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selina - Monday Apr 23, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 170.0

Good morning!  It's been very cold and rainy in the past two days, back to high 30's and low 40's.  Crazy Weather!  And I like it!  I hope you are all well and did have a great weekend!

I ate too much over the wekend, shucks - must go back on track!   Everybody is well, including my hubby that is walking almost normally and rarelly uses his cane nowadays.  He still uses his walking cane (and his matching eye glasses) when he walks long distances when commuting, but never at home.   The other day, I was coming home when I saw the back of this person walking up the street and I said to my daughter "is that Daddy? I don't think so, that person is walking normally!"  It was my husband, indeed!  Horay for modern medicine!  

Daughter is doing great, looking forward to moving to Japan, and has already made friends there - she talks with her over skype.   She is sad about leaving her friends here in her new high school, though she still has several months to go before we move...  Meanwhile, we have signed her up for several week long summer camps (dance at Georgetown U, basketball at george mason U) and we are planning to send her to Switzerland for a couple of weeks, as well, while we are busy with movers and such...  I can't believe  the summer is approaching so fast!

As for myself, I'm going to start plein aire (outdoor) painting classes tomorrow.  I hope the weather improves and behaves.  We'll be painting at a very nice place overlooking the potomac river, south of alexandria, an estate that belonged to george washington, his summer home.  Presently, the estate houses the headquarters for the american horticultural society. http://www.ahs.org/river_farm/index.htm But that's tomorrow. Today, I'll be painting in the warmth and comfort of my studio.

Have a great day, evryone!

Today's eats: coffee black, egg poached100, porc/carrots roasted 300, tofu with ponzu sauce100, grilled salmon300. salmon sashimi300

Gym : yes

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

liza36 on 04/23/2012:
What a fabulous opportunity to paint outdoors overlooking the potomac. Sounds lovely. Hope the weather cooperates.

Good news on your husband's walking recovery. I'm so glad that's gone well.

Enjoy this chilly day!

thenewMLE on 04/23/2012:
Oh, your painting class sounds fantastic!!! I'm happy for your husband - nothing is more discouraging than disability with walking. My MIL wound up with a cane and then moved to a walker due to hip pain. she then tore her rotator cuff in her shoulder pulling her weight up on the walker. She went last week and they drew fluid out of both hips and gave her a shot of coritsone and she is walking like she did 3 years ago! I hope it will last for her and I hope your hubby continues with relief. Have a great day!

Umpqua on 04/23/2012:
The class sounds wonderful and great news on your hubby's improved mobility! You have a lot coming up to look forward to, enjoy it!!

Em17 on 04/23/2012:
Have a great day!

V on 04/23/2012:
Hey girl! I just have to say that i think it is so awesome that you guys get to travel all over as tough as it is to leave each place.. I also think that is a great opportunity for you daughter to live in different cultures, that surpasses anything that she learns in the classroom IMO <3 I can't believe how fast this year is going by..LOL Have a good one my friend

V on 04/23/2012:
Oh BTW I sent ya the info, make sure to browse all your options with the various programs and feel free to ask me if there are any questions that arise <3

selina - Friday Apr 20, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

I finished painting the backyard walls yesterday, mid afternoon, and took the rest of the day just relaxing and gathering my strength back, lol.  Painting outdoor walls is not for the faint of heart, especially when there is some gardening added to it - cutting back bushes and branches away from the walls - before cleaning and painting the walls. Anyway, that's done and I'm happy with it.  Today, I'll go back to the other sort of painting.

I hope you are all having a good day!

Today's eats so far: coffee, 1/2 tuna fish sandwich with pickles100, the other 1/2 of the same sandwich100,.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/20/2012:
I'm not overly fond of painting and did a LOT of it in 2010. Still have an entryway to do and need to redo the porch floor. Not anxious. I'm sure the creative kind of painting is much more satisfying!

V on 04/20/2012:
That is some serious work painting your backyard walls..at least you get to do something INDOORS now :) Have a good one!

thinkpositive on 04/22/2012:
Right, I'm tired just thinking about that amount of work. Sounds satisfying though. Thanks for your comments, very helpful.

Maria7 on 04/23/2012:
Sounds like the walls look real good and that you've been very busy with the gardening, too. :-D

selina - Thursday Apr 19, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

Yesterday I painted two small 8" x 10" landscapes in oil and they look really nice, if I may say so myself...  It rained - drizzled, really - all day, so the backyard fence is still on hold. We needed the rain, the ground was parched, so I'm happy.

