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pastagal - Friday Mar 30, 2001
Weight: 133.5

Good morning everyone,,,i want first to Thank all of you for your kind and very supportive words,,you have no idea how much they meant to me,,,this has been such a hard time for all of us to cope with,but we are and my daughter is doing ok,,,she is in Michigan with her boyfriends family and tomorrow is the funeral and then she will be coming back home to us on sunday,,,i have ashley and brad and they really are starting to miss her and need her back here,,

I know it is going to take alot of time for my daughter to adjust to the fact he is gone,,,but time will heal and she has her two children and family that needs and loves her dearly,,,so that will help her to go on and be ok,,,its just so hard tho because he was the start of her and the kids new life :{

Well i haven't read any entries,,,i do see a few more new people and i will try to get caught up in the next couple days ,,,our weather here has been really warm still but we have had some wind that i don't like at all,,,as for my eating goes,,,i have not eaten much,did go last tuesday night and i weighed in,,,,i had lost 1 1/2 lbs,,,,

well today i am not sure whats in store,,,i have the kids and got lots i need to do around here,,brad is home all day with me,,,no school here today,,,,and ashley is going to go to day care,she loves going and playing with the kids and kathy had already paid for the full week,so going to take her and let her play for most of the day then go get her later,,tonight they are going to go spend the night with there dad,,,well guess i will get this day going,,,hope all of you have a wonderful friday,,,,i will be back later to read entrys and try to comment ok,,,,,Remember to give your love ones a big hug and tell them you love them:}}

BREAKFAST:,,scramble egg 2pts,,2slices diet toast w/butter 2pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt ,v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi & water

LUNCH:,,pasta w/stew tomatoes 6pts,,ice tea

DINNER:,,1 grilled pork chop 4pts,,salad 2pts,,saurkraut 0pts,,brocolli & corn 1pt,,ice tea


OK have a great day everyone and a wonderful weekend ok,,,and remember,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY!!:}}

carrie on 03/30/2001:
I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your daughters friend. It must be absolutely devestating. Words evade me now. I know that time will heal but the loss of a loved one is so hard. Yes,life is precious and each and every one of us take it for granted until our life is changed in an instant. I will keep you all in my prayers.

pinkus on 03/30/2001:
keep on hanging in there honey, it's one of those one day at a time moments. PINK

Kyrin on 03/30/2001:
Hey! You tried to slip that loss right on by us. {grin} Congrats on the loss and on NO night snacking. (You thought I wouldn't notice the "NONE!!," huh?


muggg on 03/30/2001:
The loss will be so hard on your daughter... thank goodness she has those precious children to remind her that live keeps on giving. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

breakaway on 03/30/2001:
WOW pasta, I had missed your entry yesterday! I am so sorry to hear your bad news! I sure hope your daughter will be ok! I feel awful that I missed reading your entry yesterday. But, you are right...she will go on and she will be ok. But It is so good that you are there for her to help her out with the kids and help her get through this. Your a great mom and grandma! Congratulations on that 1/2 lb loss by the way and it's just fine if you need to take a break for a while...we all know you will be very very busy for a while with the kids there this week! You take care of yourself and don't worry about commenting for a while ok! Try to have a great day today!

maria7 on 03/30/2001:
Pasta, just to remind you, which you already know, we are all with you and thinking about you and your family. Your menu looks good for today and <font color=fusia><b>CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maria :)

sparkymel on 03/30/2001:
I am so sorry to hear all this. My prayers are with you and your family. I know that God will see your daughter and her children through this tough time. Read Jeremiah 13:11

Krispy on 03/30/2001:
It was nice to see you had an entry today - we all want to be here for support. You are right about the children, when I lost my Mum, it was the kids that kept me going and still do and her's will too. Life is so precious, we have to cease every moment.

CONGRATULATIONS on the weightloss, you are doing great.

Take care and yes I gave my kids a hugh hug!!!!!!!!

bobik on 03/30/2001:
I am glad that amid this difficult time for your family you were still able to lose 1.5 pounds. I am happy for you.

SoccerMom on 03/30/2001:
Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's boyfriend. Yes, the Lord sometimes has plans for us that are not what we expected. I'll be praying for her, and his family. So sad.

You take care.

halley on 03/30/2001:
That is just devastating news! I guess I missed your post yesterday. How awful for your daughter. I'm glad you can help with the children.

