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pastagal - Sunday Dec 17, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Hey everyone,,,,,well yesterday turned out good,,the shower went super and the food was good,,,eveyrone really enjoyed it and my daughter in law got some really neat things for the new baby:}

Today i got up early,,we got dressed and ready to head to town,the wind was blowning so hard here today,,i hate the wind by the way,,my allergies have been horrible all day from the wind,,,,

Yesterday i was so tired by the time the shower got over and last night i had planned to take a HOT bath and hit the bed early,,and about 9:30 my daughter called and said lil ashley had fell off the bed and hit her head on the front,,her forhead and to get over there quick,,,,,i took off in a rush ,,,,

Her head had a goose egg so huge on it,,,so had kathy run her into ER to have it checked,i didnt think they would do much for it but tell her to watch her for a bit,,but they xrayed and came back and said she would be ok,just to keep a close eye on her for 24 hrs,,,,well happy to report,she is fine today,just a big egg all black and blue,,

Seems she decided to bounce on the bed,,while mommy was in the kitchen,,,and she flopped right off the bed on her head,,don't think she will do that again,,,

well today we went to Sams club,,,took my daughters car and left it there and had new tires put on it for her,,,then went in my vehicle and did some shopping,then stopped at Dairy Queen and had lunch,,,i had a hambuger and fries,,,and tonight i had made some homemade chili beans and had a small bowl,,,with crackers,,mmm they were so good to,,,

well didn't drink my water today ,only two bottles,,but sundays are not my day to drink much,,,,so back on track in the morning,,,well gonna cut this short,,i am pooped tonight ,,but wanted to get on and read entrys and find out how everyone has done the last two days:} i just can't sleep if i don't read these things:}}lol,,,,the girl is HOOKED,what can i say:} nite everyone,,,see ya tomorrow,,,,

pastagal - Saturday Dec 16, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Hey everyone,,,,well i got up bright and early and have already done a lot to prepare for the baby shower today,,it should be alot of fun,,,,i shampooed my carpet last night before heading to bed,,it really looks nice this morning,,so fresh and clean smellin:}}

I went to town last night and got all the stuff to prepare today for the shower,,but first we went to dinner,,had dinner at Sizzlers,a steak house,,,i had a NY steak,,med and salad and baked potatoe,,but only half of it,,,ice tea,,,,,was really good to,,,

Well my menu today will be,,,no breakfast,,,luncheon at about 1:30 today,,,which will consist of ,,,meat,veggies,,crackers,,chips,,dips and olives & pickles,,and ice tea,,,then a small peice of ice cream cake,,,so dinner tonight is going to be soup and salad,,nothing heavy after eating that kind of stuff for lunch,,,,,

Well i hope everyone has a great day,,,,tomorrow is another busy day for me,,,hubby is taking me shopping with him,,,he wants me to show him things i have been wanting,,:} so guess i will,,,,,talk to you all later,,i will be on later tonight to read all the entrys and make comments,,,,so have a safe but fun day ok,,,,,:}}

maria7 on 12/16/2000:
Hello, Pastagal, thank you for your comment. I am enjoying reading your journal. This is a first for me. What part of the country do you live in? I live in the southeast and we are beginning a thunderstorm tonite, with sharp lightning, so gotta go. GREAT to hear from you! Maria

maria7 on 12/16/2000:
Pastagal, I also meant to congratulate you...I see that you have lost 12 pounds since September and with these holidays, that is an outstanding accomplishment. How many calories a day do you do? I see you are on Weightwatchers. I think that each of their points add up to about 50 calories and there is no limit on type of food eaten? Maria

pastagal - Friday Dec 15, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Good morning everyone,,,,its a cold and dreary day here in calif today,,,but makes it feel more like christmas this way i guess,,,well i finished wrapping all my gifts last night,,,all under the tree,,well almost all,,have two items that are hidden in the closest till christmas cause i can't wrap them,,,,Now the trick is,,to not forget to bring them out at christmas,,,lol

