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pastagal - Friday Nov 17, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Happy Friday everyone,,,

My daughter just called me,,my lil granddaughter is really sick ,,she had her up all night ,running high fever and throwing up,,so she has an appt for her at 10 this morning,,,hate when babies are sick,,its so hard to know where they hurt and what to do for them.:{

And if she goes to work today after going to the doctor i will have ashley all day,,,so we all know what i will be doing,,,Holding her and rocking her all day:}which is ok,,,:}

Well i feel much better today,,and hopeing to get alot done around here over the weekend,,,well not alot to report today,,so will make this short and enter my menu and then come back later and read everyones entries,,,,,,hope everyone has a terrific friday:}}

Breakfast:,,, scramble egg,,2pts,,bacon 2pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt,,,diet pepsi and my water,,

Lunch:...Large green salad w/dressing 2pts,,small peice left over steak 6pts,,sugar free jello w/topping 1pt,,,ice tea,,,,

Dinner:,,,Pork chop 4pts,,green salad 0pts,,brocolli 0pts,,corn on cob 1pt,,ice tea,,,,

Snack,,fudge pop 1 1/2 pts,,and if really hungry still,,popcorn 1pt

Well have a great day and talk to ya all later:}}} remember now,,take your journey "ONe day at a time":}}

TweetieCat on 11/17/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

So sorry to hear your granddaughter is sick. I hope it is nothing too serious and that she feels better real soon. You are doing great, food-wise. I think listing what you plan on eating for the day is a good idea. In a sense, you are committing your food plan to all of us and I think that is a good incentive to help follow that plan through. I might try doing that down the road...(sometimes I don't know in advance what I'm going to have).

Have a good day and weekend. I'll check in with you on Monday.

Til then,


krndrln on 11/17/2000:
I hope Ashley is better very soon. I'm sure you would enjoy cuddling, but would prefer that she not be sick.

You are doing so well on your eating, keep up the good work. :)

muggg on 11/17/2000:
Thanks for you comments today... and I will take it one day at a time.. I will just keep telling myself that! And I will try to relax and enjoy! And you're right.. if I don't do so well.. I can come back and get serious!

Hope the little one gets better soon! They can't tell you what they need...

Have a good day and a great weekend!


pastagal - Thursday Nov 16, 2000
Weight: 157.5

Hi everyone,,,i am later getting on here than normal,,,i had to go to the dentist this morning,,now that all my gum surgerys are over,its time to start getting the bridge work done where i had to have two teeth pulled in the bottom front,,been without permanent teeth for 8 months now and it sucks,,lol,,the temp parchel just doesnt fit right and uncomfortable,so will be nice to have something that doesnt move around:}

Well my throat is still scratchy and head plugged up,but i don't feel quite as bad as i did yesterday tho,,so thats good,,,i didnt exersise this morning,,didnt have time nor did i feel like it,,,but i think tonight i will for sure,,,NO i know i will for sure:}}

Well its still cold here in calif,,,burrr,,,its time this cold cold weather leaves,,which i think it is going to before the weekend,,

Well i have to confess,last night i baked some cookies for the grandkids,,something i don't normally do,,not much into baking,,,but anyway,i had bought some of those ones you just break apart and put on a pan,,,,and about the third batch out of the oven,,,i couldnt resist eating one,,and god it was delicious:}

So i counted that as my snack for the night,,,,and sent the cookies home with my daughter ,because i did bake them for the grandkids,,and i knew if i kept them here,i would not be able to resist,,so was best to get them out of the house,,,, .

Well today my menu has been so far,,,,

Breakfast:... 1/2 tuna sandwich,,3pts,,diet pepsi,bottle water,,,

Lunch:...Big green salad w/tomatoes,,dressing 2pts,,HBpattie on bun w/ket & mustard,,,8pts,,ice tea,,,

Dinner:,,will be,,,,,Meat,,6pts,,salad 2pts,,green beans 0pts,,sm corn cob,,1pt,,ice tea,,

Snack,,popcorn,diet pepsi Well thats about it for today,,,hope everyone is haveing a great day,now gonna go read all the others entrys and make my comments,,remember ,take your journey"ONe day at a time":}}

jaimy_sella on 11/16/2000:
it seems evryone treated themselves witha cookie! seriously, almost every entry i've read someone ate a cookie or two or four. i even ate a fudge oreo! it's cookie mania!!!! LOL! have a gOOd night!

B4THIN on 11/16/2000:
Hello! I am on here a bit late myself but at least we made the point to do it! It sounds like you are doing really well! What is your goal, how much have you lost and how long has it taken you? Sorry about all those questions :-) Do you like the WW123 diet? It is truly sad that there are SO many different diets out there. I was having a real hard time figuring out which one to choose. At first, it was just sensible eating....low fat etc. Now that I am over half way to my goal I decided to change, just to give myself a break. This Atkins diet seems to be ok although it would be very easy to "overeat" on this one. I have 40 some pounds left to lose in order to reach my goal, and I always try to guestimate (is that even a word)? how long it is going to take me. I wish that I knew!!!!! As far as the diets go,..one Dr. will tell you one thing and another something completely different which is why it is so so hard for people to actually decide what is best for them. Then again, everyone is different so I guess that it is good that there are so many varieties (to a point) :-) Keep up the good work!! :-)

cheddarella on 11/16/2000:
Tis the season for having cookies I guess since everyone seems to be baking and/or eating them. But you limited yourself to one. A fresh, warm cookie straight out of the oven? I don't know if I could have had that much self-control! Have a good one! (A good day, not cookie!!)

