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pastagal - Wednesday Sep 27, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Ok now for dinner,,,,having left over noodle w/hambuger&mushroom soup,,4pts,,,salad w/dressing 2pts and veggie 0 pts and some bananas and apples cut up with light cool whip,,3pts,,,ice tea,,,i walked again,,,yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! 35 mins today,,,upped it 5 mins,,,thinking about running on it tomorrow for a bit,,if it dont kill me,:} ok have a great night everyone,,,keep up the good work,,,,,niters


The Bug on 09/28/2000:
Hey, good job with the walking. You did it, you started it. That's great. Do you like it or do you hate doing it?

pastagal - Wednesday Sep 27, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Good afternoon,,been trying all morning to get on here,has been busy and wouldn't let me in,,anyway,,i had something to eat this morning,here goes, Breakfast,,,1 hot dogw/mustard 4pts,,banana2pts,,diet pepsi Now getting ready to have some lunch,,which is gonna be,,salad 2pts,,,and crackers 2pts and ice tea and apple 1pt,,,beautiful day here again,and i feel great today,,so gonna walk later and try to up it 5 mins,,,,hope everyone is doing good today, PastaGal:}}

muggg on 09/27/2000:
You sound so upbeat! It's very refreshing... I'm struggling to get that feeling back... keep up the good work!

jenny on 09/27/2000:
Your breakfasts crack me up! At least you know what you like. Sounds like you're doing great. It's beautiful here, too. My favorite time of year!!!!!

Soon2BThin on 09/27/2000:
Hey, WW says we can eat whatever we want as long as we stay within point range, right? If that's what you feel like eating for breakfast, that's okay. You're doing great!

pastagal - Tuesday Sep 26, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Hey everyone,,didnt make it back to tell about lunch ,so i will add it to this note,,,lunch today was,,

Salad w/dressing,,,,,2pts peice of baked chicken,,3pts ice tea

Dinner: Noodles w/hambuger&mushroom soup,,,6pts salad w/dressing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2pts green beans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0pts ice tea I feel good tonight,have gotten in all my water,,Hey i WALKED today,,,yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! only 30 mins but hey,gotta start somewhere huh,,,,have a great night everyone,:}}}


Adam on 09/26/2000:
Good deal with the walking -- Slim and I started our walking again this week (about an hour a day) after a break of about 8 months. Gak!

Reading your diary entries makes me hungry! :)

pastagal - Tuesday Sep 26, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Beautiful morning here in northern calif,,,how is everyone doing,,i just had something to eat,i dont drink coffee so if i feel i need something hot i drink a cup of tomatoe soup really hot,,love it,anyway,i had for breakfast,,

1cup tomatoe soup,,,,2pts <1/2 ham sandwich> 3slices ham,,,,,,,,,,,1 1/2 pts 1slice bread,,,,,,,,,,1pt mustard 1banana,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2pts total pts,,,,,,,,,,,,,6 1/2pts for breakfast,, Now before i go shower i am going to get on the treadmill for about 30 mins,,I feel great today:}} tonight is my weigh in so wish me luck,hopeing to of dropped couple more lbs,,but if not,maybe next week:}


badfoodaddict on 09/26/2000:
Good luck on your weigh in. You sound like you are doing great!

pandabear on 09/26/2000:

Ok now to your breakfast - nummy!!! I have had a major craving for tomato soup, don't ask me why - but it just sounds absolutely delicous :)

And good show on the treadmill PG, you rock!!! I am so glad you are feeling great! and it will only get better!!! Yahoo!!!

Anywho, you rule and ttyl


muggg on 09/26/2000:
I've been wanting tomato soup too! I brought some of the instant to work with me so I could have the cup of soup. Sounds like you're doing great on your points. Good luck at weigh in!

jenny on 09/26/2000:
I've been doing the soup-thing, too. Must be the change of seasons! You're doing great, good luck today and let us know how it goes.

muggg on 09/26/2000:
Just read your comments to me... thank you very much. Your mother-in-law is so fortunate to have someone like you to care for her! You sound like a sweetie!

pastagal - Tuesday Sep 26, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Just stopping in to tell about dinner tonight,,,hope everyone is doing fine with there programs,,,,

I had for dinner,,,baked chicken,,,3pts,,,salad w/italian dressing 1pt,,brocolli 0pts,,,peice garlic bread 2pts,,,so used 6pts for dinner,,,had snack later which was,,popcorn 1pt,,,,

Again,,:{ didnt get my walk in on the treadmill,,,well tomorrow is another day,so will strive for getting started on exersise tomorrow,nite everyone,,,


The Bug on 09/26/2000:
It's hard to get on the treadmill and get going. You'll make it!

pastagal - Monday Sep 25, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Went to town,got my monday errands done,,came home ,had some lunch,and i had,

Ham sandwich w/mayo,lettuce & tomatoe ,,,5pts cup homemade soup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4pts ice tea Now i am sitting here stuffed,,gonna exersise on treadmill today to,on my 4th cup water,,


jenny on 09/25/2000:
Your lunch sounds yummy! And only 9 points, wow.

