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trishpiglet3 - Friday Mar 05, 2010

Weight: 144.0

I last wrote here about a month ago and my weight has fluctuated by less than a kilo either way over the month and remained about the same.  I'm a few pounds short of my goal and yet not sure how to get there.  Also now not sure whether it's possible to get there by eating healthily and exercising.  My BMI is 25.4 - how bad is that? Should I just get used to being this weight?  Or will I succumb to all sorts of deadly illness later in life because I didn't go in the healthy zone that starts when your BMI hits under 25?

Any thoughts welcome. 

Of course I don't  like my body today, which plays devil's advocate to the thoughts above!

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

geevee on 03/05/2010:
The low 140's is a tricky area for me too. I had almost despaired of ever breaking 142 but today I did. So, don't give uup. It IS possible.

trishpiglet3 - Sunday Feb 07, 2010

Weight: 144.0

Still here.

Still eating healthily and exercising.

My weight fell off when I was ill but has been relatively stable since and this is good.

If I get to my goal weight I want it to be s-l-o-w-l-y

Sorry to have not posted anything in a while

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

chidogs on 02/07/2010:
Close to goal, you go!

trishpiglet3 - Sunday Jan 17, 2010

Weight: 149.0

Hi All and Happy New Year

Have been ill since Dec 26th with cold then chest infection and this is reason for weight loss.  I wrote a longer diary entry but pressed cancel instead of submit because I'm dozy today.  Now working on ways to build up strength because I think I'm getting better.  If my weight goes up by next time I post then this isn't necessarily a bad thing

Love to all xxx

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

panda22 on 01/17/2010:
Hello there, hope you are feeling much better! Have a great day!

legcramps on 01/18/2010:
I've cancelled my entries so many times, and I hate trying to remember all that i've already written. It's so frustrating! Have a good one today :)

trishpiglet3 - Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Weight: 155.2

Yesterday we had a guest for dinner so I knew I wouldn't have time to exercise in the evening.  I walked for an hour at lunchtime instead (with a purpose - delivering some stop smoking leaflets to the gender clinic which is half an hour's walk away; my psychologist friend works there so I got to see where she works)

This morning I did half an hour on the WiiFit+, watched by our guest (she stayed over) who was fascinated by it.  Is my breathing better?  Too early to tell for sure.  Mr Trish claims to have noticed a reduction in my size but I think it's too early for that and suspect this may be his way of being encouraging of me exercising.

Tough session today at work.  In the course of telling me about their smoking, people tell me about their lives.  Sometimes what they say is heart-wrenching and makes me, in addition to being extra-determined to support them to quit, grateful for all I have.

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 15.2 lbs to go!

trishpiglet3 - Monday Nov 23, 2009

Weight: 155.2

Today I walked up the escalator at the tube (subway) station because it was broken and being used as a fixed stairway.  I did this accidentally; there was another one next to it which was working fine but once I was on it I was on it.  It took what seemed a long time to walk up and at the top I was quite out of breath.  This underlines the need for me to work out.

Today's exercise: half an hour of Wii Fit+ all aerobic exercises.  Enough to raise my heart rate and kick in some endorphins.  Aerobics is what I need to do most of to help my circulatory problems (Raynauds) and asthma.

I'll be posting this to my Livejournal as well, so apologies for repetition in the unlikely event that anyone is reading me in both places.

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 15.2 lbs to go!

trishpiglet3 - Saturday Nov 21, 2009

Weight: 155.2

I have a fairly clear idea about what I want to do, exercise-wise, but need to fit it into my schedule.  I also need to fit meals into my schedule.  I'm fighting not having much time and having laziness. 

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays I start work at 9:30ish and end at 5:30ish

Wednesdays and Thursdays I start at 11ish and end at 7ish

It takes around an hour for me to travel into work and an hour back

I can take breaks when I like but I need to work a 37-hour week.  I generally end up working a bit more than that, grabbing very quick breaks to eat and staying late (I'm never in early except occasionally on Wed & Thurs because I'm rubbish at getting going in the  morning)

I need to eat last food 4 hours before I go to bed.  I'm usually in bed by 12 (I find I need about 7 hours in bed, this includes time to get to sleep).

I work out at home; the plan has been to do it when I get home from work M,Tu,F and in the mornings on W&Th but I've not been keeping up

If I bring in my mat or buy a separate one I can use the upstairs meeting area to do Pilates at work; 2 colleagues, both yoga teachers, do yoga up there already.

