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Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Feb 23, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.8

Good Morning :) I slept really well and even with a sleeping pill, i got out of bed before 9am.

9am breakfast, indulgent: final cup of Grain Berry cereal with almond milk & stevia 150, 1 cup chobani 5% whole milk Greek yogurt 250, with Lily's dark chocolate chips 100.  Soon kombucha also!!  total here: 550-600.





I might do my gym workout this evening because I have a union meeting this coming Tuesday and if i want to workout Monday night after work, it means i have to workout tonight so i have the appropriate rest days inbetween...it would be good for me to stay on track as i've just begun to gain back a lot of the strength i've lost since the first half of Winter!

Now less confusing things, I want to do all my laundry, especially my bedding since i didn't wash it for i think 3 weeks oops due to trying to save a lot of time the past two weekends lol. and i also want to clean the hamster cage. this will all be done before i leave my apt today. also, i want to keep reading this Colin Powell book.

I have started researching Paris.  There are 20 districts - in French they are called Arrondissements. It's so hard for me to remember this word so i've been typing it a LOT when i email and research these 20 areas / neighborhoods / districts of Paris. By researching each one, i'm deciding if it's worthwhile to stop in that place as well as what i want to see while there!!  

It's nice to have a system of researching Paris. It all started with my coworker asking me if i have researched the neighborhoods of which she said there was 12...but we took a look together and noticed there were 20! She gave me the hint, about the arrondissements as i didn't know about them at all...to get me into a frame of mind to start researching. now, i've researched half of them, the ones farther from the center of Paris, arrondissements 10-20. The more challenging ones will be the first 10, as they are closer to the center (district 1) of Paris!

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 1.8 lbs to go!

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thinkpositive - Saturday Feb 23, 2019
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0



I had an epiphany. If I lose .2 lb a week, that’s ok. It’s progress, I’m not gaining.  I don’t have to change my eating drastically. Also means that I have to be patient with myself.

I’m still watching my carbs, tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal, exercising 4-5 times a week- a combination of water exercise, biking, walking, golf. 

Had the best dinner last night at a small restaurant- snapper, asparagus, risotto, nicely seasoned with grape tomatoes, olives and herbs. Dessert was mixed berries with whipped cream. 

No plans today after a busy week so that is ok. Maybe go to the driving range & hit some balls, a bike ride, a pedicure? 

Will receive my Blue Apron meals today so one of those will be dinner tonight. 

Have a good weekend.

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horn_of_plenty - Friday Feb 22, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.8

Happy Friday to everyone!

Home: kombucha 50

Breakfast: coffee 50, wrap 80, egg 70, half avocado 150, reese's homemade sf cup 200.  ...everything is so low carb...i actually have been starting to crave more healthy carbs for breakfast and will prob change this up, soon, to making healthy carb breakfasts - like bars and other treats. we'll see.

Snack: ATKINS coconut coated chocolate 170

Lunch: leftovers from home (and walking to get Indian while at lunch today to bring home for dinner and this weekend!) chinese veggie leftovers i cooked 150, chicken sausage 100, fried potato indian patty 200?, some indian palak spinach 150. 600 tops. too much fiber....

snack clementine 50. so much stomach bloating. i hope i go back to my normal digestion next week. and some cashews 100, Granola bar 100

dinner:leftovers i grabbed from work of lots of grilled eggplant and veggies (LARGE PORTION) 250? and a portion of baked ziti! change of pace huh!? 350? possibly more due to cheese. 600 indian and tofu and rice cakes?...sounds good! with strawberries dessert probably

2250 :)

7 day is approx 2160, decent for sure. nice to end with carbs. i'm taking a sleeping pill and plan to sleep thru the night  now.


exercise today: my 5k commuter walk home from subway :) as it will rain all weekend so today is the only good day to get in an outdoors 3mi (5k!) walk!  this will be a new way for me to enter my walking distances.

One day, I hope to be able to do a 10k walk again. When i was in my mid-20's, i had worked my way all the way up to being able to walk 8 miles at a time with very minimal rest throughout. It'd be nice to eventually at least get to 6miles again which is a 10k.  

Of course though, my main goal IS NOT distance but cardio strength. Therefore, come spring time (SOON!), it'll be BACK TO JOGGING TRAINING. with the dark evenings and cold temps, i have skipped all jogging this winter as i'd rather sleep and stay healthy these months. MAY 2019 - back to jogging training.



My plan for resuming jogging is in MID SPRING, after my Paris trip. I figure it's enough to get myself ready for the trip, feeling good to walk around all of Paris, and to resume training for jogging when I am home. 

Over the summer, I am NOT doing any traveling. 

I have gone thru the trip options and eliminated all but 2.

I'd like to do one fall weekend trip if possible (New Orleans) and an Egypt (Cairo) trip in the New Year 2020. 

The rest of this year May until December, I'm home and working on cardio goals.  This will be the big push. Then, from Fall '19 THRU Winter '20, I plan to mostly be HOME, not traveling next winter, and working on cardio.  Next winter 2020, i'm going to be KEEPING cardio in the winter, and lowering my weights routine to a faster workout - eliminating some exercises....

This will be a final push for Court Officer goals. So, After Paris, I'm going to start planning how to make the court officer thing POSSIBLE and not just a dream like the NYPD cop thing turned out to be bc i was unprepared physically.


feeling much better than i did last weekend and this whole week. must have been hormones mostly.

didn't sleep much last night, so i'm really, really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow - possible sleeping pill tonight. 

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 1.8 lbs to go!

legcramps on 02/22/2019:
That's an awesome walk! Enjoy!

Yeah, TOM is here for me, and I think it is greatly affecting my hormones. Ugh. Why can't life just be easy?! LOL, just kidding, it's just those hormones kicking in.

horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
TOM is annoying and after your years of preventing it, i'm sure it's something to get used to again!

good thing to think is how most women are in your boat, too...and try to work to get used to it again.

all i know is that it's good we continue to exercise during it...unlike any women who make the excuse not to.

it helps it along, the exercise! :) and makes symptoms pass easier.

legcramps on 02/22/2019:
P.S. How are you liking your peanut butter cups? If you don't mind sharing the recipe, I would like to try making them! They look delicious! And I LOVE peanut butter cups!!

horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
they were tasty but HIGH CALORIES, no fiber. they are nice taste, taste is like an adult treat bc i made them with dark chocolate. so it's a rich taste. not low calorie for the size at all. very dense. the taste is very nice.


recipe at link above.

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legcramps - Friday Feb 22, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - REST; 7 hours, 41 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:00-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30; 5 hours, 36 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Workout 6:00-7:30; 

FRIDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Coach 8:00-1:00; Workout 12:00-1:00;

SUNDAY - Workout 1:00-2:00; Workout 2:30-4:00;

If anyone is interested in trying to increase their plank time, this is the 30 day challenge I tried and succeeded in reaching 5 minutes :)

Well, I was right about TOM coming (or I should say, Fitbit was right); I was so bloated yesterday I looked pregnant and even had trouble wearing my gym clothes; the worst feeling is when even your stretchy clothes are tight!! This morning I woke to the discovery of TOM, and my heart sank a little. I know I have to get used to it unless I want to start taking drugs again to keep it away, but it just saps the energy out of me and to be honest, makes me so ornery and moody that I don't even want to hang around with me LOL, nevermind anyone else wanting to. But like I said in my last post, I need to dig deep right now so that I can get my workouts done. 

I did my run last night and it went fairly well. There was a speedy girl on the treadmill next to me who, at first, made me feel extra bloaty and underwhelming, but eventually I was able to ignore the fact that she was running about twice as fast as I was, and just focused on my breathing and posture.

The sun has been rising earlier and earlier each morning, and it was so nice to walk out into sunlight this morning on my way to work! Darkness breeds darkness, light breeds light.

