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pastagal - Saturday Apr 28, 2001
Weight: 130.0

Good morning everyone,,Hope you all are having a good saturday already,,mine is starting out kinda ok,,,i don't feel right this morning tho,,can't put my finger on what is wrong,,,last night we ended up going to Mr.Steaks and i had a New York Steak,,green salad,,,and instead of the potatoe i asked for veggies,,they brought me this huge thing of brocolli and so i had a nice filling dinner,,and ice tea,,,,

Afterwards we went to target,,walked around,,wasn't sure if i was going to buy anything,ended up spending 150.00 in there,,lol,,,got the grandkids new tennis shoes,,new sandels,,,diapers for lil zachary,,i like to keep diapers here at the house just incase susan forgets to bring enough;}} Got myself some new T-Shirts,i love to wear T-shirts in the summer here at home with my shorts,,,so ended up buying 8 i think for myself in different colors:}

Gosh i am sitting here typeing this and my chest is hurting,it is a weird hurt to,,hmm,,,i feel like my blood pressure is up alittle this morning,,guess i should take it in a bit and see.Its so pretty outside today here,,going to open all my windows ,,turn the whole house fan on and the ceiling fans on and really do some major cleaning today,,might even shampoo my family room carpet,,needs it bad,,,,got to clean my fridge out,,and going to make a big pot of homemade soup,, Well i am going to wrap this up and go jump in the shower,that might help to make me feel alittle better,,i coughed alot last night before bed and this morning my voice is alittle raspy,,the news said today and tomorrow was HIGH pollen ,,so we all know what that means,,,ALLERGEIES will be acting up big time,that might be why i feel alittle strange this morning,not sure.....anyway,,he is my menu for today,,,,and remember,,,hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,,:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,Scramble eggs w/diced ham,,1/2 diet pepsi,,v8juice

LUNCH:,,Homemade soup & salad w/ tuna & mayo,,Ice tea

DINNER:,,BBq Pork chop,,brocolli w/butter,peas w/butter,Saurkraut,,Salad w/ranch dressing,,,Ice tea



Bunny on 04/28/2001:
You better take it easy today. I'm sorry your not feeling well. You poor thing. I love target- walmart. I always end up spending way to much money whenever I go. I especially love the clothes at Target. I hope you feel better. Have a wonderful day!

pinkus on 04/28/2001:
Target is my favorite store! I hope you feel better today. Your diet looks good to me. Pink

Maria7 on 04/28/2001:
<font color=blule><b>Pasta, sounds like you had fun last night, with the Target Store and the 8 t-shirts...I know your grandkids will be happy over their new shoes! That was smart substituting the potato for broccoli! I only have potatoes rarely, gotta be VERY hungry for them to give in to their weight-adding starch! I hope you get to feeling better and hope your blood pressure is okay. Pollen is bad here, too...I have a time with my sinuses. Hubby smokes, too and I can't stand breathing smoke, but he either goes into the guest bathroom or outside when he smokes. Just about his whole family smokes, so when we are over there, there are usually 5 people smoking in the small living room at one time and it is terrible!!! I HATE cigarette smoke and cigar smoke is even worse! (They smoke cigarettes, though.) People like you and me have it hard enough with the pollen, much less smoke! Thanks for your comment to me today. Have a happy Saturday!</font color=blule></b><font color=purple><b>Maria :)

carrie on 04/28/2001:
I don't like this not one BIT! Your not feeling well is not the way I want things! I am concerned. You 've mentioned more than a few times that you don't feel "right". I want (no ~ I demand!) that you go get this checked out! Chest pain? Please, please, see what is up with this. Possibly just allergies, but you are so very needed! It is time to take care of you! PLEASE! You got me worried now, I can't even talk about your diet! Write an update and tell us how your feeling!


halley on 04/28/2001:
I hope you're feeling better! It's so hard to stay motivated when you aren't 100%!

Koko on 04/28/2001:
Hey, PG. Take care of yourself, okay? Slow down and just spend several minutes on relaxing. No, that does not include cleaning. Read a book or sit outside and soak up the sun and let the wind blow through your fingers. Shucks, get some bubble mix and bubble blower and blow bubbles. My kitty use to love that!

Krispy on 04/28/2001:
Do hope that by the time you read this you are feeling much better, if not - get it checked out. You said you coughed a lot last night, that could be the reason your chest hurts now!

Don't go rushing around doing all the cleaning etc, sit down and relax and take some time to yourself.

Take good care of yourself and I will check in with you tomorrow to check on you!

taralogan on 04/28/2001:

I hope you're feeling better! When I read your entry about all of the claening you were planning on doing, you made me feel exhausted:-) Don't feel too bad about the $150.00 at Target. I do major damage when I go shopping there. I always find a million things I just have to have. Also, thank you for commenting and sharing about your family on my latest entry. I'm glad that your mom remarried and gave you a wonderful father! I'm glad you thought of happy memories also:-)

mommyof two on 04/29/2001:
hello, judy, thank you for your concern... now it looks as tho your not feeling well. sure hope my germs arnt comming threw the puter lines:}}}}} lol . i went to bed at 7:00 last night , watched the hooser lotteys, then feel asleep. i woke up at 10:00. chris(hubby) was putting the kids to bed.i talked to him a few minets ,then went back to sleep. now its 8:32. i needed the sleep, but, when i sleep to much, i ache all over.exspecialy my back.. my sineces are still acting up.... about the surviver, it does make you feel bad to think here we are trying to watch what were eating, and their over there with nothing but rice..id love to give them the food that i used to eat!!!! poor elisabeths hair was falling out.. she,ll get better now. well, i,ll let you go so i can mail you that poem. i,m not a very fast typer, so its gonna take awhile.. have a great day, and get better !!! lisa

pastagal - Friday Apr 27, 2001
Weight: 130.0

Good morning everyone,,,,how is everyone doing today,it is such a beautiful day here in northern calif today,,,going to be cooler than yesterday,,i think around 80,,,,and yesterday it got over 90 and was really warm ,,,well i had a good day and then last night i ended up having all the kids here for dinner,,then,,me,susan and my daughter kathy and the grandkids went to the grammar school for open house,,,it went great,,was there for almost two hours,,then came home and watch Surviors,,love that show,,,but gosh have you noticed how skinny there all getting:{{ i feel sorry for them,thank goodness only a few more days and they will be able to eat more than just 'rice',,,but the two women look so bad to me right now,,,,makes me worry about them:{

Well today is so nice out already,,,nurse has already been here and checked my mother inlaw out,,and brad is here,he is playing right now while i write this,,,,ashley is at daycare and other grandbaby is with his other grandma today,:}

Tonight me and hubby are going to go to town and have dinner,,its our weekly dinner out, and not sure where we are going just yet,,,but i will have to have a place planned cause that is the first thing he will ask when i get home,,Where we going,,lol,,,he hates it when i say,,,,I dunno,,where ya wanna eat,,,,so i will decide before he gets home,,,,then we might go to Sams club and walk around,,or to Wal Mart,,just something to do:}Thought about going to the movies,,but there isn't anything on good right now to see,,,,,

Well as for this changing my diet around abit,,not sure that i can tell a difference yet,,except for the fact i am going potty better,,but then i am drinking more water lately and that might be the reason for that to,,on both areas:}But i think i will give it another week and if i don't feel alot better,i am going back to weight watchers,,,cause i really miss my bread and pasta,,

My walking tapes should be here soon to,,,,can't wait,,i am going to try really really hard to be faithful everyday and do them,,,i think that will really help to get the last 5 lbs off before the end of May,,,,then i am going to go for 10 more,,,,that will then put me at 115 and that is low enough for my height i think,,that is what i was in high school and loved how my clothes fit,,

Well i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend,as for me i am cleaning house tomorrow,,,laundry,,,cleaning the fridge out good,making a grocery list,,,going to bath mother in law and cut and shampoo her hair,,,clean her room good,,,then sunday me and hubby will go out to lunch and buy grocerys,,,,,well remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok,,,and i have to mention how excited i was to see Panda back with us again,,,i use to LOVE his entrys he would leave for us,,,well gonna wrap this up,,,

BREAKFAST:,,Hambuger pattie,w/grilled onions,,3 slice bacon,,1/2 sliced tomatoe,,(now ain't that different):} 1/2 diet pepsi,water

LUNCH:,,Turkey slices,,ham slices between lettuce & tomatoes & dill pickles w/ mayo,,,1 cup brocolli w/butter,Ice tea,,

DINNER:,,not sure,,going out to dinner.

