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trishpiglet3 - Saturday Oct 22, 2016
(DIY regular and healthy)
Weight: 168.7

This evening I went through my cupboards and looked to see what had the lowest -> highest salt, sugar and fat. Also when things go out of date because I want to not waste things.  Am still ILL but going to restart writing my food down tomorrow.

Love and peace to all of you xx

Progress as of today: 1.9 lbs lost so far, only 21.7 lbs to go!

trishpiglet3 - Friday Oct 21, 2016
(DIY regular and healthy)
Weight: 168.7

This week I've been unwell - gum infection (improving thanks to the miracle of Flagyl and Amoxycillin cocktail) then a bad cold.  My healthy eating has been on the backburner along with my low energy but today I'm trying to get back on track with it.  I thought I could do with some food inspiration so, instead of going to a major supermarket, I went to Damas Gate market which is across the road from the Doctor's Surgery where I have my Friday evening clinic.  

Consider me inspired! Look at all that fruit and veg out in front!
(yeah I know, traffic rolling past it, but that's London - I love that we have greengrocer shops and other alternatives to big name supermarkets but none of them are next to lovely rolling fields and the places in the UK that have lovely rolling fields are not doing so well financially and just have a newsagent that's also a post office and sells tins of things but shuts at 4pm)

Tonight for dinner I had red pepper and butternut squash soup, lentil koftas and fava bean salad - all of it home-made. Feel like I'm on the Vegiterranean diet!     Bag of groceries for £3.16 too (almost exactly the same amount as dollars, thank you Brexit) and lovely lady who served me in the shop gently explained the difference between parsley and coriander so I knew how to pick the right one next time (and sent her colleague to swap the parsley I'd picked up for the coriander I wanted).

I offered Mr Trish a taste of everything I made and he went 'mmmm' at each thing but then, to my 'would you like some?' it was 'no thanks'.  More for me.

Big love and Happy Friday everyone! xxx

Edit: Sorry, just checked the receipt - £3:17

Edit2: I've just found out the Vegiterranean Diet is an actual thing - it's not what I'm doing though, I was just playing with words

Progress as of today: 1.9 lbs lost so far, only 21.7 lbs to go!

trishpiglet3 - Tuesday Oct 18, 2016
(DIY regular and healthy)
Weight: 168.7

People. I weighed myself and my arrow moved. A bit.

It so very nearly moved the wrong way because I didn't read which box was for current weight and which box was for start weight.

I should go because I am meant to be working.  I am masses privileged to have a job where, aside from turning up at my clinics and turning up when I'm training people, I get to choose when I do my work and where I am when I do it.  However... work still needs to be done. <- Mainly I am saying this so you don't picture me being a naughty person working in an office and sneakily writing on this site while ignoring work I need to be doing now...  Great. Now I sound judgemental of people who take breaks to look at the internet at work! (Special smiley hello to anyone who is doing that today)

At my old job we were allowed to look at the internet whenever we wished - if the internet went down, productivity went up.  Rumour has it that this rule was brought in after someone walked into the office of the head of the service and found him engrossed in Anna Kournikova's fan page.  This didn't apply to me because, towards the end of working there, I always had more work than it was humanly possible to do so I ran away to join the stop smoking service on account of I'm not athletic enough for the circus.

Big love to all of you and hope it's going well.  xxx

Progress as of today: 1.9 lbs lost so far, only 21.7 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 10/18/2016:
Congratulations on the loss! I laughed out loud at your post! Thanks for the humor! I always worked where it was OK to look briefly on breaks and my last job was too massively stressful so I retired (for now) - but I am going to keep the circus in mind!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/18/2016:
Congrats on the arrow's movement...all your doing, so be proud!

I have an office job also & most of the time I write comments during the work week, I'm also writing here while mostly at work! Nice break from work...

i think it's fine to relax a bit at work, use the mind to write here & make comments too!

Lots of love to you too & continued progress.

trishpiglet3 - Saturday Oct 15, 2016
(DIY regular and healthy)
Weight: 168.7

Hello lovely people!  

I''m calling my diet 'DIY (do-it-yourself) regular and healthy and that's what I''m going to aim for to start out with. I'm going to aim to cook from scratch as much as possible also waste as little as possible in order to save some cash on food bills (I think we'll all get along loads better on here if I don't talk about politics but I'm in the UK and yeah, that).  I'm going to start writing down what I eat here so I can keep a check on it.

My friend on Facebook informs me that meals eaten between after 10am on a weekend but which are the first meal of the day are called 'Brunch'.

