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selina - Thursday Aug 13, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

My daughter and I walked 3.9 miles yesterday evening.  It was a nice, brisk, energetic walk and we chatted the whole time.  I really like her personality, always cheerful and positive!  I hope she continues being this wonderful way, even as she enters teenagehood...

Food was good:oatmeal for breakfast,  lots of salads, green beans, shrimp, rice (a little) for lunch and lean bbqed pork, salad, eggplant relish, rice (a little) for dinner.  Popcorn late evening watching Dick Van Dyke show - hubby bought the whole series of this vintage show and we have a good time watching them, it's in black/white, cool stuff!  Anyway, total calories were about 1400.

Cheers to all!

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

glycrina on 08/13/2009:
wow sounds great!! I used to love that show on Nick at Night! Congrats on your weight loss. You are doing really well.

cupcakeLuv on 08/13/2009:
love your food choices. im thinking about starting the calorie counting. I see alot of people doing it and they are seeing alot of results. seems like a good way to go.

biscottibody59 on 08/13/2009:
Good going--sounds like a great time! I love that old show--especially the one where they are at a cabin and the one where Laura's toe gets stuck in the tub faucet!

Jen40 on 08/13/2009:
Whoo hooo! You're doing awesome and yay for getting your daughter into healthy exercise too! It will become a natural part of her life to move.

selina - Wednesday Aug 12, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

I did fairly well yesterday, overall. 

I  did not eat much during the day - didn't feel hungry - but got VERY hungry after my longish brisk walk of 3.12 miles after dinner.  So, even though my calories were low during the day, my eating a second dinner late at night evened out my calories for the day, which added up to about 1400 cals.  

It was sunny and cool all day, yesterday.  Gotta love the summer weather in Switzerland.  Hoping for more of the same today...

I've been using google earth to measure the distance I walk... just in case one wonders how precise I can be...



Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

mskitty on 08/12/2009:
Your diary inspires me. I have the same goals as you. Lovely photos btw but non of yourself :(.

selina - Tuesday Aug 11, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

It was a great re-start of my dieting, yesterday,  Ate moderately, counted calories (1350) and took a 45 min brisk walk after dinner with my daughter.  Will be doing more of the same today.  Hope to be able to squeeze some biking in the evening.  Weather is sunny, cool and beautiful in the morning as I write this, yes!   Have a good day, everyone!

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

cupcakeLuv on 08/11/2009:
thanks for the motivation selina. thats what i need!! and Im in CT so its summer here and really hot. almost to hot :( congrats on your great re-start!! Sounds beautiful where you are :)

halley on 08/11/2009:
Sounds like a great day. I like the "cool" part!

loveray on 08/11/2009:
so happy to hear that!! i hope you are well- miss talking to you! xo

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/11/2009:
glad to hear yesterday was a new starting point. sounds like you are in the zone.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/11/2009:
glad to hear yesterday was a new starting point. sounds like you are in the zone.

biscottibody59 on 08/11/2009:
Thanks--the yard will look pretty good to okay--we had a rare few days of summer rain a couple weeks ago--about 1.5 inches in all!

Good to see you're back in the swing--good luck in your renewal of your plan!

selina - Monday Aug 10, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well and having a great summer!

I've been travelling a lot this summer and also enjoying the foods without thinking too much about calories and weight control. Just came back from Italy, shopping in Milan and sightseeing in Venice.  No dieting but walking A LOT!  I have probably gained a few pounds, haven't weighed myself but feel the difference around the waist and the mirror never lies.

 Now that I'm back home, I shall start counting calories again and try to lose the extra weight I've gained... I'm back on track, starting today.  Cheers!


Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 08/10/2009:
Your summer sounds wonderful! Did you get on the bike? I highly recommend it! It's wonderful exercise! I love the mountain bike, but it's too hard on my shoulders these days. So I stick with the street riding!

cupcakeLuv on 08/10/2009:
wow what an amazing summer you are having. Doesn't even compare to mine. Your legs must be in great shape after all that walking. :) Thats good your getting right back on track. good luck girl*

selina - Wednesday Jul 08, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

Hi Everyone!   So, I've been MIA but all is well.   Now that my daughter is on vacation, Ive been busier, doing more things with her outdoors, going to parties, functions, etc etc  Summer has been pretty cool, so far. Literally.  Not too many opportunities to jump in the pool just because the temperature has been rather low for that.  Anyway, I haven't been walking as often, haven't been watching my food at all, but I weighed myself this morning and my weight is still the same, 165 lbs.  I guess that's my NORMAL weight where I'm feeling comfortable...  however, I still look chubby and wish I looked slimm and elegant.  Anyway, I'm resigned to the fact that I have to fight a bit harder after I come back from my vacation this summer.  BTW, I'll be doing some travelling around France and the USA.  Can't concentrate on my weight when I am on the go...


Anyway, my daughter asked me today if I've been on DD recently... I'm glad she did!  BTW, she has been on the Wii fit once in a while - she prefers the guitar hero part of the Wii, whatever that is... Anyway, after she got the Wii she has lost 7 pounds - she shed those pounds ever so slowly, we didn't even notice it.  So, she is very happy now that her weight is just perfect for her height, age and body structure.   Why can't I have her metabolism and will power????  Anyway, I hope I won't be just HOPING in the near future... I will be acting on it! 


Hope everyone is having a GREAT SUMMER!  Hugs to all, Selina

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 07/08/2009:
Glad to hear from you today.............Happy vacation!!!!!!!!

maria7 on 07/09/2009:
Hello, Selina!

I'm still at the other blog. http://www.nativeamericanwoman.blogspot.com

I was sorry to read about your Daddy. Hope your Mom is doing well and the rest of your family, too.

Well...you know I used to say not gaining is progress...I don't know about that anymore. I think not gaining is simply maintaining and NOT GETTIN' where you want to be!!! now. But it is still better than gaining. Sometimes we do well to hold on to where we are, I guess. :-)

CritterMom on 07/09/2009:
Enjoy the time with your daughter. They grow up so fast!

maria7 on 07/25/2009:
Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

selina - Friday Jun 19, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

So, I went back to walking, yesterday, which makes me happy to be back into the swing of things....

Breakfast: coffeee, omelet 300

snack: cc, ww cracker 130 (430)





Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 06/19/2009:
That makes me even feel better to hear that someone else is out and walking...I weed-wacked, weed-pulled, etc with Ben yesterday and that was a great work-out..Still nothing like walking though.... One of these days I will get back into a routine.....

Off for the day myself, so see ya tomorrow probably...Busy Busy Busy.... :-)

nenak on 06/19/2009:
I like to walk......just keep putting it off. good on you for getting out there

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/19/2009:
yesterday wasn't too, too bad for you....i see you went to the city! i'm sure you had a wonderful time. it seems your day yesterday was packed. glad you are back on track today. :)

grumpy on 06/19/2009:
Good for you, I am glad you're staying strong and not putting your health and well being aside! Beijos!

thinnside40 on 06/22/2009:
I have been MIA a few days, but back at it today again..... Praying that all is going as well as can be expected for you & yours this day..... Take Care!

biscottibody59 on 06/25/2009:
Hope you're doing well--I have just gotten back into the walking (again) realizing just how much I had missed it!

selina - Thursday Jun 18, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

Despite the bad start with bread pudding, yesterday, the day was not a bad day at all... 1800 cals but no exercise.  I'm still beat from my travelling...  by the way, I spent the whole day in NYC - more precisely Manhattan - this past Sunday. Did all the tourist thing - Battery Park, Wall Street area, WTC site (sad..) , The Metropolitan Museum, Broadway, even watched a parade along Central Park. I walked MOST of the time - it was tiring but it was wonderful!


Today's food:

Breakfast: coffee


lunch: large salad and couscous 500

snack: eggsalad on toast 300 (850)

dinner: cheese bread 300, salad 200 (1350)

beer late at night: 200

total: 1550 cals.

exercise: walked for 1 hour yay!

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

nenak on 06/18/2009:
knew that breakfast wasnt a spanner in the works well done for keeping it together!

selina - Wednesday Jun 17, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

That bread pudding really killed my good eating pattern for the day, oh well....

