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pastagal - Wednesday Jun 27, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Hi everyone,,,well i tried to put an entry in this morning and it would not let me,,but i had a few mins now so i am back to try again,,,so we will see,,,,i am not feeling well still,,just called and made a doctors apt for the afternoon,,my throat is so sore and i just don't have any energy,,and i am cold one min and hot the next,so something is going on,,,feels like i have a golf ball in the left side of my throat today:}

We have a lot of new people,sorry i have been unable to comment to any of the lately,,,i have lil zach and ashley today,brad went to work with my daughter,,,,,,oh she had her biopsy done yesterday,,,won't find out till next tuesday the results,,,but at least that part is over,,

well going to wrap this up,,just super tired,,,,i will write more tomorrow ok,,,everyone take care and rememebe to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup soup 2pts,,,crackers 2pts,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Spaghetti sauce over rice 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,,brocolli w/ butter 1pt,,Ice tea,,,,,,watermelon 1pt


The Bug on 06/27/2001:
Sorry to hear that your not feeling good. You were bound to get it. I hope the grandkids are doing good. FEEL BETTER.

muggg on 06/27/2001:
My throat is achy too.. feels like I am being choked almost... can't decide if I'm coming down with something, allergies...or maybe stress! Hmmm... could be all three!

My coworker just went home feeling awful.. it's going around. Take care of yourself!

Beth on 06/27/2001:
Just wanted to say hi. I have a chronic sore throat, so I know how you feel. Just keep eating that soup. Feel better soon.

firebabe on 06/27/2001:
Huggies PG!!! Take it easy girl, don't let those kids wear you out!!!

Maria7 on 06/27/2001:
You have a lot of sore throat troubles, do you think it may be allergies? I hope you feel better soon. Love, Maria :)

Soon2BThin on 06/27/2001:
Sorry you're still not feeling well, Judy. I hope the doctor can help you. I'll be praying for your daughter. Enjoy those grandbabies, okay.

biscottibody59 on 06/27/2001:
Hope you you feel a little better . . . if not, take good care of yourself. Keep up the good work!

pinkus on 06/27/2001:
OK Girl, I hope the doctor tells you to chill out and stop taking on the world. I want you to feel better and stay that way. Take it easy. Pam

mommyof two on 06/27/2001:
you and your sore throat.... i ure hope you get better soooooon... i,ll keep you in my prayers judy...take some time out to heal... you do way to much sweetie... you need some judy only time... love ya, lisa

breakaway on 06/28/2001:
Sure hope you feel better soon pasta! I wasn't able to get on for two days. I was so upset. But was happy to be able to get on today finally. I just can't believe all the new ones here. Maybe we should have buddies here. lol There are just too many to comment to all of them. Sure don't want anyone feeling left out that's for sure. Well, you take care and I am finally making it back to the gym after missing for two weeks! And now I am feeling that weight starting to move again! Take care and have a wonderful day today!

pastagal - Tuesday Jun 26, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,,,i tried yesterday to comment to all the entries and could not,,,it would not let me :{{ so i am that much farther behind now,,oh well,,,hope all of you were doing good,,to the new people i could not welcome,,let me now,,,welcome to DD's and i will try today to comment again,,

I have all three grandkids today,,lil zach only till 1:30,,so should not be to bad,,,my daughter goes in this morning for her biopsy on her cervix,,,will be really glad to get this over with and find out the results,,,

Well we had a heat wave last week all week and now its raining here,,crazy weather for calif this time of yr,,going to rain today and tomorrow they say,,,,but it is a welcome change,,,just hope it doesn't cause everyone to get sick again tho with the temp change,,,that sometimes happens,,,

well hope all of you have a wonderful day today,,and remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them today ok??:}}

Going to wrap this up,,kids will be here any min now,,,so talk to you all later,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup cereal 4pts,,,v8juice,,water,,1/2 banana 1pt,,diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,dill pickles,,wow chips 1pt,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Tri tip roast 6pts,,salad 2pts,,brocolli ,,watermelon 1pt,,Ice tea

snack,,none tonight!