Eating and exercising went fairly well: 1hr.45 min. at the gym went very fast and it was quite pleasurable.  I saw a lady (and her husband) who comes every wed evening with their personal trainer and was surprised to see how fit she has become - she is so strong and has lost at least 40 lbs since the begining of their workouts, several months ago.  The husband looks the same, though, ha!

Today's eat so far: coffee, sweet azuki beans, cheese stick, bean soup with noodles. bean soup with noodles.

Gym : no




Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Em17 on 04/19/2012:
Have a great day!.. btw: take some pics of the paintsing i wanna see!

Umpqua on 04/19/2012:
We need the rain too, but we won't get any until the weekend. We have extreme fire danger at the moment, which never happens here!

Kati on 04/19/2012:
the litter box has been changed, and we always take good care of that... We haven't changed the type of litter either! There was a time when we were experimenting different types and qualities, silicone, "areia", etc... then we found one, wood pellets (pelota de madeira), very inexpensive and fancied by them! Actually, 15 kgs cost 3-4 euros, seriously, nothing can be more efficient and cheaper than this. We've been using this for years, and they love it and we too as it's not all over the house like the little white silicon balls or any areia normal...

V on 04/19/2012:
We really need the rain here, so far it has been isolated sprinkles..Hopefully we will get a nice soaking sometime this weekend.. Have a good day :)

liza36 on 04/19/2012:
I'm hoping one day to find going to the gym pleasurable. I just barely joined a few days ago, and will have to get over the intimidation factor. Glad you enjoy it and are doing well.

grannyannie on 04/19/2012:
Good workout! Have a great day. Share pics of your paintings!

biscottibody59 on 04/19/2012:
Thanks for noting that you feel the same way--you made my day! (I think we're few and far between:-) Or it's lurking there for some and long passed for others.)

I'm reminded of a little saying a supervisor used to have on a little card, "It came to pass, it didn't come to stay!"

Also, I'm always glad to hear that you're fighting and winning! We all have to face these things and I suppose regardless of age, we have to deal with it! You're kicking it--great job!

ps Good to see how you're enjoying your painting:-)

biscottibody59 on 04/19/2012:
I just saw your painting pics below--nice work!

Photos just don't do a painting justice--I have a painting that I'm sort of holding hostage at the moment. It's not finished, I don't paint, but I'm thinking of taking it up to get it out of my hair. Long story. It's huge--and when I took pictures of it to email someone, the greens didn't come out AT ALL!

Em17 on 04/19/2012:
They look so good!

V on 04/19/2012:
Beautiful Paintings!!! You are so talented and beautiful as well <3

moogy on 04/19/2012:
I would be pleased if I could get my gradient on the grass right like that and the rock and water are really good. I am like you and prefer watercolour, although I like a bit of Jackson Pollicking as well!! LOL It was a very productive day, two painting and an extended gym session:) Good for you Selina:)

selina - Thursday Apr 19, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

great falls at the potomac river (detail), oil on linen panel


trees (detail) oil on linen panel

So, after posting here, they don't look as good as I thought they did in real life. Anyway, here they are... For those that do not know, I've been painting oils since last fall, when I took my first class.... I personally like my watecolors better...

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

selina - Wednesday Apr 18, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

I spent several hours painting yesterday, painting the backyard walls, that is.   They are white, so it's much easier than my regular oil and watercolor painting, ha.  No need to think, just zen.  Couldn't finish though, so I still have another half day of work...  the hard part I left for last: I must cut back my azaleas and other shrubs that are touching the walls, before I tackle the painting itself... the part that I finished  looks really good.  I hope I can finish today, but we have rain in the forecast.  Maybe rain will be good because this way I can rest my arms for a day...

No gym, yesterday evening - I just dropped off daughter at the dance academy and went home.  I was beat by the end of the day. The allergies were really acting up after I spent the day outdoors in the middle of the pollen. Food was eaten in moderation, but the choices were not the best: carrot cake, cold cuts (mortadela), etc.  Will do better today.  

Have a good day, everyone!

gym: yes

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

V on 04/18/2012:
I bet your garden is looking great! Have a good day :)

Em17 on 04/18/2012:
Have a great day!

Umpqua on 04/18/2012:
That sounds like a fun project, what color are you painting the walls? We have a tall brown picket fence around our background that is in desperate need of painting - I'd love to do a lighter color.

liza36 on 04/18/2012:
It's nice to be back to DD. Hope the painting project goes well. Not today though, with the rain!

biscottibody59 on 04/18/2012:
Thanks for the mention of the pressure cooker for the azuki beans--I'll try that next time!

