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pastagal - Friday May 18, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,well hubby took the car in to wash it and fill it with gas,,,i am finishing up with packing and we are leaving in a couple hours,,,can't wait:}} Reno here i come;}}}} i don't sound excited huh?,lol,,,

well gonna miss all of you ,,,hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy it and be safe,,,i will write when i return,,,,,,:}}

mommyof two on 05/18/2001:
have fun and beeeeee careful.we,ll catch you when you get back home to us... love and huggs, lisa

TweetieCat on 05/18/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

Well, it's finally Friday and you'll be going off on your mini vacation shortly. I hope you have a wonderful time. All of us at DD will be thinking of you and anxiously wait for your return so you can fill us in on your escapades.

Take care,

TweetieCat (Pat)

estelle on 05/18/2001:
Bye! Have fun in Reno. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Robin

thatmochagirl on 05/18/2001:
Have fun hun...you deserve it.... Win big bucks!!!

muggg on 05/18/2001:
Bye... bye... see ya later! Have fun!!!

ABrown6794 on 05/18/2001:

We'll "see" you when you get back. Angie

Soon2BThin on 05/18/2001:
Hey, Pastagal, hope you have a great weekend trip. You certainly deserve it. And stay safe. We'll miss you.

pinkus on 05/18/2001:
Have a great time!!!!!Pam

Miss Piggy on 05/19/2001:
You deserve a vacation. Hope you have a lot of fun. God bless you and bring you home safe and happy when it is time to go home.

Maria7 on 05/19/2001:
Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend, Pasta, will be waiting to hear from you! Maria :)

pastagal - Thursday May 17, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Well i am writing this entry weds night,,only because i have lil zachary early tomorrow morning and its really hard to get on here on the days i have him,,,so will enter my entry at night when i know i will have him the next day,,,well i am pooped right now,,had a great day today,,,got alot done and got most of my clothes ready to pack on friday morning ,,,,i will leave an entry on friday morning,,,but sat and sunday i won't be here,,,tho i will be back late evening on sunday,so who knows,,knowing me i will be anxious to get on here and check entrys and write to all of you:}}}

Well tomorrow i have zach and brad,,and i am going to take the left over tri tip roast and make a small pot of homemade soup tomorrow to eat tomorrow for lunch and dinner i think,,

Gos i sure hope i can stay on track while gone and not over do to much,i think i can,,,i have eaten out enough since on this diet that i usually do well,,,,tho when in reno we don't go to bed at normal times,sometimes up till 2am and go and have something to eat before heading back to the room for the night,so who knows,,and hubby loves his snacks in the hotel room,,,lol,,,i am taking a lil small ice chest,the type that fits a six pak of soda and take water with me,,,that way i can try to keep up on my water quota while in the room,,,,i am so excited,,can you tell this lady hasn't been anywhere in awhile:} Well gonna miss you guys while gone,,but not to worry,,i will be back:}}well gonna wrap this up,,,,and yes HERB i am taking my new camera and will try to get a pic of me and hubby to show you ok:}}

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,have a great day today:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 bologna sandwich 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,Homemade soup 4pts,,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Homemade soup 4pts,,corn bread 4pts,,ice tea,,chewy granola bar 2pts,,,,

Snack,,none tonight again,,,gotta run to town and spend my birthday money on a new outfit to take to Reno with me;}}}

Ok,,,remember ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}}

Maria7 on 05/17/2001:
Wow! I know you are excited! Yes! Please bring us back some pics of you on your weekend vacation....you remind me of when a couple months ago, Hubby and I went to the beach for the weekend...I remember how very excited I was! Have fun! I am so happy for you that you are able to get away for a while and enjoy yourself! Btw, Happy Birthday...I wasn't on here when it was your birthday, so I wish you a belated happy birthday and MANY MORE!!!! Maria :)

sparkymel on 05/17/2001:
Let's both stay on track this weekend. We can do it!! Have a great weekend. - Mel

herb on 05/17/2001:
I dont know any of these people but they'll be appearing in Reno this weekend.</br> Society of 7 at harrahs.</br>Clay Walker at the Silver Legacy</br> Bill Engall at John Ascuga's Nugget Celebrity Showroom</br> Gary V. Radical at the Silver Legacy</br> Wayne Brady on the 18th only at the Hilton.</br> Good Luck, and dont go wacky at the slots. Safe trip.

Krispy on 05/17/2001:
Hi there!

Of course you will stay on track, you are an expert at this now!!!!

Have a great holiday, if anyone deserves you certainly do! Look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

Take care, JANE

mommyof two on 05/17/2001:
oh, i wish we could all be there to see you off. i feel like crying for some reason.. any way, you go and have a fabulas time!!! you are one person who deserves this . and if you cheat alittle it wil be ok.. you have lost alot of weight, and you have it all under controle.you,ll be just fine.i hope you got a pretty outfit to take with you!! i,ll try to get on before you go , if not, take care and have alot of fun... and heres a hugg for you ((((judy)))), lisa

TweetieCat on 05/17/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

Well, the weekend is almost here and you'll be having some fun and sun in Reno. Sounds very exciting. I'm sure you'll have a good time. I've never been to Reno but I imagine it's like Las Vegas and I've been there (on my honeymoon 28 years ago).

All of us will be waiting to hear the details of your trip when you return.

Until then...

