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pastagal - Monday Jan 14, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl cereal(3pts)v8 juice,1/2 banana(1pt)1/2 diet pepsi,,16 oz water

LUNCH: 2sm peices tri tip(3pts)small salad w/dressing (3pts)1/2 cup black beans(2pts)Ice tea

DINNER: Chicken stir fry (3pts)corn on cob (1pt)small salad w/dressing (3pts)Ice tea

At least 8 - 16 oz waters today

Hi everyone,,well i think tomorrow i will post my weight ,,it will be two weeks on weds that i started back on track again,,i feel so much better already and feel a big difference just from the water i am drinking,,,

well i have lil zach all day today,,so going to wrap this up and i will try to read and comment later in the evening and get caught up after being gone a couple days sick,,,,its good to feel better;}} have a great day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also take your journey ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTENT:}}

Oh ya ,,HERB,,,,you asked who cares for Pastagal when she is sick,,,,well Pastagal of course:}}}

mommathree33 on 01/14/2002:
Well you have been doing great, I know when you weigh yourself you will see a loss. Have a great day, I'm glad you feel better. Ciao Mommathree33

CharlieAngel on 01/14/2002:
You are doing great! I am sure you will post a loss this week! Take care of yourself! Glad you are feeling a bit better. Have a blessed day! Love, Charlotte

noshie on 01/14/2002:
The stirfry that seems to be mentioned alot lately sure is sounding good! May have to fix some ;) May just do that tonight instead of whats planned. Well you take care, glad your feeling so good! Love ya

muggs on 01/14/2002:
I'm really proud of you for getting back on track! I've had a good day too!

pastagal - Sunday Jan 13, 2002
Weight: 140.0

Hi everyone,i am feeling alot better today,had a good day infact,went to town with hubby and did our normal stuff,,eat,shop and get grocerys:}

I did come home to my mother at my house and she was very ill,,she almost fainted i guess and got physically sick,,not sure why,she has been ill for a few weeks and doesn't know what is wrong,i am hoping she will go to the doctor tomorrow or sometime this week,,she is getting up in age and her health just isn't that good lately,,:{

I went to see the lil lady,,(gladys) who use to work for me today,,they sent her home from the hospital and gave her a yr to live,,she said she will take that:} she is such a trooper,,i just love her ,,,she is like a second mom to me:}

well back on my water hot and heavy tomorrow,,i have been drinking but probley lacking couple bottles compared to what i was drinking,,i hope everyone is doing good,i don't have time tonight to read entries,,so i will have to try to get caught up tomorrow or tomorrow night ok,,,

Koko,,,hope you are doing ok sweet lady,,,remember we are thinking of you and know that we are here for you ok:}} I have thought about your friend off and on also,,,hope she is coping ok with her ordeal,,,i can relate in a way,,when my daughter was attacked yrs ago,it took me about two yrs to get over it,even with it not being me who was attacked,,tho i think any parent would feel when there child was hurt by an attacker that they were to,,,if that makes sense.

well hope you all had a great weekend,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:}}??

Also,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you to your goal:}}

pastagal - Saturday Jan 12, 2002
Weight: 140.0

Hi everyone,,just wanted to let you know i have the flu bug,so i won't be posting anything till probley monday ,,i am heading to bed now,,hope all of you have a great weekend ok:}

noshie on 01/12/2002:
Hope it doesn't stick around to long, take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Love ya

RareDiamond on 01/12/2002:
Hope you feel better!

Maria7 on 01/12/2002:
Hope you feel better, Pasta...take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Love, Maria

mommathree33 on 01/12/2002:
I hope you feel better soon. Get alot of rest and drink alot of fluids. Feel better. Ciao Mommathree33

Beth on 01/12/2002:
I hope you're feeling better and I can't wait to hear from you again, as it's been so long since I've been around. Take care.

Crittermama on 01/12/2002:
Hope you get better soon. God bless.

muggs on 01/12/2002:
Hope you feel better really soon!

herb on 01/13/2002:
So who takes care of Pasta Gal, eh?

prism on 01/13/2002:
Rest up and take care of yourself. Sorry the bug got you.

pastagal - Friday Jan 11, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: Egg scrambled ( 2pts) 4mini waffles(3pts)1 tablespoon syrup(1pt)v8juice,1/2 diet pepsi,16 oz water

LUNCH: 1 cup Tomatoe soup (2pts) 1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)dill pickles,Ice tea

DINNER: Not sure yet!