Breakfast: more leftover bread pudding (TG it's gone!), coffee: 400


Lunch: large salad (greens and tabouleh) with couscous 300

Snack:some ww bread 300

Dinner:grilled veggie salad 400

popcorn 200

Total: 1600 cals. + beer 200 1800 cals


Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

nenak on 06/17/2009:
I dont worry about high calories in the mornings.....youve got time to work them off. look at it as logs on the fire, once its burned out theres hardly anything left! enjoy

thinnside40 on 06/17/2009:
Bread or rice pudding will get me everytime!

Thank you for your kind words in comment....Your a sweetheart!.... I hate to even mention my mom, due to your recent situation, but also know that illness is so prevelant everywhere and there isn't any escaping it.... My mom has been "forgetful" for years... Just how she has been and don't ever remember her not locking hersefl out of the house, losing keys, purse, etc.....She was a checker @ Safeway for 33 years... VERY friendly & outgoing person...She would work so fast & hard her arms were always flying and she standing @ 5'2" didn't have a slow walk either..Just a little go-getter.... She had a couple bad accidents on job that left her with 2 spinal fusions & couple other surgeries...Over the last years of working, she became addicted to pain-killers & after retirement she began self-medicating alot more... Got that stopped & then fibromyalgia was diagnosed along with bi-polar disorder.... Honestly, she admitted herself into a psych ward & she didn't belong there..She just wanted to help people in there was her reasoning and figured admitting herself was the easiest way,..Anyway, the psychologist she has seen gives her fistsful of samples, etc and my dad has always been dead-set against it knowing that she wasn't really showing signs of what the psych was diagnosing her with and treating her for.... When she heard "dementia" in January, we think she just gave up.... Now she is in a place where she says "I don't need that guy anymore" in her lucid moments and that is going to be addressed on Friday morning with her primary doc..... She is currently on 3 psych meds and no doubt that is contributing to her decline.

selina - Tuesday Jun 16, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0

Ok, back to my healthy eating routine, as of today.   My family was very happy to see the thinner me since I had not been down there after losing my pounds in the past months.  However, as expected of me who eats while under stress, I gained 4 pounds while in Brazil. 

Breakfast: coffee, egg/ham omelet 300

Snack: cc on whole wheat toast200

Lunch:salad egg 200

snack: peanuts 50

dinner: roasted veggies, tabouleh salad, bread pudding (too much) about 600  1500 total + 2 glassess of red wine 300

total cals about 1800 ugh

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 06/16/2009:
It is nice when it has been some time since someone said anything about your current weightloss, even though we may forget about it @ times.... I have had some people who haven't seen me for a while and say "your looking good", while I say to myself "Im stuck" and forget that I have made the progress...Time to get that progress going again..

Good Tuesday!

selina - Monday Jun 15, 2009
(calorie counting, walking, biking, chilling)
Weight: 165.0


Hello all:
It's been a tough time for me since my dad passed away last week.  I was in Brazil to see him since he fell ill into a coma (he had Alzheimer’s) and eventually died.  He waited for me to arrive before he decided to rest - he comforted me even at his deathbed.   Life is ephemeral and there is nothing more natural than to die someday, however it is still very,very sad to have to bury one’s beloved father.   I’m doing well despite the sadness that has surrounded me in the past weeks. On the other hand, it was wonderful to get together with my family and find out what everyone is up to. 
So, I’m now back to Switzerland and to my old routine which will include picking up where I left on the diet  which I dropped while in Brazil.
It’s nice to see so many of my DD “friends” still here and I’m looking forward to catching up with you all….



Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

grumpy on 06/15/2009:
Hey sweetie, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you and your family find some peace in knowing he's resting now and pain free. Xoxo.

CritterMom on 06/15/2009:
I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. You're in my prayers.

thinnside40 on 06/15/2009:
Selina ~ You had been in my thoughts so much and wondering how you were doing amidst your absense..I knew something was probably going on......

Take time to heal & deal with your dad's passing in your timing and way...Nobody can tell you how to behave or react to death..Each person is different....

Take Care!

biscottibody59 on 06/15/2009:
I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. It will be tough. (My mom passed away about a year ago.) Yes it's one of the best times to have the support and proximity of family!

Take good care of yourself!

nenak on 06/15/2009:
Im sorry to hear of your loss. my thoughts are with you x

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