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Birth Control Makes It Harder To Lose?
- supercheese on 15-Mar-12 11:03 AM

Just wondering?

I lost the 20 lbs while Z was deployed last year and i was OFF BC. Since I've been on it its been extremely hard....Wonder how many people think this is true or maybe I'm just not putting in my all?  

biscottibody59 on 15-Mar-12 12:22 PM
I just saw part of a dr oz ep on BC and you might go check the website or video on youtube. Total myth according to the experts on the show. YMMV.

The wider subject re: BC was the statistical protection against cancers over a lifetime. It was interesting, but the pro-BC aspect was a little disturbing to me. Telling women to take a pill to disrupt their hormones, not to mention risks associated with taking the pill. And the two experts were women.

Kati on 15-Mar-12 05:14 PM
Med giants have the power in the media too

legcramps on 16-Mar-12 09:31 AM
I would lean towards agreeing with the statement that BC makes it harder to lose weight, only because that's been the case in my own situation. I've been off and on depo, and I seem to lose weight more easily when i'm off it.

supercheese on 23-Mar-12 08:00 AM
AGREE (to making it harder) Im doing everything the same when I was off and the weight came right off.....now, its HARD. rug

supercheese on 23-Mar-12 08:00 AM
but i want off.....i know someone thats gonna have a hard time agree to it.......men, psh

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