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pastagal - Monday Nov 27, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Morning everyone,,,well i feel great again today,,,love this feeling:}} guess after being under the weather so long it just feels great to be able to say ,,,i feel great:}

well my feet did hurt last night tho when we got home,left the house around 10am yesterday for town,,didnt get home till nearly 6pm with the car loaded to,,,Got my son and his wife a new video camera and looking for a new wall clock for there new home there having built and will be in just before christmas,,we hope:}Got my daughter a new digital camera and a computer desk,,,got the grandkids toys at ToysRUs and also bought ashleys birthday gifts now to ,her birthday is the 11th of dec,,,still want to get them some clothes,,,,but i have plenty of time,,,and have hubby to shop for yet,,,,i mentioned i want to buy him the Total Gym,,,its a nice peice of equipment,,i have a really nice treadmill that i love by the way ,,and herb,,,i don't use it for a clothes rack,,lol,,,this one stays folded up when not in use:} The total gym will be good for hubbys back and arm problem he has,he has had to take therapy for his problems and uses alot of weights and the things you have to stretch the arms with,,,,so i think this will be great for him,and me to:}

Well gotta run to town again this morning,my monday errands,,mainly making my bank deposit,,,,,then this afternoon i have the grandkids till 9pm tonight,,daughter has to work.

well sounds like everyone had a nice holiday weekend,,,mine turned out great,,,hubby was so great shopping yesterday,,,,and oh ya,,we bought something else to,,,,got the grandkids a new bedroom set,,they need one badly,,,and my daughter now that she is divorced with two small kids just can't afford stuff like that,,so we got it for them,,

Hubby also bought me two new book shelves for my bedroom,,they are pretty ,they match my bedroom set,there oak with beveled glass doors,,,and got me two new Oak DVD stands to hold my DVD movies,,,so i was surprised he came home in such a good mood,,,usually spending money like that he comes home a grump,,,but he seems to enjoy it anymore and i still have to pinch myself now and then to make sure i ain't dreamin:}lol,

well today i am going to make the homemade burritos for us,,,i didnt do it yesterday,,but will today,i bought all the stuff for them,,kids can't wait either:}they love them......

well guess i better get myself moving,still wanna read what entrys have been done and comment and then get my shower and get to town,,,so my menu today is going to be,,,,

Breakfast:,,, Hot dog w/mustard 5pts,,,,v8juice,,,diet pepsi,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,,

Lunch:..when i get home from town,,,Bologna sandwich w/lettuce &tomatoe &mayo,,,,5pts,,,,,wow chips 1pt,,,apple w/fat free cool whip 1pt,,,,,ice tea

Dinner :,,,Homemade burrito 6pts,,,,rice 3pts,,refried beans 2pts,,and wow chips 1pt,,,,,ice tea,,,

Snack might be popcorn,,,but ususally dont have any on the nights i have the grandkids till 9pm,,,cause i run them home around 8pm and get them ready for bed and by the time i return home its bedtime:} well everyone have a great day,drink your water and exersise and keep doing what your doing "One day at a time":}}

TweetieCat on 11/27/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

Boy, just reading your journal made me tired - LOL! You sure did a lot of shopping (I guess you shopped til you almost dropped). It sounds like you got a lot accomplished.

Glad to hear you're feeling well again. That's one thing I never take for granted...good health...it's priceless.

Have a great diet day today...


JenJen on 11/27/2000:
You really shopped, huh?

To answer your question, I made Italian Wedding Soup. I had been so hungry for it for a long time, so I decided at 10:30 last night that I would make it. It's pretty easy to do.....and fairly low in fat.

Take care!


JenJen on 11/27/2000:
Hi! I use one chicken breast (plus some canned chicken broth for added flavor), about 1/2 lb. ground beef for the little meatballs, endive (I like it, so I use a lot) and a touch of shredded carrot (for color)---salt and pepper to taste. I can email you the specifics if you want!

krndrln on 11/27/2000:
Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday and a busy one today. Maybe there is something in the air with these men, Mike and I went shopping today and spent a bunch of money on our daughter for Christmas and me just because!! and he wasn't in a bad mood either, which he usually is...we better enjoy it while it lasts. :)

I am so glad you are feeling better. I can tell by your post that you are feeling much better. :)

Have fun with the grandkids tonight. :)

muggg on 11/27/2000:
Your shopping day sounds so fantastic.... how nice you can help your daughter out! Your bookcases sound lovely too. I love nice furniture... my Dad was a carpenter.. I've always been in love with wood... especially oak!

