Except for here, of course. Hope that Zach feels better soon. Take care and have a fabulous day! Love ya, Charlotte

pastagal - Monday Jan 28, 2002
Weight: 134.0

Hi everyone,,i was unable to get on here yesterday and do an entry,,we got up early and left for Sams club,,went there and got all the big stuff,,,loaded it in hubbys truck,,left his truck parked at Sams and took my vehicle and went looking at new vehicles;} i am going to get a new one,,looking at a Tahoe or Yukon,not sure which yet,,,then from there went to AppleBee's and had lunch,i had a HB and fries,,,,ice tea,,then went back to Sams and got all the cold items and stuff i needed,,ended up spending right at 800.00,,,thank goodness we only do that every couple months,,,that isn't all for the house tho,,some of it is for the business he gets while there,,,but my freezer is full now and cupboards outside in the gargage:}

I want to thank all of you for your sweet words from my last entry,,and HERB,not to worry buddy,,,you can always feel free to ask any thing you like ,,i would never take offence to it ok,,,i know you care and if you ever said anything to hurt my feelings i would tell you,,but rest asured,i would never be ugly to you:}ok,,,,,,

I feel good today,,,,i got up early to open the windows and couldn't beleive what i was seeing ,,,,it was snowing outside,,,something we don't get in northern calif but every 8 ta 10 yrs,,,it snowed for almost 4 hours and everything is covered,,the biggest flakes coming down i had seen in long time,,was so beautiful,i got video of it and pics of the kids out in it:}

I am doing good on weight watchers,,i lost another 1 1/2 lbs:}} yeah!!!! so guess all this water and portion control is paying off,,and i am not doing without,,last night i had 1/2 cup ice cream and it was just enough,,and this week i am making a banana pudding recipe i got from weight watchers,,sounds delicious and is only two pts per serving,,,its a layer of pudding,,one of crumbled up LF vanilla wafers and then bananas and more pudding and then ff cool whip,,,

well i am going to send this and try to read some entries today,lil zach is napping at the moment so might as well take advantage of it;} Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,One day at a time and consistency really will help you get to your goal:}}

BREAKFAST: NONE,,was to involved in watching the snow this morning,,,LOL

LUNCH:Roast beef sandwich(3pts)1 cup soup(2pts)2donunt holes (2pts)Ice tea,,,,

DINNER:Spaghetti w/meatballs(6pts)large green salad w/dressing(2pts)green beans(0pts)Ice tea

Snack:Weight watchers Banana pudding(2pts)

Remember to drink you water today ok:}}

CharlieAngel on 01/28/2002:
You are doing GREAT! I went back and read yesterday's entry and I just wanted to comment that you should not feel guilty. You have done so much for you MIL. As you said, at this juncture, someone else can clean her and do what needs to be done. It is time for you. Life is so uncertain and at times fleeting. I vote that you have earned the right to enjoy every moment. Have a great day and just remember...you are a constant source of inspiration to me. I wish that I had as much patience and understanding as you practice every day. Have a blessed day! Love, Charlotte

Maria7 on 01/28/2002:
Hey, Pasta, isn't it exciting to see snow coming down when you aren't used to having snow? I was sure excited over ours, too...hey, about your camcorder (I know I'm bugging you, but it is important to me...) what kind of Sony Camcorder so you have? Is it a dcrtrv330 or something like that? I've been looking at them like you've been looking at SUV's. Please let me know and enjoy that low cal banana pudding...send me some...yum! Love, Maria :D PS..please just answer in my last entry comments, as I do not use the hotmail email anymore and I will be sure to get it. Thanks!

MichelleP on 01/28/2002:
Hi Pasta, Congradulations on your loss!!! Your doing awesome! Here in Virginia it was 72 degrees... and snow in California ... go figure. I have heard so many great things about WW. I would like to join but I am still so over weight ( I guess I am still ashamed to face people about it in public). Maybe when I loss another 20 pounds. Have a great night and keep up your great work, your doing an awesome job!

garlic on 01/28/2002:
Good luck on your big decisions coming up. I think it would be the perfect plan to have your MIL in a nursing home. It really sounds like that is where she belongs. I agree with you - you have taken care of her long enough. You need your life back. Good luck in making this tough decision. What does your husband think?

SoccerMom on 01/28/2002:
Congrats on losing another pound and a half! Wooo-hooo!!

Have a nice evening!