Hope you get some relief from your allergies! Have a nice evening!

moogy on 04/18/2012:
Much less brain effort just painting white but a great workout for your upper body and a good stretch:) I hope your allergies are less of a problem today:)

Maria7 on 04/18/2012:
I know what you mean about the allergies...I've been having a little going on over here...very mild, though, so no complaints... Have you ever thought about doing a mural (I was thinking about the white walls you've been painting... :-)

thinkpositive on 04/18/2012:
Hope the allergy season passes quickly. Good job with the painting project.

selina - Tuesday Apr 17, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

Hubby stayed home all day yesterday: fire day, lol.  The building he works at had no electricity due to a fire somewhere in the building, who knows.  Anyway, it was an unplanned 3-day weekend for him.  Yay!  So I baked a carrot cake for him and I ate it, too.  I even made the cream cheese frosting that is heavenly. Delicious!  By the way, I used olive oil instead of canola oil because I didn't have any.  I thought the cake would smell funny, but it did not.  I had never baked a cake with olive oil before.  For some odd reason, I see some weight loss this morning - I shall update my new lower weight tomorrow if I see it again tomorrow morning!

Gym went well, I can spend more time on the eliptical and the step machine (a killer) and worked up a sweat.  I also did all the weight machines, one by one, two sets each.  I'm beat!

The weather is so hot, it feels like the middle of the summer or something.  Our air conditioning is working full time, good thing I just had it inspected!

Have a  good day, everyone!


Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/17/2012:
The carrot cake sounds delicious. Have a good one!

glycrina on 04/17/2012:
Good job on getting to the gym!

Em17 on 04/17/2012:
Have a great day!

V on 04/17/2012:
Yayy for hubby having an extended weekend :) I hope you guys had a wonderful day <3

Maria7 on 04/17/2012:
Glad your Hubby and the others are okay... the cake sounds delicious! :-D

thinkpositive on 04/18/2012:
I would have had trouble with cake in the house. You are a good wife. :)

selina - Monday Apr 16, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

Weekends can be harsh on one's eating routine.  Mine had carrot and chocolate cake as well as pasta - things that I haven't eaten in a long time.  I did not overdo any of them - the cakes were delicious and I enjoyed very small pieces of each of them, thoroughly.   The scale this morning did not protest, either, so all is well.  Nevertheless, I'm back to clean eating all over again this monday morning!  Cheers to all!

Today's food so far: french toast150(no syrup), coffee, cold cuts100, 1/2 portion eggplant parmigiana 150, kombucha100,


Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/16/2012:
I think little treats in moderation are sometimes necessary, at least for me! I just checked and we're looking at 85 today and 83 tomorrow, I guess we'll be getting the boys' sprinklers out again :)

grannyannie on 04/16/2012:
Occasional treats are necessary!

Yea, I'm very lucky hubby likes to cook because I don't. I do cleanup.

hollybelle on 04/16/2012:
I hear you on the cheap athletic shoes! I try to buy the best of the "last generation" ones that were expensive LAST season. That way I get good ones at a lower price.

V on 04/16/2012:
Hey there :) I hope you had a good day :)

Em17 on 04/16/2012:
Have a good day!

moogy on 04/16/2012:
Never hurts to have a little of what you fancy selina:) I think you may have a handle on how to eat and stay happy on the scale and in real life:) That's great:) Have a good week:)

selina - Saturday Apr 14, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

Good morning!

Daughter came back from NYC late last night, very happy with her adventures!  Their photography class took them to the Metropolitan Museum and the MOMA.  Sounds like they had a great time!

I spent the whole day painting (oils) and had time to go to the gym in the evening for 1 and 1/2 hr.   Eating went very well but I don't see any weight loss today...  it must have been the very salty and spicy bean soup that I made for dinner.   I'll be drinking lots of water today!

Foods so far today: banana 100, coffee black, muesli 200, bean soup 200, arare snack110.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/14/2012:
Have a great weekend!

grannyannie on 04/14/2012:
RYC: It was a bit cold on our wedding day - the 17th, but otherwise mild. Lots of flowers blooming, baby lambs, and scenery I'd never seen before! I was awestruck by the scenery that my (then fiance) hubby drove me past!

Em17 on 04/14/2012:
Have a great day!

V on 04/15/2012:
I am sure the trip was a nice change of pace from all the assigments :) Happy to her she had a blast! Have a good weekend

biscottibody59 on 04/15/2012:
I need to go check that recipe for the beans--I made some azuki beans awhile ago and they were probably the most grainy beans I've had--didnt care much for them. If you can find them appaloosa beans are really nice--they have different names I think, but these are speckled and they were just really nice.