Tabitha1 on 11/16/2000:
Teeth, cookies, dentist oh my!!!!! LOL I hurt just hearing about the teeth pulling thing. You poor child! Yuck yes it does suck! LOL And I have to tell you that I admire your strength. I couldn't have sent home the cookies well maybe some. Hee hee hee. Good for you and your efforts! Have a fun night, love Tabitha

KT on 11/16/2000:

I skimmed over the first part of your journal entry. I saw dentist and gum surgery and cringed. Anything having to do with my mouth and pain I avoid at all costs. I'm sure it's a relief for you to get it taken care of though.

It is the day for cookies on DD. I think you did really well restraining yourself to only having one. I think we're going to call you SuperWoman for that feat! I hope you get better as far as your scratchy throat and such. Hope you have a woderful day!

krndrln on 11/16/2000:
I just got around to reading your question about posting on Tabitha's entry and I did have trouble there, but thought it was my computer, maybe it wasn't my computer. :)

If you are reading this Tabitha I did try to post there for you. :)

La`Z B on 11/17/2000:
Hi pasta Nothing better than a hot cookie with melted chocolate oozing out....sinful! With a big glass of milk.....kinda takes the fun out when it is SKIM milk doesnt it? LOL. But alas it is baking season. I have my recipes out already and my grandchild already has decided what she wants up to bake...tradition being what it is! I unfortunately have no cookies to eat..sigh...:} ..but I will admit to polishing off the very LAST Halloween Tootsie Pop! thanks for your support by the way!

pastagal - Wednesday Nov 15, 2000
Weight: 157.5

I went and weighed last night,,,1 lb loss this past week,,was really hoping for more,,but oh well,i will take the 1lb and be happy with it:}}

I seem to be loseing slower and slower,not sure what the reason for this is,,altho through out this whole yr i have lost slowly,,so guess it just goes to show every is different,some lose faster than others,,but i am ok with it,,:}

Well i woke up at 2:30 this morning with another dang sore throat,i tend to get those alot during the winter,when i was younger i had strep throat alot to,,,anyway i got up and took some meds and they helped alittle,i think alot of it is my allergies,in the past two or three yrs my allergies have really gotten bad,,i am due for another allergie shot,,and probley should get off my butt and get in to the doctor and get one huh:}

Well besides calif being cold,,this morning i woke up to thick fog,,,couldnt even see the house across the street from me,,so its going to be a dreary day here,,,

Well i keep talking about exersising more,,i gotta do it and quit talking about it,,and today i am going to do just that,,,i talked to hubby about that last night and he says if i don't yell at him he will remind me in the evenings to go get on the treadmill and said he would even go into the bedroom and watch tv if i felt i needed company while walking,,now that was sweet huh,,,so i told him i will try hard not to yell when he reminds me that i haven't walked yet,:}

Well tho i don't feel real good today,i am still gonna do the exersise i have been doing daily,,15mins on treadmill,,and my weight lifting tape that takes about 15 mins to do,,,,

I have already had two bottles of water,16oz a peice,,and had breakfast,,and now i am going to go exersise as soon as i am done here and then shower and then its TACKLE the grandkids toy box,i have to go through that and get rid of odds and end toys and make room for christmas,,as for christmas,i havent started buying yet,,will after next week ,,,,or maybe this weekend,,not sure tho,,,but i love decorating for it,we do that after we have our thanksgiving dinner and all the kids leave to go to where they have to go and i do the inside and hubby does the outside,our house is lit up like a christmas tree outside ,,every yr he adds to it,this yr he bought a Two Reindeers and a sleigh for the front yard that lights up,,we have people drive by to see how pretty it is ,,,but he does it mainly for the grandkids,,they love it:}}

Well my menu today is going to be,,already had breakfast,,but here it is,,,,

Breakfast:.. small slice ham,,4pts,,1peice toastw/butter 2pts,,diet pepsi and my water,,v8juice

Lunch:... Salad w/tuna on the side,,4pts,,,apple&1/2 banana cut up with LF cook whip,,2pts,,,ice tea,,,more water,,,,

Dinner:..peice steak 6pts,,salad 0pts,,green beans 0pts,,,squashw/stew tomatoes 0pts,,,ice tea,,,,

Snack,,popcorn 1pt,,3peices licorice 1pt,,,diet pepsi,,thats if i have a snack,havent been having many snacks lately,,,

Well everyone have a terrific day ok,,,be back later to read entrys and comment:}}

JenJen on 11/15/2000:
One pound---good! Hope you feel better!

TweetieCat on 11/15/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. It's funny that you've mentioned having a sore throat because the last few days, I've had the same thing. I feel at times like I have straw in it. It is so dry and scratchy and this morning, it was very tickly. I hate that because there is no way to scratch it - LOL!!!! Congrats on your 1 lb. loss. You are doing just great - it may be slower than you'd like, but you are consistently losing and that's what counts. I saw your pix on Panda's website and you look fabulous!!!!! It doesn't look like you have all that much more to go.

Keep up the great work!!!!