TweetieCat (Pat)

muggg on 05/17/2001:
Gosh, reading all the comments... I think everyone else is as excited as you! Well, almost, haha! have a fabulous time! Enjoy every bite!

pushedtothewall on 05/17/2001:
Well, Happy Birthday!!! (late, but with all of my heart)> I hope this new birthday year is just the best of your entire life, Judy! I am so happy for you going on your trip and I am just GLAD to know that you plan to share a picture of it all with us! Great idea! Take care and just be you and be young and be free of all you drive away from. This is your time...yours and Hubby's (of course!)

SoccerMom on 05/17/2001:
Have a wonderful trip, and don't worry about the food. You've gotten into good habits, so the occasional splurge won't throw you off too much.

Thanks for your comments to my diary today. I've posted a pic of Caesar and Annie since your visit, if you'd like to go see it.

Enjoy your evening!

carrie on 05/17/2001:
All that staying up late will burn off calories, ha ha! Have a great time!


Canadian on 05/17/2001:
Thank you for the compliment on the graphics. :-) I get them at http://www.bestanimations.com/ How I found is I got incredimail (http://www.incredimail.com/english/index.html) a kewl mail program that comes with animation and your choice of patterns for letters and sounds. If you wanted extra animation they gave us the url for more animations. Your daily menus always look so good. :-) You take care now! :-) Diana

pastagal - Wednesday May 16, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,well i had a great birthday yesterday,,,hubby had called me and asked if i wanted to go out to dinner,so we did,,,and then when we got home,my son and his wife and lil zach were here to wish me a happy birthday:}

Well i haven't weighed this week,and i think i will pass this week up for weighing in,,,will next tuesday,,, I have brad and ashley already this morning and its going to be alot warmer here today,,the clouds are gone,,and its going to be heating back up now,,,already have all the windows open and letting the morning air in,, I have lots to do today,,,gotta figure out what i am going to take with me for my mini trip this weekend,,i always take way to many clothes,,but i hate to get away and not have enough to pick from:} tho last night hubby said while we were in Reno we could go shopping and if i found something i liked he would get it for me,,,it amazes me how much he seems to enjoy going shopping now and i remember just a few yrs back he hated it,or he thought he did anyway and would never go with me,,,but now he is ready to go anytime:} Well yesterday was the first day i wasn't able to get on here and comment to everyones entries,,and it felt strange,,,sorry for those i missed,,i will try to do better today:}well going to wrap this up and read some before i get my day going and then come back later and finish,,,,i hope you all rememeber to hugg your loved ones today and tell them you love them ok;}}

BREAKFAST:,,v8juice,,,water,,1/2 diet pepsi,,scramble egg 2pts,,2 slices bacon 2pts,,1peice toast w/butter 2pts,,

LUNCH:,,Hambuger w/lettuce ,tomatoe,pickles,,mayo & ketchup,,,6pts,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Tri tip 4pts,,salad 2pts,,brocolli & asparagus w/butter 1pt,,ice tea,,,


Ok have a great day ok,:} take things,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!!!:}}}

herb on 05/16/2001:
Dont forget to take a camera, we want to see a picture of you & hubby in Reno.

sparkymel on 05/16/2001:
Glad to hear you had a great birthday!!! Take care!-Mel

TweetieCat on 05/16/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

So glad to hear you had a super nice birthday. You certainly deserve it! Getting ready for the trip must be exciting and planning your wardrobe must be a thrill (especially since you've lost all of that weight). We'll all be waiting to hear the details of your mini vacation when you return.

Have a wonderful diet day today...

TweetieCat (Pat)

Koko on 05/16/2001:
Good morning, PG! Wow, I'm so envious of you and hubby's mini trip. So, you must have a ton of fun for me too! Plus, you get to shop...that is the best. :) I hope you're having a great day and taking some time out for YOU. How is your daughter getting along lately? I hope she's still doing well and better. Let her know a strange woman in Texas (of all places) keeps her in my prayers and thoughts. Talk to you later!


DVDMon on 05/16/2001:
Hey there. Regarding cholesterol counts, you only mentioned your totals. I'm sure you know this, but totals don't mean that much, it's mainly the subcomponents. The NIH Panel's main target was LDL, and though they mentioned it very briefly they didn't really go into detail about the SIZE of LDL particles. Recent studies have shown that there are bad AND good types of LDL, based on the size of the particles. Problem is the size isn't tested for in standard lipid profiles. NIH also mentions triglicerides as a threat, but assign it to a secondary marker under LDL. The articles and studies I have read indicate that because LDL is not predictive (due to the size/type of the LDL particle not being determined in standard tests), the best predictive measure is triglicerides and HDL. In particular, they say that a ratio of triglicerides to HDL that is under two is ideal. Do you remember what they individual numbers were for your tests?

Canadian on 05/16/2001:
Sorry, for missing your birthday, I had to work yesterday, and had to take care of my Mother-in-law who has cancer (I go 2 days per week). Have a fantastic day!! :-) <font color=red>

�*����,���,�Happy Birthday*����,���,�*����,��� </font color=red>

muggg on 05/16/2001:
Sounds like you had a really nice birthday! I know you'll have a great time with hubby... I'd love to see a picture of the two of you!

Krispy on 05/16/2001:
Hi there!

Sorry I missed your birthday but its great to hear that you enjoyed yourself. Bet you are getting excited about your little trip, know I would be!!

