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pinklatte - Sunday Sep 23, 2018
Weight: 254.0

Another day spent at home. Whether it's better than yesterday is still up for debate. I, at least, feel better.

Breakfast pizza toast x2
Lunch same as breakfast
Snacks chocolates
rice cracker
Dinner chicken, onions, bell peppers

More than once, I wondered if I have a slight cold. The junk food probably didn't help my mood get better, maybe, but in the end, what did it matter. It's sleep that I needed in the end, I think. I slept through most of the day: I'd get up and try to do stuff only to give up and roll back to bed. I didn't care enough to drive to all the Sports Day events, and I don't have the money to go to the Meetup. So I rested.

The only downside to this... state: I haven't been able to draw for four days. Well, that's not exactly true. I worked hard on it the last few days, but nothing came out of it or I lost interest.

Finally made some food for myself in the evening. I almost added the package of kimchi I have from some weeks ago. But in the end, I decided against it.

Tonight, I will draw. I feel like I should go for a walk, if only because I have been inside all day, but I don't feel like it?

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/23/2018:
Sometimes, we don't feel like doing something (that's good for us), but feel much better after doing it. I often need to give myself a mental "push" to get it done.

BearCountryGG on 09/23/2018:
I have days where I want to sleep all day too...….but if the idea of accomplishing something makes me want to sleep...I set a timer for a few minutes...and get busy doing that....I can do anything for a few minutes….and then I ill at least feel like I accomplished something that day too.

graindart on 09/23/2018:
Seeing many of your daily food lists makes me crave "chinese food" (chinese, japanese, korean, etc). I love most any type of it, but have been trying to avoid rice and pasta lately. While I currently love it, I wonder if I'd get tired of it if I lived somewhere that it was native and the daily norm.

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pinklatte - Saturday Sep 22, 2018
Weight: 254.0

This day was a lost one.


1 whole egg, bell peppers, olives
cottage cheese

Lunch Rice, olives

coco banana chips
cookies x5
some weird corn puff tube

Dinner yakisoba
1 egg, bell peppers, olives

I have no real energy or drive to get anything done today. If I had taken a shower first thing in the morning, maybe the day would have gone different, but I didn't do that. I oscillated between lying down, half-asleep, and watching TV. I did fold my laundry. Still haven't put them away, though. All that's left in the house was rice and the dwindling pile of summer snacks, and I would have been okay with eating just that for the next couple of days. I'm just that tired and stressed.

Just as I finished catching up on TV, the Internet cut off. And I sat for a couple of minutes debating, food or wi-fi. I think I made the wrong choice, but I walked to the store to pay my bill and I got some groceries on the way back. Because October's going to be especially barebones, and having online entertainment might make it more bearable.

I'm going to go back to lying down.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/22/2018:
Thank the powers that be for online entertainment. Watching "The Sopranos" (multiple times) saved me $$$ in therapy a few years back. I kid you not.

Sounds like you're in a slump - or getting there. Please be kind and nurturing to yourself. Doesn't have to involve food, but sometimes even a warm washcloth on the face can feel comforting. (((hugs)))

pinklatte on 09/23/2018:
:) I've never seen the Sopranos, actually, but I hear you.

Slumps are the worst. The warm washcloth on the face felt really good, thank you for the suggestion.

BearCountryGG on 09/22/2018:
Being overtired is the pits...nothing seems to go right then...…"hugs"

pinklatte on 09/23/2018:
*hugs back*

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pinklatte - Friday Sep 21, 2018
Weight: 254.0

Yeah... I might have crashed today.

I did not weigh myself this morning because I was too tired to remember? I think? I was running late. I managed something for breakfast because I woke up at 4 am and was conscious enough to heat up leftovers before crawling back under the covers.

I kept drifting off behind the wheel, so freaking dangerous. Music helped a lot, but I'm way too tired. I miss my morning can of caffeine.

The only ray of sunshine right now is actually all the drizzle; the Sports Day scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to Sunday. Yay, I get a day of rest before I have to drive to two towns and four schools in one day just to "show my face".

.... which I'm not doing. I'm staying in bed on Sunday, too. Maybe.