Snack: micro popcorn (1pt) water

I have been doing good on my water ,tho yesterday i didn't get quite as much in as i have been,but i felt so bloated yesterday and so tired,,i slept for about three hours in the middle of the day and i don't normally do that,,guess my body is trying to tell me something,i have been staying up till midnight lately tho watching the John Edwards show,"Crossing Over",,i am so hooked on that,and beleive in it,,i would love the chance one day to have a reading by him,my father has been gone now 12 yrs last month and his passing was sudden and didn't really have a chance to say goodbye,,i just miss him so much,,anyway,i love that show,,very comforting.

Well i can't beleive how many new people we have on here now,,this place is growing every day huh,,,i am going to weigh on monday night,,it will be almost two weeks that i started back and i feel as tho i have lost,just not sure how much,,well i hope all of you have a wonderful day,,and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to goal:}}

nsbratt on 01/11/2002:
It seems that you are doing pretty good,I have trouble remembering to write things down so I don't go over on my points.Take care and have a great day

pastagal - Thursday Jan 10, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl cereal(3pts)1/2 banana(1pt)v8 juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,,1 16oz water

LUNCH:1cup chicken rice soup(2pts)1/2 bologna sandwich(3pts)dill pickle,,Ice tea,,,SF jello w/ff coolwhip

DINNER:Grilled chicken (3pts) asparagus& brocolli stir fried (2pts)1/2 cup rice (2pts) Ice tea

Snack: Large orange (1pt)

Hi everyone,,well my day with out zach went ok,,had to have the nurse come and look at my MIL,,she called the doctor and told him what was going on and he had her open the thing on her back and put some stuff up in it,,"Yuck",,,was hard to watch her do that,then she covered it and is coming back on friday to check it and change the dressing on it,,,took a culture of her urine and called back later today and said she has couple of infections going on so he put her on some 'Cepro' which is strong antibiotics,for 10 days.

In the after noon i started not feeling so good,,so i layed down and ended up sleeping for a few hours,,,i feel like my sinuses are getting infected again:{ i am taking over the counter meds,,but if they don't help soon i will go to the doctor.

I did good on my water again,,,and i am really liking the walking tapes i have,,there Leslie Sansone tapes and she is just to funny sometimes;} Gosh we have alot of people on here lately,,,we just keep getting more and more huh.

Well i am getting tired so going to call it a night and i hope everyone has a great day and remember to drink your water,,and make good food choices ok,,also,,hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}


RareDiamond on 01/10/2002:
You are doing great!

Maria7 on 01/10/2002:
Great menu...hope you feel better today...and your MIL, too. Love, Maria

SoccerMom on 01/10/2002:
Sorry to hear that you're not feeling so well today. Hope you're better soon!

I keep hearing about these walking tapes...guess I'll have to check them out, too.

Have a wonderful day, and ~~SMILE!~~

Soon2BThin on 01/10/2002:
I've been doing a Leslie tape sometimes lately. They're fun but harder than you would think, right? Wouldn't it be nice to look as good as Leslie while doing the exercise, hahaha? You're doing so good now, Pasta. Have a great day tomorrow.

garlic on 01/10/2002:
Every women should be as lucky as your MIL to have a daughter-in-law like you. Hopefully she tells you that.

pastagal - Wednesday Jan 09, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1/2 scramble egg sandwich (3pts)1/2 banana(1pt) v8 juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,16 oz water

LUNCH: 1cup tomatoe soup (2pts) 1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)wow bbq chips(1pt) dill pickles,,Ice tea

Snack: Large orange(1pt)

DINNER: Grilled Pork chop(4pts) brocolli w/butter(1pt)1/2cup pasta w/stewed tomatoes (3pts) small salad w/italian dressing(1pt) Ice tea

Up to 8 -16 oz bottles of water a day,,sure feels great drinking the water again:}

Hi everyone,well yesterday was a long day ,had lil zach all day,,today is his first day at daycare,and i am sad,,and his mommie cried,she called me on her way to work and said it was so hard leaving him there,,,but he is fine and will do fine,this daycare is where lil ashley goes and she will be there with him and the lady who runs it,is great,,,,its just hard when you leave your child with someone new for the first time,,,susan is so use to me watching him all the time,,

