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pastagal - Friday Oct 20, 2000
Weight: 162.0

Good morning everyone,,,,well got my stitches out yesterday,but still haveing the throbbing pain,,but its not infection,he checked and said it just needs a couple days and it will leave,,well i don't have any big plans for the weekend,,,do any of you ? I am going to clean out my fridge today and make a grocery list,,its time to make some homemade soups and put in the freezer to have ,,,i love soup and salad ,,and there so low in pts,,,i need some different fruit to,last night i fixed some italian squash w/stewed tomatoes,totally free of pts and its so good,,had that with a small peice of roast beef and salad,,and so my dinner was only 4pts,,,,well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend,i am going to take some pics,,which i dont like doing,but its time to take some new ones of me,gonna make a thing to put on my fridge of me with pics so i can keep track of what i looked like back in jan of this yr till now,,i got the pics out last night,,big change,you dont really notice till you see pics of before and after,,and going to exersise more this weekend to,,,well will report in tomorrow,,talk to you all later,,,,"One day at a Time":}}

muggg on 10/20/2000:
I'm really glad you asked the doctor about the throbbing pain... I had a root canal that became infected... it took four years to diagnose because it wouldn't show up on the x-rays! I ended up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over that... so keep an eye on things!!!

Your supper sounded so good! I need to clean out my freezer too... and the refrigerator door... I have to divide my fridge into sections to get it done.

I brought some fresh broccoli to make home made soup and I'd like to make some french onion soup too! We're going to have a family weekend this time.. and squeak some housecleaning in and some yard work! But I'm looking foward to it!

I liked the comment about how even standing burns calories... good thought!

muggg on 10/20/2000:
I bought some weight watcher cookbooks at a garage sale this summer... I thought I'd read them this winter for some ideas. Also I thought I'd check out the diet... Maybe I can devise a combination of diets that will keep me on the right path once I make goal! I know I have to keep the carbs to a minimum to keep from going over the edge and having to start all over again!

jenny on 10/20/2000:
Yum, soups and salads! I'm going to copy your idea. Have a great weekend.

pastagal - Thursday Oct 19, 2000
Weight: 162.0

Good morning everyone,,,,beautiful day here again,,alittle cooler,,,well for breakfast this morning i am having bowl of cereal 4pts,,,1/2 banana 1pt and my diet caffiene pepsi and water,,,not sure on lunch yet,,will depend on what my mouth is feeling like,,i am getting ready to head to town to get these stitches out,,,which will help this throbbin pain i am having,,,well sounds like everyone is doing good today,keep up the good work and remember,"One day at a time" :}}}

TweetieCat on 10/19/2000:
Hi PastaGal:

Good luck getting those stitches out today. I'm sure you'll feel much better with them gone. Today is a really nice autumn day here in NJ. It's about time because Tues & Wed were rainy and dreary. I'm hoping to take a walk at lunchtime since it is that nice.

Have a great day!!!

Take care,


muggg on 10/19/2000:
Finally getting those stitches out.. you will feel so much better!

I'm concerned though about the "throbbing pain".. hope it is just from the stitches... be sure to let your Dr. know if it continues.. wouldn't want any infection going on!

Take care!

The Bug on 10/20/2000:
Hope your mouth feels better after your stiches come out!

pastagal - Wednesday Oct 18, 2000
Weight: 162.0

Good morning everyone:}} its another beautiful day here in northern calif,,,,well i weighed in last night,,,,lost <2 lbs>Yeahhhhh!!!,i know having the mouth surgery last thrusday helped alittle,didnt consume much for a few days,,,,but hey,i will take it anyway i can get it:}} My stitches come out tomorrow thank goodness,,they have been hurting for a couple days now, So i am down two lbs for the turkey challenge,,8 to go by Thanksgivings,,i think i can do it:}}},,then another 10 by christmas for me,,,,i am back walking on the treadmill,,and that really is starting to feel good,,,and doing weights with this tape i bought,so the motivation is slowly coming back ,,ok today for breakfast i am having,,,1cup tomatoe soup,2pts,,1/2 scramble egg sandwich 3pts,,diet pepsi and my water,,Ok gonna go get this day started,,,,have a great day everyone,,keep up the good work,:}}}

TweetieCat on 10/18/2000:
WOW!!!! Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I am SO proud of you and you should be proud of yourself (which I'm sure you are). I read your comment to me about my dilemna and thank you, thank you for the hug (I got it, it felt GREAT, just what the doctor ordered!) and your suggestion about a tight pair of pants. I'm going to try that and see what happens. I'm hanging in there as best I can and it is such a comfort reading everyone's journals (ups & downs) and getting the positive feedback. It keeps me going. Glad you are having such nice weather, too. Yesterday and today are very dreary and gray here in NJ. It sorta suits my mood having made the "discovery" I did when I weighed in this morning. It sure is not easy, that's for certain!!!! Have a terrific diet day and keep up the good work!!!!

