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pastagal - Tuesday Nov 07, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Happy Vote Day!,,,,and i ain't makin any comments on this day either,,just reminding everyone to get out and vote:}

Well the wind is blowing for the second day now,,,which i hate very much,,but i don't have to go out in it today so thats one good thing,,,i have to finish laundry and i have been working on a weight loss binder,,,i cut out all the articles i read on success storeies and on diet stuff and putting them in this binder and entering my journey to and how i am doing daily and its something when i get done i can enjoy reading,,its a good way to keep your mind on your journey when your doing this everyday,,and i try to get it out in the evening and work on it,,

Well tonight i weigh and not sure if i am going to see a loss this past week,,,i have this feeling lack of water over the weekend might of messed that up,,,,but then i might be surprised to:} who knows,,,

Well i counted carbs yesterday along with pts and did very well,,and actually felt better,,but i realize it will take more than one day for me to really see if counting carbs is helping or not,,it does make me more aware of how much carbs i am eating,,and today i am going to spread my walking into three 15 mins walks on the treadmill,,i think i will stick with it better if i do this,,i hope,altho usually after i get past the first 15 mins then it downhill the rest of the time,,its getting that first 15 mins going,,guess it takes the legs that long to warm up ,,,i would love to get to the point where i can run ,,walk on the treadmill,,,thats when it really does good,,,

well todays menu is going to be,,,

Breakfast:,, scramble egg 2pts,,diet toast 2pts w/jelly,,,v8juice,,diet pepsi,,water,,grapes 1pt

Lunch:,,HB pattie 4pts,,wrapped in Lettuce&tomatoe w/ket&mustard,,,tomatoe soup 2pts,,,wow chips 1pt ,,grapes 1pt...ice tea,,

Dinner:,,,Peice left over roast 6pts,,salad w/fatfree italian 0pts,,green beans 0pts,,squash/stewed tomatoes 0pts,,ice tea

Well hope everyone has a wonderful day today,,i will be back later to read entrys and comment,,,keep doing what your doing"One day at a Time""}}}

muggg on 11/07/2000:
I love my binders... I call them brain books... I have one for cooking ideas and decorating and gardening too. Your idea is a good one... I think continued motivation is going to be a key for us to have continued success! And of course our friends here!!!

The carb counting has worked wonders for me. Sometimes I like to separate my carbs in to the "empty" ones and those with nutrition. I try not to allow the "empty" ones. I ask myself... "just why AM I eating this?"

Keep up the good work Pasta, you're a good inspiration for me. Sounds like you're feeling better too!

jenny on 11/07/2000:
That wind does wear on you after a while, doesn't it? I bet you'll find you progress more quickly with the low-carb + points approach. It's really amazing! I'd love to see your binder, I live for stuff like that. Great idea.

KT on 11/07/2000:

You're binder idea sounds like a good one. Maybe I will try something like that. I need all the motivation I can get! Thanks for the idea and I think it will help me also.

The Bug on 11/08/2000:
I know what you mean about the first part of the workout (treadmill) being hard. I think I'm at 5 minutes before I lose that feeling. It's weird, because I never get that feeling when I'm actually walking outside.

pastagal - Monday Nov 06, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Hi everyone,,,well its monday and a whole new week starting,,i am still plugged,,but i think now its more allergies than a cold,,,cause yesterday i was feeling pretty good and now today i am all plugged again and throat itchy really bad,,tho i am coughing crap up so who knows,,,,

I have to run to town this morning to the bank and get a few things in town,,,and the wind is blowing,which isnt good,,really makes my allergies act up,,,

I did ok over the weekend,,,except with my water,,don't know why i get off track with it sometimes,,,cause i know how much better i feel when i am drinking large amounts of it,,so going to pick up a new case of water bottles and then i won't have any excuse,,seems this happens when i run out of them,,drinking from a glass just isnt the same for some reason,,,

Ok here is my food for today,,,,

Breakfast:,,,scrambled egg sandwich 3pts,,,v8juice,,1/2 banana 1pt and diet pepsi,,,

Lunch :,,, small peice beef 6pts,,salad 2pts,,ice tea and grapes 1pt

Dinner:,,,homemade spaghetti ,,1cup 6pts,,,salad 0pts,,veggie 0pts and ice tea,,,

Snack later will probley be bag of popcorn 1pt,,,,

well everyone have a great day,,gonna try to walk longer today to:}}take it "One day at a Time":}}}

muggg on 11/06/2000:
Those allergies sure can make you feel bad.. but watch it... drainage from allergies can develop into infection... I'm sure you already know that .. just want you to take care!!!