SOU812? on 01/28/2002:
That Banana pudding sounds soooo good!!! I am going to have to try that! Congrats on losing!!! You are doing great!! It snowed there and here, Baltimore, it was in the 70's! Can you believe it? Something's just not right with our weather systems. We should be getting the snow. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful, just freaky weather concerns me. Well, thanks for your comment but that bike has those moving handle bars. I could probably read and just not grab the handles but I am sure to probably knock myself out that way. :0) I hope you have a great evening! -Kelly

Soon2BThin on 01/28/2002:
I haven't been on here lately to comment to you, thanks for your comments. I completely agree with your decision about your MIL. I know I couldn't have done what you have for so long, you're amazing! Hey, that snow is heading our way tomorrow night. I'm in Arizona. We may get 2 inches here, they say. And I know what you mean about the half cup of ice cream, it sounds like so little but really is enough if you eat slow. That banana pudding recipe sounds good. Have a great day tomorrow.

pktwatch on 01/28/2002:
HI! Glad to here that you are doing well. I am also looking for a new vehicle and drove the Tahoe. Isnt it great? We also looked at that new Avalanche and that is what we might end up with. It is built on the Surburan chassis NOT the 1500 truck! It has the BIG leather seats and has a lot of nice features, you should check into it. I did not really like the looks of it at first, but with the right color ( silver for me) it looks great!


digit on 01/29/2002:
hi, I've just read over your diary for the last couple of days and sounds like you've had a time of it !

Hopefully now that you've made al the decisions you have to you can get out and enjoy yourself now. It's not a dress rehersal as I keep hearing.

pastagal - Saturday Jan 26, 2002
Weight: 135.5

Well there have been alot of things happening around here the past couple days,,,my daughter is getting closer to moving out and getting back on her own again,,and with lots of luck she will make it this time around,,,she is going to buy my Grand Jeep Cherokee,,and so that means i am going to get to buy a brand new vehicle,,thinking about a Tahoe or Yukon,,,,not sure tho,,i am making the decision to put my mother in law into a rest home around May or june of this yr,,and me working at our business for a few hours a day when i do that,,anyway,,everyone is fine with my decisions i have been talking about lately,so guess i can do this finally and not feel bad or guilty about doing it.

Herb,you asked me about my daughter and the decisions i have made concerning her,and that i should not have any with mother inlaw,,let me explain alittle,,as for my daughter,for the past two yrs we have had to pay her rent,,most of her bills,,all the clothes for the two grandkids,,buy her a car,,gas for the car,and then last august we moved her back into our house and she has been here since,,oh and we have been paying all the attonery fees on her divorce,,so as of right now she owes us close to 40,000 dollars,,,which she is paying back,tho we are only going to make her pay 20,000 dollars back to us in march,,,see she receives a 60,000 dollar check from a fund that she has had since 86 when she was stabbed ,,anyway,its her last check for her to receive and so she will be able to move out and her job she has now has worked into a good job,full time,,good money and so she is going to do fine.

As for mother inlaw,,i have cared for her over 11 yrs now,which has kept me grounded most of that time right here in this house ,,and i have decided i can't continue it anymore,,when i took it on in 1990 tho she had ,had a major stroke,she was still of clear mind and lost only her ability to do for herself,cause it made her bedridden totally,,so i chose to bring her home to live with us and me take care of her,thinking at that time ,because the doctors had told us she would probley have another stroke within the next yr because of the type she had ,,but,,,its now 11 yrs later and she is still here but her quality of life is not what it was back then,she is on a feeding tube,cant swallow,,basically is just here,,most of the time does not know anything ,and she could live another 10 yrs or so they say now,,,and i can't keep doing this ,it almost caused me to take my own life once,and i won't allow it to do that again,,,i feel i have done my part and given her the best i could and i have to stop feeling guilty for wanting to have a life for me again,,,hope this makes sense,,,,,and YES she is hard to care for now,,it is constant turning,,cleaning,,sucting her mouth out so she doesn't choak,,dealing with infections ,,,ect ect,,,,and i have grandkids that i can't do things with because i am tied down here all the time,,,,then there is my mother,,,i have negelected her now for 10 yrs,which has caused us to grow farther apart,,and before we were best friends and saw each other every day,,,so ya,,,its time to make some changes,,its not going to matter to my mother inlaw at this point who cleans her,,keeps her comfortable at this point,,tho i will make sure who ever is doing it ,does the job.