Soon2BThin on 09/25/2000:
Sounds like you're doing really well, PastaGal. Hope you got that exercise in today. It really helps with the weightloss & makes you feel ssooo good.

pastagal - Monday Sep 25, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Good morning,,,its a beautiful day here in northern calif,i am getting ready to hit the shower,,then i have to get my day started ,heading to town to do my monday morning errands,but before i go i will eat something,,which will be,remember i said i dont eat normal breakfast,lol,,this morning i am going to have

1bowl of veg beef soup i made,,,,,4pts crackers..........................2pts diet pepsi........................0pts 16oz bottle of water total,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,6pts

well hope everyone has a wonderful day,,,will be back later today and report on lunch,,,


pastagal - Sunday Sep 24, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Sunday afternoon,,,Thanks to all of you who commented on my entrys already,i am having a great day today,,went shopping at Sams Club and bought alot of great things to have this week,last night i made a pot of homemade veg beef soup,,took some tri tip roast left over and gosh it makes great soup,,figures out to 1cup is 4pts,,,,,and very filling,ok lets see,,,today i had for lunch,,,

LUNCH 1 bologna sandwich w/mayo/lettuce/tomatoe on diet bread.....4pts wow chips ..................................................2pts diet pepsi,,,, Haven't done good on water today,,but i never do on sundays,cause when i go to town for awhile,,i cant drink or else i have to stop and go to the bathroom dozens of times,,,so i wait till i am back home and try really hard to get at least 6 cups in ,but normally i drink during the day at least,12-16 cups,, PastaGal;}}

Soon2BThin on 09/24/2000:
Thanks for the comment. I am going on a cruise to San Juan, the Bahamas, & St. Thomas with my Mom. Leaving the hubster at home, hehe. This will be my 5th cruise, am I spoiled or what? I am 51 & just started cruising in 96. I love the way they treat you, it is so luxurious. My Mom wanted to go on one & didn't have anyone to go with her, so I volunteered :-) I know what you mean about getting in all the water when you have to be away from home. 6 glasses should be enough tho since you usually drink more on other days. Keep up the good work.

pastagal - Sunday Sep 24, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Good morning,,,well i had my grandkids spend the night last night,,so this morning i had a normal breakfast,,something i dont have very often,;} i would rather eat something that has to do with lunch for b'fast,,,i know,i am different;}

Ok,,here is my b'fast this morning,,

Eggs,,,,,,,2pts biscut w/jelly,,,3pts diet pepsi,,,,,,,0pts total ,,,,,,,,,,,5pts

well i will be back later and report on lunch ,i havent started my water yet but will in a few,,i feel good today ,going to run to Sams and get my food for the week,


Quack on 09/24/2000:
Hey Pastagal, glad to have another WW member aboard, keep up your good work!

jenny on 09/24/2000:
Hi PastaGal, I just read your entries, and I'm impressed! 40 pounds, you have come so far! I'm kinda at the same place as you right now. 40 pounds gone, but at a major plateau. It's taking me about a month to lose a pound, but that's because I'm not being real serious. Well, best of luck to you!

Adam on 09/24/2000:
Hey, welcome to DD! And congratulations on your weight-loss so far. You've done great!

pastagal - Saturday Sep 23, 2000
Weight: 166.0

Ok now Lunch,,,

I am also from northern calif and so i am 3hours behind the time on this board,,,

LUNCH 1cup homemade veg beef soup,,,,4pts 6crackers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2pts ice tea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0pts total,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,6pts

Soon2BThin on 09/23/2000:
Welcome to DD. I am also a Weight Watchers member. I joined a year ago & still haven't reached goal even tho I only had 15 pounds to lose. I'm just taking it veeeerry slowly :-) I had lost 30 pounds before I joined & was at a plateau. I think it is a great program & easy to stick with. Do you do any exercise? Keep up the good work.

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