This morning i got up ,,went in and started trying some stuff on,,need to figure out what i am wearing to the shower tomorrow here at the house,,i found the sweater i wore last yr to a christmas party,,i put it on,,and stood there in amazement for a few mins,,,it hung on me,,,literally hung on me,,,and last yr,,,,was snug,,,wow what a great feeling,,:}}}} Thats what makes me want to continue what i am doing and not EVER stop,,,i still have my days ,,moments that i don't feel smaller,,but when i try something on that was once Tight when i put it on,,,i know i have made progress and it is an awsome feeling:}}

Well today i have a ton of stuff to do,,cleaning every room ,,,shampooing my family room carpet,,but i think i will wait till just before bed then it will have over night to dry,,gotta make a list cause tonight hubby is taking me out to dinner and then shopping for the food i am going to fix for tomorrow,,

Hubby ran into Sams club last night and bought two new twin mattresses for the grandkids new beds,which will be delivered this next week,,,and they are so excited about getting them,,,

I am so grateful that my husband is so willing to help our daughter with so much like he does,,,he pays for so much for her and never complains,,,tho i know he will love the day she is able to provide more for her and the kids,,,but right now,,she just isnt able,,newly divorced and its just tough when your a single parent,,,her x i hope will one day help the kids alittle more,,maybe once he gets over the anger he seems to have about the divorce,,,anyway,,,thats another story,,,lol

Well food wise i have been doing ok lately,,,i even think this next week i might see a loss in the scales,,,but if not,won't let it get me down,,especailly after trying that sweater on this morning and seeing how baggy it was on me,,,whoa what a feeling:}}}}}

Well food today is going to be,,,,,,

Breakfast,,,,scramble egg 2pts,,,2slices bacon 2pts,,,v8juice ,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,diet pepsi,,,

Lunch,,,Large tuna salad,,,green salad with tuna in it & mayo,,,3pts,,,cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,,ice tea,,,,,crackers 1pt

Dinner is in town,,,probley for me i will have,,,,,

Steak 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,veggies,,Ice tea,,,

No snack tonight,,,gonna be way to busy to think of snack,,,,,

Well everyone have a great friday ,,be safe out and about today and for the ones who don't come here on the weekends,,have a GREAT weekend to ok,,,,see ya all later:}}

Lagniappe on 12/15/2000:
Isn't it great to have things fit looser!? I put on a pair of jeans this morning that I haven't worn since last year. I haven't lost much (yet), but I can tell there's a difference and it feels terrific. Congrats! I tried to remember to bring some straws to work with me this morning, but I forgot. I have a whole box of them. I used to only drink soda out of a can if I had a straw. No more soda, but I'll try to remember the straws on Monday. Keep up the good work.

Lagni :)

muggg on 12/15/2000:
Congratulations on the sweater! That is so neat... I am really thrilled for you, especially since you've been feeling fat lately!

It's so neat to be able to do for the kids... I'm glad your hubby is generous. Hopefully your ex-son-in-law will come around.

I'm going to try the straw trick once I get moved.

Soon2BThin on 12/15/2000:
I'm glad you're feeling so good. Trying on that "too big" sweater must have felt so good. Have fun at your party tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you.

pastagal - Thursday Dec 14, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Good morning everyone,,,i am a bit late getting my entry done today,,but i am here:} its so cold out here today,,rained here yesterday most of the day and night,,,

I had my grandkids last night till 9pm,,,,,i took them home to get them ready for bed and ended up cleaning there bedroom out,took me two hours,,but i did it,,,went through there closets and cleared out several bags of stuff they don't use anymore,,,and when my daughter came home she couldn't beleive how great the room looked,,but i told her it had to be done,cause we got them new bedroom set that will be delivered next week and she is so bad at putting things off till the very last min,,,something i hate to do.

Today i have lil ashley all day,,,,and bradley when he gets out of school today,probley till around 6 tonight,,,daughter is going out of town shopping at a mall with her girlfriend,,,so told her i would keep the kids today,,,i have a tv guy coming to put a new part in my Big 45 inch tv,,its only 6 yrs old and already had something major go out in it,no warrenty on it,,so of course it would go out,lol.

