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selina - Monday Nov 15, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.0

Motivational Monday

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I ended up not going to the National Gallery, yesterday, for my family convinced me that I should save it for a day that wasn't so divine - which was the case, yesterday.  We ended up taking hubby's fancy wheels to Rock Creek Park to take in the beauty of the fall foliage and to visit their wildlife exhibition center.  They were having a horse show and competition at Rock Creek Park which was fun to watch - cute girls showing their skills on horseback.  We also hiked for a couple of miles in the beautiful hiking trails they have throughout the park.  The only unsettling bit was to remember that Chandra Levy was murdered while jogging at the park several years ago.... the murder trial is  presently taking place at the courts in Washington DC. 

At the request of my daughter and hubby, I baked apple cake and cinamom rolls over the weekend and I ate them, too. And I did not count cals, which was fine with me.  I feel normal again, not the obssessive person who thought of and studied every calorie consumed...  I'll keep counting but not too closely and fanatically, haha!  So my challenge lasted 2 weeks and I lost 3.5 pounds during this period - it was like pulling teeth!  But it was worth it, of course!  BTW, I weighed myself this morning and I have not gained any weight, whatsoever, so all is well.

Starting today, I shall be watching my portions, continue doing the FB challenge with the girls and go on with my life.  Life IS good!

Breakfast: coffee, poached eggs200

snack: tabouleh salad 150 (350)

lunch: sautee kimchi with tofu 300 (650)

snack: almonds 100 (750)



Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 31 lbs to go!

V on 11/15/2010:
:) I love the positive outlook! Like i said earlier, we all need to feel like a normal person from time to time ;)

hollybelle on 11/15/2010:
RE: Chandra Levy murder - I am glad there is hope for justice in that case. I remember how Gary Condit was hounded by the press and there has been much talk in the media lately about how the publicity ruined his politica career and saying what a shame, because he was such a great guy - this is so typical of our society! Although the press was unrelenting at the time, the publicity didn't ruin his political career - he ruined it himself by having an affair with an a woman who so unfortunately was murdered. Just an example of how some people (many these days sit seems) refuse to take personal responsibility for their actions - it's so much easier to blame something or someone else! Sorry for the soapbox speech - this is something that really got me this last week! I think your week will be successful as your attitude is optomistic and full of resolve! No obsessing, dear - me either - that is one of my "pitfalls".

sweetpea1977 on 11/15/2010:
Wow, sounds like a wonderful weekend overall. So glad you didnt obsess over every single calorie. That is no way to live!

just42day on 11/15/2010:
Glad that you were able to enjoy the fall weather. Congrats on more poundage GONE! Yeah!:)

Umpqua on 11/15/2010:
I'm glad you got in some fun outdoor activities. I like your attitude and you're doing a great job!

lifestylechange on 11/15/2010:
have a great day!

KathyBlue on 11/15/2010:
Life's good indeed! :) I really enjoy reading your entry today, from the beginning to the very end (ok, maybe that murder doesn't sound good but well, the murderer is on trial so let's pray justice will be made)

legcramps on 11/15/2010:
Good for you! An inspiring entry today :)

chidogs on 11/15/2010:
It sounds like you had a really wonderful day. And probably was better than being inside at the National Gallery. Sounds lovely. And you did a lot of walking too which is great. I love you attitude as well. Bravo.

moogy on 11/15/2010:
It sounds like the exercise balances out the treats. Which is just the way it should be. Thanks for the quote, it does sound on a very similar tact doesn't it? Very empowering. I was impressed that you recognised the relation between the two.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/15/2010:
kimchi is so satisfying...and filling! do you buy it canned? do you make it yourself?

selina - Sunday Nov 14, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.0

I think my body was complaining about the food intake/cals spent ratio when I started having feelings of bingeing a couple of days ago.  Or, was it perhaps the allergy season that kicked off a bit later for me.  Anyway,  I took a day and then another day off watching my food strictly and didn't go for my jog, either.  I felt like a cheat, but that's ok, I just can't be that strict to myself, it's just not something I can maintain for long.   So after a couple of days of not being so strict with my diet, I feel a lot better.  Today, I'll go into town to check out the new exhibits at the National Gallery and clear my mind.  Cals have been in the lower 2000 in the past two days.  I haven't put on weight but haven't lost either.  I do feel a bit slimmer due to the exercising I did for several days in a roll in the beginning of the week, though. 

