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pastagal - Friday Feb 28, 2003
(Portion control,Lots of water,Low carb)
Weight: 138.0

I have all three of my grandkids today,zachary ,ashley and brad,their in watching a video so thought now is a great time to jump on and do my entry for today.

I have already consumed a liter of water,been doing that this past week and gosh how different it is making me feel,,starts my day off with this full feeling and then as the day goes by i spend a great deal of time in the restroom but the way i feel as days go bye is worth the time spent in there,,i am feeling like i am losing inches,well i know i am for that matter,i tried on a pair of my smaller jeans that i could wear a few months ago and they actually are getting easier to zip up,so the water and portion control and really paying attention to what i put in my mouth is starting to pay off and thats a good feeling.

I love how herb is going to start doing a Dr.Phil section in his journal,,i think that is a good way to stay motivated and on track ,,at least for me reading that stuff keeps me thinking and i need that .

Today i am going to try to get in three liters of water before dinner,then after dinner no more water,i would like to get to the point of drinking 4 liters each day and that would be 128 oz per day and that is about what i was consuming back when i was on weight watchers when i first started losing good couple yrs ago,,it made everything so much easier,kept me full,,kept me feeling better,and just makes your skin look so much healthier.

Ok i hope everyone has a great day and weekend for those who aren't around over the weekend,,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE dAY AT A TIME & CONSISTENCY will help you reach your GOAL faster:}}


BREAKFAST: Water,,waffle sticks,sausage,

LUNCH: Tuna in a wheat pita pocket w/lettuce and tomatoe,dill pickle,cup soup,Ice tea

SNACK:Cashews & diet cf pepsi

DINNER: Grilled chicken,green salad w/ranch dressing,mixed veggies,asparagus,,Ice tea

SNACK: popcorn & water

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Setting a goal for March to lose 5 lbs at least.

MM on 02/28/2003:
Great job with the water! I have to push myself sometimes to drink the water, but it's well worth it. Thanks for your encouragement on my entry. Try to stay away from the kid's snacks today. That's what draws me every time.

biscottibody59 on 03/01/2003:
Hey pastagal, water is that one true thing you just can't knock--I so agree! It kinda keeps me honest--I have to ask myself if I'm hungry.

You were one of the original inspirations for me (for the water, too!) here--'cause I thought it didn't matter that much--thanks again! Thanks for being here and with all you do for your loved ones to boot--don't forget to pat yourself on the back!

You're the pants inspiration too:-) I found some 8s--heaven forbid--I know I got into them, because I have a photo to prove it, and they were comfy!--they are a weekly reminder to me.

Have a good weekend and keep up the good work!

pastagal - Thursday Feb 27, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 138.0

Thought i would write my entry tonight before heading to bed,,i had a good day today,,first tho i had to go pick my grandson brad up at school,,he was crying with an ear ache and so i called my daughter and told her to call the doctor and come get him and take him in,so she did,he does have an earache,,its an inner earache and is so painful,,they put him on meds that only last a total of 4 days,very strong,,he is running fever,,anyway,,i went to town and she called me on my cell phone and said he wanted to stay with me and grandpa tonight,so i said sure,she brought him home and he stayed with my mom till i got home,,he is sleeping now,but about every 4 hours he has to have more tylenol for pain:{ hopefully by morning he will be a bit better,he hasn't eaten anything all day and only dranked a very little,,

I have drank alot of water again today,,i drank a liter full before heading to town this morning,,had to make several pit stops to,,,lol,i can really tell tho that just drinking the water like i have the past few days i feel better and smaller,,its a good feeling,just wish i didn't have to make so many pit stops,lol,

Well i hope everyone had a great day,and remember to hugg your loved ones daily and tell them you love them ok??:}}Also,,remember ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal alot faster;}

Thursday Menu::

BREAKFAST: Fried egg sandwich w/mayo on wheat break,v8 juice,diet pepsi cf,water

LUNCH: Tuna salad on top of lettuce and chunks of tomatoe,kidney beans,,cup soup,,apple cut up w/lite cool whip,,Ice tea

Snack: Which btw i eat while watching Dr.Phil:},,1/2 tuna sandwich on wheat bread,dill pickle,,WATER

DINNER:Spanish rice,,green beans,corn on cob,,green salad,Ice tea

SNACK: popcorn & diet cf pepsi

Have a super day!!

