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srchng4sknny - Friday Nov 07, 2003
(South Beach Diet)
Weight: 135.0

Hey! I decided to do an official weigh-in and update my measurements and body fat percentage today. Although I weighed in yesterday, I decided to do it again today, and I was down another 1/2 pound. I've gained 1/2 inch in my chest (oooh, maybe they're getting perkier!), 2 1/2 off my waist (!!!), 1 inch off my hips, 1 inch off each of my thighs, and 1/2 inch off each arm. Yeah, me!

Okay, here's the best part: My body fat percentage is down 4%! That's in only 5 weeks! It went from 34% to 30%!!!

The South Beach Diet start out with no carbs for 2 weeks and says that you will lose 8-13 pounds during that time. I hope that's true, although I have never agreed with the no carb diet. However, since after two weeks you can start adding in healthy carbs, I figured I would give it a try to jumpstart me and hopefully I'll be under 130 soon! So, today is my first official day of no carbs.

One bit of news: My hubby and I have decided to try to have another baby. This is one reason I am so desperate to lose this weight. I don't want to start out 10 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant with my son. If I can get down under 130, I'll feel much better about the whole thing!

Here is my food log for the day:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with 1 ounce low-fat cheddar cheese, 3 slices of Canadian Bacon, Large cup of coffee w/fat free creamer and 1 tbsp. Splenda








I will update my logs throughout the day! Have a good one!


Scruffy on 11/08/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

curvy shar on 11/13/2003:
Okay, so I'm a little behind in commenting on older entries...but WOOHOO!! Congrats on the weight loss AND the inches lost! Way to go!

I think my boobs are permanently depressed...they seem to like staring at the floor all day long...

srchng4sknny - Thursday Nov 06, 2003
(South Beach Diet)
Weight: 135.5

Hi all! I'm back! I'm so sorry that I abandoned all of you for so long! I think it's been about 3 weeks, but I feel like it's been forever! I survived my week away from my husband and son, but it totally threw me off of my routine, and I have yet to get back into it. But, despite my insconsistencies, I have still lost 4 pounds since I was last on here! I have been eating out less, and just eating less in general. I thought after Halloween, I would be up a few pounds, but somehow that didn't happen! I need to update my measurements and body fat percentage, but I have to buy a new tape measure, since my 3-year old ran off with mine!

I am going to be starting the South Beach Diet today. I swore to myself I wouldn't try another diet, but I happened upon this book, and it looks easy, convenient, effective, and most of all, it teaches you to make the right choices. So, I'm going shopping in a minute to get all of the food I need. My hubby is also trying hard to lose weight, so he's going to do it with me.

I promise I'm going to get caught up with all of you in the next couple of days. I have been lazy and unproductive, so I hope to get caught up with a lot of things over the next couple of days!

curvy shar on 11/06/2003:
I mentioned this to someone else, and will mention it to you, too - Try the cauliflower mashed potatoes! Even my 19-year-old likes that recipe. I never would have believed it till I tried it myself.

malh on 11/06/2003:
Congrats on the 4 pound weight loss. Ive heard alot about the South Beach Diet, keep us posted on your progress.

starlight on 11/06/2003:
Thank you for your comment today. I appreciate any input. I have to say though I disagree about the time you eat affecting weight loss. When I started trying to lose weight again about 2 months ago I didnt eat anything in the day time. I ate ALL my food at night. 1500 calories. And I lost 2 pounds per week for three weeks. I did that last year too and lost weight. So I dont think the time of day affects my actual weight loss. As far as cutting back to 1600 calories, I had originally been at 1500 calories and after not losing weight for a month decided to up my calories. 1800 calories for the amount of exercise I do should make me lose 2 lbs a week. BUT I only hoped for like a pound a week loss ya know? But I'm not getting even that. Any other person would have no problem losing at least a pound a week with the jogging I do and the 1800 calories. I honestly believe it is my metabolism. And as far as being on a plateau I dont think I am because come on, who hits a plateau after only losing 6 pounds? sigh....hopeless, not really but it feels like it ya know? I do appreciate your comments, but I told myself the only way I can do this is by going slow and its absolutely ridiculous that my body is not losing weight by eating 1800 calories. Even if I had a sedentary lifestlye, 1800 calories is enough to lose weight (slowly but enough) But I'd say I have an active lifestyle and I should be burning about 2790 calories a day. But I am really beginning to wonder again about my metabolism and my thyroid. I honestly believe I have a hypoactive thyroid. WOW....sorry I took up so much space commenting, but your comment really reminded me of how ridiculous it is that I am not losing. Sorry if I sounded mean, I just honestly dont agree with cutting my calories more. Thank you so much for the comment though. You are absolutely right that I need to eat more of my calories in the day. I have tried doing that the last 2 days and so far so good. Thanks again! Kim