pastagal - Monday Jun 25, 2001
Weight: 122.5

I tried to comment to everyone today,but guess the site is messed up again,,it won't let me comment at all:{ so will try tomorrow,,nite everyone:}

pastagal - Monday Jun 25, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,,,Super tired this morning,,and not sure why cause i got to bed early and slept pretty good last night,,tho my throat is so dry feeling this morining and i sound like i have three frogs in there fighting with each other,,,lol,,,between allergies and what ever i have been fighting this past week it just hasn't let go completely yet,,,,,i have no kids today,,so i have one more day to get some rest,but then the rest of my week will be busy,,,all three of them tomorrow,,,,,so guess i better get better huh,,,;}

well not sure what kind of day i will have today,,well not alot to report so going to wrap this up and wish all of you a great monday ok,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok?:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup soup 2pts,,1/2 sandwich 3pts,,wow chips 1pt,,dill pickle,,,Ice tea,,,,1 cup watermelon 1pt,,,

DINNER:,,Salad w/grilled chicken 3pts,,,,1cup soup 2pts,1 cup watermelon 1pt,,,,Ice tea

Snack if any,,popcycle


mommyof two on 06/25/2001:
have nice relaxing day judy, love ya, lisa

pastagal - Sunday Jun 24, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,,well i am feeling alot better today ,,so i am hoping to get lots done around here,and our weather is really nice today,,,a south breeze and cooler temps:}}

Well i got on the scale this morning again and i am still holding at this new weight,,so hopefully it will stay with me,,5 more weeks till my 30yr class reunion,so i might just make my goal of 115,,,tho i am not sure if i should go that low or not,,but we will see.

Well seems each day we have another new person,,but i am noticing alot of oldies are leaving us,hope they come back,,,there dearly missed. well today i am going to do the things i didn't do around here yesterday,and try to walk on the treadmill alittle to,,need to get back into that again,,well hope all of you have a great day and remember to hugg you loved ones and tell them you love them ok??;}}

BREAKFAST:,,egg 2pts,,2slices bacon 2pts,,v8juice,water,1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,Ice tea,,watermelon 1cup 1pt

DINNER:,,Round bowl taco shell filled w/hamburger,lettuce,tomatoes,salsa,,4pts,,,Ice tea,,,watermelon 1pt



Kyrin on 06/24/2001:
Yeah, I miss a lot of the members taht were hanging in with us back in January and February when we really got his new year cranked up. Hopefully Krispy and the others will migrate back to us as they get into a summer routine. I imagine it's a bit tougher to stay focused when the kids are home.

You're doing great though...counting down to the reunion. {grin}


biscottibody59 on 06/24/2001:
I just want to say you've done an absolutely fantastic job with your weight loss journey and if you only get close to 115, that's just not too shabby!!!

Keep up the good work and thank you for your encouragement! Also, take good care of yourself.

estelle on 06/24/2001:
Hi! Great going with the 2 1/2 lbs, but sorry you were sick. Good luck to you and have a wonderful day! Robin

nsbratt on 06/24/2001:
You are doing great with the weight,I just checked your progress chart and 44 pounds in impressive, keep up the good work, remember 115 is just a number you're looking good and as long as you are happy even if you only get close to the 115 you're a lot closer than when you started. You ask me where my grandson is, it's a long story so I won't bore you with the details other than to say his mother took him to Ontario more to hurt his father than anything else only it's all back fired and she is being forced to return, the law has given her til July 1st. to have him home to his father. I pray every day for all 3 of them father and son that they be reunited and mother that she gets herself together and makes a life worth living for her and our boy.

herb on 06/24/2001:
Thanks for your comments about me and Ronnie, "The Odd Couple." 30 year class reunion, have you kept up with these people or did they slip away to the 4 corners of the country. I'd be interested to know the percentage of the senior class that will show up.

pastagal - Saturday Jun 23, 2001
Weight: 122.5

Good morning everyone,well i got up this morning and weighed myself,,,i have lost 2 1/2 lbs in the past few weeks,,,i think it probley was from this past week and being sick,,,i am slowly feeling better,,and my daughter is getting better each day,tho she went to have the biopsy done yesterday and they had to reschedule it to tuesday morning,,,,the doctor got called away on an Emergency C Section:{ so now we have to wait another few days for her to have this and to find out the results,,

