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pastagal - Wednesday Aug 01, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,,i am useing this quiet time to come and do an entry today,,lil zach is here and he is napping,ashley is at daycare today and brad's in his room being quiet till zach wakes up,,,

I have read a few entries,,,and wish i had time to read all of them and comment:{ i miss that so much,,but i know things will settle down for me soon,,at least i hope so.

I have done great with water already today,and back going potty alot:} now i just gotta keep this up,,huh?:}} and i will,,i feel so much better when i drink that water like i should,,,

Sure are alot of new people on here,,i finally got my walking tapes in the mail and going to start useing them starting monday,,every morning before the kids get up,,,i looked at them yesterday and they look like alot of fun,she is so bubbly and really is great for motivation,,,,,she makes walking inside in front of the tv really fun,,,

well going to wrap this up,just wanted to leave an entry and tell all of you i miss you:}

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice,,water,1/2 diet pepsi,,,

LUNCH:,Tuna sandwich 1/2 3pts,,dill pickles,,wow chips 1pt,1 cup soup 2pts,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Homemade burrito,,6pts,,wow chips w/salsa 1pt,,small green salad 2pts,,Ice tea,,,,cantaloupe out of garden 1pt


OK guys,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT and you will make it to goal:}}}

dulcinea on 08/01/2001:
Hi, I see you have reached your goal. That is fabulous - congratulations! You are the third or fourth person that has mentioned the walking tapes - could you list the names in one of your entries one day? I am thinking about checking them out. Thanks

minea on 08/01/2001:
Which walking tapes are you using? They're video tapes right? That sounds interesting, you know how addicted to video workouts I am! Keep up the good work in spite of the crazy house you're working in right now!

Zeppy on 08/01/2001:
I have returned after an absense of a few months. I miss all the comments and support too. This walking tapes - is it walk aerobics for use with a home treadmill??? Sorry, I'm in Australia! Sounds good anyway, and if it gets you exercising more often that's all the better. Good luck. I really MUST start - and keep - a food diary.

mommyof two on 08/01/2001:
hey judy... you sure are a busy one... but i,m glad you made it on today... thanks for the comment the other day... it really helped me... sometimes i get alittle whiny...you all must ignore me when i get that way... i do understand that every one cant comment on every ONE , everyday... i guess i just got used to having comments from certain people and now i dont... so, i,ll just right my commets , and go on... and make as many comments that i can...you take care of your self and i,ll be glad when you get back on every day... bye sweetie, lisa

herb on 08/02/2001:
Thanks for the comments to me I always enjoy your journal, and I'm glad to hear you saying that you're trying to slow down, and get sometime for yourself.

pastagal - Tuesday Jul 31, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,,been a few days since i have been on here,,have been on for the past hour reading a few entrys and just seeing how everyone is doing,,,as for me,things are truely very overwhelming for me lately,,,two weeks from today my daughter will have her surgery and hopefully things will settle down alittle for me then,,just have to wait and see,,,

We got her all moved in and the kids settled in their own rooms which they really love ,,,,and kathy sleeps out in the guest room inside our huge shop,,,she has it fixed up so nice ,,,

Our shop right now is half full of yard sale stuff,and we have a full trailer load of my daughters things that will go in the yard sale to,,and my son is bringing lots of stuff over to put in it,,so sat and sunday that is what i will be doing,,all of us will infact,told all of them,if they want the money for their stuff,,they have to be here to sell it,otherwise its mine:}

I pulled something out in my right hip and its been giving me alot of pain the past few days,,,seems better this morning tho,,and my wrist hurt bad from doing so much scrubbing at the house she moved out of and packing and unpacking boxes,,,i had carpel tunnel in both wrists bad years ago and all it takes to make it flare up is to do what i have been doing lately,,,but it will settle down to after i slow up a bit,,

I have missed being on here,,,sounds like everyone is doing good tho,,and i really enjoyed reading RADERS entrie for today,,he said what he said VERY WELL:}}}i am doing fine diet wise,,lost a couple more lbs,,but i think it is from stress tho,,,i haven't been drinking the water lately like i should tho,,gotta get back to that again ,,and i got my walking tapes of Leslie Sansone the other day to,finally,,,took 8 weeks to get there with them,,,,they look good tho,,,so gonna start doing tho every morning and see if that tones things up any,,,,

well everyone,,,i will probley not start back steady on here till after this next weekend and i get the yard sale over with,,,but i will come on this week and read and comment alittle ,,,take care and don't forget me ok:} i miss all of you alot,,keep up the great work your doing with your dieting and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them daily how much you love them ok:}?

ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT will get you to goal:}}}

stellastarr on 07/31/2001:
You're getting to be so little I can barely see you :) But, you are SO worth looking for and I was happy that you visited us today! Don't you ever worry about ME forgetting you! Take it easy and do what you need to do and look after Judy while you are looking after your group there. Reactivating the pain of carpel tunnel is NOT good. You just CANNOT do it all, Judy. You can't or you will break down further and it becomes harder and harder to gain ground. Know that I am thinking about you with love and sending you every positive wish. You know what? In my next life, I want to come back as YOUR daughter!!! :))))))

pinkus on 07/31/2001:
Really, I want to come back as your daughter, too. Plkease don't push yourself so. Take care, Pink

breakaway on 08/01/2001:
Gosh pasta...be sure to be careful you don't lose TO much weight! I wish you daughter lots of luck and I pray she will be fine! You don't need anymore hassle added to what you already have been going though! I think of you often and hope that everything is going well for you. You have a wonderful day and was really nice to see your entry today! Hubby will find out tomorrow about the surgery! Hope it will be good news!

CharlieAngel on 08/01/2001:
Let me know how you like Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds tapes...I have seriously been thinking of buying them...but I am CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! and I don't want to buy them and then have them collect dust like so many others I have.

Sounds like you are doing great despite all the stressors in your life...hope you make lots of money this weekend and things settle down for you. Have a blessed day!! Charlotte

pastagal - Friday Jul 27, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Morning everyone,,,well i hope everyone is doing fine,,i just wanted to let all of you know that i am not going to be on here for a few days,,at least till i get my daughter all situated and i get rested up,,i am starting to feel so overwhelmed with all this and i need to take some time for me,,

I will be back tho,,so don't think this is the last of me;} I just gotta get things taken care of here,,,i wish all of you the best on your dieting ok,,,this past week the scales says i have lost another 3 lbs,,,but i am not going to record it just yet,,,the funny thing is i have not tried to lose this past week,,,,,so might just be stress related,,,because i have been eating normal for me,,,,but i have been getting alot more water in than normal so that might be alot of it to,,,anyway,today i have to go clean the guest room,,do the floor and shampoo the carpet out there,,,then start putting the kids things away,,,,so a very busy weekend ahead:}

Ok,,,take care and i will probley be back on monday or tuesday ok,,,if i get on here i will comment and read as much as i can,but i am going to try to stay off the puter for the next few days to,,,,,

well remember guys,,,hugg your loved ones everyday and tell them you love them,,,and ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

stellastarr on 07/27/2001:
Well, GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Stay away from here for a while.... just DO it! You are so rattled and busy and I think it is all of the energy you have been extending and worrying, too, no doubt.... that accounts for the weight loss! You had BETTER not be doing all of the mothering when daughter gets moved in or we will all be in a frenzy!!!!!! Do lots of singing while you are working :) Love!

biscottibody59 on 07/27/2001:
Good for you--do take some of the time for yourself, sounds like you have your plate full--hang in there and we'll read you when you get back!

Take good care of yourself!

mommyof two on 07/27/2001:
you go and take of you and the family... we understand... i,ll be thinkin of you way over there lol, lisa

Maria7 on 07/27/2001:
Judy, you DO have a LOT on you...do try to take some time for yourself and relax....you need to take care of YOU, too! Love, Maria :) (hugs!)

pinkus on 07/27/2001:
Good take care of you. We'll miss you but we'll be here when you get back. Pink

herb on 07/31/2001:
See 'ya on the other side of the weekend. Take care of <u>you</u>rself.

pastagal - Thursday Jul 26, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,,well its almost saturday which means all the moving of stuff of daughters will be over with;} I was so tired yesterday and last night,,,after i fixed dinner and we got that over with,,went over to her house and took two trucks and moved all the boxes we have packed this past week,,,and then went back and packed more,,,just about done in that dept,,,now sat hubby and son and few others will go move all her furniture and then sunday we will clean the house good and the yard and thats it,,,

After i finished over there last night at around 9:30 pm i came home and went out to the guest room where my daughter is going to put all her stuff and hubby had put new baseboards around and so he needed me to get down and paint all of em,,,,so i did,,,took me about an hour and gosh was i ever tired and this morning my body hurts everywhere,,getting up and down off the floor is hard when you get my age,,lol.

