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pastagal - Monday May 19, 2003
(LOW CARB,No Pasta,bread,sugar,rice,potatoes,)
Weight: 124.0

Hey everyone,,,i didn't make it on here yesterday,,got up early and hubby took me to the Big Mall that is about 35 mins away from us,,,we walked all day,and i was dead tired by the time we stopped shopping and headed back home,,

We ended up eating lunch at the mall ,,hubby wanted chinese and so we shared a couple items,,,it was good,,i couldn't eat much and we ended up throwing majority of it away,,,and then last night dinner was very small,,had some left over grilled chicken w/salad and a bowl of strawberries,,,

My allergies are really a mess lately,,,we had some horrible north wind the past couple days and nights,,,today its blowing ,but nothing like it was,,its going to get in the high 90's here this whole week,so tonight we are going to put our pool up and get it going so by the weekend it should be warm enough to swim in,can't wait either,i enjoy getting in it daily when the weather is warm,,,,well i hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week to,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok??:}} Also,,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster;}}


BREAKFAST: 1/2 tuna sandwich on whole wheat,,v8 juice,diet cf pepsi and water

SNACK: SF jello w/topping

LUNCH: Grilled steak,,salad w/ranch dressing,,olives,pickles,,bowl strawberries w/topping,,Ice tea

SNACK:3 cups popcorn & water

DINNER: Steak sliced thin w/bell peppers,,onions,tomatoes,,and put in Ajus sauce,,brocolli,,green beans,,salad w/ranch,,strawberries w/topping,,Ice tea

SNACK: Nuts & diet cf pepsi

Going to drink more water now that the weather is hotter. Have a super day everyone;}!!!

pastagal - Saturday May 17, 2003
(LOW CARB,No Pasta,bread,sugar,rice,potatoes,)
Weight: 124.0

Gosh it is already saturday again,,,where does the time go so quickly. The north wind is blowing here in northern calif bad this morning,,that i can do without,hate hate the wind to blow,especially from the North,its usually so dry and makes the allergies go nutso.

Today i am going to clean the fridge out good,,make a grocery list and go to the store later this afternoon when hubby gets home and can stay with his mom for me,,then tomorrow we are leaving bright and early to go to Roseville where the Huge Mall is and i get to shop for clothes for my birthday,,,

I have noticed alot of people are joining in the the Low Carb wagon,,i feel it is a great way to lose,,its working very well for me and my hubby and we are not feeling deprived at all.So i wish all of you the best with yours;}

Ok,,time to get my day started,,,lots to do around here,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?? Hey does anyone know,,,did herb happen to say if or when he was returning to DD's,,anyway,,remember also,,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal alot faster;}


BREAKFAST: Fried ham,,bacon,,scramble eggs,,v8 juice,water,diet cf pepsi.

SNACK: Handfull almonds

LUNCH: Tuna salad w/mayo.,,1 cup veggie broth and Ice tea

SNACK: Ranch dressing w/veggies

DINNER: Meat loaf,,spinach,fresh green beans,,tuna salad,,1/2 cup beans,,Ice tea

SNACK: Fruit cup

Have a wonderful day and weekend everyone!!

Golightly on 05/17/2003:
Hi Pastagal!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have lots of fun shopping for clothes ... let us know what you bought! Bragging can be such fun!

I'm still struggling with the hair shedding, but have a doctor's appointment next week so hopefully I'll have some answers soon! I'll let everybody on the boards know about his advice, just in case it happens to them! I've lost 36 pounds since he saw me last, so I'm kinda excited to see his reaction!

I WILL hug my loved one this weekend, as my daughter is home for the long weekend (in Canada, our long weekend is this weekend ... I understand for you folks, it's next weekend).

Take care and enjoy yourself!

pastagal - Friday May 16, 2003
(LOW CARB,No Pasta,bread,sugar,rice,potatoes,)
Weight: 124.0

I want to Thank all of you that left me a nice Happy Birthday comment,that was sweet of you:} I had a great day,,got a plant and a vase of flowers from my sister inlaw,,My hubby gave me 200.00 in gift cards for our local mall and then sunday he is taking me to the big out of town mall to go clothes shopping,so i am looking forward to that;}Kids came over and they gave me stuff to work in my flowers with and some new little plants,,,a new CD to walk with,,great songs on it,,,,it was just really nice.