I have alot to do tomorrow,,,won't have any kids so i can shampoo my family room and clean and get things ready for the shower on sat ,,that should be alot of fun,,then sunday hubby wants to take me shopping,he needs ideas of what to buy me,told him i don't want him to get me anything,,he is having to pay 3600.00 this next thrusday for my bridge work and i figured that would take care of the next three christmas,lol,,he says no,,that he would pay that no matter what anyway,he is so good to me :}

Well i am doing great on my water lately to,,,back spending lots of time in the bathroom and i feel so much better,,the more water,the thinner i feel,,,,and useing the straw now to drink it with,,has been great,,i am getting twice as much down,and it makes it so easy,,,

Well i am going to end this,,and get ready for lil ashley to get here,,so here is my menu today,,,,

Breakfast,,,had a homemade burrito,,,,6 pts,,diet pepsi,,,v8juice ,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,

Lunch:,,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,,dill pickles,,,0pts,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea,,,,,

Dinner,,,New York steak,,6pts,,salad 2pts,,,mixed veggies,opts,ice tea,,,,

Snack,,popcorn & diet pepsi,,,1pt,,,,

Have a great day everyone:}}}}

TweetieCat on 12/14/2000:
Hi Pasta:

How's things today? You sound very energetic and upbeat. Glad you're not feeling "FAT". I do because I'm expecting my "." in a couple of days and I'm getting all of the warning signs. Your weather is still better than what we had in NJ last night, this morning - sleet/freezing rain/ice. What a combination to wake up to and have to drive to work in but thank God, I arrived at the office safe and sound. A lot of people decided to stay home and schools had a delayed opening so traffic was lighter than usual.

That's nice how you help out your daughter. You're a good Mom and I bet she really appreciates all you do for her and the kids.

Have a great diet day today...

Take care,


muggg on 12/14/2000:
Pasta, don't worry about my freezing here. I'm keeping so busy... I'm melting the snow all around me!!! (LOL)

How sweet of your hubby to be so generous. Glad things worked out for you. I don't think my husband will be so quick to catch on. But he is going to make some improvements. I might not miss him as much as one would think. I'm ready for some peace and quiet and sleep... he reads till 2:30 am with the lights on! I won't miss that. I finally bought a sleep mask! Anyway.. I can see him as much as I want. As far as I'm concerned we're going back to the dating stage. If that doesn't work out... then bye..bye! I'm giving him a chance though. I do want us to stay friends no matter what we decide!

dvdmon on 12/14/2000:
Hey Pastagal,

You're right, I do need to eat more veggies, I just don't buy enough and not being a cook I don't know how to make much other than just nuking them and putting butter on them. I think laziness comes into it too ;-) I am allowed veggies, and even fruit too, as long as I keep my carbs to 20-30 grams per day. So I basically can have a small to medium size portion of veggies at each meal, or a pretty small portion of fruit (which has a lot of carbs in the form of sugar), but not both as I would go over my daily limit. I've usually only been getting veggies in at dinner and I was getting fruit in for breakfast via my fruit smoothie, but I haven't had it recently. I just found a protein shake that has only 2 grams of carbs, 135 calories and tastes pretty good, so I'm thinking of mixing my fruit smoothie (basically frozen berries blended together) with the protein shake to get a well-rounded but fast breakfast...

KT on 12/15/2000:
Heya Pasta,

Sounds like you put in a full day at work. I was laughing when I read the part in your entry about you cleaning out your grandkids room. My own mother does the same thing. I know you did it because of the new furniture and I'm sure your daughter was happy to see it done. My own mother just seems to get on a tangent and goes to one of my sister's house and cleans up. I think I need to move closer so I can get these perks!