Breakfast rice with last of the chicken eggplant and stuff
cottage cheese
instant coffee (51)
Lunch curry udon, with carrot, onion, leek, spinach
dumpling, garlic chives and meat
tuna salad, with cabbage and corn

chocolates x2
mini cake x2
a different kind of mini cake x2
instant coffee (25x2)

Dinner mos cheese burger (414)
onion rings/french fries (205)
milkshake (298)

Actually... I was kind of halfheartedly interested in eating sushi tonight. But the chain restaurant near the house closed shop recently. Going to Mos Burger is very rare for me, and it was an impulsive move. I've eaten dinner out a lot this week.

Tonight, I will finish doing the laundry and catch up on a bit of TV. Tomorrow, I will go grocery shopping. Mostly though, I will sleep.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

graindart on 09/21/2018:
We used to eat at restaurants 4 or 5 nights per week and during the summer when the kids were home we'd supplement that with a few lunches out also. Switching to cooking at home with planned meals has resulted in healthier food intake along with saved time and money. I used to think going to the restaurant was quicker, but I figured in 10-15 minutes drive each way it was actually quicker to cook.

When I'm on-plan I rarely go inside a gas station / convenience store. That is often times my biggest temptation time to grab some simple carb snacks. When on-plan I use the pay-at-the-pump option so I don't set foot inside.

pinklatte on 09/22/2018:
I hear you. :)

Donkey on 09/21/2018:
I did not sleep well either. What's going on? Is it the equinox?

pinklatte on 09/22/2018:
I just don't sleep enough. I go to bed too late and wake up too early. By Friday, I'm exhausted.

legcramps on 09/21/2018:
Hey, pinklatte. Have a good weekend :)

pinklatte on 09/22/2018:
You too! :)

BearCountryGG on 09/21/2018:
Please don't fall asleep at the wheel!!!!

pinklatte on 09/22/2018:
It's not something I plan on doing.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/21/2018:
yes, try to be careful driving...pull over if you are feeling too tired!

pinklatte on 09/22/2018:

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pinklatte - Thursday Sep 20, 2018
Weight: 254.0

I was a bit out of it today. I think I caught a cold. My nose is dripping all over.

Breakfast 1 whole egg, olives
rice with the last of the eggplant and chicken and stuff
pineapple chunks
Lunch seafood curry with carrots, onions
barley rice
lemon-soaked (?) cabbage, cucumber, pickles
chicken nuggets x 3
Snacks instant drinks (51x3)
cup of custard pudding (that some students made in home ec.)
Dinner veg (onion, eggplant, bell peppers, pumpkin) and fried chicken in black vinegar sauce
green salad with dressing
buckwheat noodles in hot soup
iced coffee with cream and gum syrup

I became very angry with all of this today. Why do I have to work so hard just to drop a pound? Barely a month and already I'm feeling frustated with life? Sounds about right. This frustration isn't even all diet-related. I'm sleep-deprived and in severe need of cash and a nap.

The dinner went well. Mr. H's wife, who isn't a part of the dinner, is currently on a diet. She texts their friend, Mr. O, pictures of the meals she makes to give Mr. O suggestions for his own cooking, and her dinner tonight featured a whole, steamed head of broccoli. ... How does she even plan to eat it? Grab it like a bouquet and chomp down?

It's raining tonight. It's going to rain for at least a week, it seems. Which means I won't go out for a stroll tonight. I already have a runny nose from walking in the chill yesterday.

Tonight, I will finish things up early. There's another Sports Day this Saturday, but if the weather forecast holds true...

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/20/2018:
That broccoli thing is a quandry isn't it?

pinklatte on 09/21/2018:
We texted her about, but she didn't answer our question.

Donkey on 09/20/2018:
I soooooo feel that anger quite often. Why does it have to be so hard? And always neverending...

pinklatte on 09/21/2018:
It's so frustrating.

graindart on 09/20/2018:
About once per week I question whether it's worth it or not. Whether I was "happy enough" being super obese last year when I weighed 283 lbs. And my answer to that depends on the day.

I love food. I love eating. But it almost always turns into over-eating. And I don't like the after effects of over-eating = bloated / stuffed / sick to my stomach. If I could learn moderation and not over-eat, I could still have a decent amount of the foods I prefer without feeling deprived. Unfortunately, moderation is not something I have been able to achieve yet. It's the one part of my life that I've never been able to effectively control. But I'm still working towards it.

Short term, watching what you eat never feels good. Long term ends up being worth it, at least to me. Keep on working towards your goal and by spring-time you should have very noticeable results. At that time you can look back at your entries from this time period and realize that the short-term struggle was worth it.

pinklatte on 09/21/2018:
Thank you for your words.