Bunny on 03/30/2001:
My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with your family.I pray your daughter will find peace and that life goes on through her precious children. Congrats on the weight loss. You must be close to goal

pastagal - Wednesday Mar 28, 2001
Weight: 135.0

I wanted to write and let you all know that i won't be on as often as usual for awhile,,,we had some devastating news this morning and things are very emotional in my home right now,,and i will be extreamly busy the next three or four days,,,,

My daughter met a guy from Michigan on the computer a yr ago,,,they finally met a month ago,he came out here for two weeks,,,i don't think i have ever seen her happier than i have with him,,and he turned out to be a wonderful guy and for the past few weeks has been getting all his things together to move here,,,and we thought finally she was going to have the life she has been searching for,,,but god has other plans,,,,Last night he was in an automobile accident and killed:{{{ So my daughter and my daughter inlaw susan are on there way now to Michigan on a plane to attend the funeral and to be with his family,,,,so i have ashley and brad with me,,and lil zach part of the time,,susans mom will keep zach some of the time to,,,anyway,,,i won't be able to read entrys or comment for awhile,,,probley not till monday or so,,,well this is a wake up call ,,,,we really don't know how lucky we are or how precious life is till someone dear is taken so suddenly from you,,,it hurts right now so much,:{{ talk with all of you soon,,,,,

maria7 on 03/28/2001:
How sad! We are all here for you if you need us. We will miss you but we will understand that you need to be there for your daughter and grandchildren and all that is going on. Please know we are all sad about the situation and we are here for you, Pastagal. Let us know if there is anything we can do, like if you need to talk or anything.

Jinkster on 03/28/2001:
I'm so, so sorry for your daughter's loss. What an unfair, awful tragedy. Your family will be in my thoughts.<P>Jinkster (Petra)

Kyrin on 03/28/2001:
Hi Pasta! It seems mighty unfair... Please know that we are all thinking about you and wishing some peace for your daughter and other family members involved.

OhAnn on 03/28/2001:
I was so sorry to hear of your news. I can only imagine what she must be going through, and you too as her mother. Trust that God has a better plan.

Krispy on 03/28/2001:
I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. My thoughts are with your daughter, your family and his.

Take great care of yourselves and we are all here if you need us.

Koko on 03/28/2001:
Oh, PastaGal, my heart breaks for your daughter, you, his family, all of their hopes, dreams and love. I am so incredibly sorry to hear this news. Oh, I'm so sorry.

When you wrote to me about him this past Saturday and how your daughter asked if she'd ever find someone who loved her and her children, that gave me such hope that I too would find a wonderful man. Thank you for sharing that hope with me. And please know that you all are in my prayers and if there is anything at all that you need from me anything at all just let me know.

Surrounding you and your family and his with heartfelt prayers and sympathy!


muggg on 03/28/2001:
I don't think there is anything to describe the loss you and your daughter are facing now. How very sad. I lost a brother at age 20 and always wondered what might have been. I am so sorry for your daughter.

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Bunny on 03/28/2001:
My thoughts and prayers are with your daughter you and her boyfriends family. We are here for you sweetie. I do believe God works in mysterious ways even if we don't understand them. Please take care.

Soon2BThin on 03/28/2001:
I was so sorry to hear of your family's loss. I know sometimes we don't understand why things happen, but there is always a reason. You may never know that reason. I hope your family & his gets through this okay. You take care of yourself, Pasta, & come back as soon as you can.

jenny on 03/28/2001:
Oh, I'm so, so sorry! You're certainly right, it does remind us of our priorities in life...

pinkus on 03/28/2001:
My heart aches for your saughter and yor family. What an awful unfair event. Come back when you are ready. We will miss you but I will pray for you and your family every day. Pink

bobik on 03/28/2001:
How awful!!!! I am so sorry for your daughter's tragedy. God sure has some strange designs in mind. It is so unfair!

ABrown6794 on 03/29/2001:
So sorry for your daughters and your loss. I will be thinking and praying for you. Angie

pastagal - Tuesday Mar 27, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Good morning everyone,,,gosh i am tired this morning,,,but it looks like its going to be another beautiful day here,,i don't have alot of time ,,my grandkids will be here any time,,all three of them:}},,i have lil zach till noon and the other two all day,so should keep me hopping,,,

I have been doing really good on water lately,,been drinking more than normal for about three days now,,,i go tonight to get my nails done and pick something up at JC Pennys to take with me on the my three day trip this weekend,,,also will stop by weight watchers and weigh in,,,so hope everyone is having a great morning so far,,:}

well i better make this short and get off here,,i will come back this afternoon while brad's in school and ashley is napping and read and make comments,,,hope everyone has a Wonderful day today:}}}

BREAKFAST:,,,1/2 turkey sandwich 3pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,dill pickles,,wow bbq chips 1pt,,ice tea,,,,jello w/ff coolwhip

DINNER:,,large salad w/strips of chicken & dressing,,3pts,,croutons 2pts,,kidney beans 1pt,,,ice tea,,,,strawberries w/ff coolwhip 1pt,,


Ok remember all of you,,,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY!!:}}}}

muggg on 03/27/2001:
Maybe that nice sunshiny warm weather is helping with the water consumption.... I'm doing better on it too. I found if I take that little squirt cap off and just glug...glug .. it goes down faster! (LOL)

Take care, girlfriend and have a great day! That 135 sure is a lovely number on you!

maria7 on 03/27/2001:
JC Penney's is one of my favorite stores to shop at...I also like Belk's. I hope you find something real nice. I just recently bought a nice elbow-length, cuffed sleeves black button up sweater at JC Penneys, it's a Worthington (my favorite brand)...goes with everything. They have it in peach, too. Matter of fact, I'm wearing it today! I love their Levi jeans, too! Can I go shopping with you??? :) I know you are looking forward to your 3-day trip this weekend. Well, you be good today (I know you are) cause you've got weigh-in. Have a great day! :)

Koko on 03/27/2001:
Hey, just wanted to say hi and wish you a really great and relaxful and fun 3 day getaway!