Well i as normal have alot to get done over the next two days,,i don't have any kids,,,thats good,,,,huh:}} They went with their dad for the weekend,,and my daughter is home resting ,,,i have this horrible cough,,,but my appetite is starting to return finally,,,i have been eating but mostly soup and very little of that,,,

Well i just noticed we are really getting a lot of NEW people on here lately,,,its getting harder and harder to catch up:}} but it is nice to see more joining us here;}

Well our heat wave is letting up finally,,been triple digits all week long,,,today is back in the 90's and tomorrow the 80's,,so thats good,,,well i am going to wrap this up and get busy,lots of laundry to do and its saturday,,and mother inlaw has to have her bed bath and hair washed,,,,hope all of you have a wonderful day and weekend and remember to Hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 egg 2pts,,2slices bacon 2pts,,v8juice ,,water,,1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,1 cup chicken rice soup 2pts,,crackers 2pts,,popcycle,Ice tea

DINNER:,,Shish Kabobs of Steak,bell peppers,onions,mushrooms,cherri tomatoes,italian squash grilled on bbq,,,4pts,,1/2 cup rice 3pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,salad 2pts,,Ice tea,,,


Ok remember to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

pushedtothewall on 06/23/2001:
That is just awful that your daughter's biopsy was postpone, isn't it. I hate that! We will be ready for Tuesday then... no choice! I am SO excited about the prospect of you being without children for two days. Yippppeeeee! :)

I want to congratulate you on that amazing weight loss, Judy, but I don't know if I should?! You have been sick and unable to eat right... Perhaps I am a better friend to encourage you to get well and get back on track. You NEED those nutrients to repair cells and get well! I am thinking of you and all that you and I have talked about. Ger your brilliant mind in gear while you have these "free" days to make a short and long-range plan! It is a difficult thing to discuss Fern. There she is, bless her heart, in the worst of circumstances.... absolutely dependent. SURELY not a state she would have ever chosen for herself... SURELY she would not choose for YOUR life to be so regimented and stilted because of her, yet..... this is where you are. I believe in what you are doing there, the kindness of your heart and the character it takes and makes... for myself I would rather my children lock me down in the most torturous of nursing homes than to feel responsible for me. We just cannot talk about certain things.... the length of time one would expect another to live is a touchy subject. Still, I hear what you are saying.... I know what you mean. You have to consider that in your own plans. I am not a Christian but I suppose it is all right to say that I actually do hope that Fern is "called home" sooner, rather than later, for both hers and your sakes. Okay to say that, Sweetie? I am sending you a medicinal hug and a wish for an easy and country dancin' around day over there where you are :) If it's really hot again, there might be only one way to handle it! Strip down to panties and bra or less! Be happy today, my Diarist Judy! :)

pastagal - Friday Jun 22, 2001
Weight: 125.0

Hi everyone,,,well seems this week i have not been able to read entrys much or make many comments,,just to much going on here and been to sick myself:{I think i am getting over the hump tho with this sore throat and congestion i am dealing with,still running fever off and on tho,,,,

My daughter is finally doing better,,today she goes for her biopsy on the cervix,,and will be glad to have that over with,,,well i am going to keep this short today,gosh i see we have alot of new people,,,i have alot of catching up to do huh:} But hopefully this weekend i will be able to ,,,,

Well hope your all doing great and i better get going,the nurse is on her way here to check mother inlaw,,,,talk to you all soon,,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup soup 2pts,,1/2 diet pepsi and water

LUNCH:,,1 cup soup 2pts,,crackers 3pts,,Ice tea,,,popcycle

DINNER:,,1cup soup,,2pts,crackers 3pts,,more popcycles,,,Ice tea

Snack,,popcycles,,,,eating a ton of those for the throat lately:}

Ok remember,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}

muggg on 06/22/2001:
I will keep you and your family in my prayers. It is a scary thing to go through (biopsy) Hope and pray it turns out well.