I made a slight error in grocery shopping yesterday; I picked up a bag of bread I don't normally - the brand I usually buy was not on sale and i'm a sucker for a good sale, so I went with a cheaper brand. It was a whole grain bread, but very soft and fluffy and thick. Bad idea. That's the best kind of bread for peanut butter sandwiches, FYI. I know because I had two yesterday. I called it 'supper'.

horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
#1, TOM ENDS....

#2....thank you for this plank challenge, I'M GOING TO ADD IT TO MY ROUTINE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. :)


horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:

The variations on bread and so much to offer in that aisle..i currently have 2.5 packages of this really tasty but very high fiber low cal wrap. I think they're by Mission and they are like an imitation of a really fluffy, white flour torilla. however, they are sooo high fiber that they seem to be posing me a problem digesting them. but their taste and calories are tops! the best all around, just bad for digestion.

as of late, i almost am starting to prefer more natural wraps and bread to the higher fiber alternatives i used to buy almost exclusively! it's funny how you make a change one week and your body feels the differences, good and bad !

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horn_of_plenty - Thursday Feb 21, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.8


snack / breakfast: reese's pb cup sugar free 200, coffee 50

breakfast: wrap, egg, 1/4 avocado: 250

other snack: cashews 200

lunch: from home, similar to yesterday chinese mix veggies big amount 250?, chicken sausage 100, popcorn 100. later part of clementine. 500

3:30-4pm almonds. 100. of course my stomach is screwed up after too many veggies i guess after lunch??? still bathroom issues big time! you know, i think it's the popcorn! 

overflowing over 2 cups blueberries and iced coffee 300, pretzels too. 100.

8pm-11pm probably (really slow workout) during (the start really still) of my workout just go too hungry and had whipped peanut butter a serving 150, coconut water 120

11pm after workout: wrap and egg 150, half avocado 150. 300.


6day:  2140, good.


Something i DO look forward to (and leaving at 4:45pm because i got into work early - doesn't mean i actually got to work early, but i was here...) i'll be a good person and leave at 5pm or 5min before but not any earlier...since i took a lot of time outside at lunch! - STRONG WEIGHTS ROUTINE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! :) and my iced coffee :) wooohoooo

Friday plan - starting to crave Indian, so, buying it at lunch to take home for the weekend, probably. 

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 1.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
I think it's the hormones that are still messing with your stomach. Too many vegetables can do it, too, though. I hope you feel better soon.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2019:
i do think my stomach is worse 75% due to hormones, yes, i think you are very right this time around was weird! as it was no pain really. just lethargic, VERY MOODY before, during & after, and stomach issues.

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Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Feb 20, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.8


Above tonight I made the sugar free peanut butter cups! You make each layer and freeze for 10 minutes before adding the next. Then you freeze the whole thing for a half hour before putting into the fridge! Great and very tasty recipe ! It's 3 layers: chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate. everything mixed with coconut oil and a few other ingredients! very decadent. higher cal, but only sugar is what was in the peanut butter which is a low amount of course! keto style.

1900 total cals today after taste testing the recipe !

2100 5day avg, good.

Will do around 5 minutes of stair climbing in my apt bldg stairwell (just walking from 9th floor up to the 22nd and back down in the elevator)...i want to add this weekly at least.

Lately, i'm having an issue with moodiness and feeling sad. i think it's just trying to forget about this guy Jason as since the lunch dates and communication was over a slightly long period of time for me, i'm every once in awhile reminded of the situation. but it is 75% forgotten already. but as you see, i just remembered now at work and that's why i wrote about it.

Edit at 9:45am: Paris library travel book is on request...i'll get it later this week probably  :)

Kombucha 50 

Dark choc coffered espresso beans lol from another coworker (this was nice!) 100, Cliff Bar 250, Coffee 50. (was in the mood, still, for sweets).

Snack: wrap 80, 1/4 avocado 80, egg 80, smoked salt and black pepper. 250. Bar 200


Lunch: I made it! woohoo. chicken sausage 100, stir fried asian eggplant and green veggies. YUM! 200? and popcorn 100. apple 100 450-500.

snacks: almonds salted cashews / apple 200

Dinner: TBD. 5% fat overflowing cup greek yogurt with stevia 250, cooked cranberries 50 and 1 last cup i had in my fridge of sugar free jello negligible cals. 300...

Bedtime will be earlier :) 


Stomach is still not great at all! For some reason my whole routine is off and i'm using the bathroom in the night and evening aside from in the morning. eh, it'll switch itself back.


Our weather is going to be messy I believe on the commute home, so i'm going to wear my rain/snow boots and just take it easy tonight. No plans for a long walk or extra exercise. I will def enjoy a nice, earlier bedtime compared to last night!  I always tend to go to bed late on my weights nights. It's a long routine, with rests, around 3 hours, but I enjoy it and do NOT want to change it. I do snack during the routine and drink lots of fluids.

With taxes done, I really am eager to start delving into reading about Paris. I'll actually take a book out of the library to look at during my commute. 

I still have the other book, Colin Powell's autobiography, and i didn't want to stop reading it without finishing it :( I have around 200 pages left out of over 600. I'm going to try to finish it by the end of this weekend. I'd rather finish it before getting the book on Paris. 


I went to bed around 11pm after a good workout. A lot of the workout went very efficiently and at a good pace. I do stop to do little tasks (since i am home!) during my workout. For instance, I may clean up the kitchen or clean up papers.  And last night I decided, near the end of my workout when i want little breaks anyways, to send in my taxes!!!!

I had the taxes already completed and ready to send, so i just had to fill out a few quick answers to prove my identify with Turbo Tax and then around 15 min later after going thru their questions and information, off my taxes went! Woohoo. This year, i'm getting around $1k back of which will go to my savings. :)  Basically, it's not extra, it's more like i'm paying back what i've borrowed from that account this year! I'm very happy to get anything back! 


I have been, here and there, able to forget about Jason. It's a good thing of that. 

I'm a single person and prob will be that way for a long time to come. I had no plans to be dating now and i'm happy i'm not.

I figure maybe i'll be 40 and start dating. I'm still in the process of increasing fitness.

I also realize that some of the traveling is distracting. I have to be able to improve fitness and travel, not travel and lose fitness. 

So, i'm thinking about it. 

I will have shorter travels this / next year overall with Paris being the longest trip, probably, unless there' s a better flight deal.

Believe it or not, I've started to think about other trip options for the fall: New Orleans or Nashville (both are just maybe's).  And for the New Year, there's an option for Cairo, Egypt. Lastly, Peru is an option too. The latter two would be with Rosie, the one I stayed with in Florida and who i went to both Israel and Columbia with! 

I'm trying to travel because i feel safe enough at my job, if that makes sense. I feel security enough to enjoy life moreso than the past outside of work. Be able to travel and come back to a job and nice people.


Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 1.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/20/2019:
We ended up having to pay taxes this year - bigly. Not happy about that. It's hard to come up with a large, unexpected sum of money like that.

I hope your stomach problems resolve themselves. Some months are different, and this may be a month where the hormones are affecting your digestive system more so than other months. I tend to agree with you that this will reconcile itself. It's just uncomfortable getting to that point, right?

I see where you are coming from with this guy, now, and I completely agree. I think you have other things in life to focus on that WILL come to fruition. Don't need to waste any more time on something that ends in frustration or goes nowhere. Got it.

Are you supposed to rest between sets for long periods of time? I could never figure that out. There's so much conflicting information out there.