Zeppy on 02/27/2003:
Thank you so much sweetie, for all your words of wisdom. Yes, I am a fan of Dr Phil. Have you read any of his books? I want to. I'm not sure if they air Dr Phil's show in Australia. I'll have to find out - it may be on Foxtel (cable TV). I can't wait till the put the 'get straight with weight' thing on his website. I think they had it on oprah's last year? I do like his 'tell it like it is' style. Why add fluff to make it easier to listen to, when you just have to hear what you NEED to hear upfront. He's so 'full-on'. I like it, because I need more discipline in my life. Like you say, you MUST be consistent to achieve anything, and it must be a total commitment that you make otherwise you'll just pile the weight back on. I've been there too. Been 80kg before, gone down to 67kg... then I find myself at a peak 83.4kg!!!!! I'm 76kg now. And as you've read, I do want to get to 60kg. Talk to you again soon. Love Jules xx

kyrin on 02/27/2003:
You stay so busy at your house! It's good to hear that everyone there is on the mend again.

Take care of yourself, gal!


bellybust on 02/27/2003:
You are such a good grandmother!! I missed Dr. Phil today :(

herb on 02/27/2003:
I'm going to start a Dr. Phil Mc'Graw section on my journal, and we'll see how it goes.

SheSha on 02/28/2003:
Hey Pasta Girl,

I just wanted to clarify I saw you made a comment to one of my entries and I had a major typo I have only lost 25 Lbs not 256 Lbs. Sorry about that, but thanks for the support. Well best of luck! SheSha

pastagal - Wednesday Feb 26, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 138.0

Going to do my entry for weds before bed tonight,its late here ,,11:05pm on the west coast,,and tomorrow i have to go to town and so i won't be online till late in the afternoon so figured i would do my entry now,we had such a beautiful day today,i am hoping tomorrow is just like today was since i am going to be out and about most of the day.

I have been doing really great with water lately,,tho i am spending a great deal of my time during the day in the bathroom:} but that is good right now,i feel really good when i drink water like this,i bought a big bottle of water and been drinking three a day,,so i am getting in 3 liters daily right now.

Well i hope everyone has a great day and don't forget to get your water in and some sort of exersise,and remember to hugg your loved ones daily and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE day at a time time Consistency will help you reach your goal faster:}


BREAKFAST: Fried egg sandwich on wheat bread,,diet cf pepsi

LUNCH: EAting out which will probley be "Steak & salad" & Ice tea

No snack

DINNER: Rice w/homemade sauce over it,,salad w/ranch dressing,,corn on cob,,Ice tea

Snack: Popcorn & diet pepsi cf

Have a wonderful day everyone:}

SoccerMom on 02/26/2003:
Good job on the water! I'm drinking 5-16.9 ounce bottles every day, plus whatever else I drink. It seems to be helping.

Have a great day!

Mazie Dazie on 02/26/2003:
I am still finding it hard with all the water intake. The immediate upside to it is that you do practically live in the bathroom, but there isn't a piece of food in sight. Have a great one, Pasta. Hugs to ya, *Mazie

prism on 02/26/2003:
Good for you on keeping up with the water. I just recently increased my water to 120 ounces a day and am constantly running to the restroom....


pastagal - Tuesday Feb 25, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 138.0

Well another day,,its a sunny day here today,,the rain has all gone again,,but it is a bit cold out there. I have laundry to do today,i have MIL's to day,,if it isn't mine,then its my daughters,or MIL's ,its a never ending chore.