Thank you for your support and comments... it means a lot!

krndrln on 11/27/2000:
I had to come back and reply to your post about my husband and I doing things together. Maybe it's just growing older and they appreciate us more, but my husband sounds like he was a lot like yours. We hardly ever did anything together before. I have to admit 75% of the time it was me that didn't want to go anywhere rather than him not wanting to do things with me, but now that I'm losing weight and have more energy he's staying with me more...probably afraid someone will try to steal me from him!!! LOL Sorry, I am not being stolen, but if it makes him stick closer to me I can live with that!! :)


herb on 11/28/2000:
Talking about Treadmills I want to direct your attention to Quacks' diary. January 3, 2000 and February 13, 2000. She went to WalMart, and bought one for $180. It lasted 42 days. See 'ya later. Oh I just read your entry forget what I said. I didn't know you had one already. As Emily Latella uses to say "Never Mind."

The Bug on 11/28/2000:
What a shopping adventure!!!!!! Your still holding on, doing great with your points. I can always count on you have a good point day!

pastagal - Sunday Nov 26, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Good morning everyone,,,,,its a cold sunday morning here in calif,,,but its not foggy,,,yeahhhhhhh!!:}}}

Well i feel great this morning and last night my grandkids came by for a few mins to see all the lights outside and the decorations inside and my lil granddaughter will be two the 11th of dec and she was in awww over all the lights and loved my carosal on top of the mantel,,,,,

I have Mr.& Mrs. Santa Claus sitting under my christmas tree and she knelt down and went,,,,,Oh Wow!,,,,was so cute,,,,

well today i am heading to town to tackle the crowds and start my shopping,,made a list last night and hopeing to get majority of it done today,,hubby is going with me,sunday is our day out for lunch and shopping,,,,,

Have not eaten anything this morning,and don't think i will,,gonna save my points and have a nice lunch out in town i think,,,have already had three waters,,,and tonight i am going to walk on the treadmill and also do tae boe,,,thinking of buying hubby a Total Gym for christmas,,,he has been wanting one,,,and it would be great for both of us to use,,,probley kill me useing it,,lol,,but i am game:}

well i hope everyone has a wonderful sunday,,i will get on later this evening and read all the entrys and try to comment,,,might even write how my day went:} My menu today is going to be,,,,,

No Breakfast,,,,,saving points for lunch,,,

Lunch is eating out in town,,,,,,

Dinner,,Homemade burrito,,,6pts,,,lettuce & tomatoe w/salsa 0pts,,,wow chips,,,1pt,,ice tea,,,,

snack,,,probley popcorn,,,

well everyone have a wonderful day today,,,,and take your journey "One day at a time":}}}

herb on 11/27/2000:
Thanks for the comeback "pastagal". You say your from Northern California. I was on the West Coast a couple of times. Redwood City, San Francisco. I know that you didn't ask for feedback on buying home gymnasium equipment. But I cant tell you how many people telling me that the (bicycle), (Nordic Track), (Treadmill), Stairmaster), select one, turned out to being the most expensive clothes valet they bought. My suggestion, join a group. My situation is that I can go to Saint Peters Hospital in Albany 3 times a week, and use their pulmonary therapy equipment. Price was minimal, in fact sometimes they'd forget to collect. The equipment was heavy duty top of the line. Equipment you might buy at Sears, such as a motorized treadmill in all probability will have an underrated motor. My point is try the YMCA, YWHA, local hospital, heart association, lung association, or go to a neighborhood gym. Oh you asked me what OA is, thats Overeaters Anonymous. I like it there I get to see grown people cry, and you get free hugs. Still going through the diaries last I counted it was 99 more to go. See ya.

KT on 11/27/2000:
Heya Pasta,

I bet your granddaughter was completely amazed by your decorations on display. Just the visual I get from reading your entry impresses me. I'm going to try to pick up more decorations for our apartment this year. We (more like my husband) usually hang soooo many lights around our house and on anything surrounding it. That was last year when we lived on base and didn't have to pay the electric bill. LOL This year I think we are going to stick to inside the apartment.

You really sound like you are prepared to go shopping. Have a list ready and everything! It sounds like you are going to have a fun day in town with your husband. I hope it turns out great and that the crowds aren't huge.