Snack,,NONE tonight!!

OK everyone,have a great day and really nice weekend and remember,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!!:}}}

carrie on 04/27/2001:
Dinner out. How nice. My favorite is Mexican but that sure doesn't fit into many diet plans! I like AppleBees salads and the Steak and Ale. Always can get a good salad and decent steak there. We love to go to Sams. We belong to Costco too. Between the two of them we spend small fortunes. We go there like a "family outing". We love it! They kids get their slurpy's and we all like to investigate the new items and the bargains.

Have fun.


pushedtothewall on 04/27/2001:
Hey there! Yes, it does seem kind of bleak when the "pastagal" herself cannot help herself to pasta! And, I must say that was a cute little remark about WalMart and Sam's Club. Just to walk around and have a little something to do? Kind of an expensive hobby. My husband has this theory that no normal person ever gets out of there for less than $100. He said in most cases one is better off to just walk in, hand them a check for $100 dollars and walk right back out again and it would be money saved :) I hope that you enjoy your evening out with hubby. My thoughts are with you and the weight goal that you have in mind to reach by the end of May. I think that you will have renewed energy when your walking tapes arrive. I will be looking for you tomorrow, as I always do. Take care today. Connie

Canadian on 04/27/2001:
I am enjoying the Slim Fast so far. I had added it to my diet approximately 10 days ago as I have a tough time figuring out what to have for breakfast, so this worked out great, I thought it was better to have Slim Fast then to skip breakfast. I just started to take it twice per day, yesterday. I am only going to take it twice per day about 4x per week. I thought the weight might creep back up if one goes off Slim Fast and back to eating, that is why I am doing it this way. However, if I manage to loose the rest of the weight (30 more lbs.) I will keep Slim Fast for breakfast, otherwise, I would be skipping that meal completely. This way I am still getting vitamins etc. I have never met anyone that has been on Slim Fast, I did join their page recently and am meeting other people (via mail) that are currently using this plan. May I ask how much you lost using Slim Fast and did you use it for a long period of time. Have a great weekend! :-) Diana

TweetieCat on 04/27/2001:
Hi Pasta:

Just wanted to say hello before I shut dowm my PC for the day. It's 3 p.m. here in NJ and the boss is on the west coast so I am going to cut out a little early. Glad to hear the open house went well. I remember going to those for my kids. Those were the days, huh...

Enjoy your dinner out with hubby tonight and have a wonderful weekend. I'll check in with you on Monday.

Keep up the great job you're doing (for yourself and everyone else). You are an exceptional person to undertake all that you do and you obviously do it out of love. I'm sure they treasure you!

Best Regards,


Maria7 on 04/27/2001:
I have done this diet before...it is protein diet...I got this terrible ketosis bad breath from it, so make sure you gargle a lot with Listerine (just kiddin!!!!)...but I did, I'm not saying you will....anyway, the GOOD thing about your diet is that it is VERY easy to lose weight doing the low-carb thing....but like you, Pasta, I got TERRIBLE carb cravings for bread, rice, potatoes, corn, etc....I stuck it out, though and I also counted calories on this diet and I lost 50 pounds in 1998 doing the low carb, low calorie diet. Its wasn't easy!!! Well, I see you have revamped your goal and I am thinking of lowering my goal....can a person do that here when they've already made goal? I wouldn't mind getting down to 135, that way I'd be a little more relaxed about eating, I think, but I don't want to get 'too' relaxed, if you know what I mean....I love it here and really don't want to leave just because I've reached goalweight! I am so happy for you...you are a great inspiration to each of us here...Everybody figures...if she can do it, I can, too!!! The hardest part for me in my maintenance program has not been 'what' I eat, but how much. Well, I hear Hubby coming home from work...gotta go! Take care! Hugs! Maria :)

Krispy on 04/27/2001:
Hope you have a wonderful dinner out with Hubby. We are like that too, neither of us can make a decision and we just end up saying, well I don't mind what do want to do?

Sounds like you are missing your carbs, I know its something that I cannot do without. I admire you for having a go though!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Maria7 on 04/27/2001:
Pasta, that was so touching, what you just wrote in your comment to me....it made me feel so welcome to stay here at DD, even though I have made my goal...and I am really thinking about changing my goal to 135, though don't want to overdo it, cause I've been told I shouldn't have gone below 148 for my height of 5 feet 8 inches, though I've gone to 139 and am thinking about 135. Yes, I am sitting here, keying this with my size 6 Long levi jeans on and it feels good to be this size and in a few minutes, Hubby and I are fixing to leave to take our walk...it is presently 7:20 pm. Anyway, that was VERY encouraging to me what you wrote...you know, it feels like we are all a part of a little online community, doesn't it, or even an online family...I really enjoy this and glad I happened to find it...wonder if there are any more little communities with real nice people online, like what we are a part of here? I haven't found any, have you? I do love it here. Thanks again and enjoy your evening out with your Hubby...let us know what you find at Walmart if you decide to go there and look around. Hugs! Maria :)

breakaway on 04/27/2001:
Hi Pasta...thank you for your nice comment! You have a very busy day planned for tomorrow. I agree with you...I would really miss my bread and pasta too. I would never do that lol. I would never make it. Hope you have a wonderful day today..I am heading off to the gym in a while but will be back to read other entries. Had to get the people in who commented to me at least. Have a great day!

mommyof two on 04/27/2001:
dont you just love that surviver!! who do you want to win it? i want that hunky fello colby.. plus, his name is close to my sons ,korbey... last night epasode was a bit emotional for me.. how about you? i had tears in my eyes.. and i didnt want elisabeth to get voted off,:{{{{{ but she was the last from the origial group.. ogacore or cutcha.. what ever their names were lol :}}}} i think i would have changed my mind... because they all got to know each other... oh well..... now to the diet business... your menu is looking really good.. i havent had hambergers for a couple of weeks i think.. we should grill out tomorrow.. youve made me hungry for them... i also like mushrooms on them... really good.. hey., i read a poem in the paper that reminded me of you , well your mother-in-law.. its rather long, but if you want to read it, i,ll e-mail it to you.. just let me know.. its kind of sad, but realy has a point... i hope you have a nice dinner with your huddy... boy, its gonna be nice when our kids get old enough so that chris (my hubby)and i can have a night out... i think its great that you two still have a date night... so sweet... bye for now ,lisa

herb on 04/27/2001:
You're always doin stuff, thats good. As far as the subject of the conoscopy that I brough up yesterday "Carrie" on DD told me that she lost 4 pounds when she had it done. Well at least thats something in the plus column.

pastagal - Thursday Apr 26, 2001
Weight: 130.0

Good morning everyone,,How is everyone today,its such a beautiful day outside already here,its going to hit 85 today,so alittle cooler than yesterday,it got over 90 yesterday to,,,,tho i was able to not turn the ac on,,so that was good,,,trying really hard to conserve since we are having such problems with energy crisis here in calif,,,but if it gets much warmer,,the ac will have to come on.I tend when the weather gets really warm to swell alot,,have always done that,,which i really dislike,hate when my hands sting from being swelled.

Well today i have just brad,so going to be a quiet easy day for me:} i need it to,,,been a longgggggg week with kids this week,,,,but whats funny is when i don't have them,i am missing them so much and wishing i did have them around;}

We just keep getting more and more new people on this site,,which i love,,i usually try to get on in the early mornings and write my entry,,read everyones and then come back later and answer,,,tho if i find i have alittle extra time i will comment early,,,,i hate to miss anyone ,,,so try really hard to make sure i don't:}

Everyone is doing so good lately to on there plans and staying focused and on track,,,think the weather has any part in that,i know for me i do much better when the weather is nice like it is now, and i know muggers does to,:} Oh i got my puter back working fine now,,,robert the guy who runs our office at work ,well he got on his puter at work and went to Nortins Anti virus and downloaded a file that would clear up this virus for me,,it worked as soon as i put it in the puter,,,cleaned it right out,,,,and i will NEVER open another EXE file ,i don't care who its from:}

Well today is my day to do laundry and going to do some cleaning and work on my diet binder alittle,haven't done that in awhile and i need to,,,,My changing and combining foods a bit different is going pretty good so far,,i miss my BREAD tho,,,so not sure if this is going to work for me,,i really enjoy my 1/2 sandwich couple times a day,and so i don't know,just gonna give this a chance and see what happens,,can't wait to get my new walking tapes,,and get started on them,hoping they will push the rest of this weight off me i want to lose before my reunion and that in itself will probley make me feel better just to exersise more,,cause weight watchers has done great for me i have to admit,,i do love that program :}}

Ok going to wrap this up and go read entrys,,so everyone,have a wonderful day and remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok;}

BREAKFAST:,,Scramble egg,,3 slice bacon,,1sm Hambuger pattie,,water,,1/2 diet caffiene pepsi,

LUNCH:,,BIG Hambuger w/lettuce ,,tomatoe,dill pickles,,lil onion,,mustard & mayo,,NO BUN,,,,,Ice tea,,,

DINNER:,,Tri tip roast ,,brocolli w/butter,,asparagus w/butter,,salad w/tuna in it,,& mayo,,Ice tea

SNACK:,,FRESH STRAWBERRIES washed and eaten whole,:}

Ok,,have a great day,,and remember,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE CONSISTANT!!!!!:}}}}

bobik on 04/26/2001:
Don't worry about this virus. I have encountered it before. I believe it is one of those viruses that messes with your Word documents and Mp3 music files. By the way, warn the people in your address book about it. You need to download McAfee antivirus (or maybe you already have another one). IF you need any assistance, I'd be glad to try. I am a computer science student :) This virus is not pleasant, but I believe it is not going to destoy your computer. I heard about this virus on tv some time ago. I am surprised it is still going around.

