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pastagal - Saturday Jul 07, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,,well the weather here in calif has really cooled down,,,had to get up in the middle of the night and turn the ac off,,,first time i have done that in couple weeks,,,,only think not good about this change in temps like this is that i woke up with a bit of sore throat,,,:{{ but i will start taking something to stop it in its tracks:}

Well hubby took me to dinner last night,,we ended up going to Home town Buffet,,,he loves it there,,,i enjoy it most of the time,,i had salad first,,,which i dealy love there cause it is so crisp and fresh,,,,then i went and got a peice of chicken,(baked)and a spoonful of other items,,,but i ate so much salad and drinked ice that i could not eat much,,we then went to walmart and walked around,,i got the movie "Meeting the Parents" i think it is called,,and bought a bunch of magizines that had come out this week,,,got some flavored water,,chemicals for the pool,,brad and ashley a movie,,her barney and him Power Rangers,,,,and after walking around there for about an hour looking around we left and came home,,,,

I put the movie in and we watched it,laughed through the whole movie,,was really good:}

Well today i have alot planned to do again,,i gotta go in and give mother inlaw the bed bath and cut and wash her hair,,,was going to do that yesterday and never did,,,so today for sure,,,,gotta clean the fridge out and make a grocery list,,,start laundry,,,finish cleaning the front bedroom out,,,,and then late tonight before bed going to shampoo the family room carpet and the kids bedroom,,,

Well hope everyone has a good day today,,,,only couple weeks till my 30 yr class reunion,,gosh its going to be neat seeing people i have not seen in over 30 yrs,,,the next two weeks i am really going to drink a ton of water and watch what i eat really carefully to,,,i want to drop at least 5 more lbs before then,,,,so wish me luck:}}

Ok gonna wrap this up,,have a great day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

BREAKFAST:,,Scramble egg 2pts,v8juice,,water & 1/2 diet pepsi,

LUNCH:,,1/2 sandwich 3pts,,wow chips 1pt,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,1 cup white beans w/stew tomatoes & ham 4pts,,,cole slaw 3pts,,,1 grilled pork chop 4pts,,,,Ice tea


Ok remember now,One day at a Time and Consistancy:}}}

Lynnet on 07/07/2001:
Wow, you do have a busy weekend. I don't know how you do it, especially after having the kids throught the week. You are a strong woman! Good luck on getting those last few pounds off, before your class reunion. I'm wishing you the best.

estelle on 07/07/2001:
Hi! So glad your feelinig better. You're going to have a real housefull soon I see. Best of luck to your daughter. I'm cheering for you on those 5 lbs before your reunion, good luck! Robin

halley on 07/07/2001:
You are going to be such a hit at 122 pounds!!!!

stellastarr on 07/07/2001:
WATCH THAT SORE THROAT!!! I hate to read that you are feeling THAT again. Yikes!!! Well, I know that you are just busy, busy and MORE busy...! Daughter coming to be with you... When my daughter comes it is just lots of work! I love her to death and I do feel awfully happy that she can just feel free and nap and be herself. She is just "home" I guess and she leaves all else to "mom" as if she were five years old ! :) I hope that you get a little more support! My daughter is quite chronically depressed and kind of physically ill most of the time. I worry to death about her but she is a very private person and shares little and so I really never even have the satisfaction of know how she truly is. I just love your latest wt up there all of the time :) And, I am sure rooting for you to lose that 5 more for your reunion! Which dress?

Maria7 on 07/07/2001:
You are doing fantastic! I seem to have lost my resolve. Your menu for today looks great! Have a good afternoon! Love, Maria :)

sansmerci on 07/07/2001:

I can't tell you how much of an inspiration your post is! You're where I want to be! And you started not too far away from where I am.

I am thrilled for you -- and know you'll feel on top of the world at your reunion.

Good luck with your sister. She's lucky to have you. And probably, if it's like with my sister, you're oh so lucky to have her, too. We had to spend a couple of weeks with houseguests here a couple of years ago when the hurricane took my sister's electricity for several weeks. We were out of power, too, but we did have phone, running water, and a gas grill outside on city gas.

I worked really hard preparing meals -- but actually much harder than I had to because I treated them like guests. Next time (knock on wood), they'll be live-in part of the family, and I'll let them do chores.

I think they had to work and I didn't, so I did end up doing more.

Was kind of special in retrospect.