I think it's a good idea to get the Total Gym if it's something your husband has wanted. It's a bonus if you can use it too! I love giving those kind of presents. I've always wondered about getting some type of exercise equipment. Sometimes I just don't feel like making the drive to go to the gym and it just seems like it would be more convenient to stay home and do what I needed to do. Have a good day!!!

The Bug on 11/27/2000:
Congratulations on your Thanksgiving success!!!

pastagal - Saturday Nov 25, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Happy Saturday everyone,,,,,

I woke up a bit tired this morning and a slight headache,,,but its better already,,,took something for it the min i got up,,,,its so cold here and foggy this morning,,,

Well i had a busy day yesterday afternoon,,,got all my christmas deocrations up inside the house and hubby finished the outside,,,looks so pretty,,,,i have this set of carosals on my fire place and i love them,,,they play over 25 different christmas songs when turned on,,,,

Got my tree up,,,went and bought new balls for the tree this yr,,,have had the same ones for 28 yrs and decided it was time for some new ones,,,they look great to,,,,stockings are hanging over the fireplace,,,just looks so christmas-ie,,,,now i gotta get to town and get the gifts to go under the tree,,which i will start tomorrow,,,

Well i took the rest of the turkey that was leftover and cut it up and made a Huge pot of Turkey noodle soup,,,and it was soooooooo good,,,my kids couldnt wait,,had to take some to them last night,,my son was on call yesterday for work,,he works for our business,,we have our own business and someone has to be on call every weekend,,,so it was his turn,anyway,,he stopped by around 3:30 thinking the soup would be done and was gonna take his home,,but i had gotten into putting all my christmas stuff up and forgot to start the soup,,,so i stopped what i was doing and told him it would only take about an hour and half and i would have it done and bring some to him,,,he left with a huge smile,,,gave me a hug and said,,gosh your the best mom:}}

I even had the ladder in the house going up and down it cleaning the ceiling fans yesterday,,,not sure where i got all that energy,,lol,,but my butt and legs are feeling it today going up and down that ladder,is that a sign i am not in good shape

Well today i am going to clean my front bedroom out and give mother in law a shower and do some laundry,,,then tomorrow its me and hubby heading to town for lunch and christmas shopping and grocery shopping to,,,

I bought me some new water bottles,,there 8oz size,and are so cute,,and i am finding it really easy to drink my water this way,i use to think that the 16 oz bottles were the best,,,but with these,,you can drink a 8oz bottle down so fast ,,,,and makes ya feel like you have acomplished something without alot of effort,,so gonna stick with these and see if i can get more water in this way,,,

Ok,,todays menu is going to be,,,

Breakfast,,,scramble egg 2pts,,2slices bacon 2pts,,diet pepsi,,and v8juice,,,

Lunch,,,large green salad w/peice of turkey cut up in it i saved for today,,3pts,,,,cup of tomatoe soup 2pts,,diet pepsi,,,orange cut up 1pt,,,,

Dinner,,,,NYSteak 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,brocolli 1pt,,,ice tea,,,

Snack,,,Red grapes,,,1pt,,,,v8 juice,,,

Well hope everyone has a great saturday and drink your water and make good choices ok,,,"One day at a time":}}}

Soon2BThin on 11/25/2000:
Wow, Pasta, you're really doing low carb today, it sounds like. When I eat eggs, I always have to have toast. Your menu sounds so good. I'm also trying to lower the carbs & I love that good old V-8 too. Hope you have fun tomorrow.

krndrln on 11/25/2000:
Send some of that house cleaning/decorating energy to me!! I think I'm going to clean/decorate tomorrow for most of the day. I have to have most of it done by 3:30 when my tutoring student comes, but I only need to go exercise in the morning then get the decorating done.

I usually do it the Friday after Thanksgiving, but with my sister here I held off. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. :)

Sounds like you are really up and running with your Christmas now. I can hardly wait to get my house decorated...I'm a little leary about "the tornado" and the decorations, but I'll just put the breakable things up high!! :)

You are doing so well on your eating...keep up the good work.

herb on 11/25/2000:
As a newcomer to DietDiaries when do you use the e-mail instead of the commentary tab. Glad you like V8 I jist bought 2 more big bottles (2quarts) at Grand Union for $3.49 each. That western omlette was not my breakfast but my dinner.