My son brought a strawberry cheese cake and told me i was going to eat a small peice,,,it would be the first sweets i have eaten in nearly 4 weeks,so i said ok,,i was really shocked how sweet it tasted to,,,but it was good,but i had them take the cheese cake that was left over home with them,,he reminded me that i need to bring some of the high carb foods back into my diet slowly,,,but i am still afraid to do that,,,tho i have brought bread back in and eat one slice per day now,,which has not caused the cravings i use to have for it to return,,but i am eating 100 % whole wheat now,,i haven't lost anything in the past couple days,,,hubby is really starting to show his weight loss and says he feels so much better ,,so for that it is worth it.

well i am waiting for my youngest grandson to get here,i have him today,,gotta do laundry and then tonight i am looking forward to the Soap Oprah awards that are on every yr,,,i enjoy those:}

well remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok??:}} Also,,,,One day at a time and Consistency will help you reach your goal faster;}}


BREAKFAST: scramble eggs w/bacon,,v8 juice,,water

SNACK:small peice grilled chicken left over and ranch dressing

LUNCH:1/2 chicken sandwich on wheat bread w/mayo,,Fruit,,pickles & olives,,Ice tea

SNACK: 1 tblspoon peanut butter

DINNER: Hambuger made into small meat loaf pattie grilled w/mushrooms on top,,two veggies,,salad w/ranch dressing,,fruit ,,Ice tea

Snack: popcorn & diet cf pepsi while watching my awards show:}

Drink lots of water and chew sugarless gum throughout the day:}

hearts_desire on 05/16/2003:
Hello Judy.. I am so glad you had a great birthday.. you deserve it... as far as the cheese cake.. wellllll..lol.. it will take 3 days to get back to where ya wanna be with the weight loss... it may even help you loos more.. it will kinda like be starting all over... but it was your birthday.. so noooooo feeling guilty girly..your doing great!!!... are you useing the strips to check your sugar intake.???.. and are you take a multi vitamen?.. hope so.. they help you feel wonderul as well..i have a few tips if you like pork rinds... crush them and add spices to them.. get some chicken.. roll in it eggs then the pork rinds and bake them... fried chicken.. yummy... also to make a meat load without the crackers... use the pork rinds... hope this helps you have something diff... if i remember anymore.. i'll let ya know.. have a great day!!! Lis~

dolyda on 05/16/2003:
sounds like you had a wonderful bday!!...i can't even imagine how fast i'd eat a cheesecake right now if one were to be put in front of me!! :D

flossy on 05/17/2003:
You are doing such an incredible job on this diet! I am hoping to follow in your footsteps!

pastagal - Thursday May 15, 2003
(LOW CARB,No Pasta,bread,sugar,rice,potatoes,)
Weight: 124.0

Hey everyone,,its late and i am doing my entry before heading off to bed,,i had a good day today for the most part,,,i met hubby at lunch and we went to Sizzler and had salad bar and he had a bowl of soup w/his,,,i had my normal salad there and ice tea,and after we left i had to go over to Wal Mart and by the time i got there i was sick to my stomach bad,,i have been doing this for a few weeks,,seems to happen after i eat lunch,,anyway,,,after a couple hours it left and by dinner i felt better. Its really hot here now to,,got almost to the 90's today,has my allergies going nuts and tonight my head is hurting,,hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for allergies tho.

Well when i wake up in the morning i will be another yr older,,,wow,,i still can't beleive i am going to be "50" tomorrow,,at least tho i am smaller than i was when i turned 40,,i think back and think wow,,,i use to weigh not that long ago nearly 200 lbs,,,so for that i feel good knowing i have taken the steps to get back to a size i can be happy with and feel good about.