BTW - Have decided to go back onto Weight Watchers, it's what I know best and I know it works from past experience! Think I was just trying to find something better, but there really isn't anything better!

Take care and we will miss you while you are away! JANE

mommyof two on 05/16/2001:
hello, judy. the only time i have for myself is the little time i get on here now. i,m taking a 10 minet break. i,m glad that your b-day was good, you deserved it!!!well, gotta get back to work.. take care. lisa

Kat1970 on 05/16/2001:
First off, thanx for the encouragement! I'll get to the gym tonight...no excuses!!! Second, I was looking at your progress, and WOW!!! I am sooo impressed by how much you have lost! Sounds like you really know what you're doing! I think I'll stick close by if that's ok...=) Have a great day, and Happy belated B-day! -Kat

thatmochagirl on 05/16/2001:
Happy belated birthday my dear...hav a great weekend!!!

carrie on 05/16/2001:
I'm sure you didn't blow up after all that birthday bashing! ha ha! Glad you had a nice one ~ you sure deserve it with all the stress you've had lately!

Happy Birthday to a beautiful (and skinny) lady!!


Rachel_MR on 05/16/2001:
Glad you had a great birthday, and all the best on your trip. I know how good it feels when someone actually comes shopping with you. I am the worst shopper, but my brother new how much I wanted to buy some new clothes and dragged me out to the shopping centre, through all the shops without complaining until I found something that I liked. It was fantastic, except, now that I am starting to lose weight, he'll have to do it all again!!! Goodluck and have fun.

pinkus on 05/16/2001:
A belated happy birthday to you....and many more. Take care and enjoy that hubby of yours. Pam

garlic on 05/16/2001:
Hi PastaGal, Do you remember me? I haven't posted for a while. I'm hoping to get inspired again. I was just looking at your progess report and you are doing FAB!!!!! You must feel like a million bucks. Have a great mini-trip. I love weekend mini-trips. The last one my husband and I went on was to Montreal, the year before Ogunquit, Maine. It just refreshes you. Bye for now.

pastagal - Tuesday May 15, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,well woke up to clouds and possible rain,,,not sure where this came from,,,:} Well hoping for a good day today,,,i mean heck,,,after all it is my Birthday:}

I had a pretty good day yesterday,,,,nothing great ,,,just ok,,,and today i have ashley and brad all day,,and need to do some laundry,,start trying to figure out what i am taking to reno with me to wear for the weekend,,really looking forward to going away,,,but will miss you guys for three days,,,its been so long since i have gone away like this that it will seem strange not getting on here the first thing to check entrys for those three days,,,,,

Well i am going to keep this short today,,got lots to do around here,,so hope all of you have a wonderful day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,,and drink your WATER:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,v8 juice,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi and water

LUNCH:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,Turkey sandwich w/mayo,lettuce & tomatoe 5pts,,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea

DINNER:,,TRi Tip roasts,,4pts,,salad w/ff italian dressing,,brocolli w/ butter 1pt,,squash w/stew tomatoes,,ice tea


Ok have a great day ok,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!:}}}

sparkymel on 05/15/2001:
I know what you mean. I am online at work, but we don't have a computer at home yet-so when the weekends come I really miss you guys. Funny how you get so close to people you've never even met.

ABrown6794 on 05/15/2001:
Happy Birthday and do enjoy your trip to Remo. It's so fun to get away for a few days, but I always enjoying getting back home too.

Have a great day Angie

herb on 05/15/2001:
May every minute of your day Bring bright, delightful things your way. And may each day the whole year through Bring nothing but the best for you. Your Buddy, Herb

muggg on 05/15/2001:
Hey.. what's with the Black font? Is it one of those over the hill birthdays? Just kidding.. you look great! Have a wonderful day!

mommyof two on 05/15/2001:

kreativit_E on 05/15/2001:
HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYBIRTHDAY!!! *S* Hehehe, I hope and wish the best for you and I hope that your 3 days in Reno will be some of the best days of your life. *S*

Koko on 05/15/2001:
Hey, PG....I heard through the grapevine that today is somebody's birthday! Well, I'm here to tell ya, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!" from someone all the way in Texas who thinks you are one terrific wife, mother, daughter in law, grandmom, and friend! Have a fantabulous day.



TweetieCat on 05/15/2001:
Happy Birthday Pastagal!!!!!

And what a terrific birthday it must be this year especially since you have a new grandchild and you're doing so well with your food plan that you are almost at goal. WOW - that's the best gift you can give yourself and I am truly happy for YOU!!!! Hope you have a wonderful BD today and are spoiled rotten by your family. The mini vacation sounds really nice and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. If you're anything like I am, although it's nice to go away for a couple of days, I always look forward to going home. I guess I'm like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - "there's no place like home" - ha, ha!

Thinking of you on your special day and ENJOY IT!!!