My mother in law is having problems,,i was up late last night taking care of her,she has this huge boil that has come up on her backbone right in the middle of her back,i have never seen one on anyone this big,,and her urine is barely flowing and what is coming through has alot of blood in it,,,and her right eye is swelled this morning and looks like infection is starting in it,,,always something with her anymore,,so i called the nurse,she is coming by to take a look and she will call the doctor and get antibiotics for her if needed,,,

Well no kids today for me till brad is ready to be picked up at school,so hopefully i can get some things done and have a few hours for ME:}but why do i feel guilty:{{ for me to have time for me,my daughter inlaw has to go to work upset because zach is not with me but with daycare,,,why is life so hard sometimes:{

well we sure are getting alot of people on here huh,,,getting really hard to keep up,,,i came on last night and sat here for almost two hours and read and commented and then forgot to leave my entry for today,,lol,,oh well,,,just glad i was able to do one this morning,,,well i am doing good on weight watchers again,back on track,been drinking my water so good,,been over a week now that i have not had a whole pepsi ,,,i pour myself 1/2 a can in the morning and take a few sips and thats it,the rest seems to get poured out ,,and i had tried for the past couple months to get back to drinking the water and counting pts,and after a day or two gave up,this time something clicked again and i feel stronge and like i can do this and WILL,,,,summer is just around the corner tho and i want to feel good like i did last summer in my clothes,so i want this bad,,,,and the fact we might take that trip to Hawaii in May of this yr,,i have to be in shape for that or i ain't going;}

well hope everyone is doing good and having a good day so far,,,drink your water and make good food choices and do some sort of exersise no matter if only for a few mins,,some is better than nothing ,,right?? Ok remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to goal:}}

noshie on 01/09/2002:
Don't be sad :( me singing... ~Put a smile on your face and make the world a better place~ did you laugh??!! huh?? I know you did. ;) Take care of yourself and have a smashing day..DON'T FEEL GUILTY! Love ya

Soon2BThin on 01/09/2002:
Hi, Pasta! It sounds like you are really back on track, good for you. I'm sorry about your MIL, I hope things work out for her, one way or another. Sometimes we have to let people go & it's so hard. She has been through a lot, huh? Try not to let yourself worry too much, okay? Hey, maybe I'll see you in Hawaii, I'm going in May too. Have a great day tomorrow.

Butterf;y21373 on 01/09/2002:
Enjoy your time to yourself...you sound like you deserve it!! Have a great day! Karen

Maria7 on 01/09/2002:
Great menu...like you, Judy, I am trying to reduce the amount of diet soda I drink and am only drinking 1/2 can when I have it, which is 2 or 3 times a day, but still not but half as much as it was. Yes, I DO VERY MUCH agree with you about the exercise...SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE, any day! Love, Maria

herb on 01/10/2002:
Do you ever slow down? But I believe you enjoy operating at full tilt. What I'm really saying is I'm jealous. God Bless You.

pastagal - Tuesday Jan 08, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1/2 scramble egg sandwich (3pts)v8 juice,,1/2 diet cf pepsi,,16 oz water

LUNCH: 1 cup homemade soup(2pts) 1/2 tuna sandwich(3pts)1 orange(1pt)Ice tea

Snack: SF Jello w/ff cool whip

DINNER: 1 cup Pasta & sauce (6pts)Green salad w/dressing(2pts)Mixed veggies(1pt) Ice tea

Snack: 1 orange(1pt) The oranges i bought at Sam's club over the weekend are sooooo good,,and there great big ones to,,,,

Well i had lil zach from 7am till almost 5 today and i am tired,,,i didn't sleep good last night either,not sure why,but i tossed and turned all night long.

I was stressed today more than normal,,not sure why there either,,inless it was from lack of sleep,,hopefully i will sleep better tonight,,,i am writing this late ,but you won't read it till in the morning,,,

I didn't get a chance to read many entries today or tonight and comment,,but hopefully i will tomorrow,,,

Well i am doing good on my water intake,,i have really been faithfull drinking it every day now,,i feel so much better to,,i don't know why i stopped when i did before,,i am not going to weigh this week tho,,going to wait one more week and then i will post any loss,,I have really gotten my eating back under control again also,,,writing in my journal daily and keeping my points log on my kitchen counter helps so so much,,,

well i am going to keep this short,i need to get to bed,i hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and i will try hard to get on and read and comment,,depends on how lil zach does for me,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,,,take things ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTENT and it will help you get to your goal faster:}}}

Frogger on 01/08/2002:
I couldn't agree more with you about One day at a time. I'm doing well again so far, like you said, keeping the journal and checking portions.