Well i hope everyone is doing good on their programs and hope you all have a great day and remember to hugg your loved ones daily and tell them you love them ok??:}}Also,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster;}}


BREAKFAST: Scramble eggs & bacon,,v8 juice,,water,diet cf pepsi

SNACK: Fruit

LUNCH: Hambuger patti w/dab of ketchup,,mayo,mustard,lettuce & tomatoes and pickles,,olives,,fruit,Ice tea

SNACK: 1 tblspoon peanut butter

DINNER: NYSteak w/grilled onions&mushrooms on top,,brocolli,,green beans,,salad w/ranch dressing,,small bowl watermelon,,ice tea

SNACK: Nuts & cf diet pepsi

Drink LOTS of water throughout the day ,,very important:}I also chew sugarless gum through out the day.

pinkuspettuty on 05/15/2003:
Hey Judy, Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (consider that 50 candles :0) ) Hope it's a great day. Take care, PAm

CharlieAngel on 05/15/2003:
You are such an inspiration to me! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and you should be so proud of yourself for all you have accomplished! HOw is your son? I haven't had a chance yet to go back and read entries from while I was out of touch. Have a blessed day! Charlotte

biscottibody59 on 05/15/2003:
You're my original inspiration here and I'm so happy I can wish you

<HTML><FONT COLOR="RED" SIZE="6"> <MARQUEE>Happy Birthday PastaGal!!! </MARQUEE> </FONT></HTML>

I'm happy for your continued success, Have a wonderful Day!

dolyda on 05/15/2003:
*sings* happy birthday to you...happy birthday to yooooouuuuuu!!!!

Soon2BThin on 05/15/2003:
Sorry you're having a problem with your stomach after lunch. I hate feeling sick (well, I guess everyone does,haha) Do you think it is the diet that is causing it? So far I haven't had any problems there and I've always had stomach trouble. I like your peanut butter idea, I tried it the other day and mmmmmm. I can't eat nuts though. And I want to thank you for this low-carb idea. I don't think I would have tried it if I hadn't read about all your success. I hope that icky stomach feeling goes away for good for you soon.

Soon2BThin on 05/15/2003:
Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday! That was the first thing I was going to do! See how it is, when you reach the 50's? Hahaha! I hope you have a really great day and you tell us all about it tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

flossy on 05/15/2003:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY you skinny little thing!

hearts_desire on 05/15/2003:

hope you have a wonderful wonderful day!!! big hugs.. Lisa

pastagal - Wednesday May 14, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 124.0

Weighed this morning and down another lb,,this is amazing to me,,and my body is reshaping itselfs to,everyone is really noticing the changes in me:}

Well today i am going to town to have my day out and about,my mom will be here to sit with MIL,,,which btw,,,MIL is doing some better,she has been on antibiotics now for 10 days,,,but she isn't out of the woods and the doctor said he wants to stop the meds for a week and see if her problem gets better without continuing the antibiotics,,so we will see.

We keep getting more new people,,so to any i have missed giving a welcome to,let me do it here now ,,,,WELCOME to DD's and wish you the best with your new lifestyle change.Remember everyone to hugg your loved ones daily and tell them you love them ok??:}}Also,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster:}}


BREAKFAST: Scramble egg & bacon on 1 slice wheat bread w/mayo,v8 juice ,cf diet pepsi,water

SNACK: sugar free gum

LUNCH: Eating out in town today,will probley have steak & salad at my favorite place,Mr.Steaks:} w/ice tea.


DINNER: Lima beans,,grilled chicken,,brocolli,,italian squash w/stew tomatoes,,green salad,,strawberries w/topping,,ice tea

SNACK:Not sure if i will have any tonight.

Have a terrific day everyone!!

dolyda on 05/14/2003:
congrats on the lb!!...are you getting really excited now that you're almost at goal weight?...enjoy your day out! :D

hearts_desire on 05/14/2003:
80 pounds.. wo0o0o0ooh000o0 you go girl!!. i bet you feel so much better.. i, myself need to loose about 120...i know i would feel so much better..have you tried that strawberry whipped cream?.. freeze it... it taste kinda like ice cream.. helps with a sweet tooth.. hehehe.. have a great evening.. hugs..Lis~

Beth on 05/14/2003:
I've been thinking of trying low-carb again, it seems like it's going really well for you. The one thing I love the most about it is that I wasn't hungry all the time like with other diets. Have a good day!

pastagal - Tuesday May 13, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 125.0

Just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a great day,not alot to say,i miss hearing how Herb is doing,be glad when he returns ,,and i noticed kyrin or her sister was here today,maybe i missed reading that they were going to be gone,,anyway,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok:}}?

