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shy_angel - Monday Oct 14, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 144.4

Hello=) Just sitting here eating carrots=)=) Yum! Not much to tell really lol - its monday and im not going to school for a week!!!!!!! YAY!! Well... im doing fine... hmmm i should come back when i got more to tell LOL=)

Love from me!

SoccerMom on 10/14/2002:
Carrots are wonderful vegetables...good for your eyes, and lots of other parts! Enjoy your week's break!

shy_angel - Friday Oct 11, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 144.4

Its been a while jhasnt it? well going back to school takes most of ones time ! The weighthas pretty much been the same alil on a lil off=) BUT This week (tuesday) i started on a new "project" Fit for life (have any1 read that?) well the point is, its perfect for me, cuz it makes sense! And i think thats the most important thing when u diet - to find something that makes sence to u! - ive lost a pound since then, so yay=)

ill be back soon - promise=)! &hearts

kyrin on 10/11/2002:
Welcome back! You've done pretty well in the last six months--dropped about 20 pounds! Good for you! It's nice to see you back with us...and working toward your next goal.

I'm excited for you as you begin this next phase. Please keep us updated with your new plan.



Soon2BThin on 10/11/2002:
Welcome back, it's been awhile, as you said. It sounds like you're doing pretty good though. I've never heard of Fit for Life, just Body for Life, that's not the same thing, is it? Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

butterf;y21373 on 10/14/2002:
"Fit For Life"..is that the book Oprah was all into? That is so awesome that you have made such a great life-style change...20 lbs is awesome. I might have to check out that book too! Hugs! K

shy_angel - Wednesday Aug 21, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 144.4

YAY one more pound all gone=)

Im doing great here - feeling good, even tho none of my jeans/pants fit me anymore... U know.. it costs a lot of money to loose weight! So im shopping for pants next friday! YAY=)

Nothing can get me down these dayz... Not even not seing my bf....=) I got time i can wait a week or more to see him.. im not going anywhere!

Beth200 on 08/21/2002:
Good Job! Keep it up. Have a great week. Beth :)

shy_angel - Sunday Aug 18, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 145.5

hehe its all good=)

Wish i had more to write but i guess its still too early for me lol. Hva fun yall!!

Beth200 on 08/18/2002:
Glad to hear it. Have a great day! Beth :D

shy_angel - Monday Aug 12, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 147.7

Its been a while hasnt it??? Well im back in school and im doing fine. Got a new exercise plan, cuz its moving to slow these days=) Here goes: every morning ill ride on my bike for about 16KM (dont know what that is in miles...) - walk for an hour or so at nite. And then a friend & I have talked bout spinning. Its really hard, but very good and def worth it! Ill get back to ya and tell more about it=)

Good Luck out there and take good care of urselves!!!!!!

inmorning on 08/12/2002:
((((((((((shy_angel))))))))) I am so glad you are back. It is great to see you again.

shy_angel - Sunday Jul 28, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 148.8

so things are still going well, tho i expect that ive gained a little after today, but ill get it off - its not too bad - hope u all are doing great out there!!

MichelleP on 07/28/2002:

Way to go on your loss!! Take care and have a great week!

inmorning on 07/29/2002:
Glad to hear you are doing well. You take care.

shy_angel - Thursday Jul 25, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 150.2

Another pounds all gone=) ya im smiling and i wont stop! Take care out there!

misha on 07/25/2002:
That is wonderful --shout it from the mountain tops. I know that I would. Take care and I am estatic for your weightloss --Now just ot get started on mine.


MichelleP on 07/25/2002:


Crittermama on 07/25/2002:

shy_angel - Wednesday Jul 24, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 151.2

As i was saying in the previous entry, ill soon b going to the gym w my friend. So i asked her today how many times she was thinking bout going (nice to know u know) and she said 4-5 a week untill we get fit, the shed like to go 6 times a week! HE a gurl w my mentality lol=) ya we think a like - i cant wait!

shy_angel - Tuesday Jul 23, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 151.2

Thank u all for ur support even tho im not around very often these days - But im still going, and things are ok actually=) Havent lost anything yet, but i have faith and know it will - it takes its time right?

Im really excited cuz one of my friends, who i havent spoken to in a while are now back in my life and one of the first things she asked was: Do u want to work out with me? YAY!!lol so were going to the gym, well not yet, but when we get money (the 31st) - dont know if u should buy a one month card or six month - i think ill start out w a one month - and then in september buy a six months cuz im not sure i have the money this time (one month 250 - six months 500 - dont worry were talking bout dkr, not dollars lol)

Thats pretty much it for now - so take care out there and keep going strong- i have faith in all of ya!

inmorning on 07/23/2002:
Sounds like you and your friend have a good thing going. I can never find a decent workout partner. My husband is supportive but sometimes he just doesn't feel like doing anything and I have to make myself so I don't get into a bad habit. Take care and keep it up.

Crittermama on 07/23/2002:
Exercise buddies help a lot!! You'll do great!!

shy_angel - Wednesday Jul 17, 2002
(eating healthy - exercise)
Weight: 151.2

still going:)

I keep one more online diary - thats not bout weight, so if anyones interested in reading bout my crazy life - feel free to do so and leave a comment if u have something to say=)

www.mydeardiary.com look for miw

take care and keep going!!

misha on 07/17/2002:
Great job and I may just have to check that website out!! take care


traya on 07/20/2002:
You are doing great! Keep up the good work. Tammy :-)

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