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pastagal - Monday Jan 29, 2001
Weight: 145.1

Good morning everyone,,,,,gosh every day when i get on here there are more new names,,,:}}} well today its raining here again,,,yesterday was such a perfect day outside,no wind,,warmer ,sun out,,,,and just beautiful,,now today rain:{{ oh well,,,that is the way it usually goes for calif this time of yr,

well i have my grandson starting today from 8:30 am till 11:40 am ,then i run him to school,only few blocks from me,,,,

well i feel better this morning,,,stomach is still a bit shaky,,,nothing like it was tho.

Well i haven't exersise in two days now,,,but today i will do the treadmill here at home and tonight run into the gym for an hour,,so trying to slowly get back on track with that,,seems i just get going good and come down sick:{{ i never use to catch things like i do now,,not sure why now,,,inless having the lil ones around so much,,,don't know. just part of life you deal with i guess,,,hubby says i need more vitamins,,,,i hate PILLS,,yuck,,,,:}

well today my menu is going to be,,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,V8 juice,,diet pepsi,,,water,,scramble egg 2pts,,2slice diet bread w/tsp mayo 2pts,,1/2 banana 1pt

LUNCH:,,, Cup canned soup 2pts,,1/2 bologna sandwich 2 1/2 pts,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea

DINNER:,,, Cube steaks,,4pts,,salad 2pts,,green beans & corn on cob 1pt,,ice tea

Snack,,popcorn 1pt,,,,diet pepsi

well thats it today,,,hope everyone has a great monday and i will be back later and read journals and make comments,,gotta shower right now and get ready for grandson to get here,,,,talk soon,:}}}

sunny3 on 01/29/2001:
I am glad you are feeling better! You take it easy and ease back into excersizing slowly. This flu is tricky. You think you feel better and BAM! it gets ya again! Lol, just relax and take things easy.

You food choices sound great as usual!

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Soon2BThin on 01/29/2001:
I just read your yesterday entry, I'm usually on here in the early evening, so I missed it then. Sorry you were so sick. You should take it easy for awhile, don't jump into that exercise too soon. Did you get a flu shot? I take vitamin c everyday & one-a-day essentials. They are small & easy to swallow. Hope it doesn't come back. You take care of yourself.

maria7 on 01/29/2001:
Glad to see you are feeling a little better, Pastagal, you might want to consider the vitamins. I take a multivitamin and extra vitamin E, and calcium. Maria

muggg on 01/29/2001:
Sorry you were sick, Pasta Gal. Yes, it does make a difference being around school age children. They are exposed to so much! The flu is so bad this year and it has come back on people over and again. be careful and take care!

You are doing so great staying on your plan!

SoccerMom on 01/30/2001:
Have fun with your grandson. I'm glad you're feeling better. This has been since you ate the pizza a few days ago? Wow...something must not have agreed with you.

Have a wonderful day(in spite of the rain).

pastagal - Sunday Jan 28, 2001
Weight: 145.1

Sunday evening,,,,,,well hi everyone,,i didn't make it on here this morning,,,,i did manage to get here yesterday morning,,which at that time i was feeling ok,,,,then about 10am yesterday morning i started feeling bad,sick to my stomach,,,well by noon i was one sick girl,,,hugging the bathroom toliet,,and so sick i could not eat or drink all day on sat,,,,,sat night hubby fixed his own dinner,,,i thought i was gonna die,,,and every bone in my body hurt soooo bad,,,guess i got the flu bug that lil bradley had on friday when i kept him with me all day,,,seems i catch everything anymore,,never use to,,guess it goes with getting older huh.

Well today i woke up so weak and empty,,cause i couldn't drink water or anything yesterday and so today i have drinked nothing but water,not alot but everything else taste bad to me,,,i tried to eat some lunch when me and hubby went to town to get grocerys,,,we stopped and i had a BLT,,,,but could only get half of it down and maybe 10 fries,,,ice tea,,,,,came home put grocerys away and thought i was going to lose my lunch,well i kept it down,,,so i laid down for about two hours and i am feeling alot better tonight,,,just weak and slowly getting back to normal:}

well we sure are getting alot of new people on here,every day seems to be more new names,,,,,love it to:}}

well i will write more in the morning,,,and hopefully be back on track with exersise and water and eating,,,tho i got on the scale and i did lose ,,,,,,but i am not going to count that yet,,probley alot is just water,will wait till tuesday night to get my weight charted:}} ok have a great evening,talk to you all in the morning,,Nite;}}}

maria7 on 01/28/2001:
Hope you feel better soon, Pastagal....In answer to your question, I'm just doing a diet of about 1200 calories/day now, some days are a little more and some a little less, also working out a LOT and drinking at least 64 ounces water a day. Though today it is over 100 ounces of water I've had. Get some rest and get well. Maria :)

prism on 01/28/2001:
Sorry to hear you weren't feeling good, hope you get feeling better......

sunny3 on 01/28/2001:
Gosh I am so glad to hear you are feeling better now. I just knew if you watched your wee grandson who was sick that you would end up with it!