Keep up the good work!


pastagal - Friday Jul 06, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,,,well its friday and its warm here already,,but i think its going to be a very nice day,,,lil brad spent the night with us last night,he loves it here,,and soon he will be living here,,,

Well i have alot to do here today,,,going to work on the front bedroom that my daughter will be useing while here,,,she goes today to find out when her surgery is going to be,,,i think around the first week of august tho,,,

well i have decided i am going to really buckle down and try to get the last 5 lbs off that i want to lose before the 21st,,,the reunion,,,i think if i work hard and really be consistant and good i can do it;}} ya think??? I still have to pinch myself when i realize how much i have lost and how i have kept it off all this time,,this has NEVER happened to me before,,,sure i have lost before but NEVER kept it off,,well i credit all of you here for helping me with that tho,,,,i come here daily and read and it inspires me and keeps me focused,,,i dearly love this place,,,so thank you ,,all of you:}}}}

well i better wrap this up,the nurse will be here in a bit to check out mother inlaw,,,and i need to get this day started,,,,tonight i will be going out to dinner with hubby,,and buy grocerys,,cause sunday we are going to go to the show and see Pearl Harbor,,,so have a great day guys and for those who don't get on over the weekend,,have a super nice weekend;}} talk to you all later,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}}

Not sure at the moment about my meals today,so will let you know what i ate tomorrow ok,,,,


Maria7 on 07/06/2001:
Pasta, you have done GREAT and deserve congratulations for all your hard work, so I congratulate you! I seem to have lost my resolve. I hope you have a great day today and don't overdo yourself. Make sure you take a break here and there while you are working. Love, Maria :) hugs!

biscottibody59 on 07/06/2001:
I'm so glad for your success--and I hope you make your goal, but also keep in mind your health and your desire for sustaining the weight loss. You have been an important example for me in my journey here--keep up the good work and take good care of yourself!!!

minea on 07/06/2001:
You are just doing so well, I know you can lose that other 5 pounds if you give it a little push. Have a good time at Pearl Harbor, I saw it a few weeks ago. It was pretty good!

mommyof two on 07/06/2001:
i bet you can get those last 5 pounds off by the reunion... i sure have the faith in you!!! how did you like the new big brother? i was gonna mail you something, but i guess i can tell you on here.. you know momoffour (beth)? well, her dad almost made it on big brother...he went to la and every thing... he was so sure he made it, and now he is real sad...he has pictures of that shapero guy and some others there..and the motel he stayed in.. he even signed a contract with cbs for a year... why? we dont know sence he wasnt picked..but he was sooooo close..they took pictures and everything...i just couldnt wate to get on here and tell you all this, but they were sworn to seceretcy....so, theres alot that i dont know about either. and now he is having prosterate problems, maybe things worked out for the better.but he,s gonna try again next year..anyway, i thought you would think this was cool..i know i sure do...he was even gonna say my name on the show...sence i was the one who copied the ap for him... how silly hu... but i was truly excited..i,ll let you go for now ok... and have fun at that show... i almost got to see it lol... i paid for it and all.. anyway, bye for now lisa

Soon2BThin on 07/06/2001:
If anyone can lose 5 pounds by the 21st, it's you, Judy. You are the most consistent person I know. Have you had any time to do a little exercise lately? I'll bet you'd really lose fast if you added some exercise. But I know how busy you are with the rest of your life so you'll probably burn it off anyway. Hope you had a good time at dinner out with hubby.

pastagal - Thursday Jul 05, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,,well i think our heat wave here in calif has broke,,finally,,:}I am waiting for lil zach to get here,,and ashley,,,feels like its going to be a good day,,,i feel better each day,,,,,Herb,you asked me how i do it,,and that you thought i was not well yet i was out running to town yesterday,,i felt better yesterday,,and i think that is my problem,,,the min i get to feeling just a tad better i start doing again:}} and guess i really don't give myself quality time to recoup after being sick,,and so maybe thats why i get sick so much,ya think?? anyway,i hate sitting still when i feel good,,,even a lil bit good,,

I have always been this way tho,,even back when i worked at the grocery store,i can remember working 8 -9 hour days on my feet when i was sick ,and even running fever,,,,till they would have to make me go home and go to bed,,,its just real hard for me to stay down and take care of me.

well hope all of you had a great 4th and safe one,,,i was in bed by 9:30 last night,,,i think this is the first yr we have never done fire works at our house,,,,was kinda nice to,,,i just don't care for them,,,seeing them on tv is enough for me.