P.S. I also have a sleigh and two reindeer that light up (clear bulbs). Their one of my favorite decorations. Have fun decorating...

Soon2BThin on 11/15/2000:
Sorry about your sore throat, they make you feel bad all over, don't they? Congrats on the pound loss, that's great. Keep up the exercise, it really helps. Your menu sounds good & no eggs, I notice. I wouldn't want your cholesterol to go up again. Good job.

KT on 11/15/2000:

You're loss of a pound is great! Although it may not be as much as you would like...you're still losing which tells you that you are still moving in the right direction. I think you're doing great!

I'm sorry that you aren't feeling very well and I hope that you will begin to feel better soon. I hope that your day goes well!!!

krndrln on 11/15/2000:
You know Pasta, I don't worry about how fast or slow the scale is moving anymore (I know I want it to move faster, but I try not to complain about it when it's slow) cause I know this is how I want to live the rest of my life. I know that eating and living the way I used to got me to 372 pounds and I don't want to be there again, so with that in mind anything less then what I was before is good. :)

I never got strep throat or bronchitis until I started teaching and all those little ones with their hugs and kisses for the teacher gave me more than their hugs and kisses!!! lol I haven't had either one since I quit teaching (knocking on my head, the only wood around!!!).

I know once you get into exercising it will be easier to do it again the next night. That's how it was for me. One night I just decided I had to get off my rump and do it and except for a couple of injury time offs, I've done it 5-6 days a week since the end of March or beginning of April. :) If I can do it I know you can. :)

Tabitha1 on 11/15/2000:
Hi Pastagal, I am sorry to delete my entery from last night. It looks like you have been though a lot to. I hope things get better for you as well. I have been though a lot but I'm better for it. Things happen and we must grow from the experience. I know that I have. I deleted it because I thought about it and didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me. I just put it up at first because I wanted to encourage other people to be strong. Anyhow, hope your doing well. Your day sounded well. Take care, hugs, Tabitha

muggg on 11/15/2000:
Your hubby was very sweet to make that offer! Congratulations on your pound loss! I know you have worked hard for that pound! I don't know if you should change diet or not. You really seem to enjoy your menu and are losing steadily. I lose really slow for the most part! I hate to say this, but I'm afraid more exercise is the key to speeding things up!

My hubby and I both have allergies and he had frequent nose bleeds. We shut of the register in the bedroom. I think we sleep better and far less sore throats. It knocked those nosebleeds down to zero! You're really warm enough in bed with covers! You might try it! You can always snuggle up if you get cold!!! (LOL)

DVDMon on 11/16/2000:
Well, I looked at your daily menu and it does seem a lot more varied than mine, so I can understand why your stomach may gumble thinking about what I eat. But believe me, there is something about eating low amount of carbs that makes it a lot easier to eat a less varied diet. At least for me. I simply don't have cravings so as long as I have a meal with a decent number of calories every 5-7 hours, I'm fine. No cravings, no obsessing about what I'm going to have for dinner, etc. I just eat on this regular schedule as if I didn't a lot of the time my body wouldn't even remind me that I have to eat. I would say if I just don't eat at all, it will take eight or nine hours for me to start feeling hungry. This is as long as I'm drinking a decent amount of water, of course. If I'm not, this period gets shorter. So please, don't feel hungry for me, I certainly don't ever feel hungry ;-).

TNYankee950 on 11/16/2000:
Congrats on the weight loss. I'm proud of you for sticking with it - when the lbs are coming off slower it has to be hard but you're doing it YEAHHHH!!!! Again, your meals sound great...I may be knocking on your door soon inviting myself to dinner. It's cold and rainy in TN this morning. I wonder if it's nice anywhere today, everyone seems to be talking about the terrible weather.

Your husband sounds great and that's coming from someone going through a divorce who has men at the bottom of ANY list.

Hope you have a great diet day and will talk again to you tomorrow.

pastagal - Tuesday Nov 14, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Good morning everyone,,well its cold and cloudy here this morning still,,,i think winter is here:}

I have no kids today,,so i have a full day planned,,going to start it out by giving mother inlaw her shower,,,then tackling the kids play room,,,i need to go through toys and get rid of broken stuff and things they just don't seem to play with anymore,,make room for christmas;}

Last night i slept great,,when i first got into bed ,i thought oh no,,he is gonna snor again tonight,,but i had it planned,if he did,i was heading to the spare bedroom and shutting the door,,,lol,,but i fell asleep and didnt wake up till this morning,,:}

Well can't wait to see what everyone elses reaction to Panda's entry is,,,,gonna nickname him,,,Panda da Brat!!,he really had me going this morning,,,my lip was down and i was all ready to write him a letter telling him to get his butt back here,lol,,,,still shaking my head lol.

Well i am going to walk on the treadmill today,,do my weights,,been thinking of setting the alarm and getting up early early and doing my exersise,,,i use to do that couple yrs ago and it worked out so much better for me,something about getting right up and not having time to really talk yourself out of it,,must be cause your still not fully awake,ya think?