It is such a horrible flu too. Is your grandson better too? I sure hope so.

Take it easy, don't push yourself too much!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

pastagal - Saturday Jan 27, 2001
Weight: 145.1

Morning everyone,,its so cold here in northern calif today,the north wind is blowing and feels like ice outside:{{ burrrrr.

well last night me and hubby went to dinner,i had peice of NYS and salad and 1/2 baked potatoe and ice tea,,,my stomach is still bothering me and i tend to think its from the pizza i over ate the other night:{

Well i got a letter from a friend in NYC this morning,he has been on the Atkins diet now for two months,,i was so shocked,,he says he went to the doctor yesterday and weighed and has lost 30lbs so far,,,wow i was jealous,,,,tho they say guys lose faster and he has alot to lose,,but 30lbs is alot?? huh,,,,,,i am truely happy for him tho,,he says his doctor is so pleased and he says he is eating good on this diet,,,

well today i am watching the baby some while my son and his wife start moving into there new house,,its all finished and we went by last night to see the baby cause they were over there putting there new blinds in the windows and gosh its so nice,,,but new houses are always so nice,makes mine feel old now,lol,and its only 9 yrs old:}

well i am going to finish laundry today,walk on the treadmill,,and clean the fridge out since i didn't get that done yesterday:} and make a grocery list for tomorrow,,,and read up on low carb stuff today,i have the Atkins video tapes about his program,maybe i will put those in and find out there what i should eat if i want to incorporate some low carb in my dieting now,,,i love weight watchers and i am loseing but i keep wanting to change to this low carb thing,,,,why is that?? lol,,i know,,why change if what your doing is working huh,,,maybe i just need a change,,but i probley won't change,,anyway,hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and still to your diets;}}}

My menu today is,,,,

BREAKFAST:,, 1cup homemade soup,,,4pts,,diet pepsi,,,water,,,

LUNCH:,,salad w/chicken cut up in it,,3pts,,1 cup soup 4pts,ice tea

DINNER:,,1 cube steak 4pts,,salad 2pts,,green beans 0pts,,corn on cob 1pt,,,ice tea,,

Snack,,,probley none tonight cause i have the lil guys and to busy to snack when there around,:} Have a great weekend!!

sunny3 on 01/27/2001:
Sounds like another great day for you!

Supper last night sounded nice too!

Wow your friend is doing so great losing 30lbs in two months. Yes its true that men lose faster than women and if he has had a lot to lose then it comes off faster at first! Good for him! He sounds like it's doing great!

Hope you have another great day!

Hugs! ~~Rene~~

scatterbrainz on 01/27/2001:
HI!! just wanted to say thanx for your encouraging words to me...yeh...i think ive found a place that im comfortable with..everyone understands what im going thru...just as i understand others...i hear what your sayin about ignoring the scale...cuz your right...when i get on the scale..after "being good'lol..eating like im supposed to..blah blah blah..and i dont see a decrease in the numbers but sometimes an actual INCREASE..its very discouraging and has made me say "forget it" in the past..i know u can lose inches without losing pounds...actually shrinkin like u said...so..im gonna keep an eye on both..and realize that yeh..one day at a time... thanks again for your encouragement... =)

maria7 on 01/27/2001:
Hi, Pastagal, well, I tried the Atkins Diet and it did work, but I still had to count calories...it wasn't like I could eat all the eggs, cheese, and meat that I wanted as long as I stayed under the carbs limits, not for me...that's not to say another person couldn't, however. Maria

Soon2BThin on 01/27/2001:
Sounds like you're having another great day. Do you mind if I ask what your goal weight is? You are doing so well, you must be awfully close to it. I know what you mean about men losing faster--my hubby is losing & he doesn't even do any formal exercise, like I do. He also gets so busy that he forgets to eat sometimes & I have to remind him. I hate that--I never miss a meal, LOL. And I'm always looking forward to the next one. Enjoy your grandkids tonight.

prism on 01/27/2001:
I can't help but wonder about how cold it really is down there in Northern California....Living up here in Washington we've been getting alot of snow and ice.....how many degrees are we talking' here? :0)

SoccerMom on 01/28/2001:
I did the Atkins a couple of years ago, and lost 26 pounds in less than three months....but that only happens if you follow it strictly. No caffiene, no sugar, no flour products(pasta), no rice or potatoes. You have to be willing to give up a lot, but it really works. I felt better, had no more migraines, lost the pms symptoms, and had tons of energy. But...you HAVE to be very strict about it. No cheating, or you undo a couple days of good.