Have a good rest.

Jelly Belly on 01/08/2002:
Pitbull just refers to me as mom because I check up on him so much! I don't even really know him!

violetsareblue on 01/08/2002:
Thanks so much for the note. I remember you from before and am glad to see you're still here. I read your diary adn am really impressed by the committment you have. It really is inspiring. Thanks

muggs on 01/08/2002:
Thanks for the tip on the music... I'll check it out! Keep up the great job on the water! You're my inspiration, ya know!!!!

noshie on 01/08/2002:
I hope you got a better nights sleep. Your doing so great with your eating! I am proud of ya, and your water intake yea!!! Take care and I hope your day is wonderful. Love ya

Maria7 on 01/08/2002:
Hi, Pasta, hope you've had a great day today...your pasta and sauce sounds great and the orange, too...I love oranges...I went to the Farmers Market today on my lunchbreak and there was only one vender and I bought a few bananas and grapes, but the oranges were sort of high there, though they looked real, real yummy! Take care! Love, Maria

Iti on 01/09/2002:
Keep it up! You are doing great. I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement yesterday...I was feeling so so sad...but THANKS! I will check into that book you told me about. It sounds very interesting. Can't wait til you post your loss! I'm sure it'll be a good one. Keep going! Love ya, Iti.

pastagal - Monday Jan 07, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1 cup homemade soup/wbeef removed(1pt)1/2 diet cf pepsi,,16oz bottle water

LUNCH: 1/2 tuna sandwich (3pts) 1cup homemade soup (4pts)w/beef ,,dill pickles(0pts)Ice tea

Afternoon snack: 3cups microwave popcorn (1pt)

DINNER: Large green salad w/chicken & dressing (3pts),,1 cup soup/no beef(1pt),,Ice tea

Going to strive for 8 - 16oz bottles of water today

I made my homemade soup and my daughter said it was great,,,we had it for dinner and it really hit the spot,,,i love eating soup,especially homemade soups,,,,well i have lil zach all day and he is half walking now and crawling,,,cute to see him doing that now;}I will only be having him now two days a week,,,monday's and tuesdays,,,he is going to start going to daycare where ashley goes two days a week and his other grandma will have him on fridays,,,so that should give me alittle bit more time for me,,tho i really enjoy having him :} Brad goes back to school in the morning,,,he is excited about that,he dearly loves school:}

Well i did good with water over the weekend,,,going to try to up my amount this week,,i just feel so much better and already feel a differnce in my clothes again,and thats good;}

I bought Bob Greene's book,haven't gotten a chance to really sit and read it yet,,just skimmed through it ,but i want to start from the front and read ever page,,,

I went and saw gladys ,the lady who worked for me for a few yrs helping with my mother inlaw,,she became like a mother figure to me and i love her like family,,,,anyway,,they found a spot of cancer on one lung also,,and fluid in her lungs,,,her esephogus,,,not sure how the heck that is spelt,,anyway,,its almost stopped working and she can't swallow food down,,everything has to be liquid or puried good and then it has still has trouble going down,,she has 4 tumors in her brain and things aren't good for her,but i tell ya,,for 76 yrs old,she is a trooper,,:} i want to thank all of you who are keeping her in your prayers,,,i truely beleive in prayer,:}

Well my daughter goes in on friday to have her surgery,they will remove some scar tissue from her hysterectomy that was done in august,,,and take out the growth in the same area,,,,it a rather simple procedure,,,she goes in and has it done and comes home same day,,but i know with any surgery there is risk involved,,,but she is in good health and should do just fine.

Well i am going wrap this up and i hope everyone had a great weekend and are drinking there water and making good choices;} Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:}}?

Oh i almost forgot,some have asked lately about my MIL and how she is doing,i haven't mentioned her in awhile i know,but not alot to tell,,she just lays in bed and sleeps most all day anymore and doesn't respond much ,,,,i did have to start running the machine that puts out a wet /dry type mist in the air so she doesn't choak,,with her ability to not swallow but once every now and then she collects alot of mucus in her throat and will choak and is unable to cough it up and the suction maching doesn't help much,but this machine seems to keep it draining ok and keeps her from chokeing and struggling ,,,she is losing alittle weight again,not sure what is causeing that,,beings she is on a feeding machine she has a set number of calories daily and it usually keeps her at a certain weight,,but she is getting thinner,will have to bring this to the nurses attention,might need to up her amount per day,,anyway,,thats all there is to report on her,,its about time for me to cut her hair again,,i might do that tomorrow night ,,,but i seem to put it off cause it is such a hard job to do with her inbed and unable to get her up out of the bed to do it,,but i will:}

