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uploading photos - how to
- selina on 28-Nov-08 07:26 AM

Do you know how to upload photos and could you help me uploading photos into my entries? I used to upload them straight from Microsoft Office Picture Manager file.... is that still possible?  Thanks much!

ddwebmaster on 28-Nov-08 08:03 PM
Sorry, I'm not familiar with Microsoft Office Picture Manager so I don't know how it works.

The easiest way to upload a picture is to simply copy and paste it, but it only works on certain browsers and if you have your security settings set correctly.

Another way is to start a new entry. The 7th icon in the top row is the Image Button. Click on it and a popup window comes up allowing you to post a URL of a picture if the picture is online. If the picture is on your computer, there are 2 tabs near the top of the Image Button popup; it starts in "Image Info", but you can click on the "Upload" tab. Then it has a button that says "Choose File". Clicking on it allows you to browse your computer and choose the picture. After you've found your picture, you click "Send it to the Server". Then it's uploaded and you can change it's size in the "Image Info" tab.

This process works correctly in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I tried it in Chrome, but I was having problems with browser security settings.

selina on 29-Nov-08 01:11 AM
I got it! I knew it was simple, just couldn't figure out... Thank you so much, Webmaster, for the most thorough explanation, I really appreciate it. By the way, I love the NEW DD, thank you much for the amazing makeover! Have a great weekend!

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