Best Regards,

TweetieCat (Pat)

estelle on 05/16/2001:
Hi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You sound a little down, if you are your grandkids will cheer you up I bet. Have a wonderful day, hope all your birthday wishes come true. Robin

syb on 05/16/2001:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! Have a wonderful time & see you back here soon....Syb

pastagal - Monday May 14, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,altho i am writing this sunday night late,,,only because monday mornings are so hard for me to get on and do my entry,,lil zach gets here so early and i feel so rushed at writing,so thought i would try doing it before i head to bed on sunday night ,,,

I had a great Mother's Day,,my kids came over and took over my kitchen which i don't allow to happen very often,,,i felt so weird sitting back watching while they cooked,i am so use to being the one who does all the cooking and then i even clean the mess up,,

They fixed bacon,,sausage,eggs,biscuts ,gravy,,,,Hash browns,,and i had some of all of it and they did a super good job to,,and my son was the main cook in there today to,,,that was neat to see,and he did a good job to:}}

I had played with my new digital camcorder last night and so i got it out today and filmed them while they were cooking,,so it will be neat now to look back on this on video:}

It was a really nice day also weather wise,not to hot and not cold,just perfect,,,:} I didn't get my water in like normal tho,,,but i got up this morning with the attitude that i was not going to worry about my diet today or my liquid intake,,and i didn't:}}},,but i feel it tonight,i am a bit full feeling and not drinking the water like i normally do really makes a huge difference:{ but tomorrow i will get back on it and flush things out:}

I hope all of you mother's had a great day and relaxed and enjoyed yourself,,,oh ya,i even went in and had my nails done at the mall to,,and did alittle shopping for myself,,hubby stayed here at the house with his mom so i could go:} Well guess i will wrap this up and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:}}

BREAKFAST:,,v8juice,1/2 diet pepsi,water,,1/2 scramble egg sandwich 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,

LUNCH:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 chicken sandwich w/mayo & lettuce & tomatoe,,5pts,,wow chips 1pt,,Ice tea,,,fresh strawberries

DINNER:,,1 bowl navy bean soup(homemade)4pts,,salad w/chicken & dressing 4pts,,Ice tea,,,,strawberries


Ok have a great day and remember,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!!!:}}}}

thatmochagirl on 05/14/2001:
you are such a sweetie, thanks for your ongoing support!

breakaway on 05/14/2001:
Your day sounded so full of happiness today! So glad to see that! I have been gone for a few day's...so busy! I have to back up and read your last few entries that I missed! Seems like your doing just great though! So proud of you! Have a wonderful day today.

pinkus on 05/14/2001:
Glad you had such a lovely day. I am sure your videos will be a treasure. Take care Pam

Kyrin on 05/14/2001:
It sounds like you had a nice mother's day with your crew. ...even got some alone time for some personal shopping. Way to go, Pasta.

So, with all of the presents and well wishes yesterday, are they going to come back over tomorrow and help you celebrate you birthday tomorrow too? ...or will that day be just for you and hubby?

Birthday hugs!

muggg on 05/14/2001:
Like you, I took the day off from my diet. I feel so much lighter when I stick to it and drink the water! I am looking forward to getting back on track!

Sounds like you had a lovely day. Mine will be delayed until this weekend when my son and I take our vacation together. I'm looking forward to that time together.

Have a good day today!

sparkymel on 05/14/2001:
That is so sweet! It sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! That food sounds scrumptious. I bet you enjoyed that.

Maria7 on 05/14/2001:
Hey, Pasta, what kind of digital camcorder did you get? I think that is fantastic! Now you can make movies and watch them on your computer! Enjoy! Maria :)

SoccerMom on 05/14/2001:
You're doing GREAT!!!!

Have a wonderful day.

estelle on 05/14/2001:
Hi! Your day sounds wonderful! It has to be nice to have all your children close enough that you can see them often. Your menu for the day looks good (yum), what are wow chips? I am keeping my cal count to 1000 a day I know that is a little extreme but Its the only way I seem to be able to stay on the diet. Yesterdays less than 800 happened because after I got the baby asleep I didn't eat the rest of my dinner, I went to bed. Have a good day! Robin

herb on 05/14/2001:
Wow what a weekend, when did you get time to breathe. I assume you're going to take that movie machine to Reno this weekend.

Maria7 on 05/14/2001:
I don't understand what you mean by it views off tv without being hooked up to tv...sounds like you sure got the best one out! Please explain the other.... Maria :)

pastagal - Sunday May 13, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,well today is Mother's Day and my kids are coming over in another hour to cook a big breakfast for me,,they did this last yr and it turned out great,,so i think they are going to make it a tradition:}

I had a good day yesterday,,,got so much done around here,,,was a beautiful day,,not to hot,,,just really really nice outside,,,went and bought grocerys,,and now today after they come and cook and we eat i am going to clean my closet out and dig out clothes that fit me,,,,put all the stuff away that doesn't fit anymore,,,just enjoy the day doing things i don't normally get to do:}

Well this friday we leave for Reno for three days,,gosh i can't wait,,i need this time away from the house so bad,,,,been long time since i did anything like this,so really looking forward to it,,,well going to wrap this up,,just wanted to again wish all of you mothers a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and remember,if you over indulge today,,,don't worry,,,we ALL can always start fresh tomorrow;:}}} today is OUR day huh:} Remember to hugg your loved ones,,,and tell them you love them today....

BREAKFAST:,,Many different things,not sure yet:}

LUNCH:,,Can v8 juice and some fruit i think,,will probley be full from breakfast.