Have a good day .. hope you feel much better soon!

danygirl on 11/06/2000:
Hi! Well yes,lowering your carbs really does work and I am sure you can lower them a little on WW. Carbs really make ME fat,everybody is diffrent...as soon as I cut out the pasta and rice-poof- 15 pounds gone,and trust me- I LOOOVE pasta,just like your goodself-but I can only eat it on special occasions,sigh...

muggg on 11/06/2000:
My dear buddy Pasta,

You really haven't been feeling well.. no wonder it so hard to get a lot of exercise in! About 10 years ago, I went through a bout of Chronic fatigue. I am careful not to get overly tired.

I have learned to space out my workouts. I figure if walking a mile burns 100 calories.. and I can do a mile in 15 minutes... then every 15 minutes of exercise is equal to 100 calories burned (give or take).

I try to break it up into several times during the day.. I just don't have it in me to do 1 1/2 hour workouts!!! 30 minutes at the gym before work... then my walk at noon .... and then my tape at night! I figure that is at least 500 calories burned per day! Besides.. every time I do some sort of exercise.. I get my heart rate up and get my metabolism fired up!

As far as the water goes.. I'm awful! But that's my next challenge! You're a great inspiration on the water... so you have to do good!

KT on 11/06/2000:

I'm sorry to hear that your allergies or sickness seems to be holding on. It's sometimes hard to stay motivated when your not feeling so well but you seem to be doing really well even with this adversity. I'm having some problems drinking enough water to so I can relate to you forgetting. Hang in there and I hope you feel better!!

pastagal - Sunday Nov 05, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Happy Sunday everyone,,,gonna keep todays entry short,running late this morning,,,i am back to feeling yucky today,,yesterday i thought YES i am getting past this cold and sore throat,,well woke up with the sore throat back and plugged up even worse,,

Going to town today to buy grocerys and do some shopping,,hubby will take me out to lunch,not sure where we will eat today,,,and dinner,havent thought about that to closely yet,,,,but i did have some breakfast already,,,,,

Breakfast was,,,,2eggo waffles,w/teaspoon syrup 5pts,,v4juice 0pts and diet pepsi,,drinking one water so far,,,ok will report tomorrow how i did the rest of the day today,,,have a great day all of you and remember,,,,take things"One day at a time":}}}

danygirl on 11/05/2000:
Please try to relax so that you can beat your cold! You really should be in bed...feel better soon!

jenny on 11/05/2000:
Eeew, sorry you're sick. Sounds like it might be the flu or something. Have fun at lunch and be good!

Soon2BThin on 11/05/2000:
Oh, that darn cold or whatever it may be! I get that plugged up thing everyday, I'm addicted to nasal spray. I try not to use it but if I don't I can't breathe & get awful headaches. So watch out for that, I've heard a lot of people get hooked on it. Hope you start feeling better.

The Bug on 11/06/2000:
I hope you had a good Sunday out of the house and made good choices with eating out!

pastagal - Saturday Nov 04, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Good morning everyone,,,,,,,,,

Well throat seems alittle better this morning,,but still so plugged up,,,but i think i am on my way to getting better finally,,,slept alot yesterday and went to bed really early last night and didnt wake up once,,sleep always helps a bad cold.

Its clear and crisp outside today,,was surpose to rain,,but so far i don't see any sign of clouds,but the day is just starting so who knows:}

Ok i am starting on one of my 24oz bottles of water,,,yesterday i didnt drink but maybe one bottle total,,,really hate when i have days like that,,but back on track today and will get all my water in and do my exersises on the treadmill to,,,,

Saturdays are my days to clean house,,,clean mother inlaws room and clean fridge out and make a grocery list,,,,then sunday me and hubby go out for lunch and do our shopping ,,,

Breakfast today is :,,,scramble egg 2pts,,,toast w/jelly 3pts,,2peices bacon 2pts,,v8juice and diet pepsi and more water...