I hope everything goes painlessly with your bridge work. You have all my sympathy when it comes to dental work. I think I would be happy if a dentist never had to do any work in my mouth again. I hope you have a good day tomorrow and Take care of you!!

pastagal - Wednesday Dec 13, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Good morning all you great people,,,can ya tell,,i feel good today:}} I woke up and didn't have that FAT feeling ,,,finally it left me,,i think not drinking the water had lots to do with it,,cause yesterday i drinked 8-16 oz bottles and tho i spent alot of time in the bath room,,,i feel so much better ,,,so gonna try hard to do the same daily,,,i am useing the straw,,which helps so much to get the water in ,,you don't think about it and you find yourself drinking twice as much :}

Well i had a good day yesterday,,,got alot done,,,made my list and last night went to town alone again and finished my shopping that i needed to do,,,even got the paper to wrap my gifts for the baby shower i am having at my house this sat for daughter inlaw to,,,,

Well today i have a busy day,,going to watch my granddaughter from noon till 9 pm tonight and then my grandson when he gets out of school today till tonight,,,i love having them here to:}}

Its cold here today,,dreary lookin outside,,cloudy and kinda like it might get foggy later today or tonight,,,last night it was crystal clear outside,,which since i had to run to town ,was glad for that,,don't enjoy driving in the fog at all.

well i didn't weigh last night,,,i know i didn't lose,,so when i headed to town,,,decided i wasn't stopping and weighing in,,would just be wasted money,,,,so i weighed here at home this morning,,scale says the same,,so no gain is better than a gain,,,i will for sure weigh in next tuesday tho,,,,and hope to see a loss,,,i am trying to keep my pts down and i know if i continue with the water as i am right now,,,i will lose,,,:}

well now about my menu,,,,lets see,today is going to be,,,,,and i always list it cause i do so much better if i start my day out knowing what i am going to be eating at each meal,,,works good for me cause i am home all the time and can plan that way,,,

Breakfast:,,,scramble egg 2pts,,,2slices bacon 2pts,,v8juice,,diet pepsi,,,1/2 banana 1pt,,

Lunch:,,,Large green salad 2pts,,,cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,crackers 2pts,,ice tea,,,

Dinner:...Burrito,homemade,,,6pts,,green salad 2pts,,apple & banana cut up in fat free cool whip,,,2pts,,,ice tea,,,

Well that is it today,,,hope everyone has a wonderful weds:}}}}

muggg on 12/13/2000:
You sure are a busy gal!!! I'm glad you lost that fat feeling! It is so frustrating. Keep up the good work.. I know you'll see that loss next week!

What are you serving at your baby shower?

cutiecat on 12/13/2000:
It looks like your diet is great! Very well-balanced and lots of variety. Don't worry about not losing today, just stay focused on your diet and I know you will succeed!!

Have fun with your grandchidren!!

krndrln on 12/13/2000:

You are doing so well on your eating. :) Keep up the good work...staying the same this time of year is really an accomplishment, you should be proud of yourself. I think there is something ingrained in us that makes us think we have to eat more during the holidays so if you can keep it on an even keel through this time then you will be rolling the first of the year. :)


KT on 12/14/2000:
Heya Pasta,

You really are in a good mood this morning! It's good to see someone that cheerful. That "fat feeling" gives me the blues in itself. I'm sure losing that helped bolster your good mood.

You're doing great with your diet. With all the things you have going on in your life you seem to be juggling them all rather well. Just when I think I have alot going on I read one of your entries and just get tired looking at it. Keep up the good work and your spirits! Take care of you!

The Bug on 12/14/2000:
I think the water has a lot to do with my weight loss. When I drink my 140 ounces of water, I usually stay in my 1500 calories and I'm just more careful. This past few weeks, I've been slacking on the water and doing about 60 - 100 and cheating with the eating. This past week has been good, food and water, and I've lost a pound.

Hope you have fund at the baby shower and it's not too hectic for you. It's a lot to do, just before Christmas.

pastagal - Tuesday Dec 12, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Good morning,,actually for most of you its afternoon,i am late doing my entry today,,,got on here earlier and read everyones and made comments and then about the time i started to do mine,,the nurse showed up that comes once every two weeks to change my mother inlaws catherder,,,so had to get off line,,then i went ahead and showered and did my hair,,

So here i am ,:},and feeling much better today,,still feel fat,lol,,,but i have already drinked 4 16oz bottles of water and on my fifth one so i feel good about that,,,and its going through me this morning to,,,so thats a good sign,,,not like the other day when i drank and drank and didn't go potty much,,,,

Well i skipped eating first thing this morning,,but after my shower i had some of my left over spaghetti i made last night,,,and 1/2 cup pudding w/fat free topping,,,,,diet pepsi,,so gonna count that as my lunch and breakfast and will probley just have a snack later this afternoon,,,