Also,,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal sooner;}


BREAKFAST:Scramble eggs,,bacon,,v8juice,diet cf pepsi,,water

SNACK:1 tablespoon peanut butter

LUNCH: Tuna salad,,cup strawberries w/topping,,ice tea

SNACK: SF jello w/topping<2>

DINNER: Sliced roast beef w/mushroom soup mixed w/chicken broth for gravy,,brocolli,,italian squash w/stew tomatoes,,green salad w/ranch dressing,,Ice tea

SNACK:Nuts & diet cf pepsi

RareDiamond on 05/13/2003:
Just stop in to say hello.

Golightly on 05/13/2003:
Pastagal, I'm like you -- I love Oprah and Dr Phil, especially when they have something on dieting. In fact, this Friday (May 16) Dr. Phil is doing a show called "Trading Places" where he makes people trade lives so that they can walk a mile in someone else's shoes. One of the segments will be about a woman who thinks overweight people are irresponsible and lazy. Dr. Phil makes her don a 300-pound fat suit!! I can't wait!!

Soon2BThin on 05/13/2003:
Hi! You're doing great, as usual! Thanks for all your advice, I sure need it. I'm going to try copying some of your menu since I'm not good at figuring out what to feed myself, haha. I like the peanut butter snack idea. Have a great day!

hearts_desire on 05/13/2003:
Hello Judy Judy....so glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day!!... you deserve it so much!!! wow.. i didnt realize that youve been here for three years.. what was your starting weight?.. i myself LOVE the low carb.. i did it before and did very well.. i am having a rough way to go this time.. only because when your trying to feed 10 people and its not your house.. well, its hard..but i am trying..and your right about the bread.. the sweets are my problem.. i think i can have just one... NOT... one leads to wayyyyy to many...i was also glad to hear that your hubby is on this with you.. my hubby doesnt need it.. he is a lil guy...grrrr...lol...nooo.. i wount wish heaviness on my worst enemy... not that i have any..lol ok.i'll let you go.. have a wonderful day sweetie.. Lis~

pastagal - Monday May 12, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 125.0

I had a wonderful Mother's Day,,,,went to my moms and saw her for a bit and gave her the gift we got her,,,then came back home and just basically did nothing till the kids came over around 4pm and they brought all the food to fix for dinner,,,I had not seen my daughter inlaw for about 5 days or so and she noticed right away the weight i had lost,,which made me feel good,,They brought me a 11x14 photo of my three grandkids,,it is such a beautiful pic of them,,i was more excited over getting that than anything.

Everyday i feel so good about this new lifestyle we have chosen to do,hubby is losing and feeling better,sleeping better,its just so amazeing to me how not eating certain foods can change a person so much,,and it be so easy ,,,anyway,,like i keep saying,i can't say enough good things about low carb,and yes Soonie,,i do eat carbs,i just keep my carbs low and mainly stay away from the 5 foods i have listed before that i do not eat right now. I am to the point now that even when i think ,hmm,,maybe i will eat just alittle of one of them it will be ok,,but i seem to so far stop myself,part of me is afraid that if i even try to go back to eating them that i will start craving them all over again,,tho this week i am going to start eating bread now and then i think,,100% whole wheat,the lowest carb i can find and just one slice when i do eat it,,well i hope all of you had a wonderful sunday and enjoyed your day,,

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}} Also,,,,One day at a time and Consistency will help you reach your goal faster;}


BREAKFAST:1 Slice whole wheat bread w/fried egg & mayo,,v8 juice,,diet cf pepsi,,water


LUNCH: Grilled chicken cut up in salad w/ranch dressing,,fruit cup,,Ice tea


DINNER:SaurKraut & Kabalsa,,salad,,2 veggies,,Ice tea

Snack: Sugar free choc pudding w/topping

pinkuspettuty on 05/12/2003:
Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Enjoy yourself, Judy. Pam

Golightly on 05/12/2003:
Hi Pastagal! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. I'm glad both you and your husband are feeling better. I feel better (and sleep better) having lost my weight, too!