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
No, you do NOT need to rest long periods at all. I only start resting longer the more into the long workout i get...but your workout is not 3 hours, like mine is ;)

I like to switch exercises, like do a set of biceps and then a set of triceps. and i do that pattern 3 times, for 3 sets. You need less rest when you switch between muscle groups so they can rest a little as you transfer to the next exercise on the opposite / different body part.

for instance, i'll do lunge type exercise for my legs, but then switch to abs. then i'll do these two exercises back to back (sometimes yes with rest - but not much) 3x for the 3 sets.

by swapping between muscle groups, you can save yourself some rest.

some exercises though, i do the 3 sets in a row, especially towards the end of my workout, then i rest more. for instance, i do overhead chest press with heavier weights (30lbs is my limit for many years i keep getting stronger but then i get weaker, and i'm always on the 30# weights for this) laying down on the bench, i do the 3 sets in a row, with extra rest inbetween each (sometimes more than 2min for sure inbetween).

also, doing bicep curls i do each arm at a time and need to rest before continuing to the other arm for a minute or so to get my oxygen fully back to do a good set of biceps on the opposite arm (the second arm lol).

i rest less at the beginning of the workout. but, i do not just do my weights routine like a cardio routine without rest.

however, for many months i've gotten distracted a little bit, and start to research or do little things as the workout progresses into the night. i don't recommend this, but, i'll say the exercise and more oxygen to the brain has me more alert than when i'm just relaxing home on the couch and sometimes it leads to me thinking about things in a positive way or wanting to get things done at home...like my taxes to finally get them in last night.

i've decided that on these days where i have the late nights exercising, i'm bound to be up later and maybe progress during the workout to thinking about other things going on in my life and i welcome (to a limited degree) these distractions...

you want to have good reps. so, if you need to rest after something for a minute or so (i'm never watching the clock for exact rest, no way! i just do what i feel...), do it.

you want a good set each time you are lifting. strong reps to start.

however, there are times when i try to do a set when i'm not completely rested for the "best"...it's when i'm really trying to increase strength on my abs and pushups...

but most exercises, i want to go into each set STRONG and end where i can't do much more (or anymore without chance of injury....)

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
PS - sorry you owed taxes, that's quite a frustrating thing when you least expect it!

legcramps on 02/20/2019:
Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles! Hopefully they pass soon. Great job on the weights workout!

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
yeah, for some reason my digestive system is opposite the way it usually is. i keep needing the bathroom after work and during work, with extra bloating, instead of more in the morning!

I am almost back to regular and the weights once again are improving...i feel the strength coming back again!

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
Again, hormones may have to do with the moodiness. I encourage you to try to ride it out at least until TOM is over, be kind to yourself, maybe pamper yourself a little. If you're still feeling out of sorts when the hormones have settled down, then maybe take a step further.

Some months are really, really rough with the hormones. The good part is, though, that if it's hormones, it will pass. If it's depression, then that can be more difficult to navigate.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2019:
such a good tip from you regarding hormones. i do think that's 99% of it this time around. and the winter weather / lack of sun.

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Donkey - Thursday Feb 21, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 133.0

Wednesday was a HUGE DRAMA day and did not have time to log in, unfortunately.  Hey, it was either log in or do upper body weight training, and I'm proud to say that I did my weight training!  I'm kind of sacrificing my lower body weight training by logging in now, but I'll still get it in tonight.

Work drama:  Queen Bee called Associate Attorney an ass in front of everyone, and that pissed off Nice Lady in a BIG way.  THAT won't be forgotten for a long time, I tell you....  Nice Lady is too nice to say anything about it, but when she's mad at you, you KNOW you did something wrong.  And I agree -- Queen Bee was way out of line on her comment -- on so many levels.

In addition to this drama, I had actual drama relating to my work -- scheduling real estate closings and trying to get everyone ready for that is not as easy as one might think -- and on top of that, I had an unexpected 2-hour software training session PLUS had to leave early for my doctor's appointment!  Yesterday was NOT a quiet day for me.

So the doctor tells me that I'm pretty anemic, so I have an appointment to get an ultrasound and then an appointment with a GI doctor, to see if I need to get scoped.  I'm either losing too much blood during TOM (time of month) or I'm losing blood through my GI tract and just haven't noticed.  This could  probably explain why I feel drained a lot of the time, even with lots of food and good sleep.  I wonder if this has to do with that "heavy leg" feeling too.  I'm not sure if it relates to having thinning hair, but I guess that's why my nails continue to split even after taking biotin, collagen, etc.  I'm pretty sure the problem is uterine and not GI related but I guess that's what the tests will determine.  In the meantime, I'll be taking even more iron to try get my levels up to where they belong.

Last night I did upper body weight training, and I've decided to move up to my next higher dumbbells which are 15 lbs.  I probably won't be able to do many reps, but that's how lifting heavier works. I just have to tell myself that this is OK, that significant work is still being done, even if it's not a certain "set" number I have in my brain.  Once the 15 lbs becomes "too easy", then I can re-evaluate.  I am not sure I want to buy anything heavier than that, but I definitely have time to think about that, because using 15 lbs dumbbells will definitely be a challenge for these noodle arms of mine.

Progress as of today: 53.5 lbs lost and already at goal!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
i just deleted my entire comment....will write it, AGAIN, at work.!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
i'm glad you went to the dr appt for a physical. I'm sure some of the dragging feeling is due to the anemia. I have a coworker with genetic issues affecting her being very anemic for life she's only 37. she doens't like to take iron because it impedes her digestion / elmination. one thing i notice is she does have hair loss and she's only 37 :( . there are prob things she can do to help it, but she's a very busy single mom and it's not her first priority i guess...

Horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
but my fingers are crossed for you and i'm thinking warm thoughts. I def think you should look into the situation as you are further so that you can feel better.

i also am loving your switch to the higher dumbells. you can still do a 3rd set of your routine with the lower weights and do it slower to work on form and the slower pace will also make it more difficult and challenging, so it's another way to work things, if you still have that lighter set you can still make use of them right now...

i agree, the only wait to get better and improve is to remember you to push yourself at the next level. i also am moving up in weights for one of my lighter weights exercises. i'll write more of it later.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2019:
i'm glad you got the weights in the other night instead of wasting time here and not getting a workout in.

and nice to hear Q bee's attitude bit her in the a$$$$$.

legcramps on 02/22/2019:
How unprofessional of Queen B! Really showing her true colors, isn't she?! Around here, you wouldn't get away with calling people names like that, that's bordering on harassment.

Very cool that you are moving up to the 15lb dumbbells! Progress! Also very impressed with your determination to keep going even though you weren't feeling like you were getting what you needed out of lifting heavier. Keep at it! Those results are coming!

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thinkpositive - Wednesday Feb 20, 2019
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Yesterday went as planned. Should have skipped the wine and chocolates but did avoid cookies, crackers & nuts so that’s a good start. Calories were under 1300 and carbs around 100

Today- smoothie for breakfast, salad with turkey for lunch. Grapes , protein drink for snacks

Not much exercise today except for a short walk. Very windy so will skip the bike ride 

Going out to neighbors tonight to play cards so hoping I won’t eat too many snicks. 

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
you must be used to the taste of the less-healthy aritificial sweeteners, i know what you mean! luckily, i have always loved the taste of stevia!

i used to love the taste of equal. still do on occasion when there's no option for stevia in my coffee ;)

today weather is also not good with some snow...so i didn't even go out for lunch. i think i may challenge myself to do a few minutes of stair climbing in my apt tonight to get my heart rate up for a little while, actually, as i thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some stairs into my winter cardio! my apt bldg has a stairwell and it is 22 floors high!

maybe you can bring healthy snacks like cut up veggies / cherry tomatoes / small veggies that you can eat with your fingers. baby carrots and stuff to your neighbors. i always do this so i can eat but not high cals!

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
HEY, everything in moderation so nice job to you being moderate yesterday!!!! :)

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
Sounds like a lovely day! Don't you love it when a plan really comes together on any given day? It's like, Yes that worked out well!

That's nice to have friends who play cards too.

legcramps on 02/22/2019:
Hope you're having a great week!

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legcramps - Wednesday Feb 20, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - REST; 7 hours, 41 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:00-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30; 5 hours, 36 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Workout 6:00-7:00; 

FRIDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Coach 8:00-1:00; Workout 12:00-1:00;

SUNDAY - Workout 1:00-2:00; Workout 2:30-4:00;

Oh man, i'm TIRED. I had a really crappy sleep last night. It's going to take a lot more coffee to keep me going today - I need an espresso IV drip ;) Yeah, 5&1/2 hours is SO not enough sleep.