I am going to finish wrapping gifts today,and making a list ,cause i have to make another trip to town tonight,hubby laughed at me last night,he says,,,see i knew you would think of something else to go buy,,lol,,,anytime i tell him i am done,,i always find more to go get,,,lol

Well going to wrap today,,,laundry ,,,,and just take it easy,,,,so hope everyone has a great day today,,,,not alot to tell right now:}

Breakfast,,spaghetti 1cup,,6pts,,1/2 cup pudding w/fat free topping 4pts,,,diet pepsi,,,

Lunch,,,combined my lunch w/breakfast today,ate later than normal.

Dinner,,Spaghetti 6pts,,small salad 2pts,,green beans 0pts,,ice tea

Snack,,,,Popcorn while watching my show"Once and Again"

Ok,,,have a great day everyone:}}}

muggg on 12/12/2000:
Wish I was home wrapping... you're putting me in the mood! Oh well, I can do that tonight.. I like to put on some Christmas music while I do it!

You put me to shame with your water! You know, I wonder if after a time we get accustomed to our weight and no longer feel thin.. then at a lower weight we feel fat. Remember what you would have given to weigh what you do now? Hang in there... it will happen.. you're being too good for it not to!

Regarding cookbooks. I actually take them to bed with me for nighttime reading. I can never stay awake long enough for real reading! I do try the recipes in them though. My favorites are yummy ones that look special! I also like cookbooks with stories in them, like the author traveling or how they grew up!

pastagal - Monday Dec 11, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Good morning everyone,,,,Well yesterday went really good here ,,,the birthday party for my granddaughter turned out nice,,,food was great,,,everyone had a really good time,,,Ashley got so many cute things,,,i think when she gets older,,she will say,,gosh i am glad my birthday is so close to christmas,:}

Well tho everything turned out great,,,i was so tired last night that i was almost sick,,,havent been that way in long time,,,

Once i went to bed,i tossed and turned all night,,,,hubby did the same thing,he said this morning,,,i think it was cause both of us were to tired and sore all over from working so hard on sat and sunday morning getting things prepaired,,,

You know your out of shape when just cleaning house and prepairing for something such as a birthday party makes you sore all over,,lol,,,so keeping my fingers crossed that i get that membership to the gym for christmas,,,which if i don't,,i will just get it myself;}

Well today i have to run to the bank,,and do a couple errands,then get back home,,,,cause my mother inlaws brother is driving up to visit her for a couple hours,,Oh ya,i got her up last night before bed to and gave her a shower ,,,,,which wears me out just doing that,,it not an easy task,,she can't stand,,walk or do anything ,,and it like lifting dead weight to get her up in the shower,,,but i still do it,,i know there is going to come a day soon when i will have to stop doing that and just bath her in bed all the time and wash her hair in bed to,,,

Well i actually didn't eat much at the party yesterday,,,i seem to always be worrying that everyone else is having a great time ,,getting enough to eat,i forgot or just don't settle down enough to enjoy the food,,,but last night we had some of the same thing for dinner and i enjoyed that alot,,,,,didn't get my water in tho,,,but starting today i am getting back on the water hot and heavy,,got to,,,gotta get this ucky feeling to go away,,,

Well my menu today is going to be,,,,

Breakfast,,,,scramble eggs,,2pts,,,bacon 2pt,,v8juice,,diet pepsi

Lunch,,,green salad w/ham,turkey cut up in it,,3pts,,cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,wow chips 1pt,,ice tea

Dinner,,,Homemade spaghetti,,,6pts,,,salad 1pt,,,ice tea,,,

Snack,,,,,orange 1pt and popcorn 1pt,,,,,

well that should do it for today,,,Going to really try to be good for the next two weeks and see if i can lose couple more lbs before christmas,,,tho i do have a baby shower to give this sat,,,so not going to beat myself up if i don't lose more before then,,,i do know,,once this holiday thing is over,,this girl is getting really serious about loseing the remainder of this weight,,,i have my 30 yr class reunion in july,,,and that will be here before i know it,so gotta get serious after christmas:} Have a wonderful monday all of you,,be back later.......