Celery and tomato soup - home made (last night) - it tasted nicer than I expected, especially for not having very many ingredients.  I left the seeds in the tomatoes.
Olive tofu (this is tofu with olives in and is way nice), popped Amaranth and carrot sticks - I threw all of these into the soup for extra goodness

I did jump on the scales before eating this and NO difference. How my jeans fit when they didn't used to is beyond me - it could be that they didn't fit previously due to the expanding wonders of menstruation

Early evening thing
I had forgotten that tonight was the night for going out with a group of friends who we see only once a year and all go out to dinner together.  We came back from a long, healthy walk and our friends were waiting outside our door.  We went to Wimpy burger and all the veggie options had dairy in so I had scampi and chips which is terrible it's like mass murder, at least with fish and chips you've only killed one thing.
I couldn't eat more than a bit of it, it was just not nice. Couldn't get it down so pushed it around my plate and just ate the salad around it

Came home and hubby made me a vegan cheese and pickle sandwich which I'm eating now.

Hoping tomorrow goes better. Fully intending to have my banana and soya milk thing before I go to bed though, and I like that


Progress as of today: 1.9 lbs lost so far, only 21.7 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/15/2016:
Sound good that soup. Have a great day.

trishpiglet3 on 10/15/2016:
Thank you!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2016:
wow all kinds of goodness in the food department. wishing you a great day.

trishpiglet3 on 10/15/2016:
Thank you! Things went awry a bit later on ... about to write up why x

hollybelle on 10/17/2016:
I have a great recipe for tomato celery soup! From an historic restaurant. Hope you had a good day!

trishpiglet3 on 10/18/2016:
Alas the day ended with me having a panic attack, which happens sometimes - think I was overwhelmed. Shaky on Sunday but improved over Monday :)

I bet that historic restaurant recipe is awesome and lots better than mine (not just because I made mine up as I went along) xx

trishpiglet3 - Wednesday Oct 12, 2016
(Not sure yet - working it out)
Weight: 170.6

Hello people!

I haven't weighed myself yet - I read somewhere weigh every 2 weeks (or was it a month?) and we're a day or so short of that so I'll report back in a bit.  I don't think I'll have lost much weight yet because I've been eating a bit more carefully but not started exercising.  My jeans are less tight - that's a plus.

Yesterday, among my group of training attendees, there was an Exercise Therapist who works at the local hospital.  We were talking through ways to help clients cope with cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms and pretty much his answer to every thing was EXERCISE.  It helps you sleep, it calms you down, it speeds up your metabolism,it speeds up the rate at which nicotine leaves the body, it's protective against depression, it reduces anxiety.  As my lovely American husband would probably say... "I'd better get me some of that there exercise!".  I have no excuses.  Lazy isn't an excuse really is it.

I've been trying to eat more healthily, making gradual changes.  My sister has given up eating crisps (potato chips) in the run up to Christmas.  She says Christmas can be 'Crispsmass' this year... it's less funny if I say chips.  And I'm English/British so I say things like crisps, jam, through, thorough, though and tough and also my mum's voicemail message begins "Good Day to you!"

It's getting a bit late here so I will leave you with the thing I am doing to wean myself off sugar.  Instead of cakes and sweets and chocolate and things...

  • Take a banana - one where the skin is brown and spotty because that means it's ripe
  • Put it in a blender
  • Add cocoa powder - the regular stuff is fine or you can be posh and use expensive raw cacao which is the same thing spelled differently and costing 5 times as much yay!
  • Add milk (I use soya milk because of dairy allergy and also because I like it)
  • Add a drop of vanilla essence OR some real vanilla - either of which give a special yum smell
  • Blend
  • Drink up! (ice cube optional)

Not eating crisps is something I actually find harder.  I think they are made to be as addictive as possible.  The other night I was so desperate for crisps that I tried to make my own in the oven.  This did not go well.

Another source of joy over the past few days though has been my root vegetable soup I made and which is now all gone.  Soups are things of awesome!   I've got a can of creamed corn in the cupboard and keep meaning to make corn soup.  I'm learning that filling up is no problem - what you fill up on is quite important though.

Big love to all of you and hope it's going well xxx

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 23.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 10/12/2016:
Sounds like you are doing OK. Your sweet substiture drink sounds good. A little choc banana treat.

grannyannie on 10/13/2016:
Your drink sounds a lot like one I've made before: called a skinny shake. Banana, vanilla, almond milk, cocoa, Stevia, crushed ice - blend. Makes a nice shake!