TNYankee950 on 06/22/2001:
Glad you're starting to feel better. Please be sure to not overdue. Keep resting as much as you can (I know with your schedule and all that's hard) so you can get better 100%. Hope all goes well for your daughter. Ginny

pushedtothewall on 06/22/2001:
Judy, I am just getting sick reading these last entries of yours! How much more do you think that you can stand? I feel so badly for you, probably feeling that you don't really have options. Please try to discover some, okay? After your daughter's health crisis is behind her, you can perhaps make a different plan of attack for your responsibilities with your grandchildren. You love them so much and they love and need you and I know that your daughter must be MORE than appreciative of you. Yet, YOU are sick so often, Judy. You are just never quite right even though you have such a huge heart and want to do so much for everyone. Your mother-in-law is there... Another one to love and consider and be bound to.. her situation cannot help but cast a pall, no matter HOW devoted you are to your part in her care. I am just rising so much of your future comfort zone with me by putting this to you, Sweetie, but I am just worried. Love, Connie

minea on 06/22/2001:
Hi there, I've been dealing with a cold myself these past few days. I hate summer colds, they just aren't fair! I'm really trying to take your One Day at a Time and Consistency statement to heart. I've had a bit of a lapse but I'm trying to pull myself out of it. As part of effort at reinspiring I'm reading and commenting to everyone today. Maybe I'll get around to actually making an entry of my own tonight... Have a great day.

pinkus on 06/22/2001:
keeping my fingers crossed for your dtr. Pam

pushedtothewall on 06/22/2001:
Thank you for commenting me, Judy. I just wanted to get back to you with the answer to what happened to Carrie.... she is just needing a little break from the DD routine. Her boys are home for the summer and I think that husband is home alittle more now also and they have that big vacation planned. A little change... I miss her so much, but really I am proud of her for taking care of herself. You TOO! I was so happy to read that I am not one step ahead of YOU! You are there thinking and that's what it takes, Sweetie. You just fight acceptance that all of this responsibility can only be handled by you! Be the kind and caring and loving and helpful wife and daughter-in-law and mother and Gramma and friend and all else.... but be thinking of how you actually can back out slowly here and there and one by one people figure out ways to meet their responsibilities without you.... you can ALWAYS do it if YOU choose it! But the stress and frustration and little thoughts that creep in will fly out the window when you actually reclaim your right to your time of life. Oh, just write me and I will stay so close to you on this one because I LIVED this life!!! You are precious in the doing for others, Judy, but you are JUST as precious if you do not. You are YOU.... as vital and important and precious as can be even if you do not give of yourself continuously! I know what tomorrow is, I think! Clean out the fridge? Give Fern a bath? Hair cut? Shampoo? Grocery List? a little sun on your legs at the pool? Gettin' ready for a special time with Hubby? Crank up some of that country music that I am sure you have a huge stash of and just be a wild woman, Judy!!! Make plans, Sister!!!! :) Love, Connie

pastagal - Thursday Jun 21, 2001
Weight: 125.0

Hi everyone,,i am late this morning doing my entry,,my day yesterday was not as planned,,i ended up waking up with a horrible sore throat again and running fever,,so besides having my daughter here to take care of i had ashley who was still not well,,and i needed to be in bed myself,but unable to do that when you have two lil ones to take care of,,,not to mention my mother inlaw,,but i managed as always,,,i am sure in a few days i will start feeling better tho,,,as for eating i didn't eat hardley anything,,about all i could get down was popcycles,,for the throat,,and i did drink alot of fluids.

I wanted to ask,,,did PushedToTheWall stop doing entrys???? i have seen her on here for a week now or more,,,just wondering if i missed something,,,cause i know i have not been able to get on like normal and read entrys,,just been to much sickness going on here...As for my daughter,she is slowly getting better,,i still have her and the kids at the house here with us,,today i am going to make a pot of homemade chicken rice soup for us to eat,she hasn't eaten hardly nothing in over 5 days now,so gotta find something she will eat and she seems to think my soup is it,so told her i would make some,,