The Bug on 12/11/2000:
Good job keeping away from the food. You'll make up for the water, today.

muggg on 12/11/2000:
I can see a positive change in all of us.. we no longer panic if we get off track. We are determined to eat healthier and drink our water and exercise for the duration.

I had hoped to be to my goal weight by the end of the year when I started out. But really I have done so well to have lost 27 pounds. I know you are proud of what you have lost too. We will make it through the holidays without gaining and we will be ready to get serious again. It should be easier... so many people will be starting diets with the New Year.

KT on 12/11/2000:
Heya Pasta,

I think preparing for any party will wear you out. Hosting a party is alot of work. You want everything to be just right so everyone will enjoy themselves. I'm planning a Christmas dinner at my house over the holidays. I'm already starting to rearrange and get a menu together. I think I'll be happy to have it but also happy when it's over.

This time of the year it's really hard to stay on any kind of schedule. I think as far as dieting we just have to do the best we can and wait for the chaos of the holidays to subside. I've been trying to keep some sort of order but with all the errands, shopping, decorating, and cleaning it's hard. Keep doing as well as you have been and it will work out!! Take care of you, KT!

herb on 12/12/2000:
Thanks for your comment on the confidentiality of your diary. There really isn't anything bad there its just that you dont want people who you know personally to be reading it. You said that DD has really clicked with you, I feel the same way. Getting to know you, Jenny, Mugg, jaimy_sella. There slowly like becoming my friends.

pastagal - Sunday Dec 10, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Morning everyone,,,well i am already tired this morning,,yesterday was a busy day for me,,,cleaning and laundry and prepairing for the birthday party today at 1pm,,,,gonna have a house full of people,,,should be fun tho,,,

I am fixing them meat tray ,veggie tray,,made potatoe salad and macaroni salad last night,,,relish tray,,,dips and chips,,,and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins,,,,so should be enough,,

I hope with all this food sitting out on the counter today i can stay away from it,,,:} this will be the test,,,,lol,,,wish me luck.

I have already begun drinking alot of water,two bottles down already,,,so that is a good sign,,,,had to mop the kitchen floor,,vacume again,,,and now i gotta get my mother inlaw taken care of,and then shower and get ready for everyone to get here,,,,

Last night i was so tired by the time dinner got over,,,but i got a wild hair and decided to get the gifts wrapped and under the tree,,,i was till 10pm doing this,,,got it done tho,,and so glad to,,,but so so tired ,,,,lol,,,,

well i hope everyone has a great sunday,,,i don't feel as fat feeling as i did yesterday tho,i think it had to do with the water,,,i drinked alot of it yesterday but yet didnt go potty much,,,that happens now and then,today feels like the day i am going to spend most of it in the bathroom,,,,lol

well my menu today is going to be off schedule,,,no time for breakfast,,,to much to do,i did open a v8 tho,so that will get me till lunch,,,,then i will have alittle of everything i make,,,,then dinner tonight,,,,not real sure yet,,,,havent thought about it much yet,,,,but i will tell ya later if i get on,,,,well have a good one and enjoy your Sunday:}}}

pastagal - Saturday Dec 09, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Good morning DD's,,,,,,,

Well went shopping for stuff last night for granddaughters birthday party tomorrow,,,haveing around 25 people here for it,mostly family i think,,,,should be fun,,,,

I have been cleaning this morning and getting things done ,,,,hope everyone is have a good weekend,,

I feel FAT this morning,,,i hate this feeling,,,i have that feeling from time to time,,,tho this past week i havent been drinking the amount of water that i have been use to drinking and i think its starting to catch up with me,,,,,i have had two bottles already today tho,,,so gonna try hard to get back on track with the water,,,i feel like the past couple days i am not on track,,,and don't like this feeling ,,,,so gonna buckle down and get serious,,,

I read an article in shape mag last night about a lady who lost over 100 lbs just making small changes,,but her secret was being consistent with the changes and i think that really is the key,,being consistent daily,,,,,tho that is hard at times,,,

well gonna get off here and get things done around here,,hope everyone has a wonderful weekend,,,be back later to check entrys ,,,,,

