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trishpiglet3 - Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Weight: 160.0

Long training day at my contract job. I'm now a qualified Level 1&2 Smoking Cessation Advisor. When the Helpline rings, on a Thursday and Friday, it will be me answering it. I only came on board to do some database work while someone else was on holiday and now find myself organising events and doing things such as the above. I'm coordinating the training as well; I ordered far too many sandwiches for today and my penance was carrying a mountain of them back to the office and seeing how many I could give to homeless people before I got there (not very many).

So I've been thinking (on my long and tired journey home) about my eating and exercising habits and trying to work out how I can realistically get myself fit and healthy.

With food and with exercise I seem to have 2 extremes: FOOD - Very healthy meals with lots of veg and good carbs in sensible amounts V Absolute junk i.e. crisps (potato chips), vegan ice cream, sweets, cakes

EXERCISE - Aerobics then Pilates workout every day V No exercise at all

So, since I'm able to do the very healthy approach, what is it that stops me exercising or makes me eat junk? = Stress, at least that's what I blame

One thing we were looking at in today's training was a bit of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy rather than any other meaning of the initials). People who are giving up smoking and who have had a relapse will point to stressors as the reason they smoked a cigarette. An example given was "I got a parking ticket and that made me smoke".

The parking ticket doesn't actually *make* the person smoke - it's still their decision. And it's still my decision to exercise and eat healthily or not to do so. I think I have a hard time owning that.

When I exercise, I find it's a great stress reliever. It's just that I need to get back into it.

OK, so not entirely sure how I'm going to approach this but will be reading/raiding all your journals for ideas. I haven't updated my current weight because I intend to weigh once a week. I'll be looking at making my diet healthy but not obsessively so and working some exercise back into each day (again not obsessively so). I'll see where I am in a week's time.

Thank you to commenter/s on my previous post and to all who are reading. xx

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 10/21/2008:
Choices!... They are our's to make and we can make this a success we can take 100% credit for or 100% blame ourselves for the failure..... Nobody else can do the things for us that need to be done to be healthy....

Best of luck to you in your choices and look forward to seeing you succeed in whatever it is you set forth to accomplish...

trishpiglet3 - Monday Oct 20, 2008

Weight: 160.0

As you might guess from my username, this is the second time I've forgotten my password and had to start again.


I don't have much weight to lose to reach my goal - and it looks like 20lbs shouldn't be that far away (but oh how different actually getting there will be). 160lbs is the weight my body wants to be when I eat badly and don't exercise. I'm hoping (and from previous experience it seems to be the case) that 140lbs is the weight my body wants to be when I'm making healthy choices.

I'll write more here when I'm not in the middle of getting ready for work.

Good luck, everyone!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 10/21/2008:
Welcome back! You can do it! 20 lbs will be nice and easy...just stay focused! :)

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