DINNER:,,grilled pork chop 4pts,,1/2 cup beans 3pts,,salad 2pts,,asparagus w/butter 1pt,,Ice tea


Ok remember ,,ONE day at a TIME and be very CONSISTANT!!:}}}

pushedtothewall on 05/13/2001:
Oh, I just thought that your minder to us about relaxing and enjoying our special day today was great....and a thoughtful gift. And, your also your personal message to me regarding my exciting trip. I will be back in time to do the same for you this coming Friday :) You know..... those grandbabies are precious, Judy. It is so clear to see how they are loved by their little cherubic faces. Good job! And, lucky you to know their little ways and smiles. Have a lovely day with your family today. Connie

herb on 05/13/2001:
Boy you are chomping at the bit in anticipation to this trip to Reno. I hope everything goes off on schedule, and that you get to see oodle & oodles of fiddle players, and pickers, and singers. That you get a bellyful of music.

herb on 05/13/2001:
Judy. Come back later. I've just started working on this entry, and I dont stop entering material till I finish up at around 11pm.

dvdmon on 05/13/2001:
Hey Judy, happy Mother's Day! Hope you had an enjoyable one. I talked to my mom this morning but unfortunately wasn't able to go home this weekend. I'm glad you're getting some use out of the books and video links I posted on the site. I had a couple of ideas for the site that I would like to implement eventually, so please let me know what you think. Maybe I'll post these ideas on my diary later so that everyone can respond. Basically, one idea would be to have a way for people to give in-debth reviews of various books and videos. Kind of the same idea as my dvdmon.com website. The other idea was to have bios/stories from people that they could post in their picture area. I think this would add a lot to the pictures too. I mean it's great seeing the difference in appearance from before to after, but without knowing how a person got from one to the other, there's something missing. I think being able to tell an account would be great. And even for those who haven't yet lost much, they could recount their previous history and how they feel this time around will be different. I am also thinking of having a login so that people can do more of this stuff without having to email me everything. But all of this will take some time to develop, so it probably won't be around for a while, I'm just wondering what people think. I also want to redesign the site a bit as I think it's extremely plain looking. Maybe I'll get one of the designers in my company to take a look at it and do a quick redesign...

Canadian on 05/13/2001:
Sounds like you are having a great Mother's Day. :-)) Happy Mother's Day to you! :-) I fun in Reno! Take care!


pastagal - Saturday May 12, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,well its alittle cooler finally here in northern calif,and feels quite nice this morning:} Well last night me and hubby ended up going to a really nice place for dinner,,we had fish & chips and a nice green salad and ice tea,,,,,then we went to the Mall and started looking at Digital Camcorders,,,he bought me one,,its really a nice one to,,,it not only takes movies but it takes pictures to,,,tho i didn't think he wanted to get one that nice because i already have a Sony digital camera with a big zoom lens on it,,but he said why not,so i didn't argue:}}

Then after we finished there,,,we went looking for the grandkids new bathing suits,,,got lil ashley three,one was a barbie suit ,,so cute,,,a hot pink and came with lil thongs she can wear on her feet,,she is going to love them,,she is always wanting to put my sandels on and i am so afraid she is going to fall and break her neck when trying to walk in them,so she will be tickled when she sees these:} Got brad two swim suits,,,then we strolled down by the book store and i was roaming around and found a book that was listed in DVDMons picture site and bought it,,its called,,,"The In sulin-Resistance Diet,,i only skimmed through it after we got home last night,,will read it more today ,,,but it is very interesting about how insulin is what controls our weight,,,very interesting,,,and how combining foods right is a big factor in if you gain or lose,,,anyway,,will read it and tell you more later.

Well today i am going to clean the fridge out,,,make a grocery list,then go grocery shopping late this afternoon,,,give mother in law a bath in bed and wash her hair,,move her room around and clean it,,,,do some laundry and play on the puter some;}

I started looking for an outfit for the class reunion last night to,,,going to look for a few weeks first before i really decide what i want to buy,,,just not sure yet,,,and hoping another 10 lbs will be off before i make the final decision:}

well going to wrap this up,,,i hope each of you have a wonderful sat and enjoy the day,,,,and to all the mothers on here,,Happy Mothers day tomorrow,,,remember its OUR day and to enjoy it and back on track on monday ok;} Give your loved ones a big hugg today and tell them you love them,,,ok:}

BREAKFAST:,,scramble egg 2pt,,2slices bacon 2pts,,1 slice toast w/butter 2pts,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,v8 juice,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup pasta w/stewed tomatoes,,4pts,,green salad w/ff italian dressing,,,ice tea,,jello w/ff cool whip.

DINNER:,,Grilled chicken 3pts,,,green salad w/ dressing 2pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,peas w/butter 1pt,,Ice tea,,,jello w/ff cool whip.

Snack,,,None tonight!!

Ok enjoy your day and remember,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!:}}}

pinkus on 05/12/2001:
What a generous husband!!! Have a great weekend. PAm

thatmochagirl on 05/12/2001:
Thanks for the positive comments you left me...I appreciate everyone's support!

estelle on 05/12/2001:
Saw grandkids pics, boy are they cute! Sounds like you had a lot of fun last night. I admire how you make good food choices when you go out, thats hard for me. I try to take your advice, one day at a time and be very consistant. This has helped, glad it's there every day. Thanks for your comments on my journal. Robin

mommyof two on 05/13/2001:
it sure sounds like you and hubby had a lovely night out...yes, your little ashley will love the things you got for her.. arnt girls funner to buy for? i think so..well, you have a great mothers day as well, and have fun with that new camcorder.lisa

pastagal - Friday May 11, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,hope this finds all of you doing good,well its friday,,,and i know that is good for alot of you that look so forward to fridays and having a weekend to yourself:} I am doing fine this morning,,,i have brad today,didn't think i was going to have any kids today,but daughter had the day off and had some errands to do,,so she brought me brad and ashley went to daycare today,,,,but he is so good,,i don't mind:}