Krispy on 04/26/2001:
What is it with fresh strawberries today, just read muggs entry, she bought some and when I went to the market this morning I did as well! The kids think they are great, they eat them whole and dip them in a little sugar!!

Sounds like you are doing well with your diet change, know I couldn't do it as I love my bread, rice and pasta!

Take care and enjoy that nice weather!

carrie on 04/26/2001:
Hi! Just saw your comment to me and I thought I'd better let ya know that we are getting a beagle pup but that picture was just a generic beagle picture that a friend suprised me with. I'll send through some REAL pics of our new beagle when we get him/her!

BTW you do super good on commenting to everyone!


kitkat on 04/26/2001:
Hello there. Wow, that's some hot weather you have out there. Here, it's about 17 degrees C., which I'm guessing is in the sixties range F. And that's just nice for me! 'Tis cool, though, because we have the best of both worlds--hot and beautiful in the summer, lots of snow in the winter, and not too shabby falls and springs. Gotta love the Canuk life!

pushedtothewall on 04/26/2001:
I am thinking of you there, so warm and struggling with energy crisis concerns. Look after yourself. You are one of the homes, in my mind that should not fool around and suffer because you have your mother-in-law to consider and lots of demands upon yourself with her and the children and self. Thank you for noticing my extreme happiness.:)

breakaway on 04/26/2001:
Pasta, YOu do a GREAT job at getting to everyone's entry! I don't know HOW you do it! I try but there is no way I'm able to get to everyone every day. Gosh I am so proud of you for sticking with us like that. IF we had to vote for a president of DD YOU would be the one!!!!! You are so inspiring to EVERYONE and also very motivating as well! Thank you for the most comments I have ever recieved since I have got here. When I print out my diary it tells me how many time's everyone has commented since feb 4. You take the honors on that one lol Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day today!!!

TweetieCat on 04/26/2001:
Hi Pasta:

Glad to see that your computer problem has been fixed. My husband uses Norton's Anit-virus fix too and we have it here at the office and it really works. Guess "Norton" knows his stuff - ha!ha! You're weather sounds beautiful but I have to admit we are also having a beautiful day here too (a little bit on the cool side but it's supposed to warm up more in the next day or so just in time for the weekend). I have a couple of big outside garden projects I want to take care of - one of which my son started for me yesterday.

Keep up the great work you've been doing dietwise.

Best regards,


P.S. The stomach ache seems to have gone away but once in a while, I feel a little mild discomfort. The CAT scan on May 9th will hopefully reveal what the problem is (if any). It may just be anxiety due to the job situation. I just want to find out what's causing it.

pinkus on 04/26/2001:
Youa re such a nice gramma. I wish my kids had one like you. We all live spread apart, my mom isn't alive, my husband's mom is busy doing the polka in Florida and my stepmom really isn't the maternal type. You give them such a great gift.Great diet today. Pink

Maria7 on 04/26/2001:
WOW!!!Pasta, you must be doing the Atkins diet or the low-carb diet....but it looks real good! Have a great day and enjoy your warm weather...I'll be glad when we get back as warm as we were before our rain yesterday! Maria :)

mommyof two on 04/26/2001:
oh no, youve made me hungry...lol i have my 15 year reunion comming this summer... i dont think i,ll make my goal by that time... but i,m sure you will. good luck with your diet change.... KTF,Lisa

herb on 04/26/2001:
I'm glad that you agree with me about hot foods tasting much better than tepid or warm food. From here on I am going to tell the waiter to take the food back and make it hotter.

pastagal - Wednesday Apr 25, 2001
Weight: 130.0

Good morning everyone,,,,well i can still get on my puter by clicking on Technical support,,,so guess things could be worse;} I really think now that i have really looked things over that what this virus did to my puter was knock windows 98 out of wack,,i am going to call Gateway today or tomorrow after i get all my files on backup disk and find out if this is what happend,,,hubby was so sweet,he said not to worry ,no matter what ,even if my warrenty does not cover it ,we will get it fixed back like new,this puter is only 1 1/2 yrs old,,so i have a warrenty we took out on it,,,

Well its HOT here already,,,going to hit almost 90 today they say,,,was warm yesterday at 84,,,already got all my windows open,,ceiling fans going and whole house fan on to pull the outside air in and feels good right now,,,ashley is here ,brad had school early today,,she is watching Tella Tubbies right now,she loves them,,,,lol.

Well my changing my eating is going good so far,i weighed this morning,,i am down another 1 1/2,,,but it won't let me change it on here ,,,not sure why,i will try again later ,so means i weight now,,,130 lbs,:}}} only 5 to go till i am to goal and then i am going for one more goal,:} want to lose between 10-15 more in the next few months if possible ,,,and that way i have some to tinker with if i over eat,which i have not done in such a long time,i am getting really use to eating portion control, and not over doing it.

Well hope everyone is having a great day,i see MsPiggy is back with us,,thats great:} and a couple new ones on here,,i would go nuts if i could not get on here,,you all know that right:} i would miss everyone so much ,,everyones lives are so differnet and so interesting,:}} and i really enjoy reading about your lifestlye changes,,,i have been drinking alot more water lately,and going potty alot,,,feels good tho,,,,i like this feeling when my body rids itself of fluids,,,,well gonna wind this up before ashley starts yelling at me;} she hates me on the puter,lol,,,,

My menu today is ,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,scramble eggs & pork chop ,,1/2 diet pepsi,& water,,,(was delicious to,love pork chops)

LUNCH:,,Bowl of navy bean soup,,,salad,,,ice tea,,

DINNER:,,Grilled chicken,,,squash w/stew tomatoes,,brocolli,,,salad,,& steamed cabbage,,,ice tea,,

Snack,,Fresh Strawberries washed and eaten whole,,MM:}}

Ok everyone,,remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them,,,,and take your journey ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}}

TweetieCat on 04/25/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

You are such an inspiration!!!!! Talk about consistency - you could give lessons in how to do it (ha, ha). You must be very proud of yourself having achieved the results you have and are thisclose to goal.

Sorry to hear about the computer problems and hopefully your warranty will cover them. It's sweet of hubby to say he will take care of it for you, if it's not. Sounds like it is really hot where you are. We've had some beautiful spring days here in NJ Sunday-Tuesday but today it is more seasonal (only in the 50s with clouds). Supposed to warm up tomorrow and they are projecting a beautiful spring weekend which is great for me since I am stuck in an office M-F. I'm hoping to get outside to do some shrubbery transplanting but with this persistent stomach ache and diarrhea, I don't know if I'll be able to. Keep your fingers crossed for me, OK????

Have a wonderful diet day, today. Keep up the great work!!!!!



Maria7 on 04/25/2001:
Congratulations, Pasta! So happy for you...you will soon be at your goal! Your menu looks real delicious, too! The name of the diet book I got is First. The April 23rd edition. Do you have it? Nice magazine, isn't it? I also like Woman's World. Well, enjoy your weather over there in sunny California...it is a cold, rainy day here! Maria :)

SoccerMom on 04/25/2001:
You're doing so GREAT! I'm just sooooooo proud of you. Can't wait till I'm at 130!

Glad that you're able to get online with us, too. Hope you can get your puter fixed soon.

Have a healthy day.