Krispy on 03/27/2001:
Well you are busy, hope you enjoyed your little shopping trip. We will all miss you when you go away, but you just make sure you enjoy yourself.

I really admire you, since I have been on here you haven't faulted once, wish I was a bit more like that, not done too well again today on the eating front. But tomorrow is another day and I will be back with avengence!!

Take care and have a great day!

carrie on 03/27/2001:
Hi Noodle Lady! I hope you get a chance to see this before you go on your trip so that I can wish you a good and safe time! Don't mess up them nails! I know you'll be good! Carrie

halley on 03/27/2001:
Gosh those kids seem to keep you busy all the time! Nap time can be a real blessing!!!

herb on 03/27/2001:
Thank you for your encouragement with Weight Watchers. Have a nice weekend.

pastagal - Monday Mar 26, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Good morning everyone,,,well its back sunny here again,,,yesterday was absolutely beautiful here,,,and today has a lil bit of a breeze out there,but looks like its going to be nice,,,,so hope everyone had a nice weekend;}

Well i have lil zachary today and bradley,till 4 today ,,then tonight they need me to watch zach for another hour while they run and have there taxes done,,so told them sure;} i mean,what are grandmas for huh:}}}

Well only a few more days and i go off for three days,gosh been awhile since i have done this,,don't quite know how to act,lol,,but trust me,i will enjoy it:} I will worry about my mother inlaw tho,,things are really getting harder to care for ,for her now and so it makes it harder to go away,,tho my daughter does pretty good with her when i am away,,well now that i am feeling better,i am going to buckle down and start trying hard to exersise more,,i need to really get into a regular routine,,,,i had high hopes of the gym working out for me this yr,but that didn't work out :{ so i am going to just have to buckle down and get as serious with that as i did at losing the weight and do it,,huh??:}} i mean you can use the excuse 'I'm to tired' very few times,,altho i use it alot:} well today i will be busy watching the baby,and that takes most of my attention during the day when he is here,,so tonight i hope to get on the treadmill and walk,,so wish me luck,:}

Ok here is my menu today,,,,

BREAKFAST: 1/2 bologna sandwich 4pts,1/2 banana 1pt,,,v8jucie 15 oz,,,1/2 diet pepsi,,,,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup tomatoe soup 2pts,1/2 turkey sandwich w/mayo 4pts,,wow chips 1pt,,few strawberries w/ff cool whip 1pt,,ice tea

DINNER:,,Meat 6pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,salad 2pt,,strawberries w/ff cool whip 1pt,,,,ice tea


Ok everyone ,,have a wonderful day and remember ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY!!!:}}}

Kyrin on 03/26/2001:
Oh, wow! You certainly need and deserve those days off! Don't you dare feel guilty when you go either. Your daughter will do just fine.

It's amazing. I was tired, sluggish and just generally not in the mood to exercise this morning, but I DID IT. You guys gave me the push I needed. I worked out...got very sweaty...and <i>now</i> I feel wonderful. Sometimes we need to exercise when we least feel like it.

Have a terrific day with your littl'uns.

carrie on 03/26/2001:
Yah, what are grandma's for! It is hard to talk ourselves into exercise. I dreaded going this morning cuz I had sooooooooo much to do! But...now that I am all done, I am so happy and the endorphins have kicked in! Now I gotta get to cleaning this trashed house I've created! Have fun with the baby and where are ya going for 3 days? Your name always make me think of "NOODLES"! YUM!

breakaway on 03/26/2001:
Pasta...if anyone has an excuse NOT to exercise, It would have to be you! You are always So busy with kids and your mom inlaw! I bet you get plenty of exercise watching them and doing the things you have to do for them! I bet you get more then you think! Do what you can and you need some time for yourself each day to just be lazy! Take 1/2 hour and just laze around in the chair or sleep! Have a terrific day and glad to see your getting nice weather! Send some my way ok! lol It's only about 15-20 degrees here brrr~

sparkymel on 03/26/2001:
Enjoy your vacation!! You deserve it! You are such a great support to your family, it sounds like and you definately need to enjoy your time off. Keep up the good work with your diet too.

sparkymel on 03/26/2001:
Thank you so much for the concern. I just love my new friends here!!! The supplements I take are called "A Perfect You" and you can only get them from distributors. I actually started selling them because I have so many family and friends that take them and love it too. You can't get them in stores, but they are just wonderful. It has been a real blessing for me because not only have I lost weight, but my blood pressure was 144/96 and after 2 weeks it has stayed normal. If you would like me to mail you some information on it and a sample you can email me at sparkymel1@hotmail.com. I'd be happy to send it to you. Have a great day!!

muggg on 03/26/2001:
Hello, Pasta Gal, You are sounding much better! Hope you have a great time on your 3 day break!