Take care,


Soon2BThin on 10/18/2000:
Hey, great job! 2 pounds gone. I'm envious. But you deserve it. Keep up the good work.

muggg on 10/18/2000:
I've already been thinking about what I can accomplish between Thanksgiving and Christmas... but 10 pounds is way more than my body is willing to let go of in one month! LOL But I'm sure that 5 pounds is possible! I would love to dress up for New Years and feel V.E..RRR..Y SEXY!!!! :-)

Good going on the two pound loss!!!

jenny on 10/18/2000:
You GO girl!

The Bug on 10/19/2000:
Hey 2 pounds, great! You've completed 1/5 of your turkey challenge! Good to hear your back walking on the treadmill. Have a good day.

pastagal - Tuesday Oct 17, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Good morning everyone,,,its beautiful but cool outside today in northern calif,,,,well the stitches in my mouth are starting to hurt :{,,,last night i had to take a pain pill before bed to rest,,they make the pallet of my mouth throb and ache,,,i get them out thrusday morning,so not much longer,,,then it will be all over:}}} well today i am going to walk on the treadmill,,,,do my weight lifting tape and for breakfast i am having,,,,,scramble eggs,,2pts,,1slice ham 2pts,,,toast 1pt,,,and v8juice 0pts,,and diet pepsi and my water,,,Lunch today is going to be 1cup pasta w/stewed tomatoes 4pts,,salad 2pts,,ice tea,,, Dinner tonight,not sure yet,,,probley meat,salad and a veggie or two,,,ice tea,,,well everyone,tomorrow i will tell you my results of my weigh in tonight,,,i feel like i have lost,,so crossing fingers and toes,,,have done well this past week:} ok,,,talk to all later,,everyone have a wonderful day ok,,:}} keep up the good work!!!!

TweetieCat on 10/17/2000:
Hi PastaGal:

Sorry to hear your mouth is hurting but as you said Thursday will be here before you know it and the stitches will be removed, once and for all. I should think between watching what you've been eating, exercising and the gum surgery, for sure you should post a weight loss tonight. I am anxious to hear the results. I'll be thinking of you. Have a GREAT day!

Take care,


muggg on 10/17/2000:
I sure do feel for you with your mouth hurting!!! You'll feel better soon... I know it will be such a relief to get those stitches out!

I am anxious to hear about your weigh in.. sounds like you've been doing well!

Soon2BThin on 10/17/2000:
Can't wait to hear about your weigh-in. I'm sure it will be good, you've been doing so well. And if not, cause you never know about those pesky scales, just keep up the good work & it will happen. And keep coming here, we love reading your entries. We all know how you feel, we're in the same boat.

jenny on 10/17/2000:
Ohhhhh-ohhhhh, I didn't know you had surgery, (I've been out of it for awhile, what with the wedding!) Hope you feel better soon!

pastagal - Monday Oct 16, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Good morning everyone,,,i am feeling great this morning,,getting ready to eat some breakfast,,,going to have scrambled eggs 2pts,,toast 1pt and a slice of ham 2pts,,,and my diet pepsi and already hitting the water bottle:}}Had a great weekend and my mouth is feeling not bad at all since the surgery last thrusday,,get the stitches out this thursday,,i feel as tho i have lost ,,will be weighing in tomorrow night and cant wait:} been getting on the treadmill the past few days and it feels great to be back walking again,,,today i am going to put my weights tape i bought in and start lifting weights to,,gotta lose that 10 lbs by Thanksgivings;} i just want one time to say YES i am skinny:} ok gonna get going,,everyone have a great day today and remember,,"WATER,,Water,,water,,,,and lots of exersise and when you get that urge to eat something you shouldn't ,stop,,count to 10 and rethink it:}and grab the water,:}}}

TweetieCat on 10/16/2000:
Hi Pastagal:

Glad you're feeling better! Good luck with your challenge. I'm going to remember what you said about the water thing. That's one of my biggest problems is drinking the water. I can only do 32 oz. a day. Does drinking coffee count???? That's made with water (LOL)!

Have a GREAT day!