I haven't walked yet,going to do that in a few mins ,,its becoming a good habit finally,,i just do it and get it over with and actually after the first 15 mins pass i get to enjoying it:} guess it takes that long to get the body warmed up huh,,well i wanted to wish everyone a great day and remember to take things ONE day at a time and be very Consistent and you will make it to your goal much faster:}

Also,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok??:}}}


BREAKFAST: Scramble eggs & bacon,,diet pepsi cf & v8 juice

LUNCH: Chicken sandwich on wheat bread w/mayo & lettuce and tomatoe,,dill pickle,,1 cup soup,,Ice tea

Snack: cold chicken w/ranch dressing,,Ice tea

DINNER: Pasta w/meat sauce,green salad,veggie,,Ice tea

Snack: Strawberries w/topping,Water

Have a wonderful day ok:}

dolyda on 02/25/2003:
while you're at it, i have some laundry here that could use washing!!...think it would cost much to ship it to CA from TX??...good job on the walking...i actually missed walking this morning..way too cold here today...and it just never gets so cold here to need a real coat, so i don't think i coulda found anything warm enough to wear even if i had decided to brave the cold!!

kyrin on 02/25/2003:
Mmmmmm! Enjoy that California sunshine! It's beautiful here too (in Alabama). Makes me want to get keep moving. ...Too good to waste!



pastagal - Monday Feb 24, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 138.0

Morning everyone,,,well i lost another lb,,coming off slow but at least its coming off,,i know if i drank more water and upped the exersise it would come off faster,anyway,my weekend was ok,,saturday i helped move our daughter to her new apartment,,what a job,i was so tired saturday night,,,then yesterday hubby took me to town for lunch and we ate at IHop's and he had breakfast while i had lunch,then we went and bought groceries and i got a bunch of fruit and salad stuff,then came home,,i worked out in the yard for a bit while he mowed all the lawns,,then last night i watched the Grammys and they were ok,,nothing special this yr tho.

Well its raining here today,,yesterday was the most beautiful day here and now rain again,oh well they say we need all we can get before summer hits us,,,

Well going to send this and get my day going,need to go in and clean MIL up and get her going,,then shower me and do my hair,so remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}} Also,ONE day at a time and Consistency can help you reach your goal faster;}}


BREAKFAST: Fried egg sandwich on wheat bread,,diet pepsi cf,,v8 juice

LUNCH: Tuna salad,,dill pickles,,fruit cup,,Ice tea

SNACK: Cold hot dog w/mustard,,Ice tea

DINNER: Large salad w/grilled chicken,,asparagus,mixed veggies,Strawberries w/topping ,Ice tea

Snack: popcorn w/diet pepsi

Have a great day!!

dolyda on 02/24/2003:
well...with a weekend like that, i'd be surprised if you DIDN'T lose a pound!! :D

Mazie Dazie on 02/25/2003:
Hi ya Pasta! A big HI back at ya. Just getting back into the groove here, but hope to get the "consistency thing" going for me also. Your a rock to DD's...thank you. *Mazie

pastagal - Saturday Feb 22, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 139.0

Going to go help my daughter move into her apartment today,,she has an upstairs apartment to,,so that should give me all the walking i need for today,,especially up and down the stairs,,i probley won't be able to get up in the morning for pain,lol.

Well i hope everyone here has a great weekend,,,today in northern calif its going to be a beautiful day,,tomorrow more rain:{


BREAKFAST: Scramble egg on toast,diet pepsi cf,,v8 juice sm can

LUNCH: Not sure today

DINNER: Taco salad , salsa,beans , Ice tea

SNACK: Popcorn & diet pepsi cf

Remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them today ok:??:}}

Also,,One day at a time and consistency will help you reach your goal faster:}

herb on 02/23/2003:
How is your son?

pollyanna005 on 02/24/2003:
Thanks for your comment. You are such a positive force here. I hope your realize how much you affect people in a positive way on a daily basis.

pastagal - Thursday Feb 20, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 139.0

Well i didn't get on here yesterday,,i went to town early ,had to run by and talk with MIL's doctor,,then i went to Mervyns and bought me some new summer tops,,,then went to our business in town and hubby took me out to lunch,,we went to Red Robins,,,i had a chicken cobb salad and ice tea,,,was yummy to,,,then i took him back to the office and went to Wal Mart and got a DVD movie,,some magazines,,,and then came home and after my mom left to go home i put on a pot of homemade chili beans,,they turned out great to,,,we had those last night and cole slaw and corn bread,,i didn't eat much cause i was still full from the large salad at lunch time.