Why is it so hard to get started exercising? I know it makes me feel better when I do it! It's supposed to warm up here and then I'll be in great spirits and everything will be SO much easier!

Have a great day! By the way, that 135 looks great on you!

ABrown6794 on 03/26/2001:
Well, I do hope you enjoy your 3 days away. Exercise seems like such a chore sometimes, have you tried doing things that don't feel like exercise? Like taking Zach for a stroller ride, you may not be able to walk as quickly as you might want but it might be a good way to get started. Your menu sounds really good, except the bologna, I've never been a fan of that cold cut. Have a great day. Angie

halley on 03/26/2001:
I found the time to work out early in the morning - 5:30. That way everyone else is asleep. It's a little hard to get out of bed - but I feel just great all day long! (Of course I do go to bed early - so it may not work for everyone!)

SoccerMom on 03/26/2001:
Wow! You're down to 135! I must've missed a day or two. Congrats!!

pushedtothewall on 03/26/2001:
Well, I know exactly what a tremendous job you are doing, I'll bet because at one time my life was exactly what yours sounds like now. I think so much of you and want to encourage you to take good care of YOURSELF too! How wonderful to know that you are soon to be able to get a little break. Try not to worry about all your usual responsibilites left back home. Your biggest job will be to try to come back stronger and refreshed, okay? AND, a great big thank you for reminding me to think "lifestyle" rather than the old speak (diet). Connie

pinkus on 03/26/2001:
Hey maybe you are not exercising at the gym but those kids must keep you running. How about a nice walk just for you and don't feel guilty about leaving you deserve some time off. Pink

Krispy on 03/26/2001:
You are so lucky having such nice weather, just wish ours would huury up, although it won't get as hot as yours!!!

With everthing you do everyday you don't sound like you would have much time to fit exercising in as well!!

Take care and have a great day!!

maria7 on 03/26/2001:
I know you are looking forward to your 3 day vacation...hope you have fun and don't come back sick. Your menu sounds fantastic, as usual. Have a great day. Maria :)

pastagal - Sunday Mar 25, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Good morning everyone,,,well my day yesterday was good ,,,i got lots of stuff done around the house like i wanted,,i feel so much better as far as the strep throat goes,,,and late in the afternoon it started raining here,,,hubby came home and stayed inside and so i put a movie in the DVD player and as i cooked and did somethings i tried to watch it off and on and he really enjoyed the movie,,,,then later when that one was finished i put in another one,,i am a movie buff,i love movies,,,i collect the ones i really enjoy and know that i might watch over again,,i think last count of VHS movies was around 500 and now i have started collecting DVD movies and already this yr bought 35 of them,,,crazy huh;}

Well i had my granddaughter here last night,my grandson stayed the night with his dad,,,and kathy my daughter wanted to go out so i kept ashley last night,,she didn't sleep well again,,her ashma wasn't as bad this time but she coughed all night and could not rest good,so of course it kept me awake constantly checking on her,,,so i think i got a good three hours sleep:{ oh well,,,i will rest this afternoon,,

Me and hubby will be going to town in a few hours,,have lunch in town and then go buy grocerys,,,and come back here and i will rest and get ready to watch the Oscars,,i love to watch them each yr,,,then tomorrow is another start of a new week:} I feel like i have lost a couple more lbs,,,won't officially weigh till tuesday tho,,i am getting close to my goal and it sure feels good,,been striving for this over a yr now:} i actually love putting shorts on now and feeling normal in them:}

well todays menu is going to be,,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 bologna sandwich,4pts,,v8juice,,1/2 diet pepsi,,water

LUNCH:,,Eating out in town,not sure where yet.

DINNER:,,Left over Spanish rice 6pts,,salad 2pts,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,ice tea,,,,,jello w/ff cool whip

Snack:,,Since i am watching the OScars tonight i might endulge in some popcorn:}} 1pt and a diet pepsi,,,

Well everyone remember,,,take it ONE DAY AT A TIME & BE CONSISTANT:}}}

halley on 03/25/2001:
Getting close to your goal must be exciting! Just in time for summer!!! YEA!

breakaway on 03/25/2001:
I am so glad your feeling better pasta! You have a wonderful lunch with hubby. You are doing Wonderful! I too have been collecting movies I don't have quite 500 but I bet its up to about 200 now. I love movies! Have a wonderful day today!~

Krispy on 03/25/2001:
Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you had a great lunch and isn't is exciting that you are so close to goal. Have you planned how you will celebrate when you get there???

Take care and enjoy the Oscars and the popcorn.