Lunch is going to be:... Tuna salad sandwich 3pts,,wow chips 1pt cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,grapes 1pt,,,ice tea.

Dinner tonight:... Pork chop 4pts,,,salad 0pts,,corn on cob 2pts,,brocolli 1pt,,,apple & bananas cut up in light cool whip,,2pts ,,ice tea,,

Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and will see ya all tomorrow before heading off to town ,,,,"One day at a Time":}}}

muggg on 11/04/2000:
I need to do some cleaning today too.. weekend is catch up time for me. Glad you're seeing "light at the end of the tunnel" and feeling better!

Your menu sounds yummy, as always! Have a good day!

jenny on 11/04/2000:
Oh, there's nothing like a really good sleep on a chilly night. Glad you're getting better.

Soon2BThin on 11/04/2000:
Glad you're feeling better. The extra rest & nutritious diet probably helped a lot. It sounds like you are doing so well, I can't wait to see how much you lose this week. Weight Watchers is great, isn't it? We have such a variety of foods to eat, even WOW chips, right? Gotta have those. Don't wear yourself out too much today. Hey, did you hear that WW is going to be making some changes again?

pastagal - Friday Nov 03, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Good afternoon,,,i came on earlier and was about half way done writing my entry and i got bumped and couldn't get back on,,so here i am again,:} Hope everyone is having a good friday,,mine could be better,,,i still don't feel well,,this cold or what ever it is just won't let go,,,

Well haven't drinked much water yet today,so need to get busy on that,,and not real hungry either,,,,

My menu for today is,,,

Breakfast:,,, 1cup of my homemade chicken rice soup,,and my diet pepsi,,,4pts,,,,

Lunch will be:...another cup of soup,,4pts and some crackers 2pts and ice tea,,,

Dinner i am not sure yet,,depends on how i feel,,well gonna keep this short today,,and go lay down now and rest,,will see everyone tomorrow,:}

Soon2BThin on 11/03/2000:
Hope you feel better soon, maybe it's allergies, huh? I've had the same problem with this site before that you had. Aggravating, isn't it? Rest up & take care.

dwew on 11/03/2000:
sorry to hear you're feeling so icky. Keep those fluids going and sleep alot. Take care of you.

muggg on 11/03/2000:
Hope you get to feeling better... drink that water... get some rest! Are you still on anti-biotics? That can give you a sore throat too!

What a sad event when your daughter was attacked. What a terrible time you and your family went through. My heart goes out to you. I know you have healed and gone on with your lives... but there are always scars.

Take care!

pastagal - Friday Nov 03, 2000

Weight: 0.0

pastagal - Thursday Nov 02, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Good morning everyone,,,,,

Well its a sunny day here this morning,,but isn't surpose to last,,rain is coming back,and its so cold,,we usually don't get this type of weather till end of nov,,,its early,,,

Well this morning i am draggin a bit,,have a periodontist appt this morning,,,not sure what there doing to me today,,

I am not hungry this morning,infact alittle sick to my tummy,,,i think its cause my throat is still hurting a bit and plugged up bad,

well i will probley have some toast for breakfast tho and my diet pepsi ,,,but i think that will be it till lunch today,,,,,

Lunch will be:,,,cup of chicken rice soup 4pts,,1/2 tuna sandwich 3pts,,crackers 2pt,,,ice tea,,

Dinner tonight is:,,,More soup 4pts,,,small salad 0pts,,1peice pizza 6pts,,,ice tea,,,

Snack will be popcorn 1pt if i have a snack,,,have the grandkids today and so will have them till around 9pm tonight till daughter gets off work,,,

well gonna walk today and do my tae bo tape again,,,i am about to get back being use to walking on a reg basis now,,,and thats a good feeling,not having to push myself to do it as bad as last week,,,,

well everyone have a great day and will check in on everyone later and respond to your diary,,,,,"One day at a Time" to reach our goal:}}

muggg on 11/02/2000:
Sorry you're not feeling so well. Hopefully, your symptoms will get better soon! Your menu sounds yummy!