I'll have to check out that South Beach Diet site. Sounds interesting.

My diet must be similar to yours. I eat carbs once per day (every day) but limit them for the other two meals.

Keep up the good work!

biscottibody59 on 05/12/2003:
Pasta, glad you had such a nice mother's day--the picture sounds like something to really cherish:-)

You're doing so well on this--was wondering if you actually count the carbs or just eat a certain amount of them and know when to stop. Was just wanting to get a ballpark idea of what you average on a daily basis. Just curious:-)

For example, I average between 200-300 (at the upper end) and I know for me this is curbing my carbs from what I ate on a daily basis 2 or 3 years ago.

Have a good day and keep up the good work!

dolyda on 05/12/2003:
you've done such a fantastic job...just out of curiousity, do you know what your "goal weight" or range is?...i'm just wondering cuz i don't even know what to shoot for...i put 135lbs...i can't remember being 135lbs, but thought that was safe...i'm 5'5" by the way

RareDiamond on 05/12/2003:
You are doing great! Thanks for the words of encouragement.

pastagal - Saturday May 10, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 125.0

Its such a beautiful day here today in northern calif,,looks like a perfect Mother's Day weekend:}Hubby got up around 4 am and left to go fishing with my son,,they will be gone most of the day,,i hope they have alot of fun,,my sons lives for hunting and fishing:}

I feel great this morning,,i was on here last night on a new site i found about Low carb dieting,,very interesting,i had bought the new book awhile back called "SouthBeach Diet",,its Low carb,but easier to understand than Atkins was,,well i found a site last night that talks about it and shows you step by step what you should do if you choose to do this type of lifestyle,,,has a message board where people who are on it talk and share ideas,questions and even the doctor who wrote the book will answer questions you have about it,,it was good to hear others who are doing this talked about how they felt the first couple weeks,,exactly like i have felt and that made me see that it is changing my eating that made me feel that way at first,,they all say pretty much if you stick it out for the first two ta three weeks ,it gets so easy,,,they are right,anyway,,if anyone is interested,its Prevention.com,,,,look at the South Beach diet information and message boards,,

Well today i have to wash my mother inlaws hair,that is IF she is well enough,,,never know from day to day what she is going to be like,,i have not gone in there yet to check her,,but i will as soon as i finish this,,Going to get lots done around here today,kids are coming over tomorrow,,looking forward to them cooking for me,,doesn't happen very often :}

Ok,,,have a great saturday everyone,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok??:}}Also,,,One day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you get to your goal faster:}


This btw is just a rough overveiw of what i eat daily,i do eat more some days or less,depends on how i feel.

BREAKFAST:Fried egg on 1 slice whole wheat bread w/mayo,,cf diet pepsi,,water,,v8 juice

SNACK: Ham rolls w/ranch dressing

LUNCH: Ham & beef rolls w/ranch dressing,,veggie sticks w/ranch dressing,,Cantaloupe & strawberries,,Ice tea

Snack: Nuts & large water

DINNER: Saurkraut & hot dogs,,two veggies,,salad,,cantaloupe & strawberries,,Ice tea

SNACK:If i need any,,,Popcorn w/butter,,Ice tea

Have a terrific day everyone;}}

hearts_desire on 05/11/2003:
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY JUDY!!! ... sounds like you found a great weight loss plan.. i'll check it out more.. thanks for the tip....you have a great day today.. you deserve it.. and tell your MIL HAPPY MOTHERS DAY as well. thanks sweetie.. Lis~

Soon2BThin on 05/11/2003:
Thank you so much for all the advice on your diet. I'm starting on Monday. I borrowed my Mom's Atkins book but it is the old one from about the 70's, I think. I like your version better though. And I will check out the Prevention site too. I've just got to do something here, as you can see by my weight. I notice from your menu here that you do eat some carbs, that sounds a lot smarter to me, instead of the old Atkins "no carb" way. I hope I can make it through those first weeks. I'm sure going to give it a good try. Thanks again. Also, I hope your MIL is doing okay. It's certainly wonderful to know someone as generous and unselfish as you are and I think of you often and, of course, I'm always telling my family about the "lady who's lost so much weight doing the low-carb and who takes care of her ill MIL". God bless you, Judy!

pastagal - Friday May 09, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 125.0

I feel like i have found the fountain of how to lose weight the easy way,,,i swear i have Never had anything work so easy and so well so fast,,,and i eat good,,never hungry,and i got up this morning and another lb gone.And lately i have not walked on the treadmill or anything,,just giving up certain foods make such a difference.

