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pastagal - Wednesday May 30, 2001
Weight: 125.0

Good morning everyone,,well hope everyone is doing fine this morning,,,as for me,,,the north wind is blowing here really hard and so hot already,,they say at least 103 here today:{{

Well the good news is i lost 3 more lbs,,,been a few weeks since i weighed,,,so was excited to see the drop,i still want to go down a few more lbs,,i think 5 or 10,,,not sure yet,,,i can tell its getting harder now to even lose one lb,,,guess it is the bodys way of saying enough,,do you think so? It really feels good to be at this weight now tho,,,tho i still have moments i don't feel like i have lost that much,as crazy as that sounds:}

Well i have out of town company coming by today,,,my mother inlaws brother is stopping in to see her for a couple hours,,,so that will be nice,he hasn't been here for a very long time,,only thing is she will really seem different to him:{ not sure even if she will know him or show him she does or not,she doesn't respond much at all anymore,,,,

well i have ashley and brad today again to,,,they should be here anytime now,,,,so gonna keep this short,,i just got up a bit ago and still tired,,going to stay in today and try to stay cool and out of the wind,,,so i will be back later and read and comment ,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup cereal 4pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,lots of water

LUNCH:,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,1cup soup 2pts,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea and water melon 1pt

DINNER:,,Spaghetti 6pts,,salad 2pts,,green beans,,,,ice tea

Snack,,,watermelon if i have any snack tonight;}


kscmeg on 05/30/2001:
I think you are completely right---listen to your body, its telling you something. 125lbs is a VERY VERY resonable weight---congrats on the 3lb loss!!!! I saw your pics, you look great!


mommyof two on 05/30/2001:
well, goodfo you judy, 3 more pounds. are you sure you need to loose more? you are so little now.well, you know how YOU feel hu. you have a good day with your company, lisa

Kyrin on 05/30/2001:
Woo-Hoo!!! Three more! When do we get updated pics? (hinting)


diva on 05/30/2001:
Hello Pastagal. I really love that name bacause I am sort of a pasta gal myself. Congrats on the 3 lbs. You are doing so good. It must feel really nice to be down that low. You have some fantastic willpower so keep it up.. Have a great and fantastic day. Sherri.

pushedtothewall on 05/30/2001:
Three pounds, Judy? Fantastic!!! You are not kidding that it gets harder to manage any loss at all the closer one gets to goal. You did it, however, and I salute you. And, I am thinking of you there expecting company and all of the conversation and memories that will generate. You must be dearly loved by this family of your husband's. 103 degrees? Yikes! What are people talking about in your circle regarding the situation there with the California power shortages and costs? Who seems to be the hope for the people? What are your local newscasts and newspapers having to say about the President's visit there and his opinions? Take good care of your health today in this heat and with the additional stress. I am thinking of you and all of your kind and supportive comments. :) :) :) ooooooh, it is nice to have such a sweet friend in this world! Connie

carrie on 05/30/2001:
125! You are awsome babe! Oh!!!! You lucky,lucky girl! You've worked so hard! You've been consistent! You've done it!!! How wonderful!!! That watermelon may be doing the trick! I may just run out and get me some!!!


TNYankee950 on 05/30/2001:
Congrats on the 3 lbs. 103 degrees...that's unbelievable for this time of year. Is it always that hot where you live. Hope your visit goes well. Thanks for your comments earlier to me. I appreciated them.

thatmochagirl on 05/30/2001:
Congrats on 3 lbs... WOW you are going to wow em on the beach this summer! Thanks for your comments to me JUDY! Have a great day!

Soon2BThin on 05/30/2001:
WOW, Pasta!! 3 more pounds! You are unbelievable!! But I do believe it, you are soooo consistant. Girl, you're the one I think of for my inspiration. I know I'm not doing so well right now, but I'll get going here soon. You certainly have shown us it CAN be done! Please don't lose so much more that you completely disappear, haha. BTW, I love the heat here, it's a dry heat so it feels kinda like being in a sauna, but I have to take a dip in the pool every 10 minutes to cool off, ya know. Hope you get to enjoy your pool soon. Take care, my heroine!

breakaway on 05/30/2001:
Glad to see your mother in law is gettting some company today! I hope she does remember him...it's really hard to deal with that. My mother doesn't remember me at all. She remember's the older children but not me. It's pretty strange but when the doctor explained it to me it made sense. It's really hard for the kids to deal with her not knowing them. They get really sad. Maybe things will change. You are doing so well on your diet. I think your body is telling you that it's enough though...I think your weight is perfect now. But if you still feel you need to lose some more by all means try and try again. Because if your not happy why have you went through all this work already? I wish you the best of luck on whatever you decide! Thank you for your comment today! It sure did make me smile!

dvdmon on 05/30/2001:
Hey, that's great about the loss, congrats! I wanted to mention something and I hope you're not offended, but I've seen that you have wow chips quite a bit and if I'm not mistaken they have trans fats in them. I don't know if you've read much about trans fats, but there's really good evidence now that they are at LEAST as bad as saturated fat for you, but probably a lot worse. There are so many products out there that have them, so many people are consuming a ton without even realizing it. I just thought I'd mention this and suggest maybe looking for some chips that might be slightly higher in fat but without the transfat? If I'm being too intrusive, please feel free to slap me, or at least ignore me!

estelle on 05/30/2001:
Hi! I'm so happy for you, 3 pounds!!!! Viewed your pictures, you look great (cute grandbabies too). Have a good day! Robin

herb on 05/31/2001:
As far as the low fat blueberry muffin with the 10 points. You can have one to, just go to DunkinDonuts. As far as the cashews goes. I will not eat them, they went off the Weight Watchers Points calculator. Could not even be measured.