Sounds like you're doing well on your present diet....and slow and steady losses are usually easier to keep off. Good luck!

Have a great day.

pastagal - Friday Jan 26, 2001
Weight: 145.1

Hi everyone,,i know today is a great day for alot of you,since its friday:}}} just another day for me,,,anyway,,last night i blew it,,,i fixed a big pepperoni pizza for dinner with our homemade soup,,well i was planning on having one small peice,,umm confession time ,,,i had three peices,and they weren't small,,,i can only imagine what that cost me,,,,,,lol,,oh well,,i wanted them so bad,,,and by the time dinner got around i was in a weird sort of mood and started eating dinner and it was like i had totally forgot i was ever dieting,strange strange,,,,,but i paid for it later,,my stomach hurt about two hours later for a couple hours:{ i think to much oil from the pizza and the crust was really thick,,,,,anyway,,don't want no more pizza for awhile ,,,but i look at it this way,its over with and today is a new day,,drinking lots more water today to flush it out of me,,lol,,,and eating nothing but my homemade soup today,,:}

well gosh that felt good to confess:}}} so lets see,,,today its raining here still,,,i didn't get my fridge cleaned out yesterday,but today i will,,,,might have my grandson brad today ,cause he isnt feeling to good this morning,,,and kathy my daughter has to work and ashley goes to day care,so i will have him if he doesn't go to school.

Ok going to walk today 15 mins this morning,,,then before lunch 15 mins,,,then mid afternoon 15 mins an again tonight 15 mins,,that way i can get an hour in walking and it not seem so hard,,,i think if i do this on a reg basis i can keep it up,,,,:}

well my menu is simple today,,,,

BREAKFAST ,,,1 cup homemade soup 4pts,,,diet pepsi,,,1/2banana 1pt,,,water

LUNCH:,,,1 cup homemade soup 4pts,,crackers 2pts,ice tea,,,apple 1pt,water and if i am still hungry,,,,ss jello w/ff cool whip

DINNER:,,,1 cup soup 4pts,,,crackers 2pts,,ice tea,apple & banana in cool whip,,2pts,,,,

Snack,,popcorn if i need something and diet pepsi,,1pt,,

well thats it today,have a wonderful friday and see ya all tomorrow:}}}

SoccerMom on 01/26/2001:
We all do that occasionally. I'm at my worst when my hubby is home on the weekends. He hands me things, and if I'm not careful, I'll pop whatever it is right into my mouth. I'm learning to say no thanks.

Go drink some more water...get that pizza washed away. Have a great day!

sunny3 on 01/26/2001:
Good for you! Keep up that positive attitude! You are doing so great and a little extra isn't going to do that much damage because your willpower is still holding strong! You aren't quitting and you are making up for the little extra today!

Keep up the awesome motivation pastagal!

I hope your grandson feels better soon. I would love for this bug to leave the planet! It seems to be invading everyone! I hope you don't catch it from him.

You have a great day. Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

TweetieCat on 01/26/2001:
Hi Pastagal:

It's amazing how your body has adjusted to eating less so when you had a bit more than you normally do, it resulted in not feeling well. Hopefully, you're feeling better today. In an earlier entry, you mentioned the movie Coyote Ugly. It's so funny because just last weekend, my daughter bought it on DVD and we watched it Saturday night. It was SO good!!! I loved the songs and the dancing and the storyline was good too. The lead actor was adorable and the girl played a good part too. We even bought the movie soundtrack because we liked it so much.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful diet day today and over the weekend. I will not be in the office on Monday since my husband's aunt passed away but I'll be sure to check with all of our fellow DDers on Tuesday.

Take care,


muggg on 01/26/2001:
You're right... today is a new day .. onward and forward... right? Isn't it wonderful though that we realize that we really feel better on our diets than we do when we eat unrestrained? When will we learn? It's a good reality check when we slip a little.

I like your idea of dividing up your exercise time. It will be easier to work it into your day.. you won't dread such a large block of time and I really think it burns more calories that way. They say it speeds up your metabolism for several hours afterwards!

