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selina - public bio

Public Email:

Birthdate: December 10

Location: Northern Virgina, USA

Education: Even More Education

Occupation: artist

Family Info (spouse, kids, pets): husband, daughter and 3 cats

How do you feel about yourself, your weight, your decision to change? I feel I could do better than this in terms of my weight, health and looks.

How long have you been overweight? 3 years

What things have you tried before to lose the weight? many diets and exercise

What is the number one reason you want to lose weight? i want to look good in my clothes

What are some other reasons? health

What is your goal weight? 130

What is the first thing you want to do when you reach your goal? buy wondrful new clothes that i actually look good in.

Are the people closest to you supportive? If not, why? yes. they want me to lose weight

What is the worst thing about being overweight? self consciousness about my looks

What is the best thing about you? i am a friendly and caring person.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (low to high) how determined are you to reach your goal? 10