Ok off i go now,,,,,Also remember,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal faster:}}

Koko on 01/07/2002:
Hi, PG. :) I'm keeping your friend gladys in my prayers and I'll send up a special prayer that your daughter's procedure goes without any problems or hitches. I'm glad to see you back on track again. You're very much a motivator you know. I'm also back on the soups and cornbreads. In fact I'm having nothing but soup for lunch all week. I plan on making your chili some time soon. Please refresh my memory as to the points for the chili by your calculations per cup. I think I was giving it like 8 or 10. Well, I want to leave some more comments before I'm off to bed.

Take care, good job on the water, the menu and hope you have a great week!


Prudy158 on 01/07/2002:
Thanks to you I starting some soups today to! I of course am not making them LOL ..canned works for me just fine thank you Keep it up

pinkuspettuty on 01/07/2002:
*I love soup too and it's so healthy! Hope hubby is feeling better and that dtr's surgery goes smoothly. You are in my thoughts. Pink

kyrin on 01/07/2002:
Hi Pasta!

You keep on talking about soup...and today it sounds especially nice. We've had some snow again--no accumulation this time as the temperature is too high for "sticking." But it still feels cold and damp. And I think I have a bit of chicken tenderloin in the freezer. Not enough to do much with other than feed one--or flavor soup. LOL So, thanks for the constant reminders. {grins}



Jelly Belly on 01/07/2002:
You are so strong and courageous! How bout you? How 'bout someone praying for you and all that you have to bare? We'll pray for your daughter, friend and MIL too. Have a great day and send the recipe for that soup to me!

Soon2BThin on 01/07/2002:
It sounds like you are doing really well, diet-wise. Sorry to hear about your friend, Gladys. 76 doesn't seem that old anymore, does it? I hope she doesn't suffer. About your MIL--my brother was on a feeding tube & he eventually started to aspirate the feedings, which led to his death. I hope this isn't what is happening to your MIL, with her weight-loss & all. I hope you find out what is making her lose weight. It's really hard to see someone living this way, isn't it? Just try to remember the way she used to be, right? You take care & try not to work so hard, take some time for you, okay?

garlic on 01/07/2002:
I'm really happy for you that you will now have some time to yourself. You always seems so busy with kids. You sound like a wonderful grandmother. My MIL lives about 3 miles away and sees my kids not very often. I guess it's not a priority to her. But you seem to be very involved which is so beautiful. But some time to yourself sounds like something you deserve. Enjoy.

pastagal - Sunday Jan 06, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1/2 tuna sandwich,(3pts)1/2 banana(1pt}v8juice,16oz water,1/2 diet cf pepsi

LUNCH: Eating lunch in town

DINNER: Homemade veg beef soup 1cup(4pts)salad w/tuna & mayo(2pts)Ice tea

Snack: Orange(1pt)

Well when you read this it will be sunday,i am going to town,not sure yet if hubby will going with me,he is not feeling well,he has got the bug that i had and the grandkids had ,now its his turn,,but he said he might go,depends on how bad he feels,,while in town i will have lunch ,,then go to walgreens and pick up stuff needed for MIL,,,then going to stop by the hospital and see gladys who i spoke about in my last entry,,after that,probley come home and get my soup on to cook,having that for dinner and i will eat it during the week,,i love homemade soups and always lose faster when i eat alot of soups:}

I did good on water again,,i really thought i would have trouble getting back into drinking it again,but so far it has been really easy,,infact i find myself craving it at times,,

Well going to keep this short,,so i want to wish everyone a great day and remember to drink your water and make good choices,,think before you pick up something and start to your mouth with it,,,are you Hungry??? Also remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:???:}}

Take your journey ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTENT and you will succeed to your goal alot easier;}}

kyrin on 01/06/2002:
Have a nice trip to town, Pasta. Enjoy your town out.



RareDiamond on 01/06/2002:
Just stop in to say hello and keep up the good work!