Well its going to be 105 here today,,hot hot,,tho yesterday was 104 and i stayed covered up head to toes cause i froze all day,,,:{ well not going to put in my menu today,,cause right now i am not really eating enough to put it down,so i hope all of you are doing good,,,i will try again today to read some of the entrys,seems all i want to do is sleep ,,,,well talk to you guys later,take care and remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}


pinkus on 06/21/2001:
Sounds like you caught your daughter's virus. Be careful or you too will end up in the ER. You are right Pushed hasn't been making entries for a while. I really miss her and don't understand why...she does seem to comment to a few people so I know she is visiting...ah well Feel better. pam

muggg on 06/21/2001:
I am missing Connie as well and hope all is okay with her. Do take care of yourself, Pasta. You can get run down to the point that no amount of rest will recharge your batteries.. I know from experience!

Thanks for your comments... they all help!

The Bug on 06/21/2001:
You better take care of yourself. You seem to always get what's going around!

Beth on 06/21/2001:
Sounds like you could use some of that soup, too. Take care.

TNYankee950 on 06/21/2001:
Please rest and get well. Sounds like the flu with the fever and chills. Take care and we'll see you when you're better.

mommyof two on 06/21/2001:
everybody get well soooooooooooooon, love you, lisa

Kyrin on 06/21/2001:
Hi Pasta! It sounds as if you have your hands full again! I think you do what you do by sheer determination. Makes me want to come over and help out. Do you have anybody close that could lend a hand?


jaimy_sella on 06/21/2001:
i cannot believe how much weight you have lost! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope you feel better soon!

Soon2BThin on 06/21/2001:
Oh, I feel so bad for you & your family, so much illness. I wish I were your neighbor so I could help you out. You're such a good person & I hate to see you feeling bad. Isn't there anyone who could give you a hand there? You take care of yourself, I know you have your hands full, but try to get some rest when you can. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Maria7 on 06/21/2001:
Hello, Pastagal!!! I hope you get to feeling better and your sorethroat goes away...yep, those popsicycles ought to help! Hey, check Connie's entry...she did make one...you will be enjoying a visit to the top of a mountain with flowers, deer and snow! Take care! Love, Maria :)

pastagal - Wednesday Jun 20, 2001
Weight: 125.0

Hi everyone,,sorry i didn't get on here today to read or comment,,but my day didn't quite go as planned:{{I got up early,,went over to my daughters and got ashley and brad,brought them over here to stay with me for the day,,so kathy could get more rest,,when i got there she was in horrible pain,not just to do with the female stuff she is going through,but her neck,,throat and ears and head was hurting so bad she said she didn't know if she could handle it,,,so i told her to lay down and i would check her in awhile,,,well in about an hour she called and said she had to go into ER and be checked,,the pain was just to much,

So i had to get the kids daddy to come get them,and told him to make sure he took ashley to the doctor for her problem,she has been running fevers,,,so he said ok,,,had to call my sister inlaw to come sit with her mom for me,,,and i took off and went to the ER to be with kathy,,i was there ALL day till almost 5 pm,,,:{ They took her blood pressure which was very low,,,80/70 and then said she was badly dehydrated,,,and after checking her over they said she had all the symtoms of Menengitis,,:{ which scared me to death,so they ended up giving her antibiotics through IV and fluids,3 bads worth and a spinal tap:{ but came back no menengitis,,but she did have Strep,tonsils swelled bad and a viral flu ,which they said takes up to a week or longer to get over,,,and this flu packs a BAD headache with it,,and gives off the symtoms of menengitis,,it also has her neck stiff,,,,so that was judys day,,,,:{{ i am super tired now,,getting ready to head to bed,,seems lately when it rains it pours at judy's house....I have all three of them at our house tonight,,she has been sleeping since i brought her home and when rick brought the kids home to me tonight lil ashley was burning up again with fever,,but he did take her to the doctor today and she is on antibiotics to for ear infection,,,so now i just need to get them all well before i get it,,,cause we all know ,,JUDY will get it,,that just seems to always be how it is for me.

