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When logging in :)
- Horn_Of_Plenty on 27-Oct-07 06:05 AM
Hi DD webmaster!

I was thinking that it might be easier that when logging in we are automatically taken straight to our own Diary instead of back to the main page. What do you think?

Thanks for everything you do!

Horn of Plenty

ddwebmaster on 27-Oct-07 07:59 PM
It's an idea worth considering. The majority of people logging in might be heading there anyway. There are other pages that people might be logging in to access though. They might be logging in to be able to comment on someone else's entries or to leave a message in the forums section. Either way, things are busy, busy, busy in my section of the real world right now. I doubt I'll have any time to dabble in website changes for at least another month or so.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 27-Oct-07 08:54 PM
It worked when I just logged in...Thank you VERY much, DD Webmaster! :)

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