squiggly on 11/06/2003:
You haven't been unproductive, you lost four pounds. i'm glad you survived your week. I am glad to hear that your hubby is going to do this with you.

Scruffy on 11/07/2003:
welcome back :-)

srchng4sknny - Friday Oct 17, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Okay, so I had my weigh-in this morning and I didn't lose anything, but I also kept from gaining! So, my worst fears are laid to rest! Okay, so not my worst fears, but pretty close! I told myself I wouldn't see 140 again, and so far I'm still okay! Now I'm even more motivated to lose some this week, because it sucks to not be able to change that number!

It's another cool morning, so I think I'll go ahead and take my walk instead of waiting until lunch time when it will be HOT again! Glad to see those of you who live in AZ are finally getting a little cooler weather, too.

I'm going to see a movie with my mom this afternoon, hopefully I can stick to just a diet soda again, no popcorn or candy. Then, I'm going to stay the night with my parents tonight out at the beach. It will be nice, but just another opportunity to slip up, so I'll have to be careful.

Is it just me, or are a number of us getting back on track this week? It seems like a bunch of us are coming out of a slump and getting our butts back in gear! Good for us!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

10/17/03 Food Log

Breakfast: Special K Red Berries w/ skim milk




10/17/03 Exercise Log



starlight on 10/17/2003:
I totally agree. It does seem everyone is one the same track right now, all of us trying harder than ever, and succeeding. Yeah for us! :) Kim

curvy shar on 10/17/2003:
Good for you! Whew! I know that's a relief to not have gained anything. It's HARD to go to the movie and not eat popcorn, I think. It took me a loooong time to not feel deprived when I went to a movie and didn't have a bucket o'fat and crunch! Now if I know I'm going to be hungry, I take one of my energy bars with me instead.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! You can do it!

ThinLee on 10/17/2003:
Keep it up! Not gaining is something to celebrate!

breakaway on 10/17/2003:
I have noticed that too. There are alot of us back on track and doing well! GOod luck at your parents house. I know how hard that can be. They always seem to offer all kinds of good food and you feel bad turning it down. Stay with us here, your doing so well!!

Soon2BThin on 10/18/2003:
If you were talking about Friends from this week, you didn't miss a thing, it was a repeat! The one where Ross and Rachel sing "Baby Got Back" to make the baby laugh. All the shows on NBC were repeats that night. If you meant last week, I can't even remember. Old age, ya know. Well, I hope you're having a good weekend.

srchng4sknny - Thursday Oct 16, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I'm pretty mad at myself because I'm pretty sure I won't see a loss. I might even see a small gain. I told myself I wouldn't see 140 again! I'm so mad that I have let myself waste an entire week, I have gotten away from the great consistency I had built up. The good news: I feel more rested than I have in 4 years! It has been so wonderful to be able to sleep! I can even tell in the way my face looks, not tired and puffy. I definitely understand what they mean by "beauty rest"! It really does wonders!

The weather is so beautiful here in Florida today! It got down in the 60's last night and I was able to turn off the air conditioning and open windows and doors. The fresh air is so wonderful and invigorating! This is my favorite time of year in Florida! It is absolutely gorgeous!

I'm about to put on my shorts and walking shoes and take Armani for a very long walk. I'm just going to walk until I don't want to walk anymore. Then, I'm going to come back and do my toning/strengthening tape. Then, I'm going to get a shower, eat a light lunch, and go meet my mom for coffee at Barnes and Noble. I have to get back on track. Maybe with a good day today, I won't see a gain tomorrow. I'll update my food and exercise logs throughout the day. Hope you all are doing well! Have a wonderful day!