I'll work on a schedule over the weekend and try it out from Monday.  Now off to do some WiiFit+

Love and good luck wished to all

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 15.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/21/2009:
enjoy your exercise! you sound busy!

trishpiglet3 - Monday Nov 16, 2009

Weight: 155.2

Back after a long break.  I'll write more later; this just a quick update.

My diet has changed significantly while I've been away - not for weight loss reasons but for health reasons.  I was getting gastric reflux and now am no longer allowed oranges, chocolate, tomatoes, fried food or to eat 4 hours before I go to bed.

I've stopped being strictly vegetarian and am eating oily fish for the omega 3; it was me or the fish. I think it has helped my asthma to improve quite a lot.

I haven't been regularly exercising or monitoring my weight and haven't lost any particularly (a few pounds maybe).  I'll write some more later as have to go to work now.

Back soon xx

ETA: Still got it at 41!... unfortunately I'm also talking about the belly fat

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 15.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/16/2009:
wow! you are 41!!! you look 20 years younger in that picture! :-) that's a good compliment...

PLEASE make that stir fry! it's tasty and VERY filling. you'll get satisfied easily with it.

selina on 11/18/2009:
You look great!

trishpiglet3 - Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

Weight: 157.0

Vegan-friendly pasty from the
West Cornwall Pasty Company - impressive website and the pasty tasted lovely.  2 vegan lemon biscuits.
Evening: (went to event at my previous workplace) Handful of snacks, 1 glass of wine (then came home and ate the far more sensible...) brown rice, tomatoes, cucumber, soya yogurt and nutritional yeast flakes - apparently what I like to eat most is 'strange'.

Today, annoyed by the fact that there's a lot of tasty junk food around the office which I can't eat, I went out (on a mission!) and bought dairy-free equivalents that I can eat.  I just need to do so sparingly and making sure I just eat a little thing as part of lunch if I'm still hungry rather than scoffing lots.  I have lemon biscuits, mince pies, desserts (mocha flavour - whatever that is) and finally, for very occasional use only, dairy-free chocolate

I will be cautious!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 12/17/2008:
LOL that is funny about eating "strange" foods! And enjoy your dairy-free treats! Cheers.

trishpiglet3 - Monday Dec 15, 2008

Weight: 157.0

To make sure I'm not in any danger of going on the 'eat as little as possible' diet, which I'm sure many of you know is a bad move, I'm going to make an effort to eat breakfast on weekdays.  A while back I was trying to do just fruit for breakfast but I have Raynauds and it's winter - I need good carbs!

Today's Eating
organic crispy coconut crunch, wholemeal bread with soya spread and marmite (high in salt but has vitamin B12, which I need to make sure I get because I don't eat meat [choice] or dairy [triggers my asthma - I'm allowed goat and sheep dairy but soya cheese and milk tastes nicer and keeps longer etc.  this could turn into a rant])
Lunch: Vegan sandwich from the shop (smoked tofu and chilli jam)
Evening: 1 poppadom (see the self control), 2 mini samosas and 2 mini bhajis (see the self control GO), home-made vegetable jhalfrezi and home-made vegetable dhal, brown rice - cooking for guests hence showy food

Today's Exercise
back exercises
No other exercise because we were entertaining - BOO!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 12/15/2008:
Good idea trying to eat a healthy breakfast...I always have a hard time with that because I'm never hungry in the morning and I don't really like "breakfast" food. Anyway, I hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

trishpiglet3 on 12/15/2008:
I am having a good one, thanks We've had our American friends T and J round to play Guitar Hero I mostly did cooking because I like cooking and I don't like Guitar Hero but their company was fun Hope Monday been nice to you too - I don't know if I'm behind or ahead with the time zone x

trishpiglet3 - Sunday Dec 14, 2008

Weight: 157.0

Tomorrow I'm going to try incorporating these back exercises into my routine.  I'm getting a lot of lower back pain and, although doing Pilates helps, I think doing exercises that just focus on my back might be beneficial.  I'll report back if they're any use.

Today's Exercise
Half an hour on the Wii Fit - I started off with yoga and muscle workouts because my back's been hurting then did aerobics.  Also painting the woodwork in the hall today with Mr Trish

Today's Eating
Vegan sausage, tomato and red pepper sandwich
Evening: Home-made soup (butternut squash, carrots, red pepper, tomato, garlic, stock) sprinkled with toasted almond flakes and corn on the cob with lemon juice to follow

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/14/2008:
wow. everything looks so tasty and healthy

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