Read your second entry with the explanation of where you live and why you get those windy 103�

pastagal - Tuesday May 29, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,i am so tired this morning,,,i worked cleaning and moving furniture in my mother inlaws bedroom yesterday,,,what a job,,but gosh it looks so good now,,haven't changed it around in ,,geeze yrs i think,,,,

Well i didn't have to run the ac all three days over the holiday weekend,,but starting today the heat here in calif is heading back ,,they are predicting over 100 by tomorrow:{

I have ashley and brad this morning,,the nurse will be here in couple hours,,and i have to run to the bank this morning,,,,i sure hope all of you had a great holiday weekend and safe one,,,i enjoyed mine:}

Well this is the last day of May,,,i will weigh tonight and see if i lost anything,i feel like i have,,and i think i made my may goal:} we will see later tho,,,Now for my June goal,,,EXERSISE,,,i am going to do it everyday ,rain or shine,,that is my goal,,,cause i have a few areas i need to lose some inches....:} So lets hear what all your goals are for this next month:}??? ok,,,,,

well i better wrap this up,,,kids will be here any min,,i will be back later and read and comment tho,,,remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,:}

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,v8juice,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi ,,water

LUNCH:,,Large tuna salad,,3pts,,1 cup water melon 1pt,,Ice tea,,,

DINNER:,,Spaghetti 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,green beans ,1 cup water melon 1pt,,Ice tea

Snack None!!


carrie on 05/29/2001:
I love the feeling of "newness" when you change furniture around. I remember when I was a little girl and I'd come home from school and Mom had been having a moving marathon. She'd change the living room around all by herself. It was so cool! Anyway, you are doing so great. Exercise everyday? Wow! Sunday is a day of rest ya know. ha ha


pinkus on 05/29/2001:
Good goal for June. I'll be rooting for you!!! Pam

Krispy on 05/29/2001:
Hi there- sounds like you have been busy, when are you not!

Great idea for goal in June. I think mine is going to be, cutting out sugar, well no biscuits, cakes or chocolate! I want to be able to lose 6 pounds - I think that's achievable and then I will only be one pound away from goal - wouldn't that be great!

Take care and have a great day! JANE

sparkymel on 05/29/2001:
Good luck on your weigh in. You sound very busy. I bet the room looks great. Have a good day.-Mel

mommyof two on 05/29/2001:
hello judy, and good morning!!! i,m glad that you had a great three day weekend!! i did as well, besides the work..lolas for my june gaol...i,m going with some of the others on the no sugar... i not to have any on this atkins, but i have slacked alittle, so in june absolutely NO sugar!!!and i want to get the exercizing back in the grove!!so, i,m ready for june!!! have a great day, lisa

Kyrin on 05/29/2001:
Exercise everyday sounds like a good goal. Mind if I join you?


Miss Piggy on 05/29/2001:
wow, sit down and put your feet up and breathe some air for awhile. YOu deserve a break today. ;You work so hard. Do something fun. And keep up the excellent work. We love you. hugs.

muggg on 05/29/2001:
What a week you have had while I was away! Sorry about your blue spell... don't you sometimes wonder if it's related to the migranes? I felt a little blue this weekend after I got home.. hence the eating frenzy and lo and behold.. I'm struggling with a migrane now. Going through the eye thing too! Glad you have meds to help you out!

I'm glad to be back and on track.. I know my checking in with you and the others has a lot to do with my success! I'm pumping up to do more exercise too.. I'm with you!

thatmochagirl on 05/29/2001:
Hey pasta babe... It mean some fruit, but NO nutra sweet or sugar of any kind not even breath mints... you are welcome to join us hun.. Thanks for your positivity.!!! t

herb on 05/29/2001:
Your comments and thoughts about mr and my sister Joyce are greatly appreciated.

pastagal - Monday May 28, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,i have ashley and brad tonight ,,,they just went to bed a bit ago,,they were both so tired tonight,my daughter went out so guess who got the kids:}}}lol

So i thought i would enter my entry tonight since in the morning i will wake up to both of them,,and will have to get breakfast for them and a bath and dressed so might be awhile before i am able to get on here,so didn't want to miss getting my entry in early,,so will do it before heading to bed :}

I had a good day today,,did the shopping at Sams i needed to do,,,,spent way to much money,,always do tho,but my freezer and fridge in the garage and cupboards are all nice and full now,and i got pork chops ,,tri tip roast,,steaks,,Hambuger meat,chicken,,and some cat fish for the freezer,,so i am set for awhile in the way of meat:}

well it didn't get but to 82 here today,,and had a bit of a breeze and not really warm enough to go swimming,,so didn't get to do that,,bought me two new pairs of shorts at sams club,,didn't really need them but thought what the heck,,,:}

well i am going to go shopping tomorrow after i get mother in law taken care of and my daughter comes and gets the kids from me,,,going to go to mervyns,,,i need to get my mother inlaw some new gowns and couple of the huge bath towels,,and i am still looking for an outfit for the Reunion,,,so will look while i am there,but i know in a couple weeks me and hubby are going to make a trip to Sacramento which is an hour from here and hit the Big Malls and shop for lil zachary a bouncer chair that goes around in circles when he is sitting in it and has toys all around the tray,,,ashley and brad had one and they loved it at his age,,he is almost ready for one,,and they have a great Baby store at this one mall called BabyRUs,,,and while there i can shop for an outfit:}

well i am going to wrap this up,,i felt great today by the way,,first day in long time i have felt this good,,,one more week and i go to the Rod Steward concert,,that should be fun,,then the end of june Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney concert,,,and i know that one will be good:}}} well gonna wrap this up,,have a wonderful monday and remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,v8 juice,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pt, 1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,wow chips 1pt,,1 cup watermelon 1pt,,dill pickle,,,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,BBQ pork chop 4pts,,fresh corn on cob 1pt,,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,small green salad w/dressing 2pts,,ice tea,,,water melon 1 cup 1pt,,,



mommyof two on 05/28/2001:
hello judy, well i got my scanner all hoked up. i even scanned some pics, now i need to figure out how to get them to levi.so, bare with me. hey, we also have a babys r us. do you have a toys r us? its owned by the same poeple. they have a lot of great things in both of the stores.

rod stweart hu!? now that takes me back, " wake up maggy, if you think i,m sexy " boy, that will be a great night. but not as good as tim hu!!!, when is this reunion of yours? i have one this year as well. it,s me 15 year...i,m not sure if i,m going yet. we,ll see. well, i,m gonna wrap this up, you take care , love ,lisa

thatmochagirl on 05/28/2001:
Have a great day sweet lady!!!