Enjoy your Sunday!

moogy on 04/15/2012:
Sounds like a great day selina:) I bet daughter was excited to tell you all about her day! Lovely:)

selina - Friday Apr 13, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

Eighty percent of success is showing up.  Woody Allen


Good morning!  I slept in this morning after having to get up at 4.30am to take daughter to her school to catch a bus to NYC on a class day trip.  I had a hard time going back to sleep after I came back, but once I fell asleep, I slept until 10.30am!

Eating went well yesterday until late night time: daughter asked me to take her to the store to buy snack items for her trip today.  When going through the goodies, I ended up eating a couple of her snacks, which added 300 cals to my already complete exhausted alloted allowance.  Whatever, today I won't do that. 

I ended up taking a rest from the gym yesterday.  I had gone to the gym 5 days in a row, so yesterday was rest day.  Today, I will go back to the gym to work my showlders that are not feeling quite right.

I made homemade quibe the other day (my family loves it) and I froze most of it. http://mideastfood.about.com/od/beef/r/basickibbeh.htm  They are high in calories, so I only eat one at a time, which is a very difficult thing to do for me!  Although it's a deep fried dish, you can also bake it.  I shape the kibe balls and put them on non-stick cookie sheets.  Bake them in very high temperature until the color of the kibe is right.  Drain on paper towels because although it's not deep fried, the meat in the dish releases some fat.  It reminds me of my childhood...  my mom had a few Lebanese friends who taught her how to make many of their dishes...  Lebanese food is still one of my favorites!

Sweet azuki beans  http://caloriecount.about.com/tsubu-chunky-adzuki-bean-paste-recipe-r457676 is a very high protein dish, uber healthy.  I cut down on the sugar big time and I find it still very satisfying.  It's plain and deliciously satisfying when eaten chilled.   My daughter liked it when she was little and widely available on the market when we lived at us embassy tokyo.  I went online to find out how to make it and was successful - bless the internet! 

Today's food so far: coffee, 1/2 banana50, peanuts 100,arare rice crackers 110, omelet(egg, spinach)150, green beans/bell peppers50, 1/2 banana50, banana100, bean soup (white beans, pork, celery, carrots, onions)400, apple100,fresh pineapple100

gym: yes

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/13/2012:
Doing well on your workouts! I'll check out the recipes.

Can't bring an extra suitcase any more. Airlines charge for a 2nd one now. I always buy my shoes in the US though and need some athletic shoes. So need to pack carefully. At least I won't need bulky cold weather clothes this time.

Em17 on 04/13/2012:
Have a great day!

thenewMLE on 04/13/2012:
I have never tried Middle Eastern food but I will go look at the recipes. Glad you got some sleep later. I hate when I can't get back to sleep and when I finally do - the alarm goes off! Great job on 5 days in a row for gym work outs. I beg my hubby for a day off here and there, and he just won't give in. I guess our goal date is so close in site he doesn't want to derail! (But I would love a break now and then!!) Have a great weekend!

Umpqua on 04/13/2012:
Those recipes look fantastic! I definitely want to try the kibbeh with ground lamb. Thanks for posting!

V on 04/13/2012:
That looks extra yummy :P Great job with the workouts my friend :)

moogy on 04/13/2012:
Oh yes, the internet, solver of problems, settler of arguments, answer of questions! Is there anything it can't do? Well, yes, but you know what I mean! Ha! You are doing wonderfully at the gym and your food sounds uber good:) Have a great weekend:)

thinkpositive on 04/14/2012:
Interesting recipes - thanks , I'll take a look. The book I read with the book group was The Fat Years, a Chinese author and although fiction , based on life in China & the book was banned in China but somehow many Chinese have read it.

selina - Thursday Apr 12, 2012
(gym, low carb, gym, low sugar)
Weight: 172.0

Eighty percent of success is showing up. Woody Allen

Good morning!

Another beautiful day, today!  I hope you'll have a good one! 

Today's foods so far: coffee, banana100, peanuts200, sweet azuki beans200, kibe200, spinach omelet 350, kibe 200, pineapple 50, 1/2apples 50, late night daughter's NYC snacks300 :( (rice crackers, yokan)

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Supercheese on 04/12/2012:
Have a good one!!!

V on 04/12/2012:
Good Morning!! I hope you have a good day as well :)

Umpqua on 04/12/2012:
I hope you have a terrific day!

sweetpea1977 on 04/12/2012:
Enjoy the gorgeous day!

Em17 on 04/12/2012:
Have a good day!

grannyannie on 04/12/2012:
Have a fabulous day!

V on 04/12/2012:
Thank You :)

thinkpositive on 04/13/2012:
Glad you are having a good day.What are sweet azuki beans and kibe?

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