Anyways, we had a tough session last night for group training; I felt really bad for my participants, but they busted it out and kept on going strong. I kept telling people that the mental game is hard, you have to focus on your goals... and then you have to stay focused on those goals, but the end result is SO worth it.

I have a feeling TOM is coming soon, so i'm going to have to take a page out of my own book and FOCUS on getting through my workouts for the next week, as hard as they might end up being.

A note to my future self - you have a goal. you have a plan. believe you can, and you will.

horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2019:
wow a 5 min plank! i can only do like 1.5 minutes!

horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2019:
TOTALLY have felt that way in the past especially like when i just need an IV of caffeine or coffee! i've said that expression. so glad i don't usually feel that way too often at work anymore!

yeah, the mental game is the hardest game to play!

yes, keep on!

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
I hope that you got some rest Wednesday night!

I will comment on your comment on my entry, but your perspective - especially about the plank! - was so helpful!

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Donkey - Wednesday Feb 20, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 133.0

A little more snow today, and then rain or freezing rain later on.  I am leaving work early today to go to the doctor's for a follow-up appointment, to go over my blood test results.  The vitamin supplements I'm taking have already made a huge difference - at least in how I feel - but if she thinks I need prescription strength stuff, then OK... at least for a while.  I didn't see anything else in the blood test results that raised red flags to me -- like thyroid issues, blood sugar, etc.  But we'll see what she says.

Tonight is upper body workout.  I've been wanting to work my abs every night, but on nights that I don't do weights, I forget to work the abs.  I did some quick reading on what it takes - eating wise - to get that really lean appearance.  It's not really practical for where I'm at in life right now.  Would like to see more "pop" in my arm muscles though.  I guess that would mean serious higher weights.

Work continues to be drama, especially since we're slow right now, so there's time for whispers and stuff.  However, I am getting a better sense of the dynamics of certain co-workers....  Although I do not think I am wrong in certain assessments, I now understand why certain things are the way they are, so if that's what it takes to make people run efficiently, then so be it.  That is to say, we all have our vices.  I can only change me --- and I'm not even sure I can do that much to change myself, LOL.  I am a crusty ol' Donkey, after all, stubborn and ornery.

Progress as of today: 53.5 lbs lost and already at goal!

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
I do agree with your husband regarding his comment on being more agile below. it's def easier to move "less weight" than a bulky body (bulked up heavier body).

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
I spoke to my son about this again, and I think it had a positive impact.

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
regarding abs, you don't need to do too much on that end to keep a physique / shape...i'll comment more if you ask me...back to work!

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
basically with abs, i've learned less is more. how so? because i used to do a lot more abs exercises than i do now. i do two types now: planks and situps. that's it. 3 sets of each. Situps i work hard at, since they are on the court officer test. but planks i do usually at the very end and it is what it is. i usually get over a minute of a plank. not too much more for each time i hold. sometimes i just do one good plank for over a minute, then take minimal rests and keep going into it until muscle exhaustion.

my abs are better than they were any other year, and i do less for them.

abs were never my strong suit. but, as i keep pushing my ability with the situps and as i keep progressing in lunges and other leg work and keep walking with cardio, my abs are progressing ANYWAYS! so, i learned that less is more.

and the less fat you have, the more you see the abs. yeah, it's true they are made in the kitchen.

at work i don't usually sit with great posture. i feel if i did, my abs would be even better, except, i would rather sit comfortably. i do realize also i do not stand well on public transportation or sit well as the bus and train seats are sorta uncomfortable for short people...so right now i just leave it alone and work on my abs at home, and try to walk with good posture overall.

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
A minute plank is very impressive! I think I was able to do about 15 seconds before my back started hurting.

I thought about what your wrote, about abs being made in the kitchen.... and I think I like food too much to be THAT disciplined for chiseled abs. Wah wah!

legcramps on 02/20/2019:
Wouldn't we all love us some six-pack abs?! For me, it's a pipe dream. I'd have to do ALL the cardio and eat NONE of the carbs. LOL, no thanks.

But my core is STRONG. It's amazing how strong it is. A while back I took part in a plank challenge, it was a 30 day challenge, and you had to work your way up to a plank-off on the last day - basically holding the position for as long as possible. I lasted 5 minutes! It was amazing, and I learned something that day... I AM Strong. I might not always look or feel strong, but there it is. The proof.

Donkey on 02/21/2019:

So I will keep on working the abs, but I do not think that I want to be that disciplined with eating to get that kind of definition.

horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2019:
wow a 5 min plank! i can only do like 1.5 minutes!

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
I know, right? Isn't legcramps AMAZING????

Horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2019:
where's everyone!? only person who journaled today was me!

Donkey on 02/21/2019:
LOL, my afternoon doctor's appointment kind of put everything out of whack. My whole routine was off last night. And I was too busy at work today to log in at work!

legcramps on 02/22/2019:
LOL, I should have been more clear - I was able to pull that off during a 30 day plank challenge; there's no way I could hold a 5 minute plank today. I haven't even done a plank in...I don't even know. Maybe i'll give it a try over the weekend and see how long I can last!

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horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.8

Morning: kombucha 50

Work breakfast: coffee 50, Quest Hero Bar (in the mood for sweets / sweet tasting breakfast) 170. apporx 250 

Snack / 2nd breakfast: wrap 80, egg 80, 1/4 avocado 80, salt and pepper. 250.

11am really tired, dragging. reese's chocolate bar thing 100 half of it. (really feeling down today, dragging...) even my stomach, still a major issue, bloating and stuff for a week., the rest the chocolate after lunch 120

Lunch: chicken soup from coworker 400, chips 100. 500

almonds 100 and candies 50

6:30 before workout nature valley cocoa almond butter cookie package, iced coffee at home 250, blueberries 100, zevia drink, coconut water during 150

after exercise: natural type of protein bar 250. :)


4day: 2150, good!


In all honesty, i def woke up on the WRONG side of the bed and i'm feeling quite tired since getting out of bed. Slept poorly bc i woke up a few times with stomach troubles during the night.  

also, honestly, i'm just annoyed about the guy - Jason - situation. I had never wanted to date him in the first place. It's like i had a gut feeling against it many months ago. Then, i date him and it's going ok, but he then pulls back by texting less. I'm just annoyed that it couldn't work out because it's obvious right now and also the fact of how much i'd like a guy to like me, but personally it'd be better if i liked the guy also outright from the start. I'm just annoyed that something that could have been good with maybe a different man if he was a different man!?, it could have had opportunity to grow. but it really seems this is not the man to even try with due to the fact he shows no attempt to try himself. eh, i just want to erase it from my mind. I don't need it now. 

I could still use everyone on DD's advice here, even if it doesn't agree with my thinking:

I have my trips, my friends. My court officer / physical goals. 

I'm done with trying to have a serious relationship. I don't think having a less serious relationship with jason is good either. i just wish to forget him...which will work as long as he doesn't text me. Also, against my will, if he does text me, I will try my best to take always 24hours or more to get back to him.  This needs to pass. I don't want him. I don't want a relationship especially with him. I'm sooo done!


Plan is for weights tonight.

It's def a tired day as my sleep last night was good when i slept, but partially interrupted with stomach issues.  With TOM and all ending this week, I have a feeling stomach should be back to normal midweek. I'm glad i wasn't in much pain this TOM and also my skin was rather clear for the past 2 TOMS due to my healthier eating and better ways of dealing with stress / less stress!

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 1.8 lbs to go!

legcramps on 02/19/2019:
You should ALWAYS do what you think is best for YOU! Who knows where Jason is coming from or why he's not texting you back right away, but, really - who cares either! If he's not able to communicate with you the way you'd like him to, then I would let him know that and be on your way :) PERIOD. Then, whatever happens after that, at least you know you were completely honest and open with him, and he knew what you needed from him.

I got some crappy sleep last night too, which is not a good way to start off the next couple of really busy weeks. Oi vey!