misseve on 05/28/2001:
thats right - planning, consistency and goal setting. these things are so key! :) looks like you're doing well - keep it up. just a quick question about WW, i dunnoif you can answer. but anyway i wanna try the points system, but i don't have time to go to the meetings, etc. cuz i have a f/t job + p/t + workouts, etc... do you think it's possible just to buy the points package? i suppose it'd come with the booklet of which foods = how many points. thanks!

breakaway on 05/28/2001:
Don't have much time to comment but I just wanted to let you know that hubby has made it down under 300 lbs!!! I am so excited for him. He also bought a new bike and has been riding that with the kids. They just love it! It has been so many years since we rode bike and the kids are so thrilled he has joined them again! Have a great day today pasta!

kreativit_E on 05/28/2001:
I just have to say thank you for all the touching comments you always leave. *S* I just had to tell you that they really do mean a lot to me. <p>Michelle

pushedtothewall on 05/28/2001:
Well I just noticed that you ALSO decided to make a late night entry! I guess you can read in my entry that I didn't think it would accept the new date for us out here on the Pacific coast until OUR midnight. But it did and I want to make this a habit if it works out for me. You had quite a day! I hope that this new week is just the best you have had in a long while, Judy.... just seven days running that has a lot of wonderful to them. You surely deserve that! Your friend, Connie

Miss Piggy on 05/28/2001:
Hey Shopping Safari. You go girl. I love to shop. It does feel good to have a well stocked house doesn't it. I watched a movie one time about some holocaust survivors who had to live for a long time on just what they had in the house and for some reason I never forgot it. Just feels better to be prepared. Have a terriffic day today. Did you get the waterfall put in yet? Hugs

Krispy on 05/28/2001:
Hi there Judy

Haven't been around for a while, but am back now with avengence!!! Sounds like you had a busy day what with lunch and all that shopping! Hope you found something for your reunion, you will just look so great and will amaze all your old schoolfriends - wont that be just great!

Have a great day! JANE

diva on 05/28/2001:
It sounds like you stay busy. That is a good thing though. I read your menus of what you eat and you really do very good. Keep up the good work. Hey I am going to look at it like I did lose that 5 lbs. It makes me feel better. I think you will have a blast at the Rod Stewart concert. I have always liked his music. Have a good day and keep that willpower up. Sherri

Canadian on 05/28/2001:
Thanks so much for the tip on foods that I am preparing that I find tough to resist. I am taking your advice, I am going to eat a small saucer of potato salad...how much can that harm me right? lol. I wish I lived close to a Weight Watchers branch, it sounds like something I would enjoy. Is there any way I can do this point thing myself without the aid of Weight Watchers? With a family to cook for, it is very tough at times not to eat what they are eating. My husband is slim and my son doesn't need to loose weight either. Have a wonderful time at the Rod Stewart concert, I enjoy his music immensely. :)


Koko on 05/28/2001:
Hi, PG, thanks for the well wishes and I told my doctor about your "silent migraines." He said he'd check into it. Ugh..at any rate, I'm just going to keep bugging both him and the opthamologist until something happens. Today I haven't been nauseous as much, and I am wondering if my blood pressure doesn't go up too. I should have had it checked yesterday, but I'm going to go tomorrow and do that.

Well, I better keep this short or I'll be seeing double again and I don't want or need that again.

Glad you felt good today and what I wouldn't give to go to that Rod Stewart concert! Have fun fun fun.


herb on 05/28/2001:
"Man in the Moon" was the movie about Andy Kaufman, one of the things I couldn't figure out is how a intelligent person got sucked into that psychic surgery business. Funny that you mentioned Rod Stewart his name came up in conversation. My story is simply that while I was waiting for a crosstown bus one evening he came walking along Central Park West going uptown with his wife, and nobody recognized them, and if they did no one bothered them. Its one of the fallacies about us New Yorkers, we are'nt pushy. Herb

misseve on 05/29/2001:
hello again :) actually it was me who asked about WW points system, but i actually read your answer in canadian's comments page so works out. i'm from canada so i dunno if it's diff? I checked ww.com and couldn't find the price for the athome program. do you have a rough idea of price range maybe? thanks.

pastagal - Sunday May 27, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,its such a nice morning here so far,,cool and yet sunny and i have my windows open with a lil breeze coming through,,,feels so nice,,tho i know by mid afternoon it will be very warm,,,so will enjoy this while i can,,hate to have to shut the house up and turn the ac on:{

well today is my day to run into town,have lunch,,,going to Sams club today,gotta get meat,veggies,,,,canned stuff and dog and cat food,,never leave without spending 6 or 7 hundred dollars:}

well hope all of you had a nice day yesterday,,mine was good,i didn't get as much done as i had hoped,,,i ended up watching a couple movies and just taking some quiet time for me,was kinda nice for a change to:}

well gonna keep this short today,,got to get my day started,hubby is up and ready and i haven't even showered yet;} so will be back later to read and comment,,,,have a great day and remember,,to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,cereal 1 bowl 4pts,v8 juice ,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,Eating out!!

DINNER:,,Grilled steak,,6pts,,asparagus & fresh corn on cob w/butter 2pts,,salad 2pts,,watermelon 1pt,,,,Ice Tea


OK ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY OK:}}}}}} Have a wonderful sunday!!

dvdmon on 05/27/2001:
Hi there, thanks for your comments! I realize that the drugs lower cholesterol, but from all I've read I'm not convinced that cholesterol is a risk factor. I know this sounds heretical, but if you look at some of the articles I posted a few days back, including one called Cholesterol Myths, there seems to be evidense that cholesterol levels are convincingly linked with heart disease. That is why I do not want to start taking a medicine which has potentially significant side affects to lower something which may have nothing to do with my risks. I would much rather try to do this in a natural way and even if I can't do it in a natural way, I STILL don't know if I would risk it and take the drugs. I would want to get a stress test, and/or that new mri thing which is supposed to indicate how much plaque is in your arteries, etc., before doing something so harsh. Yes, I consider drugs to be harsh, I'm sorry. It's one thing if I KNEW I had heart disease, then maybe I would take them. But not just as a preventative for something I have no idea whether I'll get or not. Anyway, that's how I feel...

pushedtothewall on 05/27/2001:
So happy to read your entry today and discover that you found a little time for self yesterday. Good job! I will be thinking of you there today spending time with your husband and just "bein' a gal out in the world". Take care and I will "see" you tomorrow, I hope!

mommyof two on 05/27/2001:
you have agreat time in town today, i,ll let you know about the scanner. thanks fo your comment, lisa

thatmochagirl on 05/27/2001:
Have a great day hun!