ABrown6794 on 03/25/2001:
You're at the final 10, I just checked your bio. That has to feel good knowing that this year's swimsuit season will be one that you can enjoy without covering up, and the feeling of having set a goal and achieving it. What a great year this will be for you. My kids and (way in the future) grandkids are a big reason for me losing weight. Have a great Sunday Angie

bobik on 03/25/2001:
Your food sounds very yummy. I was just wondering, does diet pepsi have any points? It doesn't see to be. How come???

pastagal - Saturday Mar 24, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Good morning everyone,,well it is surpose to rain here today off and on,but i think they got the weather report wrong ,,its so pretty out side,,,and the sun is shining outside:} Well allergie season is here,,,,i am getting much better from the strep,,still on antibiotics but throat isn't sore like it was and the pain in my glands has vanished,,,but my allergies are so flared up,,i got my perscription of "Allegra" refilled and got back on them,,so that should help some.Well i feel like i have gotten so behind on here lately,,but i know everyone understands,,,i want this next week to be a good week,i am going away next weekend for three days,,,,Yeahh!!! but i gotta be well,,,,,we are going to Tahoe for three days,got tickets to see Wynonna Judd at Ceasars Palace and will do some gambling while there,,i haven't done that in long time,,heck it will just be great to get away from this house for three days,,:}} Well today i have lots to get caught up on,,haven't done much this past week with being so sick,so i have laundry to catch up on and cleaning,,,,and i have to get my mother inlaw up and out of bed and do change her bedding and give her a shower,,,that will take a couple hours,,,well hope everyone is having a great weekend so far,,tomorrow for me is the normal,,,,to town with hubby for lunch out and then Sams club to get things we are out of and then to Bel Air to buy grocerys,,,,come home and work around the yard and just relax,,,can't wait to watch the Oscars tomorrow night,i love award shows,,:} Ok gonna wrap this up and get this day started,,,have great day you guys;}}

BREAKFAST:,1 bowl cereal w/milk 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,v8juice,,,1//2 diet pepsi ,,water

LUNCH:,,1/2 tuna sandwich 4pts,,wow chips 1pt,,1 cup soup 2pts,,ice tea,,,,jello w/ff cool whip

DINNER:,,Spanish Rice 1cup 6pts,,salad 2pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,ice tea

Ok everyone remember now,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}}

breakaway on 03/24/2001:
I am soo happy to hear that you are getting out for THREE days!!! GOod for you! You so deserve that! YOur not bringing kids along are you? That would be a pastagal thing to do that's why I'm asking lol. I hope you have a great time...and yes I'm sure everyone understands why you have fallen behind on some of your commenting!! You need to take time to get well. You have still managed to get your entry on which is wonderful! We would all worry about you if you were not here! Well, good to see your getting well and you have a wonderful day today pasta!

Krispy on 03/24/2001:
Well I am so glad to hear that you are having three days away, not that I want to get rid of you but if anyone deserves a break - you do!!!!

Take it easy so that you are 100% for when you go away. Hope you enjoy the oscars, take care.

ABrown6794 on 03/24/2001:
Your plans sound like a lot of fun. Hope that your strep is all better by then, sounds like it probably will be. Angie

Soon2BThin on 03/24/2001:
You sound like you're back to the normal Pasta, thank goodness. Wow, that weekend sounds great, I'd love to see Wynona. You certainly deserve it with all you've been through. Hope you have a great Sunday. I'll be watching the Oscars too.

halley on 03/24/2001:
Your trip sounds like fun! I hope you feel better so you can enjoy it!

BIGRED on 03/24/2001:
thanks for the comments. I am feeling a bit better as the day goes on. Looks like you are doing great.

Kyrin on 03/24/2001:
You've got to get well...gotta get well...gotta get well. If not, can I have your tickets? Heheheh! ...Just kidding. Come on, gal. Increase that Vitamin C. Drink those liquids. Wynonna awaits!

pastagal - Friday Mar 23, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Hi everyone,,i am late doing my entry today,had a rough nite last night,,,my daughter needed the kids to spend the night with us,,well i didn't really want to keep them cause i was still not feeling to good,but she really needed me,,so i said ok,,,low and behold did i know that lil ashley was going to run a high fever last night and have her ashma flare up again,,was awake with her till 3 this morning,,,finially the last treatment i gave her for her ashma she was able to settle down and sleep,,and her fever fianlly broke,,,,the fever is from her teeth,,,,she is cutting her back teeth now,,,,felt so bad for her,and our air quality lately has really been rough for allergies and ashma. But here i am finally,,better late than never huh:}

I am feeling alittle better today as far as my throat goes,,just really tired,,so not doing anything today,,,have taken a short nap that helped alot,,,tonight i am going to go out to dinner with hubby,told him this morning,,i ain't cookin tonight and he said he didn't blame me,,,so not sure where,,but somewhere good:} well i see we have a couple more new people,,,i gotta get busy reading so i can not get behind here,,felt strange not getting on here first thing this morning to ,,,anyway,,hope everyone is doing good and you all have a wonderful night and weekend ok,

My menu today has been,,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,mini waffles w/syrup 4pts,,1/2 diet pepsi,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,,

LUNCH:,,1 cup noodles w/tomatoes,,,,4pts,,,,1/2 bologna sandwich 4pts,,wow chips 1pt,,,ice tea

DINNER:,,,not sure yet,,,but will stay within points;}

SNACK Ok everyone remember,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}}

Soon2BThin on 03/23/2001:
You know what they say, Pasta, better late than never. Sorry you had such a rough night. Hope you enjoy your dinner out.