Menu for sat,,,,,

Breakfast,,,Didn't eat any,,,

Lunch,,,bowl of chicken rice soup 4pts,,,1peice of left over pizza,,6pts,,diet pepsi,,,,water

Dinner tonight,,,,salad 2pts,,,steak 6pts,,,veggies 1pt,,,,ice tea and more water,,,

snack ,,popcorn 1pt,,,,,,diet pepsi

Ok outta here for awhile,,see ya all later;}}}

jaimy_sella on 12/09/2000:
i hate that feeling. the "fat" feeling. one day i'll feel so good about myself then the feeling comes and its blah! cheer up!!!!! easier said than done, but i'll cheer you on if that helps!

Soon2BThin on 12/09/2000:
I know that "fat" feeling very well, I'm sure it will go away soon. You are doing so well. How's that chicken rice soup?

muggg on 12/10/2000:
I sympathize with the "fat feeling". We all do feel that way at times. Hang in there and keep drinking your water. You just reminded me that I haven't started on mine. I already have opened a soda. Most days I wait till noon to have my first soda of the day. I credit you for my soda reduction since I am doing the Strawberry carbonated water each day. But since it's Sunday, I didn't go to the gym and I'm out of my routine.

I just chilled a bottle of my water and am going to get that water in today!

Thanks for your support. It's hard for people to believe what goes on in an alcoholic household if they haven't seen it themselves. He can be so sweet... but not when he's been drinking "that much". They can easily convince you that you're imagining things when the next morning rolls around and things are ok. But after this much time.. I know better.

Have a good day!

pastagal - Friday Dec 08, 2000
Weight: 154.0

Its a beautiful Friday here in calif today,,,fog is all gone and so pretty outside,,,but cold:}

I went shopping again last night,,had to get stocking stuffers,,,and pick up couple more things,,i think now i am done,,,just have one more item to get for hubby and thats it,,,,

Today i am wrapping all the kids stuff,,ashley and brad run into the tree everytime there here to see if anything is under the tree yet,,,i don't put names on there gifts,,don't want them to know they are for them,,i tell them that Santa doesn't bring theres till christmas eve,,,which they seem ok with,,,,but they just like seeing something under that tree,,lol.

Well i made another potof soup yesterday afternoon,,,this time Homemade Chicken Rice,,it turned out so good,,so will be eating that the next two or three days,,,i am able to keep my points down really low,which is good,,,cause sunday i need all the extra points for the birthday party for my granddaughter,,,My daughter went to Baskin Robbins yesterday and ordered an Ice Cream cake,and it will be Barbie,,,,ashley is only going to be two yrs old,,but she adores Barbie anything:}}

Well i feel great today to,,,enjoyed going out alone shopping again last night,,,and i bought a new Wreath for my front door,,its so pretty to,,,gosh i love Christmas:}

Well today i am going to wrap things,,and finish laundry and then tonight me and hubby are going to town for dinner,,,and to Sams club to get what we need for sunday,,and i am looking forward to eating out tonight,hungry for a good steak:}

Well guess that is about it,,ok here is my menu for today,,,

Breakfast:,,,1cup of my homemade soup 4pts,,,crackers 2pts,,diet pepsi,,and a can of v8,,,,

Lunch:,,1 cup soup,4pts1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,ice tea,,,apple cut up in fat free cool whip,,,1pt,,,,ice tea,,,

Dinner,,Eating dinner out,,but i plan on having a steak,,salad,and veggie and no potatoe,,ice tea,,,no bread,,,,

Snack later will be popcorn if i am hungry,,

well have a great day and weekend for the ones who don't post on the weekend,,,be safe and take things"One day at a time":}}

Soon2BThin on 12/08/2000:
Glad to hear you're doing so well. But I didn't hear anything about exercise, LOL. It sounds like you keep yourself so busy though, you probably burn up tons of calories. Oh, that chicken rice soup sounds so good, I'm not much of a cook. I bet it's way better than the Campbell's kind, huh? I'll bet you have another good weigh-in next week. Take care. PS-how cold is it getting there now?

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