Don't worry about the pizza.. you've been good for so long. Sometimes we just need to let go!

km on 01/26/2001:
You have done so fabulous that the extra pizza you had will not hurt you I'm sure of it and everybody has the urge to just forget about the diet and splurge so don't be so hard on yourself.

You have got right back on it perfectly!

Have a great day ~KIM~

sparkymel on 01/26/2001:
Remember that it's ok to cheat every now and then. You have to allow yourself those things that you love, or you'll deprive yourself too much! So DON'T beat yourself up about it. You're doing great!!!!

sparkymel on 01/26/2001:
Pastagal, Well, it is alot of pills and I hate taking pills myself. To be honest, I never take medicine unless I have to. Some people crush them up and take them. I have managed to survive swallowing them. I weighed 178 when I started and now weigh 165! So, I am going down!!! Anyway, I know what you mean about the pills because that was my big scare too, but they work so I am taking them. Also, I wanted to tell you that it cuts your cravings for all the bad stuff like sweets, caffeine, bread, etc.-Bigtime! Anyway, thanks for writing me and good luck with your diet!! Smiles!

maria7 on 01/26/2001:
Don't feel bad about the pizza...you can always make it up, bet it was good! Maria

prism on 01/26/2001:
I know how you feel. Pizza is my big downfall...I have a hard time resisting it

Sounds like you've got the right idea, just forget about it the next day and start with a clean slate, right?

pastagal - Thursday Jan 25, 2001
Weight: 145.1

Well its already thrusday,,,geez where does the time go:} Sounds like so far everyone is doing great today,,its going to rain again here in calif,,,cloudy and getting darker and darker out there,,,i have the grandkids this afternoon at 3:00 till 9 tonight,,won't be but about 5 more weeks and i will be watching my new grandson ,can't wait either;}}}

Well last night was a nice night,,,had my kids over for dinner,,and then after they left,,,i took a hot bath,,,and popped some popcorn and then watched Temptation Island,,wow that show is addicting,,,even tho its hard to watch at times,,,i really love it:}Then Once and Again ,,that is my all time favorite show on tv now;}

Well today i have to clean my fridge out,,i cooked two Tri Tip roasts last night,,,and i am making a Huge pot of homemade veggie beef soup with that meat today,,,can't wait,,i could eat that soup at every meal:}}}

well i did one hour on the treadmill last night,,,was tough,,,but i did it,,,not sure if i can do an hour a day tho,,,but will try,,,maybe it won't seem so long each time once i get into a good routine,ya think? i know right now it seems like forever,,,,

well i need to go jump in the shower,,the home health nurse will be here in one hour to change mother inlaws catherder,,,,so i best get moving,,,,

My menu today is going to be,,,,

BREAKFAST:,, Bowl cereal 3pts,,,2slices diet toast w/butter 2pts,,v8 juice ,,1/2 banana 1pt and diet pepsi

LUNCH:,,,1Cup homemade soup 4pts,,crackers 2pts,,1/2 tuna sandwich 2pts,,,,ice tea

DINNER:,,1 slice pizza 6 pts,,cup homemade soup 4pts,,green salad 2pts,,,ice tea,,,,,

Snack,,,apple & banana in ff cool whip ,,2pts,,,,

well have a great day everyone,,,drink drink drink WATER:}}}}}

muggg on 01/25/2001:
An hour on the treadmill? I don't know how you do it.... I'm impressed!

Your menu sounds yummy, especially the soup.. It is pretty cold here at 6� this morning! I did bring your chicken rice soup to work today. Almost time to heat it up! Ymmmm

Have a good one!

SoccerMom on 01/25/2001:
Hey...would you mind sharing the recipe for your soup? It sounds wonderful!

I haven't watched Temptation Island yet...I've gotten hooked on the "Croc Files" (on Animal Planet station)...that guy is a hoot! Can't believe the things he does.

Have fun with the grandkids!

prism on 01/25/2001:
You have the total gym, too? I love that thing. I havent used it in awhile...but everything they say about it in the infomercial is true, you really can get a whole body workout in 20-30 minutes and you really can store it under the bed. I love doing the chin ups and pullups, because I can't do regular ones and the incline really helps...

maria7 on 01/25/2001:
Hello, Pastagal! You and me both are having homemade soup, only yours sounds a lot better with the beef in it! :-) Yes, I saw on the weather channel that storms were predicted for California. Maria

pastagal - Wednesday Jan 24, 2001
Weight: 145.1

Well weigh in last night was great,,,lost 2 lbs,,so maybe the exersise i am doing now is helping ,,now if i can just keep this up,,but i will continue to just take it as it comes and not let it get to overwhelming,,,the meeting last night went great,,,i can't beleive how many people are at the meetings lately,,,i know it will probley taper off soon,but so far everyone is sticking it out;}