Well today i have to go out and paint a second coat on the baseboards,,and finish putting all the kids things away in there rooms here,,,they are tickled that here they will have their own room and don't have to share now,,,

Well it warm here to,,,,so today i promised the kids after naps they will get to go swimming in the pool for a bit,,,,then tonight i will go over and bring more stuff over here,,,anyway,,,enough about that,,i am sure i probley have all of you tired just listening to me,lol

Well i am doing fine diet wise,,still loseing weight a bit,,not sure if that is good or not,,i think i need to not lose anymore,tho in school i weighed 115 and felt good at that weight,,,so just as long as i don't go lower than that i guess,,,,well going to wrap this up and remember everyone to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,V8 juice,,peice toast 1pt,1/2 banana 1pt,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,Tuna sandwich 3pts,,wow bbq chips 1pt,dill pickles,,granola bar 2pts,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Left over sketti 4pts,,salad 2pts,,veggie,,watermelon 1pt,Ice tea

Ok remember now,,,,CONSISTANCY & ONE DAY AT A TIME will get you to goal:}}}}

stellastarr on 07/26/2001:
Oh, Judy.... I have been here catching up with your entries.... all about the reunion and the painting and the packing and the moving and the children and WOW!!!! I am out of breath just READING about it!! :) What a wonderwoman!!! And losing weight at the same time???? !!! I apologize to you for being silent for so long. I know that you know how it is anymore with so many of us, but at the same time it has been TOO long that I have missed reminding you that I am thinking of you and that I actually CAN still be counted on to encourage you toward your slimness :) Love, Connie

Soon2BThin on 07/26/2001:
Whew! You're right, I was tired after reading about your busy day! No wonder you keep on losing the weight. I've got some extra you can have, anytime, haha. Take a little time to rest up some, okay?

Maria7 on 07/26/2001:
Pasta, you have done FANTASTIC! We are all so proud of you. Be sure to keep up your strength and try not to overdo. Love, Maria :)

halley on 07/26/2001:
You are so busy. I just can't get over how much prep you are doing!!!! But it is almost the weekend!

pastagal - Wednesday Jul 25, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Morning everyone,,,i am sooooooo tired today,,,this week is starting to really get to me,,,i will be so glad when its over and behind me and i can get myself into a routine with the kids and daughter and not have to work work work every night before bed,,,tho last night i did take an hour off to sit and watch Big Brother 2 and gosh was that ever good,,they really are getting mean and nasty on that show huh,,,don't know tho if i could live in that type of envirorment tho,,,,would be wayyyyyy to stressful for me,

Well today i have bradley and ashley is going to daycare for the day,,,tonight they go to with there dad for a few hours,,,and its back to daughters to start moving alot of the boxes we have packed and taped up to move over here,,,,so will be a busy one tonight,,,

Going to fix something really easy for dinner,homemade sketti i guess and salad and bread,,,,that should do it,,,,have left over watermelon still,,,gosh the watermelons have been great around here this summer,,,

We sure have alot of new ones on here lately,,,they just keep coming,,but i am sure the word is out how great this place is for support and encouragement huh,,,,i will be so glad when i have more time and can get back to reading ALL entries and commenting to ALL again,,,well i better stop and wrap this up,,lots to do today,,,don't forget to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup cereal 4pts,1/2 banana 1pt,v8juice,,water,1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,Tuna sandwich 1/2 3pts,,,wow bbq chips 1pt,,dill pickles,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,Ice tea

DINNER: Spaghetti 6 pts,,salad w/ff italian dressing,,bread 2pts,,green beans,,,Ice tea,,,1 cup watermelon 1pt,

Have a great day guys and remember ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

etbjsoda on 07/25/2001:
Wow, you have really lost a lot of weight during this last year! How do you feel now?

biscottibody59 on 07/25/2001:
Hope you get some time to take good care of yourself (treadmill?). I'm optimistic!

This year's Big Brother seems like a prolonged slumber party from hell . . .

herb on 07/25/2001:
Big Brother 2, is that a new movie, or is it a TV show? I don't have a TV.

Maria7 on 07/25/2001:
Pasta, glad you had a good time at your class reunion. Looks like you are doing really well these days. We've been having lots of thunderstorms over this way. Have a great day. Btw, the friend was me. Love, Maria

halley on 07/25/2001:
It is difficult to read and comment on everyone! But I enjoy the new people because they are just getting started - it makes me feel like I've gotten somewhere!