Well yesterday i did find myself wanting things i normally don't want,,and ice cream was one of them,,i opted for a small bowl of bananas and apples cut up with LC cool whip,,,that seemed to take the edge off,,,every now and then i have cravings for sweets,,,thank goodness not often tho,,my downfall is salty stuff,,chips and nuts and anything with alot of salt,,,,and salt is so bad for high blood pressure,,and speaking of High blood pressure,mine was up a bit yesterday and i get these,,you probley never heard of this,i know i hadnt till they told me this is what i am having,,,'Silent Migranes",,anyway,i dont have pain,,but my eyes go wacko,,it gets so bad at times i have to sit down,close my eyes for about an hour till it passes,,,cause i cant see anything,,

My blood pressure can bring these symtoms on ,,and yesterday being tired like i was,,and my blood pressure up a bit,,i had one and been long time since i had one of them,,,anyway,,i feel better this morning as far as that goes,,,,

well my menu today is going to be,,,,,

Breakfast:..Bagel w/jelly 5pts,,cup sf hot coco 1pt,,1/2 banana 1pt and my diet pepsi,,,

Lunch:,,, large salad w/dressing 2pts,,small peice of chicken 3pts,,diet pudding w/lc cool whip 3pts,,ice tea,,,,

Dinner:...Leftover spanish rice,,6pts,,salad w/fatfree italian 0pts,corn on cob 1pt and green beans 0pts,,,ice tea,,,,

Snack tonight will be popcorn while i watch one of my favorites shows,,,,Once & Again,,,,,love that show:}}

Well guys,,everyone have a wonderful day and i will check the board later,,gotta get things moving if i want to get things done around here today,,,,keep doing what your all doing"ONe day at a Time":}}}

TNYankee950 on 11/14/2000:
Loved your solution for the ice cream craving. I'll have to remember that myself. I congratulate you for being able to set your alarm for exercising. I hate waking up to an alarm. I automatically wake up every day when I need to and hate being woken up by anyone or anything. And then to exercise....I don't think so. Have a great day.

Tabitha1 on 11/14/2000:
Hi Pastgal, Just stopping in to say hi. Yes, I too was about to go to Panda's journal or egroup and try to find his email and right him. That little stinker! LOL At least he made me laugh. Well you have a fun day, take care, Tabitha

KT on 11/14/2000:
Happy Tuesday Pasta,

Even without kids it sounds like you are going to have a busy day. I've been thinking about setting my alarm and getting up earlier to exercise also. I've become so accustomed to sleeping in that I feel somewhat lazy about it. I'm going to the grocery store today and I'm going to get alot of fresh fruit so I can keep it cut up and ready in my fridge. Reading your daily menu makes it sound so good. I hope you have a good Tuesday!

muggg on 11/14/2000:
<strong><font color=blue>I get migranes too.... not as often with this diet! Thank goodness and when they are.. not as bad! I never heard of the <i>silent migrane</i> before, but I do know I can't see well the day before a migrane... I know they are coming. I have read though that migranes don't have to be headaches either.. they can be stomach aches as well!!!

When I have one, I want to go on a feeding frenzy.. you did great!</font color=blue></strong>

jaimy_sella on 11/14/2000:
yeah..that was a dirty trick that PANDA did!but it makes you realize how we all care for one another! apples and whipcream sounds good. i think i'll have that for a snack! Migraines..ahhh. i suffer from cluster migraines! they're the worst. hope you feel better!

krndrln on 11/14/2000:
Your eating sounds like it was very good. :) Great job and the fruit snack sounded good and reminded me I haven't eaten any fruit today, I might try that. :)

I used to get migraines, but I haven't had one for years now, in fact I think I've only had one or two since I quit working six years ago!! But mine would sometimes start in my eyes and make spots, the first time that happened I was only about 13 and I was afraid I was going blind. Mine didn't have anything to do with my blood pressure though cause mine has always been low, I guess mine is just hereditary cause my dad and sister get them too.

Keep up the good work, you are doing well. :)

Patty Cake on 11/14/2000:
Glad you got some sleep. Makes all the difference in the world. Sounds like a busy day. Have fun!!

dvdmon on 11/15/2000:
Hey Pastagal,

Don't worry, I'm eating enough! You asked this once before and I tried responding but the site wasn't working and I lost my response and was too tired to type it all in again. Anyway, I've counted calories in these meals and generally breakfast is usually 400-500 calories, lunch is around 300-400 and dinner is around 800-1200. I know I should try to balance it out more, but it ends up being 1500-2100. These are kind of ball-park figures, though. I think I rarely get as low as 1500 and probably get around 2000 calories 80% of the time. But other than counting calories, I simply am not hungry between meals! That must say something. I'm also feeling amazingly good - better than I have in years - and am not losing weight precipitously, so it's not like I'm depriving myself - at least I don't feel that way as I did often when I was doing the low-fat thing. It seems to be working really well for me. I can understand people's disbelief and lack of exception of this diet because there's a lot of attacking of it by the health and nutrition fields. I attacked it myself before I decided to give it an honest try and also read more into it. I'm not suggesting it for other people unless they are truly unhappy and feel like they are stuck (like I did) on the standard low-fat diet. Even then, I tell people honestly that everyone is different and that for some people the diet will have less affect than it has for me, and for some people it will be much more effective. I think of those people who do try the diet and bail out after a few days or even a week or two, this is up to them, but I don't think that's a fair trial. Obviously if you're miserable (which I guess can happen because you are totally switching the way you eat from one extreme to another, so it can be a shock to your system), you shouldn't get off unless you truly have dedication to make it through the initial stage. Luckily I didn't have a hard time at the beginning but I know others who have. Really I think if you can make it up to a month, or even better 6 weeks on the diet, most people would probably stay with it. Then again, as I said, everyone's different so who knows. I hope this doesn't come off as being defensive - I do appreciate your concern but just wanted to alleviate that concern. I'll have to keep posting my daily menu and hopefully it will become more apparent that I'm eating enough! ;-)

pastagal - Monday Nov 13, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Well its a Very cold monday here in northern calif,,burrr:},,its cloudy to,,,they are predicting snow in the foothills,,which isnt far from me,,,no wonder its so cold.