Well i had a good night after i came home from my weight watchers weigh in and meeting,,,i popped some popcorn and we watched a movie i had bought last weekend when i went shopping,,,its called,,Coyote Ugly,,,gosh it was a good movie,,hubby stayed up till 11 and watched it with me and didn't fall asleep in his chair,,lol,,,he normally can't stay awake,,but this movie kept his attention:}

Well today i am going to up my treadmill,,been doing 30-35 mins,and i am going to do an hour today if i can,,,wish me luck:} Tonight i am going to go to the gym for an hour,,,yesterday my daughter was offered a full time job at the gym,,,monday - friday 9-5,,weekends off,,she would be running the day care they have in there,,and can take her kids with her,,so that will save her two hundred a month on day care for ashley ,,,,ashley goes three days a week ,,,well now she can just go to work with mommy:}}

Well no rain this morning,,but it will start before the day is over,,looks like this next month is going to give us some good rain here in california:}and we need it,,just don't want to much and them start yelling ,,FLOODS,,,,,well sounds like everyone is doing great here,,,

Someone answered my entry yesterday,,,signed it 'Peg",,,does anyone know who that person is?? i was going to respond to a couple questions she asked,,but don't know who it is,,,

Well todays menu is going to be,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,scrambled egg on diet bread w/mayo,,4pts,,v8jucie,1/2 banana 1pt,,diet pepsi,,,water,,,

LUNCH:,, 1 cup pasta w/stewed tomatoes 4pts,,,salad 2pts,,,jello w/ff cool whip,,,ice tea

DINNER:,,,Grilled chicken 3pts,,,salad 2pt,,,corn on cob 1pt,,asparagus w/butter 1pt,,,apple&banana cut up in ff cool whip 2pts,,ice tea

SNACK,,,,popcorn & diet pepsi 1pt,,,,

well hope everyone has a great day and keep drinking your water,,making great choices and exersising;}}}}

sunny3 on 01/24/2001:
Congratulations on your 2 pound loss! That is wonderful! Sounds like you are right in tune at the gym and with your treadmill workouts!

Keep it up you are doing so great!

Have a really nice day! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

muggg on 01/24/2001:
Congratulations on your loss... Woo Hoo! Way to go! You are hitting the exercise hard too! Good news for your daughter...hope she likes it!

Thanks for the movie review... don't know what I'd do without my fellow DD movie reviews (LOL).

Sorry, don't know who Peg is. Maybe you can just reply to her in the make a comment section of your diary.

Keep up the good work!

SoccerMom on 01/24/2001:
Congratulations on the loss! Wow...two pounds! You're getting closer to that goal weight every day. You get a great big "attagirl" !!

Soon2BThin on 01/24/2001:
Way to go, Pasta! *doing the happy dance for Pasta* I'll NEVER catch up with you, LOL. But I know that's not what this is all about but you're still my WW heroine. You really keep me going at it. Good job with the exercise. Hope you had a great day.

Kyrin on 01/24/2001:
All right, Pasta! Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap! Congrats on the two-pound loss! Way to go!!!

(later)...AKKKKKKKK! I just read some of your beginning entries. The two pound loss pushes you up over the 60-pound loss marker. 61 pounds gone, gone, gone! You need an even bigger round of applause for that bunch.

Hooray, Pasta!

herb on 01/25/2001:
Thanks for welcoming me back. The reason that I was not on the scene was because my modem had burned out. So I retired the old machine temporarily, and got a iMac machine from Apple. I like it much better than a laptop.

zaxmom on 01/25/2001:
"Weigh" to go!!!! 2 lbs lost, that's great! I am glad to hear your WW meetings are going great, it really helps when you have a meeting to go to that is really helping. My TOPS group is great too. We all need a little support!! Keep up the great progress!!!

pastagal - Tuesday Jan 23, 2001
Weight: 147.1

Good morning everyone,,,,,well tonight is weigh in for me,,even tho the meetings where i go are packed right now,i enjoy going and finding out how i have done and listening to the leader talk,,,last week was great.

well we had a beautiful warm sunny day here yesterday,,and now today its raining:{{ guess the weather is going to tease us now,,seems to do this around this time of yr,just when you think spring is trying to roll around the corner it rains:{

Well no grandkids today or tomorrow so i am going to get some major cleaning done ,,,but first i have to get on here and check all the entrys and then answer them,,,,thats my morning,,,and i love doing that,,,is anyone else on here as hooked on this site as i am?:}}}}