ABrown6794 on 03/23/2001:
Hey Pasta, I thought that I was the only one who tried to keep going 24/7! Hope you have a nice evening with dinner and everything.

Krispy on 03/23/2001:
Sorry to hear that your grandaughter wasn't very well. It's always especially hard in the middle of the night!!!! Hope both you and her are a lot better now.

Don't blame you for not wanting to cook tonight, hope you went somewhere nice. Take care and have a good weekend!

halley on 03/23/2001:
Get some rest - it helps your body burn fat!

dvdmon on 03/23/2001:
Hey there,

Sorry you're still not feeling great. About the asparagus, basically what I do is melt some butter, stir in some seasonings - so far just salt and garlic - and then just throw the asparagues in, getting it thoroughly soaked in this mixture. Then I throw it on the grill for 7 or 8 minutes, and voila! Let me know how yours comes out!

pastagal - Thursday Mar 22, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Good morning everyone,,well we had another hot day yesterday,,but no blackouts,thank goodness,,,but i never did turn the air conditioning on,,just opened all the windows and turned ceiling fans on and my whole house fan,,, My lil granddaughter had a rough day yesterday,she has ashma bad and must of been something in the air bugging her yesterday,,poor lil thing coughed so hard all day and could not hardley breath,,and her mom forgot to bring the machine over to give her treatments ,,so i had to go get it after lunch time,,she was just struggling to hard,,it took three treatments to help her,,,,that **** scares me to death,they can get bad so fast. Well my strep is still not good,,i am not kissing on the kids or letting them near my glass that i drink out of,,i have not been running fever so that is a good sign,,,but gosh my throat hurts bad,but my neck is starting to feel better finally,,so i guess it is just going to take time to get rid of this ,, Today is going to be another nice day around here,,i have lil zach all day and brad this morning,,,so will have a very busy day,,and my mother in law is starting to do things she doesn't realize she is doing now,,been dreading this to start with her,,she is going down hill tho and most are surprised she has kept her wits about her as long as she has,,the home health nurse said that its going to really get hard to care for her now:{{ just what i don't need,,,but i will deal with it . Well i better wrap this up,and i hope all of you have a wonderful thrusday and do something special for yourself,,ok:}}

My menu today is going to be,,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 scramble egg sandwich 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,,1/2 glass diet pepsi,water

LUNCH:,,1 cup potatoe soup 4 pts,,crackers 2pts,,1 hot dog w/mustard 5pts,,ice tea,,,,,jello w/ff cool whip,,,,,water

DINNER:,,steak 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,ice tea,,jello w/ff cool whip,,,,


well all of you,,enjoy your day and talk to you all later,,,but remember,,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}

Pushedtothewall on 03/22/2001:
Thank you for your kind and encouraging note! I just think that your "One day and a time & consistancy" is such an excellent byword! It sounds as if you are the busiest woman in the world. You have my respect and full support for all that you are doing. Lived in San Jose to Santa Cruz area for twenty years, part of which were in the seventies and I went through that energy crisis. It is a challenge and THEN some! I am curious about the "pts" notations that you put after your food selections. What does this mean? Take care of the caregiver today!

Kyrin on 03/22/2001:
I have a lot of respect for people who care for others that way that you do. My grandmother was at home until about a year ago. It got to be physically impossible for my parents to care for her at home any longer. So, while they were reluctant and felt terribly guilty for doing so, they placed Gran first into an assisted living facility and then into a nursing home. It was the best decision for everyone.

I've never asked, but some of the things that you have to do for your mother-in-law lead me to believe that she is bed ridden. Is she?...and how much longer will you be able to care for her at home? ...or are there no other options available?

{{extra special hugs for you today}} ...like someone else said.. "Take care of the caregiver."

SoccerMom on 03/22/2001:
Sorry to hear that your mother-in-law is heading downhill. Maybe it's time to move her into a nursing home? You can still visit her and do things for her, but you will get some (much-needed) relief. My folks finally moved my Gran to a nursing home last year...and it has turned out to be the best thing they ever did. They still see her several times a week, but now they are able to enjoy their retirement, and spend time together again. Before, someone always had to be home with Gran, so mom and dad had to go out separately. This is much better for all of them, and Gran is getting more stimulation at the home, too.

Have a wonderful day!