Canadian on 05/27/2001:
Happy shopping today!! :-) I love shopping, it is my next favorite thing to watching movies. :-) A wonderful Sunday to you, too! Diana

herb on 05/27/2001:
Yes Ronnie is what you might say is a "hoot", talk about an original. I hope when you go to the Sams Club you don't take cash, thats a lot of money. You saw movies, tell us which I'm always interested in renting <u>good</u> movies. Lastly, I hope you tell us wherte you went to lunch. See 'ya.

pastagal - Saturday May 26, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone:} its bright and sunny here today and surpose to be alittle cooler tho ,,,,only get to the high 80's i think,,which if it does that it will be a nice day:} i have a ton of things i want to do today,going to rearrange my mother inlaws furniture in her bedroom,,,do all the laundry,,clean the fridge out,vacume ,dust,give mother in law a bath,,cut her hair really short and wash it,,then this afternoon i am going to go out and lay by the pool and get some sun on my legs and arms,,and do alittle reading and maybe even take a dip in the pool:}

I had a nice evening last night,,i went to the mall and got my nails filled after dinner,,came back home and watch tv with hubby and talked,,we normally go out to dinner on friday nights but my daughter had a party she wanted to go to,,so told her to go,,

well if anyone wants to know more about me,i left connie,"PushedTotheWall"a long comment,,she had asked about my mother inlaw and guess i was just in the mood to tell all:} its in fridays comment area,,,,

well as for my eating,,i have eaten soup all this week and i really am feeling a difference to,,i haven't weighed since the other day,but will again on tuesday and i know i have lost some,but will post it tuesday or weds,,,,i still haven't received my walking tapes:{ guess i need to call and find out whats taking them so long,,when i ordered them off line it said the order when through and would take around 6 ta 8 weeks to get,,but usually never takes that long,,,and its been about 4 weeks or so now,,can't remember exactly when i ordered them,,,,well gonna wrap this up and hope all of you are having a great holiday weekend and remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,,have a safe weekend:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8 juice,,water,,1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH: Tuna sandwich w/lettuce & tomatoe 3pts,,dill pickles,,bbq wow chips 1pt,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,TRi Tip steak 4pts,,green salad 2pts,,peas w/ butter 1pt,,corn on cob 1pt,,water melon 1pt,,


Ok have a great day and remember ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

pushedtothewall on 05/26/2001:
Hey, pastagal, your comments to me, especially this last and more personal one, are very meaningful and treasured. It is my particular privilege to know you better. We develop these friendships here ... they are at a certain level and then another and then another... I am amazed at the responsibilities of your life, probably because we are near the same age and stage. I know that grandchildren are such gifts but that they represent so much more work than the work we did so easily when our own children were young. Our bodies are different.... we long for and need a different type of mental stimulation at this age and feel that "something" pulling at us.... an unrest, even when we know that we have blessed lives. It is an introspection. So, because I know what your day-to-day responsibilities are, I am so much more able to "understand" certain things better. It is far from selfish to long for relief from too much of neediness from others. It is NATURAL and you never say anything that would indicate that you would appreciate less "duty", but it is kind of evident that your angst, stress and resulting ill health at times, is telling on you. Do you forgive me if I have said too much or assumed too much? I am a woman, as you, and feel a kinship for you and a certain type of "knowing". I know also though, that I may be wrong. I want, as your friend, to give you all the space in the world to express yourself and assure you that you are amazingly good. Sometimes, when we have our little normal resentment thoughts, we feel that we aren't a truly "good" person: Like we think: "...if they only knew!". But, again, that is absolutely normal and does NOT change the fact of your goodness. I will not further belabor this point today. I hope that I have conveyed the spirit of my thought, at least. I was enormously happy to read that you have plans for you and the sun and the pool today. Be good to your sweet self, Judy, and take those moments that you can, when you can, which you deserve, to celebrate YOU and your womanhood and personal self. I think that you have a brilliant idea, by the way to make June a month of some measurement punctuation. If we all did that we would probably learn so much...because it is true that those measurements seem to show rather quickly. You have your reunion approaching.... you are looking GREAT and slim and I know that you will appear healthy and lovely to your old classmates. Have a wonderful day, and thank you for all of the care you show each one of us. I am one who is particularly inspired by you. Your friend, Connie

Kyrin on 05/26/2001:
Whew! Did you really get all of that accomplished today? I know that was the plan. It sounds like one of my "to-do lists" ...very ambitious!

You asked what I fixed my poor tired son for breakfast...a nice comforting plate of artery clogging bacon, eggs, and toast. ...We compromise. Yesterday he had Oatmeal with Fresh Strawberries and Blueberries. So, today I fixed him what <i>he</i> wanted. {grin}

Have a lovely afternoon by the pool!


pinkus on 05/26/2001:
I like the sound of your weekend. Wish it were mine. Pam

Soon2BThin on 05/26/2001:
Sounds like you're having a really busy day today, Pasta. Where did you order your walking tapes from? Are they audio tapes? I always get mine from sportsmusic.com. I ordered one last week but it didn't get here yet. They usually only take less than a week to get. Hope we both get them soon. Hope you had a great day.

herb on 05/26/2001:
Your lucky to have a swimming pool. Maybe you could get a float under your neck, and then you could take a nap at the same time. Thank you for letting me know about that note you sent to Connie.