Maria7 on 04/25/2001:
Hey, again...what is portion control?...does that mean you have to divide up what you eat each day into so many serving sizes and eat about 5 times a day or does WW teach that you can eat all of your points however you like to each day?... Just curious. Sorry about your computer and hope you get it fixed soon and thanks for the info you sent to me about it. Maria :)

Bunny on 04/25/2001:
Wow you are doing great! You have lost a lot of weight. Congratulations to you! Isn't it amazing how spending a lot of time in the bathroom makes you feel better.lol. Keep it up and have a wonderful day!

sparkymel on 04/25/2001:
Congratulations on the 1 1/2lb.!!!! That's grat! Your new plan MUST be working!

Canadian on 04/25/2001:
Hi there :-) Well, for sure I am renting Bounce this weekend. :-) Ghost is out on DVD? I love that movie!! I gotta buy the DVD too when I go to the mall this weekend, thanks for telling me. :-) As for Walt Disney's The Kid with Bruce Willis, I haven't heard too much about it, I did see the preview a few times and it looked cute. If my son was younger I know I would of seen it already as he is a movie nut too and would of made me take him to see it. We use to go to the theatre at least 3 to 4 times per week. Congrats on your 1.5 lb. loss, you are doing great, I have a question for you. I noticed you eat tuna often, I enjoy eating tuna alot also, could you please tell me what ingredients you use in your tuna salad, thanks :-)) take care. :-) Diana

Krispy on 04/25/2001:
WOW you do have it HOT over there - does the heat put you off eating at all?

You said Ashley was watching TellyTubbies, that's a programme from over here on the BBC. Do you get Tweenies at all, my kids think they are much better!

Well done on the weightloss - you really are doing well, truly an inspiration to us all! Take care and be careful not to melt over there!

carrie on 04/25/2001:
wow! down another lb. and a half! How thrilling! Once you get to be a pro at this new eating thing, I want to hear more about it. I am always hoping there is that "Carrie" diet out there just for me! The one that really WORKS!

Glad your puter is up and running!


kscmeg on 04/25/2001:
Hi, Im so jealous of the weather your having! We hit 90 yesterday, but today it went back to the 50's. Your dinner sounds great...your whole menu does actually! I love that you write to BE CONSISTENT...im trying my best to do that, and taking one day at a time, not just with dieting but with everything(life) in general. Have a great day Meg

Soon2BThin on 04/25/2001:
Oh, Pasta, I know I sure would miss my puter too. I don't even have a warranty on mine, my son built it, it didn't come from a company. He's back in Cincinnati & I'm here in Arizona now so if anything goes wrong, which I'm sure some day it will, I will have a hard time fixing it cause I don't know much about puters. It's hot here too, at least 90 today. Keep up your good work, I know you will, you are so CONSISTANT!!

syb on 04/25/2001:
Nice work on those lbs.....they are slipping away!You're doing so great w/food, hope you can have similar success w/.computer. I too had to reload Windows 98 after my virus fiasco....all better now :) Syb

dvdmon on 04/25/2001:
Wow, you sound so into your new eating plan. That's definitely how I felt when I first started and I haven't really changed much except I now realize that most people have to come to the realization on their own (if at all) and I just will serve as an example and source of info if people have questions. When I was first doing it I wanted to tell everyone and convince them to follow me because I was convinced it was a great way to eat and I was feeling so great, etc. But people will usually just stick to what they've had success with in the past, even if that success has been followed by setbacks that cause them to regain all their weight. Oh well. I think, though, that more and more people are starting to realize that restricting fat is not the answer, though it will probably be years before this is officially recognized...

pastagal - Tuesday Apr 24, 2001
Weight: 131.5

Good morning everyone,,boy what a morning i have had,,,I have baby zach again today,,,his other grandma could not keep him today,,i also have ashley and brad,,,very stressed this morning:{ i went into mother inlaws room and her catherder had quit whicm means the urine backed up all over her and the bed:{{ what a mess,,,

Then i come to get on my puter,and find i opened a virus last night that has messed up my computer and just by luck i clicked on technical support and it signed me on,so figured i would do what i could before i call Gateway to find out how to fix this problem,,anyway my hubbys partner in our business emailed something to me i thought was from him,,and it was a joke,but an EXE file,come to find out he didn't send it:{{ it was something he opened and it locked his puter up and is a virus that goes to anyone in his address book,well i happened to be in his address book:{ so i opened it thinking it was ok,,this is the second time this has happened to me in 7 yrs now,,

Well going to make this short ok,,,if for some reason you don't see me on here for a few days,you know i couldn't get on ok,,,gosh i hate this,my computer is like my right arm.

well diet wise i am doing ok,,,

my menu today is going to be,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,scramble eggs w/hot do cut up in them,,1/2 diet caffine pepsi,,,water

LUNCH:,,tuna salad w/ tomatoes,lettuce ,,pickels,,,,ice tea,,

DINNER:,,grilled chicken,,salad,,,asparagus,,,& brocolli,,,,,ice tea,,,


OK remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them,and also,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}}

Hope i can get back here later;{{ if not soon,ok,,,,

carrie on 04/24/2001:
Yikes, I hope you get that all worked out!

So sorry about the catheder mess. You sure are a Saint. You help out so much with everyone. What a great nurturer. How is your daughter doing these days?


mommyof two on 04/24/2001:
boy, i hate to hear that!! i hope all goes well. i havent had a virus yet...knock on wood.well your menu looks good , i think i,m comming to your house,,lol, sorry about your whole morning... its just got to get better!!!! good luck judy.. lisa

sparkymel on 04/24/2001:
Sounds like you had a rough day. Sorry to hear about all that. Stay true to your diet.

TweetieCat on 04/24/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

Boy oh boy, when it rains it pours but it sounds like after your pretty hectic start, you are off and running like usual. Computer viruses are a hassle and you need to be careful with all of the them out there. Hope you get the problem quickly resolved because we all like hearing from you.

Dietwise you sound like you are still on track track and you must be SO excited that you're so close to reaching your goal. What a wonderful feeling and I'm happy to be able to share it with you.

Have a wonderful diet day today.



Koko on 04/24/2001:
Hi, PG. So sorry to hear about the virus. Some people are so heartless, huh? Well, I hope everything gets worked out as I'd sorely miss your entries. Talk to you later!

pushedtothewall on 04/24/2001:
I guess you are playing the staring role in the movie "When it Rains it Pours"! Gosh, what a bunch of stuff you have goin' there. Be of good cheer, Sweetie, knowing that whether or not you can get a message out, it is known that you are thinking of us, and that always, we are thinking of you. Connie

Krispy on 04/24/2001:
Sorry to hear about the computer virus, have read about ones like that but have been lucky enough not to get any!! Hope you get it sorted out!

Take care and have a great day and even if you don't get back on here, we are all thinking of you!

muggg on 04/24/2001:
Sorry to hear about your computer.. I feel the same way about mine. I'd miss it so bad if I were down. At work we tell everyone not to open anything that says .exe after it. It's too bad that virus's work the way they do.

Maria7 on 04/24/2001:
How do you know when your computer has a virus? Only had my computer 3 years now....I am VERY careful about email....what did your computer do to let you know? Maria :)

pinkus on 04/24/2001:
I can't believe theire are such @#$%^&*'s out ther. Hope it all giets fixed. Pink

syb on 04/24/2001:
Oh honey - I hope that EXE file doesn't kill you. I had similar problem about a month ago - was without computer for almost week & I use it for business as well - not fun! Went to Symantec's webisite & downloaded fix, but still had to coerce a friend to come over & fix the problem....just wouldn't go away! Anyway, stick to that food plan - it works, even if puter doesnt!

herb on 04/24/2001:
Tell me about not having a computer. A few months ago my modem went South and I was cut off for a week. I saved all my diaries off line, and when I got back on I put them all in DietDiaries. In the future Judy have a backup, a friend, a library, or even Kinkos. The Internet has become my new addiction, perhaps even stronger than food. Gee, at least it has no calories.

"i am so happy for you,just keep it up and before you know it your going to have the women knocking your door down:} but then they could be already?hmm;}." This is what you wrote to me yesterday. But I dont care how loud they knock I'm not letting them out.

breakaway on 04/25/2001:
I have to tell you that I am SO proud of you!!! It's been so long since you had a snack at night! Is it hard and how do you do it!!! I just can't seem to make it that far yet. Maybe I'm not eating enough during the day i don't know! But anyway...I sure hope your able to get on here!! We would miss you if you were gone for a few days! Menu sounds great! have a great day today!