Well i walked for 35 mins last night on the treadmill,,the more i do the more i want to do more,,,i think finally i am getting into the routine of walking again,,,i think when spring gets here i am going to take an hour in the evening and walk outside while hubby is here and working around outside rather than use the treadmill,,

well sounds like everyone here is really into there programs,,gosh all of us are going to be so skinny before we know it:}

Ok here is my menu today,,,,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,1 scramble egg 2pts,,2slices diet toast w/jam 2pts,,v8juice,,2slices bacon 2pts,,,,diet pepsi and my water

LUNCH:,,, Large green salad w/chicken cut up in it 3pts,,cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,,ice tea,,,,jello w/ff cool whip

DINNER:,,,,steak 6 pts,,salad 2pts,,,,,brocolli & corn on cob 2pts,,,,ice tea

Snack,,,,popcorn & diet pepsi,,,,,,

well that is it today,,think i am going to lay out a tri tip roast and cook it to make soup with tomorrow,,,love soup when the weather is rainy and cold,,,,well hope everyone has a super good day and just remember,,,Take things ONe day at a time and drink your water:}}} and exersise even if its only a few mins at a time,,,,every bit counts;}}}

km on 01/23/2001:
Good Luck on your weigh in I am sure you will do fine!!You have stuck on your diet all week.

I too am making soup I love it too just haven't been making it enough!!

Hopefully we will all be skinny by summer that is our goals but what would we obsess about!!!at least for me I can not get over how much time and energy it takes worrying about diets or dieting so here is to finally all of us losing the weight once and for all!!!!!!!!!!Have a great day,~KIM~

sunny3 on 01/23/2001:
Wow 35 minutes on the treadmill! That is so great! I would love to do that but the gym only allows you 25 minutes because people are usually waiting. If there aren't a lot of people then I stay on longer. Lol!

Yes I agree with you. I am definitely hooked on this site! I love it. You all keep me motivated and I know it is helping me greatly!

I wish spring would come too! Another few months of this weather and then we can look forward to some blossoms and sun!

Hope your day is wonderful! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

The Bug on 01/23/2001:
Your doing so great with the treadmill. Congratulations. I hate to walk on the treadmill because it's so boring, just like riding the stationary bike. On the other hand, I love to walk outside and ride my bike, outside, and have no problem with it. Have fun at your meeting!

SoccerMom on 01/23/2001:
It sounds like you're doing GREAT! I find that the more exercise I do, the more I feel like doing, too.

I'm making beef stew tonight...lots of veggies in it...parsnips, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and peppers. It's great on a cold night like this.

Keep up the good work!

KT on 01/24/2001:
Heya Pasta,

Good luck on your weigh-in tonite! I don't think you are going to need luck though. You've been doing so well. You seem to really be disciplined and be able to stick with it so well. I seem to do well in exercising and my water intake but somehow my food choices are never as good as they could be. Oh well, I'll get there soon! You can count on that.

Now see if I was you and didn't have any grandkids for the next couple days I would probably pamper myself. It's funny though when you mentioned that you were going to clean it reminds me so much of my mother. Now that lady likes to clean! Funny how that trait must have skipped a generation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your next couple of days and take care!

peg on 01/24/2001:
I too am doing ww 123, and I have done it in the past also. I have only been back 2 weeks and I have lost 6lbs. Anyway I wanted to tell you about a wonderful website for people on ww. It is called healthdiscovery.net and then you go into the support board. It has helped me tremendously and I thought if you haven't been there, you may want to go check it out. I was also wondering what part of Cali you are from??? I hope to hear from you. Peg

pastagal - Monday Jan 22, 2001
Weight: 147.1

Hi everyone,,,,well i am late getting on here today,,,,this morning i was just running behind,,got up later than normal,,,then had to get ready to head to town early,,,,my daughter came over and sat with her grandma so i could run into the bank and stop and have my nails done,,then i stopped by Wal Greens and got a few things,,,

My weekend was good,,,,sat i didn't do much,,,sat night i babysat ashley and brad for my daughter,she had a party at her house,,then sunday i was surpose to go shopping out of town with my daughter,well ended up going by myself,,,she umm had a slight hangover,,lol,and she wanted me to feel sorry for her,,but i didn't:{,,,infact what she really wanted was me to watch ashley and brad all day while she slept,,i said NOPE,,not today,,i am going shopping,,,,so hubby stayed home with his mom and worked around here,and i went to the New mall and shopped all day:}}