well i did get the kids room cleaned out last night and the dressers and closet cleaned out ready for all their clothes and things,,,now i gotta do the front bedroom where my daughter will sleep and actually live for the next months to come,,,,

well hope all of you have a great day today,having the holiday on a weekday really screws me up,,i keep thinking today is monday,,,,lol,,ok remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,,i better wrap this up,,zach will be here any min,,,,

Breakfast:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi,water,,,v8juice

LUNCH:,,1/2 tuna sandwich,,1 cup soup 2pt,,,Ice tea,,,dill pickles

DINNER:,,Tri tip steak 6 pts,,,salad 2pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,french bread 3pts,,,,strawberries & cool whip 1pt,,,Ice tea


Ok guys,,take things ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

muggg on 07/05/2001:
I hope you will take care of yourself, Pasta. Beware the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". When you wake up feeling tired like you've just run a mile.. you're in trouble!

It took me a year and a half to recover! I still have residual effects from it!

mommyof two on 07/05/2001:
glad to hear your feeling better judy, and your right, you need to gets lots of rest, not just went you start to feel better...so, take it easy ok... catch ya later... lisa

pinkus on 07/05/2001:
Take it easy Judy. Maybe you can get your husband to take yo on vacation far away for a week. Get away from everything busy. I am doing just that this week so I won't be here for a while. See you next week. Pink

Maria7 on 07/05/2001:
I hope you feel better soon, Pasta...I know you are taking care of a lot of people...try to take care of you, too, okay? Love, Maria :) hugs

Soon2BThin on 07/05/2001:
Glad you're feeling better. I've felt like it was Monday all day today too. Hope you had a good one.

herb on 07/05/2001:
I like that theory about men and dietinig, and how it's tied up with the air of superiority men must show in front of women, and how you illustrated that with the example of men asking for driving instructions. I talk to my friend Trudy tonight, and I asked her that same question. She flipped it around by saying that women like O/A and WW, & DD because it gives them a chance to talk about their situations. So men can't participate in these forums because it involves talking. Talking involves opening yourself up, putting down your defenses, and becoming vulnerable.

ron on 07/06/2001:

pastagal - Wednesday Jul 04, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,,Happy Fourth of July:}}} its a hot one here in northern calif today,,,overcast and muggy as heck to,,i haven't done much as of yet,,,my daughter came over and we went to town to the mall and couple different places,,she needed a new outfit for a wedding this weekend and so sweet mom took her and bought her some things;}}

We are going to bbq some Tri Tip steaks this evening on the grill and just take it easy,,,,the kids are not going to be here this yr,there both going to be going to someones elses place for bbq and fireworks,,which is fine with me,i am not crazy about fireworks and it will be nice to just rest tonight anyway:}

I have so much i need to do to prepare for my daughter to move in with us,,,which will be in the next two ta three weeks,,

well hope all of you are having a great day,,enjoy and be safe ok what ever you do,,,ok,,,gonna wrap this up and go jump in the pool for a bit,,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}


herb on 07/05/2001:
You amaze me. I thought you were feeling illish, and here today you're over hill & dale running, running, doing. I get tired just reading your entries, please slow down and take care of Judy.

pastagal - Tuesday Jul 03, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,i am late again today getting on and getting my entry on here,,,been a bit stressful,,,,for those of you who know about my daughter and her situation,well she went today and found out her results of her biopsy,,its not cancer,thank god,but its bad enough that she needs either surgery to freeze it or just go ahead since her Endometreosis is advanced to have a complete hystorectomey,,,and i think she has decided to just get it over with,,only thing is she is only 27 and i hate seeing her go through what i did at that age having that done,but yet i know she can't tolerate the pain that comes with the endometreosis so its really her decision,,,,she doesn't want anymore kids,she has stated that very clearly,,,so its going to intell alot of changes for all of us around here,

She will have to move out of where she is now and move back home for awhile,,,which is alot of work ,,,gotta store all her things,,,rearrange my front bedroom for her to have,,make room for ashley and brad and all their things,,and take in the fact i won't have any privacy anymore,,and will have alot of work ahead of me,,but it seems that is all i ever do anyway...as usual i will manage,,,,

We lost another friend yesterday,she wasn't a close friend but a neighbor of ours,,i live in a small community and everyone knows everyone and especially on the street we live,,anyway,,,she hit a power pole coming home sunday night and was killed,she leaves a lil 5 yr old girl and an older daughter,so sad,,she was only 43 yr and single raising both kids ,,,i tell ya,,you just don't know when its your time huh,,,just another reminder to make the most of each day and remember always to say i love you to your loved ones,,,

Well as for my dieting,,,i am still not eating well,just not much of an appetite lately,,and still really tired,,,just going to take time,,and i am resting every chance i get.