KT on 11/26/2000:

Wow, your house sounds like a winter wonderland! My mother used to put up so many decorations inside of the house. I think it gave it such a warm feeling throughout the holidays. It just made it that much more special. It sounds like your husband and you both are in the Christmas spirit. I am sure your house looks amazing with all the decorations. I can imagine the beautiful carousel on the fireplace mantle. Ok, I'm going to Pasta's house just to visit the decorations. LOL Pasta's house could put the Grinch in the Christmas spirit!!

Turkey and noodles sounds so good. That's a creative way to used up the turkey that's left-over also. Looks like your family has two meals to look forward to. You know you're doing something right when they look forward to left-overs also.

I think you are right about the water bottles. I think smaller ones make you feel like you're accomplishing more as silly as it may sound. I have a 33.8oz bottle that I use now. Sometimes it seems like it's an endless bottle.

I hope you have a great day with your husband in town!!

pastagal - Friday Nov 24, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Happy Friday everyone,,,,well turkey day is over,,thank goodness,,but i have to say,,i didnt do to bad yesterday,we had our dinner at noon,,and i had some of everything,,but small portions,,actually left the table not feeling stuffed,,,which normally on this day i leave feeling like i need to go to bed and sleep it off,,,lol

Later in the afternoon i got the pies out and i had a small peice of pumpkin and one of pecan,,and its been awhile since i have had pie and i have to admit,,,eating the pie,,,then about an hour later i felt yucky,,,not sure why,inless it was the sugar from it,,but it was that feeling that i don't like after eating something ,,,so last night when hubby was ready for another peice,i opted not to have any,,and glad for that,,didnt want to feel bad before bed,,,,,

This morning i got up early and weighed,,just to see if the scale had moved,,,happy to report it didnt:}}} so that made me feel good,,i have already had breakfast and two bottles of water and now ready to really buckle down and and get back to my goal of 20lbs before christmas,,i think i have lost about 7 or 8 since the turkey challenge started,,,not sure tho,,,gotta be close to that tho,,,anyway,,,i hope everyone enjoyed there dinner and day with there familys:}After dinner,,me and the girls watch couple movies on DVD and the guys went outside and put up all our christmas decorations and it looked so pretty when it got dark out last night:} I love christmas time,,,,

Well today's menu is,,,,

Breakfast was,,1cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 turkey sand w/mayo,,3pts,,,diet pepsi and water,,,

Lunch:.....salad w/turkey cut up in it,dressing,,3pts,,cup soup 2pts,,apples cut up w/fatfree cool whip 1pt,,,ice tea,,,,,water

Dinner,,,Homemade turkey noodle soup,,,4pts,,,small green salad 2pts,,ice tea,,,,,

snack,,popcorn 1pt,,,,3peices red vines,,1pt

Well i hope everyone has a wonderful day and its time to get back on track ya all:}} i am heading to the treadmill,,,going to walk for an hour ,,,,have made a promise to myself that i will do this everyday no matter how i feel,,,ok,,only 4 weeks till Christmas,,,lets get busy:}}}

tweetiecat on 11/24/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

Gee, it sounds like you had a very successful turkey day (food-wise). Great going!!!! I think I was successful, too, because I didn't walk (or roll) away from the table which is something I had done in the past. It felt good. In fact being the hostess didn't leave me too much time to pick and overeat.

Well, we made it through this holiday. There are a couple more to go but I am confident that we will survive them just as we did this one.

Have a great day today...


herb on 11/24/2000:
Thanks for responding to my entry. You really had a full day. But I've got to ask under snacks you list, (Snack: consisted of 3 pieces red vines.) What are vines? Talk to ya' later

muggg on 11/24/2000:
Hi Pasta and thank you for your wonderful supportive comments. It really helps to hear it from someone who really knows.

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving.. isn't the visiting the best part? I had desert too... both the chocolate cake... very small piece and the frozen pumpkin dessert. Like you though.. I didn't overdo and went to bed comfortable!

Gosh, Christmas is just four weeks away and I'd like to see 140 by then. I may show a bit of a loss from water gain from what I ate.. so here's hoping for a thinner us at Christmas!!!

Soon2BThin on 11/24/2000:
Hey, PastaGal, it sounds like you did really well on Turkey Day. And I think you won the Turkey challenge. Good job! You are doing so well, I am going to try to do as well as you. You have nice, small meals &, compared to you, I think I eat too much, even though I stay within my points. I think I tend to eat even when I'm not hungry just to use up the points. I will try to work on that now. You're right, let's get busy!