Miss Piggy on 04/25/2001:
Sounds likle you are having to struggle hard right now. Hope things get to going better for you soon. Mama still has our old gateway. I got JOrdan a new Hewlett packard at Wal Mart and it is really great. Wish the money had held out to get one just like it for myself. No such luck. Take some time to do something you enjoy and take care of yourself. I do worry about you. You do so much for the other people in your life. I hope it gets to be your turn to be taken care of soon. Take it easy and have a pleasant day. Hugs

pastagal - Monday Apr 23, 2001
Weight: 131.5

Good morning everyone,,,first let me say to Breakaway,,umm i don't know where i got SEX mixed up for SET,lol,i mean the X and the T are not even next to each other,,,LOL,,Oh well,guess i musta had something on my mind huh,,,,hehe,glad i made you laugh tho:}

Ok,,hope everyone had a nice weekend,,my day yesterday was great,beautiful day here and i had hours by myself and it really felt great,,,we are going to have some warm weather here this week,,by weds its going to almost in the 90's,,

Well i see we have a few more new people,this place just keeps growing,,i felt weird not being able to get on here till late yesterday to do my entry tho,isn't that funny how this place is so addicting,:}} i love it.

Well i got up early,i have lil zachary and brad today,,,back to the normal routine now that school is back on,,but won't be to much longer and school here will be out,,I am going to jump on the May challenge with everyone this time,,i am ready to get this last 6 lbs off and go for more i think,,,i have decided i would love to be about 115,,,i was that in high school and loved how i looked,,,so i think i can do it....

well going to get back to drinking tons of water again and ordered me a new set of Three walking tapes,,,can't wait to get them,and going to change my diet a bit,,going to eat lower carbs along with my weight watchers and log everything i eat every single day like i use to,i have been logging it here but not in a note pad like i use to on my kitchen counter,really kept me focused seems like when i did that ,,and hubby was able to keep track of my eating to and he enjoyed that,,kinda made him want to stick to smaller amounts,,so going to go back to doing that again,,,so my new challenges for me for May are,,,,Exersise,,logging Everything down daily,,,More water and lower carbs,,see if this will get the rest of this weight off and make me feel better,,,,My allergies are still bad,sounds like i have a frog in my throat still,,

well i better wrap this up,,hope all of you have a great day and remember to tell your loved ones you love them and give them a huge hug today,,,ok;}}}

BREAKFAST:,,,scramble egg 2pts,,2slices bacon 2pts,,water,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,

LUNCH:,,Tuna mixed with celery,onions,dill pickles,,cherry tomatoes and lettuce chopped up ,,mixed in mayo,,large ice tea,,,,,5pts,,,

DINNER:,,Grilled chicken,3pts,,,salad 2pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,peas w/butter 2pts, ice tea

Snack,none!!,,going back to NO snacks at night!

Ok have a great day and remember,,ONE DAY AT A TIME AND CONSISTANCY!!!!!:}}}}

pinkus on 04/23/2001:
What walking tapes do you like? I've been thinking of getting some for the days I can't get to the gym. FInd a moment for fun today. Pink

Maria7 on 04/23/2001:
Hello, Pasta, looks like you're doing better....yes, I agree with you about the carbs...it is easier to lose eating fewer starches. Have a great day! Maria :)

SoccerMom on 04/23/2001:
Good morning! 115, huh? You go, pastagal!! I was at 118 when my second child was 10 months old, and everyone said I was too thin. Guess I'll go for 125-135....that's where I look best.

Your menu sounds good for today. I might just join you for tuna.

Have a wonderful day.

breakaway on 04/23/2001:
I am so glad you finally got a few hours to yourself! You menu sounds really good as usual...and glad you ordered the set of walking tapes too. your going to push that weight out yet! Your very determined. OH by the way I did print off my diary before you changed it. I knew you would go back and change it so I had to quick print it out! lol I thought that was just so funny. Have a great day Pasta!!!

Krispy on 04/23/2001:
Wow, sounds like you are really going to get stuck into this May Challenge, well I'm right behind you because I want to get down to 132 and I am now 141, so I have 9 pounds to lose. This time I am determined that I shall get as close as possible to it. I'll push you if you push me - deal!

Take care and have a wonderful day!

pushedtothewall on 04/23/2001:
Oh I am glad that you are feeling better about things generally today. AND, your enthusiasms for the challenges of May are inspiring. Walking tapes can't help but inspire you, I'm thinking.. You have set some goals more clearly, that is plain to see and I will be here with you as you go ALL THE WAY!!! Have a good one :)

kitkat on 04/23/2001:
Hi pasta...I was just reviewing some of your previous entries when I read about your close friend committing suicide--how awful for everyone..and what a loss to you and your family. I'm so very sorry for you. Chris

mommyof two on 04/23/2001:
hey, pasta, glad to hear that your gonna watch the carbs... your menu sounds great!! you will loose the last 6 pounds, doing this... and more!! i just made some soup that consist of cabbage, green beans, onions and four boulyon beef cubes. did i spell that boulyon right? oh well you get the picture.. i usually put bacon in it , but i,m out.. its really good!! i like it when you put your menus on, helps me with getting something diffrent that i,d never think of.. thanks.. you have a great day.. and YES this place is addicting!! KTF, Lisa

cosaer on 04/23/2001:
hello you! Its always good when you set new goals for yourself... and usually you are able to push yourself harder to accomplish them! What is this challenge that everyone/you keep talking about? 6 pounds is the challenge? or just for you?? Hope your day turns out full of sunshine! --Cory

Soon2BThin on 04/23/2001:
Hi, Pasta! You are doing so well, as always. I know I couldn't give up those carbs, good luck to you. I would love to be at your weight but if I get to 140, I will be happy. Or maybe I will do like you & want to lose even more, who knows? Your menus always sound so good, think I'll go eat lunch now, haha. Hope you have a great day!

carrie on 04/23/2001:
Wow! You are inspired! 115! Oh how I'd like to join you there! But I am reaching for that 128 and we shall see from there! So you wanted my goals. Hmmmm. First goal is 145, it would be nice if I made it there sometime in this century! Ha ha! Then I'd like to make a goal out of NOT getting too depressed at the slow weight loss. Another goal, the water! Keep on me for that! As for you, you are doing so great. Is the decision for low carb based on the book you read? I think carbs are definitely a problem with a lot of us. You go girl!

Canadian on 04/23/2001:
Hiya! :-) The 3 DVDs we purchased recently were The Other Sister, Charlie's Angels and Space Cowboys. I really enjoyed The Other Sister, and I did like Space Cowboys, I am a Clint Eastwood fan. Charlie's Angels we haven't started yet. The third movie we watched was off of Pay-Per-View, What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, was different to see Harrison Ford not as the good guy in a movie. What is Bounce like, I heard it is good.


sparkymel on 04/23/2001:
115 is an awesome goal! I KNOW you CAN do it!!!! Just keep stay positive like you are and you will!

It is weird how addictive this place is!

muggg on 04/23/2001:
So sorry about your friend.. how very sad.

I did buy Suzanne's book and need to read a lot more before I can start the diet. It is interesting! Take care! 115!!! Wow, that does seem slim but depends on the person. Guess I'm too far away from goal to think any smaller yet.

rader on 04/24/2001:
I dunno about that bacon for breakfast, but your lunch sounds absolutely delicious! I've refound the wonderful world of Tuna also, and am very happy about its low calories and change of pace it gives me.

I read about (and then bought) this Light Tuna that comes in an air-tight bag. No juices!