mommyof two on 05/26/2001:
hello sweetie, you sure have a busy day!!! but your evening sounds so relaxing!!!i hope the soup works for you . i,ll feep checking on it. it sure has worked for rader hu!!! well, take care, lisa

pastagal - Friday May 25, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,,well my day yesterday started out bad,,,my blood pressure was up again and caused me to have some spells with my eyes,,,but i took some migrane meds that stopped the eyes from going nuts like they do now and then,and by noon i was feeling pretty good and had a good day the rest of the day:}I had lil zach all day and he was really good for me,,took two naps and was a happy baby when awake:} He is eating baby food now and it so cute to feed him,,:}

Well its not going to be quite as hot over this three day weekend here in northern calif,,and i am glad,,,just not real fond of 100 degree temps at all,,,it could stay in the high 80's and be just fine with me:}So i am sure alot of you have big plans for this weekend ,,huh? We never go off on holidays like this,i don't care to be out and about when things are so overly crowded,would rather be home sitting around the pool and just bbqing and doing my own thing here:} not to mention we can't anyway because of mother inlaw,,,no one is Ever available to stay on holiday weekends with her,,,so works out ok,,,i am going to move her room around,haven't done that in yrs,,,and we are going to Sams club on sunday to get our monthly supplies,,,and look for the water fountain for the area next to my dining room window where i want to put it and put rocks and flowers around it,,,i think it will be so pretty,,,,and its right before you get to the front door,so will be attractive for others to view as they enter:} well i am going to get my day started and wish you all a very happy and safe holiday weekend ok,,,remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,,,for those who go away ,,,see you on monday and be safe and have a great time:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 bowl cereal 4pts,,1/2 diet pepsi,water,,,,,v8 juice

LUNCH:,,1 cup chicken rice soup 4pts,,1/2 sandwich 3pts,,water melon 1pt,,ice tea,

DINNER:,,BBQ chicken on the grill,,3pts,,mixed veggies,,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,,,1/2 cup rice 3pts,,,ice tea,,,water melon 1pt,,,


Ok remember to take things,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}} Have a Wonderful weekend;}}

Kyrin on 05/25/2001:
It's more fun to barbeque at home anyway! Whoever is in town usually goes to my parents' home for Sunday dinners, holidays, etc. SoccerMom and I live too far away to gather with the rest of the clan. So over the years, we have come to celebrate the holidays with our families and our own traditions. Her family gravitates to their boat and usually includes friends of her children. Jim, Matt, and I do a rather quieter version of the holidays because one or both of them usually work.

I think both are off this year, so we might be grilling out on the patio. That would be fun!

Hope your headache goes away! I can imagine that having things going on with your eyes can be scarey.

...and Oh, my gosh! i just noticed that you are THREE pounds away from your 125 goal weight! Congratulations!!!!!!


sparkymel on 05/25/2001:
Have a great weekend at home. Enjoy that weather!-Mel

Canadian on 05/25/2001:
Have a wonderful weekend and take good care of yourself. :-)) Diana

kreativit_E on 05/25/2001:
Have a good weekend, and I hope that you feel better. :O)

pinkus on 05/25/2001:
Please take care of yourself....those bp symptoms sound scary. Have a relaxing weekend. Pam

pushedtothewall on 05/25/2001:
It looks like you are getting pretty serious about chicken today :) Great! I am so sorry about this bp madness, Judy. Glad that your medicaine helped some yesterday. Heat just increases so many bp issues. I am just feeling for you, suffering there. I am happy when you think to write us what you are actually going through so I can really know how it is for you. You battle so much. I sometimes am curious about your mother-in-laws conditions and age? Your baby Zach sounds so cute and sweet. Children are not that easy for us now as they once were, but there is that blessing of their love for us.... their hugs and kisses and "I love you" (s). And I can easily imagine a little toothless grin when you are feeding him and the food dribbling down :) You are going to go straight to heaven as a result of all of your good works. Be mindful of the things that you are able to do for yourself also, my friend. Connie

syb on 05/25/2001:
You have it all - elder care, baby care, hubby care.....you really are a wonderful woman to give so much to your family. Have a great holiday weekend...you deserve it!

breakaway on 05/25/2001:
I can't wait until my nieces have there baby's it will be so fun to play! ANd nice to be able to give them back too! :) Your fountain sounds like a beauty! Send a pic to us ok! I would love to see it! Your day sounds very productive today...hope you have a wonderful rest of the day! Thank you for you comment!!!

thatmochagirl on 05/25/2001:
thanks for your comments! They make me feel good, and I just read your bio and yes you do have a big heart!! Have a good day!

estelle on 05/25/2001:
Hi! Love the fountain idea, it will be wonderful. My mother had always wanted one and finally got one a couple yrs before she past on. She moved often those last couple yrs and it was one of the few possesions she always took with her. Your menu sounds good. Now I want watermelon. It appears you're doing well on your diet. Your consistancy inspires me! Best of luck to you Robin

Miss Piggy on 05/26/2001:
Hope you are feelling better today. That is so sad about no one helping you with your motherin law. YOu deserve a day off once in awhile. Is there no provider service where you live who could send in a lady to help you for a few hours a week? In this state it is called the advantage program. I don't know what it would be where you are at. Take care of yourself. I hope your fountain brings you some peace. It sounds lovely. I like the sound of running water. Have a great day today. Hugs

pastagal - Thursday May 24, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,well today is another warm one in northern calif,,,i had a better day yesterday,,,still struggling with bp a bit,,,i really think the heat is a big part of it tho,,,,well last night ashley and brad spent the night with me,,my daughter had to work a different shift at her job so i just kept the kids here,,,,they are still sleeping,,but will have to rise and shine here soon,,so thought i would get my entry done at least,,and then in about 30 mins i have lil zach ,kathy will be here to pick ashley up and take her to day care today,,,,