Soon2BThin on 10/16/2000:
So glad you're feeling better, hope you lost some weight with it though. That would be a nice bonus, huh? Good job on the walking, that really helps. And thanks for your comments.

muggg on 10/16/2000:
So glad your surgery was better this time... knowing it's going to be bad is awful!! You sound very "up" for our challenge and you're doing great on the exercise!

Good luck at weigh in... !

pastagal - Sunday Oct 15, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Dear DD,,,,,its sunday and a beautiful day here in northern calif,,,i had my two grandkids over night,,,and today i am going to town to Sams club to get stuff for the week,,,i have had a good weekend so far,,mouth is not hurting as bad as the last three times i had surgery,and this is the last one,,so thats a good thing,,well everyone have a wonderful sunday,,see all of ya tomorrow bright and early:}}

pastagal - Saturday Oct 14, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Good morning,,,,,well its sat and today is Hubbys birthday,,and its a beautiful day here in northern calif:} My gums are doing pretty good,,the first day they really gave me pain,,but havent taken a pain pill now in almost two days,,so thats a plus,,,i get the stitches out on thursday,,well i hope to see a loss on tuesday when i weigh in,,i feel like i have lost..today i am going to clean the fridge out and tomorrow going to Sams club to get stuff i need for the next week,,i walked yesterday on the treadmill for 30 mins,,& did weights for about 15 mins,,going to do this everyday no matter what,told myself there is no excuses,if i have time to watch tv,or be on the puter,i have time to exersise,right?:}}} ok you all have a wonderful day and i will see ya tomorrow,,,, Breakfast today is,,,,,,1cup tomatoe soup 2pts,,1/2 tuna sand,,3pts,diet pepsi and bottle water,,,

The Bug on 10/16/2000:
You probably should do the weights every other day, unless you were doing different muscle groups, two consecutive days in a row. Your doing great!!!!!!

pastagal - Friday Oct 13, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Ok,,,i am here this morning,,woke up early,,but yesteray was really a rough day for me,,,went in and had my last gum surgery at 10am,left the doctors office in horrible pain and so sick to my stomach:{,was that way all day clear till i went to bed last night,,,was not able to eat or drink all day without wanting to throw up,,,this morning i am so empty,,,getting ready to have some tomatoe soup 2pts and crackers 2pts and my diet pepsi and water,,,,see if that stays down and right now the mouth isnt hurting to bad,,planning on taking it easy today and give my mouth a chance to heal and hoping i dont have to take any pain pills ,,,I am going to walk on my treadmill today for a bit,,,and do some weights to,,,i bought a new video to do the weights with,,,ok,sounds like everyone is on the right track,,i even took on Tates challenge to lose 10lbs by thanksgiving,,,so why dont we ALL do that:}}} or try anyway,,ok will be back later to report on how my day is going and tell ya about lunch and dinner,,for those of you that arent around on the weekends,,have a great one and take it one day at a time:}}}

muggg on 10/13/2000:
Thanks for your suggestions on safe foods for me... I am too close to that dratted snack box!!! Somedays it taunts me.... "hello.. wouldn't you like a candy bar? Soo.. yummy!" Know what I mean? I'll just have to get over it!

Don't do too much today... Don't want that surgery to start throbbing! Sometimes the pain pills are what makes me sick! Hang in there... we're thinking of you!

TweetieCat on 10/13/2000:
Hi PastaGal:

I'm glad your gum surgery is over and I hope that it won't be too long til you fully recover. I think it is really great that despite your ordeal you are still planning to do your treadmill. That's true dedication! Good luck in the Thanksgiving challenge. I am just taking one day at a time. So far, so good. I can't begin to tell you how much support I'm getting from my fellow DDers. I love reading everyone's journals and the responses. It really helps me to keep on keeping on.

I'm getting ready to leave work now so I'm going to sign off.

Feel better and have a nice weekend. I will check in with you on Monday.

Take care,


pastagal - Thursday Oct 12, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Ok its thursday morning,,i am getting ready to head to the Periodontist to have my last gum surgery done,,there doing the upper right gums,,the worst part is the stitches i have to have for 5 days,,they hurt so bad,,thank god tho for pain meds:} well i ate this morning,,that will be all i eat for the rest of the day,,wont be able to eat anything but soup for a few days,,,,so this morning i had,,scramble eggs 2pts,,toast 1pt,,bacon 2pts,,,and diet pepsi and a bottle of water,,,i cant even drink my cold water good for the next few days:{ oh well,,,starting monday i am going to get really motivated and get the scale moving,,,,ok you guys have a great day and evening and i will check in tomorrow if i am feeling ok,,,,if not sat,,,,talk soon,,,,:}}}

TweetieCat on 10/12/2000:
Hi PastaGal:

I'm new to this site and wanted to say "hello". I've been reading everyone's journals for the past week. I find them very inspirational. Good luck with your gum surgery. You'll be glad when it's over and done with, I'm sure. On the bright side, it will do wonders for losing weight. Hope you bounce back real quick.