My MIL is starting to do alittle better,,i have my youngest grandson today,he swallowed a penny yesterday and they took him in to the doctor and they exrayed,they were afraid he has sucked it into his lungs,,scared us when they said that,but the xrays showed it was down in the intestines,so he will pass it,they put him on some anitbiotics tho just for safe measure,,,,

Well its clear here today but windy windy and COLD,,i want spring to get here;}Well i am going to go read and catch up on everyone,,hope you all have a great day,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them daily ok???:}}

Also,,ONE day at a time and Consistency will help you reach your goal faster;}}


BREAKFAST: Fried egg sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread w/mayo,,water,,v8 juice ,,diet pepsi cf.

LUNCH: Lettuce w/tuna and mayo,,1 tomatoes sliced ,,Ice tea

SNACK: 2 teaspoons Peanut butter w/celery

DINNER: Pork chop w/saurkraut,,1/2cup chili beans,mixed veggies,Ice tea

SNACK: popcorn & diet cf pepsi

Have a wonderful day!!

Maria7 on 02/20/2003:
Hi, Pasta! What all does chicken cobb salad have in it? Sounds good! Also the chili beans...I haven't made them in a long time! Maria

Golightly on 02/21/2003:
Hi pastagal, thanks for the note about my business lunch. Ironically, once I had arrived, there was a roast beef which I could have eaten plus a few items on the salad bar! If the restaurant-worker I spoke with had told me there was food without sugary sauces, breading, etc. I would have eaten there. But I was afraid to take the risk of finding nothing. Lucky for me, these stupid lunches only happen every couple of weeks! You are right about rethinking the diet -- not only is it incredibly restrictive most of the time, but I eat 1/2 of my daily caloric intake at dinner! Does that sound right to you??

pastagal - Tuesday Feb 18, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 139.0

Going to be a busy day for me today,,sick MIL and sick grandson,lil zach is with me today,MIL is still getting me up and down at night,but now that they have given her some new meds hopefully she will bounce out of this,,,

Today is sunny at the moment here,but by late afternoon the clouds are going to be rolling in and more rain for tonight and part of tomorrow,,i am so ready for spring to get here.

Ok remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you loved them ok??:}}Also,,,,One day at a time and Consistency will help you reach your goal faster;}}}


BREAKFAST: 1 grilled hot dog w/mustard,no bun or bread,,water,,diet pepsi cf

LUNCH: Tuna in a big salad w/ mayo,,,strawberries w/topping,,Ice tea

SNACK: Lettuce & tuna rolls,,,take a lettuce leaf and roll spoonful of tuna in it w/mayo,,mmm,,,water

DINNER: Rice w/pepper steak,,asparagus,,green salad w/dressing,,Ice tea

Snack: popcorn & diet pepsi

Have a great day!!,,don't forget to drink that water;}

kyrin on 02/18/2003:
Hi, Pasta! It sounds like a hospital ward at your house. I'm glad to see that you're still feelin' okay.

Re: spring...ME TOO! I've already hauled out my spring accessories and have started decorating the kitchen with them. It's the room where I seem to spend the most time, so it's nice to see the little hints of spring. ...Thankfully, it springs early in Alabama. We won't have to wait too much longer for the crocuses and other first showing flowers to start peeking out. I'm ready! Not much longer for you either?



Tigger on 02/19/2003:
I too am ready for spring. Here in the north country there is always this really awful time when you really want it to be spring but know that it is not yet, followed in April by a time when you know it should be spring but you are still intermitently having to shovel your walk, follwed by about two weeks of mushy crappiness while everything thaws and all the trash that the snow buried has to be fished out of gutters and puddles. This is followed by one morning you wake up and there are flowers and leaves everywhere.


pastagal - Monday Feb 17, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 139.0

Well i am late getting on here today,hope everyone is doing good,,as for me well,i have had a couple nights with out alot of sleep,MIL has not been doing to good,she is getting me up and down so much that i am not sure how much sleep i have been getting. So today i am draggin,,i did have the nurse come by and check her out tho,she called the doctor and talked with him and told him what she thought was going on,so they think its either an upper respatory infection or possibly symptoms of Congestive heart failure starting,,,i don't know,she will probley bounce back and be fine once she starts taking the antibiotics the doctor called in today for her,,

I feel bloated today,,not sure why,,i am drinking my water but its not going through me like normal,,probley it will be what keeps me up tonight.