I will keep working on what I have to do. I just needed to let some of my irritation out a bit.

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pinklatte - Wednesday Sep 19, 2018
Weight: 254.0

I had a good day, I think. Emotionally, anyway.

Breakfast can of tuna, olives, cottage cheese, mayo
rice, spoonful of bell peppers
instant coffee (51)
Lunch pot au feu, with carrots, cabbage, potted peas, onions
macaroni salad, with carrots, cucumber, mayo
fried fish and veg cutlet (no clue what veg tho. maybe cabbage)
brown long roll

apple wedges x3
chocolate bites x2
cheesecake slice.
instant coffee

Dinner pork cutlet rice ball (260)
butter raisin thing (220)
coffee (93)

So, I snacked at work and went to the convenience store again today. Which is probably 75% of the reason which I went on a walk once I got home. Guilt.

The other 25%: I joined Spotify on Monday on a whim and found a great playlist. I don't know, but Whitney Houston wanting to dance with somebody got my blood pumping. By the way, I'm a rampaging fool when I exercise and listen to music at the same time. I can't seem to decide between walking and dancing. Or, rather, I don't. I will always flail my arms to "Dancing Queen" and no mistake.

So, yeah, I went on a 30-min dancing stroll around the park.

I'm in a good mood tonight, I guess.

Tomorrow is the dinner with the older folks. I'm looking forward to it.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2018:
at least your snack was a portion and not a whole cake! it's ok! don't get too guilty!!!

also, good job on the walk...perhaps you felt energized after the cake!

have fun tomorrow too with dinner :)

pinklatte on 09/20/2018:
It was cut into enough slices for everyone to have a bit, so there's no way I would eat it all. The person who brought it in made it with her rice cooker. So crazy.

... No, it was definitely Whitney.

*thumbs up*

BearCountryGG on 09/19/2018:
Yeahhhh for good moods!!!

pinklatte on 09/20/2018:

Donkey on 09/20/2018:
You must have better convenience stores than what I have around here. I cannot fathom eating food purchased at a gas station unless I had no other options.

pinklatte on 09/20/2018:
They definitely have more variety of goods than gas station stores. No made-to-order hoagies, though. I miss that.

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pinklatte - Tuesday Sep 18, 2018
Weight: 254.0

Negative: My toothbrush fell into a pot of dirty water.

Positive: Um. *shrug emoji*

Breakfast 1 egg, eggplant and stuff, olives, cheese
pineapple chunks
Red Bull (80)
butter raisin pastry thing (280)
Lunch milk
Japanese-style spaghetti, with onion, mushroom, carrot, bok choy (I think)
burdock salad with tuna, corn, string beanm cabbage
caramel/sugar long roll
cafe latte x 2
curry bread (230)
rice ball, fried chicken (290)

I made a cup of coffee this morning, but I ended up not drinking it. Which is prob why I started getting drowsy on the way. The Red Bull, funnily enough, I never got around to finishing. And, oh god, the pastry was a mistake my stomach punished me for and no mistake.

I have faltered in making a good plan, I think. One mistake of many.

Tomorrow is will be more difficult than today: out by 7am, sweets maybe available at work, home by 8pm.  So... um... I will return to my original battle plan and not stop at any convenience stores. I've been slipping, I know. I just have to remember that I'm dead broke and I wanna go to Tokyo. That might work.

As for the sweets at work, there were no snacks at work today, and I lived, so I'll just ignore them. Unless there's fruit. I'm eating fruit.

Thursday is the monthly dinner meeting with the older folks. I usually order one specific thing there, but that comes with a dessert I don't even like. I spent a couple minutes looking at the menu online, wondering if there's anything available that I'm okay with eating and I think I know what I'm going with. Real frustrating that they don't mark how many calories anything is...

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/18/2018:
UGH...the toothbrush thing!

pinklatte on 09/19/2018:
In my rush, I knocked it in. :/

graindart on 09/18/2018:
After seeing "pastry thing" on your breakfast, I've now got a craving for a sticky bun cinnamon roll with candied pecans on top, warm with melting butter sliding down the sides.... (I won't have one, but it sounds awesome right now.)

Good job checking out the menu beforehand. Online menus have saved me several times from straying from my plan.

pinklatte on 09/19/2018:
Oh, now I want one too. That sounds delicious.