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great Sunday. 

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 31 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 11/14/2010:
I'm glad you're feeling better. Sometimes we have to be lenient with ourselves for a few days in order to get in a good mindset and make progress. Your photos below are gorgeous!

just42day on 11/14/2010:
No loss, but still no gain is a victory in my book. I'm sure you'll burn lots of calories at the National Gallery while you take in some wonderful exhibits. Enjoy! :)

loveray on 11/14/2010:
enjoy the gallery! getting to a cultural exhibit always helps me feel more centered and less out of control around food:) i hope you have a wonderful sunday!

sweetpea1977 on 11/14/2010:
I wanna go to the National Gallery. The last time I went I was too young to fully appreciate anything. lol

Have a lovely day!

chidogs on 11/14/2010:
Going to the National Gallery is a whole different kind of exercise. Great idea! Enjoy.

moogy on 11/14/2010:
Have a wonderful time at the gallery, I would love it. A couple of maintaining days is probably a good way to ward off a binge. Good for you.

V on 11/14/2010:
No one is perfect Selina! Don't be too hard on yourself...As a fellow lover of wine my hat is off to you for saying no for as long as you have...I strayed too! My goal is to allow myself 1 evening of cocktails a week but I had 3 days this week, i just felt like being a normal girl who doesn't overly obsess about it. i am sure you will be fine

selina - Friday Nov 12, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.0

Fall folliage in the park near my house:




PM Update: It's been a very difficuld day for me today, I have the munchies and not satisfyed with anything that I eat.... I feel a sort of mini binging sneaking up on me and am trying my best to contain myself....

Wow, it's already Friday, can you believe it?

It was a busy day, yesterday, but I had a lot done!  Husband was home due to Veterans' Day, so we split our duties - he went off to daughter's school to teachers' conference and I went off to do other tasks.  One of them was getting covers for our living room sofa and love seat - the pattern on the sofa just doesn't go with the rest of the decor. The other task was a visit to the furniture store to buy a chest of drawers/dresser (chesser), mirror and bedside table for my daughter.  The drawer of the bedside table comes with the wiring for her Ipod, and all her electronic gadgets.  Cool stuff!  Everything is white and lovely and will go very well with the beautiful queen size bed she has got now!  I'm excited for her! 

My calorie intake went very well and I was also able to get all my 3 fruits and 3 vegetables in.  I also finished my jogging/walk of 45 min. at the park. A very successful day, indeed!

Today, I go on to DAY 16 of challenge!

Have a great/successful day, ladies!

Breakfast: coffee, egg poached100, banana 80 (180)

snack: almonds 120, whole grain English muffin with jam 150milk 100 (450)

lunch:green salad (escarole, tomato and iceberg lettuce) 200, pumpkin soup 100, yougurt 150 (900)

snack: edamame100 (1000)

dinner: calico beans 400, sautee mushrooms (portobelo, shiitake and oyster mushrooms)150 (1150)


Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 31 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/12/2010:
Congrats on such a successful day - with everything! Your daughter's new bedside table sounds incredible! :)

V on 11/12/2010:
You are so in the zone with your challenge! i predict you will see the 150's very soon! Great job Selina :)

V on 11/12/2010:
LOl it is never good when working with Jim the drunk! It's ashamed too because he is a really good person(when he is sober)

loveray on 11/12/2010:
gorgeous!! love your menu - oyster mushrooms are my fav. have a fabulous weekend!

sweetpea1977 on 11/12/2010:
beautiful! I missed out on taking some great fall foliage pictures yesterday. I hope to get some right before sunset this evening!