Well tonight hubby is taking me to town to dinner,,,then we are going birthday shopping,,,he wants me along when he buys my birthday gift,,i asked for a digital camcorder and he wants me to pick it out,,,i can't wait:} Not sure where we will have dinner ,,,then tomorrow i have cleaning to do and tomorrow night i will go buy grocerys,,cause sunday the kids are coming over for mothers day,,then one more week and i go away for three days,,,,gosh i am so looking forward to that to,,,to just do nothing,,sleep in,,,,eat out,,,gamble some ,see a concert with Clay Walker,(Country music guy) and go shopping while in Reno,,we always hit the malls while there and the big Book store they have,,,hubby is so sweet,he will go to the Star Bucks coffee place that is inside the bookstore and sit and drink a cup of coffee and let me stroll through the book store and look forever,,,i can spend hours in them;}}

Well its warm here already today,,but it isn't going to get quite as hot i think,,,,i was cleaning out my closet in the spare room and found 5 pairs of shorts i had bought last yr at smaller sizes and so i tried them on cause last summer they were still a bit to snug,,gosh to my surprise they FIT so good now:}}}Yeahhh!! so i have new shorts now:}}

well i am going to wrap this up,i will be back in a bit after i take care of mother inlaw and take my shower and feed brad,,,,and will read and answer comments to the entries,,,,well have a great day everyone and be safe,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok:}}

BREAKFAST:,,Scrambled egg 2pt,,2 slices bacon 2pt,,1 slice diet toast w/butter 1pt,,v8 juice ,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,Ham sandwich w/lettuce & tomatoe & mayo,,5pts,,wow bbq chips 1pt,,dill pickle,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,EATING OUT! so not sure where or what yet;}

Ok Everyone have a wonderful day and weekend and remember,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!!!:}}}}

muggg on 05/11/2001:
How nice to have those shorts fit! I tried mine on last night and they are a wee bit snug still.. but another 10 pounds and they'll be just fine! I'm determined to wear them before summer ends!

We'll be on vacation at the same time! I'll be in Mississippi.. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you're having a good time!

Maria7 on 05/11/2001:
Thanks, Judy, for your encouraging email...it really means a lot!!!! I am so happy for you about the dvd camcorder...that means you'll be able to watch the movies you record on your computer, doesn't it? When is your birthday???? You sure do have a patient Hubby to drink coffee and let you browse in the bookstore...mine is patient, too, but I don't know about 'that' patient!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your dinner out tonight and have a great day today! Maria :)

pinkus on 05/11/2001:
Have a joyous evening with hubby and a yummy dinner out. The picture was tken at Pescadero Beach which is halfway to Santa Cruz from San Francisco, My family live in the Bay Area. I lived there too until 1981 when I moved to CHicago to go to school. We try to get out there alot, but it's never enough. I missit so. Last time I was there we went to the Lost Coast area near Eureka. We hope to get back to California to live someday, even if it's to retire. Take care and happy birthday. Pam PS Yes I saw your sweeties. They have the same adorable smile.

carrie on 05/11/2001:
Your grandchildren are adorable! I am so glad you put pics of them! I hope you have a wonderful dinner out! And a new digital camcorder sounds great! I believe you deserve it! Happy Mothers Day to a beautiful woman!


sparkymel on 05/11/2001:
Happy birthday and mother's day! I bet you'll love the camcorder. Those are fun.

I LOVE going gambling. That is soooo fun, but be careful! I can't wait to hear how you do. I always just stick to the slots myself. It's safer that way.haha! Have a great weekend. - Mel

muggg on 05/11/2001:
Thank you for your kind compliments! Sometimes it is hard to see how far we have come! We tend to focus on how far we have to go!

I think a year ago last March I was really about 180..(those darn scales!) and this fall, I must have been about 155. I really am most proud of keeping the weight off during the winter!

So here I dig in for another .. 19 pounds to goal. Off course with every pound I will look and feel better!

mommyof two on 05/11/2001:
new shorts...yeaaa i just up graded our aol to 6.0. what do you have? i went and seen the kids... they are so cute. ashleys red hair..my korbey has red hair..kayden has blond.your going to have so much fun with your new camcorder... th kids will say, not again.. lol:o).you have a great day, and take care. lisa

syb on 05/11/2001:
Have a wonderful time tonite....your husband is not only sweet, but a VERY LUCKY GUY!

Krispy on 05/11/2001:
New shorts hey, that's just great that they fit you now. Today is the first day I have worn my shorts this year, temperatures hit the high 70s here today - lovely. The great thing is that at the end of the last summer I couldn't get these shorts on!!!

Will have to go and look at the new piccies. Take care and have a great weekend! JANE

herb on 05/11/2001:
The reason that my journal entry looked incomplete was because it was incomplete. I do my in sections. Write a little save it, edit it, write some more.