I always find it reassuring when I finish a meal that tasted good, filled me up, and good for me... it makes me think I could do it every day (which is of course what I have to do)

Good luck.

pastagal - Sunday Apr 22, 2001
Weight: 131.5

Hey everyone,,guess you could say i am a bit late getting on here today,,lets see,,this morning i got up,hubby left and i was about to get on here and mydaughter brought ashley over and wanted me to watch her while she went in to tan,,so i said ok,,had to fix ashley breakfast,,,take care of mother inlaw and tho i usually get up early to do this,today i slept in an extra hour,which i might not of done if i had known i was going to have ashley here to watch:} Anyway,by the time i got those two things done,,showered and was again about to get on here,hubby came home and was ready to head to town early cause he wanted to stop and look at a job he is bidding on right now,,so that kept me from getting on,,

Went to town,did what he needed to do,then went to Red Robins and had lunch,i had,,,cod w/ steak fries and a green salad and ice tea,,was really really good,,,first fish i have eaten in awhile,,hubby had the same thing,,but they serve way to much,so couldn't eat it all,,didn't have any breakfast this morning,,,and tonight i am having a nice salad w/ some chicken i bought from Bel Air already cooked,,they have the best roast chickens you can buy ready to eat,mmm,,great on salads,,,,and i got my grocerys before coming home from town,,bought lots of veggies,,meat,,,,salad stuff,,and more bottled water,,some crystal light to drink,,so gonna try eating alittle different this week,,,,

Hope all of you have had a great day,,its beautiful here today,,,feels like spring outside,,wearing shorts and sandels and tank top,,,i tell ya ,,we are having the weirdest weather here in calif lately,,,one day beautiful the next pouring down rain and cold,,,

well i just gave mother in law a bath in bed,,washed her hair,and this time what a job,,i think i got washed as much as she did this time,,don't know why it goes easy sometimes and other times so hard to do,,but it is done and she smells better and her hair is clean:}}}

Hubby is gone fishing till late tonight with my son,,my son would live on the river if he could,he dearly loves to fish:} and hubby doesn't go very often so i was glad he went today with this nice weather,,,i am going to catch up on all the entrys and comment,,i like my day is not complete till i come here and see how all of you are doing,,,looks like a few more new ones have joined us to,,that is great:}} well gonna end this and go read and write to ya guys,,,did you all rememeber to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them,hmm:}}} also,,,,,,,remember to take this journey ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

carrie on 04/22/2001:
I was late getting here today to, but not nearly as "needed" as you. Your family is blessed to have you. You take such good care of your MIL, daughter, grandchildren, hubby, and yourself too! Hope hubby is dealing okay with the loss of his freind.


breakaway on 04/23/2001:
PASTAGAL!!! What kind of sex walking tapes are you into? lol I alomst fell over when I started reading your entry lol Then I figured out that you ment SET instead of SEX! I laughed so hard about that! Thanks for that laughs...I needed that after comming home from work! I had a boring day today! Have a great day!

pastagal - Saturday Apr 21, 2001
Weight: 131.5

Good morning everyone,,,i hope everyone is having a good day so far,,as for me,,been better,,we had some more upsetting news again,,,a close friend of ours shot and killed himself last night,,,the shock of it is so overwhelming,,,he was a great person,had a beautiful family and so much to live for,:{ Have not heard yet why he did this to himself,,,anyway,my husband is really taking this rather hard,he was not only a great friend but one of his business associate's so it going to really be tough for him,,

Last night we went to dinner,,ate at Coco's and hubby had fish & chips and i had steak and brocolli & carrots and 1/2 baked potatoe w/butter and salad,,,ice tea,,,,was a good dinner,,tho i didn't eat but half the steak,,,

Then we went to Wal Mart and walked around and i ended up buying a couple CD's and ashley and brad a lil toy,,,and some magizines and then headed home,,,stopped by my sons and that is when we were told the tragic news,,anyway,,my daughter had stayed here at the house for us and she wanted to go out so i kept the kids over night here,,she just picked them up a bit ago,thats why i am a bit late getting on to make my entry.

Today i am giving mother inlaw a bath,,,cleaning her room and doing all my laundry,which i don't have much,,cleaning the fridge out and making my grocery list,,,

well i hope all of you are having a good day and remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok;}

My menu is,,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 egg sandwich 4pts,,v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi and water

LUNCH:,,Ham sandwich w/lettuce & tomatoe 4pts,,wow chips 1pt,,dill pickles,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Grilled pork chop 4pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,salad 2pts,,1/2 cup beans 2pts,,ice tea

Snack,,nothing tonight,

Well have a great day and remember,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY!!!:}}}

Kyrin on 04/21/2001:
I'm sorry that your friend didn't find another solution to whatever was bothering him. I feel bad for those that he left behind and hope that your husband can find some comfort for himself and the family that he will surely have contact with.

Hugs for you.

Koko on 04/21/2001:
That is troubling to hear. My prayers go out to this man's family and you and hubby.


Maria7 on 04/21/2001:
Judy, so sorry to hear about your friend. I know this must be devastating news to you and your family. We will be remembering all of you in our prayers. Maria

carrie on 04/21/2001:
Wow, how awful. I am speechless. Just let me say how sorry I am.


SoccerMom on 04/21/2001:
Oh, I'm so sorry! Seems that you've had quite a bit of sadness lately. Remember to count your blessings, and (as you often remind us...) to hug your kids and loved ones. ((HUGS!))

Soon2BThin on 04/21/2001:
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, that is so tragic for the ones he left behind. Sounds like you have a busy day planned. Keep up the good work, you will surely make your goal soon. Hope your allergies are better.

Krispy on 04/21/2001:
So sorry to hear the tragic news of your friend!!! I do feel for his family he has left behind. My thoughts are with you!!!

Sounds like a great dinner you had last night - take care and I'm now off to give my loved ones a hugh hug!

mommyof two on 04/21/2001:
hello, i,m so sorry to hear about this friend of yours.. it makes one wonder why people do this sort of thing.. to him, he may have thought that he couldnt fix what ever was troubling him.. i personaly dont think that i could ever do that for any reason.. my prayers are with you and hubby. also they are with his family. i could never emagin my hubby doing that.. but one never knows. it would sure throw me for a loop. ..to move on about your question about the pics. , i was talking about the cute little images that some of the people on here use.. ( maria, muggg) i went to miejers today and found a cd on images. i hope to figure this all out. any suggestions are welcome.i can bring them up from there page, but i cant get them on my diary.. HELP love ya Lisa... also, the diffnent colors of print..thanks.. KTF

Bunny on 04/21/2001:
Dang. It just makes no sense. I will be praying that his family will find peace. Your family will also be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for reminding us everyday to cherish those we love. Please take care!

pinkus on 04/22/2001:
Life can be so unfair. Too bad your friend didn't have enough hope to ask for help. I am sad for you and hubby. You guys have had more than your fair share of tragedy lately. Yes hug your lovedones todyay and let them hug you. My thoughts are with you. PInk

syb on 04/22/2001:
Oh, I am so sad to read about your friend....we lost someone in similar fashion & I remember our priest saying, "He didn't kill himself, he dies of a disease called depression." So very sorry...you're right, embrace your loved ones & count your blessings. And I am counting you as a blessing to me - I've lost weight this week, but more importantly felt really great. Thank you for your support & encouragement. Syb

Canadian on 04/22/2001:
Sorry to hear about your friend, my heart goes out to his family and you, shall say a prayer for you all this evening. Diana

pushedtothewall on 04/22/2001:
Oh, my heart goes out to you and your husband! What a tragic thing. The reminder that you post daily for us to be aware, to show our love and speak of it.... it is so true. Life is filled with these millions of events one never guesses are lurking. I am thinking of you there dealing with the language and looks of disbelief. Take good care of yourself. I am off to call a special someone because your experience and your writing of it reminds me of something left undone. Connie

pastagal - Friday Apr 20, 2001
Weight: 131.5

Good morning everyone,,its raining here in buckets:} has been since late last night and they say even more coming for late this afternoon that will bring thunder with it and winds,,so looks like a nasty night here,,,well my allergies are still a mess,,doctor said the shot won't help for a couple weeks,takes that long for it to take effect,strange huh,,,but i slept better last night so maybe there is hope for me yet:} I don't have any KIDS today,,this feels strange to by the way,,daughter took ashley to daycare and brad went to work with her,,she runs the Daycare at work and he loves to go now and then with her,,so she is giving me a break she said today,which i needed:}} Well since buying this new book by MsSomers,,i can't seem to put it down,,it is making so much sense to me,,Maria you asked me what you can't eat on her program,its basically alot like Atkins but all she asks is you combine your foods a bit different,,,the main thing she talks about is how the sugar in foods effects our whole body and weight loss and how we FEEL,,I love weight watchers,,,it has done me a world of good,,yet i still don't feel good,,and i know that has alot to do with what i eat,,,cause i can eat certain things and my mood changes and i get tired after some meals and have all kinds of energy after others,,,i was brought up just like most of us thinking FAT was bad for you,,the good fat that is,,not the funky kind like Cakes,candy,ect ect,,,,,but Mayonaise,,,,oil,,Meat fried,,,,Eggs,,,anyway,,,the list goes on and on,,and after reading her book or part of it,i am coming to understand more and more,,and really makes me interested to try cutting somethings out of my diet to see if the way i feel is any better,,,wouldn't hurt to try,,,and Levi i am going to take your advice and read the other books on Carbs ,,,i have all of them lol,,,i don't think there is a diet book published i don't have,,but i tend to buy them,,and just flip through them and then add them to my collection,,now and then one will really catch my eye and i will read all of it,,like this one,,,i guess this one is easy to understand for me and thats why i have enjoyed it so much,,,,so what i am going to do is this,,,Going to try doing with out majority of carbs ,,tho MsSomers says you can have most of them if eaten with the right foods,,,so that they won't turn to fat cells,,and going to try eating more meat,,veggies,,and less stuff with sugar,,,,won't hurt to try especially since i am almost to goal,,,i don't know,something inside me says i need to do this,,,if for no other reason to try to feel better,,and after reading so many testimonals in the book and how it made all these people feel so much better,not just for losing weight,but there over all health,,worth a try,,,,ok gone on enough,,geeze i think i wrote a book here;}

Not going to start it tho till monday,,,after i buy grocerys this weekend:}

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 bologna sandwich 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice,,1/2 diet caffine pepsi,water

LUNCH:,,Tuna sub 6pts,,1cup soup 2pts,,dill pickles,,granola bar 2pts,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Eating dinner out tonight,,!!!