10/16/03 Food Log

Breakfast: 1 bowl Special K Red Berries w/ skim milk

Lunch: Salad greens w/ Lite Raspberry Walnut dressing, 1 cup Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettucine Alfredo w/ Carrots, Broccoli, Fat Free Parmesan Cheese

Dinner: McDonald's Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

Snacks: 2 small Tootsie Rolls, small Mocha Frappacino w/ whipped cream

10/16/03 Exercise Log:

Cardio: 1 mile walk (11:30 am)-Time restraints kept me from doing more :0(

Toning: 30 minute toning/strengthening tape

BellaK on 10/16/2003:
Good Luck @ weigh-in tomorrow! But don't beat yourself up girl ~~ you have a lifetime to make up for the slip-ups, this is a lifestyle change afterall, right? :)

Take care, Bella

curvy shar on 10/16/2003:
Rest is good for you! You'll get back on track again. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just hit it again tomorrow.

Soon2BThin on 10/16/2003:
Hey, I'm right there with you. Why do we do so well for awhile, then mess it all up?! Let's get with it, okay? Starting right now! The weather is getting better here now too (Arizona) still pretty hot during the day, 90's, but cooler, in the 60's at night. Good luck to you!

breakaway on 10/17/2003:
From what I have been reading I would never expect to see a gain. I wish you lots of luck and you did a super job today!! Hang in there. GOod to see yoru getting rest and getting in that "beauty sleep"! Have a great day and hope you enjoyed barnes and Noble. I love that place!

srchng4sknny - Wednesday Oct 15, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Well, I never got back on here yesterday, but I just updated my food and exercise logs fory yesterday. It wasn't a great day, but I guess it could have been worse. Today is a new day, so I will try to do better. Yesterday, my sister took me to The Bubble Room on Captiva Island. Have any of you heard of this restaurant? It's such a neat place, it was "the place to be" for many years in the 30's and 40's, and many celebrities still go there today when they visit the area. Anyway, I had always heard it was pretty great, but never was able to go. She surprised me because she knew I wanted to fill my days so that I'm not sitting at home this week with nothing to do. I had the best meal (check out my food log for yesterday), even if it wasn't healthy at all! Oh well, I had a light dinner to try to make up for it a little. Today I'm paying for it, since I woke up feeling guilty and yucky for having 2 bad days in a row.

Today, I slept late, so I didn't actually go for a walk until 12:30, but I did get in 1 1/2 miles before I had to get back to the house for the delivery guys. I had my new couch delivered, which just about killed the delivery guys because it is a sleeper and I live on the third floor (no elevator). Oh well, that's what they get paid for! I have been "couchless" for a year and a half, so it's nice to have one again! I've got to head off to work, so I'll finish my food and exercise logs this evening. Hope you are all doing great! Sorry I haven't commented in a few days, but I'm planning on getting caught up tonight...

10/15/03 Food Log

Breakfast: None (I know how important breakfast is, not sure why I keep skipping it!)

Lunch: Coffee w/ fat free creamer and 1 tbsp. sugar, 2 cups Lean Cuisine Fettucine Alfredo w/ Carrots, Broccoli, and Chicken, 2 pieces of garlic bread made out of a hoagie roll

Dinner: 1 grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cup peas, 1 small potato, 1 slice frosted marble pound cake

Snacks: 2 Starburst candies, handful animal crackers

10/15/03 Exercise Log

Cardio: 1 1/2 mile walk (12:30 pm)


breakaway on 10/16/2003:
You may have had two bad day's but you STILL got out there for your walk and that is great!! Your on the right road! Hang in there!

curvy shar on 10/16/2003:
I'm glad you're finding things to keep yourself busy while DH and DS are out of town. I want to see that you ate breakfast today!! :-)

srchng4sknny - Tuesday Oct 14, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Yesterday was a disaster!!! I was at Staff Day all day, which is just a local conference for the library system, where they served a hot breakfast buffet, lots of yummies on breaks, and lunch w/ dessert. I made some really great choices up until about 2:00 (fruit for breakfast, no snacks at any of the morning breaks, no dessert at lunch), then I went berserk! I made the mistake of eating a couple bite size Hershey bars and kisses. That gave me a chocolate attack! I ate so much chocolate that I don't even want to see it today! That's a lot! I didn't eat any dinner, because I felt so guilty about all the calories I had already consumed! And, to make matters worse, I got no exercise at all! My poor dog didn't even get his walks!