KT on 11/25/2000:

You sound like you did so well on Thanksgiving. That is great!! You sound ever so motivated to continue with your loss. That helps me with my continued motivation so, Thank you!!

jaimy_sella on 11/25/2000:
we can reach our goals! that was god turning down seconds on pie. i didn't and wish i did! oh well...Happy holidays!

pastagal - Thursday Nov 23, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Just thought i would report in before i get my day going here,its early yet,,,,only 8:30am,,,its foggy out this morning and sooooo cold,,,my antibiotics are already helping me alot,,i feel better this morning,,,still coughing my head off but head is unplugged some and i can breath:} so i think i am on my way to feeling better,,,

Got up at 4:30 this morning and put my turkey in the oven,,,,,,we are eating our dinner at noon here,,,so had to get the turkey cooking early:} smellin good already to:}

Well just wanted to tell everyone to enjoy today and i am sure everyone has alot to be thankful for,,,i know i sure do,,,My wonderful kids that love me dearly,,,,my husband that is the BEST,,,,and my family that has always been there for me no matter what,,,,and my Health,,,,that is getting better daily because i finally took charge of my life and am doing something about it:}}

Ok,,,enjoy your dinner,,,remember,,water and free foods and at dinner,,,just make good choices and small portions;} and keep room for a peice of pumpkin pie,i mean what the heck would thanksgivings be without that:}}} talk to ya all tomorrow,,,:}}

jenny on 11/23/2000:
What a great entry, thanks! Hope you have a really good day today, and you're right...bring on the (little) slice of pumpkin pie!!!

pastagal - Wednesday Nov 22, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Well no weight loss last night at weigh in,,,but thats ok,,i am sure next week i will see one,,,

I am still under the weather,,,but i did go to the doctor and i am on antibiotics now,,its not just allergies either like i thought,,he says it almost to the point of broncitis,so he has me on antibiotics now and that should clear this up in a few days,,i woke up at 4 this morning and it hurt so bad to cough,its in my chest now bad,,,but i will be better soon,just hate that it stuck around till now,,,

Well today i am going to eat soup i think,,,even for breakfast,,just not real hungry but i know i have to eat something,,,have already drinked two of my waters,,,,

Well i hope every one has a very happy thanksgivings and a safe holiday,,,when all of us talk again,,it will be about christmas:}}} i love christmas to,,,can't wait:}}

Ok,here is my menu today,,,

Breakfast,,cup hot tomatoe soup 2pts,,,diet pepsi,,few crackers,2pts,,,

Lunch ,,,,,cup soup 2pts,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,,ice tea,,,,

Dinner,,,,,grilled chicken 3pts,,,salad 2pts,,,brocolli 0pts,,italian squash w/stewed tomatoes 0pts,,,,ice tea,,

snack,,,not sure yet,,either ice cream 1/2 cup or popcorn,,,,

well remember to take things one day at a time and enjoy tomorrow ,just make good choices and drink lots of water:}}} see ya all Friday,,,,:}}

Soon2BThin on 11/22/2000:
Sorry you're not feeling well, hope you get better now that you have the antibiotics. I'm sure you will have a loss by next week, you probably didn't lose because of the illness. All that hot soup sounds good when you aren't feeling well. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

jaimy_sella on 11/22/2000:
ouch..broncitis! i hope you feel better! I'm sure you'll see a loss soon. keep the faith!

cheddarella on 11/22/2000:
Take care of yourself! Lots of fluids and bed rest, remember! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tabitha1 on 11/22/2000:
Hi there, Well, I'm glad to hear you went in to see the doctor. I hope you get feeling better! And just want to comment that that diet looks good. One of these days I might check out the WW. It really sounds good. Till then it is just low carb and sensible eating. Take care hon, and get better for Christmas! love Tabitha

La`Z B on 11/22/2000:
hi pasta poor you bronchitis makes your chest hurt so much.....i want to share the best cough syrup in the world which is whiskey and honey..my mother STILL makes it for everyone in the winter and you know it really cuts the cough. I was sick 3 weeks over christmas last year and it is the only thing that kept me from coughing all the time! as soon as i started using it i got better...no kidding! happy thanksgiving....you prob wont feel like eating much of that big meal you are cooking! think about those of us that have to work tomorrow....i have a country ham in the crock pot for my husband! no turkey! I seem to remember tho that on WW you can have a pretty good pile of turkey! I was amazed at how much 6 oz was!