Sounds like you had a wonderful busy Thursday. And today's menu sounds wonderful!!!

Maria7 on 11/12/2010:
Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful day! :-D

legcramps on 11/12/2010:
Wow, those pics are beautiful. Way to have a totally great day yesterday! Here's to today being the same :)

lifestylechange on 11/12/2010:
beautiful pictures!! thank you for sharing! have a great day! btw, your dinner sounds delicious!

liza36 on 11/12/2010:
I love your pictures, and this time of year is so beautiful in the DC/No. VA area. Looks like you are doing a great job. You have a delicious menu planned. Have a great weekend.

tangalyn on 11/12/2010:
nice pics, hope u have a great day!

moogy on 11/12/2010:
It was a successful day. Such beautiful pictures Selina. I hope you figure out what is eating you before you try and eat it down!!

chidogs on 11/12/2010:
Thanks for sharing the pictures. That is one thing we don't see much of in SoCal.

V on 11/12/2010:
Beautiful photos!!!

hollybelle on 11/13/2010:
Georgeous pics! Moogy has a point about what is eating you - why not satisfied with food - what are you looking for IN the food? What do you REALLY WANT?

balloonlady on 11/14/2010:
Doing great, and beautiful pics... I love the fall : )

selina - Thursday Nov 11, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.0

My challenge of keeping cals under 1350 failed miserably yesterday.  It was like a perfect storm brewing at the end of the day: missing afternoon snack, going for a jog/walk for 45min, going out again for another hour to photograph fall foliage, being physically exhausted, being ravenous by the time dinner came, husband asking for a second bagel with chives flavored cream cheese (with the perfectly healthy homemade pumpkin soup) and me finally giving up and eating one myself and then another, finding my second favorite grapes at the market (my favorite grapes are Italian grapes which I can't find in this country, second comes Kyoho grapes) and eating it, too;  Daughter wondering if  the pineapple on the countertop was ready to be eaten - yes it was.  And did I mention I was extremely tired? 

Lessons to be learned from yesterday's experience:  don't skip snacks, don't eat when physically exhausted - just take a nap and all is good.  Yesterday, it wasn't.

Today is day 15 of my challenge, I shall not give up - I don't have a choice!  I'm absolutely ready for it!

Breakfast: Can I possibly skip it - I still feel full :( drink lots of water, a cup of asian pears  banana 90,  coffee30

snack: 1 glass milk 100, grapes 100 (320)

lunch: pumpkin soup 300, escarole and tomato salad 150 (770) 

snack: fresh pineapple 100 (870)

dinner: chinese dumpling soup 350, sautee petit peppers 100 (1320)

exercise: yes!  jog/walk and exercise at the park.

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 31 lbs to go!

V on 11/11/2010:
Selina last night's post i mentioned being so hungry by dinner time and it has everything to do with the time change, too bad we couldn't set our hunger back an hour too...You are not alone out there, i think this is all messing with us! i admire your determination not to let this beat you! have a great day ;)

sweetpea1977 on 11/11/2010:
Today is the last day for Kohl's big sale, so I'd recommend going getting those bracelets today. It would have cost me $200 for just one bracelet that I started yesterday (starter bracelet that came with two beads = $50 full price and then 4-5 beads at $35-$50 full price). If you still have that 15% off coupon, take it with you. If not, more than likely they'll offer you a scratch-off coupon at check out. Even though I had my 20% off coupon, she offered me a scratch off to see if I was lucky enough pull a 30% off coupon out of the deck (it was 15%). Anyway, if you go today, you will also recieve Kohl's cash and get to use it during Nov 16-24th. Try to make your purchases in $50 incriments ($50, $100, $150) to maximize your Kohl's cash earnings. Oh and your 15% off coupon is good through the 16th, so go back on that day and to take advantage of both your Kohl's cash and the 15% off. :)