Know what you mean about having to push yourself to do the exercise... it sure is nice to just be ready to do it!

Have a good day and take care of yourself!

P.S. Just read your comment to my diary... the candy bars are now departed... I took them all the way to the back office and gave them away!!! You're right... you never know when your motivation may be wavering and you might find them! Thanks for watching out for me!

jenny on 11/02/2000:
I hope you feel better! Personally, I'd be nauseated at the thought of going to the peridontist! I can guarantee you that. Have fun with the grandkids. You food sounds yummy.

TweetieCat on 11/02/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

It's a good idea how you list your food plan for the day. That shows you are committing to eating just that and hopefully nothing more.

Hope you feel better.

Have a GREAT diet day.

I'll check in tomorrow.

Take care,


danygirl on 11/02/2000:
Get better soon!

Soon2BThin on 11/02/2000:
Hey, I hope you start feeling better & they don't do too much to you at the periodontist. Try not to let that bad weather get you down, I always have to fight it when the weather gets gloomy. Have a good day.

Quack on 11/02/2000:
Hi P.G.! Yes I really love the 1-2-3 program and I am finally sticking to it, so last weigh in on Wed I was so happy to have an almost 4 lb drop! Glad you like it too.

pastagal - Wednesday Nov 01, 2000
Weight: 159.5

Good morning,,,,Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween last night,,we had a ton of kids here,,i managed to get rid of ALL my candy,toward the end of the night i started giving handsfull away:}}

Well i went and weighed in yesterday,,lost 2 1/2 lbs ,,so that makes up for not loseing anything the week before,,:}}}Sure helps to see the scale move,heck i would of been happy with the 1/2 lb,,,so gonna keep doing what i did this past week,,,which was stay on pts and drink more water,,i credit the water for alot of it,and going to up the walking some this week to,might even try doing a Richard Simmons video this week,,his has such great music in em,,,,,i havent seen below 160 in gosh,,,,yrs,,,,so this is different,,but god it feels good,,,ok going to get my day started ,,,i am not feeling real great,still have a scratchy throat and stuffed up head,,but taking cold meds so hopefully it will go away soon,just makes me tired alot,,,

Ok my menu today is going to be,,,oh and i ended up not eating anything last night,,i fixed hubby a chili dog and chips and was going to eat after the kids slowed up at the door and they didnt till almost 9pm here so i said heck with it,wasnt hungry anyway,,by then i was feeling so tired and just took my meds and went to bed,,so i am hungry this morning,,,

Breakfast is going to be:......Scramble egg 2pts,,,,2slices bacon 2pts,,diet toast 2slices w/butter &jelly 3pts,,,and 1/2 banana 1pt,,

Lunch is going to be :....bowl pasta w/tomatoe sause 4pts,,,1/2 tuna sandwich on diet bread 2 1/2 pts..grapes,,1pt,,,ice tea

Dinner:,,,,Chicken rice soup 4pts,,,1slice pizza 6pts,,,ice tea and if i am real hungry i will have a salad with it for 0pts,,,,

well hope everyone has a great day today,,i have tons of laundry to do so i better get off here and get busy,,but gonna eat first cause i am starving:}}} "One day at a Time":}}}

Tate on 11/01/2000:
PastaGal....I soooo jealous of you! I can't wait to see anything in the 150's! You must be estatic about it. Keep up the great work and I'll be hoping to join you in the 50's this week too! Tate

TweetieCat on 11/01/2000:
Congrats on getting below 160! WOW! Even though you don't feel well with your sore throat, you must be flying seeing that new number on the scale. I'm really happy for you.

Keep up the great work!!!!

Take care,


muggg on 11/01/2000:
Congratulations on seeing the 150's... it is extra special since it's been awhile... I know the feeling and it's great!!!

Take care of yourself!

The Bug on 11/01/2000:
Hey great job on the weight loss!

danygirl on 11/01/2000:
congrats on that loss! WW really works-keep up the good work!