Tabby on 07/25/2001:
Busy as usual. I always enjoy reading your entries and see what you are up to next. Keep up the good work and your menu sounds good.

pastagal - Tuesday Jul 24, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,well i am tired tired this morning,,been going over to my daughters and packing things everynight and its wearing this girl down,,but hopefully after sat we will have her all moved in and settled,,,,,then i can concentrate on me more ,,,i hope:}

So how is everyone? i feel so behind on here,,i had hoped to get on yesterday and read some entries and make a few comments and i was not able to ,,had ashley and brad all day and company a few times,,,and had to finish some laundry i didn't get to over the weekend.

well hope your all doing good,,i weighed today and have lost a couple more lbs,,but not going to log in on here yet,,,will wait till next week to check again,,,i guess its from doing so much lately,,,cause i really haven't been trying to lose more weight.

Well gonna cut this short ok,,,have a great day and a BIG WELCOME to the new people here ok,,,remember guys,,hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,v8juice , 1/2 banana 1pt,,,water

LUNCH:,,Large Salad w/tuna 3pts,,,dill pickles,,crackers 2pts,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Spaghetti 4pts,,,salad 2pt,,green beans,,watermelon 1pt,Ice tea,,

Have a great day ok and remember ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}

pinkus on 07/24/2001:
Better be careful, Judy or you will disappear. Hope things quiet so that you can attend to you. Pink

halley on 07/24/2001:
It must really keep you busy to have your daughter moving in! I hope you get some rest!

mommyof two on 07/24/2001:
hey judy, i,m so glad that you had a great time at the reunion... sorry i didnt coment yesterday... it was a long work day!!! thin i worked from 6:30 till 11:00 thia am... so i thought i,d try and catch up... talk to you later, lisa

firebabe on 07/24/2001:
Hey PG

Just wanted to say hello, I too am behind in reading what's going on with whom and with so many new people on here, I need to double back on quite a few people just to recall who is doing what and where they are going! lol At least with you even if I miss a few days I can pick things back up =0) Stay strong sweetie, and keep the focus!

breakaway on 07/24/2001:
I know how you feel...I have fallen behind too. there are just so many new ones here and I feel bad because I haven't even welcomed some of them! I feel so rude! But you just take care of yourself and hope your work is done soon. That is so nice of you to do that! Have a great day today and take care!

Lynnet on 07/24/2001:
Glad to hear that your reunion was so much fun. I knew it would be! Gosh Hawaii next May? I went about 2 years ago, and it was so much fun. The only problem was that we did so much touring that I only made in the water once to snorkel. We stayed a week and I think you need to be there longer just to soak everything in. I hope you do go, it is so much fun!!!

herb on 07/24/2001:
Don't work so hard the weather must be wretched. Don't forget your water in this weather.

pastagal - Monday Jul 23, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,,well its over:}} Went to my reunion this weekend and my girlfriend from Nashville got here and stayed with us on friday till sunday afternoon,,,The reunion was so much fun,,they served a buffet style dinner,,,Prime Rib,Baked chicken,salads,,squash,yellow & green ,,potatoes,and french bread,,,,was really good to,,,,i had ice tea to start off with,,,but then i ended up drinking probley 4 wine coolers,,which gave me a bit of a buzz,,,lol,,,haven't drinked in long time :}

I won a bottle of wine for being married the longest 29 yrs,,,,my girlfriend kathy won a bottle of wine and a class Tshirt for coming from far away for the reunion and for having 4 kids:}

We danced till our feet hurt,,,,,and it was great going around comparing peoples pics they had on there name tags to their faces,,,some people really changed and some looked the same,,,it was truely a great evening:}}}

Well i feel like i am so far behind on here,i notice even more new ones,,will take me days to catch up again,,,,and this week is going to be a very busy week for me to,,,I went over to my daughters last night and we started packing her stuff in boxes,,,got so far 14 boxes filled,,,and hope to have her all moved in by saturday,,,Gosh i hope this works out,,,,but i have faith it will :}

Well our heat is coming back,,,,surpose to be hot this week :{ not really looking forward to that,,,last week was able to leave the windows open and the whole house fan going and was so nice,now this week its back to the ac on all the time,,,,,

Well i weighed and i didn't gain anything,,so i guess i did well:}} Now that its over i am going to start exersising daily tho,,,i want to get things really firmed up,,,we have been talking about next May and that for our 30th wedding ann,,,,,we are going to go to Hawaii ,,,so i really want to look good in my bathing suit and anything i put on:}}}