If you need to do non-jewelry shopping, get those items first. I had to buy my jewelry at the jewelry counter before I could finish up my non-jewelry shopping. Anyway, Im pretty sure you can buy non-jewelry items at the counter. The lines will be shorter there too, so thats another plus. ;)

lol, yea, Im a Kohl's nut. I've been a card holder since 2004, so I've learned a few secrets over the years. :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/11/2010:
Bagels are a trigger food for me, so I can totally relate. I love the full-sized freshly made bagels and loads of creams. I cant have them in the house, or I will eat them all in two days.

Anyway, Im glad you learned from your mistakes. Im sure that today will be a much better day!

lifestylechange on 11/11/2010:
I also LOVE bagels!!! Yummm. My daughters also really like them. It's hard to stop after a half or 1 sometimes. I can also relate. Hope you have a great day!!

Maria7 on 11/11/2010:
Good plan for today...bet your pictures are beautiful! (hint-hint) I need some cheering up with pretty pictures of fall folliage! :-D Hope you have a nice day.

just42day on 11/11/2010:
Sorry you yesterday wasn't so great for you. Sounds like the "lessons learned" will serve you well in moving forward. I know you can do it and I'm cheering for you! :)

hollybelle on 11/11/2010:
1350 and no more by end of day - you can do it!

V on 11/11/2010:
LOL yes it is quite heartbreaking for him ;) OH WELL!!! LOL

just42day on 11/12/2010:
Hope you have a good day w/food and exercise. I've been struggling quite a bit, too. We both can do better! :)

selina - Wednesday Nov 10, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.0

Good morning ladies!

Day 14 of Challenge

I did very well yesterday, even had my jog/walk at the park for 45 minutes.  The house is almost done: yesterday I finished sewing some ruffly material to my bed skirt that was a bit too short.  It looks really nice, now.  It felt odd digging out my sewing kit after so long, but I'm glad I did it myself!  I love the satisfaction of making something by myself. It's similar to the satisfaction of cutting one's own hair!

I weighed myself and seem to have lost .5 pounds overnight.

Have a great day, everyone!

Breakfast: egg100, coffee, banana100 (200)

snack: almonds 120, milk 100 (420)

lunch: leftover stuff (bean soup with pasta)200 (620)

snack: none

dinner: pumpkin soup400, napa cabbage salad100, pinapple150, kyoho grapes200, 2 bagels with cheese 600 (2070)

Exercise: yes!

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 31 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 11/10/2010:
congrats on ur loss, u r doing so well :) hope u have a great day!!

sweetpea1977 on 11/10/2010:
lol, Im so glad you were able to fix your own hair. :)

It sounds like you are a very crafty person. I wish I had more of that talent. I think my only craftiness is inventing new recipes!

Congrats on the loss. Thats great!

Maria7 on 11/10/2010:
Congratulations to you! Wow, you go, Girl! Your house sounds beautiful, too! Anyway...I temporarily 'fell off the wagon' but am back on track now...thanks for checking in on me....have a beautiful day! Love, Maria

loveray on 11/10/2010:
haha, awesome! i would feel VERY bad for the cows if those things are as heavy as what we pick up in class:) it's a great workout for sure and i love the challenge of those "manly" looking weights! great cardio, strength and flexibility:) have a wonderful day!

moogy on 11/10/2010:
I am so impressed with the confidence you have in your own ability to cut your hair. Well done you. You must be a talented woman all round, painting, sewing, hairdressing and I bet there are other's we don't know about. Two weeks into the challenge, well done Selina. You are doing great.

V on 11/10/2010:
Selina you so Rock!!!! LOL

just42day on 11/11/2010:
Great job w/the loss! Hooray! Super job w/your exercise, too! :)

selina - Tuesday Nov 09, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.5

Good morning ladies!  Happy "fat" Tuesday!

This is an easy 3 point for me because I'll be using olive oil for all my cooking and salad dressing, as I always do. 