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
yeah, i just don't have time for "games" and it's just weird to me to wait hours to reply to someone. that's a game to me because it's annoying and frustrating. i never really found him appealing, so, that's it i guess. i just liked that he liked me...lol. time for me to move forward.

Donkey on 02/19/2019:
Are you annoyed with yourself? Or at the situation? Or perhaps your expectations? I don't know that this thing is worth that much of your energy, to warrant annoyance or frustration. (((hugs)))

The way I see this is, he's a nice guy, which is great, and you've had a couple of nice lunches, which is also great, but I don't think this will develop into anything more than this. [If I'm wrong, that's completely fine by me.] Rather than texting or trying to flesh out the relationship, I say accept it for what it is - an occasional lunch buddy - or move on. And if you think it's healthier for you to just move on, then do it.

Glad to read that you're still aiming for court officer. It's been a while since you've spoken about it, and I thought maybe your goals had changed.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
yeah, it is all frustrating. i don't want to think about him anymore if there's nothing to think about. i don't date often, so, it was my goal to "make it work." but, it doesn't seem there's really anything to "work" out. so, i'd like to forget and just go back to my usual life...rather than keep thinking he's interested or not and keep debating things. ...i'd like it to be done i guess so i am not distracted any further as it seems to be a waste.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
i'll write only about the court officer thing if something changes / comes of it / applications come out :)

thinkpositive on 02/19/2019:
If your instincts are right, it sounds like things have cooled between both of you. If that’s right you can choose whether to continue or cut it off. Disappointing when things don’t work out as you hoped.Always keep the door open to other possible relationships.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
Thanks Thinkie I appreciate it. I just have had enough of the emotions that come with dating and wondering when I will actually receive a text back how many hours after I sent it :) now I can refocus and keep the door open to other people and situations as you’ve said :)

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innerpeace - Tuesday Feb 19, 2019

Weight: 0.0

The heater was fixed with a replaced igniter switch. House temperature was back to normal by the time I got home on Thursday. I talked to my mom and she is doing well had a great day doing what she likes to do, which is playing bingo and walking through thrift stores. She turned 74.

DH and I had a delightfully relaxing weekend. DH works 60-70 hours a week and he slept off and on all day Saturday. I was really OK with this, I got a few naps in as well.

Saturday night we ordered Chinese food (Beef & Brocolli, General Tso chicken, peanut chicken and a combination with (pork, chicken and shrimp). I had a few spoons of each of these with minimal rice.

Sunday the usual, I washed clothes and finally got all my clothes moved from the armoire to the new dresser. I donated some and tossed some. We had left over Chinese food for a late lunch and then about 6:30 I had a bowl of cereal.

Over all the weekend was good on the food, I never went over the 1500 calorie mark.

Monday, I woke up and went to my dental appointment. I had a cavity in one tooth, and now I have three new fillings. I don't remember discussing this with my dentist, but when the right side of my mouth was numb and the cavity being filled, he just went ahead and replaced to silver amalgum fillings in two teeth right next to the one with the cavity. I just don't remember talking about doing this and will not be happy when I get billed for the replaced fillings. This whole process my have taken 30 minutes, I can only imagine the hundreds of $$$ he will bill to my insurance.

While I was getting my teeth filled, DH went to pick up his Sam's club order and went to Aldi for a few things and picked me up on his way home.

All is good today for a Monday/Tuesday.

Have a great night!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
It sounds like you had a good weekend especially taking a nap! Nothing better when you are tired and want one on the weekend!

I think i'll follow your lead and next weekend i'll stay home a bit more, too.

Chinese dishes sound so tasty! Nice job sticking to your calories!

I'd have been annoyed for SURE if a dentist didn't tell me what he was going to do before doing it! that is SO WRONG, indeed!

with the filling replacements, are they replaced with WHITE color or silver again?

I'm glad you are back home and back to being WARM! :)

Donkey on 02/20/2019:
Sounds like you're working a good plan!

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Donkey - Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 133.0

Getting back on track to what worked for me before.  Stepping back from being so focused on "keto" and doing what works for me -- which is still essentially keto (more keto than low carb/high fat, which apparently is something different).

Had a good lower body weight workout last night.  Debated on whether to have a piece of chocolate after dinner or after workout, but then realized that I didn't really need it, so I just got ready for bed.  I feel like I slept well - FitBit says I did, too - but I did wake up with a little "heavy leg" feeling, probably from the weights.  So I kept my morning bike ride long but lighter.  

My son was saying that when he went for his latest physical for his military re-entry that there were guys there that looked like they could snap bodies in half, but he still looks quite skinny (to himself).  Boy do I feel his pain!  And he HAS bulked up a quite a bit with the upper body on top, but to look at him you wouldn't think that he could do serious bodily harm -- know what I'm saying?  He's still long and lanky, even with the added upper body muscle he's managed to train into.  So this afternoon, if it's slow at work, I think I'll read up on how to eat for a leaner body.


Progress as of today: 53.5 lbs lost and already at goal!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
I'm glad you are listening to your own body and also doing what works for YOU. You've been at the weightloss thing for awhile and you have a better idea of what works for you now than you used to! I also am still eager to try new things and not get too bored ;)

I'm very glad you are sticking with the weights. I do wake up with tired legs sometimes after doing lower body exercises the night before.

Well, as your son gets older, it will be increasingly easier to keep bulking :) he has to start somewhere, and, at least he's not a fatty ;) i know what you mean. he's up against guys that lift weights since they were in HS or were extremely athetic then which makes it easier for them now to gain in the msucle...i get you. they have prob been doing it much longer (even if his age, they have trained a little longer or had some extra weight / muscle to start with!)

I'd remind him of the progress he's made. and that anything is possible, but to not overtrain or try things that are too heavy too fast or it will just injure him.

i'd remind him that he can get to where he wants to be, by being consistent like you are! you're a great role model in this area for your son!

consistency is key :)

Horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2019:
Your son's experiences does slightly remind me of my own experience like when i went to the NYPD "agility test training." I thought i was good, but when put to their own standards (of which i had NOT trained properly for), i had a wake-up call of what exactly would be needed to be successful.

i'm not relating this experience to your son, as he HAS been training and he's a lot younger with more potential to grow stronger. two very different parts of life, your son and I.

I'm just saying that compared to my workplace, i look great and fit. but put with with a different population and all of a sudden i look weak or out of shape comparatively.!!!!!

most important is to not compare too much. to remember how far you have come. and try to go on your own journey at least somewhat!

Donkey on 02/20/2019:
My husband points out that being bigger, muscle-wise, isn't necessarily better. There are a lot of advantages to being quicker and agile that come with a trimmer figure, e.g. running faster.

I understand what you are saying about the comparisons though, and I completely agree.

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legcramps - Tuesday Feb 19, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - REST; 7 hours, 41 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:00-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30; 

THURSDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Workout 6:00-7:00; 

FRIDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Coach 8:00-1:00; Workout 12:00-1:00;

SUNDAY - Workout 1:00-2:00; Workout 2:30-4:00;

I seem to be settling into a good routine with training *knocks on wood*

Feb 3rd to 9th - 4 hours, 56 minutes

Feb 10th to 16th - 5 hours,19 minutes

I've been very consistent with my workouts as well - brick workouts on Sundays, cycle on Wednesdays, run on Thursdays, strength on Saturdays. This past Sunday I even got in an hour of lane swimming! This is still giving me plenty of time for rest, which is something MY body needs in order to perform well. I go up against people all the time who are able to workout every damn day and go all out, all the time, and it frustrates me ALWAYS, but I know it's not something I can do without being increasingly prone to injury.

Most weeks I will try to increase my efforts slightly, depending on my body's needs and what I think I can reasonably accomplish. Very likely, i'll have one more week of a small increase, and then next week i'll give myself longer breaks or shorter workouts. Then start the cycle over again. 10 weeks until game day #1!!

It's going to be a busy coaching week, and then a stacked workout on Sunday. Last Sunday we managed a 2.5 hour training session that included an hour long lane swim - it felt AWESOME to get back to swimming! I sure hope we can go lane swimming again this Sunday.