It helps to see that there are other things available, and make that decision beforehand. :)

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pinklatte - Monday Sep 17, 2018
Weight: 254.0

Ah, what a nice, lazy day I've had. It was so relaxing.

I made a mistake some posts back, because it's not the Autumnal Equinox but Respect for the Aged Day. But, a public holiday is a public holiday.

I got a message today for a Meetup I'm a member of. They usually meet every 3rd Sunday, but because I was stuck working yesterday, I was kind of resigned myself to missing it and forgot all about it. But, they changed the meeting to this Sunday, and I'm free and I wanna go. I've been dying to go to Tokyo for weeks now. I wanna go to the meeting. I especially want to go to that karaoke bar I visited this past summer.

But I got no money. -_- Maybe if I don't spend any money this week...? (I'll probably end up not going.)

Breakfast 1/2 of an omelet (3 whole eggs, bell peppers, olives,
chicken and eggplant and stuff, shredded cheese)
Lunch same as breakfast
Snack Greek yogurt (92)
coco banana chips
Dinner chicken and eggplant and stuff
instant coffee (51)
milk (131)
chocolates (391)

I had the biggest "I'm on vacation" breakfast I could have without leaving the house for more ingredients.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. Tonight, I'm going to start drawing early so that I can go to bed early.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 94 lbs to go!

graindart on 09/17/2018:
Chocolate candy and chocolate chip cookies are a couple of my temptations that I tend to lose control of when I decide to eat just one. Instead of stopping with one, I usually end up eating the entire package. Because of that, I've had to just stop bringing chocolate home for now.

Breakfast / lunch looks tasty.

pinklatte on 09/18/2018:
I definitely did wrong, buying that chocolate. I don't if I can stop myself from buying more, but I will try this week.

It was very delicious. :)

BearCountryGG on 09/17/2018:
I see you cut back on the red bulls and the coffees...but did you replace it with the chocolate...it also has caffeine....our minds can be so sneaky....I swear the subconscious mind works against me so often....it's interesting that chocolate also contains caffeine.

pinklatte on 09/18/2018:
I didn't cut back so much as not leave the house to buy some. I didn't know that chocolate had caffeine too! So does that make chocolate covered coffee beans overkill?

horn_of_plenty on 09/17/2018:
your omelette sounds GREAT! amazing! nice veggies and eggplant! yum!

how far do you live from Tokyo?

wow, lots of eggplant...i find it really filling! i do love eggplant too.

pinklatte on 09/18/2018:
I do love eggplant, but I got three eggplants on Thursday and I threw them all into the tomato sauce that I'm still working through.

I live about an hour away by train. About $12 one way. I would never drive there.

happy-1 on 09/17/2018:
Think about how great your adventures will be when you are healthier and start saving for the Tokyo trip anyway, even if it’s only spare change at the end of the week. You can have anything you want. You just need to make a commitment to it.

pinklatte on 09/18/2018:
You're right. I must be more strict with myself because while I'm not awful with keeping commitments I made to others, I'm terrible with commitments I make to myself.

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pinklatte - Sunday Sep 16, 2018
Weight: 256.0

I don't know...

Breakfast 2 egg white, spinach/bacon/corn
egg white
french bread roll (as opposed to the usual ones I bake for myself)
oreo muffin
Red Bull (112)
Lunch chicken and eggplant and stuff
canned coffee
Snacks, Misc. coffee (105)
bottled coffee (185)
butter raisin pastry thing (280)
Dinner Red Bull (84)
chocolate almonds (250 possibly)
ham, camembert baguette sandwich (422)

I didn't realize I drank that much caffeine.

I kind of chose and ate food in a daze. Pretty much in a daze still. I'm thinking of changing the current diet note to "perpetually tired", just so that I don't have to type it out every single day.

Tonight, I will draw. Eh... I'm on a streak. Tomorrow, I'm staying in bed.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/16/2018:
Caffeine is a double edged sword.....it's a pick me up...and then a drop into exhaustion....I've never Red Bull......but 2 cups of coffee in the morning gets me going....but does make me sleepy about 4 hours later...I can't imagine adding red bull to that.

pinklatte on 09/17/2018:
I know I drink a lot of it, but I don't recommend it. And I don't drink that and coffee back to back, really. I did once and it wasn't great.