Yesterday I managed to stay under 1350 cals, so wish me luck for the Day 13 of challenge!

Last night I cut my own hair, it looks rather bad - I may have to go to the hair dresser today, haha!     Update: I fixed my hair, it's all good!

Breakfast: poached egg100, coffee (no cream, no sugar)banana 100 (200)

snack: apple 70, (270)

lunch: tomato and lettuce salad with roasted sesame dressing 120, leftover thai soup 200 (590)

snack: no fat milk100, almonds120 (810)

dinner: brocoli sautee with shrimp 350, bean soup 100,fresh pinapple 60 (1320)


Progress as of today: 15.5 lbs lost so far, only 31.5 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/09/2010:
Congrats on yesterday's calorie count! Good for you! I'm sure you can do it again today. Have a good one. :)

V on 11/09/2010:
Felt a extra creative last night did you??? Save your artistic abilities for your canvas and let the professionals handle your hair!! Haha Have a great day Selina ;)

KathyBlue on 11/09/2010:
hahaha, hairdresser lady :))))) I did the same several times, hehehe...

biscottibody59 on 11/09/2010:
I had a time finding someone to cut my hair the way a longtime hairdresser (who quit doing hair at all) did it. So I cut it myself after letting it grow after a particularly sh*tty haircut. And ya' know it was great for about a couple of months. So I tried it again and as good as the earlier one was--it was just THAT bad--YIKES!!!

Hope you have a good afternoon there!

V on 11/09/2010:
:) You are too cute and too funny ;)

sweetpea1977 on 11/09/2010:
Menu sounds great!!

I hope you are able to find an easy fix for your hair. :)

tangalyn on 11/09/2010:
ur doing great, hope someone can fix ur hair, have a great day!!

loveray on 11/09/2010:
awesome menu, very clean!! hope your hair is fixed...excited to see a pic~

hollybelle on 11/09/2010:
I cut my own hair all the time, too! Glad you were able to fix it! I have had a few panic moments with the mirror.

moogy on 11/09/2010:
I never quite understand the whole cutting one's own hair thing. I am always terrified I will look like a strange old homeless woman. Have a wonderful day Selina.

V on 11/09/2010:
LOl I want to see :)

selina - Monday Nov 08, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.5

Good morning ladies!  Happy Motivational Monday! 

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing.  Action always generates inspiration.  Inspiration seldom generates action.  ~Frank Tibolt

The weekend was a total failure in terms of keeping cals low - blah!  Weekends are hard for me, but this one was specially difficult!  But, rest assured that I didn't go overboard, just a few hundred cals above what I'm challenging myself for, so today I shall carry on to...

 12th day of Challenge

Breakfst: egg, coffee

snack: none

lunch: leek soup 300 (430)

snack: banana 100, cup of milk 100  (650)

dinner: pork chops 300 tom yum soup with lots of shrimp (?maybe 300) green salad200, pear 100, a tiny piece of cake 50  (1350)

exercise: done!  walking/jogging 35 min



Progress as of today: 15.5 lbs lost so far, only 31.5 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/08/2010:
Have a great start to your week! :)

tangalyn on 11/08/2010:
hope u have a great day!

just42day on 11/08/2010:
A few hundred calories over your goal isn't really horrible. I hope this week is better for you. I struggle w/weekends, too. Just too many temptations! Let's hope we both have better weekends coming up. :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/08/2010:
Family member birthday weekends are hard, so I think you did pretty well. A couple hundred calories is better than 500-1000 or more calories over! I did pretty well for my birthday, but I am pretty sure I will do horrible for Ethan's birthday (Jan) and hubby's birthday (April). I love spoiling them with cake and their favorite meals. :)

Now that the weekend is over, you can now get back on track!

legcramps on 11/08/2010:
Weekends are hard for a lot of people, me too. I think it's because they're not as structured as weekdays. Hope you have a good day today and are back on track :)

balloonlady on 11/08/2010:
weekends can be tough... That why we have mondays : ) to stat a new...