Ok remember you guys,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE VERY CONSISTANT!!!!,,,,And don't forget to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them ok;}}} Have a wonderful day!!!

Kyrin on 04/20/2001:
Hi Pasta!

If modifying your intake will make you feel better...than go for it, gal! We all want to feel our best.

I'll be interested to see what those changes do for ya. {big grin} You're a powerhouse now. Gee whiz!


Maria7 on 04/20/2001:
Your book sounds sooooo exciting, Judy! One more question, please....What foods does she say to combine so that we can 'have our cake and eat it, too'???.....Hope you get to feeling better, soon....have a wonderful night out tonight! Hugs!!! Maria :)

muggg on 04/20/2001:
Okay... you talked me into it... not really.. I'm ready to fine tune my diet again. I do try to eat the good stuff more and more. I'm going to springfield with hubby to get his daughter tonight so that means a stop at the bookstore. I'm going to pick up Suzanne's book! I'll try it too!


sparkymel on 04/20/2001:
You are just doing so good! I love reading those books too. I think they keep you motivated and even if you don't use it, you learned something new.

carrie on 04/20/2001:
Well then you've convinced me too! We all know in our own heart what we "want" and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what we "need". If a new style of eating makes you feel better, than I definitely think you should give it a whirl!! Like you've said, you are nearly to goal so its not like tinkering back and forth with a million different diets like someone I know does (ah-hem~me). I am real curious to hear more about her theory. I believe in a LOT of the low carb philosophy. I know carbs wear me down and make me tired, so sweets. Keep us posted!


pushedtothewall on 04/20/2001:
Okay then.... I just think that a person has to do what they have to do. Your curiosity is piqued, you know yourself better than all others do and you know W.W. and you have a mind... you discovered an idea and it sounds right. Just do it and see. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...(and all that :) Now, you will be the "test" case, in a way and we will all be watching and waiting to see you succeed! I think it is so nice that you are free to have some space of your own today. Think of we here who care if you that you just aren't feeling well, and that's all I have to say today. Connie :)

mommyof two on 04/20/2001:
hello judy, i think you will like the change in your diet.. it most certainly makes you feel better.. but make sure that you take a muli-vitamin.. and keep your water going .it makes to feel so refreshed, youll be amazed..you get lots of energy!! when i went off of the diet for easter, i felt bad for a few days.. no, bad isnt a good word to use, just tired. i had a few pieces of chocolate, i think thats what made me toss my cookies that morning.. my body was used to no sugars, then shock.... i was really tired..let me know if i can help, i know that dvd and dragon are on the low carb diets... maybe i,ll get this book that your talking about. i may understand it better then i do the atkins.. good luck come monday.. have a fun and safe weekend!! KTF Lisa

TweetieCat on 04/20/2001:
Dear Pastagal:

I read today's entry with great interest because you describe how I've been feeling lately to a "t". I know part of my problem is that I still have a significant amount of weight to lose. Even though I've been this heavy for a while, it hasn't affected me as much as it does this time around. I think the age factor has something to do with it (I'll be 50 in October). Anyway, I also take allegry medicine (Allegra) and I've had some negative side effects from that so it could be part of the problem, I don't know. The doctor told me to discontinue it for a few days and make an appointment to see him next week. The other thing I have is a very dry mouth which is one of the symptoms of diabetes but I was checked out for that and everything came out OK - thank God.

Enjoy your "kidless" day and good luck with your new food program. What works best for me is to count calories and fat grams. Everyone is different though and you need to find what works best for you. Judging by the fact that you are near goal (you go, Girl!!!!), you're obviously doing something right!!!!

Take care,


Krispy on 04/20/2001:
You go for it - If you don't try it then you will never know!!! It's also great to have that renewed enthusiasim that you have when you first start dieting!!!

Take great care and have a good weekend.

Pleased to hear that you have a day to yourself, will do you the world of good!

Maria7 on 04/20/2001:
Judy, thank you for taking the time to key all of that information to me......that is VERY sweet of you to do that. Thank you VERY much. Sounds like a good idea. I know she sure looks great and always has a big pretty smile like she feels good, so it must work! I am going to think about it, myself! Have a wonderful weekend! Maria :)

Maria7 on 04/20/2001:
Oh, I almost forgot...she must be talking a lot about foods with a high glycemic index...the white flour, cakes, white rice, etc. Yes, it sure does make a lot of sense and also I had read another book that said to eat fruit alone, too, because if it isn't eaten alone, it can cause other food to ferment. Maria :)

muggg on 04/20/2001:
I was thinking of you last night when I ate my soup and I agree.. It is comfort food and makes your tummy feel so good!

kitkat on 04/20/2001:
thank-you, pastagal, for reading my first entries to the diaries. Quite a new, unique experience for me, I'll say. Already feel very welcomed, indeed by the messages from your "gang". My entries will become longer as I settle into the routine, so, buckle up for the ride, I promise it will be very enjoyable!

breakaway on 04/20/2001:
I am SO glad that you got a breat today...but sorry that it is raining! You can't even get outside to enjoy the weather! Have a great dinner tonight with hubby! Your doing just great! Let us know what you had ok! But hope it won't make me hungry lol. have a wonderful day!

Koko on 04/21/2001:
Hi, PG. Sounds like you have to try the Somers plan because it has spoken to you. So good luck with it starting Monday and I can't wait to read about the results. By chance, did the book mention certain ailments, such as sinus infections and a connection with any particular foods. I am down with one that came on yesterday out of the blue. It is so frustrating to not feel like yourself. Well, hope you feel better soon and good luck.


pastagal - Thursday Apr 19, 2001
Weight: 131.5

Good morning everyone,,,i hope all of you are having a good day so far,,,its still pretty early here,i got up earlier than normal cause my daughter wanted to go into her work earlier so she could work out before she started working,,,guess that is one of the perks to working at a gym:}get to use the equipment free,,,,tho she really doesn't need it,she is so thin and has a gorious body:} and is Tall,,not short like her mom:}

Well i had a pretty good day yesterday,,,tho my allergies are still not to good,,,my voice comes and goes,,never had allergies effect my voice like this before,,but i know the coughing i am doing isn't helping any,,,,well i read some more in the new book of Ms Somers,its really a good book,,but last night while i was reading it,hubby asked me what i was so engrossed in and i told him and he smiled and said,another diet book,,,,then proceeded to ask me why i was reading that ,,,i told him i was thinking of changeing my way of eating maybe,,,and he said to me,,,why???then went on to remind me that i have been doing weight watchers for over a yr now,,was a yr in jan of this yr,,,and that i have lost consistantly and done so well,,,why mess with a good thing,,,and i thought,,,ya know ,he is right,,i have loved how well this program has worked for me and how easy it has been,,and yet i keep looking for something better,when really for me there is nothing better,,i have lost slow,,but i think that is why i am able to keep it off and my body has become so adjusted to my way of eating which is really not much different than i use to before i started this,,i just basically controll the amounts per day that i eat,,,and thats what is working for me,,,and the WATER of course,,water is a big part of losing and keeping the weight off,,,cause i really have not done a whole lot of exersise,and probley if i had i would of lost faster,,anyway,,so i guess i am not going to change my way of eating,,i might since reading this new book cut out a few things i consume and see if i feel better or see any huge differenece like it says you will if you don't eat certain things,,,but i am going to continue with weight watchers way of eating cause it works for me,,,,and i only have 6 1/2 lbs to go till i am at MY goal ,,,,

Well today i am going to wash my mother inlaws hair,,bath her in bed,,clean her room,,,do her laundry,,,,and work on my Diet Binder some and just take it easy this afternoon,,,i have bradley today and ashley went to daycare today,,,well i hope all of you have a wonderful day and remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them:}}}

My menu today is going to be,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 scramble egg sandwich 4pts,v8juice,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,Tuna salad sub 6pts,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,wow chips 1pt,,,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Grilled chicken 3pts,,salad 2pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,italian squash w/stew tomatoes 0pts,,strawberries w/ff coolwhip 1pt,,ice tea

OK hope everyone has a great day and remember,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY!!!!!:}}}

muggg on 04/19/2001:
Dear Pasta Gal...Suzanne's book sounds interesting. I think any diet will work if it works with your lifestyle and as you have said many times.. consistancy is the key. You have done so well on your diet and enjoyed it.. like your husband says... why change it? Especially if you are not bored with it!