Well today i have to run to the bank,,,to the mall,,,,then back home and then do my walking on the treadmill,,and my weight tape,,gonna make an effort daily now to make sure i get some exersise in ,,,if i have time to sit on the puter,i have time to exersise,right?:}}}

Well i did good yesterday,,for lunch we always go to town and eat out,,hubby took me to Casa Lupe a Mexican place we love,i had some tortia chips w/salsa,,and 1taco and 1/2 order of the beans & rice,,ice tea,,,,then dinner last night ended up to be,,,NYsteak 6ozs and a green salad and ice tea,,,no snack after dinner,,i went over to my moms and she put a body perm in my hair,,came home and went to bed,,,didn't sleep well tho,hubby snored all night,,,dang i hate when he does that,he was super tired tho,,,so i didn't yell or shake him to make him roll over,i just put up with it,,lol,,gosh i am so nice:}

Well tomorrow night is weigh in for me,,hoping to see a couple lb loss this past week,,,i feel like it,,but i will take what ever it says:}

Ok my menu today is going to be,,,

Breakfast:..scramble egg 2pt,,2slices bacon 2pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,diet pepsi,,v8juice,,

Lunch:,,,Large green salad w/mydressing 2pts,,peice of grilled chicken 3pts,,1/2 banana ,1/2apple cut up in LC cool whip 3pts,,ice tea,,,

Dinner:..SpanishRice w/chicken 4pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,green salad w/mydressing 2pts,,ice tea,,

Snack if i have any will be popcorn,,1pt and diet pepsi

And will get all my water in before dinner,,,well everyone i hope you have a wonderful day and i will be back this afternoon to read everyones entrys and make comments,,i feel as tho i have gotten to know all of you so well in the past couple months,,been almost two months now since i started coming to this place,,and its feeling like home to me:}} just remember,,,,"ONe day at a Time":}}

dwew on 11/13/2000:
Hi Pasta, you are so right about that "time for the puter, time for excersise." Sounds like you did great at eating out yesterday. You always sound so busy and still fit sweatin time into you're day. Makes feel a little guilty when I don't which is a good thing because then I'm more motivated to move. Take care and keep warm, it's cold here in Missouri too.

danygirl on 11/13/2000:
Hoo boy-I feel for you-I keep my husband up all night with my snoring-I feel awful!! Honestly I could wake up the dead. Hope the perm looks nice!

jaimy_sella on 11/13/2000:
I know what you mean! It's become a "home" ina way. glad to see you doing so great! and good luck with weigh in!

TNYankee950 on 11/13/2000:
I want to come to your house to eat today, everything sounds so delicious. I got through my weekend eating ok, weekends are the hardest for me. It's cold in TN also, we may see some snow flurries tonight. Funny, it was 80 degrees 2 weeks ago. Have a great day.

pandabear on 11/13/2000:
Glad to see ya at "Home" PG :)

I feel the same...


Soon2BThin on 11/13/2000:
I agree with you, we are so fortunate to have this site & all the great people here. I think we will all be successful because of it, kinda like therapy, huh? Your meals sound great, but don't you worry about cholesterol with eating eggs everyday? Just wondered. Can't wait to hear about your weigh-in, good luck, although I don't think you need it, you're doing so good.

Patty Cake on 11/13/2000:
You are doing so great!! To answer your question about my hubby losing 40 lbs. It started this Summer when it was so hot and we moved into our new house. I am not much good at physical stuff so he does his part and part of mine. He shed 10 lbs. Then he went on Zoloft. He is a correctional officer and it helps him cope with his job. It has also helped with his appetite. Before long he lost 15 more pds. Since he was on a roll he started eating less and before you know there he is. Hardly any thought at all. Not fair!! Oh well, he is one of those rare guys that loves a person for who they are not what they look like. I don't know what I would do without him. Sorry long answer to short question. Hope you have a great day today.

Tabitha1 on 11/14/2000:
Hi There Pastagal, I enjoyed reading your comment to my post. I'm from southern California. I live just under Mt. Baldy and not to far from Big Bear. I'm in the foothills infact. It takes me 10mins or less to get to the begining of the enterance of the San Antonio Heights Forrest I believe it is called. so that should give you and idea of where I am. I wished I lived up North. It is getting really built up and a bit crazy down here. I don't remember what Sacremento looks like it's been a long time since I have been threre. But I used to go up to Clear Lake to see my Grandparents are you anywhere near there? You sound like your diet is doing great I want to thank you for all your comments, I need all the help I can get. Please feel free to email me anytime. Take care, Still sending those Rainbows and laughter your way. Tabitha

dvdmon on 11/14/2000:
Hey Pastagal, to answer your comments to my diary, well, low-carb diets are diurhetic to some extent, so if you don't drink at least 64 oz's per day, you may dehydrate. Though this may eventually hinder weight loss because it hinders your natural physiological processes from operating optimally, in the short term it shows up as water weight-loss which really isn't what you want, you want FAT weight loss! ;-) As far as the sardines, my coworkers are of the same opinion you are ;-) But they are supposedly a great source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as magnesium, and I seem to be one of the few people aside from my mom who actually enjoy eating them, plus they are a cheap and relatively filling lunch that I don't have to worry about - just buy a bunch of cans on the weekend, bring them into work, and I have lunch for the week. Can't get more convenient. Thanks for your comments!

