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text editor problems
- KathyBlue on 20-Feb-10 03:51 AM
Hi, since yesterday I cannot do rich texts, are you into something? I hope this is a temporary situation and I don't have to do HTML coding each time I submit an entry/alter text.

ddwebmaster on 20-Feb-10 10:30 AM
It appears to be working correctly for me.

If there's something not working correctly please reply to this entry and let me know EXACTLY what you are attempting to do and what the results are.

KathyBlue on 21-Feb-10 03:42 AM
Hi! It doesn't working properly. I just do an "EDIT" on my last entry and the rich text editing does not appear, nor smileys or photo uploading, nada. It seems that I have to use HTML code, because the text box is in plain text. I use Mozilla Firefox 3.5.8 with Windows XP, if this info helps. Mozilla made an update recently, maybe it resulted in this... I'm going to try this in an other PC and will get back to you. Thank you for your efforts, and your site is excellent! :-)

KathyBlue on 21-Feb-10 03:46 AM
I tried my work PC through VPN and it does work there. So it must be a Mozilla problem? What's the plugin I need to visualize correctly? Java?

KathyBlue on 21-Feb-10 04:06 AM
I made some tests in today's entry, please check.

ddwebmaster on 21-Feb-10 08:20 AM
I'll try to load that exact version number of Firefox later today and see what happens.

ddwebmaster on 21-Feb-10 09:28 AM
Ok, loaded Firefox 3.6 directly from their website and you're right it doesn't have the editor stuff loaded. I did a quick web search and it appears that it's a specific bug for firefox versions built after 1/1/2010 on only Coldfusion specific systems. Diet Diaries uses Coldfusion on the backend. I think I found a fix listed on the web, but will have to wait until later today before I get some spare time.

KathyBlue on 21-Feb-10 10:55 AM
ok.. thank you! Until then, I promise I won't do anything silly. :-)

ddwebmaster on 21-Feb-10 02:14 PM
It now appears to work correctly with my version of Firefox 3.6. Please check yours and let me know if it's still having any problems.

KathyBlue on 22-Feb-10 07:36 AM
Thanks! I'll check at home and give you feedback. Here at work I have 3.5.5 :)

KathyBlue on 24-Feb-10 01:05 PM
Resolved, thanks a lot! :-)

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