"Talk" to you soon.


muggg on 10/12/2000:
Good luck with your surgery... we'll be thinking of you!


Soon2BThin on 10/12/2000:
Pastagal, I'm so sorry about your gum surgery--my mouth hurts just thinking about it, LOL. Hope it all goes well. You will probably lose lots of weight too, not eating much. A hard way to do it though. You must be close to my age, I read your bio & said you've been married for 28 years. I'm just married 32 years & I'm 51, also on WW, so we are weight loss sisters, huh? Hope the pain is not too bad, take care.

Patty Cake on 10/12/2000:
I hope your procedure isn't too bad. You have such a great attitude. Keep on keeping on. I know I am going to - thanks to my new friends.

pastagal - Wednesday Oct 11, 2000
Weight: 164.0

Good morning all,,,its cold and cloudy and just starting to rain here again,,,i am loving this weather,:} well my hunters got home,hubby didnt get a deer,Yeahhhh!!,,,,but my son did,thank goodness he is married and has his own freezer:} and two other guys that went got one,,so they were happy hunters when they came home. I had a good day yesterday,didnt drink all my water tho,not sure why i had a hard time getting it in yesterday,,,actually i think i do know why,i normally keep 16oz bottles in the fridge,and drink 6 or 7 a day of them,,,but i didnt put any in the fridge the night before and so i had to drink water out of a cup,,and i dont do well for some reason drinking from a glass when its water,,,damn stuff just wont go down like it does from a bottle,,,weird i know:}}

Ok today i have my water in the fridge ready to start drinking it,,,going to have this morning for breakfast,,,1cup of my homemade chili beans,,4pts,,,1/2 turkey sandwich /mayo on diet bread,,,3pts,,and diet pepsi and 1banana 2pts,,,so useing 8pts for b'fast,,,,,lunch is going to be another cup of chili beans 4pts,,with 1peice corn bread 3pts,,,,ice tea,,,,,,then tonight i am fixing a tri tip roast,,one small peice 4 pts,,salad 0 pts,,,brocolli 0pts,,and 1/2 cup pasta w/stewed tomatoes 2pts,,,,so my total pts for today will be,,,21pts,,,,and its my daughter in laws birthday so will have cake and ice cream for her,,,,i have enough pts for alittle of that with them,,,,,,,,ok,,,hope everyone has a wonderful weds .

I will be here early in the morning to report on breakfast,,,but then i wont be back again till friday sometime,,i am having my last gum surgery done and so thursday i will be out of it on pain meds,,,unable to do to much from so much pain,,but thank goodness this is the last one,,,ok,,,,,see ya all later,,,,have a good one:}}oh i forgot to report my weight,,,,,weighed in last night,didnt lose anything this past week,,,but didnt gain,,,so gotta work harder this week so i can see the scale move:}

muggg on 10/11/2000:
You sound like you are doing so well on eating, I am surprised that you didn't see a loss... Have you tried exercising yet? It really does make a difference on the calories burned and that adds up at the end of the week. My scales just won't budge unless I exercise. Not only do you burn calories from exercising.. it makes your metabolism run faster and you expend more calories during the day as well!

They reccommend an hour per day for weight loss. I know this sounds like a lot.. but you can break it up into 30 minutes of exercise and a 30 minute walk! Then it isn't so bad! And the time you spend exercising you get back in energy! Promise!

Hope you recover from your gum surgery fast!!!

BMiko72 on 10/11/2000:
water heh?? I guess it is clear that water is a big part of your plan,, I m going to try it thanks to you,, you drink seven bottles a day?? geese,, I heard water is the source of life,, maybe it can be the source of dieting... well good luck on your surgery...

The Bug on 10/11/2000:
I hope your surgery goes well and your not in too much pain.

km on 10/11/2000:
Wow, It sounds like you are doing so well with your water and food that I am sure next week you will see a big drop. I am glad you don't have to deal with deer meat I'm told by my brother-in-law it's excellent meat and I know it's all in my head but still Bambi is Bambi~~You know what I mean anyways I hope your Surgery goes well, take Care, Kim

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