Tho on the way i was detained a bit,,was driving down the highway,gocking out the window not paying attention to how fast i was going,see there was hardly no traffice,,beautiful day,sunny and bright,,,well i was gocking at the cows off to the right of me,happened to all of a sudden look down,,and OMG i was going 80 miles an hour in a 55 speed zone,,,umm to no avail,looked up in mirror and YEP,,,,Highway Patrol on my butt,,,,,pulled me over,,scared the chit out of me to,,lol,,anyway,,must of been my lucky day,he asked me if i knew why he pulled me over,i said with a smile,,YES i was going a bit to fast,,he grinned at me and said,Yes um you sure were,,,and asked if i have ever had a ticket before,,i said no,,this will be my first,,he said,well just between you and me,i will just give you a warning and he let me go:}}}}}}} i was one happy lady,cause he could of got me for going 25 over speed limit{ but was very nice,,,,,,

Well today is going pretty good,,beautiful day here today,,alot warmer out today to ,,,,

Ok,,i have been walking on my treadmill and useing the total gym,,,haven't yet today,but i will,,,,

And i see Herb is back with us,,,was happy to see that,isn't it funny how you get to know people here and when they leave and don't come back,,bugs the heck out of ya,,but very glad herb to have ya back:}}

Ok here is my menu today,,,

BREAKFAST:,,,v8 juice,water and diet pepsi,,,,wasn't hungry this morning:{

LUNCH:,,,Ice tea,,Taco 6pts,,,,

DINNER:,,1cup chili beans,,,4pts,,,green salad 2pts,,corn on cob 1pt,,ice tea,,apple and banana cut up in ff cool whip,,,2pts,,

Snack,,,,popcorn 1pt & diet pepsi,,,,

well thats my day,hope everyone is doing great,,sure are getting alot of new people on here huh:}}} i love it,,,,

Soon2BThin on 01/22/2001:
Wow, you were really lucky about not getting that ticket, watch that speedometer from now on, huh? I know how that happens when the weather is so nice. Good for you, walking on the treadmill & using the total gym. Sounds like your diet is going well too. Well, keep on keeping on. Have a great evening.

muggg on 01/22/2001:
You are so lucky to not have a ticket! He must have been feeling as good as you! (LOL)

Good for you, Mom, not feeling sorry for your daughter. That is great that hubby will work out with you! I'm envious! (LOL) However, my hubby did go shopping with me. He always said we couldn't shop together! (Go figure!)

sunny3 on 01/22/2001:
You sound like you are doing terrific and you always have such a wonderful outlook. Always finding the sweetness in a day..

Well your daughter sounds like she had quite an evening! Thats why I don't do those evenings anymore since I started having kids! You have to get up in the morning and take care of the little ones!! My mother would have done the same thing. She would have said, you made your bed missy, lie in it now! Heehee.

It's great that you took some time for yourself and went shopping. And you got your nails done too! It is always nice to treat oursleves. It makes us feel special and worth so much!

The police officer, what a nice guy! He saw the kindness in your eyes and knew that he just couldn't give such a sweet sunny lady a ticket! It's true, I think our happiness and positive attitude radiates to others, I know it does!

You have a lovely evening! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

km on 01/23/2001:
Lucky you on the ticket that was really nice of the officer~~I have only had i speeding ticket in my life and i was 17 since than I have been ticket free!!!!!!!! knock on wood!!!!!!

You sound like you are doing great with the diet and exercise I myself just started to exercise yuck!!!How can anything so good for you be so terrible!!I've heard it gets better so i am hopeing. Forgot to tell you I checked out your pic of you and baby and the baby is so cute and you look close to goal now that's great!!!!!!! Have a great day~Kim~

pastagal - Saturday Jan 20, 2001
Weight: 147.1

Good morning,,,nice saturday morning here in calif,,,still having a power problem,,,but doesn't seem to be as serious the past couple days,,,who knows tho what next week will bring.

Well i have a busy day ahead,,,got to do my sat cleaning and finish laundry around here,,,clean mother inlaws room,,,do her laundry,,then this afternoon i am fixing a homemade pot of chili beans,,,and tonight i am babysitting my grandkids over night,,ashley and brad,,,my daughter is having a birthday party at her house for a girlfriend,,so they will party party,lol

But i won't have to worry about her drinking and having to drive home,,so thats a plus:}

well i had gotten so excited about the gym and then they go and shut it down because of the power problem we are having:{ oh well,,hubby last night said he will do workouts with me here on the Total gym i got him for christmas,,,,and i really like it to,,,

well tomorrow i am going to go shopping out of town with my daughter,that is if she is feeling ok after the party,,lol,,me and her haven't gone shopping together out of town like this in,,,,oh gosh,,so long i can't remember,,so will be nice to spend the day together like that;}

well my menu today is going to be,,,

BREAKFAST:,,,1 egg fried,on diet bread w/mayo,,5 pts,,v8 juice,1/2 banana 1pt,,diet pepsi,,cup sf hot coco