My meals this weekend could have been better, but they were still OK. I checked my weight this morning and I lost about three pounds since the last time I checked (in January I think), which is probably from the added cardio since I started training this month. So i'll probably have to add more protein into my meals, but i'm not going to put too much thought into it because as soon as I start over-thinking food planning, it goes downhill. Fast. And I could stand to lose a few more pounds anyways, I just don't want it to be muscle mass.

Donkey on 02/19/2019:
I need to go check my weigh-in diary with my Ironman scale, which measures muscle-fat-water, and see where my extra weight is adding on. I wouldn't mind so much the weight numbers going up if I were adding significant muscle mass.

So like you, I know that my numbers would go down, if I stopped weight training, but then I'd be losing muscle. I do not want to do that. (I'd probably lose a little water weight, too, if I stopped weight training.)

legcramps on 02/20/2019:
Strength training has so many benefits that far outweigh (pun) the number on the scale for me. But if I add more protein to my diet, I will not lose the weight as fast because i'll be adding bulk - make sense? Adding protein will ensure my body will have the resources to develop more lean muscle mass, which will hopefully 'maintain' the amount of lean muscle mass I already have, so that I don't lose more muscle while increasing my cardio.

I don't know, i'm tired today. I think I may even be confusing myself LOL.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
same here! how do some people exercise so frequently and not get injured...? i do know one woman who WOULD get injured with little things after running like a half marathon and teaching classes and this and the other, but she tends to heal really fast !!!! when i'm injured, tho, i'm out for a long time!

Loving that you have a 10 week countdown! it'll be here before you know it!

what's it like swimming for an hour?! are you tired after? that's SO AMAZING you have the endurance to do that!

I wouldn't worry about your macros / protein right now? That's nice a 3lb loss :) and it's even at a consistently good rate, not too much and not too little but like a pound or so a week....i'm sure it's the cardio! this is what i LOVE about cardio. it helps with maintenance SO MUCH!

legcramps on 02/20/2019:
I LOVE swimming, and once I get into a groove with my slow as a turtle pace, I could go on and on, literally! BF and I stopped to rest a few times though, so that I could give him some tips as he works his way into the sport - he's never really done much lane swimming. I have to admit, it actually felt pretty good to finally have the upper hand on him ;) even though i'm sure it won't last long!

I'm not going to worry about macros yet, it's good advice, thank you. I'm sure i'm getting in enough protein anyways without having to track it every day.

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thinkpositive - Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Back from a few days of having house guests and then a few days away to visit friends & family.

Started the day with an almond milk with 1/2 banana and strawberry smoothie. Planning on a salad with turkey for lunch and salmon with asparagus and a baked potato for dinner. Fruit and vegetables for snacks. That’s the plan- will report back on how the plan worked out. Need to stay away from crackers, cookies and nuts.  

Off to water aerobics.

Have a great day!

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
For your smoothie, do you use a protein powder in there? It sounds tasty :)

Your day looks great in terms of a nice, healthy appetite!

Welcome back and i'm glad you spent a nice time i am sure with friends and family :)

thinkpositive on 02/19/2019:
I don’t use a protein powder . What kind do you recommend?

legcramps on 02/19/2019:
Smoothie sounds tasty!

Donkey on 02/19/2019:
So glad you posted! At least it's warmer where you're at. Winter weather advisory over here - ice tonight, 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow.

Can't go wrong with fruits & vegetables for snacks.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
I def DO recommend adding a protein, for around 100 cals...or, perhaps greek yogurt of 2% variety with some fat...I'll get back to you about proteins...i have to do some research...

but you do need a protein / protein powder to make that shake more filling :)

thinkpositive on 02/19/2019:
I usually do add a Greek yogurt, not sure why I left that out. I am usually low on protein. Bought some protein drinks today & will try adding one a day.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:

from the link above, i have tried the first two brands and been very happy with those in the past. Especially garden of life.

it's good to get some nutrition in by adding a scoop to your drink, it'll be more satisfying plus you'll get a lot of important nutrients :)

you can use protein some days and greek yogurt others. :)

if you want it sweeter, i suggest stevia the liquid one dropper worth. ;)

i have a tendency to overly sweeten things as i like them that way ;)

thinkpositive on 02/20/2019:
Thanks for the info on the protein powders. Funny but I don’t like the tast of stevia, but don’t mind the less healthy sugar substitutes.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
yes, you can add the protein drink into the shake also.

to keep cals low on your shake, you can use ice and the unsweetened almond milk....but still i do recommend to eat a yogurt on the side or in it a little. or a protein shake scoop in it....just to fill it out a bit. it'll only change calories by like 100 cal and for the healthier :)

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Horn_of_plenty - Monday Feb 18, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

Happy MONDAY :) totally still feels like a Sunday :)

Breakfast: english muffin 150, half large avocado 150, egg 80, salt and pepper, kombucha 50, small bag of fun size m&m's 50. water. 500. small sips of coffee, included in total.

snacks before lunch 250

bigger lunch: fried small meat cigars 300? Fries 200? Salad with light dressing 150?, bread 150.800.

dinner half avocado 150 wrap 100 chicken sausage 100, some sautéed veggies 150 500


3day = 2133




Off in a little bit to go to NJ for lunch. the NJ is right across the bridge so it will be very easy drive, under an hour :)Having lunch with great aunt, and 2 second cousins. 

Errands after include going to drug store to pick up monthly Rx and supermarket for yesterday's items as well as bread/wraps. Almond Milk, Milk, 2 Cartons Eggs, greek yogurt, Iced Coffee, Salami or Lox   for some reason i cannot unstrike it when copying and pasting lol.

 so this new guy jason is entirely annoying and unreachable. he texts back hours later. I'm still not going to just "not text" him because i'm being me. i'm not changing myself. we'll see how it goes.

ricky is coming over to help me set up my tv antenna so i can cancel my cable tv service this week, saving around $35 a month. every bit helps! and i hardly watch TV,so this is  a no-brainer. it helps offset the costs of my high phone bill (new phone, and higher service fee since i'm not part of family plan anymore).




Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/19/2019:
You make a good point about this guy not being the right guy for you because he doesn't communicate the way you need him to. So... good guy friend for lunch buddy but I see now that this probably won't evolve beyond that.

Lunch with the extended family sounds like it went well! I hope you enjoyed your visit.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
lol, i got a little blunt and on Monday when he texted me back over an hour later after i initially texted him, i wrote "you are soooo unreachable! lol".....i don't have time for it now...it's annoying to me :)

it's all good, at least i got the experience of 3 lunch dates.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
also, while he's fun and easy going, he hasn't really "taught" me much...i'd rather critique it now.

he'd have to try much harder if he'd be interested in another date.

I will TURN DOWN any next offer he makes. I don't have time for this kinda thing of unknowing.

all weekend, i'm texting everyone else, no issue except for him. I'm not taking that :) Nobody else takes hours to reply. That's his life, but i'm not open to it at all and that's ok! i've been single a long time and this is not the right guy.

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Donkey - Monday Feb 18, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 133.0

Had to shovel this morning, even though I heard someone go out last night to shovel around 10:30p.  Even though it is not above freezing here, the sun is out and is managing to start melting snow off the sidewalks and driveways, at least.  On my lunchtime walk, I started feeling more hopeful and optimistic.  (Almost) Looking forward to bowling with co-workers this Friday.  Looking forward to my/our getaway next weekend.  I must remember this, though, when it starts to snow again on Wednesday, especially since I have to drive to my doctor's appointment follow-up on the slick roads.

Wedding ring was tight this morning.  Definitely feeling bloated - and I do not think this is water retention.  I planned out my meals with LOTS of vegetables, and a grapefruit and stewed cranberries (sugar free - not too many of these).  Tonight is lower weights workout.

My son said the nicest thing to me last night: "I'm so sick of all this keto food!  Mom, you look fine!"  