I do feel like i have had just about more than i can bare lately,,,i wonder sometimes just what ALL of them would do with out me around.:}

well enough on that,,hope all of you are doing good,,i hope tomorrow to get on here and catch up on reading entries and commenting,i miss it when i don't get to,,,as for eating,,i did without all day till tonight and was hungry,i came home and actually made dinner to,,fixed spaghetti and bread and green beans,,,

well guys,,,i am pooped and its getting late,,alittle after 10:30 so i am going to call it a night and will see ya all tomorrow ok;}} remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok???:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,scrambled egg 2pts,,bacon 2slices 2pts,,v8juice,,water,1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,1 cup HM Spaghetti sauce 6pts,,diced chicken rolled in lettuce leaves & tomatoe slice,2pts,,Ice tea,,Eskimo pie fudge pop sugar free 1pt,,,,

DINNER:,,Grilled pork chops 4pts,,corn on cob 1pt,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,salad 2pts,,Ice tea

Ok,,remember to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

mistypink on 06/20/2001:
What an exhausting day. So glad your daughter doesn't have menengitis but what a scare that must of been. Hope your grandaughter feels better soon. Really hope you don't catch it. You need a ME day or a vacation.

nsbratt on 06/20/2001:
Sounds like you have your hasnds full again, yes sometimes as parents we think it will be so nice when the kids grow up and don't need us as much and we can have some time for our own lives but then along come their families and it seems they need us even more and who can say no when your child is in need or to those adorable grandchildren, I know I can't. You take care of yourself and I be praying that just this once you don't get it, tell your daughter you love her and that I hope she's better in no time.

pinkus on 06/20/2001:
You definitely get the BIG MOM award!!!! I am sure glad your daughters situation turned out the wayu it did. I had meningitis when I was 30 and it was awful and scary!!!!! Maybe you need tao paractice saying no twoce a day untilyou get more comfortable with it. It's like you have to put everyone else on a diet--they can't havea so much of you. Take it easy Judy. PAm

SoccerMom on 06/20/2001:
Poor Kathy! Did they keep her in the hospital? Sounds like that's where she needs to be. I understand that spinal taps are very painful. Poor girl...she's really being tested these days, isn't she? We can only hope that it's true about "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger". I'll be praying for her.

Now...on to you! My goodness, you certainly do take on a lot. What a wonderful person you are, to give so much of yourself to the people you love. I'm sure the Lord is smiling on you. ((HUGS))

Miss Piggy on 06/20/2001:
Did someone put a curse on your family? How much more can you endure? I will really be saying extra prayers for you this week. Wish there was more I could do for you. Slow down and take care of yourself. I don't know what they would all do without you either. I am hoping for the best and I hope life starts treating you like a lady soon. Hugs and I love you.

Beth on 06/20/2001:
I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. I'll be thinking about you, take care.

sparkymel on 06/20/2001:
Bless your heart! Gosh! What a day you had and your poor daughter. I've been there. That's exactly what happened to me a few months ago when I got sick. I sure hope she gets well soon. You sound like you need a long vacation from problems. Relax Judy and give yourself a break you deserve it! Take care-Mel

muggg on 06/20/2001:
Be very, very careful about the strep.. once you have it, you are very susceptible to it again! Hope everyone gets well very quickly!

mommyof two on 06/20/2001:
gosh, i hope kathy is ok...let us know, lisa

TNYankee950 on 06/20/2001:
((((Judy)))) My Goodness what a day you've had. Please tell your daughter we're all thinking of her and to take it easy and get well. And please take care of yourself also... I know you're taking care of everyone but don't forget you need to consider your own health. Rest when you can. Ginny

The Bug on 06/20/2001:
Glad to hear that your daughter didn't have Menenegitis. What a relief. Looks like you still had a good eating day, even thought you spent so much time in the hospital. That's great. A change in schedule is always good to throw off the eating plans.

Hope your family is feeling better and you don't catch what they have.