Donkey on 09/16/2018:
Caffeine is what keeps me sane and keeps me going. I'm seriously a danger to society without coffee. I have a cup at home in the morning, during my bike ride, a cup when I get to the office, a cup in the afternoon -- either after lunch or at around 3pm to help me finish the workday -- and then a cup of decaf at home after dinner.

I notice you're tracking some of the calories but not all of the calories. ??

pinklatte on 09/17/2018:
I'm not a grump without coffee, just a lot sleepier. That sounds kind of similar to how much I drink during a work day. Minus the decaf. No thank you.

I'm no good at calculating calories; if it involves measuring and research, I just guess or not bother. I mark down the packaged stuff because it's there.

horn_of_plenty on 09/17/2018:
going back to the days i had a Monster energy drink everyday, my skin was bad and i had a lot of acne. my sleep was horrible...

do you have either of those 2 problems?

i urge you to at least switch to coffee instead of redbull. :) because it's more natural. and have redbulls less often.

pinklatte on 09/18/2018:
I don't, actually. At least I don't think so, but I'm not the most observant person.

Okay. I will steer clear of the Red Bull for the rest of the week. (Starting tonight. Please ignore the one I drank this morning.)

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pinklatte - Saturday Sep 15, 2018
Weight: 255.0

Today was weirdly action-packed.

I went to bed again at 1 am. So, this morning, I was a groggy mess. I tried to make breakfast first thing, only to go back to bed for a bit longer. It was hours before I noticed it was raining.

That school's sports day was cancelled because of the rain. Whether they can hold it tomorrow is up in the air, it doesn't look likely, but that means that the recording I was asked to do has been postponed for tomorrow.

That messed with the appointment I made at the sports park, so I went there this afternoon. After one of the staff showed me the basics and pointed out the rules to me, I reintroduced myself to a treadmill and got to walking.

The treadmill and I are pals. She's always there for me.

One of the rules is 30 min max on the cardio machines. I didn't overpush myself, but I did build up a sweat. I kept getting distracted; the treadmills look out over the pool, so my eyes would wander to the side, my body slowly follows, and from time to time, I end up drifting to the left. Maybe using the TV would help.

I also tried a lateral trainer for the first time. I got too into it at one point ("it's like dancing", I think as my hips are swinging), but after 30 min on the treadmill, it was a bit easy to lose steam and I nearly fell off. Between that and the massage chair pinching some nerves in my back or something, causing me more pain than usual, the trip was a success.

Completely unrelated, I went to the grocery store after, and while still in the car, playing on my phone, some dude knocked on my window. He hit on me one night at the convenience store months ago, gave me his number, and just didn't seem to take my cold, honestly disinterested posture, face and words as a "no". So, he knocks on my window, I freak out a bit, then roll down the window.

"I was expecting a call."

I deleted that number that night. "Yeah, sorry about it." I go back to fiddling with my phone.

"How about a date?"

"No." Which lead to "Why?" "Do you have a husband?" "A boyfriend?" "Why?"

I said, "I'm busy," rolled up the window, and went right back to fooling around on my phone for a few minutes, not looking as he left, but waiting for him to disappear. Like, I'm on dating apps. I occasionaly actively look for a date, but I'm not looking now and I'm not interested in a dude that can't take a hint or a direct no.

Breakfast 2 egg whites, spinach/bacon/corn
Greek yogurt (92)
Red Bull (84)

2 cookies
rice balls - pork cutlet (260), tuna (220)
flavored coffee (132)
curry bread
cinnamon roll

Dinner chicken, eggplant and stuff

I went a bit weird today and bought a lot of baked goods. I haven't bought any in months, but suddenly I want a pastry or twelve? I think I smelled the frosting on the cinnamon roll and went nuts.

Tonight, I will put the clean clothes away, draw, and go to bed early. I have a long work day tomorrow and I'm not exactly looking forward to it

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 95 lbs to go!

graindart on 09/15/2018:
Donuts and chocolate chip cookies are my biggest stumbling blocks. When I eat one, I usually don't stop eating until they're all gone. So I try to avoid them as much as possible.

Your list of food today looks good.

pinklatte on 09/16/2018:
I can refrain so long as it's out of sight, sometimes. But I'm the same.