As far as the bookstore in Reno, is that Barnes & Noble. I didn't remember you saying that you read books. What type of books do you read, Fiction, Romance, Non-Fiction, etc.? Have a great weekend, Judy.

estelle on 05/11/2001:
In case I miss it, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Your menu for today sounds good, enjoy yourself tonight. 5 (new) pairs of shorts doesn't it feel great! Have a good day. Robin

pastagal - Thursday May 10, 2001
Weight: 128.0

Good morning everyone,,,well its starting to cool down a couple degrees here,which is good,,100 degrees is just way to hot,,,already got my windows open and the whole house fan pulling the cool morning air in,,but it won't last long till i will have to shut things down and turn the ac on for a bit,,,well hope everyone is having a great day so far,,,i have lil zachary today and brad,,ashley goes to Daycare today,,,i am going to send DVDMon pics of my three grandkids to put on the picture site,but will wait to see if it is ok with him first,,,if so you will have to go see the lil rug rats i keep all the time,there so precious to me;}}

Well i had a good water day yesterday,,and hope to have another one today,trying to drink more and more lately,and it makes me feel better when i do,,,,and i managed to watch the Country award show last night with no snack,and that is very unusual for me,usually i have to have popcorn,,,,:}

I enjoyed the awards so much,,was really good this yr:}} well i better wrap this up,,the baby will be here any min,,,,so remember to hug your loved ones today and tell them you love them ok:}}

BREAKFAST:,,bowl cereal 3pts,,,v8juice ,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,salad w/ chicken 5 pts,,,cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Hambuger & mushroom soup over Egg Noodles,,6 pts,,salad w/ italian ff dressing,,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,ice tea


Ok remember,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY VERY CONSISTANT!!!!:}}} Thanks for the ones who checked out the picture site and left sweet compliments for me about how i look now;}}}really is a great motivator:}

sparkymel on 05/10/2001:
I watched the country music awards too. I thought it was good. LeAnn did a cute job.

Great job on the water! Can't wait to see the new pics. Have a good day. - Mel

syb on 05/10/2001:
You do look great! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done....and thanks so much for checking up on me regularly. I do think consistency is key, and part of what keeps me on track is consistently coming to this site to "visit my friends"....

TweetieCat on 05/10/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

CONGRATS once again on the fabulous weight loss!!!! You are doing really, really well and it must be so exciting that you are within your goal. I can't believe the heat wave you're experiencing. WOW to hit 100 degrees in early/mid May. Is that normal for your area? Anyway, try to keep cool today and have a wonderful diet day. Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,


Rader on 05/10/2001:
You have to be quite pleased on you're doing, and posting your before & after pics. Keep up the good work and you'll have even more "after pics" !!!

Another CMA watcher?? Ugg... shoot me now! :)

muggg on 05/10/2001:
I saw your pictures at Levi's picture site and I could tell a difference with your newest picture! Keep up the good work! You look great!

You just keep that 100� temps where you are... I don't even want to think about it in an office with no air and no windows! Haha!

mommyof two on 05/10/2001:
oh, i hope he lets you put the kids on, i,de just love to see them..the cma,s were very good. i took my work in the living room with me and just worked away!!!i thought lee ann did a fine job. well, you have a great day.this is funny, my little one just came from the bath room and he pulled up his own pants...usually he just walks out with them down. anyway, the little doy that i watch said" he pulled up his own pants" well, when i was telling you to have a great day, i was telling him that he did a great job, and i typed job instead of day.. silly me!lol, bye, lisa

pushedtothewall on 05/10/2001:
Last night when I noticed that awards show in the guide, I thought of you and just figured that you would be watching. I am glad that it was a good one. Oh, I think that it is an excellent idea to share those pics of the grandkids! Just excellent! Thank you. I am so sure that everyone would love that. Have a good day there and good luck with the darned heat! Connie

pinkus on 05/10/2001:
Id love to se your grandkids. I will probably post a picture of me with my little darlings--they are too much a part of me not to share. Glad it's cooling off.. Where in California do you live? Pam

Krispy on 05/10/2001:
Hi there - you sure have it hot where you are, dont you!!! Today was the hottest day of the year so far in little old England - it hit 76 degrees today, gorgeous and its set to continue over the weekend too!!!

I had a look at your photos and you can tell a difference between the two after photos, your face definately looks even slimmer!!!! Would love to see some pics of your grandkids. Will have to sort some photos out of me and my kids!!

Take care, Jane

kiwi-ma3 on 05/10/2001:
Hi pasta! absolutely awesome! what can I say? Your pics look great. Keep inspiring me. Kiwi.

Canadian on 05/10/2001:
Now I don't feel so bad about my pants falling down since Lee Ann Rymes pants are falling off too, lol!! It was so embarrasing, walking to the mall and having them almost fall off! ROFL!!! I had to find a store real quick as I was on my way to work and buy a pair there and put them on in the store, the clerks were laughing with me, LOL!!! Diana

estelle on 05/10/2001:
Attic fans are great! I use mine all the time. I saw the picture of Zach such a cuttie. Missed the music awards (darn). Glad to hear you are feeling better, had me a bit concerned. Have a great day. Thank you for your welcome to the site it meant a lot to me. Robin