LUNCH:,,large salad w/tuna mixed in it,,,4pts,,cup tomatoe soup 2pts,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea,,,

DINNER:,,,1 cup chili beans,,,4pts,,,small salad w/chicken 3pts,,,crackers 1pt,,,,apple cut up in ff cool whip and sf jello,,ice tea,,,,

Snack,,,v8 juice and jello

well everyone,have a great day and be safe:}}

sunny3 on 01/20/2001:
You sound like you are doing so great! You sure keep yourself busy with taking care of your grandkids! Your kids are fortunate to have a mom who will do such nice things for them. I hope they appreciate all you do!

That is too bad they shut down your gym but how sweet of your husband to offer to work out with you. That is very supportive of him. I don't know him but I like him already!

Well I should be doing the same as you and getting to my housework and laundry. You reminded me... waaaaaaaahh! Heehee.

You have a great day! Have fun tonight with the kids!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

maria7 on 01/20/2001:
Hi, Pastagal! What a busy day you've had today! Your pot of homemade chili beans sounds really great and I still haven't gotten around to making them yet, but I will...yum! Looks like you are really doing great with your menu and exercise program and your Hubby going to work out with you on the gym you have in home...that will make it so much easier when you have someone to exercise with. I know I can do a mile on the treadmill, but it seems 10 times longer than the mile my hubby and I walk together outside. Maria

Soon2BThin on 01/20/2001:
Gee, sorry to hear about your gym, hope it's not closed for too long. But you have your treadmill, don't you? I have that book too, "Win the Fat War", but I haven't started it yet, too busy lately. Hang in there, you're doing great!

SoccerMom on 01/22/2001:
Sounds like a wonderful way to get in that exercise....shopping! You get in your walking, weight training (by carrying bags), and socializing (attitude is 99% of dieting!) Have fun.

The Bug on 01/22/2001:
Shopping with your daughter and a workout with your husband. What else could you ask for. I hope you have fun!

pastagal - Friday Jan 19, 2001
Weight: 147.1

Good morning everyone,,,well its friday and i know that is great news for all of you who work out of your home,,,,:}Well i slept in alittle longer than normal today,,but guess i needed it and it felt good:}

I had a good day yesterday,,,altho i went to the dentist and he had to give me 5 shots in the gums before removing the temp bridge,,then he put the permanent one in and thought everything was fine,,loved how it fit to and looked,,,he found a small defect in it and said he wanted to send it back and have that fixed:{ so now i have to wait till the 5th of feb to get it put in,so he just put the temp one back in my mouth,,,,oh well,guess waiting another week isn't going to hurt,been waiting a yr now.

well i didn't get my full alotment of water in yesterday,i can't drink for a few hours after he does that to me,so didn't like that much,,,but today i will do better,,,well they shut the gym i go to down for awhile,,,because of the power problem we are having:{ oh well,my luck,,i start something and then they shut it down,,,but i will just have to do more here at home,,:}

well today i am going to do laundry,,do some reading,,bought some new books last week and haven't really read much in them yet,,One is called,Winning the Fat War,,,its about 400 different people who have lost lots of weight and tells ya how they did it and kept the weight off,,,very inspiring to me:}

well my menu today is ,,,,

BREAKFAST:,,, 1/2 tuna sandwich 3pt,,1/2 banana 1pt,,v8juice ,diet pepsi,,,,water

LUNCH:,, cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,wow chips 1pt,,apple & banana cut up in ff cool whip,,2pts,,ice tea,,water

DINNER:,, Steak 6pts,,salad 2pts,,asparagus 1pt,,corn on cob 1pt,,ice tea,,,,

Snack later tonight,,,jello w/ff cool whip 0pts,,diet pepsi

well i hope you all have a wonderful day,,drink your WATER ,,,exersise and make good food choices ok,,and keep a food journal:} See ya tomorrow,,,,

The Bug on 01/19/2001:
Sorry about the gym. Hopefully it won't be closed for too long.

muggg on 01/19/2001:
That is a bummer about the gym and your bridge.. But you've got the right attitude. Hopefully, next week everything will fall into place. Have a great weekend!

maria7 on 01/19/2001:
Your book on Winning the Fat War sounds interesting, Pastagal. Sorry about the gym being temporarily closed. Maria

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