Well guys,,,i am going to run,,,got lots to do and i will get on here later and read and comment ok,,,,hope you guys didn't forget about me,,,lol,,,no chance huh;}} Ok remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,,v8 juice,,water,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,,1/2 diet pepsi,

LUNCH:,,,Large green salad w/chicken cut up in it,,3pts,,,dill pickles,1 cup watermelon 1pt,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Flour tortia filled w/chicken,salsa,lettuce & tomatoe,,4pts,,refried beans 1/2 cup 2pts,,rice 2pts,,salas & chips 2pts,,,,,watermelon 1pt,,,,Ice tea


halley on 07/23/2001:
YEA!!!!!! I'm so glad that you had a great time! It's so neet that you worked so hard toward your goal for this reunion and now it is behind you and you were successful at looking GREAT!!!!! Bring on Hawaii!

pinkus on 07/23/2001:
Glad you had such a nice time at your reunion. Hawaai sounds like a great anniversary trip. Take care, Pink

Kanga on 07/24/2001:
i'm glad you had such a good time. Mine is coming the middle of August and I'm beginning to look forward to it, myself.Have a great day.

pastagal - Friday Jul 20, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,well tonight is the first night for the reunion,,,,i am sort of excited,,tho not sure how many people i will even know tonight at the pre dinner and drinks to meet some that won't be attending the actual reuinon tomorrow night,,,the weather has taken a drastic turn,,,its very cold this morning,cloudy and feels like the dead of winter here,,,crazy,,so might be changing my outfit for tonight,,,weird to have it this cold the middle of July,,

well yesterday was a rough day with kids,,i had all three of them and lil zach is cutting teeth and was so cranky all the time i had him,,,so i was not able to get much done,so that means today i have a busy day ahead of me,,,i did get my nails done tho and got my family room carpet shampooed last night ,,,,my girlfriend from Nashville will be coming over later today and stay till sunday with us,,got her room all nice and ready for her:}}

well going to wrap this up,,,i probley won't be on again till sunday evening or monday ok,,,,gonna feel strange being home and not getting on here to do an entry or comment,,,,but i don't feel right doing that with company,,and i know you all understand:} Everyone take care and have a wonderful weekend ok and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}}

Also remember,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY is a main key to loseing the weight;}}}

pinkus on 07/20/2001:
I sure do hope the reunion is a blast. So much nostalgia in one place and you will look like a million dollars!Have fun, Judy. Pink

biscottibody59 on 07/20/2001:
I envy your cool weather--though any extreme is uncomfortable. Have a blast at your reunion events this weekend. Keep up the good work!

mommyof two on 07/20/2001:
have a super super great time judy.....i,ll be thinking of you!, lisa

Soon2BThin on 07/20/2001:
Hey, Judy, I hope you have a great time this weekend! I don't remember, did you say this was your high school class reunion? I envy you, I can't go to one, I dropped out after sophomore year. Again, have lots of fun, you'll look terrific.

kanga on 07/21/2001:
Its here, its here, its here! Have a great time! Go enjoy! Laugh, embrace, remember! I'll look forward to hearing all about it.

muggg on 07/21/2001:
Hoping you have a wonderful time visiting with your girlfriend and at the reunion.. I'll be thinking of you and smiling!

Love, Muggg

mistypink on 07/21/2001:
You have lost weight and look great. I just found out there was a picture place. Knock-em dead. Have lots of fun, this is your time.

CONSISTANCY--thanks :)

Kyrin on 07/22/2001:
Hi Pasta! I hope you WOW them at the reunion...and have a great time, of course!



SoccerMom on 07/22/2001:
Oh, I hope you have a <i>wonderful</i> time at the reunion!! You deserve it. Hope you're all better now, too. Last time I checked in on you, your poor throat was still bothering you. Take care!

pastagal - Thursday Jul 19, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,,well the next three days will really be busy busy for me,,,tomorrow night the first day of our reunion starts,,,so, if you don't see me on here don't be worried ,,,i will return by sunday or monday morning with all the details ok;} I just have so much yet to do ,,,my girlfriend is here from Nashville ,,,so she will keep me busy,,she loves to sit and talk talk talk:}}

well i have lil zach this morning,he just fell off to sleep after eating a jar of baby food;}}

Ok,,,gonna wrap this up cause i have tons to do today,,,i will try later to get on and read and comment as much as possible,,and hope all of you have a wonderful weekend,,,,tho i should be able to get on in the morning and do my entry before getting the day started,,,so remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:??:}}}

Not sure today on my menu,,,,i will update that later,,,,have a good day:}}


biscottibody59 on 07/19/2001:
I'm sure your reunion's gonna be a blast. I have one coming up next year. I know you're gonna have a wonderful time--and keep up the good work!!!