pastagal - Wednesday May 09, 2001
Weight: 128.0

OH i almost forgot,,,LOST ANOTHER 1 1/2 Yeah!!!! Good morning everyone,,well hope all of you are doing great today,,as for me,,i woke up super tired and hands swelled a bit and my tummy still hurting off and on,, My daughter said she heard there is a stomach thing going around,so i must have a touch of that,,,don't feel that bad,just slight tummy ache,,,and this heat we are having is horrible,,it got to 100 yesterday and the air quality was bad,,, So i didn't walk last night,,just wasn't up to it,,,and hubby finished filling the pool and it is all ready to start useing,so today i might venture out there and get in it at some point,great way to get exersise:}} I have ashley and brad today,,and as soon as brad gets out of school their dad is picking them up here and taking them both to the Fair Grounds to a Circus that is here right now,,,that should be fun for them,they have never seen a circus before:}I just hope they make it through it with the heat,today is going to be another bad heat day they say:{ Well i sent Levi(DVDMon) another recent pic of me,,,i took it yesterday while i was taking pics of my grandkids,wanted a good one of ashley and brad to give my daughter for mothers day,,,and the one i took of me i don't see alot of difference in,,,but Levi says it looks different,,so go check it out and i see carrie put her pic on there,,,now we just need more of you to :} He also listed some great book sites and walking tapes,,,which happen to be the ones i ordered,at least the lady who makes the ones i ordered,,she is so much fun to walk to in your living room,,,,, Well guess i will get my day started,,hope all of you have a great day and keep up the good work,,,aren't we all doing just wonderful :}} I think so:}

BREAKFAST:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,,1/2 bologna sandwich 3pts,,,water,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,

LUNCH:,,Large Salad w/ tuna & mayo 3pts,,,,croutons 2pts,,,,chewy granola bar 2pts,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,BBq Hambuger w/ lettuce & tomatoes,,6pts,,,baked fries 5pts,,Ice tea,,,,,Jello w/ff cool whip.

Snack,,,,None !!

Tonight is the Country Music Awards,,i dearly love to watch these,,,and especially this one,,so i will be planted in front of the TV for three hours tonight:}}} Hope everyone has a wonderful day and remember to hug your loved ones today and tell them you love them,,,,,,,,

One day at a Time & CONSISTANCY!!!!:}}}

msmindylee on 05/09/2001:

you GO girl!!!!

DVDMon on 05/09/2001:
Sorry it's so hot out there were you are. Where is that again? It's been nice and cool here in Northern VA the last few days - highs around 70. Much better than last week when it felt like summer with highs around 90! Glad you like the links to the various books and exercise videos. I tried to have an array of different ones and I have pleanty left that I've been collecting so watch for more as we add new people's pix!

muggg on 05/09/2001:
Wow.. I'm so sorry for your heat! I know it's a matter of time before ours gets here! I hope it holds off till we get the air fixed at work!

The tummy ache may be what's going around, but the hand swelling with it shouldn't be. Keep an eye out for any other symptoms.

Take it easy and don't over do in this heat! Hope you don't have any black outs today!

Canadian on 05/09/2001:
You are doing fabulous!!!!! congratulations!! :-)) I want to thank you both very much for taking the time to explain how to add graphics here. :-)) <img src=http://www.animfactory.net/images/thanksWHT.gif

carrie on 05/09/2001:
Hello Slim and Beautiful! Yes, you bet the most current photo looks different! You can see it everywhere! You are doing so great! And another 1-1/2! Better get that camera out again! Yes, I need to do a whole body picture,just we don't have a digital camera and by the time I get around to getting the pictures all taken and developed I am liable to be 30 years older than now!

Ha ha! I'm working on it!


pushedtothewall on 05/09/2001:
One and a half pounds???!!! Hooray!!! I am hoping that it doesn't mean you are having a REAL bad tummy thing (if you know what I mean). I suppose that you did get that which is going around. I feel bad for you. I haven't been over to see your new photo, but thank you for sending it in and I will as soon as I read a few more entries. I am SO late going this today. Can you believe it? I am so jealous of you having that pool filled. You are certainly correct when you say that the pool is a great way to get exercise!!! Check on you tomorrow. Connie

Maria7 on 05/09/2001:
Congratulations on your new low!!! Btw, I looked at your pics again and saw the newest one and yes, there is definitely a big difference! I know you are proud of all your hard work! You go, girl! Maria :)

pinkus on 05/09/2001:
Excellent. It feels better when you lose, right? I wish you great joy in jumping in your pool. Sounds great to me. Pam

Meandmymnms on 05/09/2001:
I saw your pictures today, You look great!!! You can't possibly really be a grandmother! You are doing a great job, I hope to look just half as good as you look! I would just like to let you know I think you are a wonderful person. You are so supportive of everyone. I just want to thank you for being such a sweet person. Keep up the good work with your diet, you look very lovely already! Your friend, Melissa

herb on 05/09/2001:
I don't listen to much Country & Western, but my favorite singer, even more than Streisand is K.D.Lang, that woman is fantastic, what passion. I've got her DVD and she's a piece of work.

Saw your pix's at DVD's site, pretty good although I saw the others somewhere else, I believe you have a website that you mentioned here awhile back. You know what would be cool, get those pictures of Ashley, Zachary, and Bradley.

What kind of a pool do you have? I hope the kids know how to swim and are supervised. I know, I'm a worry wart.

mommyof two on 05/10/2001:
well, i hope seeing our timmy made your tummy feel better!lol:) did you see his tear? so sweet! i seen your new picture, and all i can think of to say is....you got it goin on girl! you can really tell that youve lost alot of weight!!!my gosh, how much is it total.. ? i bet your sooooo proud of your self!!! you have every right to be!! keep it up, you dont have far to go to reach your goal... tho, i think you look good now!!! have a great day, lisa

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