Well its been a hot one here in calif this week,yesterday reached 109,,and today is overcast and muggy and going to be hotter they say,,so this is going to end up being a hot 4th. So i am going to spend mine out by the pool and in the pool:}

Well guys,,have a great day tomorrow and safe one ok,,and i see we have some more new ones,i will now go read and comment to as many as i can while lil ashley is napping,,,

BREAKFAST:,,None,,shame on me:}

LUNCH:,,1 bowl pasta w/tomatoe sauce 4pts,,diet pepsi,,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,

DINNER:,,Steak grilled 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,mixed veggies,,,watermelon pt,,,,Ice tea

Ok remember now,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}

muggg on 07/03/2001:
I had Endometriosis quite badly... when they did the surgery, they found it had wrapped around my bladder and intestines. The two hour surgery turned into three because there was so much of it. But I can tell you.. I could tell the difference within two days! I feel so good every single day now! I've been miserable since I was a teen ager!

It's so sad about your neighbor. Those poor kids.

Hang in there. I'll keep you in my thoughts!

pinkus on 07/03/2001:
So much going on Judy. Why does your daughter need to move in? How long is the recuperation? It sounds tough.....I feel bad for your neighbor's kids, too. I thank my lucky stars everyday for all my blessings. Thanks for your comments. I 'll try the freezer. You take care, now. P

Stellastarr on 07/03/2001:
Gosh, Judy, I am sorry as can be to hear about your daughter's bad news. It is the kind of decision that does affect young women especially hard. It is one thing if it is your CHOICE not to have more children, another if you are asked to decide for certain! I guess she has the best friend there in the world (in you) because you not only love and support her, but went through a similar thing. Tell her that you have friends worrying for her, okay? And, gawd, that accicent! You are so right about one not knowing.... and the severe importance of living each day fully... And you knew who I was before I told!!! Well, remind me not to try mystery writing!!!:) Love you and have you in mind.... thinking of you there again somehow with the weight of responsibility falling upon your shoulders. Hey! I want you to GET WELL!!! Reunion is coming soon, right? Have you decided on the most perfect dress out of that batch that you purchased?

Soon2BThin on 07/03/2001:
So sorry to hear about your daughter. I don't know much about endometriosis but I think there are alternatives now to hysterectomy. Maybe she could get a second oppinion. Thank goodness she has you to help her out. Hey, we beat your 109 yesterday, we had 111, tied a record. Hot here today too, with possible storms. Cloudy & gloomy, just like me, haha.

Maria7 on 07/03/2001:
Hey, Pasta! I hope you have a good July 4th and enjoy your swimming pool and get caught up on your rest. Your watermelon for tonight sounds good! Love, Maria :) hugs!

Renee on 07/03/2001:
Thank you for your nice comments. I wish your family the best in the next few weeks. That accident was horrible. I feel sooo sorry for those kids. Take care of yourself. ...Renee

mommyof two on 07/03/2001:
ya know what sweetie, if it werent for bad luck, i dont think youde have any luck at all.it sure is a good thing that you are a strong person!!!! your family is very lucky to have you... i hope your daughter will be ok thru all of this, i,ll keep her and you in my prayers...take care and have a great forth of july!!!, lisa

ron on 07/03/2001:
Hi Judy

hope all works out for the best with your daughter. To be sure it is a difficult decision. No HERB is not moving. He loves the country up in the catskills he is just moving a lot of his junk that has been stored in his old pad in Forest Hills. I'll see him for our Union Picnic on Saturday and give him the best advice I can on the roads for the kids to take with the truck.

God Bless and take care Ron

pastagal - Monday Jul 02, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,,well this is going to be short today,,i had a rough night last night and very tired today,,and i have two of my grandkids also,,,

Its going to be a really hot day here today,,predicting 103,yuck,:{ hate when it gets this warm,,,,,makes it to hot to even enjoy going outside and swimming,

Well going to keep this short,but wanted to let you know i am ok and will write more tomorrow ,,,everyone have a nice day ok and feels like i am never going to find time to get caught up on entries:{{ but i will,promise,,,,Any new goals for this month??

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}} and take things,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}

muggg on 07/02/2001:
Hope you're feeling better Pasta, take it easy!

mistypink on 07/03/2001:
take care of yourself. Glad you made it to the concert. Jump in the pool for me. It was 100 here today--whew one of the reasons I was walking at 6 am

herb on 07/03/2001:
You're not a complainer so when you tell us that you don't feel well it must be so. So please take those expert nursing skills that you use on everyone else, and treat the Pastagal we love, and worry about.