Agree that crisps are very, very addictive.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/13/2016:
i also agree that chips are addictive. Although, I include them in my diet quite regularly (usually instead of bread...i think to myself - "what's so bad about chips - it's just oil & potato). so i eat them pretty often with meals. i try for a brand that is pretty low cal so i can eat a lot of them. usually 1-2 servings and that is it.

trishpiglet3 on 10/15/2016:
Hadn't thought of switching brands! Good idea x

grannyannie on 10/13/2016:
When I buy them I always buy single serve instead of a big bag.

trishpiglet3 on 10/15/2016:
Mr Trish knows my favourite ones and they usually only come in a multipack. Single serve much better idea! I'm going to try to keep to the Crisp/Chip- abstinence for the moment and if I can be like the person who occasionally has a handful at a party but who otherwise isn't bothered by them then I'll be a happy Trish indeed.

trishpiglet3 - Saturday Oct 01, 2016
(Not sure yet - working it out)
Weight: 170.6

And hello again.

So, happily married me, now with an American husband telling me every day that I look beautful (I want to clone him so more people can have a copy now that I'm no longer polyamorous and can't lend him out), who is succeeding at my work, who is learning to deal with anxiety, who is happy with life .... has put on 40lbs since last we spoke.  The also now 7 years older me doesn't care so much about what that *looks* like but cares more about carrying on being alive so I can enjoy my life and future.  I tried a calorie counting site but I'm too busy to be weighing everything and found it hard to keep it up.  Whereas I remembered all the fantastically supportive and helpful people on here and how writing stuff down got it processed and helped me to get healthier.  So I'm back and going to glance just once at whatever graph or graphic they put in to show that 40lb weight gain, then look forwards.

I'm not so used to the lbs thing.  I think it's because we tend to do kilos now in the UK.  Maybe it caught on because 'pounds' is also our currency.
"I've gained forty pounds(£)"
"Fantastic! It"s your round!*"

- *translation "The drinks are on you"

I've put, for 'current diet' that I'm not yet sure and still working it out. I'm here to learn, people. I'll be reading your diaries to see what's working for you and I'll be open to your comments and thoughts.  There are some diets that aren't feasible for me to do or things I can't eat for health reasons so we have to rule them out and also some things I would prefer not to do - as follows:

  • I am allergic to dairy - that said I have a Roquefort addiction even though it makes me ill and even though I've had food poisoning from it ...twice. I think I have to say byebyes to the Roquefort *wailing now*.  I do like vegan cheeses, which according to the internet is now called 'Gary' for some reason, and am exploring making my own (e.g. cashew cheese). I may be the only human alive who likes them but so be it, more for me
  • I have a circulatory disease called Raynauds. If I eat low-carb then the symptoms worsen ... a lot. I don't want to hear how low carb is actually the cure for Raynauds and how I should be eating low carb but taking supplement X, taking calcium channel blockers or cleaning my aura.  Really, really not so please, if you were going to, don't. Anyone who does will be pointed back here to where I said this... end of. (Currently eating homemade wholewheat sugar-free bread roll just out of the oven with home made cashew cheese and a sliver of onion which was made by nature/the planet/your chosen deity - please don't take this sheer joy from me!)
  • I'm having a go at being vegetarian (about a month now) and have not yet died as a result. If I get ill or find I'm missing anything major then I will, of course, take appropriate eating action.  I think my body prefers being veggie - I was veggie for *counts* over 20 years before I started eating meat again in response to the low iron levels I got from eating hardly anything ever because I was really stressed one time.  Am I allowed to be blunt about something? I'll whisper it ... I find it easier to poop as a vegetarian.  It might be to do with vegetables having fibre, which you may spell fiber if you want.   What's that? You're supposed to eat vegetables as well if you eat meat? Yeah, I know. I probably didn't eat enough of them. Thanks. Shall we stop whispering now?
  • I have to start off exercising slowly because of the asthma fairy.  That's just start off slow, I can build up to doing quite a lot.  I forgot this recently and went from zero to half an hour of aerobics... not a good result.
  • Preference for real food over sachets of gunk.  If I wouldn't feed it to a toddler, a hungry person I cared about or to a beloved pet, I don't think it should be going into me.  Not wishing to be down on powdered and reconstituted solutions of pink gunk for other people who want to use them but not for me.

I'm actually very lucky in that my workplace (I don't know if I'm allowed to plug it) now runs a cardiovascular disease prevention programme as well as the stop smoking service.  I'm eligible for the programme but .... it would be my (new) colleagues supervising my exercising and healthy eating in an official way and that's too weird and too much pressure.  However a few of them have very kindly said they'll be happy to check in with me and answer questions about healthy eating and exercising.  So very kind!  I can pay them in home made cookies... they jog and eat celery and stuff so they're allowed.