Soon2BThin on 06/20/2001:
My goodness, you are certainly Wonder Woman! What a day! I sure hope your daughter gets better, that sounds awful. You take care, Judy, have a great day.

herb on 06/20/2001:
"I am woman hear me roar." What a day. I am literally left speechless.

pastagal - Tuesday Jun 19, 2001
Weight: 125.0

Hi everyone,,,,getting to be a habit of me lately doing my entry at night before bed:} i am so tired tonight tho,so might not write very much,,

Yes herb,,,Wow chips are only 1pt per serving,,,i love the BBQ ones,you can have about 20 chips for 1pt,,,well worth it when you have a chip attack:}

I don't buy the others anymore,,and i buy Wow tortiea chips to,,,there great,,,i can't tell them from the regular ones either,,,and so far i don't have a problem with the Olestra that there made with,,guess some people do tho,but i think you would have to eat a whole bad at one sitting for that to effect you.

Gosh we keep getting more and more new people,i noticed today,,PushedtotheWall hasn't been on since sat,,,,Carrie hasn't been on in awhile,,,is she gone?? umm krispy,,,,and i am sure there are more,,,just to tired to think of them at the moment,,,,

Ok a run down of my day,,i had lil zach this morning,till 1pm,he was good today for me,,brad and ashley spent the night,,but ashley went to daycare this morning,,,brad went home and stayed with kathy,,and i didn't do a whole lot after zach went home,,,,

Then tonight my daughter called me,,,asked if i would come over and help her with the kids ,get them ready for bed and take her garbage out,,so i said ok,i went over and her kitchen needed a good cleaning,so i ended up cleaning the kitchen,,sweeping and mopping her kitchen floor,,,feeding her dog,,,gave the kids a bath,,,dressed and put to bed,,,and lil ashley is sick tonight to,,,running high fever,,i have a feeling she has the flu bug kathy is fighting also,,and kathy started running fever again tonight,,,:{{ just never ends,,,,,,and kathy can't hardley walk for the pain she is having,,i will be so glad when friday gets here,,,and she finds out what is going on with her,,i pray its just the endometreosis and not any form of cervical cancer,,,

I worry way to much:{ well tomorrow i am going to bring ashley and brad over here,,keep them so she can stay off her feet and sleep,,but if lil ashley is still running fever she will have to go to the doctor,,just to make sure its not ear infection with her,,,i also brought home a bunch of laundry to do of hers,,,

Well i didn't get on the treadmill today:{ and don't think i will be for awhile now,,,watching the kids and doing all i have to do,i am just to tired to walk,,oh ya,,,i went into my mother inlaws room this morning and i go in every morning knowing that one day i will walk in and she will be gone,,,anyway,,today i went in,walked over to her bed,,touched her arm and she was ice cold,,,my heart almost stopped,,,i touched other parts of her and they were cold as ice,,,and i shook her a bit and she didn't respond,,really scared me bad,,,,took me a good 15 mins to stir her awake,,,she has never done that before ,not ever,,,all i can figure is yesterday her company must of been more than she could tolerate,,,cause she didn't sleep yesterday like she normally does and so i guess she just was so tired ,,,,thats all i can figure,,but she seems fine tonight,,,anyway,,gonna stop and get this sent and hit the bed,,,Oh and herb,,,i normally go to bed at 10pm at night,,its now 11:15 pm,so that is late for me;} ok,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice ,,1/2 diet pepsi,water

LUNCH:,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,wow bbq chips 1pt,,dill pickle,Ice tea,

DINNER:,,grilled steak 6pts,,salad 2pts,,fresh corn on cob 1pt,,Ice tea,,,,

Oh ya,,,i bought some new fudge bars,there 1pt each and soooooo good,,Sugar free ,but sure don't taste like it,,they are by Eskimo pie ,,,,brand new,,,,anyway,,might have one for snack at night,,Ok remember guys,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}

breakaway on 06/19/2001:
Pasta I feel so bad for your daughter! It must be horrible. I will say a prayer for her tonight! You are such a great mom to watch over the little ones while she is sick. It's just like you to do that. No matter what you always end up thinking of yourself last. I quess that comes with being such a great person. I think you deserve to be on one of those oprah shows where they give out all those nice trips to overworked mom's and totally unselfish people!