Well i have eaten soup all this week and i am feeling different ,i think when i weigh next week i will see a drop in weight:}Tomorrow i am going to make another pot of homemade soup,,this time vegetable beef i think,,, So whats everyone doing for the three day holiday,,,staying home here,,,haven't gone off on this weekend now for many yrs,,,but really don't like to with all the traffic and every where you go its busy busy,,,so i would rather be home in my own space and bbq and swim,,and just take it easy,,,,i think we are planning on looking for a water fall for my front yard,,,i have this area right in front of my dining room window that we took some plants out couple days ago and i want to put a water fountain in there and put rocks around it and flowers all over,,,,so we might work on that some,,,:} Gotta go to Sams club on sunday and get my meat and monthly supplies we are out of,,,, Well i better wrap this up,,,hope everyone has a great day and remember to drink lots of water ok,,,and hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them:}} i will be on and off as i can to read and comment today,,,,,have a good one;}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup soup 4pts,,,1/2 diet pepsi ,water,,,

LUNCH:,,1 cup soup 4pts,,1/2 sandwich 3pts,,wow chips 1pt,,,ice tea

DINNER:,,GRilled chicken 3pts,,,,salad 2pts,,mixed veggies w/butter 1pt,,,watermelon & cantaloupe 1pt,,,,,Ice tea



BBDOLL on 05/24/2001:
Soup is good food! Since you asked me, lime chips are made by Tostitos, they are regular nacho chips that have a dusting of lime flavor. They are a heavenly thing, but a diet wrecker. Good luck on your mission. I would kill a hundred men to weigh what you do.

pinkus on 05/24/2001:
Hi Judy, We aren't doing much this weekend either. My son is playing in a soccer tournament, which will take some time, but frankly we are looking forward to having not much to do. Might take the kids to a movie. We'll see. Soup sounds so good--you're not putting a lot of salt in it are you? Take care of yourself. Your bp concerns me. Pam

Kyrin on 05/24/2001:
A waterfall sounds nice and cooling for the summer! Are you guys still suffering in those 100 degree temps?

Can't wait to see the scale drop down another pound for you. Way to go, Pasta!

kreativit_E on 05/24/2001:
*S* Yeah you were right...*S* means smile. *S* I just have to say that I love to read your entries, you are definately one of my faves on here. <p> Oh and I know how it feels about the HOT. *S* Although luckily we dont have to deal with the blackouts. *L* People are nuts to live in the desert. Oh well, Im nuts I guess.*S* <p> I must say your soups sound absolutely delish, makes me want to run over there with my spoon and try a lil.

kscmeg on 05/24/2001:
Hi! Ive missed a few of your entries---jsut getting back on track right now. The soup is a good idea, and it fills you up! I WOULD KILL TO WEIGH WHAT YOU DO!!!!! Keep up the good work!


pinkus on 05/24/2001:
Hi Judy, I like animfactory.com It's really easy to use. Have fun. Pam

thatmochagirl on 05/24/2001:
mmmmmmmmmm that soup idea is sounding better and better,,,, Have a great day!!

pushedtothewall on 05/24/2001:
Once again you win that award for being the most precious friend and constant commenter just when we most need it. I see the content of the comments that you unfailingly send my way, sharing your own personal experiences, encouraging me. Thank you, Judy.....so much. So much. Again I am feeling concerned about your bp. I don't know if you are being seriously monitored for this condition or are on meds, or need those adjusted during the summer months??? Tell us about that, okay? And, keep putting a litte ice down the front of your shirt, Sweetie. Or, this evening, ask hubby to do it!!! Connie :)

mommyof two on 05/25/2001:
the water fall sounds like a great idea. it will be veyr pretty...hey, do you tink that i could get a good deal on a scanner at sams?i think were gonna go there and check it out. i havent be in so long.then were gonna check best buys out. i cant wate, i,ll send you some pictures. if i can work the darn thing!!:)well, you have a great day, lisa

pastagal - Wednesday May 23, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,well another warm day here today,,tho i don't think it is going to be quite as hot as yesterday or day before,,and thank goodness we didn't have any blackouts while it was 103 here,,,,Herb you asked how my mother in law does with this heat,,,,well i do keep the ac going ,,have to with her here,,and then i have a ceiling fan in her room and another fan going sometimes,,,cause with her being bedridden full time,,she needs plenty of air circulating around her,,tho with having to keep her turned and proped with pillows,she does sweat a certain amount and then i have to worry about blisters on her skin here and there,so a constant fight in the summer time.:{

I had a terrible day yesterday,it was one of those days i have not had in a very long time,,,i am sure some of you have experienced before,,where you just get so overwhelmed and your emotions are beyond your control,,,well i spent alot of my day crying and not sure why,,,just was very sad and everything upset me:{{ but the good news is today is better,,i feel normal today,,i know my blood pressure was high,,,the home health nurse took it while she was here and was very concerned,,,it was,,,,184/98,,,,,but it is ok this morning,,,i think the heat had alot to do with it and my being tired from the three days away,any time i lose my sleep of any amount it seems to effect my blood pressure,,,but today it is back ok and i feel good this morning,,,,oh and no KIDS this morning,,,,,,yeahhhhhh!!! lol,,,,but i do have them late this afternoon and keeping them over night with me,:}

Well i made my soup and have been eating it for the last couple days and i feel better weight wise to,,,i think soup is the way to go,,at least for me,when i eat soup i am full longer,,,,and doesn't take much of it to fill me up and i seem to lose better,,,so after this pot is gone i have stuff to make a pot of vegetable beef soup,,,and going to do that for the next few weeks and see if i can lose this last 10 lbs or so before the reunion coming up:}I have a pic of me and hubby with my roses,,,going to send it to levi and see if he will put it on the picture site,,,its not a great shot,,,but its us;}

well i am going to catch up today on reading and commenting to everyone,,,sounds like everyone is doing pretty good tho,,,:}} ok,,time to wrap this up and get my day started,,,,i will be back in a bit to comment as soon as i take care of my mother inlaw;}} Remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup homemade soup 4pts,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup soup 4pts,,1/2 sandwich 3pts,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea

DINNER:,,1 cup soup 4pts,,flour tortia w/ chicken,lettuce & tomatoe and salsa 3pts,,ice tea


Ok ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!:}}}}} Have a wonderful day guys!!!