ABrown6794 on 03/22/2001:
Pasta, when I'm home I eat different than that, but during my work week, I only eat enough during my lunch and breaks to keep me from hitting the little machines in the hall. I work graveyard and I just find it difficult to eat meals in the middle of the night. So during the work schedule my heavy meals are breakfast and lunch which are eaten in the early afternoon. Take care hope your back to 100% real soon.

breakaway on 03/23/2001:
Sounds like a tough time for you comming up! Boy do you need a vacation. I would gladly give up mine and give it to you! You need it more then I do! Even though your going through all these problems your still doing great diet wise! Good for you! Take care ok!!! Have a wonderful day!

Krispy on 03/23/2001:
I really admire what you have been doing, it cannot be easy. Maybe it has come time to give yourself a bit of a break. I know, easier said than done!! Just take care of yourself and I do hope you will be fully recovered soon.

Take care and have a great day!

pastagal - Wednesday Mar 21, 2001
Weight: 135.0

Good morning everyone,,,well i weighed and i lost two more lbs,,,5 to go and i will be at my goal,,,gosh i have not been this weight since high school:} and well,,,i have a 30 yr class reunion coming up in july,,so guess that says how old i am:}} I am going to be 48 in lil over a month:} well i hope everyone is having a nice day,,it was really warm here yesterday and i was effected by the rolling blackouts,,,lights when out for an hour,,which wasn't bad,ashley was sleeping and so i just kicked back on the couch and napped to,,i am starting to feel a little bit better ,,the swelling in my glands have gone down,,,,and throat still hurts ,but nothing like it did last night. Well today i have ashley again and brad,,,i think the reason i lost this past week is mainly due to the fact for the past few days i have not eaten much,,just enough to keep from getting an upset tummy from the meds i am taking,, But a good sign,,this morning i am actually hungry and looking forward to eating something,,i feel like i have gotten behind on all the entrys and commenting,,,even tho last night i tried to read some before heading to bed,,well everyone,,hope your all doing great and i will go and read all your entrys and say hi to the new ones i see on here,,and will get this day started:}

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 scrambled egg sandwich 4pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,water,,,,SF hot coco 1pt,,,,

LUNCH:,,1cup potatoe soup 4pts,,1//2 tuna sandwich 3pts,ice tea,jello w/ff cool whip,,,

DINNER:,,Grilled chicken,,3pts,,brocolli & asparagus w/butter 2pts,,small salad 1pt,,ice tea,,,


well everyone have a great day and remember.ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}

Kyrin on 03/21/2001:
Ohhhh. I'm so gald that you're starting to feel like yourself again!

Congrats on the two pounds...only five more? Hooray!

You will be staying with us when you reach goal, won't you? I can't imagine this place without either you or Maria!

Krispy on 03/21/2001:
<font color=red> CONGRATULATIONS on losing another 2lbs, only 5lbs to go!!!! Means I've got some catching up to do!!!!

Glad to hear you are now feeling better, I heard about the blackouts you are having on the news - right over here in England. Wish I could swap some of the weather, would you like some snow?

Stick with it and we will soon be celebrating with you, take care and have a great day!

Koko on 03/21/2001:
OH MY...did you say the "L" word....a LOSS?!?!!!! That is fantabulous. Good going and you are cruising to goal weight now.

So glad to hear you're feeling better and hungry. You're on the road to a full recovery. You know I understand the implications of the blackouts re: the energy supply, etc.; however, a positive note is that it's just like having a daily break for down time. What is that called in some cultures, a hiatus?? I'll have to pull out my dictionary. Glad you enjoyed it by going to sleep. And keep up the good work 'cause you're an inspiration.


bobik on 03/21/2001:
Yes!!!! You are amazing. You are gonna feel so great at your high school reunion!!!!

maria7 on 03/21/2001:
<font color=red><b>CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!PACMAN DOES HIS HAPPY DANCE!!!!!HEAR THE MUSIC PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, you are doing super fantastic...you are almost at your goal, too....wonderful, isn't it? :) Glad to see that you are feeling better, Pasta. :)

ABrown6794 on 03/21/2001:
So glad to see that you are feeling better. I'm sure that you'll make your goal and go to that reuniion looking fabulous!

Soon2BThin on 03/21/2001:
Hey, Pasta, glad you're feeling better, hope it's all gone soon. What are those blackouts like, I heard we may get them here soon too. Hope not. I am envying you so much right now. Wow, 135. I really need to work hard to get caught up with you. You are my inspiration. Your menus always sound so good. Have a great day.