pastagal - Sunday Nov 12, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Its sunday and here in northern calif it is cold,burrrr:} There is frost on the ground this morning,,,sure hope it warms up a tad bit before i head out to town today,,,today is my day i get out of the house and feel human:} Hubby takes me to town on sundays,,to lunch anywhere of my choice,,then we go to the mall and to all the other stores and shop,,our last stop on the way home is grocerys,,,

Well i feel great again today and actually feel as tho i am going to see a weight loss this next week to,,,,i have done well with pts this past week and keeping my carbs low,,,and the past couple days i have really been drinking the heck out of my water,i have been so dry and its weird to cause i have gone way over my normal amount i drink,not sure why i feel that way.

Well today my menu is going to be,,,,

Breakfast:.. 1/2 scramble egg sandwich w/mayo..4pts,,,v8juice,,1/2 banana 1pt,,diet pepsi

Lunch:,,Eating out,so not sure what it will be,but i will keep that intack and not over do:}

Dinner:..Steak 6pts,,,salad 0pts,,corn on cob 1pt,,fresh green beans w/butter 1pt,,french bread 2pts,,ice tea,,,,

Snack tonight,Popcorn & diet pepsi,,,1pt

Well there is my day of eating,,,hope everyone has a great sunday and see ya all tomorrow :}}remember ,,,,"One day at a time":}}

Soon2BThin on 11/12/2000:
It sounds like you're doing real good. Hope you have a great Sunday out & about.

muggg on 11/13/2000:

You are so sweet to share your experiences with me. This is my second marriage and you would think I would know from experience (20 years the first time) to stand up for myself. To be honest, my ex would have done anything to have me stay. But after 20 years of <i>"if you don't like it, get the hell out"</i> I had to leave. I couldn't stand him any longer.

Now, 5 years into my second marriage, I realize I'm doing the same thing, <font color="#FF0005">DOING IT ALL!.</font color="#FF0005"> It really helps me to read your comments. It means so much to know that someone really does understand. This weekend, I did stand up for myself several times, and I feel stronger for it. I really expected the worst. Quite the opposite happened. I know I will have to continue to stand up for myself and it won't always go smoothly. But I am finally sick and tired of being taken advantage of. I think I will be much happier about everything. I am sure it will make a difference in my weight as well!

pastagal - Saturday Nov 11, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Happy Saturday everyone!! Its cold here in calif today,must be an inch of frost on the ground,,burrr:}

Well i feel great this morning,have a busy day ahead of me tho,today is house cleaning day,giving mother in law a shower,and trust me,,its a job:} cleaning the fridge out,,cause tomorrow is grocery shopping day,,,and then i babysit grandkids at 3:30 till around 9pm tonight for my daughter,,,

Well sure are alot of new people who have joined DD's and i think that is super,,i enjoy reading everyones entry's so much,really is a great way to start the day off:}

Well today for my menu i think it will be,,,,,,

Breakfast:.... scramble egg 2pts,,2 peices bacon 2pts,v8juice and my diet pepsi,and water

Lunch:...cup chili beans6pts,,crackers 2pts,,small green salad 0pts,,ice tea,,grapes 1pt

Dinner:...Sm peice beef 4pts,,green salad opts,squash w/stew tomatoes 0pts,,brocolli 1pt,,1/2 cup beans 3pts,,ice tea

Snack,,probley nothing tonight since i have the kids till 9pm,,ok everyone,have a great day and will check in later to see who has been on today:}}Just remember,,,"One day at a time":}}}

jenny on 11/11/2000:
Oh, honey, you don't have to tell me! I know it's really hard helping someone bathe! But it will feel so good to her. You are an angel to your family. I hope they appreciate you.

krndrln on 11/11/2000:
My mom is getting so much better now, but 4 years ago right after her heart attack and bypass surgery she lost the use of her legs for 9 months due to complications with her diabetes and I moved back home for 6 months to take care of her and I had to bathe her too and it's not an easy job, but it's just as hard on the other person to have to depend on someone to do something like that for them.

Your meals sound very good...I am getting in the mood for chili again too. I made some about a month ago and I think I'll make another pot this week.

Have fun with your grandkids, how many do you have? Have a wonderful night. :)

Patty Cake on 11/11/2000:
It is cold here in Texas too which is unusual. Your Saturday makes tired, but sounds like a great way to burn calories. Have a great weekend.