KT on 11/23/2000:

Sorry to hear that you are still feeling so under the weather with Thanksgiving so close at hand. The good news is now you have the antibiotics to treat it. Brochitis sounds like it has one heck of a cough. I know you can't wait to feel better so I wish you a speedy recovery.

You have such a great outlook on your weight loss. You didn't have a loss this week but you didn't sound so down about it. You just said that next week you probably will. I like that way of thinking. I just wish I practiced it as well as you seem to do.

I wish you the best Thanksgiving possible!!!

pastagal - Tuesday Nov 21, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Good morning everyone,,,,

well i am still hacking and plugged up,i have come to the conclusion that this isnt a cold now,,i think it was the first part of last week,,now i think its just these darn Allergies:{ every yr they seem to get worse with me,,its time to head in and get me a shot again i guess,,,,going to call today and see if i can get in today or tomorrow,might help me to feel better...

Well today i am babysitting both grandkids,,,school is out and no day care this week so grandma gets em,,,,,which i enjoy them alot,,,but would help if i felt alittle better,,,ashley is still cranky,,but she is feeling alot better to,,,,

Well tonight i have to go and get the rest of what i need for dinner on thursday,my kids will be here,we eat early in the day,,then that evening we decorate for christmas,,christmas is really my favorite time of the yr,,i love the decorations and the buying and wrapping,,,

well tonight is my weigh in,,will weigh on my way to town,,,i don't feel as tho i have lost anything this past week tho,,i did try a skirt on this morning that when i started this a yr ago i could not even get up over my hips,and now i can put it on and zip it up and actually move it around a bit on me;} what a great feeling,,,i have to go and buy a new coat also,,,my coat is way to big for me,hubby laughed last night and said to me,,umm honey don't ya think its time to retire that coat and buy a new one,there is enough room for another person in there,,and let me tell ya,that is such a great feeling to put something on that once was snug on ya and now big,,,thats what keeps me going,,,,not the scale,,,:}

Well i know the next couple days entrys will probley be few and short for all of us,,,but i can't wait till thursday is over to hear how everyone of us did on that day,,,,i know for me,i am going to enjoy the day and will just work harder the days after ,,,

Well today i am going to be eating,,,,,

Breakfast:,,,1cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 scramble egg sand 3pts,diet pepsi and i have had one water so far,,,starting on my second bottle,,,

Lunch:... Salad w/ham in it,,,3pts,,,,cup of soup 2pts,,ice tea,,,orange cut up,,,1pt,,,

Dinner:...Meat 6pts,,salad 2pts,,,two veggies,probley brocolli and corn on cob,,,,1pt,,,,ice tea,,,,

Snack,,,as busy as i am going to be tonight,probley nothing but my diet pepsi ,,,,,

well everyone ,,have a great day and hope everyone has a terrific day on thrusday and enjoy it ,,,,its only one day:}}Just make good choices and drink lots of water!!!!

TweetieCat on 11/21/2000:
Hi Pasta:

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling your usual, jovial self. Hopefully, you'll be able to see the doctor today and he can give you something to help. Congrats on fitting into a skirt that once was too tight. What an exhilerating feeling that is and I can't think of any stronger motivation than that to help keep you focused. You're doing SO well and as you well know, the hard work is paying off. I'm really happy for you.

Good luck with your weigh in tonight and have a terrific diet day.

Take care,


Tabitha1 on 11/21/2000:
Hi Pastagal, Congrats on the fantastic acheivement! I'm really happy for you. I love the feeling when my tight clothes become bigger and looser. Well, you have a wonderful thanksgiving and take care, love tabitha

jenny on 11/21/2000:
Oh girl, allergies are the worst! My husband really suffers with them. He's on Allegra now, and it is doing OK. Better than Claritin though. Aren't the holidays wonderful? I love to crank up the Christmas CD's, (the Pottery Barn CD's are my favorites!) and soak up the cheer. It's a LOT of work for the mom's, but worth it. Especially when you know you're building memories forever. That's great about your coat! Mine is so old that it fit me way back when, then I grew out of it, and now it fits again. Either way, it's a great feeling!

krndrln on 11/21/2000:
I hope you are feeling better soon. I know what it's like not to feel up to par when you have to babysit. I hope they will be good for you today. :)

Have a wonderful holiday.

KT on 11/21/2000:
I'm sorry to hear that it's allergies that are bothering you and not the cold as you had first thought. A cold would have been gone this week but those darn allergies are going to hang on. Guess I was hoping for the temporary illness for you.