pushedtothewall on 05/23/2001:
I felt bad about you feeling bad yesterday, Judy. I had you in mind on and off during the day and I was "wishing" relief for you. Sometimes there are just too many things pulling.... outside and inside. I am glad that you feel somewhat better today and have at least a few hours of this day to yourself. You have lots of responsibility there and it must be difficult more than you even share here. I think so much of you and the remarkably sweet attitude that you seem to push forth from within. I am so glad to know that your husband is supportive of you and grateful for your presence in his life. Take care of yourself whenever you CAN. That bp is way out of whack, as you well know. Be a good nurse to yourself also, okay? Your friend, Connie

sparkymel on 05/23/2001:
That is just too hot! I hate it when I have days like that. It will get better. I guess that's just part of being human. We all have our bad days. I hope it gets better for you. Have a great day and here's something that should make you smile-Just think about how you felt this time last year....You've lost alot of weight since then and achieved your goals. So be proud and happy for that. Have a great day!-Melissa

mommyof two on 05/23/2001:
i,m sorry that you wernt feeling up to par yesterday, but i,m glad to hear that your blood presser is back down.. you need to watch that. i wouldnt want anything to happen to my friend!!!!get you some extra rest sence you dont have the kids...take care, lisa

Rader on 05/23/2001:
Your homemade soup looks good, and is low on the WW123 points!

To answer your question, I eat Healthy Choice soups. I started with Campbell's, but then moved to Healthy Choice because of the Sodium. Of course it's kind of rediculous because I add a lot of hot sauce (no calories, but lots of sodium) Oh well, I'm not working on my blood pressure right now, just my weight. Anyway, I like all of Healthy Choices soups, except I don't touch the Split Pea soup one (never had it, don't want to), and the Bean & Ham is a little too heavy for me. Luckily those 2 are the highest in calories, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

Some people have suggested I make my own home made soup, but no way. I'd have a heck of a time figuring out the calories, and I don't really want to spend too much time on this diet. I'd rather go out walking than cooking for the diet. Usually when I went to great lengths in the past diets, I'd burn out. So I'm keeping it simple for now.

If I ever get bored with those soups, I'll move on over to Progresso or something. But it hasn't happened yet.

By the way, It's really weird. How come people on this web site ask me what I eat, when in fact I post a food link in every diary entry? I don't know how to make it more obvious??

Keep up the good work. You sure have helped a lot of people on here

DVDMon on 05/23/2001:
Judy, sorry you weren't feeling well! I'm glad you're feeling better now. Of course you can send me another picture! As far as meds, I'm not totally against all medications, however in this case I believe that most of the medical community has pulled the wool over its own eyes. Cholesterol has been shown to not be that great a predictor of heart disease. I'm going to be posting a bunch of links to articles and studies regarding this in my diary tonight. I will not risk taking powerful drugs on something that has such significant holes in its theories. I'm glad your numbers are down, but although I would love to have good numbers, to a certain extent I feel this is just an abstraction and only latched onto by many in the scientific field because it is a quantifiable thing and there is nothing else that can measure chd risk in such an exact way. Sure you have blood pressure, whether you smoke, how overweight you are, etc. But these are not as quantifiable. At least just recently they have developed mri or ultrasound technology which is actually capable of measure plaque in arteries, but there are few of these in the country and I fear the test is both expensive and not covered by most insurance companies. I will be trying to persuade my doctor at least to get a test done for me that determines the ldl particles - whether they are primarily good or bad.

Soon2BThin on 05/23/2001:
Glad to see your feeling better, Pasta. Guess we all have days like that. Hope you don't have any like that for a long time. Wow, your blood pressure was a scare, huh? Good that it's back down now. Have a great day.

lauren on 05/23/2001:
Thank you for the welcome back!! I can't tell you how exciting it was to see how far you have come in your weight loss. That gives me hope that maybe I can actually reach my goal! Congratulations!

herb on 05/23/2001:
Is there something going on that you're not talking about. If you don't want to tell us thats OK. It just, well you know, we worry about each other.

pinkus on 05/23/2001:
Being overwhelmed is really hard and you do have alot on your hands with the kids to take care of so often. You are a dear to do it, but I wonder if you get enough down time. Glad your soup feels so nurturing. Take care Pam

garlic on 05/23/2001:
I know that dealing with kids can be very stressful. Do you think you are spending too much time babysitting? Maybe you need more time to yourself. Just a thought.

Rachel_MR on 05/23/2001:
Glad to hear your back on you r feet today. I had one of those days yesterday aswell, but have picked myself up again today. I find that it makes you feel excellent when you have a brilliant day after a bad one, it reminds me of the difference I feel emotionally and physically. So keep smiling and take care.

pastagal - Tuesday May 22, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,its already so hot here today,,,it got to 103 yesterday and they predict another day like that today:{ i woke up with a headache and my bp is up a bit,,not sure why either,,,could just be caused from the heat maybe,,i don't know,,,anyway,,ashley and brad are here already,,ashley is watching Barney and brad is watching his cartoons in the other room,,,,

Today i am staying inside and not going out till time to jump in the pool,,can't do much when the heat is this bad,,,they haven't said anything the past couple days about rolling blackouts,sure hope it doesn't happen today.

So how the heck is everyone,,,,i wasn't able to get on and read much yesterday or comment:{ i feel like i am so behind on here,,,so might have to just read for a couple days till i get caught up on whats been happening with all of you the past three or four days:}

well i weighed this morning and the scale shows a 1 lb drop,,but not going to count it till i weigh next week,,,,i did good while away on eating,,,didn't drink my water like i should of tho,,,but i drinked enough yesterday i think to make up for it:}} and i plan on drinking a ton again today,,,,other wise with this heat i will swell and i hate that feeling,,,,well going to wrap this up and will try to catch up today on all your entrys ok,,,,remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them:}}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup chicken rice soup 4pts,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup chicken rice soup 4pts,,1/2 ham sandwich w/lettuce ,tomatoe & mustard 2pts,,jello w/ff cool whip,,ice tea

DINNER:,,1 cup chicken rice soup,,4pts,,crackers,,2pts,,small salad w/dressing 2pts,,ice tea

Snack,,,None,,,gonna swim tonight!