Ok so let's plug and we'll see if diet diaries tells me off.  Below is a poster with ME on it (the person facing the camera with a skewiffy collar).  I want to look better on the next poster.  (I can't remember how to make images smaller on this thing, bear with me)

Catch you all later! And good luck with your own healthy eatings and exercisings xxx
p.s. please don't ring me at work just to say hi ... I'm hardly ever in the office and it will annoy the support team


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 23.63 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/01/2016:
Hey Trish, I'm an American married to a Scot and live in the UK. I had to get used to using stone for weight, but don't like it at all. Definitely won't use kilos. I've changed my scale to pounds as that is what I'm used to.

Good luck!

trishpiglet3 on 10/01/2016:
Thank you! :) Amd hello to you fellow UK-dwelling person x

I will have a look to see if my scale can be changed to pounds as it will be easier than working it out every time I want to input onto this site :)

Your exercising looks impressive More power to you :D

puddles on 10/01/2016:
Welcome good to have you on the site. Good luck on your journey and all your life changing habits.

trishpiglet3 on 10/01/2016:
Thank you! I hope I'll be as successful as you :) Your DD speedometer shows awesomeness and winning and mine shows I haven't left the starting line yet

Donkey on 10/01/2016:
Your picture is adorable :-) I look forward to reading more of your posts!

trishpiglet3 on 10/01/2016:
Thank you! Looking forward to reading (more of) yours too.

One of the occupational hazards of my job is that you never really get any warning of being used on promotional materials. My team manager told me one time he was standing waiting for the train at the tube station, happened to turn around and was suddenly face-to-face with his own head on a poster. :)

My hair is a lot longer than that now.

hollybelle on 10/01/2016:
Welcome back to DDs. I am recently back, myself. Sounds like a good plan. I am just doing what I can for now and not posting food, but I may later on.

trishpiglet3 on 10/02/2016:
Good luck with it :) and welcome bacm to you too xx

Today's challenge is that I'm baking a load of cookies for other people (my trainees - it's cheaper than buying them snacks) and I want to avoid eating them myself

But yeah, I may not post food just yet either - maybe later on when I've got the food regularity and healthy a bit more sorted xx

Horn_of_plenty on 10/04/2016:
Hello & welcome. you sound like a really smart lady & i have NO idea what your name was before on here...but it wasn't the one you have now because it's definitely sounding NEW to me! OMG welcome back though. So nice to read some new words & inspirational posts such as this one...

Never heard of cashew cheese. Sounds tasty and healthy. I will stay away though as cheese is high calorie and so are cashews so it sounds a bit too rich for me to start delving into a new calorie trap that tastes too good for me to stop! LOL...

You speak of not being able to or want to eat very low carb - me too. These days, I have noticed plenty how the carbs generally tend to make me feel better. Except when i'm eating bananas at breakfast...they do make me feel good, but if i eat one, i am definitely hungry from a blood sugar drop just a couple hours later. Even if i eat the banana with protein and fat, no good....so i tend to have tea or an energy drink at the point when i'm at work...yeah.

I agree that being a vegetarian can definitely help you poop more if you are including the beans / whole grains / veggies in a healthy way, YES. I would like to be a veg, but i tend to get too hungry & do miss meat a lot here and there (chicken I am counting as meat when i say meat)...when i'm going about on a higher carb week, I crave real meat...so yeah for me i cannot do veg, but i know plenty of people that are veg and vegan. I know it can be a very healthy way. but, meat is not the worst. A tip from me - i do eat much more veggies...than most other food groups at meals and i have learned to be very satisfied with very small portions of meat. Only rarely do i eat a large portion...

You have a very healthy approach eating real foods. Welcome to the site again!

trishpiglet3 on 10/08/2016:
Hello lovely. I started off as trishpiglet. Then trishpiglet2 and now trishpiglet3. I was posting in 2010 as trishpiglet3 :)

Seen your name on here but this is the first time I think I've had a comment from you and I feel happily honoured :D Thank you for saying lovely things xx

No judgement whatsoever from me on anyone's food choices. Small amounts of protein and lots of veggies yay!

Big thanks for your welcome :)

trishpiglet3 - Saturday Jun 06, 2015

Weight: 136.9

I'm posting on here I guess for completion and just in case any of the lovely people I spoke to on here before remember me. Took me a few goes to remember my password - I recall I kept on forgetting it before hence trishpiglet3 after 1 and 2!

Ignore the weight it says on this post, I don't know what I weigh now but I'm healthy

I was getting gastric reflux and losing weight dramatically last time we spoke. I now know it was stress-induced also that I have PTSD. Much therapy later and having got married to a lovely American guy, I don't get reflux although I'm still working on having the healthiest diet I can

I train other people to do the job I do now and I love it.