That's good. Making good food choices isn't habit yet.

happy-1 on 09/15/2018:
Oooh good call. Waaay too aggressive.

pinklatte on 09/16/2018:
Can't be dealing with dudes like that. Life is too short. :)

Donkey on 09/15/2018:
So nice that you got a tour of the gym :)

pinklatte on 09/16/2018:
I asked for it. It's a small training room, so it didn't take long. :)

happy-1 on 09/15/2018:
And also good on you for getting to the gym!!!

pinklatte on 09/16/2018:
I just didn't feel like calling them to cancel it. :)

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pinklatte - Friday Sep 14, 2018
Weight: 256.0

I'm still very tired and sleepy today. It took hours for me to warm up emotionally.

My weight has gone up the last couple of days, but a) I know why and how to fix it and b) weight fluctuation is a thing and it happens. I will not worry about it.

That said, I was more mindful of what I ate today. At the very least, I refrained from taking more than one piece of chocolate. (The other one was a gift.)

Breakfast chicken and eggplant and stuff
long roll
Greek yogurt
Red Bull
Lunch champon ramen, with carrots, cabbage, spinach
xiaolongbao (steamed dumpling)
Chinese-style cucumber with sesame seeds
Snacks instant coffee (25 x 2)
chocolate (24 x 2)
spicy chicken rice ball (280)
Dinner last of the chicken and eggplant and stuff, 2 egg whites
long roll, and a bread roll

The ramen I ate at lunch is not like instant ramen noodles, in case you're wondering.

After work, I went to the sports park to check it out. Before I can use the training room, they have show me how to use the machines, but I wasn't dressed for that at the time. I made an appointment for Sunday after work for the how-to. The usage fee is $3 a time, which isn't bad, even in my fairly broke state. I'm really looking forward to getting back on that saddle.

Also, the pool. ... I'd like to buy a workout swimsuit for that. The swimsuits I have are either too sexy? or old. I'll make that, buying a cute new swimsuit, something to work towards. Like, when I reach a certain weight or clothes size or something.

Tonight, I will do my laundry and go bed at a decent hour. I have work tomorrow afternoon and Sunday, but Monday, the autumnal equinox, is a holiday here. I'm looking forward to that long, long nap.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

graindart on 09/14/2018:
My weight can fluctuate up to 2 or 3 lbs per day depending on what I'm eating or not. When I'm eating larger quantities of filler stuff (popcorn, salad greens, squash) it can jump up for no reason. And when I get tired of those things and switch to different less bulky foods, the scale can often temporarily drop more no reason.

I think it would be hard to sell a ramen bowl in middle-america US without calling it something else. You say "ramen" around here and the image of a dry plastic-wrapped 5 for $1 instant noodle brick pops into my head.

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
The body is a finicky thing.

I had that same image in my head for years, so you may be right. Which is a shame, because ramen is delicious.

Donkey on 09/14/2018:
I'm enjoying your journey into gym land:)

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
Journey, eh? I'm now hoping to fight a dragon or something.

BearCountryGG on 09/14/2018:
Very reasonably priced exercise...nice deal! Lots of good veggies. Yup...only ramen here is also little square bricks of dry noodles with a very salty flavor packet.....

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
*thumbs up* Yay for public facilities.

I once read a recipe on turning those ramen bricks into a healthy meal. It mostly involved adding a lot of fresh veg.

horn_of_plenty on 09/14/2018:
when i'm tired, it sometimes takes me a LONG time to warm up emotinally, too!

your food lists, since you went back to work, are very good! very, very good!

nice job on one chocolate, that's nice! tasty! makes you happy!

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
That's reassuring to hear!

I can't replace the variety work provides, so lucky me. :)

It definitely was a sugar rush. :)

happy-1 on 09/14/2018:
Lands End here in the states has good plus swimwear for actually swimming, plus they offer a tall size.

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
That's a good suggestion. Especially since they do international shipping. :) But the price for shipping is a bit high for just one swimsuit...

happy-1 on 09/14/2018:
Do you have Rover or Wag out by you? You can earn extra cash as a dog walker.

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
I won't go into how much I cringed at the realization there are ~two~ dog Ubers. Nah, those two haven't come here, and I don't have the free time, but aw man... dogs... I wanna hang out with dogs... Gonna look at the part-time listings, see if there's something...

happy-1 on 09/14/2018:
And I LOVE ramen bowls. We have a lot of ramen shops here... I try to stay away from tonkotsu because it’s so fatty, but I love the spicy miso ramen.

pinklatte on 09/14/2018:
I rarely go out to eat ramen, but I always end up with the tonkotsu and a side of dumplings. Because I have no imagination. Spicy miso sounds delicious.

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