SoccerMom on 03/21/2001:
<font size= "+2">CONGRATS on losing <i>another</i> two pounds! Woo-hoooo! You're almost there!</font>

Have a wonderful day. Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Tabby on 03/21/2001:
Glad to hear you are feeling some better. Good to see that at least you are putting a breakfast item on your breakfast sandwich.lol :) Congradulations on your weight loss. I am so happy for you. I haven't been 130 lbs. since I was about 18 teen and at this point it seems a million miles away. Keep up the great work.

pastagal - Tuesday Mar 20, 2001
Weight: 137.0

Good morning everyone,,,well its going to be another warm day here in northern calif,,,,and i have not experienced any of the black outs yet,,but could if it continues;{ Well i was really feeling bad yesterday,,i had to babysit lil zach all day till 7pm last night and had brad most of the day to and boy it was tough with feeling so badly,,,,After they left i took a pain pill and went to bed,i have never had anything hurt like this has,,my glands are not as bad this morning,,so i guess the antibiotics are starting to do something,throat still hurts really bad,,Urgent care called me yesterday and said they read my culture wrong,,,that its not what they thought ,,,but strep throat that settled into my glands,,but that what they put me on will take care of this,but will take a good 10 days he said to go away,,,and if i still have any signs of it to come back and be checked,,,i have no idea where i picked this up,,i am so tired of getting sick so much,,i use to never get sick,guess i am making up for all the yrs i use to breeze through with out anything wrong,,,,, well haven't eaten much the past few days,just hurts to much to swallow food,,,plus no appetite,,,but i am drinking water even tho that even hurts,,,, Today i have ashley and brad,ashley is laying down watching Barney,her favorite and brad is watching something in the Toy room,,,so thought i would get my entry finished and try to catch up on what i have missed the last couple days,, Well today no walking for me,,just no energy and don't want my throat to feel worse,,so will just make sure i drink plenty of water today:}I notice we have some more new people,boy it just keeps growing huh,i love it tho,,,enjoy reading and commenting to all of you:} Ok here is my menu today,,i have jabbered on long enough:}

BREAKFAST:,,1/2 tuna sandwich 4pts,,couple sips of diet pepsi,"ouch" think i will stick to water:}

LUNCH:,,1 cup soup 2pts,,crackers 1pt,,ice tea,,jello w/ff topping,

DINNER:,,Homemade potatoe soup 1 cup,,4pts,,crackers 1pt,,ice tea,,

No snack still,,,i got on the scales today,,but i won't post till tomorrow,,well everyone have a great day and remember,ONE DAY AT A TIME & CONSISTANCY:}}}

ABrown6794 on 03/20/2001:
Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can.

Krispy on 03/20/2001:
Sorry to hear you have been feeling so rotten!!!!

The main thing is to get better, so take care and don't worry about exercising, your body needs its energy to recover!!!!

Hope you feel better soon and I look forward to your weigh in tomorrow!!!

SoccerMom on 03/20/2001:
You could have picked up a strep germ almost anywhere...especially around kids so much. Strep can move into your joints, heart, and other areas of your body, though, so please be sure to take all of your antibiotic, and take it on time. Is there any way you could <i>not</i> watch the kids for a few days? You really <b>need</b> to get some rest to let your body heal.

Take care of yourself! ((HUGS))

Soon2BThin on 03/20/2001:
Pasta, I'm sending you some of my energy & good health so I hope it works & you feel better soon. I have just been so lucky with my health this season, I've heard about so many people who have had such bad stuff. My earache is gone again today & I feel great. Went to a new WW meeting & enjoyed it. You take care of yourself & get well soon.

Jonai on 03/20/2001:
Hope you feel better soon!

breakaway on 03/20/2001:
AWWW pasta! I feel bad that your sick! You take care of yourself and Get yourself well! You don't deserve to be sick you have too much to do during the day! You seem to be getting in enough food though...that's good. I know it must be really hard to eat! Take care and I will pray that you get well real soon! Have a great day if that's possible!

Koko on 03/20/2001:
It's just no fun when one of you is sick. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Big hugs!


halley on 03/20/2001:
I'm glad you are feeling at least a little bit better. It's so hard to focus when you are in pain! Hope you feel better!

Tabby on 03/20/2001:
I hope you feel better real soon!!! I have alot of trouble with my tonsils swelling up so I know what your going through. Be sure and get plenty of rest so when you do start feeling better you will be ready to get back to your routine. I love potatoe soup!!!! I would have a real hard time just having 1 cup of the soup. I just want to eat and eat. My husband always makes us potatoe soup and we all love it. Feel better soon. Tabby

maria7 on 03/20/2001:
Pasta, that is awful about your sore throat...I hope you are better soon...just take your medicine and eat soup and try to get some cold drinks going...I know that cold drinks usually help me a lot when I have a bad sore throat...I hope you feel better in the morning...I was out in the rain a lot today and hope I don't get the sore throat again. I had to take my Mother to 2 doctors in 2 towns. Pouring rain. Well, you take care and get some rest and take care of you. Maria :)

pinkus on 03/21/2001:
I love soup too, and pasta by the way....the soup is easy, I made it up after having Italian Wedding Soup somewher. Start with 2 large cans of nonfat chicken broth, add fresh sliced fresh garlic to taste(I like alot) then add about 1-2 cups chopped fresh spinach (or I have used a frozen package) then a couopleof italian tomatoes cut small (can also use canned) and simmer. About 15 minutes before serving bring to a boil and add little pearl pasta and cook til tender.Serve with a sprinking of parmesan. Salt and pepper to taste. I do hope you are continuing to feel better. Keep up the good work

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