V on 11/08/2010:
way to stay on track Selina!!!! You are so in the zone!!!!

moogy on 11/08/2010:
Good job on not derailing, onward with the challenge!!

KathyBlue on 11/08/2010:
You can download the spreadsheet I created for the Weekly Challenge, from here: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B6ArJEuHIZ1XNzkzNzJhYTQtMzFjZC00ODljLWIzMDYtYWI1NjJiNzE4NmI1&hl=en&authkey=CNrtpe8C

It has my entries but if you delete them, you can input your points and it will do the Sum for you, it has the formulas ;-)

selina - Sunday Nov 07, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.5

Good morning ladies, I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday morning!

DAY 11 of my challenge -

I tried to keep cals very low during the day so that I could enjoy the carrot cake after dinner...  I don't know how many cals there are in the carrot cake but I'm sure there's tons, so I flunked the challenge, I think.  No matter,  will do better today.

Shopping with daughter went very well, very productive - among other many things, I bought her a beautiful white winter coat that is just amazingly beautiful.  Seems like that's the fashion this winter - white overcoats.  Today, I'll take her to the mall again because we couldn't buy everything she wanted, not enough time as her daddy wanted to come home ;) Today we'll go without him, ha!  And the birthday party continues....  

Have a great day!


no soda = 2 pts

no alcohol = 2 pts 

 drink a minimum of 64 oz  water (can be flavored with low calorie additives) = 1 pt 

 a meatless day (seafood is ok, but not required) = 2 pts 

 no red meat = 1 pt 

 two or more servings of fruit = 2 pts 

 two or more servings of vegetables = 2 pts 

no white grains (bread, pasta, rice) = 1 pt 

 no eating 3 hours before bedtime = 1 pt 

 exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes = 2 pts 

 Daily Challenge = 3 points

Progress as of today: 15.5 lbs lost so far, only 31.5 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/07/2010:
Enjoy the time w/your daughter! :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/07/2010:
I love white clothes, but am too afraid to buy/wear them. I am such a clutz when it comes to food, especially coffee! :)Enjoy the birthday celebrations!!

tangalyn on 11/07/2010:
hope u enjoy ur day :)

V on 11/07/2010:
LOL!!! I have a winter white coat at my mom's i only wear it once and it's off to the dry cleaners,i too am super klutzy!!! Enjoy your day of shopping with your daughter

moogy on 11/07/2010:
I can't imagine living somewhere where I would need a coat. It never gets cold enough here in Sydney to get one. I do have a lightweight shower coat, but never seem to wear it. I may not have your trees but I don't have to cold either, so I should be grateful. Have another lovely day shopping, it's a little bit of heaven, shopping with your daughter!!

selina - Saturday Nov 06, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.5

Good morning ladies, I hope you are having a great Saturday!

Day 10 of my challenge.

It could have been better yesterday, but not all is lost.  Today is going to be harder - I explain: last night, at her request, I baked a carrot cake for my daughter's birthday (which is today) and had a little too good of a time licking the spoon after beating the fresh cream cheese frosting.  It didn't help that I was hungry, at 11pm!

Now, how can I not eat the carrot cake birthday cake that I baked for my daughter after she blows the candles?

I also ate a bowl of popcorn late at night.  I just can't resist!  So, I think I went a bit over my calories yesterday.... 

 We shall eat sushi for lunch and shop with/for daughter all day - that's her b-day present. And of course there will many other presents ;)

Good luck today, ladies! 