Take good care of yourself.

muggg on 07/19/2001:
Have the best time at your reunion!!!! {{{{Pasta Gal}}}

Job well done on the weight loss!

pinkus on 07/19/2001:
Just have fun, girlie....PInk

buddy on 07/19/2001:
Reunions are sooooo much fun---espically when people notice how much weight you lost. Way to go girl!!! Have a great time.

Tabby on 07/19/2001:
I hope you have wonderful time at your reunion. I am sure that you will. Can't wait to hear all of the details when you get back. Have fun! Tabatha

herb on 07/19/2001:
Have a great great great time at the re-union. Thats one "great" for each of the 3 days. Hope your throat is all better.

mommyof two on 07/20/2001:
well i bet your excited...reunion time!!! have a great time... i cant wate to hear about it!!! lisa

mistypink on 07/20/2001:
Have a wonderful time. Be consistent and you will do fine. Sounds like you have some great outfits planned. Have lots of fun.

pastagal - Wednesday Jul 18, 2001
Weight: 121.0

Hi everyone,,,how's everyone today? i am doing good,,got lots to do today,,,i only have brad with me today,,,sent ashley to daycare,she was wanting to go so decided i needed a break:}

Our weather here is so nice right now,,,cool mornings,,warm during the afternoons and nights cool,,,just perfect actually:} Well only three more days till my reunion,,,in a way i am excited,,,then in a way nervous,,,,seeing people i have not seen in 30 yrs is kinda scary,,,but yet fun,,,anyway,,,,going to take my camera and get pics,,and if i can get someone to take one of me,,,,hubby and my girlfriend that is coming from Nashville i will have DVD put it on here ok:}

Well sweetchubs asked me about my points i am eating,,,i don't go by the min number now,,,i just try to stay under them and figure i will do fine,,and trust me,,i eat good and get plenty:}} it amazes me to think at one time i was eating around 27 pts of food,,,,and now i eat under 18 most of the time and get plenty,,,,i have basically learned i can stay fine with just cutting things down and not going back to the old habits i use to have,,,in the past i always once i lost what i wanted,,,went back to drinking pepsi's like crazy,,,,,eating junk food more,,,and snacking at night,,,but now,,,as long as i eat something for breakfast,no matter what it is,,,good lunch,,and dinner and no snacks after dinner i can maintain,,,,and thats with no exersise on a daily basis to,,just the normal working around the house and caring for kids,,,,i have found the body doesn't need tons of food to survive,,,there are times i get to wanting something like ice cream or candy bar or donut or pie or cake,,,,and i have found a few bites of something like that really does it for me,,,but there was a time a few bites would trigger a binge for me,,,but now i seem to be able to say ok,,thats all i need and i am fine,,guess cause i know i can have it as long as i don't eat the whole thing,,,thats the trick to it:}} well guys i better scoot,,,got lots to do and the day is wasteing away,,,,,have a good day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 scramble egg on diet bread w/mayo 3 1/2 pts,,,v8 juice,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,dill pickles,,,wow chips 1pt,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,,,Ice tea,,,watermelon 1pt,,

DINNER:,,Grilled pork chop 4pts,,,salad 2pt,,,,mixed veggies,,,watermelon 1pt,,,,,Ice tea


Ok remember now,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}}

SweetChubs on 07/18/2001:
Sorry, I didn't mean to pry. I was just a little concerned. I can understand not wanting to fill up on junk and risking a binge. I myself feel best when getting an hour of intense excercise a day. So I need about 1500 cals and 1300 on the days I don't workout. You seem to be getting all your fruits and veggies in. Good for you! The only thing that I can see missing is a few grains and dairy. Do you like nonfat yogurt? skim milk? This is where I get my dairy from. I heard that you need a minimum of 1300 cals to function properly. Make sure you're getting enough good food OK?

km on 07/18/2001:
|Wow Pasta, you are doing great,, a great low you are truly an inspiration so glad i checked in on you keep up the good work I am sure you will .....KIm

kanga on 07/19/2001:
I'm listening for all the details of your reunion, I have one coming up next month myself.

Digit on 07/19/2001:
You'll be a smash at the reunion - I'm getting quite excited for you.

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