KT on 11/11/2000:

You really do live a full life! I bet your family really appreciates how much you do for them. I hope you can catch your breath at the end of your day. I was reading your menu and grapes keep popping up. Now you have me craving grapes. Guess I know what I'm getting next time I go for groceries. Hope your day goes well!!

pastagal - Friday Nov 10, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Good morning all,,,,,i am feeling great today,,,feels good to say that to,,seems i have had so many days lately that i havent felt great,,,so will take advantage of it and enjoy every moment;}}

No grandkids today,,so gonna get some work around here done,,,might even tackle giving mother in law her shower today and not wait till tomorrow,,,,:}

I missed the Oprah show yesterday:{ darn,,,would of loved to of seen it,,,how i missed that ,i don't know,,been trying to think what i was doing then,,,must of been online lol,,,,

Well today i am going to walk and do the weights,,,and i found a size 12 pants i had bought awhile back and now i am trying them on first thing every morning just to see if i can get them on and how they feel,,,really helps me to stay focused on my goal:}

Ok so far have drinked two of my waters just sitting here at the puter,,so thats going great so far,,now i am going to go eat breakfast as soon as i finish my entry,,,and i am having today to eat,,,,,,

Breakfast:....scramble egg 2pts,,toast w/jelly 2pts,,2slices bacon 2pts,,v8juice and my diet pepsi..

Lunch :.... Big green salad w/grilled chicken 3pts,,,small bowl of italian squash w/stew tomatoes 0pts,,,crackers 2pts,,,,ice tea

Dinner:...Homemade chili beans 6pts,,,salad 0pts,,,1slice corn bread 2pts,,1sm ear of corn on cob 1pt,,ice tea,,

Snack later,,popcorn 1pt & grapes 1pt,,,,

Well that should do it for today,,hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and will miss the ones that don't get on here over the weekend,,:}You all have a nice day ok,,,keep taking it "One day at a Time",,,,and my pics are on Panda's site now if you would like to see:}}

muggg on 11/10/2000:
Pasta Gal,

It was SO neat to see your pictures!!! No wonder your friends and family don't think you need to lose weight! You look terrific... must have heavy bones!!! LOL How tall are you?

I must like the water... I opened the bottle and drank 20 oz in an hour!!! I got the strawberry flavor this time and may try some others later. I'm hoping having them in the evening will get me drinking more water!

Have a great day.. so glad you're feeling better!

tabitha1 on 11/10/2000:
Wow, it's looks like your doing good. I don't know what I would do without DD friends. Just looking at your progress makes me really ready to get this weight off of me. Thanks for the motivation. I two love to see the pictures and know what we all look like. It gives a real personal touch to this journey a flock of friends. Thanks for all of your comments. They mean a lot to me.

KT on 11/10/2000:

Sounds like you have a free day to just enjoy yourself. Couldn't come at a better time since you feel better today. I'm glad to hear that! I hope you take advantage of your day and do something just for you. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Soon2BThin on 11/10/2000:
Glad you're feeling so good today. Sorry you missed Oprah yesterday, I love to see people who have lost a lot of weight. Saw your pics & you look great, keep up the good work.

jaimy_sella on 11/10/2000:
i missed oprah too! i even set a reminder for it but i went out to the store! Good luck with you size 12 pants tomorrow! if they fit great! if they don't, use it as motivation!

dvdmon on 11/10/2000:
Hey Pastagal, thanks for your comments. Really I don't mind people not noticing because I haven't lost a lot yet - even if, for example, I've gained 5 lbs of muscle, that would still mean that I was the equivelent of only 156, not only 9 lbs from when I started 7 weeks ago. So such a gradual weight loss of less than a lb a week would be hard for most people to notice. Only for those who saw me 7 weeks ago and then were to see me today for the first time might notice anything. As far as meat, I was a vegetarian-almost (I ate fish/shellfish but no other kinds of animals) for 6 years and only dropped it a few weeks ago after deciding that I was going to do the low-carb thing for the long-haul. I think my favorite meat was always chicken, but it's nice to have the option of eating pork products and beef just to make it easier to find something that's on your diet when you're eating out. It's enough trouble having to avoid carbs which are in very many things when you're eating out - in sauces, breadings, etc. If you go further and restrict yourself from most or all meats, its maddeningly difficult to find stuff! So it definitely has been easier now that I can eat meat. I still haven't had beef or lamb yet, I guess I'll have to give those a shot sometime soon. I actually had ribs for the first time tonight in over 6 years!

biscottibody59 on 11/10/2000:
Thanks for making me feel so motivated on just my first entry. I will definitely keep up with your progress as well. I'm sure I'll have my off days, but this is just the thing to help me get back on after a fall.

pastagal - Thursday Nov 09, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Good morning all,,,,Yes i can get on here this morning,,,geeze i dont know about the rest of you but i am HOOKED on this site and i found myself going nuts yesterday cause i couldnt get on and write or respond to the three people who did manage to get on here and write,,,

I kept trying tho,,,didnt give up,,,finially late last night i got on:}}I am feeling great this week about my dieting,,,i have been walking,,,counting carbs along with ww123 and maybe it is just cause i want to beleive its working ,,but it really feels as tho it is to me,,i have not felt a difference in me in awhile now and finally this week i am feeling it,,so maybe its real:}}

I am doing great with water now that i went and bought two cases of water bottles and stuck in my fridge out in the garage,,,cause i do terrible if i dont have them around,,,as silly as that sounds,,,