Breakfast: coffee30

lunch: sashimi, sushi, edamame, miso soup, 1/4 apple 300

dinner: stew 300, risotto 200, 1/4 pear,  cake (? a lot)

no soda = 2 pts

no alcohol = 2 pts 

 drink a minimum of 64 oz  water (can be flavored with low calorie additives) = 1 pt 

 a meatless day (seafood is ok, but not required) = 2 pts 

 no red meat = 1 pt 

 two or more servings of fruit = 2 pts 

 two or more servings of vegetables = 2 pts 

no white grains (bread, pasta, rice) = 1 pt 

 no eating 3 hours before bedtime = 1 pt 

 exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes = 2 pts 

 Daily Challenge = 3 points

Progress as of today: 15.5 lbs lost so far, only 31.5 lbs to go!

V on 11/06/2010:
Good luck with all the temptations you have :) Be good Selina!

just42day on 11/06/2010:
I'm sure your daughter will have a great day! "A bit over calories" isn't a show stopper. I have confidence in you and know you can stay on track! :)

V on 11/06/2010:
Thank you :)

SusieQueue on 11/06/2010:
In a few weeks I have to make homemade manicotti for Thanksgiving 1st course. 8 trays of the stuff. I strongly DOUBT they will miss my taste test. One of my favorite foods and will just plan around it to minimize the damage..........

KathyBlue on 11/06/2010:
did you do a light version? I made my sugar-free, flour-free carrot cake, but I put far too much carob flour in it, so it got sour... but I managed to eat it up, nobody else wanted, LOL... That's what a woman gets when baking/cooking with the period... :)

KathyBlue on 11/06/2010:
sushi sounds great, and presents too, of course!!! Have a fun day, you all :) And happy B-day for her! :) She must be the one who wants to get older, still... we are the ones who want to be younger... LOL

KathyBlue on 11/06/2010:
i know what you mean about the cats waking ppl up when they're hungry... These do the same, and imagine 3 of them doing it, well... very annoying!!! but they are still flufffyyyyyyyy:) 14 is not a difficult age I guess.. but 16,17, uhhhh...

biscottibody59 on 11/06/2010:
I couldn't resist a carrot cake--hope you enjoy your day with your daughter!

Great job on the losses of the last week too:-)

sweetpea1977 on 11/06/2010:
Oh my gosh, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I'd have a hard time resisting too! Whats worse is that hubby hates carrot cake, so I never get to enjoy it unless it happens to be on a restaurant's dessert menu. The last time I had carrot cake was a friend's wedding in 2008. One of the layers of her wedding cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Another layer was red velvet cake (which I LOVE too)!

Happy birthday to your daughter!

moogy on 11/06/2010:
Day 10, well done Selina. I was a bit of a dangerous time to be baking, let's be glad that you didn't have to make a second cake!! Enjoy the sushi and the day with your daughter.

selina - Friday Nov 05, 2010
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 166.5

Good morning ladies!

Day 9 of challenge and all is well!

Have a great day, ladies.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup hot chocolate 75, eggs 100 (175)

snack:no fat milk 100, almonds120 (395)

lunch:tofu/onions/broccoli sauteed (vegies are all fresh, locally grown!)300 (695)

snack: edamame100 (795)

dinner: 15 bean soup400,beef stew,  garden salad (locally grown fresh!)150 (1345)

 no soda = 2 pts

no alcohol = 2 pts 

 drink a minimum of 64 oz  water (can be flavored with low calorie additives) = 1 pt 

 a meatless day (seafood is ok, but not required) = 2 pts 

 no red meat = 1 pt 

 two or more servings of fruit = 2 pts 

 two or more servings of vegetables = 2 pts 

no white grains (bread, pasta, rice) = 1 pt 

 no eating 3 hours before bedtime = 1 pt 

 exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes = 2 pts 

 Daily Challenge = 3 points


Progress as of today: 15.5 lbs lost so far, only 31.5 lbs to go!

V on 11/05/2010:
Selina you are in the zone!!!! Keep up the awesome job :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/05/2010:
Great menu!! Love your lunch! :)

legcramps on 11/05/2010:
Good job! Your lunch sounds delicious!

moogy on 11/05/2010:
Well done Selina, you are doing so well. Great work.

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