Well guess i really babbled on huh,,,i just know me and hubby aren't getting any younger,,we own our on business and have the money and not the opportunity to enjoy it and go and do like we would if we could,,,i think about my mother inlaw and father inlaw and how he owned his on businness for 40 yrs,,,she was a school teacher for 45 yrs and they both retired,,and one yr after they did this,with plans to travel and do,,,,he passed away and she had this major stroke,it makes a person stop and think ,,i look back and think,god where did the past 11 yrs go,,,it went so quickly and it feels like it was just last week it all started,,,,,so it is time...

well now on the diet front,,,,i am doing good,,i love weight watchers online,,i keep a journal and track of my exersise,water,,food,,,and so much to read there and things to help with motivation,,,and SOONIE,you asked what it cost,,i paid 59.00 for three months,,,

well hope i didn't bore any of you with my entry,,and SoccerMom,thank you for the advice,,,all of you are so great,,,it helps to have some place to come and share and get feed back,,cause beleive me,there are some days i think i am going to lose my mind and sink so far into depression and never get out.

Ok now my food for the day,,,,,

BREAKFAST: 1/2 tuna sandwich (3pts) v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,16 oz water

LUNCH: 1cup tomatoe soup(2pts) crackers(2pts)Ice tea

DINNER: Two small peices Tri Tip(4Pts) 1/2 cup rice(2pts)green salad w/dressing (2pts)brocolli w/butter(1pt)Ice tea

SNACK:choc sf pudding w/ff cool whip(2pts)

Ok remember everyone,,hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok::???:}}}


SOU812? on 01/26/2002:
Wow, a lot is going on! I think the best decisions can be the toughest. You are definitely a good mother, wife and loving daughter-in-law. These people are lucky to have you in their lives. You deserve to be happy! :0) Take care. Kelly

Maria7 on 01/26/2002:
Wow, what an entry, Judy! Yes, I would say it is DEFINITELY time to take some time for yourself...while you are still young enough (and your Hubby, too) to get around real well and travel and enjoy yourselves. One of my Hubby's former bosses died within one month after he retired. We're not any of us getting any younger. Yes, you DESERVE to have some time for yourself! I am glad you opened up with this entry today. It lets the rest of us all know we are not the only ones going through things. You are such a SPECIAL, SWEET person, so GIVING. I know you will feel better getting out of the house more and putting in a few hours at your business, it will fight off depression and brighten up your day to be away for a while sometimes. My daughter is presently living with us, too, but things not going to well as they have been, so may change soon.

I have a question for you...it is about your Sony camcorder you got 2 Christmases ago, I think I might be getting one and I want to ask you what type is yours? I've been looking at DCRTRV330 and DCRTRV230 and DCRTRV68. I like these because they play old 8mm tapes that have been taped on VHS camcorders. I like the idea of DIGITAL. That way, can do pictures through the computer and print them.

Well, you have a good night and I will be on here a while tonight, so will be checking back. Take care of YOU because if you don't take care of you, who will? I know the Lord will, but he expects us to take care of us, too. Thank you so much for your prayers. I will be praying for you and your family, too. Love, Maria

herb on 01/26/2002:
I hope you are not angry with me but I only ask these questions because I like you. It might seem at times that I'm nosey, it's just that I care.

Interesting what you said about making plans. Last week I was all set with plans then I got up, and was having a bout with breathing. So in my journalling that night I came up with a great quote. Here it is, "Man plans, God commands!"

bandmom on 01/28/2002:
Hi! You are turely a good daughter in law. And I know that your mother in law would be proud of you you to for all that you have done for her and you self. You do need time for or self and time with your family.You are a angle to but take care of your mother in law.Proud to be your new friend. Bandmom

bandmom on 01/28/2002:
Hi! You are turely a good daughter in law. And I know that your mother in law would be proud of you you to for all that you have done for her and you self. You do need time for or self and time with your family.You are a angle to take care of your mother in law.Proud to be your new friend. Bandmom

Iti on 01/28/2002:
I was so touched by the way that you took care of your mother in law. You are an amazing person, and yes...it is time for you to enjoy your own life. You have done so much for her and your daughter...God will reward you for this. Take a deep breath and give yourself a big pat on the back. You desearve it. I know that it has been so hard for me to finish my education...I am now 25 (just sunday i turned 25), and I am less than 3 semesters away from graduation and I haven't had anyone help me. Your daughter is very lucky to have you. So, if for once instance you feel guilty about your mother in law or daughter, come back to this entry and read this. Take care, love, Iti.

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