Well i am going to walk today and also get back to doing weights,,i read a web site of a guy yesterday,,gosh cant remember his name at the moment,,,see thats what i ended up doing most of the day online,went to websites looking cause i couldnt get on DD's:} anyway,i read his and he was talking about how much weights really make a huge diffence in weight loss and changeing the body,,and said you dont have to be anyone special to lift weights,just use the lil dumb bell weights,,which i have a set and start out slow and incorportate it into your exersise daily,so gonna try this,

Well todays menu is going to be,,,

Breakfast:,, cereal 3pts,,toast 2pts,,diet pepsi and water,also v8juice,,,

Lunch:,,,Tomatoe soup 1cup 2pts,,,Roast beef sandwich w/mustard 4pts,grapes 1pt,,ice tea

Dinner:,,,Pork chop grilled,,4pts,,brocolli w/butter 1pt,,sm corn on cob 1pt,,,green salad 0pts,,,ice tea

Snack if i have any will be popcorn 1pt

Afternoon snack if needed will be some Nestle fudge pops that are 1 1/2 pts a peice,,,,,there good to:}}

Ok everyone,have a wonderful day and i will see ya all tomorrow,,going to look and see if Panda put my picks on his site yet,,,havent seen him on here for a couple days tho,,well keep doing things"One day at a Time" :}}}

muggg on 11/09/2000:
Hard to believe 3 pounds can make your clothes fit so much better! I love doing weights. And yes it does make a difference in your shape! The thing about weights is that you can see yourself getting stronger! So remember when your dumb bells get too easy ... bump up to the next size!

I wish I had an extra fridge! We have been keeping a big water jug with a spigot on it in the fridge but I ran out of room and took it out... it's making a difference. I need to make room for it again!

TweetieCat on 11/09/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

Hope you are having a good day, so far today. I agree with you 1000% about this website. I had trouble yesterday posting comments but was able to post my journal. After that, it was not working properly. Glad it seems to be OK now because like you and a lot of our fellow DDers, we rely on this site for support. I feel like I know everyone and it is so amazing how this is made possible considering we all live in differnt parts of the country - WOW!

Keep up the great work and I'll check in with you on Monday. (I'm off from work tomorrow and I don't log in over the weekend.).

Until then,

Take care


jenny on 11/09/2000:
Oh I am so with you, hooked on this site. I tried to get on yesterday, too, and couldn't. When you have problems, e-mail Adam and let him know. That's what I do, since he's in charge of this whole sha-bang. Anyway, I agree on the water bottles. Why is it so much easier to drink water that costs $$$? Have a great day!

Soon2BThin on 11/09/2000:
I'm interested to see how it works out for you, counting the carbs along with WW123. I love carbs & just doing the 123 is hard enough for me. Let us know how it goes. You're doing great!

KT on 11/09/2000:

I definately agree with you about this site. I am relatively new but find myself already hooked. To me it helps knowing that I'm not really doing this alone. I know I have many people that are a caring team there for me so I miss not being able to communicate with them. I've been trying to vary what I do as far as exercise so I will keep my interest. Weights were something that I did in the past and felt really great while I was doing them. Maybe I'll try to start with them again. Might just help with my softball playing too! Have a good day!

The Bug on 11/10/2000:
I can't wait till you weigh in. It will be interesting to see how you do with doing the low carb thing.

It's good that I don't have a thing about only drinking bottle water. If I did, I would go broke. We have well water, and it tastes GREAT!

pastagal - Wednesday Nov 08, 2000
Weight: 158.5

Hey everyone,,,,well i tried all day to get on here and do my entry and do comments and it just wouldnt let me on this site:{{ so here i am late,,,,,,

I had a good day,,weighed last night and lost 1 lb more,,which was surprised at that,,didnt think i had lost anything this past week,,but hey,,a l lb is ok with me:}

Well not much to report today except for my menu,,,so here goes,,,

Breakfast was:... scramble egg 2pts,,1/2 banana 1pt,,2 slices bacon 2pts,,v8juice and diet pepsi,,,water..

Lunch was:... Roast beef sandwich w/mustard 4pts ,,dill pickle,,ice tea,,

Dinner was pasta w/sauce 6pts,,,green beans 0 pts,,,ice tea,,

i might have a snack later,not sure yet,,well hope everyone had a great day,,hate when this thing won't let me online here to write early and make comments to others,,but oh well,,,it happens:} talk to you all tomorrow,,,"One day at a time":}}

tabitha1 on 11/09/2000:
Your doing great keep up the good work. Your keeping me motivated! LOL good night

KT on 11/09/2000:

I had the same problems with the site. I think I have you beat with coming on late though. I came on late on Wednesday but the site must be on ET because it's Thursday. Oh yeah, I got rid of that apple crisp like you told me to. You should be getting it in the mail any time now. (LOL) Congrats on losing the pound!!! Every pound counts and you're down one more. Hope you have a great Thursday!!

TweetieCat on 11/09/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

Congrats on the loss - you are doing very well! I enjoy reading your journal and comments you make to fellow DDers. You are a good inspiration for everyone.

I don't think you're the only one who had trouble posting to this site yesterday. I tried several times and could not leave comments for anyone although I was able to post my journal for the day. After that, the system went crazy!!! It seems to be working OK now. Thank God because I need to check in and see how everyone's doing on a daily basis.

Have a GREAT day today! Keep on keepin' on!


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