firebabe on 05/22/2001:
Hey hun, just wanted to share with you your bp is probably very much due to the heat. We see alot of concern with people who monitor their BP in the hot weather and it's really a consideration, right along with hydration. Stay hydrated, stay cool and keep an eye on it, but don't stress it. k? =0)

pushedtothewall on 05/22/2001:
Oh boy! You are talkin' about some major heat! I certainly hope, also, that there are no blackout situations down there. You be sure, Judy, to pace yourself and keep the bp in mind. Be watchful. I hope that your pound holds....how nice :) I'll be checking in on you tomorrow. It was odd and "off" somehow when you were missing here. You are so reliable a source of support and inspiration. Have as good a day as you can pull out of the bag. I will check with you tomorrow. Connie

thatmochagirl on 05/22/2001:
Welcome back hun... missed you!! Chicken rice soup three times today, actually that sounds kinda good... Stay sweet! T

Maria7 on 05/22/2001:
Hope you stay cool today, and electricity stays on. Have a nice day! Maria :)

TweetieCat on 05/22/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

I'm so glad to read that you had a wonderful mini vacation. I didn't realize that you were back already because I didn't check DD for a couple of days due to "other" stuff going on at the office. Anyway, you seem in great spirits and that's nice to hear. The roses are a wonderful gesture on hubby's part. I bet they are beautiful. You guys are a year ahead of me and my hubby. We'll celebrate 28 years in August. Have a great diet day today and I'll be in touch...


TweetieCat (Pat)

mommyof two on 05/22/2001:
103 hu, hoooot, it only reached a high of 65 yesterday here, today only 60 so far. it i sapost to get even cooler this week. but thats indiana for you.we all have a happy medium..well, have fun catching up with everyone..you have a great day!!!, lisa

pinkus on 05/22/2001:
Phew that's hot. Youare doing great. Take good care. Pam

Kyrin on 05/22/2001:
Way cool about your casino winnings! How much did you have to put into it to get the $400? Sounds like you had a grand time!

Thanks for the welcome back! ...and congrats on your weight losses. Looks like you've been busy whil ei've been away.


carrie on 05/22/2001:
Down another pound? Cool!

I wish I had your disipline with the water! I never did cut my friends hair. Guess she wised up! ha ha! She said she will wait until it really bothers her! hmmm? I think I got slammed! ha ha


Soon2BThin on 05/22/2001:
Good to see you back, glad you had a good time. It's hot like that here too, hope we don't swell too much, haha. See you tomorrow.

herb on 05/22/2001:
103�! Where do you live Death Valley? I pray there are no brown outs/black outs. How is your mother-in-law fairing with this weather.

syb on 05/23/2001:
103o!!!!! Oh man! We're having beautiful day, hi of 70, 50's at nite....sounds like you're doing so well w/food...keep up good work!

pastagal - Monday May 21, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Hi everyone,,,i am late getting on here today,,,lil zachary is here and been alittle fussy today and everytime i tried to work my way to the puter,,he would get fussy:{ I had a wonderful time the past three days,,,reno was alot of fun,,friday night we went and saw Clay Walker and the show was Great:}} Saturday we went to the Malls in reno,,,and all the book stores,lol,,and shopped all day,didn't buy much ,but did alot of looking,,,i did manage to buy 4 blouses on sale at JCPenny's,,then sat night we gambled and i won 400 on a dollar machine,,put 200 of it back in and kept 200 of it:} so not to bad,,,,

Yesterday we got up and had breakfast and then checked out and headed home,,,i drove home,took 2 1/2 hours to get back ,,,,,stopped at Bel Air and i bought grocerys,,,got stuff to make two pots of homemade soup for this week,,,i did pretty good on eating while away,,i weighed this morning and didn't gain anything,but still haven't lost anything either,,but now that this is behind me i will start fresh and really buckle down and get this last few lbs off me;}

I hope everyone is doing good,,i haven't had a chance to read or comment on entrys yet,will try later today or tonight,,but might not make it till tomorrow ,,Oh ya,,,before i left on friday,,,the door bell rang and my hubby had sent me a HUGE vase of Red roses for our anniversary,,,he gives me one for each yr,,,this yr 29 roses,,,if you have never seen a vase holding 29 roses,,its a BEAUTIFUL site;}}} i told him,,,after next yr he needs to start over,,,well i took a pic and will see about getting it on the picture site ok,,,well i am going to go,,zach is fussing again ,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,:}} Good to be back home and able to get on here again,,,i missed it;}

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,,1/2 roast beef sandwich 3pts,,1/2 diet pepsi,

LUNCH:,,salad w/chicken & dressing 3pts,,jello w/ff cool whip,,ice tea

DINNER:,,homemade chicken rice soup 4pts,,,salad w/dressing 2pts,,ice tea,,jello w/ff cool whip

snack,,,none,,,,,just lots of water;}


pinkus on 05/21/2001:
Welcome home. Sounds like you had a great weekend.I am sure you will get your food back on track. Fussy babies get first dibs on attention. Take care. Pam

pushedtothewall on 05/21/2001:
Oh I am so glad that you are back, Judy! It sounds as if you did a little of quite a few things on your trip and it all sounds great. Gosh, I hope you took the advice that you gave me when I went away and just put weight loss on the shelf! Still, one gets into a habit and actually enjoys those more sensible and healthy choices... Roses from Mr.? Oooooooh How romantic is that?!

breakaway on 05/21/2001:
WOW it's been way to long since I have written you a comment! I apoligize for that... I missed your last lose! CONGRATs ON THAT!~ Your hubby was so sweet to send those roses!~ He is such a sweetie. What is your bottom goal weight? You must be getting pretty close now! Great work! Have a wonderful day today!

carrie on 05/21/2001:
Howdy! Glad you had a nice trip! The 29 roses sound luscious! Expensive too I'll bet! But you are ever more worth it! I am in a rip roaring mood to get really back on track! I've loused up a bit lately. Sigh. NO MORE!


mommyof two on 05/21/2001:
welcome back my little friend!!! i,m so glad that you had a great time!!!i sure missed you, tho i,v still been busy, i think of you and the others all the time.29 roses, WOW.. i hope you do get the picture on, that must have been georgous!!!!well i,m gonna go, so glad to have you back, catch you tomorrow!!! lisa

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