Soon2BThin on 11/01/2000:
Hey, Pastagal, welcome to the 150's! You're doing great! WW really does work if you stick to it. I just keep going off too many times lately, I'm not really a very good example. But I'm doing better now, thank goodness. Like you say, One Day At a Time.

pastagal - Tuesday Oct 31, 2000
Weight: 162.0

Good morning,,I am getting a cold:{ my head is plugged up and my throat is bothering me ,,but it stopped raining ,so that is good,and will be glad to get Halloween over with,,,

I weigh in this afternoon,,so wish me luck,,,i think i did ok this past week,,,i have done well with pts and drinked my water,exersised almost everyday,,today i don't feel to good,,but i am drinking my water and have eaten breakfast already,,,,

My breakfast was:,,,whole egg sandwich,,6pts,,,v8juice 0pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt,,1/2 cup pudding 2pts,,diet pepsi,,

Lunch today is:,,,Pasta 1cup w/tomatoes ,,4pts,,1/2 chicken sandwich 3pts,,and ice tea,,

Dinner i think will be:...Homemade chicken rice soup,,1cup 4pts,,and ice tea,,,then gotta get ready for the trick or treaters,,,,have a great day everyone and i will report tomorrow or later tonight on my weigh in,,,,HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

The Bug on 10/31/2000:
Good luck with your weight in. It sounds as if you'll do just fine.

muggg on 10/31/2000:
You've had a rough way to go what with dental surgery and now a cold... you poor thing. Chicken and rice soup sounds like just the right medicine! Take care good luck at weigh in!

jenny on 10/31/2000:
Good luck tonight, can't wait to hear about your success tomorrow!

Soon2BThin on 10/31/2000:
Hope your weigh-in goes well. Can't wait to see how much you've lost, I know you will have a loss, since I've seen what you've been eating here. And every time I read your daily menu, it really makes me hungry, LOL. Of course, I usually read in the afternoon, just when I have a hard time not eating. Guess I'll go get a big glass of water instead, hehe.

danygirl on 11/01/2000:
before I went on the Atkins diet I went to WW meetings, and they WORK, only not for me-no willpower. But I do think they are wonderful, so it's a good thing that you go!

pastagal - Monday Oct 30, 2000
Weight: 162.0

Happy Monday everyone!!!,,i am late getting on here today,,,got up this morning alittle late,its cold and rainy here today so i had a hard time getting my butt out of bed this morning,,then when i did get up and get on line to check mail,,,i forgot to block myself and got imd,,and got to chatting and before knew it ,it was time to get mother inlaw cleaned up and awake,,,and then i had to shower and do my hair and head to town to the bank and do a couple errands ,my normal monday morning thing...my daughter comes and sits here with her grandma so i can go do that.

But before i left i ate something,,,not your normal breakfast mind ya,but for me very normal:}

Breakfast:,,,, 1/2 bologna sandwich w/mustard..<3pts>,1/2 banana<1pt>...v8juice 0pts,,diet pepsi,,and 16oz bottle water.

Lunch:... Flour tortia<3pts>,,three tbls hambuger meat <3pts>...lettuce & tomatoe and salsa...wow chips <1pt>..ice tea...1/2 cup diet pudding<2pts>

Dinner will be:....grilled chicken <3pts>..salad <2pts>..asparagus <1pt>...1/2 cup pasta w/stewed tomatoes <2pts>,,ice tea.

Thats my menu for today,,,,i feel like i am trying to come down with a cold,,,which wouldn't surprise me,its been wet and cold here for the past few days and my granddaughter has a cold right now,,and them hugs and kisses will get ya everytime:}}},,

Well i read all the dd entries before writing mine today and gosh everyone sure is in a Great mood,,,very inspiring to see that on a Monday,,,well tomorrow is weigh in day for me,,i actually feel like i have lost,,had a great week last week,,,so tomorrow i will report in when i get weighed,,,,hope everyone has a great day,,,now i am going to shut this off and go get on the treadmill and watch my soap,,,talk to you tomorrow,,,,"ONE DAY AT A TIME":}

Tabitha on 10/30/2000:
Sounds like you had a great day, but very busy, sometimes I think it is better to be busy. Keeps me from eating to much! LOL And I like what you said:"One day at a time" I follow that always. Best thing that I ever learned in my journey to conqer the my food and other problems I had as a young adult. (about 20 years ago.) Well, have a wonderful day tomorrow! bye for now~

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