Well on the diet front,,,i am doing ok,,still walking and doing weights ,i need to up both tho,,hubby suggested me and him start walking up and down our block after dinner for a half hour or so,,so we just might do that,,,well remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,,ONE day at a time and CONSISTENCY will help you reach your goal faster,,


BREAKFAST: waffle w/syrup,,water,diet pepsi cf

LUNCH:Hot dog w/mustard,no bread,,cup tomatoe soup,Ice tea

SNACK: sm bad popcorn

DINNER: Pepper steak over rice,,green salad,,green beans,,Ice tea

SNACK: popcorn w/diet cf pepsi

Have a wonderful day:}}

pastagal - Sunday Feb 16, 2003
(WeightWatchers & Low Carb)
Weight: 139.0

Bright sunny morning here in northern calif,tho their saying possible rain off and on throughout the day,it rained tons last night throughout the night,,i was up and down till about 4 this morning,,,MIL was having some problems and i kept having to get up and go check her,,,she is alittle better this morning,,

I have a nephew who i have not seen in a while and i had heard he went on a new lifestyle change and is doing it on his own,no pills,no strick diets,eating alot of food he says and drinking tons of water and EXERSISING is the main key,anyway,he weighs around 400 lbs but carrys his weight well and gets around great even as big as he is,but he has finally after yrs of being this way decided to do something to see if the lbs will come off,so he joined the gym my daughter works at and goes every night she says and stopped eating junk food and fast food and eats protein,,salads,soups and drinks nothing but water now,,he has lost in the past 4 months,150 lbs and gone down 4 pant sizes,,i was shocked to see how differnet he looks,and is looking so good,,so again,he is proof that just changing what you put in your body for fuel and doing some exersise daily can really change things,he says he eats more now and is more satisfied than he ever was before,before he said it took lots of fast food to make him content,,but now with the protein and veggies and salads he actually knows what the feeling of being full and content feels like...

Well i am going to run,gotta get busy around here,hubby went to town alone to order the bunk beds for ashley and brads room when they move and i told him i would stay home today cause i am to tired from lack of sleep last night,so gonna work around here,,remember to hugg your loved ones and tell them you love them ok??:}}

Also,,ONE day at a time and Consistency can help you reach your goal faster;}}}


BREAKFAST: Eggs,,small slice of ham,,1 pancake,,water,diet cf pepsi

LUNCH:Probley none since i ate breakfast late.

SNACK:Protein,,sliced tomatoe..Ice tea

DINNER: Steak,,salad,,asparagus,,ranch beans,,Ice Tea

SNACK: Strawberries w/topping

Have a wonderful day!!!

kyrin on 02/16/2003:
Wow! He was 400 pounds before? ...or weighs that now? He sure sounds dedicated to exercising.

Wish my weight was going down, but I have been bouncing on the same four numbers since the beginning of January. I know that I've gained a lot of muscle and that the number will go down eventually. I just keep going. It's the inches that count.

How's your son doing?



biscottibody59 on 02/17/2003:
I thought about your comments to someone recently about trying on a pair of pants (every day) you'd like to get into, eventually. I found some old pants and I'm going to try it.

That's really neat about your nephew and his success/change! Hope you got some sleep--see ya' later!

Keep up the good work!

SoccerMom on 02/17/2003:
Sounds a lot like he's doing a low-carb diet. I find that it leaves me feeling satisfied, and I have tons of energy, too. I'm not losing that fast, but as long as it's coming off, I'm happy!

Have a great day, and remember to ~~SMILE!~~

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