I wanted to come on here to say THANK YOU for people's care and concern. It wasn't that I was celiac (gluten-intolerant) and all of those blood tests showed nothing. It was having to cope with being on the edge of my seat all of the time and being in an environment that made that worse, rather than easier, although that's not the fault of anyone who was around me and I don't lay any blame.

What I do know clearly is that, at what was supposed to be an ideal weight for me, I looked skinny, I looked ill. I got scared to put anything in my mouth because my body had started to reject it - my body was beginning to say 'Things are NOT OK in your life - listen up!'. And coming from me, a science-loving sceptic, that's a fairly big message to take home. What looks like disease sometimes can be due to dis-ease.

I'm enjoying life, even with anxiety as my occasional co-pilot. I played table tennis (ping pong) with my husband today - I can't say who won because we don't know the rules. I ate home-made mini pastries made with lucuma and glazed with agave instead of regular sugar. We went to the store and bought flat peaches. We stopped at the bus stop to cuddle. It's 3am here and we're only just about to go to bed because we're terrible at getting to sleep on time.

I hope all of you achieve what you want for yourselves and I leave you with much love and good thoughts xxxxx

Progress as of today: 23.1 lbs lost so far, only -3.1 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 06/07/2015:
Welcome back! I hope the stress doesn't overwhelm you again. Congrats on your marriage!

Umpqua on 06/08/2015:
Congratulations to you, it sounds like you've reprioritized a lot of things in your life and are focusing on what is most important to you!

liza36 on 06/08/2015:
Glad you are back!

trishpiglet3 - Monday Aug 30, 2010

Weight: 136.9

Have had another round of blood tests and I should know results by Wednesday or Thursday. 

Currently looking at calories on meals and snacks to make sure they have lots rather than to make sure they have few.

I had been having hyperventilating problems and getting very anxious but I went to an event at the weekend where lots of my friends were and I had so many hugs it felt really healing and I managed to stay and be calm.  Feeling wierd is not dangerous :) I'll keep going.

Sunny public holiday here today so me and Mr Trish are going for a picnic which I better go make food for now.

Love to all here xxx

ETA: I think my weight is stablising around 62-63 kilos; it doesn't seem to be dropping as quickly and I see I've put some on since last time.  All good.

Progress as of today: 23.1 lbs lost so far, only -3.1 lbs to go!

trishpiglet3 - Sunday Jul 25, 2010

Weight: 135.0

Hi all

Apologies for absence.  My healthy eating and exercise was going really well but now I have another problem.  Gastric Reflux! Argh.  I may have mentioned I had it a bit before. 

I saw a doctor yesterday and got given PPIs to help manage.  Currently averaging about 750cals a day and not sleeping as it's been so bad.  Think I got side effects from the PPIs but they're currently preferable to the reflux.  No longer burning pain in my chest.  Food not doing an amazing job of staying put still though and (apologies for TMI) I still sick up into my mouth a bit right after every time I eat - except it doesn't taste acidic any more.

I may now be the only person on Diet Diaries trying not to lose weight!  Any helpful suggestions welcomed.

Lots of love


Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 07/25/2010:
ahh Trish I'm sorry for this... Terrible. Diet is not only to lose weight.. there are many sorts of diet! I wonder how would that be, one day a thin thin girl would appear here and start writing about huge amounts of kcal and even then not gaining a single pound.. everybody would go mad! :D But this doctor yesterday said nothing about foods, diet, etc.? I heard prunes helped...

Moody3 on 07/25/2010:
Wow, sorry to hear bout that~I can't imagine what it must be like dealing with that on a constant basis~I hope you get better very soon~

WI3 on 07/25/2010:
Have they ever checked into celiac or gluten intolerance? I had HORRIBLE reflux until I went gluten free...the flip side of my gluten intolerance was that I GAINED a lot of weight due to fluid retention, and of course my constant roller coaster with thyroid disease/cancer. Ever since I stopped eating gluten..the reflux has totally gone. And some of the medicines I was taking for the reflux were actually hurting me because they had gluten fillers in them. If you are going to get tested for gluten intolerance, don't change the way you eat until they do the test so that they get the right markers from the bloodwork. If you are losing weight despite eating enough, it is worth it to get tested. Gluten intolerance is nothing to mess with! Good luck!

V on 07/25/2010:
I hope your condition doesn't cause you any pain :( Please take care!

trishpiglet3 - Wednesday Mar 10, 2010

Weight: 143.0


This is how slowly the weight is coming off me

Still eating healthily and exercising

Am getting there!

Thanks to all of you for your support xx

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

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