It sounds like you are going to have your hands full with the grandchildren since school is out. I'm sure they are looking forward to the time with you. I think children help me that much more to get in the holiday spirit. The littlest things seem to excite them. From the idea of decorating a tree to looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhood.

Congrats on how well you are doing!! You seem to have lost another person from your husband's perspective and if you think about it in some ways you did. You lost the person who used to fit in that coat. Again congrats and I hope your holidays are wonderful!!!

krndrln on 11/21/2000:

I just wanted to tell you after reading your comment to my entry that before this month my normal weight loss for a month has been about 5-8 pounds so I really think the weight lifting has helped to boost my metabolism. You also have less to lose than me so your weight loss will be slower. :) Keep up the good work.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


pastagal - Monday Nov 20, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Good morning everyone,,,,

Well i am still hacking,,'cough cough',,,but usually once it gets to this point its about over with:}} I have errands to do this morning,my monday morning thing,,gotta run to the bank and going to stop by the mall and look at some things i am thinking of getting a couple people for christmas,,,

Its cold here this morning,,but clear,,,my weekend was good for the most part,,,yesterday i did some more cleaning and was online reading some good stuff in dotties weight loss zone,,,love going there and reading ,,,she has really done so well ,,,,

well is everyone ready for Turkey day?,,,i got most of my stuff yesterday,,,will go again tuesday night and get the rest,,but i am looking forward to that day,,having my kids here and grandkids and cooking a big dinner,i love to cook and havent cooked something this big in long time,,,so really looking forward to it and i really feel i am going to do just fine with my eating that day,,,

Well todays menu is going to be,,,,,,

Breakfast before heading to town,,,,,two slices bacon 2pts,,1peice toast w/butter 2pts and diet pepsi and v8juice,,,

Lunch when i get back home,,,Large salad,with chicken 5pts,,,cup soup 2pts and ice tea,,,diet jello 0pts,,,,

Dinner tonight,,,,,, some kind of meat 6pts,,,salad 2pts,,and couple veggies 0pts,,,ice tea,,,,

Snack will probley be popcorn ,,not sure tho,,,

well everyone ,,have a great day today and tomorrow is weigh in for me,,so will report that on weds,,,cause i dont go weigh till later in the day,,ok,,,have a super day!!! and take things,,"One day at a time"}}}

KT on 11/20/2000:

You sure found an illness with some endurance. I hope you can kick it soon. You have to be in your best form for the holidays! Mondays are my errand days also. I have to mail some things off and look for some presents.

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. A day with family to me is very special. My family is in Indiana so my husband and I are going to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. There is going to be a large group of us so I think it will be very nice. Sometimes if you can't be with your family you create your own.

I think you are going to do great on eating during Thanksgiving. Just relax and enjoy yourself but be wise while doing it. Good luck on your weigh-in!! Have a good day!

krndrln on 11/20/2000:
I hope you feel better soon. My mom has a cold and cough but because of her medical problems won't take anything until she talks to her doctor and he told her to take some Dimetapp (I hope that's spelled right!!) and some Tussin that was prescription cause it has codine in it...maybe you could try the Dimetapp for your cough.

I enjoy cooking too and will make the dressing from scratch and the pumpkin pies...in fact I'm going to make some pies tonight with that Splenda I was telling everyone about...I'll let you know how they taste later this week. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

jenny on 11/20/2000:
Oh, you have such a good attitude about Thanksgiving. I admire you. It is such a wonderful holiday, isn't it? Unfettered by all that gift-giving pressure. All about family. I love it.

pastagal - Sunday Nov 19, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Well i am late getting on today,,,its alittle after 4pm here ,,i had my grandkids last night over night,,and lil ashley was sick sick ,but i think today she seems like she is alittle better,just very cranky,,,

So this morning my daughter came over and stayed here with grandma while me and her dad when to town to lunch and to buy grocerys,my sunday outting;}}

I coughed all night,,since i had that sore throat,which is still with me a bit,,,i now have this stupid cough that loves to start as soon as my head lays on the pillow to go to sleep,gosh i hate that,,but today i got some good cough meds to take care of that tonight ,i hope:}