Well the weather has changed again here in calif,its sunny this morning and i think its going to be nice today,,and the weekend they say is going to be beautiful,,,

I am waiting now for the nurse to stop by and check my MIL out,,she seems alittle better this morning,,but she does that,one day good the next bad,,

Well i hope everyone has a great friday and a wonderful weekend ,especially on sunday,,,Happy Mothers day to all the mom's on this site,,,my kids are going to fix a BBQ dinner for me,,cant' wait,i don't get waited on very often,,so will be nice.Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}Also,,One day at a time & CONSISTENCY with whatever program you choose will help you reach your goal fast:}


BREAKFAST: Fried egg ,,ham slice fried,v8 juice,,cf diet pepsi

SNACK:Peice chicken w/ranch dressing

LUNCH: Salad w/ranch dressing,,Cubed chicken w/mushroom soup & chicken broth mixed together over the chicken,MMM. Ice tea

SNACK:popcorn w/butter,,Water

DINNER:Steak w/onions & mushrooms on top,,green beans,,brocolli,,salad & Ice tea

Snack: sm bowl watermelon

Have a great day!!!

Soon2BThin on 05/09/2003:
Wow, when I see how well you're doing on this, I'm almost ready to try it myself. I can't imagine weighing only 125! Too bad I like toast with my eggs, hahaha! What would be good to have for breakfast instead of eggs? I have high cholesterol. Also I noticed you don't eat much fruit. Is this intentional? I know most fruit has lots of carbs. I love to have an apple once in awhile but maybe on your plan I could do this every now and then, huh? One of these days I'm really going to get with it. You are such an inspiration!

pastagal - Thursday May 08, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 126.0

Starting to cloud up here and getting more rain this afternoon they say,,,but this weekend is going to be in the high 70's so that is good to hear,,my kids have planned to come over on sunday and BBQ and fix a nice dinner for me for Mother's Day,my son called and said for me not to worry,,,they will make sure they fix all good Low carb stuff,,i thought that was so sweet of them to want to do that for me,:}

My MIL had me up and down last night so many times,she is really wasteing away,,,i have taken care of her for almost 12 yrs now and its hard to see her this way and not able to do much for her,but make her comfortable . But one does what they can and thats all anyone can do huh.

So great to see a few names on here that left us for awhile,,so Welcome back to all of you,,

Well i am going to get some laundry started and then lay down for a bit,,i need to catch up on some rest i lost last night,,hope all of you have a great day,my low carb is going great,,i can't say enough good things about this way of eating,its making a huge difference in my life and my hubbies,,

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok?:}}Also,,,,,One day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster:}}


BREAKFAST: Fried egg,,ham slice fried,,cf diet pepsi,water


LUNCH:Salad w/stir fried chicken peices,ranch dressing,,Ice tea

SNACK: Nuts & sf jello w/topping

DINNER: Steak & grilled chicken,,salad,,green beans,,squash w/stew tomatoes,,Watermelon,,Ice tea


Have a great day!!

Golightly on 05/08/2003:
Hi Pasta, and thanks for the note today! Ah, the irony ... PastaGal is going low-carb!! LOL How sweet that your son is going to ensure you low-carb food! It's nice when people support our efforts!

PastaGal, you are an amazing person. The situation with your MIL must be very difficult, but you keep handling it so well. You are quite a woman!

Take care!

pezzy34 on 05/09/2003:
Do you think that doing something low carb for a short period, let's say a month, would kick things into gear and jump start weight loss again? I just don't want to do anything I can't stick with forever, ya know? But I'm willing to try almost anything new at this point! Where do I start? Thanks for your comments by the way! Love, Jenni

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