Progress as of today: 53.5 lbs lost and already at goal!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2019:
awwwww, well, do not forget about all the keto food ;) some is just so good to keep on with, right? lol...i never got around to making my keto pb cups, YET!

Is the bowling during after work Friday or in the afternoon? that sounds fun!

i'm glad you got out to walk and that you continue thru winter. it's the only way and it's what we all do at work, too. It's very important to keep walking and take a moment out from your desk during the day!!!!

Donkey on 02/19/2019:
Bowling is after work. There is a regional realtor group, and our law firm was invited to participate (and pay $). I like to bowl, although I'm not very good at it. Bowling is something my husband can no longer do. That is something that we would do together occasionally.

legcramps on 02/19/2019:
Glad you are enjoying your walks!

Donkey on 02/19/2019:
I think it's the sunshine more than anything else ;)

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Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Feb 17, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

Edit: so the guy, he's not really trying at all. For all good intentions, he may just be deciding to pull back and not pursue anything with me right now. i'll have to see him at a union meeting in a couple weeks....not happy about that....because i'd rather it be really separate i guess from union / work / business. actually, i don't even care anymore!

i'm just glad that my life is at a generally slow pace right now, i can exercise, workout, and things are slow...it's a blessing in disguise and i might just need to nudge myself that things are so good.


Good Morning. Naturally up early. Good sleeping.

Woke up with a huge appetite. luckily, i had some things laying around in my fridge to satisfy completely!

8:30am Breakfast: half large wheat bagel still very tasty 200, 1/4 avocado 80, leftover corned beef! 200 so good!, smoked salt and some pepper, drink. 500. iced coffee soon too. 550.

10:45am bar 200

1pm-2pm  lunch: leftover bacon Brussels sprouts and chicken 300, chips and crackers 300. 600., dessert of keto choc chips by Lily's 50.

3pm snack: more water, more chocolate 50 cals

4:30: cranberry preserves with stevia and pinch saffron, whole milk greek yogurt 250

6:30 during workout: 2 cups coconut water 150, tiny apple also., candy. 50

9:30pm After workout - a pretty tasty bar, chocolate raspberry truffle by Think Thin. better than most of what that company offers :) approx 250

2150, excellent. 

2day: 2175. good!

Looking forward to tomorrow and a change of pace that it'll be. Maybe a little more reading tonight of My American Journey (autobiography of Colin Powell). 

he gives so much detail about many, many decisions he had to make in all his different positions that this book offers a lot that i can relate to and use at work. Obviously my position is not his, but, it's good to listen to a brilliant man's literary discussion of how business / military / work happens and how you work best with people. there's so much good info, that's why i'm still reading the book although i'm now at page 400 and have over 200 more to go. otherwise, if i wasn't reading it, i'd be possibly researching Paris. but, that can wait :)


Maybe i will make the Reese’s Keto cups today :-) (MAYBE)....I’m thinking to make them on the large size to enjoy as a full snack or small breakfast at work this week with coffee 

 Def feeling low energy with some minor thigh pain.  Feeling notaglic to the days i used to binge and eat all day. Almost feel that desire, but i know better. so, drinking my seltzer and stevia and trying to read.

Later, i'll go out to do errands (drug store and quick supermarket trip for Almond Milk, Milk, 2 Cartons Eggs, greek yogurt, Iced Coffee, Salami or Lox or another meat!, maybe another pepper or two), before going to gym prob around 4:30pm-5pm starting the gym. Right now it's 2pm, at least i already showered earlier, so really whenever i want to get up and go, i can. 

and honestly, i'll settle into a home workout tonight instead, we'll see how i feel.  






TOM is here, thankfully but annoyingly. but mostly thankfully bc it seems that when i'm traveling at the end of April, i will not have this TOM which is a great thing!....! 

I'm a little lower energy today, just wanna relax and read my book and maybe make a bigger dent in it. When i'm done with this book (still only about halfway thru and it's long), i'm switching gears. I will be reading and reading on Paris so i can have it all planned a month before the trip which is set for the last few days of April into May. I want most of the plans (each day planned in advance!), a month before or so that i actually go on the trip. I don't want it planned last minute and my host will appreciate having the plans, too. In fact, i'm emailing her of my goal - that by end of March, the trip is planned each day.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/17/2019:
I think we will have very similar days today :)

horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2019:
I’m really not in the mood to do anything today - and not feeling too bad about that !

But I will make it out to the supermarket and gym later ;)

Donkey on 02/17/2019:
Except TOM - just finished up, don't need to go there again any time soon.

horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2019:
Yeah Tom ugh ! Making me low energy

Donkey on 02/17/2019:
I won't pry to ask if anything specific happened with the guy. However, I want to encourage you to hold your head up high when you go to that union meeting. You're a fantastic person, fun to be with and good-hearted. So you just let that shine through so that he (and the world) know it.

And life is wonderful for you - you have Paris coming up! And for now, things might seem slow but that doesn't mean that nothing's happening: planning, thinking, dreaming, working out.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2019:
Of course you can ask! No, he just is LESS available on weekends and doesn't text back EVER in reasonable times aside from Valentines after i thanked him...

It's a bit too uncommunicative and i like texting. I PREFER it to a phone call as a way to keep up with someone during the week.

And being that my DAD is by far the busiest man i know, i don't really feel this guy Jason is trying anymore and that's fine.

i was very honest with him the whole time on the "lunch dates." Nothing specific at all, just, he is busy and it's quite annoying on the weekend with the lack of returning texts on weekend in a timely manner as i do not trust that he doesn't see the text right way on his phone and is ignoring which isn't cool, that's all.

i appreciate your advice in regards to the slow feel right now. Really i do have enough to do!!! I have an entire trip of Paris to think about and plan as the girl i'm visiting is wanting me to plan it first and then she'll give input which is also am thankful for - i DO want to do MY research first! that's how you get extra excited and how you have a good trip!!!! :)

so i do have a lot to do, don't need a boyfriend that hounds me at all and really don't need anything in regards to a new relationship or any changes in my current ones....

dating him was a nice distraction and challenge since i don't date often that why i say it like that...a challenge to spend time with a new man.

i'd almost, if he does come back interested, i'd probably just go for the experience if he asks for another date...

but, i'm going to have to PULL BACK COMPLETELY.

i have chased men (Paul and one other) in the past. I have provided (paid) for Ricky in the past. I'd treat Ricky with little things (nothing expensive).

But lessons learned: every time i gave too much of myself to a man, it was NOT helpful at ALL!

therefore, i know better and i don't even have a "crush" on this current guy...so, there's just no reason for me to push or text him anymore i don't think aside from texting back...

I have to "give him a taste of his medicine" and actually wait hours or a day to reply. because it's annoying for someone to do that to someone, so i'll have to do it - if he even texts me back!

and it's just annoying, but i'm not angry or anything :) no biggie :)

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Donkey - Sunday Feb 17, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 133.0

It is snowing yet again.  We are expecting 3-4 inches today.  It will snow on and off throughout most of the day.  It looks like it's lightening up a bit, so I am working up to getting out there.  

Just so you know that it ain't easy for me either, I did struggle again last night.  Sugar free chocolate I made with baker's chocolate, coconut oil, and Swerve.  

I made peach flavored gummies last night, and today I plan to make another full batch of stewed cranberries.  The cranberries often take the edge off of the sweets craving at the end of the day.  I am toying with makimg a keto chocolate cake, but I think with the way I've been struggling, I'd better hold off another week. 

I've also been struggling at work, so I decided that I need a mini-vacation from work.  My husband is looking into a bed-and-breakfast, and frankly, this whole process is stressing me out - LOL! 

I volunteered at the legal clinic on Saturday, and again - struggling.  Hard to find joy, short on patience.

Plans for today:  Shovel, read, make cranberries, fold laundry, make fathead dough batch, upper body weight training.