Well this morning before we left i had a few bites of scrambled egg,,will count as 1pt,,,cause i didnt eat a whole egg,,,and 1/2 peice of toast w/butter 1pt,,,,then went to town around 11 am and had lunch at Long John Silvers today,,i had 1chicken strip 3pts,,half of my cole slaw,,3pts,,,and fries 5pts,,and one hushpuppy 2pts,,and ice tea,,,, Tonight i am going to have a NYSteak,,,6pts,,salad 2pts,,and green beans,,,,,0pts and ice tea,,,,

Its so cold here still,,,about froze out today while going from store to store,,gosh all the stores around here have all the christmas stuff up and i love looking at things this time of yr,,,havent started my christmas shopping yet,,but probley will began this weekend,,well have not done well with water today,but on sundays i never do,only two 16oz bottles so far,,,but i will try to get at least two more drinked before bed,,,,well hope you all have had a good sunday,,,,now goona go read entrys and make my comments,,,have a great evening everyone:}}}

krndrln on 11/19/2000:
I hope your cough goes away so you can enjoy your holiday. I hate feeling poorly when there is activity going on. :)

I hope Ashley is better now too, it's hard when the young ones aren't feeling well.

I'm glad you are going to make a veggie tray too, I think that will help a lot of people if they just do it...sometimes I think we make holidays an excuse to eat whatever we want. I'm choosing not to make all the fattening things and choosing to have a veggie tray instead of a cheese ball. :)

I will probably have time tomorrow night to stop back in, but I'm not sure after that. :)

pastagal - Saturday Nov 18, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Happy Saturday everyone,,,

I am feeling good today,still have a bit of a raspy throat ,but nothing like it was a couple days ago,,,my lil granddaugther is much better to,,,i am going to have both grandkids this afternoon and keep them overnight,,,there mom is going to a concert and they love to come stay with grandma and grandpa:}

Well for the next few days i am going to try really hard to watch close what i eat and make really good choices ,,,cause on turkey day i have made the decision that i am not going to 'diet' that day,,,will make good choices,,,but i want to enjoy the day without worrying about every bite i put in my mouth,i realize we have to have a day now and then where we can just be normal,,even tho i am trying to make each day as normal as possible,,tho i know on thursday i won't binge,,and its cause i have been on this diet long enough that between my family watching my every move and the fact i am aware of them watching me that i won't over do,,i am not going to count pts that day,or write in my journal,,,i just want to see if i can make good choices without all the pressure,,does that make sense?and i did mention this already to my family,so hopefully they won't see me eating something and go,,,But mom your not surpose to have that,,thats what i DON't want to hear that day.

Well this weekend i have alot to do,going to clean the toy box out in my play room i have for the grandkids,,,,finish laundry and clean my fridge in the house and the one in the garage out good to make room for grocerys for thanksgivings,,,,,well my menu today is going to be,,,,,

Breakfast:... scramble egg 2pts,,toast w/jelly 2pts,v8juice,and diet pepsi,,,,

Lunch:....Spaghetti sauce,no pasta tho,,homade,,4pts,,6crackers 2pts,,small green salad 0pts,,ice tea,,sugar free jello opts,,,

Dinner:...Not sure yet,,probley some sort of meat,,,salad,,and couple veggies,,,ice tea,,,

Snack will be popcorn,,,1pt,,,

Well hope all of you have a wonderful day and will be on later to check entrys and comment,,,,,"One day at a time":}}

biscottibody59 on 11/18/2000:
I finally got back on DDs and yours was the first one I went to. You're progress is great! Have a good weekend.

jaimy_sella on 11/18/2000:
i'm not going to keep count of calories on thanksgiving. i'm going to make smarter choices and excercise more. you have a good plan. i want to eat "normally" once in a while, too. but the problem is, what is "normal" ?

KT on 11/18/2000:

It's nice that you get to spend so much time with your grandchildren. I'm sure they are going to have such fond memories of the time spent with grandma and grandpa.

I think your decision to just make good choices is wise. Everyone does need a day to relax and feel like everyone else. Not having to count points or worry about what your eating is a break you deserve at least once a year. I say enjoy Thanksgiving and just trust yourself to be wise while doing it. I hope you have a good time with your grandchildren!

dwew on 11/18/2000:
Hi Pasta,

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I agree with your outlook on Thankgiving. Have fun with those grandbabies.

krndrln on 11/19/2000:
I hope Ashley is better by now and you had a nice time with both children last night.

I'm going to do the same thing on Thanksgiving Day too. I want to enjoy the dressing and all the trimmings, but I know I won't eat half as much as I used to eat.

Have a great holiday. :)

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