Prudy158 on 01/06/2002:
I should have picked up some ingred for soupmyself I think I might get some to have for lunches I am getting a tad bit tired of tuna

SOU812? on 01/06/2002:
Hey Gal! You are doing great! Just wanted to say Hi! I hope you had a good Sunday and our thoughts are with Gladys! Take Care. -Kelly

halley on 01/06/2002:
We haven't heard much about MIL lately - how is she?

muggs on 01/06/2002:
So sorry to hear about your Gladys. It doesn't seem right that nice people should have such heartaches!

Hope you have a nice day. I need to make another batch of soup. Think I'll have black beans and rice tonight though.

Maria7 on 01/06/2002:
Your soup sounds GREAT, Pasta! Have a nice, safe day! Love, Maria

pastagal - Saturday Jan 05, 2002
Weight: 140.0

BREAKFAST: 1/2 english muffin,1bowl cereal,v8juice,,16oz water,,1/2 diet cf pepsi

LUNCH: 1/2 tuna sandwich,,1cup soup,,wow bbq chips,,Ice tea

Snack: 1 apple cut up in FF cool whip

DINNER: Chicken/asparagus/brocolli/squash/cabbage/carrots/stir fried w/two tablespoons stir fry sauce,,small green salad,1 small corn on cob,,Ice tea

I am up to drinking 7-16 oz bottles a day so far:}

Hi everyone,,its late here,,after 11pm,,,,thought i would write in here before heading off to bed,,,,went to town tonight with hubby,took our grandson brad with us,,had dinner at Sizzlers and i had salad bar,,,had salad,,peice baked chicken,,dill pickles,,,then went back and got small plate of spaghetti with sauce,,,Ice tea,,,,was really good and i left there not feeling stuffed like when i have steak from there,,,,so i think i made a better choice,,

Went from there to Raleys to pick up meds for mother inlaw,,,ended up going ahead and buying grocerys instead of waitng till sunday,,,i ran into the gladys daughter ,,,,gladys is the lady who worked for me for three yrs helping with my mother inlaw,,she is a sweet lady,but had to quit a few yrs back because she got cancer in her breast ,,she got through that ok ,,,was rough ordeal,anyway,,she has been ill for a month or so ,in and out of the hospital and they just didn't know what was wrong,,,well her daughter told me she is back in the hospital and they found out she has tumors in her brain and its to advanced to do anything for her,i am so saddened by this,she is 76 yrs old and was so full of life and till a few months ago would still go out on sat nights dancing ,,,why does stuff like this happen so such good people:{{ anyway,,,so i am alittle down,but i will go see her tomorrow or sunday,,,,

well i am doing good on my water and eating,,,i just feel so much better now that i am back on track,,,i can't beleive how once i started drinking the water i don't want but a couple sips of diet pepsi in the morning and don't have any more all day long,,,same with the ice tea,,i fix it,but end up drinking very little of it,i crave the water now,,but it does create a problem when you go to town for a few hours,thank goodness most places have bath rooms;}}

well i hope everyone is having a good weekend and resting ,,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help get you to goal:}}

nsbratt on 01/05/2002:
I am so sorry to hear about Glady she has been through soo much already,my prayers are with her and her family.I guess God needs another special angel in his home and has chosin this way so that she has time say good-bye to her friends and family.My heart goes out to her.

You try to have a good week-end and enjoy your visit with her and let her know how truly special she is to you and your family.

RareDiamond on 01/05/2002:
Looks like you are doing great! Happy Saturday to you.

Maria7 on 01/05/2002:
You're doing great with the diet soda, Pasta. Keep up the good work! Love, Maria

Prudy158 on 01/05/2002:
YOU DID GREAT ! I am worried about going out to eat I am not sure I will have your self control lol

halley on 01/05/2002:
It is a nice feeling to be back on track. I also have gotten my eating back to reasonable levels!

pinkuspettuty on 01/05/2002:
Always love reading your menus, Judy! Take care, Pink

SOU812? on 01/05/2002:
I am glad to hear you weathered the Sizzler. I know that can be tough! I am sorry to hear about Gladys but I do feel we can all learn something from her. Life is precious and we should all live it to it's fullest! I also wanted to thank you for your comment today and let you know that I appreciate all of you today! -Take Care

noshie on 01/05/2002:
Your doing great! Sorry to hear about Gladys I will keep all in our thoughts and prayers. Love ya

Journey to Life on 01/05/2002:
So sorry to hear about Gladys. Here is a saying that has gotten Kevin and I through some rough times in our lives . . . Don't doubt God's plan until His plan has been completed. We don't know what God has planned for Gladys, her family, and all those who she has touched. I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless, Donna

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