EVENING EDIT:  Struggled at lunch, after shoveling.  Finished off the sugar free chocolate - due to a stressful conversation with my husband.  Yes, completely stress eating.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS.  However, afterward I had had the chocolate, and then a proper lunch (in that order), I actually felt full.  I don't often feel full after I eat.  Hmm...

I went out and shoveled again at around 2:30p, when it had finally stopped snowing.  It started up again this evening, though, and I could go back out there again to shovel if I was so inclined.  I am not, because I want to get in my upper body weights and then get ready for bed.

It's a little later right now, because I decided to make the cranberries after all.  That is the only thing I did not get done, and then I decided that I would like to have this as an available dessert after all.

My conversation with my husband was stressful and discouraging, but aftewards, I realized that everything will be OK, whether I stress about it or not.  So that helped me not stress about it any more.  

Tomorrow is a bank and mail holiday, so it should be fairly quiet.  Queen Bee is taking the day off (because it's a school holiday too).  Wednesday is my follow-up doctor's appointment at 3:15p.  I think I will try to leave work at 1pm if I can.  I want to see if it's being at work that's causing me to feel burned out, or if it's just this never-ending winter weather.

Progress as of today: 53.5 lbs lost and already at goal!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2019:
regarding your comment below - i was going to hold back, but decided to just say it: even with ketosis, weight gain happens if calories in are higher than your calorie expenditure. and i feel that the keto diet does make it EASIER to go above calories as the food is still high in cals, just not carbs (aside from veggies)....

I am so sorry you got the snow again! holy cow!...i'll write more later, but i gotta tell you, I'm feeling like i want to just be home today too.

PS - i also made cranberries!!!! i have one more bag left in my freezer! If i see any at the store today or tomorrow, i might buy some more! they were so tasty all season. lately i enjoy them with full fat greek yogurt. so good.

the fathead dough - which recipe? can you send it or give me a link to that one?

oh and your sugar free chocolate recipe is similar to the one i saw for the reese's cups and interestingly, the chocolate chips i have that are made with stevia have an even simpler recipe, melting them, adding pb, and adding more melted choc on top. too simple i think to be great, so i'll use the recipe that includes coconut oil and some sweetener too.

today i'm light on plans, so yeah, it's been a nice day home - but i'm glad i have several low cal options here at home. ..like have a few chocolate chips (stevia) and other options rather than eat a whole thing of cookies. i have options = easier to follow thru. I understand how you feel. also the labor of the shoveling may induce some hunger!

Donkey on 02/17/2019:
Fathead dough recipe:


I usually add onion powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning or oregano to the mixture, if I am making this savory. Maybe top with chia seeds, sesame seeds? I recently bought "Everything But The Bagel" seasoning - the toppings on those "everything bagels" - and that's delicious!

If I were making this sweet, I suppose you could add something like cinnamon.

I use this as flatbread -- only made pizza once. My daughter dips this in her hummus. I could see spreading cream cheese on this. Perhaps peanut butter if you made a sweet version.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2019:
also a tip, it's winter and a hard season especially with your snow you have been getting, but it will end :) and Spring will come!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2019:
I do not think it's work donkey! I think it's the weather.

Try to keep on with the job and to keep your life interesting to a degree outside work!

With the burnout feeling, try to keep your passions. like your cooking and preparing new and typical things you like :)

i think that everyone is a little fed up with the Winter season and i do feel that people are not as positive this time of year....

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Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Feb 16, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

I woke up before my alarm but got a really great amount of sleep from prob 9pm until 7:30am today :) Needed that!..Hoping this will be how the weekend is for me! The LONG weekend, as I'm off for President's Day on Monday woohoo!

Kombucha 50

Breakfast: english muffin whole wheat 150, 1/4 avocado 70, egg 80, smoked sea salt and pepper, iced coffee 50. 350 and VERY tasty. 

bsr and drink 200

1pm Boston market bowl: bacon Brussels & chicken so tasty chicken 150? and lots of tasty brussel sprouts with bacon 250? 400. 

3pm snack: blueberries 100

Almost 4pm Lily’s choc stevia sweetened chocolate chips and iced coffee 250

1250 wish I took a nap but no time for it, had some coffee instead, soon leaving to go to friends house for party...would rather sleep now lol. I got good exercise in morning and had a successful Saturday!!

Overall a good eating day, not more than 2200, great choices at the party and some dessert. glad i brought my veggies! otherwise, it wouldn't have been good.

eats at the party: half a large pita 200, meat 50 (not much), fried falafels 200?, veggies galore 100, pretzels 50, fruit 50, half brownie 100, shortbread cookie 150, alcohol 100. total approx: 900 or so.



Today I am going to the bank, leaving here around 9:20am to get there by 10am to get a better deal on my matured CD. I really wanted to transfer the CD from Sterling to Citibank with my other accounts, but, the percentage is actually higher at Sterling. Plus, I made an appointment so if i do not have to wait long, I'll just simply renew the account at the higher percentage there and not move the CD from one bank to another yet :).  

Sterling bank is official awful though! Besides a good rate, they have closed the branch right within my neighborhood. And the next closest branch is CLOSED on BOTH Saturday and Sunday!  So, instead of driving, I will take public transporation today to the NEXT closest bank after the one that is closed Saturdays. It's located close to the subway and i'd rather not deal with parking :) Then, i have an appointment for dr at 11:30am that will be fast at the location where i also wanted to go to the Sterling bank today which is closed today...so i will take the train heading right back to my appt which is also right by the subway! then, i'll head back home.

After the dr at around 12pm, I'll take the check i get from Sterling to Citibank which is located a couple blocks from the Dr, at put the money in a new CD at Citibank. YES.

Really, i had wanted to take the money from Sterling to Citibank, which is located right by the doctor. ....I may just do this, as Sterling is a pain in the neck and the Citibank rate is slightly lower, but similar. I think Sterling is a pain, so i will try to still pull my money out.  citibank is convenient and located everywhere, so, might as well move my money today while time is on my side (while i have time to run these types of errands). who knows when all of Sterling will be defunct!

The reason i decided on public trans today for the bank and errand is because everything is located straight up from the subway, so it's rather simple and i get some walking in between these activities.


I'll be heading back to my apt by around 2pm quickly pick up some veggies (and peanut butter powder or dry pb to make the reese's keto cups!) from the supermarket after getting these errands done, as i'm bringing veggies to the party tonight. then, resting home for the rest of today before heading out around 4:00 :) 


I wasn't in mood to sit around the entire long weekend, as you can see! So i was proactive in making plans.

Tomorrow's a gym day / laundry day / clean hamster cage type of day. I was possibly going to train my coworker at the gym, but she didn't contact me about it. with my weekend booked up, i can wait to train her another time !

Monday I have really great lunch plans, located a bit farther away in Englewood, NJ, with somewhat distant but loving family of 1 or 2 older women and my older male cousin. We see each other only relatively small amount of time each year, so i'm glad i made the plans as a welcome change for the long weekend with these very pleasant folks!!!!! <3 and family they are!  (they are cousins and Aunt but not first cousins or direct aunt, it's down the line if that makes sense).

And the reese's, i may wait until later on Monday to make those! :)




Tonight i'm going to see a friend's new apt before we go together (since it's a rather long drive) to another friend's house bc we are celebrating her hubby's birthday :)

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/16/2019:
Sounds like a really nice day ahead of you! Isn't it a good feeling to get financial things cleaned up a little? I hope you were able to accomplish that. (I tend to be skeptical when it comes to ALL things lender-bank related - I'm so jaded from my job, LOL...)

I have to thank you for the comment you made on my entry the other night - how we would BOTH be working out that night. Wow, that REALLY helped me SO much - to know that someone else was working out too. It helped me get started and see the workout through, because I knew you were doing it too.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/16/2019:
I def made the right choice to get my money all in one place :) and it pushed me to into a new category at Citibank where i'll always get free checks and more priority service :)

i'm glad my comment helped you...it's def helpful when we realize that there's a lot of people in our boat, doing things to better ourselves! and that we choose to spend some time on it so we can feel better about ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally! it's worth it!!!!

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