Okay, that being said, I have decided not to let it set me back. I'm getting back on track today and I'm going to count yesterday as my day off for the week (usually Fridays). That way, I'll still be right where I'm supposed to be. I just have to get my butt going for the rest of the week! I got up to take a long walk this morning, but I only got 1/2 mile before my groin started hurting really bad. I don't know why, but I don't want to risk an injury, so I'm going to stretch real good later and try again. I'll update before I go to bed!

10/14/03 Food Log

Breakfast: None

Lunch: 1 Grilled Chicken Skewer (about 1 oz. of chicken) w/ Pinapple Relish (appetizer), HUGE Fried Grouper Sandwich w/ Lettuce (I'm serious, this thing was huge, and I ate every bite!), Diet Coke, White Christmas cake (about 5 bites)

Snacks: 2 Tootsie Rolls, about 5 more bites of White Christmas cake (then I threw the rest away so I wouldn't keep eating it!)

Dinner: Salad greens w/ raspberry walnut dressing, apple

10/14/03 Exercise Log

Cardio: 1/2 mile walk (9:00 am)

Toning: None

Scruffy on 10/15/2003:
Been there, done that. You are NOT alone :-)

srchng4sknny - Sunday Oct 12, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Good morning! I slept until 8:00! I got in a 1 1/2 mile walk with Armani (my dog), but that means I don't have much time for my entry this morning. I have to be at church at 9:45. Since I teach a middle school Sunday School class, I can't be late (although I usually am anyway!). Anyway, I'm going to start my food log and I'm going to start an exercise log, too, so that I can see what I did without having to read my whole entry! I know, I can be lengthy most of the time! I'll update later...Hope you all have a wonderful, healthy day!

Okay, I'm back! I was soooo late for church this morning! Oh well, they're used to it! I came home and ate a piece of pizza. Then, I threw it all up! (Sorry for being graphi!) I have no idea what happened, i feel fine now! Then I slept for 3 1/2 hours! Definitely can't do that when my son is home! Then I cleaned my kitchen, and started some laundry. I'm going to try to get more cleaning, a ton of homework, and another walk in this evening. Just wanted to check in and update my food log. I'll finish out my entry later this evening.

Okay, I'm here to finish for the day. I ate my sandwich for dinner, and felt a little sick again afterward. I was able to keep it down though! Hope I'm not coming down with something. Then, I took my dog for another 1 1/2 mile walk (Yeah me!) So, it was a pretty good day. Going to bed now. I have a long day tomorrow and I have to get up earlier than normal. Have a great night!

10/12/03 Food Log

Breakfast: Special K Red Berries w/ skim milk

Lunch: 1 slice of leftover pizza (4 cheese and pepperoni)

Snacks: 1 spoonful of reduced fat peanut butter

Dinner: Turkey Sandwich: Hoagie Roll (enriched flour, not good!), 3 slices of 98% fat free Jennie-O Mesquite turkey breast, lettuce, 1 Tbsp. Lite Raspberry Walnut dressing (Yum!)

10/12/03 Exercise Log

Cardio: 1 1/2 mile walk (8:00 am) 1 1/2 mile walk (7:15 pm) Toning: None

biscottibody59 on 10/12/2003:
So far, so good--have a great day! You're so very consistent--you'll get to your goal in no time!

BellaK on 10/12/2003:
I think EVERYBODY is having stomach problems today! Awww! :)

I gotta tell ya, I LOVE your dog's name: Armani - how fashionable! haha!