No, I am not moving. The apartment in Forest Hills is my old apartment which I keep for my occasional visits to the city. But right now it is in the need for major changes.

Lynnet on 07/03/2001:
I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your entries everyday. You seem very determined in your weight loss, and have done great. Your quote of taking things one day at a time is so true!!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

pastagal - Sunday Jul 01, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,,well another week behind us,,i feel better today,not great but i can at least swallow without it ripping my tonsils out,,,,:} Hubby and i are going to go to town and have lunch,,,go to Sams club,,,just an easy day,,,its going to be a hot one here in calif this week,,,,

I did get out in the pool for about an hour yesterday and got some sun,,,felt good to,,,,just took it easy most of the day,,,,

Gosh seems everyday we get a new person huh,,,,getting harder and harder to keep up:} Well whats everyones plans for the 4th of July,,,for us we will stay home,,we never go off on that day,,usually buy fireworks and set them off out in the front for the grandkids,,,

well everyone,gotta keep this short,,,almost time to leave,,but wanted to leave an entry and say good morning;} Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}

BREAKFAST:,,,,v8juice,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,Going out to lunch!

DINNER: Tri Tip steak 6pts,,,,salad 2pts,,fresh corn on cob 1pt,,,1/2 cup rice 3pts,,,,watermelon 1pt,,,,,Ice tea


Ok remember to Take things One day at a Time & to be Very Consistant:}}}

Maria7 on 07/01/2001:
Glad to see you feeling a little better, Pasta. Hang in there and don't get sunburned like I did a couple of weeks ago! Love, Maria :)

pushedtothewall on 07/01/2001:
Hey Judy!! Please know that I have been reading you and wishing you every type of healing these last days. I got so behind with our site being down and have had a time of it trying to catch up with all of us and meet our newbies... I have just been holding the hope that you KNOW that I am staying aware of you and sending all love. I hope you have plans to "veg" this week. Hot, hot and more hot for you there, I think. Yikes!!! Tuesday to find out daughter's biopsy results? Will be waiting. Thinkin' of you there, all that you are and all that you are doing for others. Hoping that you are finding moments for just YOU. Love, Connie

breakaway on 07/02/2001:
HI pasta...hope your day went well. Sounds like it did. Glad to hear that you throat is getting better now. Take care of yourself this week! Talk to you later. Have a wonderful day!

pastagal - Saturday Jun 30, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,,well i made it to the concert last night and let me tell you,,,it was GREAT:} I beleive it was one of the Best concerts i have ever seen ,,i almost didn't go tho,,,just trying to get ready for it was almost more than i could do,,i kept breaking out in sweats ,guess from being so weak,,,but when we got there my hubby went and got me a Huge bottle of water and i drink on that and it kept my throat moist,,,,we didn't get home till almost midnight,,,i took my meds and died,,lol,,,,My throat this morning feels swelled and i can hardley talk and be understood,,

Well its back to triple digit heat here in calif again,,i have NO kids for the next two days,,so thats a plus,,,and i am going to get caught up on laundry and rest,,i have lost more weight,,,but not going to enter it till after a couple weeks goes by to see if it stays off,,,,i think its only from not eating properly for the past couple weeks,,,most days i have eaten only once during the day and then not much,,and its beggening to show,,,but i would not wish this way of losing weight on anyone,,,this has been a rough couple weeks trying to do whats needed while sick and taking care of others who are sick to,,,

well i feel like i am so behind and have lost touch with so many on here,,i hope to get caught up this next week ,,gosh i don't even know how everyone is doing,,,i am so pooped by the time i write my entry that i can't stay on here to read any,,much less write comments;{ And i notice so many new people here to,,,,so welcome to all of them and i promise i will catch up:}

well remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}

Not sure about menu today,,,i will start back putting my menu on here starting monday,hopefully by then i will feel like eating normal again and know what i am going to eat for the day,,,lately,,i just never know,,,,well have a great weekend and remember to take things,,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT OK:}}

pinkus on 07/01/2001:
Don't worry about keeping up every day. I know you are here. Use your energy to get better. I am so sorry it has been such a rough time. Thanks for your mother daughter advice. I try to sneak in little talks when she lets me and I try to roll with the punches, sometimes she just gets to me. Take care, Pink