Glad to hear your mother inlaw was ok...All you need it that on top of everything else. You take care of yourself and I will be thinking of you and your family and hoping that the Dr apt goes well! Have a great day!

mistypink on 06/19/2001:
A grandma's work is never done :) Thank goodness your daughter has you. Sending positive vibes for your daughter. I had my grandson today for 4hours. That motivated me to get my exercise by pushing him in his car stroller.

Ron on 06/19/2001:
Hey Judy u and Herb can shake hands what with staying up so late doing the entry and not being able to sleep. Now to add the dingeling chips u don�t need. Are they sodium free?? Don�t u believe it abt those pts cause they are a mix of ingredients depending what kind of oil were they fried in and from what potato etc., etc., etc., just watch it lady

Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open. Ron

Miss Piggy on 06/19/2001:
Oh my, when do you find time to breathe! Slow down and relax a little. Pushed to the wall is commenting but not posting. I've been writing to krispy but getting no replys. Don't worry about the treadmill, I think you did plenty of exercise for the day. Saying a prayer now for your mother in law and for you. Your strength amazes me. Take time to take care of yourself too. Be very happy today. God bless you.

Rader on 06/19/2001:
Hi there! Sorry it's been a while, but I'm answering one of your questions from Saturday. The soup can number I'm keeping track of is the total number of soups I've had since I started the diet 10 weeks ago. On normal days I have one for lunch and one for supper. If I'm not at home, that number might fall to zero or 1 a day. I started with Campbell's soups, but after a week switched to Healthy Choice soups.

have you started you situps yet? I thought I remembered you talking about it once. Have a good week!

pushedtothewall on 06/19/2001:
I am thinking of you Judy, and continuing to read your entries each day. Yes, it will be so great for your daughter to be examined Friday and to learn more and perhaps be given options. One tends to imagine the very worst and it IS the worst when our children are in pain. Take good care of yourself, supercaregiver. Connie

muggg on 06/19/2001:
Hope your daughter checks out fine.. the endometriosis can cause a lot of pain and discomfort! I'm glad your MIL was ok... gosh that would have been scary!

Be sure to find some time to pamper you!

Ron on 06/19/2001:
Judy I just put the ms Ecyclopedia encarta CD rom in the computer went to medicine and looked up all about endometreosis. I certainly join the others in the group and pray for your daughter and hope all the testing will come out well for her and you won't have to worry.

God Bless Ron

Ron on 06/19/2001:
Judy I just put the ms Ecyclopedia encarta CD rom in the computer went to medicine and looked up all about endometreosis. I certainly join the others in the group and pray for your daughter and hope all the testing will come out well for her and you won't have to worry.

God Bless Ron

pinkus on 06/19/2001:
We do seem to be losing a few and gaining a few...your diet sounds great as usual...you are so close to goal!!!!!!! Listen woman, you ned to slow down. Everybody needs you.....I am keepong my fingers crossed that your daughter's prognosis is good. Take care of yourself, please. Pam

SoccerMom on 06/19/2001:
Gal...don't know how you do it all. You've certainly got your hands full, of late. Take care of yourself. I'm saying a prayer for your daughter, and hoping that the little one is also well soon.

sparkymel on 06/19/2001:
Try not to worry so much. Life is way too short for that. Think of what all you've acomplished with your weight loss! Anway take care-Mel

Soon2BThin on 06/19/2001:
What a good Mom you are, helping your daughter like that. I sure hope they find out what is wrong & can help her out. You take care of yourself too, okay?

herb on 06/19/2001:
What do you have to exercise for. You do enough physical things in one day to equal the exercise regimen of anyone elses entire week of working out. Don't beat yourself up you do plenty. In fact I get tired after reading all you do in one day.

Koko on 06/19/2001:
Hi, PG. You worry about and after others, and I worry about you. You remind me so much of my mother that sometimes it is frightening because she cared (cares) for everyone and NEVER thought of or thinks of herself. Take care of yourself, okay?


mommyof two on 06/19/2001:
and i thought i had a bad day yesterday... honey you justdont get much time to your self do you... i know the feeling.

i hope everones ok.. ashley, kathey, my oh my judy...i will keep them in my prayers...and mother-in-law... that would have really scared me too. take care sweetie, i,ll be thinking of you!!! lisa

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