Take care -- Bella :)

breakaway on 10/13/2003:
Great exercise today!!! Sorry you were sick today, hope your feeling better! you have a great menu planned and you sure did a heck of a lot better then I did today! Have a great day!

starlight on 10/13/2003:
Way to go on the exercise! That sounds like so little food. How do you survuve on that? Kim

srchng4sknny - Saturday Oct 11, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Hi! I hope everyone is having a successful day! Well, DH and DS left this morning on their trip. We got up at 5:30 and finished loading up the car. I packed them some meals and snacks and sent them on their way! I did, however, send 3 thermoses of coffee and a lot of Mountain Dew for my hubby! That should keep him awake! I'm doing better than I expected, although I did have to cry it out a little this morning. After they left, I took my dog for a 2 1/2 mile walk and then I did my 30 minute strengthening/toning tape. I had breakfast with my parents, grandmother, and sister at Perkins. Although I totally wanted the Cinnamon Roll French Toast (if you have't tried this, you have to at least once in your life!), I actually ordered two poached eggs, two slices of whole wheat toast with no butter, an order of Canadian bacon, and a bowl of fruit (instead of hashbrowns). I thought I did pretty good! I only ate 2 out of the 3 slices of Canadian bacon. So, I had a real good morning! I'm going to the movies with my mom this afternoon, so the trick will be to not get any snacks. But I'm determined not to! I have to meet her soon, so I won't be able to make comments on your entries until this evening, but I just wanted to quickly get on here and write about my morning. I hope you are all having an excellent day!

10/11/2003 Food Log

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 1 1/2 slices of whole wheat toast w/ no butter, 2 slices Canadian bacon, about 10 grapes, glass of orange juice, 2 cups of coffee with creamer and sugar

Lunch: 1 slice of leftover pizza (4 cheese and pepperoni)

Snack: Large Diet Coke (at movie theater), 15 candy corn, 2 Hershey kisses

Dinner: Salad greens with 6 oz. grilled chicken, 1/2 oz. mild cheddar cheese, 1 Tbsp. Lite Raspberry Walnut dressing; 7 baby carrots; 1 kiwi fruit

I'm back! I just updated my food log and I wanted to quickly tell you all that I resisted temptation at the movie theater, only getting a diet coke. Yeah me! Then, when I got home, I felt guilty about the candy corn and the Hershey's kisses, so I went for another walk with my dog--1 1/2 miles--which makes 4 miles for the day. I'm proud of myself for that! And I had a real light, healthy dinner and lots of water. Overall, a very good day!

Also, if anyone was wondering, my DH and DS made it safely to his parents house in VA. It took them 16 hours, but they made it and they are safe and sound, which means I'll sleep well tonight! Thank you for all of your prayers for them!

Well, I'm going to bed. Talk to all again tomorrow! Have a great night!

biscottibody59 on 10/11/2003:
Looks like you're making good choices and getting some activity--good for you!

See ya' and keep up the good work!

breakaway on 10/12/2003:
I'm sure it will be really hard for you to get through this! I am very proud of you for getting in the exercise! Keep up the good work and will check out your entry tomorrow.

srchng4sknny - Friday Oct 10, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 139.5

Good morning! I just weighed in and I'm down 1.5 pounds! Yeah! It's not as much as I thought I would be down, but it's good! I'll take it! I was going to update my body fat % and my measurements, but I can't find my measuring tape, so maybe next week.

Today is my day off from exercise, so I slept until 8:15. That felt good, but I'm still tired. I'm going to spend my day packing my son's bag for his trip and I have to go get some food for them to take along. I'm going to take my son to McDonald's for lunch and then to the playground, and I might even take him to the pool this afternoon. I want to do some fun stuff with him before he leaves. I know I'll get through this, I just have to keep a positive attitude about it. I'm trying!

10/10/03 Food Log

Breakfast: Coffee w/ fat free creamer and 1 tbsp. sugar (I know I should eat breakfast, but I'm just not hungry this morning!)

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, diet coke (McDonald's)

Dinner: 2 Garlic Rolls, 1 1/2 slices of 4 Cheese and Pepperoni pizza, diet coke

Okay, so I had too much soda today (but it is diet!) and too many carbs for dinner. Last week, though, I had 3 rolls on pizza night. Maybe next week I'll only have one! I didn't snack at all today, so that's a real positive!

I will continue to update this food log for the rest of the day. I promised myself I would write down everything that goes into my mouth!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and are able to make the good, healthy choices!