pastagal - Friday Jun 29, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,well i have been so sick this past week,,this morning is the first time i have work up in days without my body hurting everywhere,so i think the meds are finally starting to do their job,,,My throat is still bad,,,but the doctor told me it would take it about 10 full days to stop hurting completely,,,so i have a few to go yet,,

well sorry i haven't been able to get on and read entries or comment,,i just haven't been well,,,,i know you all understand,,hopefully next week will be a much better week for me,,i miss this place and being able to keep up with everyone,,but won't be long i will be back to old self again:}

well i weighed this morning,,,have lost more weight,,but not going to enter it just yet,,,i think it is mainly just water weight coming off from sweating so bad when my fever breaks,,tho yesterday i ate nothing all day,,,couldn't,,,but i did eat some soup last night,hubby made sure of that,,,

well tonight is the concert,,,we are still going,,i think i will be ok to sit through it,,,if my body aches had not gone away i was about to call it off,,,but there gone now and i think the fever's are to ,so i will keep water with me to drink through out the concert and cough drops to suck on,,,,

well going to wrap this up,,i have lil zach this morning,,and our weather is slowly getting back to the triple digits to,,,,yuck:{{ well guys,,no menu today,cause i won't be eating much,,,i will be back tomorrow and hopefully feeling alot better ok:}} miss you guys,,,,thanks for your well wishes,,,much appreciated:}}

Remember tho,,,,,Hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??


muggg on 06/29/2001:
Gosh, Pasta, I hope you feel better soon! Glad hubby is taking care of you. I hope you feel well enough to enjoy the concert!

biscottibody59 on 06/29/2001:
Glad to hear you're on the mend! I hope you enjoy the concert and I just wanted to let you know how gratifying it is to know you're out there. You were here when I (originally) started back in Nov of 2000, and I try to read your diary as often as possible. Take care and keep up the good work--you're a great example for me and I hope for others as well!

pinkus on 06/29/2001:
I hope you go to the concert, close your eyes and drift into a peaceful and curative place. Get better, honey. Pink

minea on 06/29/2001:
I hope you're feeling better soon. Have a good time at the concert!

garlic on 06/29/2001:
None of my business, but I think you need to slow down a bit. You have more energy than I can even dream of having!!!! But you may need to slow down to get over this sickness. Can you take a day on the couch with your bed pillows and the TV remote? That may just do it!!! Hope you are feeling better.

mommyof two on 06/29/2001:
yu are just not fare!!!! going to see tim...... i hope there wont be any horses there lol...let me know how it goes, i,m sure it will be just great !!! and dont you worry bout us, well love you and understand that your not feeling well. we,ll be here when you get better, so just take care of your self!!!!, love ya, and have agreat time!!, lisa

SoccerMom on 06/29/2001:
Sorry to hear that you've been sooooo sick! Hope you're on the mend now that you've gotten some antibiotics! Take care.

pastagal - Thursday Jun 28, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,have sure had a rough week,,,i finally gave in and went to the doctor yesterday tho,,he says i have what my daughter had and so he put me on 500ml antibiotics three times a day,i am still running fever off and on ,,one min cold and the next sweating all over,,,and i hurt everywhere,,:{

Well our rain is gone,,,its going to be back to the 90's today,,no wonder every one is getting sick huh,,,,

Didn't you hate the site being down,i feel so far behind,,,and so many new ones i have not been able to welcome here because of that and being sick to,,,hopefully next week will be a better week for me,,,,,tomorrow night is my concert,,,so i gotta feel better,we see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney,,i can't wait,,,,

well not sure what my eating is going to be today,haven't eaten alot lately,,mainly soup cause my throat is so sore,,so not going to put my menu on here today,,i am drinking lots ,so not to worry,,well guys,,take care and i will try to comment alittle bit later today ok,,,,have a good one and remember,,,Hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them;}}}


firebabe on 06/28/2001:
Tim McGraw, oh my, he is babe-o-licious! Sorry you're not feeling good hunny,take it easy, suck up them antibiotics and remember the fluids Huggies

pushedtothewall on 06/28/2001:
Sorry that you are sick, Judy. Hope that the antibiotic does it's magic quickly so that you are in fine form for your concert :) Gargling is the answer to relieve that sweeling that causes pain. :) Gramma Connie here with crazy reports from several centuries back! I am so glad we are all back together :) Lots of catching up with our old favorites and the meeting of our new and soon to be favorites, right?! Hugs to you, sick girl :)

ron on 06/29/2001:
hurry and get better love. miss ur comments

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