I read Suzanne's book <i>365 Ways To A Better You</i> each night before I go to bed. I enjoy her insight and feel it helps me to be a better person. It is on clearance now at Barnes and Noble. It is a book that I will reread many times as I like to think about how I am doing!

Keep up the good work and I wish my son was close enough to hug... but I do say I love you each night and he tells me back!

mommyof two on 04/19/2001:
hello, sounds like youve made up your mind... thats how i feel about atkins.. it works, but i ,m still interested in other diets... it would have to be something big for me to change... even tho the food you guys get to eat drives me crazy... but you keep on doing what your doing, its good for you.. they do say that the slower you loose it the better... KTF Lisa

sparkymel on 04/19/2001:
I just want to tell you that you are such an amazing person and support for us all. In reading everyone's journal today, I noticed ALOT of them mentioning you and that says alot! Thanks!!!

pushedtothewall on 04/19/2001:
Well, I suppose there is a lot of truth to what your husband has said, Judy. Why question success. The only thing is, that sometimes we just get bored or tired with our same ol' same ol' and we just WANT to try a different thing or give our bodies alittle metabolic boost as sometimes happens. You do, though, seem to have such a grip on it all and quite a varied diet. I will tell you one thing....I am ALL FOR WHATEVER you decide! Have a good day there, caring as you do for others and get to feeling better too!

carrie on 04/19/2001:
Ok I am going to sound like "do as I say not as I do", but I agree, WW has done so well for you! Only 6 pounds away from your goal. Oh how I dream for that day. I have been on nearly every single diet known to mankind and the one that worked the best for me and got me to my goal weight for the ONE and ONLY time in my life was WW. I am a solid believer in the program. But....it has changed so much and the new point system doesn't work for me. I use to do it when it was "exchanges" and it was way more strict. The wierd thing is I only weighed 135 lbs. when I started and I got down to 110. 110 was too awful because I couldn't maintain it and eat what I was suppose to. I had to semi starve and that was the pitts, so I bumped up to around 118 and then became a life time member. It was one of my greatest accomplishments! I really loved going back then. I felt like such a success story and I was so humbled by it. I gained my weight after my children and have never been able to lose it since. I do know it can be done. I keep thinking about going back on WW but if I went to the meetings the new point concept would be so different and I wouln't follow it and so here I am doing my own thing. I loved the "accountability" the meetings and the sharing with other members. Anyway...sorry for the reminiscing, but it was a great time. I think you should stick with what works, HOWEVER, there is also something you can pick up from another diet book or whatever. And....remember one diet may work for some and not for others. We all have to find our nitch. Like Atkins is a miracle worker for some people, others not. You've done so well. I am so proud of you. Not only that, you sound like such a good caring mother and person. Your a winner already!


breakaway on 04/19/2001:
I agree with your doc! And I agree with you when you say we all give good advice but still don't take it to heart! I ALWAYS do that! I know what's right and what's wrong but to DO it is another story...don't we all know that! I did take some time for me today...after I ran the neighbors boyfriend around town and went grocery shopping for her...It was almost time for work..so I called work and asked the girl who was there to stay a few hours for me and I willmake it up for her tomorrow! Otherwise I would have had to run right to work when I got home! So I am taking a few hours to just sit around on my butt and watch some tv. And maybe sit out on my swing for a while since it finally made it to 65 degrees today! I have windows open but still find myself picking up here and there! lol Have a great day today!

Bunny on 04/19/2001:
I think sometimes we get bored with the same old routine and it is fun to shake it up a bit. I say go for it if it is something you really want to try. Wow! Only 6 1/2 pounds to goal. Congratulations. I'm here cheering you on and i'm sure maria will meet you at the finish line, and i'll be following shortly after.

Canadian on 04/19/2001:
I read all of your entries yesterday, you have done an amazing job with the weightloss. Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself. :-) I been telling myself since last night CONSISTANCY!!! rofl!! I am determined to stay with it and so far I haven't fell off, but then again, it has only been 19 days for me. You are almost at your goal, it must be a great feeling. :-)) Hope to talk to you soon again, have a wonderful day! :-) Diana

Maria7 on 04/19/2001:
Judy, you have really got my curiosity up...what are the 'certain things' the book you are reading says not to eat? Maria :)

pinkus on 04/19/2001:
I wonder why you are feeling like changing diets? Are you frustrated with the pace of yourloss? You just reminded me that slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. I don't now what Suzanne Sommers says but I believe that whatever you choose works best when it's something you can keep. Exercising is hard when you don'tfeel well from allergies, but maybe if yo culd pump that up a bit the weight would dissolve more quickly. Don't fret. You'll get there. I know you will pink

Krispy on 04/19/2001:
WOW - only 6 1/2lbs to go until you get to goal!!! You are doing so well, I can understand that maybe you would want a change as I am just like that but it seems that WW is working so well for you, don't give it up. Maybe wait til you get to goal and then fiddle about with what you eat?

Whatever you decide, we will all be here behind you. Take care and have a great day!

halley on 04/19/2001:
I bet those last 6.5 pounds will just melt away!!! Drink the water!!!

herb on 04/19/2001:
Are you strick at keeping a record of your points in a seperate book, or do you use your entry here to keep a record of what you ate. I'm glad to read that you made continuous progress on Weight Watchers, and that you've been on it for 1 year. It gives me a good feeling. Talk to you tomorrow.

Koko on 04/20/2001:
Hi, PG. You know I am really enjoying WW too. I can eat anything I want. That finally sunk into my brain that nothing is off limits, but I must write it down. This is really just working for me. It is exactly what I needed as the weight is just melting off now. Of course the water and exercise must be helping too. I can tell that I've lost more, but won't know officially until Monday.

I wondered the same thing your hubby said when I read your entry about the book. Don't mess with a good thing...that's really good advice. But of course I'm sure there are ideas in the book that you can implement in WW. You'll be at goal in no time!

Question: is a point about 100 calories worth of food? I am asking b/c I bought some Health Valley ff raisin oatmeal organic cookies (that are really good) and they count as 1 point and 3 cookies is 0 fat but 100 calories. I'm just trying to figure out the basics to the point system for my own information. It is a great plan. Not hard, but it holds me accountable to myself. And I've gotten INTO the habit of journaling so quickly. Well, enough gushing about the greatness of WW 123...talk to you later.

DVDMon on 04/20/2001:
Hey Pastagal, Thanks for your comments. As far as the book, I think that most doctors now will tell you to stay away from all processed carbs and sweets if you can. So even if you just elliminate the chips and white bread, cakes, and white pasta, you're going to get a huge benefit. I have found that although I have been able to lose a decent amount of weight low-carbing, that for the first three months I was doing this and not really losing anything, I was still feeling so much better than I ever did doing low-fat. I think good fats (mono-unsaturated mainly) and getting adequate protein are so important to health and not getting enough can cause problems. If you just think of it in terms of our species, we did not have all these sweet junk or even bread for that matter until 10,000 years ago. The fact that we survived and even thrived on mainly animals and a few plants and fruit for tens or hundreds of millenia before that goes to show that that is what nature intended for us to eat, not high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, xanthan gum, msg, aspartame, etc. Or even bread or hormone/antibiotic-fed beef for that matter. Of course you can only do so much. I try to eat organic stuff as often as possible in addition to low-carb. I almost never eat anything that's highly processed, except for an occasional protein bar, but that is like once every month or two... If weight watchers has worked for you that is great, but remember that just losing weight is not the end all and be all. You also want to be as healthy as you can. Weight is definitely a big factor for health, but there are pleanty of skinny people who are still very unhealthy. Anyway, I would urge you to read other books about low-carbing as well to get a more varied view of it, and to join some low-carb bulletin boards if you have questions. Let me know and I can send you some links.

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