BellaK on 10/10/2003:
Congratulations on your loss!!!!!!! Way to go!! Bella :o)

pollyanna005 on 10/10/2003:
Congrats on the weight loss!

breakaway on 10/10/2003:
Shame on both of us today, I didn't eat breakfast either :/ I wasn't hungry for it either. I only had water. Your did great at McDonalds!! WOW,only a salad is very impressive. I am eating soup for lunch. I will check on your entry later I want to see how your day goes. Have a great day and enjoy that cute boy of yours!!

srchng4sknny - Thursday Oct 09, 2003
(Consistent exercise, healthier food choices)
Weight: 141.0

Thank you so much for your comments of support and prayers for my husband and son. I know that a lot of you probably think I'm overreacting (my parents do!), but for three years, my whole day has been filled with taking care of my son. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself with all this free time! I'm trying to have a good frame of mind about it, like it will be a vacation for myself, too. I can go to the beach, the movies, the library, lunch, all the things I can't normally do. I'm just going to try to fill my days up with stuff so that I'm not sitting here alone!

I ate very well yesterday, but I never got around to the ab tape and the 1/2 mile walk with my dog. I want to start adding that 1/2 mile walk every night, but I've been so tired after work, I just want to come home and crash. However, next week I'll be forced to take him since my hubby won't be here to do it, so that will be a good thing. Maybe I can get myself in that habit while they're gone. I'm going to start writing down everything that I eat, mainly so I can look back and see where my problems are. I have to committ to writing down EVERYTHING! Even if it's really bad!

This morning I got up at 6:00 and went for my 1 1/2 mile walk. Then, I came home and did my ab tape right away, before I could put it off and not end up doing it. Tomorrow is my day off from exercise, so I'll probably feel pretty crappy by the end of the day. But, I know how important it is for me to give myself a day off so that I don't burn out.

10/8/03 Food Log

Breakfast: Special K Red Berries w/ Skim Milk, Coffee w/ Fat Free Creamer and Sugar

Lunch: Spoonful of Reduced Fat Peanut Butter, Handful of Goldfish Crackers, about 1 oz. mild cheddar cheese (what kind of lunch was that?)

Dinner: Vegetable Stir Fry w/ Brown Rice and Low Sodium Soy Sauce, Apple Sauce

Snack: 2 Fruit Lifesavers

10/9/03 Food Log

Breakfast: Special K Red Berries w/skim milk, Coffee w/ Fat Free Creamer and 1 Tbsp. Sugar

Lunch: Reduced Fat Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich on 2 slices of Honey Multi-Grain Bread (Yummy!), about 10 Goldfish crackers

Snack: 4 Pretzel sticks with a little icing on them off of a Gingerbread house (Huh? What made me do that?)

Dinner: Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, 2 slices garlic bread

Have a wonderful day and I hope you all make great healthy choices to day!

curvy shar on 10/09/2003:
Writing down everything you eat is a great way to really track what's going into your mouth every day. It's surprising sometimes! It also helps to write down how you felt when you ate. Maybe you don't have the emotional connection to food, but I found that when I was bored, I would head to the refrigerator.

It is weird being in an empty house when you're used to lots of activity. But use this time for YOU.

legcramp on 10/09/2003:
I keep a notebook beside me at all times, whether i'm at work or not, and i write in it everything i eat, everything i do for exercise, and if i'm feeling hungry and at what time of the day i am hungry. It's a good monitoring tool so that in the future i'll know to keep myself busy at around 3 in the afternoon because otherwise i'll eat!!

Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the great work!

phocust on 10/09/2003:
Hi ~

You probably already know about this site, but everyday I log onto www.fitday.com and type in what I am eating that day. It gives me the calories, carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, etc. for EVERY food you can think of. You can even create a "customized" food if they don't have your Special K w/ red berries cereal. It is a wonderful wonderful site. I'm a die-hard fan!

Have a great week, stay busy, and think of how cool it would be to have your husband come home and think you've gotten in even better shape than when he left! :)

squiggly on 10/09/2003:
You can email me anytime you want to. I love to talk to people. I love receiving mail. I know you'll make it through.

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